Prince Slams Madonna: Old Feud Raised?

    January 25, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Prince has delivered new music unto us, and we are all eternally grateful. He has also delivered catty remarks about celebrities to us, and for that, we are even more grateful.

The web has jumped all over a recent interview Prince did with Billboard Magazine, in which he talks smack about his old rival/former girlfriend Madonna and gets in a dig at Maroon 5 for being gauche enough to cover other people’s songs, even though Prince himself has done numerous covers which went on to be hits.

When talking about his old relationship with Warner Brothers, Prince also called out Madge, sort of:

“It was also about Madonna,” he says. “She was getting paid, but at the time we were selling more records and selling out concerts on multiple nights. It wasn’t about her. This was about business.”

About Maroon 5, who included a cover of his song “Kiss” on their latest album much to his dismay, Prince said:

“I do pay performance royalties on others’ songs I perform live, but I’m not recording these songs and putting them up for sale,” he says. “Why do we need to hear another cover of a song that someone else did? Art is about building a new foundation, not just laying something on top of what’s already there.” At this point he references Maroon 5’s cover of his “Kiss,” letting it be known that he wasn’t thrilled by it.

Of course, Prince has done covers himself, including the hit “Betcha By Golly Wow!”, “La-La (Means I Love You)”, Joan Osborne’s “One of Us”, and Sheryl Crow’s “Everyday Is a Winding Road.”

The comments about Madonna are what everyone is interested in, however, since the two of them famously dated briefly in the ’80s before turning on one another in the public eye. Madge is quoted in a discussion about their first date as saying Prince was a “little troll” who didn’t eat his dinner.

“He was just sipping tea, very daintily,” Madonna said. “I have this theory about people who don’t eat. They annoy me.”

No word yet from the superstar on what she thinks about his comments or his comeback.

Image: Billboard

  • lala

    I worked at a high profile event where Prince was a dinner guest…or so we thought… we were informed, “Prince does not eat in public.”


  • Korey

    I believe Prince’s “cover” of Joan Osbornes “One of us” is a bad example as I believe Prince wrote the song. He can’t cover his own song. It might be good to research a little deeper next time.

  • Kimmie

    Isn’t Prince a religious nut, and if so, how is this Madonna & Maroon 5 very “Christian.” Would Jesus bash Madonna & Maroon 5. He is just another religious hypocrite.

    • Willie

      I hear that word alot lately. Mostly by such ones that don’t apply themselves to such a code, but they sure do judge. Try it and you will see it is not easy to live such a life and when/if you do you will make many mistakes. The point is not to give up. Besides he called it.

  • adirweo

    I served him

    • http://yahoo t. mc

      what? you served him how?

  • Frank

    Vacuum….helloooooooo…hellooooooo? Anyone care??? Hellooooooo?

    • Frank

      And Eric Bazillian of the Hooters wrote it. Not Prince.

      • FRANK

        Wow I did not know that, but still who’s more talented,cmon Prince plays almost all the instruments that his band has and he’s a excellent composer and singer.

    • Anonymous

      You are obviously living in a cave buddy!!!

  • elvisd

    Talent vs no-talent. Even if he’s catty, Prince wins.

    • Mike

      It’s ok if you like an artist or not, but to call Madonna or Prince talentless makes it clear how little weight your word carries.

    • renee29404

      Totally agree. Prince sings and plays 30 different instruments at last count. Prince wins hands down. I haven’t even heard anything new by Madonna, probably because there isn’t anything worth hearing.

  • Greg

    All they have to argue over is who is more washed up and musically irrelevant

  • Chelle

    Honestly Prince’s comeback would be irrelevant to most people if he’s not singing about hoes & strip clubs & popping bottles… Thats all people listen to these days

    • Barbie

      yeah, yeah! but this hoe Roobie Breastnut the porno singer makes money in her sleep off royalties. true though!

  • hard

    Prince Dated a female? Really?

    • Boodrow

      Ummm…yeah Prince has dated (and married) many beautiful females in the past. You must be very young.

  • Monica

    I like Prince really I do. But if he owns the rights to his music, and he wasn’t real happy with M5 sampling his stuff, then why agree to let them use it??? IJS

    • Chris

      Exactly, Prince is just bitter as a P***y, acting like a princess b***h, and he’s getting paid for those songs anyway, Prince(ss) needs to write a new song about being “Immatured”. Thats why i have doubt about him as Prince formely known as “Str8t Man” LOL

    • Nikki

      He doesn’t own the song Kiss… Warner Bros. does

  • Gram Reeper

    What a slime ball! None of them are worth their weight in metric tons in a cattle transfer station!

  • Nikki

    This was not about a bashing people. HE was making a point about the Industry. Prince and this writer probably talked for 30 minutes or more and this is all they want to mention?? No talk about what brought up the conversation about Madonna and Maroon 5 in the first place.. But hey, the writer has to make it interesting so they can make $$!!! Any follower of Prince’s music knows he’s not about cutting people down. He’s about waking people up to what’s REALLY going on, and reaching you’re full potential.. We need more Artist like That.. And better journalist!!!!

  • http://www.nealeorinick.com Neale O

    Of course it was all about Madonna. It still is. She just pulled down over $200 million on a sold out world tour crushing acts like Gaga and Bieber. She puts out new albums like clock-work. If you have ever seen tour footage you would know that while she may not play every instrument (and what musician does?) she over-sees every detail of every set, every dance step, and every wardrobe change right down to the dancers socks. She writes most of her own material, produces it and has fought fiercely to protect artists and their music from theiving file sharers so that all artists get paid for the blood sweat and tears that go into every song they release whether it sells a million copies or not. She left Warner Bros for Live Nation after brokering a deal to pull in close to 90% on sales of everything; music, tour tix, and merchandise, paving the way for other artists to make similar deals and setting back the greedy labels that held artists hostage (hello, Prince…Sony records?) and took most of their profits. She’s mowed down everybody who stood in her way and does not apologize for it. Why should she? It’s business and she’s a one woman multi-million dollar company who answers to no one. Prince has penis envy, cause The Material girl’s got a set on her. He should do her a favor and keep the fued alive ensuring she stays in the public eye raking in the bucks while he’s scarfing down lettuce under a blanket somewhere.