Prostate Cancer Death Risks Rise With Metabolic Syndrome

    October 23, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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A new study shows that metabolic factors – such as high blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, and body mass index – are linked to an increased risk of death from prostate cancer. Such metabolic factors are often grouped together as metabolic syndrome and are known collectively to increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The study, published this week in the journal Cancer, looked at 289,866 men enrolled in the Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer Project at Umeå University in Sweden. Researchers found that during an average follow-up time of 12 years, 961 men died from prostate cancer, out of 6,673 diagnosed with the disease. Of those men, those in the highest category of body mass index had a 36% higher risk of dying from their prostate cancer, and those in the highest category for blood pressure had a 62% higher risk of dying from their prostate cancer.

“These observations suggest that cardiovascular risk factors such as overweight and hypertension are involved in stimulating the progression of prostate cancer,” said Dr. Pär Stattin, lead author of the study and a Urologist at Umeå University.

The study does not link metabolic factors to a risk of developing prostate cancer, only a higher risk of dying from the disease.

Earlier this year, metabolic abnormalities were also linked to more rapid cognitive decline as people age.

  • barb h

    Such a crock. If they can’t blame it on smoking..then it is weight. I have three very close friends in their last stages of prostate cancer right now. One is on a ventilator as we speak. Not one of these men were anything close to obese. Two of them, prior to the cancer, were underweight. The third,about 5’11” 160 lbs. Also, non smokers! Needless to say, they didn’t gain weight undergoing surgery, chemo and radiation. I firmly believe, the more you had done, the more likely you are to die. My husband was dx’d four years ago. We opted for outside US methods..and he is fine. No current cancer, no side effects from treatment, and leading a active lifestyle. When will people learn…money is made off cancer victims. The more you have done, the more money is made.

    • mic

      Please share your out of U.S. methods. My husband would be interested in this treatment. Thank you.

  • john

    What was proceedure ur husband had ? Ths,John

  • http://healtsmen. w….mendoza….

    Its time for a cure.not treatments
    for this kind of illnees..its time to evaporate any kinds of cancers in the worlds.need to find a cure against diabetes. Obersity. Colestherol.high blood pressure and more heaths problems
    for the wellnes of the worlds people.thankyou

  • http://cancerresearchinfo.blogspot.com Dave

    I have PCa diagnosed 5years ago.I had a TURPS operation and put on hormone treatment since.
    I had a Gleason score of 9 and a PSA of 107 !
    The mortality rate for obese people Is possibly due to a high sugar intake which feeds cancer cells.A person is not always obese even though their sugar intake is high.
    I have a strict diet of no dairy,very little or no red meat,no sugar or products with sugar which includes most carbohydrate like bread,cereals etc,as these convert to sugar!
    I eat fish,chicken loads of veg. Also many spices such as turmeric,cayenne,cumin,cinnamon and many more due to their alleged cancer fighting benefits !