Prof: Newtown Didn’t Happen The Way We Think It Did

    January 9, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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As the families of the slain begin a new year and try to pick up the pieces of their lives, the rest of the country does the same. A tragedy on the scale of the Newtown shootings is something most of us find difficult to cope with even if the deaths didn’t touch us directly. And as hard as it is to believe a person–no matter how disturbed–would take so many lives in such a senseless act of violence, few among us doubt that it really happened.

That’s where Professor James Tracy of Florida Atlantic University comes in. A teacher with a long history of being doubtful of the media. Tracy says that he believes the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings didn’t happen the way we were told…if they happened at all.

“While it sounds like an outrageous claim, one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place — at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described,” he said.

Tracy took to his blog recently to voice his opinion on the shootings in an extremely long, in-depth post which puts together a timeline of the day they occurred, complete with all the infamously conflicting reports the media gave in the early hours. Those reports seem to be the basis of his theory, but some say the media was simply grabbing onto any information they received without verifying it first–something that has been known to happen for years in the wake of a tragedy which encompasses so many lives and details.

The professor’s claims have caused Florida Atlantic to distance themselves from him, but there has been no word yet as to whether this will cause him to lose his job. For now, because his posts have gone viral, many are outraged and have taken to the web to address the matter.

  • Michael Kelly

    He’s probably not far from the truth.

  • Marjorie

    No matter what happened behind the scenes little sweet innocents were taken away. At this time I don’t know if it was another false flag or just the doing of yet another young man on anti depressive drugs gone crazy! I just know that I am so sad for the families who lost a little loved one on that terrible day.

  • Marjorie

    No matter what happened behind the scenes little sweet innocents were taken away. At this time I don’t know if it was another false flag or just the doing of yet another young man on anti depressive drugs gone crazy! I just know that I am so sad for the families who lost a little loved one on that terrible day.

  • John

    The NRA should be scared as most of the people I see arguing against gun control are people who probably shouldn’t have guns.

    • corey

      John, that is the dumbest post I think I have ever read. I think the gun laws should be rewritten to ensure that idiots like you cannot have guns.

  • Scott

    Giving this nutty professor any more ink or webspace is a disgrace and dishonor to those killed along with their families.

    As for the NRA, I am actually waiting for a nut with a semi-automatic weapon to hurt or possibly kill a high-ranking NRA leader in order to blow-up their childish need to own their killing toys.

    This may be the greatest nation on earth, but it still has its share or crackpots and imbecilles.

    • Wanita Conchita

      I’d trade ALL those lives for this man’s right to FREE SPEECH. In fact, more lives were lost for YOU to have that right on this page today. I don’t care for what he’s had to say but I DO care for his right to say it.

      • phuhcue

        I think that this point is lost on most. People seem to only ever remember this when they are being silenced. Whenever it is something they don’t want to hear then it’s time to take away that right. It’s very sad really. It’s sad that people would give up their right to free speech and even worse would gladly take it away from others. The worst part is that people who lack the common sense to recognize how important this right is are freely allowed to vote.

        • corey

          I think that you two are the ones missing the point. Freedom of speech is mainly centered around the right to say whatever you want and not be thrown in jail for it by the government so long as you do not shout fire in a crowded theater, etc. However, where you two seem to completely miss the boat here is that the freedom of speech does not mean that you cannot be fired from your job, kicked off a TV show, eschewed by society, etc. Just as you are in your right to say what you want, a company or university is totally within their right to terminate your employment as a result of your statements. You just can’t be thrown in jail for them or censored so to speak. I wonder if you two are equally appauled when the state of Texas tried to rewrite history by controlling what is included in the textbooks for the entire country? I bet not.

  • jenn

    It absolutely happened. I live in Oxford, the town right next to Newtown, and we drove thru the town. We know a teacher there that did survive, and cannot believe that there is denial about it actually happening. Maybe the professor can visit the graves of the children/teachers, although that may not convince him either. How sad.

