President Jimmy Carter Writes Book On Women’s Rights

    January 29, 2014
    Tina Volpe
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Jimmy Carter’s newest book, he has written many, will not be a biography or a historical piece about his life or presidency, it will be a defense of women’s rights, as well as an attack against those who use religion to deny equality.

His publishers, Simon & Shuster, announced Tuesday that President Carter’s newest title, “A Call To Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power”, will be published on March 25th. The publisher says Carter will draw upon personal observations from his worldwide travels as he condemns abuses of women and girls and the distortions of religious texts used to justify abuse and discrimination.

Mr. Carter has spent a big part of his life post-White House, touring the world as a human rights advocate, collecting information for his various books, especially this one, which explores “all aspects of women’s lives” equipped with stories from his own travels.

A spokeswoman for Simon & Schuster described the book as “an impassioned account of the human rights abuses against women and girls around the world, particularly in religious societies.”

The Times received a copy of the book proposal, via literary agent Lynn Nesbit. In that proposal pitching his newest title, Mr. Carter wrote:

“I am convinced that discrimination against women and girls is one of the world’s most serious, all-pervasive and largely ignored violations of basic human rights,” Mr. Carter, 88, wrote in the proposal, adding: “It is disturbing to realize that women are treated most equally in some countries that are atheistic or where governments are strictly separated from religion.”

It continued, “Whenever possible, I’ll use my personal observations and experiences, such as a trip around Africa with Bill Gates Sr. and his wife,” wrote Mr. Carter, “during which he and I spent much of our time in enormous brothels, and appeared with Nelson Mandela to end South Africa’s practice of outlawing treatment for H.I.V.-AIDS.”

Mr. Carter wrote in the proposal that he had been asked to write the book by a “wide coalition” of religious leaders. He has also solicited contributions from women’s activists for the book.

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  • Oh Please

    I get a little tired of all these women's issues coming up. Although, women in this country are clueless but abroad women have real problems. In America, it is all made up — like the culture of "rape". What they never tell you about that is 50% of rape cases are false rape claims and there are many claims of rape that are proven to be false that never even get written up by the police. Then what they don't tell you about many rape cases is the number of cases that involve drunk sex and the fact that women are becoming the new alcoholics in society. Simply put, women are drinking like fish, screwing, regretting, and claiming rape. Then they never clearly identify the number of statutory rape cases where the victim does not press charges but the state does.

    It is also like the wage issue. When you compare women and men, of equal ages, of equal experience, and in equal occupations it actually turns out that women make more than men. What all the studies do is make general comparisons. For example, they will compare a young woman who works as a receptionist to a man who works as a engineer. Of course the man is going to make more because engineering pays more! Women just don't want to go into science, engineering, computing, and other occupations that pay the most. Ask a girl if she wants to be a programmer or a singer and find out her answers. There are thousands of programmers who make great livings, but only a few singers who do. Here is a great video which shows my point on wages. Rachel Maddow simply won't listen to facts:


    It is all distortion in this country. All noise for a political objective. You have to actually look deep into the numbers to see this.

    • @Oh Please

      There is a major movement to feminize America. If you look at the rise of feminism, it has led to a multitude of problems in society. The funny thing is that many facts are skewed just like you say. I agree with your assessment of alcoholism among women. The evidence is overwhelming and supports what you are saying. In fact, two women — one from the USA Today and one who was a Harvard Professor have wrote about this extensively. The flip side to all this is that boys are dropping out of society and have 4 times the suicide rate of girls. There is actually a war on men in this country.

      Abroad — you are also right. Women have it a lot rougher. In America, like you say — women are clueless. They get upset if their Gucci bag is not on the shelf. Abroad a woman might get stoned to death.

    • Yep

      In America, facts don't matter. People think there is a shooter at Sandy Hook even though a picture does not exist of one and the school was covered in cameras. People still think a plane hit the Pentagon even though there is not one picture of that and yes, you guessed it, the Pentagon is covered in cameras —- so are the local businesses —- so were all the roadways.

      In America, you can make anything up and just put in the mainstream media and people with believe it. Facts and evidence really do not matter. Heck, on 9/11, two passports magically fell out of the hijackers pockets, survived the crash, survived the fire ball, survived the building coming down, were found in all the rubble by two cops, and were miraculously from the hijackers. Yet, all the titanium encased black boxes didn't make it.

      Come on. Americans are idiots.

      • @Yep

        Yeah. I am like you. At first, I thought no way Sandy Hook could be faked. But after comparing it to Columbine. It is so obvious it was fake. Then the Helicopter footage sealed it for me. 27 kids shot, adults wounded ….. yet on fire truck, on un-used triage center, no ambulances, and nothing going on. No life flight helicopters. Danbury, which is close by, has great hospitals. Helicopters should have been just waiting to get those people help. Heck, I broke a limb, and a life flight helicopter flew me from my house to the hospital. Yet on that day, nothing. No one even went to the emergency rooms, which is standard protocol. Then there is the CNN video of the police rushing into the school, but it is obvious, that it wasn't Sandy Hook. Compare the footage. It is all over YouTube.

        At first, I was a believer. Now, I am totally a non-believer. Just start researching and you will be too.