Pregnant With 9 Babies: Mexican Woman Lied To Make History

    April 28, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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In a staggering story out of Mexico, a woman has claimed to be carrying 9 babies–due just next month–and was busted shortly after for lying about it by the news outlets she was interviewed by.

Karla Vanessa Perez, of Coahuila, Mexico, reportedly said she was already the mother of triplets–which is also not true–and had a fertility treatment in order to acquire another multiple-embryo pregnancy. She even went to the lengths of making up how many of each sex she was carrying: six girls and three boys. In fact, Perez isn’t currently pregnant at all, seeing as how she had a tubal ligation after her youngest child was born. Her children are 15, 12, and 4 years old.

Seems to me that with all the media buzz surrounding “Octomom” Nadya Suleman recently, Perez was looking for some attention. Suleman made history in 2009 when she delivered 8 healthy babies, the biggest delivery on record.

José Salvador Gallegos Mata of the gynaecology society said it’s likely that Perez has emotional problems that need to be dealt with.

“That woman needs urgent psychological treatment,” he said.

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Wow! Best of luck to her! @jameskwantes BREAKING: Mexican woman pregnant with 9 babies (six girls, three boys), Reuters reports. Nine.(image) 1 day ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

  • http://yahoo.com christine daugherty

    it was all alie to get attention, thats a shame

    • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

      oh boogie, boogie, boogie

    • criminallyinsane

      and 2 sh*ts weren’t given that day…no one cares about your kids except for you……deal with it

  • j.m.

    I hope she gets pregnant and ends up having 9 and all survive so she can enjoy caring for 9 new borne … just for lying about it

    • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

      How about a prayer for human intelligence free of social conditioning that causes us to say mean things every chance we get?

    • Erin

      They said in the artical that she got a tubal ligation. In other words, she got her “tubes tied”. lol so she cant actually get pregnant again. But it would actually be funny if she could get pregnant, and did…..with 9 babies.

      • bug

        actually u can get pregnant while ur tubes are tied. it’s not 100%

        • lala

          and it can be reversed….I had 2 after reversing mine

  • Asirvada

    God bless to you and 9 babies

    • learn to read the whole article

      um….she lied, it says that right in the title…wow…you must not speak (or read) english very well.

      • learn to read the article

        However if he/she/it read the heading of the article you would have known she was lying about her 9 kids you dont need to read part or the complete article

      • tay

        lol. i agree

    • http://yahoo Roman Peredo

      Don’t believe everything you read in the internet.

      • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

        GOOD POINT!

    • http://yahoo.com betty

      I got pregnant 7 months after having my tubes tied, after having the baby got them tied again, told the doctor if I got pregnant again he was taking the baby home..27 years later still safe, no more babies..

  • Vincent Cain


    • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

      I would be honored and delighted if you would accept this invitation for dinner and dancing.

  • Charlene

    it is sad that this lady would bring false media attention to herdelf, just so she can be noticed. she should just be happy with the 3 kids she already has. She was so worried about herself that i’m sure she didn’t think of the possiblilty of bringing negative attention to her children. Besides there are many women out there that can’t have children, who would love to have at least one. And she is sitting around and falsely telling the world she’s having 9, SHAME ON HER!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo Jenny

      I agree, with all the couples trying to have kids, what they wouldn
      t do to have a happy healthy family! This woman does not care about her own kids and what they will go through now that this came out. She really does need help, not in a good way either!

      • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

        Perhaps we could exile her.

  • Doc

    Thank God it was a lie. There are too many people in the world already. Too bad “responsible human breeding” sounds like such a pinko idea, because ALL the world’s problems stem from overpopulation. But, lets keep giving fertility treatments so that women who were naturally selected not to have children can have litters of cabbage head babies to fill their trailers and council flats, Yeah lets continue to suck up all the world’s non-renewable resources. I was ADOPTED. Oh yeah, that’s what women used to do if they could not have a baby with their HUSBAND. Now science steps in to help overpopulate the world. Good work. If we overpopulate then people will see the need for Monsanto!

    • http://Yahoo Laurelle

      How dare you say “women who are naturally selected not to have children” Screw YoU man!! I hope that you & your poor wife (that is if ANY woman is unfortunate enough to have married you) NEVER have to endure the struggles of not falling Pregnant which my husband & I have over the past 6yrs. I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain & heartache on my worst enemy! And as for adoption, believe you me, it’s not as easy a process as you may think! Oh, but I forgot… YoU don’t think! Certainly not when posting such harsh & cruel words! Why don’t you go & play on the highway or something!

      • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

        Remember, children can be dangerous. I mean, they can sue you!

        • Valerie fields

          That reply is stupid……

        • Lawrence Arthur Kimmel

          Children dangerous??? Sure–but believe that is strictly the responsibility of those raising them. If raised”properly” they don’t need to sue or they don’t take the criminal path either. Parental respomsibility any more seems to either be total neglect or so overprotective-their offspring can do NOTHING wrong! Put God back into the schools and Keepthe ACLU on a tighter lease and we’d all be safer in our daily lives!

      • Basics

        You’re such an a-hole its not even funny.

    • TripletMom

      Doc – I am the mother of 4 kids including one set of triplets. I used fertility treatments to get pregnant with my triplets, however contrary to your pea brain thought that I was “naturally selected not to have children” I was not the partner who had fertility problems, I just happened to be married to a man who had fertility problems. It is unfortunate that your birth mother was NOT “naturally selected not to have children”. God wanted me to have children, that’s why she blessed me with 4 beautiful, caring, well adjusted children who are all teens right now. My children were 100% wanted, none of them were mistakes, how can you possibly insinuate that my children shouldn’t have been born.

    • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

      I am a Democratic party … would you consider running for president of the United States?

    • lilliann

      This woman is just an impulsive liar. I’ve met plenty and dealt with plenty. But just because you are on the internet does not mean you can bash people, or that you are better than her. Some people are very sick mentally. And just by reading this, I believe that this woman is one of them. Plenty of people have a compulsive disorder and believe their own stories. Yes, it gets them in trouble, and yes, it makes us all feel like humanity is slowly devolving. But hey, just think of all the non-mentally unstable people you know. Oh and Doc, I have 2 sons that I placed for adoption. I did it because I wanted them to have the best possible life they could and I knew it wasn’t with me. I see them, I talk to them, and I know them. I’m married now and expecting my first child with my husband. Talk to your birth mom if you can and find the TRUE STORY behind why she did what she did, o.k.?

  • Scarlet

    Humans are not designed to have litters of babies….just be happy with what God has given you! SMH!


    This woman deserves to be given US Citizenship ! Obama got it, now he’s President !!!!

    • Paula

      Oh come on, if you can link this womans emotional problems to her deserving US Citizenship and President Obama, you need more emotional help than she does!

      • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

        I think we should send her a jar of jelly beans!



    • Josie

      Why should those poor children have to suffer because of her stupidity?

    • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

      I wonder if God would actually answer a prayer like this … unless, of course, he changed his name.

  • http://yahoo rosita ruiz lugo


    • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

      Well, she could start her own baseball team. But the real money is in that donkey word you mentioned. The world definitely needs more of that. (Now where did I put my intellect … is it in my donkey saddle bags, or my purse?

  • Grace Gardner

    i hope she gets pregnant for real and carry two times nine since she need it so bad

  • http://yahoo Jenny

    What people won’t do for attention! Sick is all I can say!!!

    • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

      do you ever do anything excet complain?

      • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

        Oh, I remember — griping is what we ALL do, that is why we were created. Like quality control … er, does this make any sense?

  • http://webpronews.com lorraine bachelder

    hope that she is rich enough to support that many kids as it sounds that she is not married. most likely she is planning on every body but her to support her and those children.

    • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

      How can money support children? I thought is was terra firma and gravity?

  • http://yahoomail.com denniesa jean tinio

    my gosh! how can u do that? unbelievable!

    • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

      Do you know that (according to Einstein) a partical can be in two places at the same time? And that a partical can disappear and reappear in places it could not possiblt be? Ot that if you put a small, living virus in a dish with a large, dead virus — even if they are different virus’ — the smaller virus will bring the larger virus back to life?
      Yeah, that’s what I said, too!!!!!! (Wild isn’t it …)

      • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

        my spelling is atrocious — I think I must have misspelled nine words. Honestly, it is worse than having babies.

        • RR Worker

          Maybe your speller got a virus!

        • Lawrence Arthur Kimmel

          speller doesn’t have the virus–but your need to see your words in print seems to have the “motor-mouth virus” ???