  • Doug

    Let’s go down there and beat the crap out of him them all say it didn’t happen.

    • bradley


  • bobby

    as crazy as this may sound, the government is trying to disarm all of the citizens as much as possible so we have no power against them. they want to make us weak so we cannot fight back and have no protection. doing so, we will have the last of our freedom as a nation pulled out from underneath us without realizing it as a NATION. this was simply used to say, ” hey, guns are dangerous. look what people are doing with them! we must take them off the streets.” but it doesn’t work that way. yes, it was a tragic day when that took place and my heart goes out to the families who have lost someone. but people do have to realize that it wasn’t the guns who caused this. it was the PEOPLE who use them. guns don’t do the killing, its the people. so for them to try to take our protection away, it isn’t right. if you had a family, a few children and a wife, and someone comes in your house unannounced and you have no idea who they are or what they are doing in your house, you will take action. its common sense and its nature. you protect the ones you love at all cost. and if you do have a fire arm, you may feel obligated to use it if you feel you or anyone in your family is in danger.

    well played gov… but some know better!

    • Luke

      Oh Bobby, you are king dimwitt. The US Government has at its disposal a million troops, a trillion dollars worth of small arms, 5 trillion dollars worth of Naval ships, assault helicopters, jets, missiles and drones. They also have 200 times the nuclear arsenal of the next largest nuclear stockpile on the planet.

      So tell me again how the government would need to go through a giant 20 year conspiracy to systematically take your handguns away from you just so they can take you over with military force. Lets say you stockpiled 500 guns and 10,000 rounds in your house with the goal of fighting off the government, for some reason. They can send a thousand marines and an Apache to your home if they want. There is no private force with guns or without them that could possibly stand up to the US Military.

      So good luck with your ‘last stand, take my guns from my cold dead hands’ garbage, but I think your extreme paranoia and lack of logic proves that you and others like you are EXACTLY the type of people who should not be allowed within 500 feet of a gun in the first place.

      • larry


        • Lane

          That is a poor excuse. Look at all of the cases in history where a small, outmanned, out-armed, group, beat a well-organized army. (check out Battle of Thermopolae, American Revolution, David & Goliath) You can’t deny that this shooting was well timed. I have a very hard time believing the story as it has been told. After all, it’s not like we have never been lied to…..

          • Luke

            If the Persians had tomahawk missles, the story of the 300 would have never been.

            You are arguing that the public should be making efforts to collect enough small arms to defeat the US military in a ground war all because you are worried about someone claiming your property as illegal to own. Paranoid much?

            You are right, there are a ton of crazy ass people out there in out 400,000,000 person population, but you seem okay with arming EVERYONE and just letting the problems solve themselves. Are you crazy or just dumb? This is the exact same situation as just letting every country on earth collect as many nuclear warheads as they want.

            You think some extremist in Iran or Pakistan or Venezuelan won’t decide to start world war 3?


      • Nick

        Sure, the government COULD use it’s military might to blatantly overturn it’s citizen’s freedom quickly and violently, but what would that accomplish? Outright hatred and rebellion, and ultimately revolution. The gov. works under the disguise of giving it’s citizens freedom and democracy, and therefore cannot simply take that away in the blink of an eye, otherwise the disguise would then be removed and the world would see government for what it is. It has to slowly and methodically take small baby steps so that we as a nation don’t notice what’s happening, and by the time all our freedoms (what is left of them) are gone, we are still happy and complacent. We as a people need to wake up and realize that the 2nd amendment was written for the specific purpose of allowing the citizens of the United States the right to bear arms so that the government would always be in check by the people. The government should fear it’s citizens, not the other way around. We seem to forget that they work for us, not vice versa. The fewer armed citizens we have, the easier it is for the government to control us, simply with the threat of using it’s vast military, which is so much cheaper than actually using the military to get the job done.

        • Luke

          Why should there be fear at all? What on Earth are you talking about?

