Presidential Polls: Hurricane Sandy Could Impact Election

    October 30, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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President Obama has consistently had at least a slight lead in most of the polls so far, but that could change with the effects of Hurricane Sandy charging down the Eastern seaboard, which holds several key states for him in the election.

With enormous power outages throughout several cities and thousands of voters displaced because of evacuations and flooding, it’s difficult to say just how big the impact will be on Election Day. The Investor’s Business Daily Poll has announced they will be suspending polling activity until further notice, and other national polls could be affected as well. Nate Silver of The New York Times predicts that Obama’s lead could drop right when it really matters…but will it be enough to count?

“Imagine that 15 million people are essentially off-limits to pollsters because of the hurricane, because they are without power, displaced from their homes or otherwise are well-adjusted human beings who are more interested in looking after their families than in answering a political survey,” he writes. “The Northeast is Democratic leaning, of course: imagine that these voters would prefer Barack Obama to Mitt Romney by a net of 20 percentage points, on average.

Fifteen million Americans represent about one-twentieth of the American population. If one-twentieth of Americans, who are 20 points Democratic-leaning, are unable to reply to surveys, Mr. Obama’s standing in the polls would be negatively impacted by a net of one percentage point as a result.”

  • Wayne

    So Obama comes out and says that no one will be left behind. And I say: What about Benghazi, Mr. President? What about Benghazi? They asked for help again and again, and now they are dead!!

    • nessie

      How about Bush’s WMD which did not existed in IRAQ, many died,due to senseless act of BUSH and CHENEY many are wounded to the point of no return, people have short memories, but quick to point fingers on others, remember that there is nothing like 100% spotless in anything we do, sometimes in life we all falter, stop being so judgemental, there is too much hate to this President, I wonder why?? he has been disrespected more than any President ever, is really a shame, many people in other countries are just amazed as civilzed as Amereican’s are and to disrepect their own President, Trump get up and flip his hair the other side and talk nonsense at any given time, is just baffles me why all this.

      • semajoe

        hussein had to be removed, if not, he would be in saudi arabia by now…obama will lose, democrats are all the same,,,,they wanna take money from people that work and give it to people that dont work…THATS NOT WHAT THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON, WASHINGTON MUST BE TURNING IN HIS GRAVE…GO ROMNEY

        • ROWENA

          Based on the comments made by most here it is obvious you have no idea how the government of this country is structured. The President, can only veto or do an executive order without the support of the other two houses of government. The Republican agenda from day one has been to make Mr. Obama a one term president, and they have no interest in bettering this country for all Americans. I voted for Mr. Obama, and will do so again, as he is the ONLY candidate that has the interests of the people at heart. Romney looks like someone who is demented, and he has given no detail as to how he will fix the problems, merely, that he will. I believe that a lot of people are sheep, and let others decide their fates. I am not such a person. No thinking person would blindly follow Romney, all that are would also have drunk the Kool-Aid along with Jim Jones’ followers. Everybody needs to put on their big girl/boy pants, and suck it up. We didnt get into this mess in four years, yet all of the blame for the fuzzy math used to conceal the real expense of two wars has fallen on Mr. Obama. Just like Bush, Romney is no leader he is a Moron, who cares about his family, and others like him. The dummies following him are idiotic to think he really cares about what happens to them. He feels the best is his right, and just like he said to the reporter on 60 Minutes, he feels it is fair for him to pay less taxes on millions, than the average Joe who makes $50,000 a year. Vote Romney in if you want, you will rue the day. You will look fondly back at at 8.0 unemployment, and say “I remember when unemployment was only at 8%”.

          • Dye

            WELL SAID ROWENA!!!!!……

          • menricky

            ROWENA Perfectly stated. I will vote for Obama again also !

      • Rob-Missouri

        @Nessie. Wow, you can tell you don’t read any international stories
        or look at some of outstanding cartoons of Obama that come from the
        foreign press.
        We are the laughing stock of the world for allowing this inexperienced
        phony to be voted in as our President. A friend sent me a list of
        cartoons from the press in the U. K. and I would bet very few papers in the U. S. would have the courage to print them. They were
        both outstanding and embarrassing.
        I would show respect to our President if he were both honest and
        working hard to build our country rather than tearing it down.
        I hope and pray that Romney is elected but realize he is going to
        inherit a mess far more serious that Bush left at the end of his
        Presidency. Mr. Obama clearly stated that if didn’t get all of his
        promises done in three years, he would be a one term President…just
        another lie that he ignores!!

