“Pregnant Man” Thomas Beatie And Wife Separate After 9 Years

By: Amanda Crum - April 21, 2012

In 2008, the world was stunned to learn that Thomas Beatie–by all accounts a man–had given birth.

Beatie–who was born a female–began sexual reassignment surgery back in 2002 but went on to carry and give birth to three children with his wife Nancy, who was unable to conceive after endometriosis necessitated a hysterectomy. Now the couple is separated after nine years.

Beatie says the two are going through a rough patch, like all couples do, and that he recently had his final surgery for gender reassignment, although Nancy hasn’t seen him since it was completed.

Thomas–who went by the name of Tracy back in his beauty queen days–told Oprah when he first became pregnant that he was afraid for the safety of his family after the announcement garnered so much attention, claiming people didn’t understand and that he and Nancy were refused help with pre-natal care. He wrote about it in The Advocate in 2008:

“In total, nine different doctors have been involved. This is why it took over one year to get access to a cryogenic sperm bank to purchase anonymous donor vials, and why Nancy and I eventually resorted to home insemination.”

He went on to say, “Wanting to have a biological child is neither a male nor female desire, but a human desire.”

Amanda Crum

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  • http://anaknakal ikwanul HP

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  • Steve Greek

    Are you fools kidding me? Who would be interested in this junk?

    • Stormy Wether

      This is great stuff! Steve Greek you are a fool.

      • http://Thomas Gabriela

        Of course he’s a Fool! With a Name like his, he’s either Underendowed or Impotent. :) What an Idiot!
        Good For You, Thomas, Keep on Rocking! You’re Brave, Smart and Interesting ! ! !

        • Demon X

          Great stuff? BS! Stormy you and Gabriela are two major morons get back to school and learn about the human bodies.

    • http://yahoo.com zana

      same who would ever care and i bet u the man is half women

      • http://Thomas Gabriela

        Hey Zana, learn to spell and write.

      • nell

        uhmmm, obviously when they say that “Thomas” went through sexul reassignment surgery, and it also states “Thomas” was born a woman they would be “half woman.” smdh.

      • Jane doe

        And read, article and all the news clearly states Thomas was born a female and “began sexual reassignment surgery back in 2002″…..
        Some people are so ignorant that they have nothing better to do with their lives than to talk shit about others. Get a life!

        • Demon X

          You get a life Jane Doe ( stupid name).

      • Demon X

        She’s whole woman Zana.

    • Olivia

      Well, you clicked it, didn’t you??

    • Diana

      Well you obviously read it!

  • retired navy guy

    It is not a man. She does not have the proper chormosones to be a man… it is a women who wants to be called a man when SHE is not a man

    • Saya

      And neither are you! at least He is trying to educate people about Transgendered people, what do you have? also for your info we all start off female till a certain time in the uterus then you either grow a penis or vag. you need to educate yourself before making stupid remarks your not even qualified to make.

      • Heart Killer

        I agree she isn’t a man and never will be. And who is she “educating” by pretending to be a man? I guess silly motherfuqers like you that buy into this bs. Its just a very ugly pregnant woman. Nothing more, nothing less.

        • http://Thomas Gabriela

          You’re an Idiot, Get A Life!

          • Demon X

            Just shut up Gabriela!

        • Lisa

          I agree this is a woman. Never been a man and never will be. It just goes to show transgender/gay relationships are no better than other hetero relationships. They split up too.

      • ham sarris

        Your whole statement is STUPID- we don’t need your input-or your schooling- so shut up!

      • Sara

        Actually Saya, Once the egg is fertilized the embryo has already been assigned either XY or XX chromosomes. We may have no gender specific parts till about 14 to 20 weeks. It has been proven that at the early stages of a pregnancy when the embryo first develops the sex of the baby has already been determined.

      • Sick of Hypcrites

        And what makes you qualified to be rude to someone with their own oppinions? First we all start off female, True but its not the penis or vagina that makes the difference its a chromozone. So before you start calling things people say stupid maybe you should educate yourself or explain what makes you qualified to make stupid statments without knowing the facts. I have no probelm with transgender people but I feel he is right. She started as a female had children like only a female can do and you can stick a penis on anyone but it doesn’t make you a male. Its sad people are born in a body they don’t like and wonderful we have the medical knowlege to help them become who they feel they are.

        • shannon

          You should educate yourself, or at least use spell check….chromozone…..never hear of it. It is chromosome.

          • Lindsey

            Really?? You’re going to be the person who picks one word out of a beautifully written comment and points it out to everyone?? Maybe you should read the statement as a whole and “educate” yourself before judging others.