          Get what ‘job’ done? What kind of control are you worried about? Are you worried about becoming Canada or Japan or Australia or England? Are you worried about becoming Italy or Spain or Sweden? All of these countries have a zero tolerance policy with firearms and, oh my god, they all have citizens who are happy, prosperous, free and NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THEIR NEIGHBOR GOING CRAZY AND SHOOTING THEM.

          You think every house having a gun makes a neighborhood safer for kids to play outside? I say it just crates a crossfire for them to get caught in.

          The thing about my reasoning: It does not include a crackpot conspiracy theory.

      • Tim

        @Luke: you’re the only one who sounds worthy of the title King Dip$hit. LOL, I mean, really, WOW! Don’t you know that the military-style take over always happens AFTER the government confiscates guns? I mean, c’mon kid, it’s only happened multiple times, in multiple Countries, over the past 100 years at this point, so you think you’d have learned by now. Why do you think that is? Because of the multitudes of armed resistance; the superior numbers of ANY armed citizenry over a military (again fool, why do you think they ALWAYS have to disarm the general population FIRST?). You silly little idiot. In your dystopian fantasy world where the US Government sends “a thousand troops and an Apache” to a house actually NEVER happens…but that doesn’t stop pathetic fools like you from making that thoroughly impractical claim, does it? In your world, the Government would risk Nuclear fallout from coast to coast, just to use one of it’s “massive stockpile of nukes” to stamp out any rebellion? LOL…DUMB@SS. You really are a useful idiot. Oh yeah, and one large “private force with guns” is currently “standing up to the US military” right now, in the Middle East. It happened like that in Vietnam too. And I’m not sure if you realize this or not, but it also happened during the American revolution, against the largest regimented army of the time period. I know, you want to pretend like it would be different today, with new technology and all, and that’s cool, that just makes you ignorant and makes you look like a complete and utter incompetent, that’s all. Good luck with reality, moron.

  • Joe

    I guess we’ll have to wait for the Oliver Stone account before any of us REALLY know the truth.

  • cole

    It’s about time someone spoke out! This is not the first I have heard of this being a hoax… google it, theres thousands of stories as well as proof and conspiracy issues going on with this. We are all being brainwashed by media. I’m so happy to see it was trending on yahoo today because that means more people will become aware how we are all being used in the govenments sick games… we will eventually have no rights, they’re trying to disarm us so we will be under their control. Everyone has the right to their own opinion… but I highly suggest doing some research on this and others– a few good websites are davidicke.com and beforeitsnews.com….. lots of good insight. Time to wake up people!!

    • ashleyb

      A few good websites, how about reality? Tell this to the parents and the police officers that are living the reality. Websites, really? I live in CT, I saw what happened. Did you?

  • Therese Callahan

    This is just plain baloney! How can he say that when the evidence is there?

    • Gerg C

      He is not saying it didn’t happen so cut it with the tell the parents thing. He is saying there are inconsistencies. If you look at all the reporting from different organizations from that day, you will see that stories varied across the board. I am not saying this didn’t happen, because it did. That kid is a nut, but evidence isn’t always what it seems either. Evidence is what they want you to see.

  • Fight4Rights


    Please sign above… any signatures would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all! We deserve this as Americans.. it’s only fair!

  • ashleyb

    I never comment on stories, but you people are crazy. Try telling this to the parents that lost their children! Are you insane! I live a few minutes from Newtown and believe me, it happened. The reporting that was wrong to begin with is because, as in any case, it takes a while to put the pieces together. You can blame the media for reporting “Facts” too soon, but my GOD, to say it didnt happen. I can’t believe anyone is so ignorant to make such a comment. You are as much of a disgrace as the person that did this horrible act. Shame on you!

  • tee kay

    It didnt happen the way we think it did … he’s not stating that it didnt happen! remember, the truth is always stranger than fiction.

  • Dan Short

    While I MIGHT possibly persuaded that the shooting was somehow arranged by the anti-gun crowd, the notion that it was a complete hoax is simply without merit or plausibility! The Prof needs to go back to chasing UFOs!