        • Florida

          There is nothing President Obama or any other President could do that was more serious than what Bush left behind! The world makes fun of Black people and calls them names. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

          • http://webpronews faye


          • truthbetold

            You have serious mental problems. Seek help fast. You can’t keep blaming Bush for everything. Bush is not our president anymore, so give it a rest. Focus on obama the liar, who does nothing but rub elbows, goes on late night tv to do comedy and throws parties at the white house for celebs like it’s a club or something. Why don’t you crawl back into your moms womb and un-birth yourself!

        • Fran

          It was NOT a cartoon when a foreigner threw a shoe at a Republican President! It was both outstanding and embarrassing! With a Republican controlled Congress, it is clear to me why the current President has been unable clean up the mess left by the previous president! There is only one right answer in math, and 47% of the people in this country is toooo close to half of the people in the United States of America that the Republican presidential candidate made clear that he doesn’t care about! Phony is when you say you know what it’s like to worry about the grocery bill when your income was twenty million dollars last year, or pretend that jobs for American workers are priority even though many paychecks became obselete because of Baine Capital. Who was the CEO? . At the end of the day we all eat, crap, and bleed. United we stand, divided we fall. Do I play a part in the united or the divided?

    • Florida

      Wayne, I think you had better look deeper into the facts about what really happened! You are not very informed.

      • http://webpronews faye


  • Mark

    We all just need to hold on and see what Omaba is going to do he says he and the American people is with him we look after one another and we need to Stan with our Presadent in time of crisi my pray is with those who has lost family members and friends and those who lost homes land and the things they hold dear I also pray that our nation will contuine to help in need no mater what some might not share those things but has for me and my family believe that way may GOD BLESS OUR NATION. Good night

  • http://yahoo a black

    nessie whats wrong with you??? we were paying $5 a gallon for gasoline and this president gives 50 billion dollars to brazil to drill for oil and tells them “we’ll be their best customers” but he won’t let the canadian pipeline cross the border. I guarantee that if he gets elected we will be paying $8 a gallon by the end of his 2nd term.

    • jeanmark

      first of all , the President does not put prices on products, why does Obama has to be the one to blame for the mess Bush created???

      • glong

        Why is the left still clueless after the last four years. They must be in a deep coma, including you jeanmark.

      • http://yahoo Believe

        Obama has had 4 years to do something that he talks all the time about he’s going to do this and he’s going to do that. Why hasn’t he done all of what he says he going to do already. He’s had 4 years and he promised he would make a CHANGE in the first year he was in office. We are only 16 BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT,OUR ECONOMY STINKS,NO JOBS, AND WE AREN’T ANYBETTER THAN WE WERE BEFORE HE TOOK OFFICE. Think what it will be in 4 more years if he becomes president again. Think about your family. Wake up people…..

        • Tanya

          It took Franklin D. Roosevelt 12 years (yes he was elected 3 times) to bring us out of depression. It took Bill Clinton 8 years to bring the nation out of a recession. It took George W. Bush 8 years to put us on the verge of depression. Please explain to me how anyone thought Barack Obama could bring us out in 4 years.

          • jimb

            Fact: it took WWII to get us out of depression. Roosevelt did nothing effective to solve the problem, if anything he prolonged the recovery.
            Fact: Bill clinton only balanced the budget because the republicans took the house and senate in 1994 and made clinton balance the budget,
            Fact: Reagan got us out of a worse recession in 3 years after Carter (the second worse president)
            Fact: instead of focusing on an collapsing economy Obama spent all of his political capital on Qbamacare

      • Rob-Missouri

        @Jeanmark. Wow, you don’t give the person who has a email
        name of: A Black, much credit.
        He/She is 100% correct about the Brazil thing – there are
        several other countries where he sent money for oil
        If he is re-elected, he will stop all, “fracking” in this country and stop the use of coal as well. He will pull
        back on all offshore drilling and not allow ANY more to be done on Federal land. The price of oil with all of these items in place WILL cause the price of oil of jump to
        $8.00 or higher – just what he wants.
        Read some of the comments I have made above and as I said
        to someone else; “Do Your Homework”. This man is not who
        he appears to be. He hates America, Democracy, white
        people, etc. etc. etc. Get on Google and read a few of
        the many stories about this man who is our President.
        I pray day and night that this man will not be re-elected!!

