Prince Michael Jackson: Job At “ET” To Precede Acting Career?

    February 19, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Prince Michael Jackson, the 16-year old son of late pop icon Michael Jackson, recently landed a gig with “Entertainment Tonight” as an on-air correspondent.

The teenager got to sit down with the stars of “Oz The Great And Powerful” for his first job–including director Sam Raimi and actors James Franco and Zach Braff–and got some advice on how to pursue his goals, which he says include becoming a well-rounded screenwriter, producer, actor, and director.

Franco said, “I always tell people, just go out and try, and stop waiting around or dreaming it’s going to happen. Just go and start doing things on your own.”

Jackson and his younger sister, Paris, have both expressed an interest in going into the entertainment industry in some way, and Prince Michael seems to have his goals clearly outlined. The teen credits his father for any attributes that are complimented, such as the adult way he handles himself despite his young age.

“That’s what most people say. That was all thanks to my dad. He raised me right,” he said.

  • Pearl

    What a nice way to honor your father’s death,NOT!.This is absolutely wrong! I knew Hollywood would find a way to capture MJ’S kids into the soul sacrficial, crazy, and darkness of Hollyweird industry.MJ would be angry about this. He spoke about how the media twists things and like to destroy the lives of people.

  • panda0213

    Hope you handle your adventure journey with good choices and don’t get caught up in the many tragic webs of the hollywood lime light snares it’s victims, good luck on your journey and be a good legacy for your dad.<3 he had some beautiful children. Always know that God opens your doors, not man

  • Mary

    So happy for you Prince! I know you will do well on your new assignment. Whatever happens, don’t listen to all the naysayers out there. Just do your best.