    • beedie

      the media is giving the professor the HOAX title. All the professor was really saying is that there are inconsistencies.

  • Richard Johnson

    Oh come on. What are you going to say next?!? That the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened or that the media has created TWO Gulf of Tonkin incidents, one supposedly real and the second a simple administrative error that is really about the first one? Government and media never lie. They are the most honest institutions known to man.

    • tee kay


  • Roger Pemberton

    I think it’s about time you media clowns stop demonizing people who question your pablum. All you do is regurgitate what some taxeater told you to say. This professor challenges you so you call him a kook basically. Why don’t you provide some PROOF to what you all kept yapping about rather than try to stifle dissent? Obama, Holder and Feinstein have been VERY public about their intentions to ban firearm ownership. Governments have been KNOWN to create FALSE FLAG events to further their agendas. Wanna know why US journalists are never killed like they are in Russia? It’s because apparently they “know their place” and never question the government stories.

  • Corny Pigg

    lol no surprise at all- right wingers are everywhere, and they say (and do) the stupidest things, constantly- even those among them whom you’d expect to have at least a little bit of sense.

    where did this clown get his phd- Bob Jones University?

  • Cara

    There was a United Way account set up for funding the massacre 3 days before it happened. Explain that? Or how in the new Batman movie Bane points straight to the map “Strike Point One” and points to Sandy Hook on the map…Sounds Crazy…But do your research. It defiantly did happen. But the odds all these shootings are controlled to have control of our guns are very high. Not sayin not to trust your gov’t…But alot of you are still asleep…and need to WAKE UP

    • Mary K

      So you’re “defiant” in your assertion that it definitely happened?

      • Cara

        Yeah…Could they all have been actors? I doubt it. Kids died for the gain of control of the guns. Why aren’t they addressing the meds these mass shooters are on? Because there funding comes from pharmaceuticals…right? Its all a sick play game being played.

        • Diane

          I don’t know why, but the folks with the conspiracy theories always seem to be the ones who can’t spell very well.

          • Cara

            And you are worried about spelling when your freedoms are being stripped from you as we speak…Seems to me you are exactly what they want…a sheep…hope you enjoy your new world

  • Gerg C

    This definitely happened. He is not saying that it didn’t happen, he is just saying that the story about how it happened is possibly a hoax. All the reporting from that day varied from news organization to news organization. Remember evidence isn’t always what it seems either. Evidence is what they want you to see.

  • Mary K

    By the way, the Twin Towers are still standing. It was all a hoax.

  • Ev

    I would usually have a whole paragraph for a story like this, but this time all I have to say is that you are a disgusting human being for even mentioning that something as horrible as Sandy Hook didn’t happen. I guess all those families just buried there children for no reason?

  • Adam

    the media will mock this man and laugh at him and call him “Nutty”….but what has he said that is so crazy?

    “While it sounds like an outrageous claim, one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place — at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described,” he said.

    oh wow…what a crazy person.

  • MAX

    People are missing the point. It most certainly did happen but the reason behind it are more devilish and disrespectful. The Aurora shooting didnt impact the world as it was suppose to about gun control..what way to make everyone go crazy and out of order??…killing of innocent children…effective way to stir up emotions is to harm children…think about it..the gov has devious plans for us and you people making statements about him lying or not even trying to see his point…NEED TO WAKE UP..you are exactly the type of “sheep” the gov needs to carry out its plan….R.I.P EVERY PERSON WHO DIED FROM GUNS BUT IT ADDS SALT TO A WOUND WHEN YOU EVEN TRY AND DO YOU OWN RESEARCH…THESE CHILDREN DIED IN VAIN AND FOR POLITICAL REASONS…WAKE UP N SEE WHO THE REAL ENEMY IS….

  • Maggie Wyles

    If someone thinks this event happened, please provide me with ONE convincing piece of evidence or credible witness. Until that happens I choose not to believe anything just cuz it’s on TV.