        I am proud of, “A Black” above and hope he/she can influence
        other Blacks to see the light like you have. I wish I
        could meet you and shake your hand for searching for the
        truth and finding it. Many were fooled by his good looks and the ability to read well from a teleprompter.
        Many white Americans said they felt good voting for Black
        President, which is a positive thing to feel. It is just
        too bad that he is the wrong Black person to be our President!!!

      • truthbetold

        Bush Bush Bush. Give it a rest moron. Things were way better back when Bush was in office. This country has become a complete joke to other countries since this idiot president oblahblah took office. Even if Bush did any harm, obama has had 4 whole freakin years to get it cleaned up, he aint done crap but go on the view, leno, throw parties at the white house and think he is a celebrity. We can’t wait to vote this scum out on Nov 6th and finally have a real president like Romney!

    • Minister

      Well were I live gas is $2.96 so tell me my we as people support the gas company getting money from our Goverment when they make billoions off of us.

      • Tanya

        Gas companies have always been supported by the government. It didn’t start when Obama went in for his first term.

    • Joe

      If the POTUS controlled the gas prices, don’t you think they would be down to about a dollar a gallon to gain voter support?? Think!!

    • JJTime

      You don’t check your facts bubba, that pipeline has been finished as far as Oklahoma for 2 years. What the oil cartel is after is a route directly to Houston so they can refine it and sell to Europe and Asia at a higer price.

    • Florida

      a black, there are a whole lot of things about that deal that you don’t know anything about. Stop reading propaganda and listening to crap that was only put out there to hurt the President. I can’t understand how so many people could be brain-washed so easily! Weak! Weak! Weak!

      • http://webpronews faye


  • http://all Juan

    When I look at Mr.Romney he looks like the devil or someone who has on a mask ,the fake smile and all the lie that he tell. I don,t understand , how pepole could vote for someome when they the know facts are out there on tv in the paper ,and public record staring them in the face,but they HAVE EMITIY,,,,DEEP HATED FOR OUR PRESIDENT, BECAUSE HE IS A BLACKMAN….MAY THE LORD HAVE MERCY UP ON THEIR SOULD.,,, NOW MR. MCCAIN NEEDS TO BE VOTE OUT OF OFFICE AS WELL OTHER REP.,,,, WHO FILL THE SAME AS MITT ROMNEY. IT TIME FOR NEW YOUNG AMERICAN TO TAKE THE OFFICES AND SEND THE OLD ONE HOME TO REST.

    • Rob-Missouri

      Juan. You need to watch the movie 2016 real bad my friend. Mr. Obama
      is a Socialist and has very negative plans for America. Mr. Obama was
      taught by his parents, grandparents and the very radical Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party USA propagandist who shaped Obama’s
      world in his formative years.
      He wants to do away with the wealthy and have adult in this country
      get the same amount of money – pure Socialism. Looked how well it
      worked in Cuba. There are no super poor in that country and they have
      great, free medical care and great schools. They also carry around
      a ration book to get flour, bread, beans, rice and toilet paper. If
      the government store is out of something, they simply tell people to try again next month. The people of Cuba would starve were it not for the millions of dollars friends and family members from the U.S.
      send to the island each year.

      If you saw the 2016 Movie, you would never consider voting for Obama!

    • truthbetold

      I swear. Black people like you make the rest of us intelligent blacks looks stupid. You have mental issues and need to seek some help. What are you gonna do when obama is out of office, hang yourself? If anyone looks evil, it is obama with his purple lips and dark sunken in eyes. his huge long head, huge ears and skinny alien body. Please go get in a small boat with a huge hole and go into the middle of a shark infested ocean!

      • Texaslady

        I really wish you would sit down, shut up and go read a book. I’m embarrassed for blacks because you’re black. Thank God you don’t represent for all blacks. Now go drive your car into a shark infested ocean! Thanks in advance..

  • BheardNOTseen

    They say the Lord works in mysterious ways. Maybe this is all part of destiny! And if you are going to comment on a political related matter, be punctual, learn to spell, and be intelligent. For crying out loud….. or no one who is interested in politics and important matters is going to even read what you have to say let alone take your comments seriously!

  • brad

    just watch documentary ” Obamas america 2016 ” out on dvd I voted for obama in 08 did not no anything about him now I do. was not going to vote for him again just based on his first term, this film puts all the pieces together and now I understand why he did what he did in first term. 4 of my friends were die hard obama supporters untill seeing this film . Very scary when you know the truth !