          • j

            Besides, it’s never “heard of it”. Also, you don’t need comma after “yourself” because “at least use spell check” is a prepositional phrase. Just saying. Oh, this is about transgendered people. Sorry, I thought this was an English grammar lesson. My bad.

        • whatever

          Stop giving an excuse to be a homosexual

      • http://Thomas Gabriela

        You tell ’em! At least they PRINTED your stuff, mine was deleted cuz whoever’s in charge is obviously a stupid male.

  • chawla

    sheer madness on the part of Thomas Beatie interfering with gods creation

    • http://yahoo Tim

      If you were born a man be one and visa versa !

    • Favour

      very correct and in fact,God is angry because of this!

      • Hawk

        Oh no! God is angry???? Holy Crap! We should all run as fast as we can and take cover! NOW!

  • Pat

    It just goes to show you that somethings are the same no matter who you are and what ever changes that you want to make.

    • KGary

      Amen! God used 9 doctors to tell them not to do it and look where they are now

  • Traci Coolbroth

    When I watched the two of them on Oprah I couldn’t help but think that Nancy must be a lesbo – I mean who would want to have sex with someone who has the genitals of both a man and a woman??? That is so sick!!

  • linda

    she was a woman and if she has still the parts of conceiving a child. but i really feel like its gonna confuse the kids on the transgender.
    should have stayed what god made her to begin with. i never could understand why a person would want to change what does not belong to them.

  • Devin

    To each their own!!! Let God be the judge of what is right and wrong.

  • eb

    This is why the prices are so high…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdTo3O71drE

  • Tammy

    Its not up to us to judge people decision on what they do.Its only up to one person and that is GOD himself.Cause people going to do whatever they want to do no matter what people say???

    • BS

      your gay bitch

  • Kiki

    I would have left it and taken everything. house car money so gross!

  • passyon

    DEVIN,,you are the only one that made some sense of this story,i have been folling this story and wanting to know what happan and how the kids were

  • tina black

    Dont care what you say she has female parts that means she is a woman not a man. until they are born with a penis and get pregent then you can say a man gets pregent. so as of today there has not been a pregent man yet .

  • Tami

    Are we really that uneducated or simply desperate for national enquirer type news (FICTION). Any woman could go get male parts added, get pregnant and claim that its a miracle!! A man is pregnant. NEWSFLASH no man born a man is ever going to, nor ever has gotten pregnant. Our cultural ignorance gets annoying.

  • Skylar

    I love how people are amazed that this “man” got pregnant. It states very clearly that “he” WAS BORN a “she”. So of course there’s going to be a possibility for “him” to get pregnant. Especially since “he” wasn’t done with his sex change when he got pregnant.

  • Joee
  • Joee
  • gayle

    for those of you that are saying God says this and God says that God also says don’t judge others and let those without sin cast the first stone. No one knows what they have been through in any way…so stop judging and accept others for who they are not who you want them to be

  • Katie

    first off, i’m all for each his own, and let people live their life however they want to. It changes my life none if someone born a man wants to become a woman or vice versa. That being said, if you can inseminate yourself, cary, and give birth to a child, you have not become a man. He himself has said that he got his doctor to sign off on the gender change when he got breasts. if that’s what makes someone a woman, then there are a lot of husky guys in this world who should be addressed as female. And what about the women who have their brests removed? are they not women? He can not claim to be a man if he still has a working vagina.

  • Amazed

    If he/she is happy with the decision, more power to ya! Who are any of us to judge what is right or wrong? You may not agree with someone’s decision, but really with the name calling? I don’t personally agree with it, but come on now…You are adults…please act like it. Hopefully you were all raised with a little more respect for other people than that..

  • Olivia

    good gosh people. just let the person live

  • Sasha Washington

    Adults have choices. Unfortunately, some choices are not wise and have consequences. Whatever fueled Thomas Beatie’s choices. Whether it was a natural desire or 15 minutes of fame. My concern and hope is that the children are able to grow up with unconditional love. I also pray they’ll be able to mature into mentally healthy well rounded adults.

  • http://screwedup-credit-repair.com john

    are they kidding this is a joke

  • Wayne

    First Pregnant MAN….Are you kidding me. This person was born a woman. Regardless how many surgeries she has, she is still a woman who is having a lesbian relationship.

  • Evelyn

    If a baby is born with both parts of genitalia, but not enough parts to make babies, what happens then? Guess we all have the right to do with whatever we have been born with at whichever time we can get a dr or dr’s to help. Seems like the most I’ve heard is we are born with more of one sex in these cases, so that’s the easiest to work with. Dr’s with this knowledge surely won’t go another way if there is more of one sex to work with already there. Let others be, please, let them decide the fate of what will happen to them. If this knowledge were unknown that would be another story, so since it’s all known just let it be.

