Prison for Starving Girl: Parents Sentenced to Five Years

    January 30, 2014
    Jasmine Allen
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A father was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday for starving his 15-year-old daughter.

The 42-year-old Wisconsin-native denied his daughter food until she weighed only 68 pounds. She was instead required to consume her on feces and drink her own urine.

Her stepmother was also found guilty for physical abuse and her stepbrother is still awaiting trial for forcing the girl into sexual activities.

The unidentified teenage girl managed to run away February 2012 and a passing motorist discovered her walking outside.

Judge Julie Genovese, overseeing the trial at Dane County Circuit court, learned the details of the young girl’s torment from reading her personalized letters.

The girl, who was locked away for five years in the basement of the family home, shared how she felt about her unruly treatment:

“They made me feel like I was dehumanized a lot. It’s all thanks to my stupid dad and stepmom for not giving me an education and keeping me locked up for most of my life and making me feel like I was in a scary spot in my life.”

The stepmother told the judge that the malnourished girl was punished for her bad behavioral issues. However, the father stated that there was no reason behind the treatment done to his daughter.

“There was no master plan against my daughter,” the man said during court, according to the Washington Post.

The father also testified that his daughter had threatened to kill the family and refused to eat. He believed her behavior stemmed from sexual abuse she experienced while living with her stepfather in Texas.

The Journal Sentinel reported that the father was found guilty for “child neglect, child abuse, reckless endangerment and causing mental harm to a child.”

The stepmother will also serve five years in prison as the father. The judge believed that because they stole five years from the girl’s life, that they deserved the same.

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  • http://WebProNews Tina

    Jasmine, the article was nice but there were some misspelled words and some grammer problems. I hope this was helpful.

    • seth

      Uh…."grammer" is the wrong spelling…it's spelled, "grammar." Check your own writing before criticizing others' words. Of course, you are right about the article, at any rate.

      • http://yahoo jennafer

        It's called "karma".

    • Intheknow

      Yes, right, that's what I would have focused on too, the grammar problems. I mean, the story is horrific at best, and you sit around playing Madam Grammarian. Are you for real, you nit?

  • j lish

    Only 5 years in prison? They took five physical years of the girls life but how many years of mental problems, (nightmares, anxiety, sexual problems, etc. does the judge think she will suffer? She may never recover and in less than 5 years they will be out abusing some other innocent kid they find. This type of person is almost impossible to rehabilitate.

    • judy bee

      I agree five years is not enough. now her parents will be held against their will in prison….could we request they eat their own feces. Put them in yard arms in the town square…seems fair.

      • http://yahoo esquiveljaimme


    • Colleen

      And whats worse they will most likely get out in 2 or 2 1/2 years with good behavior. This poor girl will have life long memories and more likely some issues in her own life. I'd say they should have gotten 25 to life at the least. There was no justice for this poor child.

    • stephanie

      You are absolutely right, she will have a long road to recovery it will take much long than 5 years.

  • Wow

    I have a friend who received a 30 year sentence for going to meet someone from the internet. He was pursued for a year and invited 8 times to meet. He never saw a soul and prior to his "crime" he had a parking ticket. Then while he was in prison, it turned out the people who set him up, came under federal investigation for fraud. They are all under investigation now. Yet, my friend still has his sentence and he is a sex offender even though he literally never saw a person, was pursued, and invited. I have never known any victim to invite someone for a year and on eight different occasions. It the chat transcripts you literally see my friend say that he was just coming to find out the truth — yet it didn't matter.

    Yet in this case. Next to nothing happens to people who harm real people. That girl was put through hell. Was tortured, abused, and almost died.

    The person who is set up by criminals and corrupt police gets 6 times the sentence of people who actually do harm to real people.

    This is America for you. The land of no justice.

    • donna

      any contact on the internet to meet anyone, whither initiated by him or minor is against the law,and you will have a sexual pretator record to follow you…certainly not worth it.

  • Susan

    That judge was an idiot for only giving them 5 years. They took alot more than 5 years away from that poor girl. It's going to take a lifetime of treatment for her to recover or even come close to recovering from the kind of abuse she endured.

  • I don’t like Beiber.

    Wow, I know a guy who went to prison for going to meet someone from the internet. He was pursued for a year, invited 8 times to meet, never saw a person, and never had a criminal background. He received 30 years. Now, it turns out the people who set him up are criminals who were under federal investigation and he still can not get his sentenced reviewed or overturned.

    Yet, these people, only get 5 years?

    Someone who never even sees a person gets 30 and these people 5. Only in America. Only in America.

  • JT

    There has to be more to this case than the writer of this article has told us. By the way, there is a man in California who has a life sentence for stealing a pair of tube socks. A man in UTAH who has 55 years for smoking pot. Yet, these people get 5 for this? Oh yeah, there is a man who served 17 years in prison for child molestation and is still in prison even though the mother and the child, have both come forward and said they lied. The mother and child filed official court documents saying they lied. They were even on NBC news. Yet, the prison system in New York has not released the man.

  • Tim johnson

    Sorry, five years to a child from 10 to 15 seems like an eternity. I imagine even more that she was treated this way. The five years the monsters will serve in prison will pass for them in a blink of an eye. I am truly disgusted. There can't be a god if this stuff is allowed to happen.

  • Ann Pei

    Horrific. I am not a proponent of the death penalty but… if someone executed him I would NOT mind!

  • http://Yahoo carlyathome

    These people are sick and evil. And they only get 5 years????? They should be starved and put in a cell on a concrete floor and experience everything they did to their daughter. How could someone treat their own daughter like that? So sad for the girl.

  • http://Yahoo Maria

    Wow……I continually become more and more disgusted with our human race! I can't stand reading any more horrific acts. We worry about rewriting the constitution, I think we need to rewrite our punishment laws! I think any human being who intentionally kills or hurts another for some sick or distorted pleasure should be executed no questions asked. If we can do it to animals who attack humans, why not do it to humans who do it other humans? We can't fix a mentally disturbed animal and apparently we cannot fix a mentally disturbed human either.

    • Oh Please

      There are estimates of 10,000 to 20,000 innocent people in prison.

      What goes on in a courtroom and what people think happen in a courtroom is two different things. It is not like it is on TV.

  • http://yahoo esquiveljaimme

    If she ate her own feces she would be dead from poisoning.

  • lokesh

    Give those bastards lethal injection and let them die…..No point in wasting tax payers money on these kind of people….

  • EddieD

    This article says nothing about the step-dad. Was he the one the mother was forcing her child to have sex with in Texas?

  • donna

    why have a child, or keep a child if you are going to abuse them…???give the child up for adoption before you starve,abuse,beat,or anything else please…some people want a child so badly and yet these low life no good, crazies have kids and abuse them??? I would like to know if they were abused as children.Where does this degregation come from?

  • Bless Marie Paquette

    I hope all three of them get their asses beat in prison. Glad that girl escaped though. I hope some rich person helps her out with her life until she can get over all of her problems. poor thing.