    • Robert Hoyt

      Good work Brad. You are probably much younger than I am because the
      first time I heard Obama had some connection with Bill Ayers, I knew
      we were in trouble.
      I remember Bill from the 60’s, when he started The Weather Underground.
      I am glad you saw the 2016 movie and would suggest you get Dreams From My REAL Father by Joel Gilbert. I got mine from E-Bay for about
      $14.00. The DVD is, “The Rest Of The Story” about Obama.
      I can’t imagine with zero vetting how we elected such a radical to
      be the President of the most powerful country on earth. We also need
      to take him at his word and make him a one term President.

      Keep up the good work!!

      • Florida

        So how do you know what you read is true? There are GOP members out there that have been trying to get rid of President Obama since he won because he is a black man. No other reason! It’s sad that you can be brain-washed so easily! Stop being blinded by someone else’s hatred of having a man of the Black race be their leader! What you are reading is not fact! The powers to be are just trying to make sure the U.S. never elects another black president. It’s a shame you don’t have a mind of your own. Peace!

        • http://webpronews faye


          • Texaslady

            You’re one ignorant person and I really hope you reap what you sow. Sitting at home, jobless, Probably waiting on your child support check..

        • truthbetold

          You advertise your ignorance and stupidity by the comments you leave. I am a black man who never was for obama. Seen him for the scum he has always been from day 1. Race has nothing to do with this, so give it up. If he had blonde hair and blue eyes, you would not even be for him. I bet serious money that you are black or a white person who feels guilty for what their ancestors did. You are sick in the head and need mental help fast!Stop calling others racist, when the racist is in your mirror.

        • jimb

          Wow Florida, you really need to see 2016. It will open your eyes. and by the way, Im a black man

    • Lisa

      Check that facts on this film. Seriously. Please do some checking. This movie is loosely based on reality and much of it is plain fiction.

      • jimb

        The obama administrations denies only a few insignificant details about this movie.

        • Shandai

          Are any of you registered voters? I can tell by all these comments that you are not educated. You have not done your homework on the candidates running. You are only repeating ignorant comments from ignorant individuals. If you were intelligent, you would not be calling names and insulting the President of the United States of America, your Commander In Chief. Lets stand united because divided we fall. Keep this nation safe by all of us not getting divided over an election. We need to be one as a nation in times of terrorist attacks. We smart not dumb. By the way 95% of the Afro American race is mixed race, hello.

  • Old Man

    What are the effects on the people who were/are in the middle of Sandy? At this point we shouldn’t be worried about Sandy’s effect on the election. That probably has already been decided in people’s minds already.

  • JJTime

    How Ironic. The avenging angels bring their havoc onto the homes of Governor Christi and Mayor Bloomberg for their twisted support of the Pathological Liar and false witness bearer Romney, now we see how evil was twarted in biblical times when despots tryed to usurp the power away from the people.

    • JAKE

      JJ time how sick you are to think that God would stick millions just to distroy a govenor and a mayor’s house because they support a great canidate who is God fearing and a just man.

    • Rob-Missouri

      @JJTime. Wow, do you have things turned around. It is Obama who
      is the pathological liar.
      You are probably a younger person, which I am not. The moment
      I saw a connection with Obama and Bill Ayers, I knew this man
      deep down was a radical, just like Ayers. (He was one of the founders of the Weather Underground in the 60’s. If you Google his name you will see a mug shot from those days when he has his head turned to one side….a cocky street thug, who was trying to
      overthrow the U. S. Government).
      If you have read Dreams From My Father, (which was actually
      written by Bill Ayers) you will see 22 times that he mentions
      someone named Frank. That Frank just happens to be Frank Marshall Davis, a member of The Communist Party USA, etc. You
      can read all about him on Google. (The updated audio version,
      read by Mr. Obama, does not mention “Frank” one time).
      You should also read the book; “The Communist” by Paul Kengor.
      On the lower part of the front cover it says; “Frank Marshall
      Davis – The Untold Story Of Barrack Obama’s Mentor”.
      You can read a review of the book also on Google.
      The comments from Obama’s long, close friend, Rev. Wright, should
      have been enough for any American, even with limited education
      or intelligence, to see that Rev. Wright is an anti-American
      radical. He hates whites, wealthy people, (the irony is that he is a multi-millionaire and Obama is now worth 10 million dollars after being in Federal Public Service for about five years) the USA in general and Democracy, and wants to see the
      blacks, “get even” with what the whites did to them.
      Obama was not vetted or all this would have been made public
      and the guy would not have been elected. If this evil man is
      re-elected, you are going to so surprised to see what he does
      to our beloved America!!!

