Probation Officer Returns $223,600 Dropped by Armored Car

    November 23, 2013
    Val Powell
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An armored car dropped a bag containing $223,600 in cash while leaving Boomtown Casino in Harvey on Wednesday afternoon. Luckily for the car’s crew, the money was spotted by a Good Samaritan named Jessica Luebke, a probation officer. Luebke saw an unusual bag about 2 x 2.5 foot on the side of the road while driving around 12.30 p.m. It took a while for Luebke to realize what was in the bag but eventually she realized that it was loaded with cash. The cash was in bundles of $20 and $100 bills totaling $223,600.

“I turned around immediately as soon as it registered what um, that actually was, that it was a huge bag of cash, I turned around immediately and called Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.” Said Luebke.


At first, the police officers weren’t sure how the money came to be on the side of the road but later got their answers when an armored car drove up and its crew reported they were tracing a missing cash bag, according to department District Administrator, Jon Reeves.

Reeves said the armored car had just picked up a deposit from Boomtown club but the bag fell off the car as it neared the probation department’s quarters. Reeves said that it is fortunate that a law enforcement office was first to spot the lost bag as it would have been extremely hard to recover the cash had someone else found it.

(image via Fox News)

  • Yep

    Yep, and this same woman would send a person back to the hell of prison for a “technical” violation of probation terms. I find it interesting that they didn’t mention how much was in the bag before it “fell” out of the truck. I have seen what cops do behind closed doors and I don’t trust any of them. You can buy into the national propaganda about police if you want. I have seen the truth.