    • Gina

      I dare you to visit the parents who’ve lost their child due to this dispicalble act of violence and tell them that you demand proof of their deceased child. Can you do that?? If not, then why dont you shut your mouth and quit sounding like a moron, WHO KNOWS NOTHING!!!!!

    • t0m

      you can not be serious? or are you posting from a Mental Hospital?

  • MAX


    • yeshua

      learn to spell before calling us all to educate ourselves. might give your words an inkling of sway.

      • Cara


      • t0m

        Go man Go. Max is an idiot.

        • MAX


  • Gina

    THIS WORLD IS GOING TO HELL FASTER THAN I THOUGHT. You all sound like dumb idiots, with ‘google this’ and ‘do your research’. ROT IN HELL you conspiracy seeking assholes! You’re all almost as sick as the monster who was responsible for taking the innocent lives of children and teachers on that horrible day. Disgust, is all I feel from this new conspiracy crap that ‘newtown shooting never happened.’ That is all I will say and no more of my energy will be wasted on fools like yourselves who believe this BS!

    • Cara

      Disgust is what I feel for people that can’t see how the pieces fit together.

    • LisaP

      Right on Gina, these big events seem to bring out the loonies. Some of these people are probably posting from mental institutions.

      • t0m

        Amen, Lisa, Amen.

  • Joel Cady

    I think this guy is in such denial about these children being killed he just simply cannot accept that one person could massacre children in this manner. So he stated making claims that it didn’t happen or didn’t happen the way police said it happened. This is how some people cope with extreme tragedies. They simply push it off like it didn’t happen because its too painful to fully realize. I don’t hate or disrespect this guy for that.

    • Coojoe

      Where you there NO!!!! so why can’t you open your EYES moron…We all know the government needed a HUGE HUGE!!!!! story to push for the gun control shit…and it did..but did we ever see kids coming out of the school in any video ..NO cause there was no MEDIA there..It was a show and nothing more….and it was done in a small HICKTOWN where no one had a clue existed till this happenned…so get a life …hand in your guns…and BEND OVER for the government

      • t0m

        wow, cooj, your are a nut case.

      • CC

        A guy I went to high school with is a reporter and flew in from Chicago to cover this story. One of the executives at my company lives in this town. His kids go to (thank goodness) a different school in the same district. It’s not a hick town that nobody’s heard of. Real people live in this real place where a real tragedy occurred. You are clearly an insane person and should be ashamed of yourself for making such outlandish comments in the wake of this horrific event.

  • j

    its kinda weird the attorney of the movie shooter is a parent of one the children that were shot which she is known as a crisis actor the medical examiner didnt have a clue how many girls/boys were shot never technically answered the questions he was asked with a proper answer as a statement not to mention the gun in the trunk the guy in the woods before the shooting supposely took place the school had pin and key codes to get into the school this isnt the first time this town has been in a “hoax” situation do some research maybe it will get you thinking a little more about the issue and subject like hitler said to conquer a nation you must disarm its citizens you have to start somewhere what better to use then little kids to get people all fired up about banning laws im not saying that this horrible situation never happen just stating check the facts before your positive nothing like this should ever happen to little kids and its a horrible situation for the familys and friends there is just alot of red flags that people are pointing out for it being a “hoax” so people your stupid thinking rewritting gun laws will get the guns out of hands of thugs and criminals and leave us citizens unarmed do you really think gangsters and thugs will turn in there guns ummmm no more violence will be created knowing the fact people have to disarm thereselves and homes and cant protect what they work hard for everyday