  • Valjean

    I think the press ought to check out stories before spreading them worldwide. They always want to be FIRST to publish a story.

  • Lee

    WHY haven’t social services stepped in on Octomom? Really, her house
    was disgusting! Are they going to wait until something tragic happens?
    Talk about a “liar”……

    • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

      If you will marry me, I promise to do everything in my power to see that these horrible, unthinkable, nerve-wracking things never happen again.
      love love love

  • rich

    I guess she is somewhat lacking in long range planning skills. You definitely have a problem when you tell a lie that contains a specific future event with a defined time frame. Liars, please be more careful. Lie about politics. No one ever seems to catch on to those lies.

    • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

      Do you mean like “predicting the future”? One time I did that and got completely lost in thought. It happened like this: way back in the beginning, I predicted that people would probably eat meat. Which was ok except I forgot I was a cow.

  • Gajir Imoter

    it take a grace to say NO because things are currently happening graviously in this deadly World, there, let’s wait and see what the Almighty God can do before we escalet it.

    • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

      Is there any way we could get God’s thoughts on this right now?

  • Gajir Imoter

    it take a grace to say NO because things are currently happening graviously in this deadly World, therefore, let’s wait and see what the Almighty God can do before we escalet it.

  • http://deleted Linda Jett

    When did it become necessary for us to give birth to litters of children. I think anyone who has children would agree with me. Look at women like Nadya Suleman and Kate Gosselin. I have 3 beautiful children who are all 4 years apart. They are bright funny loving caring wonderful children because I can dedicate my individual time for all three. When we start having children like cats with litter after litter the kids suffer and so do we. they feel alone and isolated because they are not getting the attention they need. So please think about them first. Love your children.

    • MommaBear5

      This lady has the right idea, rather than being hateful to this woman because she obviously has something lacking in her life and felt that this was the way to get whatever it may be that she needs, think of the children you have or dream of having and be thankful. As a human have a little compassion for her rather than hate, is’nt that what we need and moreover our children need to feel,have,and learn from us as a society in total.Hatred starts war,fighting, and suicide for some of our weaker brothers and sisters.

  • Julie

    I believe the info you gave about the eight babies being born healthy is incorrect. The most one baby waighed was 3 lbs 1 oz and the lowest was 1 lb 8 oz. The babies had to be fed intravenously and spent several weeks in the hospital. Those are not healthy babies!

  • Ken Clark

    Amanda: Your lead sentence ends in a preposition and your subject is obviously either deranged or a hustler. Haven’t we got better articles (and better written articles) to read other than this?

    • What are you talking ABOUT?

      LOL… obviously you can end a sentence with a preposition. It’s crazy that you don’t think people should be able TO. And besides, don’t you have better things to do then a) read and b) comment on this article…?

      • grammarpolice

        WAYTA-Of course, one “can” do anything. But a professional writer (in the U.S. or when writing for U.S. audiences) should know how to properly construct a sentence in common “American English”. And before you go correcting someone else’s grammar, learn how and when to use “than” and “then”!!!

  • Francis

    She is a criminal and should be treated as such. She need “deliverance”

    • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

      Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear … Chicken Little, the sky is definitely falling, but it is so hard to catch. Is it logic or madness that causes these things to happen. Anyway, what happened, again? I lost track of my thoughts. P.S. I have already asked someone to marry me. If they refuse, would you consider honoring me with this privilege

  • marie

    What’s going on with us??? we believe everything we read or hear!!!!

  • Michael

    Just stay the hell in Mexico. The last thing we need is for you and your brood to come to America.


    What is wrong with half you people you commented here? The woman lied to get money, attention and whatever else she could con. Geezz people……get a life.

  • Fran

    That’s how you blow em up. ; )

  • Storm

    Wow. SHAME ON HER!!! It scares me the things people do to get famous these days.

  • Glynne1964

    Well, we’d know in a few months if it was true or not. Turns out we didn’t have to wait. And why lie about being pregnant with 9. Is your name Nadya?

  • lauren

    she lied to get attention, and now we’re giving it to her by publishing this stupid, ridiculous story that means absolutely nothing. WAY TO GO.

    • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

      Please, please, please, Marry Me, ALL OF YOU!!! I cannot tolerate life without you. You are the joy in the stars. You are the bear in poo. You are the grenadine in vanilla bean milk shakes. You are like Chicago and “everything I ever dreamed of.” You are the good and acceptable perfection of the world. You ARE the world! Marry me, marry me, marry me!!! LLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL

      • Valerie fields

        I seriously think you’ve gone nuts…..

  • http://MerlinandtheMagicBoat Vicki Myers

    Sorry … the record was broken for all time when Virgo gave birth to the world. We could try for immortality, but who would believe us. I, myself, am pregnant with more than I can count. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get their attention — they appear to be obsessed with death. Sigh …

  • Martha Irwin

    “it’s likely that Perez has emotional problems that need to be dealt with” – no kidding!!!!!

  • jim

    José Salvador Gallegos Mata of the gynaecology society said it’s likely that Perez has emotional problems that need to be dealt with.

    “That woman needs urgent psychological treatment,” he said.

    ummmm….geeeee…..ya think????

  • maria

    crazy woman.

  • Michy

    why the comment she should stay in Mexico and not come to AMERICA as if to say that there is something special obout America.I wonder why Americans are so proud of themselves.i have visited so many countries in the world and America seems to be the dullest with the most stupid set of people’

  • http://yahoo itzahiana

    that is so stupid your terrible and stupid .hopfully u do get pregnt with 9 babies or more so u can suffer pain.

  • http://Yahoonews carolyn

    I’m glad it’s a lie! How did that silly woman expect to get around it when no babies ever came out? Or was she going to steal 9 babies from victims of the never ending Mexican drug killings? Wander around the newesst slaughters and pick up 9 babies left behind?

  • http://www.mysterious-ways.com Cristina Marin

    This is what tweeter does this days… news about nothing…check my s i t e…you might learn a few things. 😉

  • MommaBear5

    I just read the rest of these comments and I have to ask, when did we become such a mean and uncaring sset of beings. I may not be the nicest person or correct at times but, I thank every God we know and believe in that I was given a heart and the ability to use it.I have 5 wonderful children from 20yrs.-2yrs6mos. and unfortunately lost as many also but I believe theres a reason everything happens for good or bad and we don’t know the reasons for this womans doings only her and her God know that.Judge not,lest ye be judged, in other words we don’t have the right to judge,its for God to do.

  • Rukieyatu Fofanah

    she must be a joker tho………..hope she give birth the nine she is claiming…………….and faint from the smell of hell before enterin. SMH!

  • Rukieyatu Fofanah


  • dwayne belton

    9 new AMERICAN CITIZENS that’s great news…

  • Michy


  • kathey

    Let it go and let GOD!

  • NoLimitNword

    Octomom was not enough.

    We NEED a nonamom for a new reality show.

    It will happen.

  • pearl

    i cant wait till my 2 boys that are 17 years old is out,,why she wants 9,,,she must be lonely

  • Marion

    Hard to tell whose the craziest here.

  • Kay Stein

    The bigger problem I see is that journalism ethics have devolved so that news is nothing more than a rush-to-print tabloid service. Stories should be researched, else they are no more than gossip. Shame on the press.

  • http://www.webpronews.com Sandra

    It is an ambarassment to all Mexicans and women alike, that this woman went to such lengths for publicity. Why lie about something so serious unless you are looking for attention??!! Shame on her!! If she is in need of phsycological help, I hope she gets it.

  • zaman

    what a bitch

  • damilola

    woow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i seriously think she overhyped it all….but why would a sane person lie about being pregnant with nine babies! psssshhh!!!!!!!!!

  • Shutup Already

    I honestly think Vicky Meyers needs to get a life and shut up already. Don’t you have something better to do than comment on everybody’s posts, and utter some inane drivel? YOU’RE the nutjob here.

  • http://www.tripfreedom.com Dom freedom peter

    this will happen in next world … So i dnt belive such lies… Period

  • kapusta

    I am 64 and pregnant with 10 babies.

  • http://www.daniel-irimia.com Daniel

    it wouldn’t have been surprising to have a 9-baby pregnancy regarding that the Suleiman had octuplets….well, just one more was needed:)

  • patrice

    kharmas a bitch. she had better watch out….

  • k

    must be but look at the octomom … she was prego with i believe it was 14 babies all at once

  • k

    but you should never lie about something like that you should be gald that you did get prego with one bc some women cant have babys like some of us can ..