      • Florida

        I feel sorry for you Rob. The have put blinders on you so dark you can’t find yourself. Obama has not lied to you about anything. Don’t you think if he had done anything so wrong, the Republican Party would have taken some kind of serious action against him by now. Instead, he has served a full term in office. He serves the people!

        • http://webpronews faye


      • truthbetold

        Rob. Amazing comment and so true. Everything you said was on point. Peoples focus is only on 2 things. His skin color and the storm Sandy, which he is trying to make himself look like a hero just days before the election so he can win votes. America is sinking with this guy in office. If he wins, I am jumping ship for sure.

    • http://webpronews Nickki

      WHAT!? U r too stupid to understand anything, if u think that this STORM was sent from Heaven to help OBAMA remain in the center of his PENTAGRAM…. U R A TOTAL IDIOT!!!!!

  • shelley

    black/white it doesnt matter!!! what they do or in obamas case dont do is what counts. time for a real change…..

    • truthbetold


  • http://webpronews Nickki

    Duh! U know ALL of the voting machines in the storm damaged areas are going to be “fixed” to vote for “BRONCO BAMMA”. That’s the ONLY way this idiot is going to win this election.

    • http://webpronews faye


    • truthbetold


  • Jedi43

    Explain to me why all our solders died in Iraq. By the way Obama is at 71% in the world compared to Romney’s 24%. I know you hate Obama because he is black and nothing else. I have news for you for you can’t lie to yourself, you will pay for your hateful ways right here in this world.

    • http://webpronews faye


    • truthbetold

      FYI your poll numbers are wrong. And FYI I am a black man who’s not blinded by color. I see the disgusting crappy president that he is. FYI, he is not black, he is african and white. African is not even black, it’s african.He is just as much white. I know you need to make up for your own failures in your own life by living your dreams through some one else, but it’s not gonna work. And stop playing the race card because it’s old and played out. Get off your lazy stank a@@ and create success for yourself, instead of trying to create it through a bad crappy lazy president.

  • Jim

    Rob in Missouri

    At least if Obama is re elected you will be able to get the mental health services you so badly need.

    • Seacoast

      Please just vote on November 6th. Obama is a nice guy but so was Jimmy Carter except this time its worse! The last 4 years have been an economic disaster. Mr. Obama failed by not focusing on Jobs as the #1 issue. We hear “oh it is a jobless recovery”, it does not have to be that way.

  • truthbetold


    • Dye

      Black and white has NOTHING to do with my vote!!!!! I believe that Obama is the best choice to run this country and to continue to undo what the republicians have done for the 8 years prior to him getting in office. I loved CLINTON also and the color of his skin had NOTHING to do with it!!! It seems that stupid is what stupid says

  • Another Old Man

    If any of you folks have looked back into the history books,and know what happens in socialist countries….and like what you find….then,I guess Obama is “your man” for the job. GOD bless America

  • Amie

    I wonder how the storm will impact people voting on Election Day. So important that their votes are counted, especially Democrats ; >

  • I Tell You Every-Ting

    So the polls are showing favor for Obama because he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing — his job??? That shouldn’t even be factor. Since Romney can’t have the same involvement with Sandy as Obama, then using it in the polls isn’t right. Unless it’s run by lefties. Polls are a waste.

  • Bob

    Florida, the way you talk, you cannot be anything but a “Complete Idiot” !!

  • bob mcdougal


  • bob mcdougal


  • Maria

    First of all Chris Christie did not sell out anyone, in fact he saved my life and many others in this storm, Just because he went to the current president for help, he was helping people here in NJ. And as a matter of fact, many other republican govenors came to his aid when we needed it. And they are helping us now and working together with the current president. In fact it’s kind of nice to see them working together and taking care of business when it counted. It wasn’t about politics it was about saving lives which they did and politics never played a key in this. People were happy to see them and things are getting done quickly here in our hard hit area thanks to all of them. Do you think we were thinking politics when our homes were being swept out to sea or burning to the ground from a gas leak? Chris Christie did a damn good job and had the balls to do what he had to do. And people here in NJ respect him more for that.