    Personally thinking, I believe these people are so unhappy with themselves they resort to the easiest solution for them. Thank god there is a way to help them now. Pregnancy is so secret, I’m glad we all are born ok at any point, for any reason there is.

  • maria

    so he’s a girl… i don’t find it interesting anymoree!!

    • sharon


  • sharon

    anyway i fink dats wat makes her hapi am so with u Thomas.do nt listen to wat dey say buh do wat mkes u hapi

  • Milu

    That is not a man, that’s a woman. Although the appearance is like a man the genes are a woman’s. Of course anyone can be whatever they want just call the things by their name a man is a man everywhere even having the appearance of a woman. And I agree, this is not interesting… well unless there would be a real man able to conceive.

    • whatever


  • Naive

    Oh she’s a girl, naturally. I clicked this because I thought a real man got pregnant. XD

  • Gabriel


  • Cynrhia

    Why the hell ya’ll keep calling her a MAN?
    She was a Female when she was born. Yes, she’s a transgender but deep inside her she still a woman. Quit calling her MAN!

  • johpal8639

    Well, it’s clear to see that INSULTS are still more important than the topic in question. I say they are gong to be heere anyway so why ague agenst it. (I deliberately misspelled some words so some of you can have your fun with them, and the rest could get your insults in) =)

  • Jay


  • Jay

    Key lime pie. Nuff said.

  • Lola40

    i am so tired of the news people posting stupid news.. i forgot to never go online for this crap….. this is why i no longer go online.. stop reporting stupid news.. no one cares if this person separated from the person who they are with……… news is if there was an Earthquake or a tornado in los angeles geeeezzzzz!!!!

  • Lisa

    I wonder how they are going to split up the kids. They are no biological relation to Nancy.

  • Josh

    The Lord and his fire is coming real soon!!!

  • Rothschild

    What’s so interesting about this? Women get pregnant. It’s only natural. She will never be a man. Period.

  • Nonsense

    so soon we would start having humans who wished they were sheep and soon the science will make that happen and some sick donkeys who were originally born female will say ‘its alright, they are brave and smart’ and smelly and can never be the real thing. IF HE WERE REALLY A MAN, HE WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO CONCEIVE. HE WENT THROUGH ALL THIS STRESS TO DENY BEING A WOMAN, ONLY TO COME BACK TO DO THE MAIN THING THAT MAKES HER DIFFERENT FROM MEN; HER ABILITY TO GIVE BIRTH.

    Waste of science, waste of time, imagine the taunts and hard times his children will have growing up to know that his daddy is actually his mummy and his mummy is just? well you guess!!!!!

    if he/she has a right to change her sex, surely i have a right to my opinion.



    • Rothschild

      I couldn’t have said it better. #AbsoluteNonsense

  • ona

    the world now is worse than sodum and gomora,even the the holy Bible repeatedly made use of these words……”judge amongs yourselves”..so stop the crap of…. allow God to judge….stand for the truth at all times not because it favors you but because it must be said.A person who has gender problem but eventually becomes pregnant,be honest to yourself and answer the question…..would you call that person a male????? judge amongs yourselves.yet prostitutes are penelised for using their body to do what they like.would you like your sister or mother to be a WHORE? maybe you would be proud of it and say its what she likes..very soon men will begin to marry thier own mother and you would say its ok as long as they are happy nothing is wrong with it.

  • jim

    to concieve there needs to be a female reproductive system. thats y a man IN NO WAY can give birth.

  • Caroline

    I can’t believe this…

  • http://yahoo.com shadry

    the woman is a fool infact a witch

  • roo

    Are you kidding and serious, just because you get the shots and have an operation, YOU ARE STILL A WOMAN, how dare you and why is this even wasted on the internet, tv, papers or wherever, don’t think God made a mistake.

  • xman

    u guyz ar al crazy,cos she got her boobs chopd off dos’nt make her a guy.. Dat lesbo bitch is still a bitch.

  • Sarah

    I think that what a person decides to do with there body is there own business, if he wanted a child and was able to have one then I don’t see what the issue is. People keep talking about God and what he’ll do but if God truly didn’t want him to have his child then he wouldn’t have been able to conceive her. I think there are too many opinions in the world and it’s only when people try to force there beliefs on others do wars and hate happen. So don’t hate don’t through around rude and nasty names and don’t condem someone for there choices. When it comes down to it everyone should live there own lives and be happy with what they have and how they live :)