Rachel McAdams Drops Keanu Reeves Film

    March 14, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Rachel McAdams is well-known for her love of romance flicks, and her latest project was one of a different sort. Set aboard a spacecraft carrying 5,000 people to a new home, the futuristic movie stars Keanu Reeves and follows his character as he falls in love while simultaneously trying to save everyone on the ship. McAdams was set to play his love interest, but has reportedly dropped out. Now, the film is in jeopardy after being dropped by Weinstein Co.

Filming for “Passengers” was due to begin on April 7, but because of McAdams’ departure, production has been delayed for several weeks. “Game of Thrones” director Brian Kirk is reportedly on board to helm the film.

McAdams has reportedly got other things on her mind these days; according to a source at OK! Magazine, the actress has been trying hard to get back into ex Ryan Gosling’s life, even though he’s been seeing Eva Mendes for quite some time.

“[Rachel] has been very low-key about it all … She’s used the whole ‘just friends’ angle to get close to Ryan again,” the source said.

Mendes has been dodging rumors for months now that she and Gosling are in trouble, and also explained away a rumor claiming she was pregnant during an interview with Ellen.

“It’s so ridiculous. Because it all started because I was didn’t want to go through the scanners at the airport,” Mendes recalled. “You know those x-ray scanners, which are really creepy. They basically see you naked, right. And not only that, but there’s a radiation aspect to it, so I always opt out. I always ask for a personal pat down.”

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  • george smithson

    Rachel McAdams is just, plain. HOT. She is smokin as a blonde, and smokin as a brunette… if I can ever see her as a redhead, she’ll no-doubt be smokin, as well.

  • Ben Dover

    Hey Raych ! If things don’t work out with Ryan….

  • DoctorVizzini

    I dont see the fuss about this chick. She’s attractive, but not a knockout. Put her next to a real beauty like Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lawrence and she’s average.

    Plus, her acting ability is nothing to scream about. Yeah, she was good in “Notebook” but I saw her in “Wedding Crashers” and we were supposed to be empathic with Owen Wilson about how she is a real catch, and it was just “ehh, there’s other fish in the sea”. She’s nothing special, and certainly not A-list anymore. Plus, she’s 35 which means she’s already over the hill for all the best female roles going to J-Law and other young babes.

    Most sad of all, she reveals herself as a desperate ho trying to get back with the ex. We’ve all seen women like this, and it never ends well for them. I bet she ends up a junkie loser like Lohan within 5 years.

    • Enricopallazzo

      Lohan can’t even write her name in the ground with a stick. What makes you say Rachel Macadams is that dumb?

    • Greg

      You are an idiot!

  • Ariana

    Actually I don’t think that everyone should be hot to fall in love with.. I mean everyone is hot in some way to someone else.. the whole world aren’t supposed to look like Hollywood stars or life would be really boring.. I really don’t think stars are really happy either .. just pretend to smile because nobody expects a star to be unhappy unless they’re really pathetic ..
    .. and second it is really stupid to get back with exes.. if it could work, it would have the first time .. sometimes we see our exes happy with someone else and think that it will work out with us again .. but we forget the person he/she is happy with isn’t us.. totally someone else.. we shouldn’t waste our time trying some odd food we didn’t like before…we should go for something totally different to find out what we really need and want

  • Ariana

    as advise to Reeves and everyone .. a wise person said when you want to make small decisions refer to your heart and when you want to make big decisions refer to your mind… it worked for me .. especially when shopping!

  • Ariana

    and a book everyone should read to enjoy their lives is Melody Beattie’s cool book “Choices” it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read in my life .. it turns shacks into skyscrapers.. it had a huge influence on my life..