Pregnant Soldier: Battlefield Birth Was A Surprise

    September 20, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A female British soldier deployed at an Afghanistan camp–which was recently attacked by the Taliban–gave birth to a baby boy this week at a field hospital after seeing a doctor for what she called “stomach pains”. The soldier apparently wasn’t aware she was pregnant.

Officials say they had no knowledge about the pregnancy beforehand, either, and made it clear in a statement that they do not make it a practice to deploy pregnant soldiers to operations. Britain’s defense ministry said the soldier has been removed from camp in order to recuperate safely, and added that this is the first instance of its kind in their history.

“Mother and baby are both in a stable condition in the hospital and are receiving the best possible care,” the ministry said in a statement.

The woman began her tour of duty in March, meaning she became pregnant beforehand, and some think that the excitement of the tour and stresses of recent weeks may have masked the symptoms, if she had any at all (some women don’t experience morning sickness or feel the baby’s movement).

Because a reported 200 women have been sent home from Afghanistan and Iraq in the past nine years due to discovering pregnancies while on tour, there has been a “growing pressure” for the military to mandate pregnancy tests before allowing women to go into battle. The Ministry of Defense, however, has so far balked at the idea.

  • KryptoniteBalls

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s generally obvious when a woman is due to actually give birth? Doesn’t seem like most people put on the kind of weight that generally comes with pregnancy, when they’re serving in the military.

    Or did she deliver severely early?

    • BJ

      Being in the Nursing profession for more than 20yrs, I have seen women who never knew they were pregnant for various reasons. Obesity caused them to have no monthly cycles and hid the pregnancy due to their weight.Stress on military females caused cycles to also stop as well as women who had high stress levels for other reasons besides being in the military. You would think one would feel the “flutter” of the movement of the fetus but this is also not felt by many women. I have actually had women not gain more than 5-10lbs during the pregnancy and come out after giving birth thinner than when they started.

  • Stephen

    With many other things morphing these days, what used to be “Join the army and see the world” might well have become “Join the army and get pregnant.” In any event, I do not buy her FairyTAIL of her not being aware of her pregnancy. What an ugly world is unfolding, and there is little to be done to stem the tide of ethical decay we now suffer. Gives new meaning to post-partthem (sic).

    • Chas

      You are a prude.. and ignorant..
      A woman can stop having her periods, due to demanding physical stresses (like basic training, Combat!, etc.) and not be pregnant.
      So, before sticking your foot in your mouth again, read-up on what you plan to rail against..
      Besides, dictating morality went out with the Victorian Era!!

  • Annabel2178

    Anyone who she is lying look up women who have babies without knowing they were pregnant. Just because you dont know about it doesnt mean not common

  • Billy

    Um, lets see…if you let a guy ejaculate in you…can you get pregnant?…hmmm…

  • ScrubGhost

    Get a grip. Females can also have periods while pregnant. Commenting on the circumstances while not knowing the facts is stupid (many stupid points for that). The army responded responsibly and apparently mother and child are well (even after premature birth). Please give some respect to our serving armed forces and shut up!