    • Sixx

      That is some fishy shit… Why would a PARENT want any part in this- especially playing the role as an attorney FOR the shooter? Ugh… Its insane. I like how people say that the government wouldn’t sink “this low”… The truth is, is that we don’t know HOW low our government can and will go.
      I guess this is another one of those “conspiracy theories”- everyone has their own opinion, whether it is based off of facts, media-fed bullshit, or emotion. Sadly, the only ones who will ever know the REAL truth are the families of those involved, the responders, and the shooter (again, based on beliefs) himself.
      I believe that this story has a LOT of bullshit and contradicting statements surrounding it. Maybe it did happen- maybe the media is just blowing it up so it will seem much more interesting and attention-grasping, giving them more reason to talk and talk and talk about it. Maybe it is just a bunch of bullshit concocted by the government to feed the gun-restriction idea. (Which would be bogus- like a school shooting would make people WANT to give up their source of protection). You’re right- we all know that criminals, etc. wouldn’t WILLINGLY give up their firearms- especially if they know that law-abiding citizens would be pretty helpless without some sort of weapon. Just like the prohibition- banning alcohol didn’t REMOVE it from society; people made it, sold it, and drank it, as if that law was never made.

  • t0m

    this ‘university’ is in part funded by the Koch Brothers. Nothing real happens in their world.

  • t0m

    This is so cool. I could construct a whole year long class based on the posts up to this second. Abnormal Psychology would be the general heading.

  • disgusted

    the government is low but i dont think that they would purposely make up a story about young children being murdered in their classroom. my children are the world to me i cannot imagine what the childrens mothers are going through right now. nothing can bring their child back you and I both know. unless you were there that day standing with the parents that were waiting to see if their children were ok or yet the ones that were told that their children had been grusomely attacked by some psyco idiot and would not be going home you have no room to say that it didnt happen. I am sorry i dont care if they do say he was mentally ill, he knew what he was doing was wrong if he knew to kill himself before being taken in to custody. my heart is with the families of the victims. we do need gun control. i am not saying to take everyones guns away but there is no reason for a civilian to have access to assault weapons or ammunition.

  • Jim

    Tell that to the familes who lost loved ones, the medical examiners, funeral directors…

    • me

      they did. one of them was caught laughing and joking before getting on camera and had to take a second to try and shed a tear before the cameras came on. but they already were

  • ama


    not saying i believe this or not, but just research both sides before condemning something. it just seems odd. there seems to be a lot of inconsistencies and photos that make it seem wrong. just watch and decide for yourself

    • willie

      This has nothing to do with a hoax. I know the grandfather of one of the kids that was killed, and it is NO HOAX. It is insulting, to say the least, to even imply that all the funerals were staged, etc, etc,. The most ridiculous thing I have heard since hoaxes were started way back when. This was a tragedy of horrific proportions,that is what it is in plain English. You go to Newtown and tell me that 26 innocent lives were not lost. I have been there and i can tell you the sorrow is stifling to this day. Why are people so eager to put a conspiracy theory on EVERYTHING, and this is the WORST one yet.

      • linda

        I totally agree with Willie. I dare anyone to go to Newtown and not feel a profound, stifling grief. As someone who went to the funerals of four of the children killed I can assure you they were real. As someone whose daughter went to high school with Vicki Soto, I can assure you she did not just disappear leaving behind a grieving mom and siblings. I know we are responding to a lunatic but it is important to confront such utter nonsense. I also find it disturbing that college students in Florida are subjected to such a crazy person.

  • kellcy

    I do not believe anything our government says.The media is public relations arm of the government

  • bob rasmus

    Add one more nutjob to the unemployment statistics.

    • Jim

      Freedom of speech doesn’t excuse such a disgusting comment.

      • Scott

        Yes, it does.

      • Sandy

        Do you really advocate limiting the First Amendment? Think about what a slippery slope that would be. Personally, I don’t want to put a someone from the government in charge of deciding what speech is acceptable and what is not.

  • KP

    Everyone needs to take a step back, disagree as you see fit, but allow citizens of the United States of America their right to freedom of speech. If we start persecuting people for their beliefs, each and every one of us is in trouble. I don’t care how irrational an idea might sound: The very foundation of critical thinking is looking at a situation from all sides and/or multiple perspectives. The fact that the news media is reporting this is the most disconcerting fact concerning the whole incident. Are you “suggesting” that our beliefs and ideas should be suppressed? If so, we have much darker issues to discuss.