  • TJ

    Early Vote!!!!!!! Why not use it you already know who you voting for at this time…

  • stan

    the mittsster has only 1 problem he doesn’t a governor brother to steal the election for him

  • shawn emrey

    It is so funny on how all of the talk how Obama is such a great guy when it comes to Sandy, yet FEMA has of early this morning had yet to show up in Staten Island, one of the hardest hit places. If Bush was in office or any repub you know good and well that the talk from the left wing media would be a tadbit different. Also, I am glad to know that the left wing media also has no problem overlooking the deaths of four Americans in Libya another screwup for this President that goes to the sugarcoating factory as well as the made up pick the poll that helps us stories. Yes, I know there are those who are just swearing up and down tht Obama did all he could to help those people..I guess by not doing anything even though the warning that something was going to happen a month in advance is what you mean by doing a great job. I guess the ambassador and navy seal’s memo’s and tweets, etc..are nothing but lies then? Yeah that has to be it. A navy seal who ignored orders to try and help save lives then lost his anyway is a lie? I guess the fact that more help needed to protect the embassy when all intelligence pointed toward many different factions of Al Qeda in Libya were going to attack them and they did not have the ability to thwart the attack if it happened without more help is not a lie either? Tell me Mr. Obama? Is there nothing that you will take credit for, except spending more money, not getting jobs as promised, putting this country in the hole even more, except on how great of a guy you are? OH yes, that’s right..the healthcare crap..yeah..you did do that..and got it shoved down peoples throats even though most of your clown patrol like Pelosi made statements like we have to pass it so we can read it..went by the wayside in the left wing media. Please do not try and call the so called mainstream media non biased anymore people. The libya disaster barely touched anyone’s eyeballs at the big stations. Yet, Fox gets the pounding by those who are jealous..for one because of their ratings that pound the others badly, and two..although they may edge toward a conservative format more they do have those like Juan Williams who no matter how much evidence is in front of him on the Libya story he follows the liberal agenda down to a tee saying there is not any real proof that the President had a clue on what was going on! I guess he can’t read very well..or how about the time he and his big shots who are allowed into the situation room to watch what goes on…this time Libya wouldn’t allow the pictures of Obama being presidential out but surely showed his little get together looking at the Sandy problem? Oh yes, once again..where is the FEMA folks? Why is it he can skate the media but Bush couldn’t on New Orleans? The problem is I wouldn’t hit him with as much blame on Sandy for things being slow because as President you only have so much power at one time to get things done as quickly as people want. Yet..he is made to look like a God now and of course the mainstream media are using this too bullcrap people into thinking that just because of Sandy his numbers are going up because of his handling of it. What did he do exactly? Except for fly around looking at sites and then getting Christy to say some stupid bs? And lets’ talk about how the problem is solved and taken care of so that he can now run around the country trying to get himself elected by still telling a bunch of lies and attacking the other side. It is so sad to see what is going on…in the years I have been alive and it has been a long time now I wondered how the corruption would get worse to the point that a president who wants back in office can buy his way back even though he is not liked except by those who have already. He gets back in then the middle class will get what many are saying and that is the shaft. Not the rich like Obama wants…no, instead the rich will have those same loopholes as always…both the right and left have used the holes forever and Obama is no different. So middle class prepare to lose more. And of course I wonder just how many people who do not like Obama and are not planning to vote for him on Tuesday now are going what’s the point if all of these polls and the board that has Obama having more electoral votes than Romney are saying Obama is going to win? It will happen..I am not a huge fan of romney. But, I can tell you this..Obama’s history and the friends he has kept over the years are some who those who think he is the cats meow better wake up! This guy was crooked and a liar before the first election and those how have their blinders off finally know what he wants for this country..and it isn’t what this country was made to be. You just watch. Mark my word..if he gets in office again because people believe the made up polls and numbers you will find out and then what will you do? Cry and complain? This guy with just the Libya debacle and his refusal to take any blame for it should be not only impeached but tried for treason for refusing to help American citizens..the same who he rants and raves about how he asked them to be in a hostile place so he wants to know what happened just like the rest of us. Yeah right…he only wants to know the stuff that will save his butt…simple as that…if he does get elected again…hopefully DEC 21 2012 will come true and will shake everything up for good. Maybe that won’t be a bad thing afterall.

  • http://webpronews Christian

    I look back in yester years,We are in worse shape now then before, its not the presidents, theres only one of him, its the people. Where are your morals, your morals show who you are.Your morals will tell who you vote for?Hows your morals?