Powerball Winners Don’t Offer People Millions on Facebook, Stop Being So Gullible

    December 3, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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If we’ve learned anything about Facebook users in the past few weeks it’s that “knee jerk” doesn’t even begin to describe the lack of thought that goes into the decision to share some piece of content. Facebook users will like anything and share anything. Like this photo and this baby gets a new heart? Sure, CLICK. Copy and paste this odd legal-sounding mumbo-jumbo and everything you ever post is now copyright protected? Awesome, CLICK.

Of course, throwing money into the equation only makes people more gullible and irrational, as we’re seeing with the latest viral Facebook scam to plague the network – lottery winners sharing scams.

The first of these to go viral on the network came from a user named Nolan Daniels who posted this photo alongside the message, “Looks like I won’t be going to work EVER!!!!! Share this photo and I will give a random person 1 million dollars!”

If the fact that it clearly appears photoshopped didn’t tip you off, you should have realized that the numbers fail to follow the traditional Powerball ticket format – printed in ascending order. Bottom line, it’s fake. As of the writing of this article, over 2 million users apparently never got the “if it sounds too goo to be true…” talk from their dads.

Another viral lottery “winner” is gaining steam too. This photo, posted by user Sokhavy Hilton, is accompanied by this message:

“Yes, I am one of the winner of 580$ Million PowerBall :) I will pick 10 random people to get 1 Million $ each if you share this! I care for others too! :)”

Nice. Upping the ante, I see. The only problem here is that it’s also a scam as the “winning” ticket clearly hails from Washington. We know from Powerball officials that there were only two winning tickets last Wednesday – one from Missouri and one from Arizona. That hasn’t stopped that guy from receiving hundreds of thousands of shares, however.

I know it can be tempting. If someone tells you to share something for the chance at millions of dollars, why not share it right? Even if it’s most likely bullshit, it’s so easy to click one button. The only problem is that while you may only share it on the .01% chance that it’s legit, another user may give up their bank information for the “direct deposit” that the scammer promised them.

Be smart, be courteous. And stop being so damn gullible.

  • Heidi Hughley

    What a douche bag…

  • notsogullible

    wouldn’t something like this be considered fraud? isn’t that punishable with jail time? i mean who in their right mind would promis to pay out 10 mil as a prank? i personally wouldnt like to be known as the guy that lied to mankind. he will never be trusted again. by anyone. 15min of fame on FB for a LIE isnt exactally something i would like to b known for. and if everyone on his list of potential million dollar winners should all chip in 5 bucks for a Lawyer and make him pay. just saying. he told everyone he would pay out if they shared. well they shared… now pay up. it’s all on FB every person, every LIE. 100% verifiable. and everyone split the 10 mil….. (i know he doesnt have it but that shouldnt stop the fact he made a deal)….. what do you think?

    • Scott

      No, no fraud, since these people didn’t gain anything of value from their actions. It’s just a simple lie, and it’s not illegal in and of itself to lie.

    • joebo

      notsogullible ,

      you mad cuz you shared it bro! ahaha

    • blank

      Unless he actually get into those idiots bank accounts right?

    • That Guy

      I see you’re new to the internet! Try not to get lost.
      “Nothing is true; Everything is permitted.”

  • bubble

    I’d like to know what exactly it is about fb that makes ppl so incredibly trusting to the point of idiocy… “share my info with this app even tho i don’t know what the app is all about? SURE!”, “oh chain letters… tho i don’t rightly know where it came from or if there is actually a virus attached, i’ll go ahead & send it along anyways”, “you want to be my fb friend? even tho i don’t know you or if you are truly a real person, i’ll accept! can’t have enough ppl on my list i don’t know!!” it’s insane!!

    • http://neosimian-sapiens.blogspot.com Neosimian Sapiens

      Bubble wrote, ā€œIā€™d like to know what exactly it is about Facebook that makes people so incredibly trusting to the point of idiocy.ā€

      Never forget: 50% of the human race is below average intelligence.

      If that statistic surprises you, I have some bad news for you.

  • http://google debra

    Where the heck is the Arizona winner ? And why in the world hasn’t that person come forward ? That’s the greatest mystery to me. Come on Arizona winner we’re curious !

  • Britney

    Sadly, people are still giving in to this scam. Not only is it pathetic that people are so gullible, but also that they will beg a stranger for money. Americans as a whole are so greedy. They say “God bless you, you are doing such a good thing.” but then finish up with “but I could really use that money.” Everyday I lose more and more faith in society. And more importantly, I fear for the future generations to come.

  • blank

    If that crap was true…u have to be an idiot to give out your bank account! They better wire me that shit. Lol

    sad how sokhavy says hes a man of God and lies too millions of people. Last time I checked lying is a sin!

  • http://Hope4FindingHaileyDunn melanie parker

    Instead of picking a random person chose hailey dunn. I don’t know her personally but I can tell u her story. In 2010 she was 14, on a dec afternoon she was said to be walking to her friends house. But she never showed up!!!!!!!

    Hailey dunn was kidnapped. If you want to truely help someone help me hire the best private investigator to find her. I believe someone took her to another country. Please help her family find her, or help me start a business to find missing children for free. Too many of our children are coming up missing. Research shows that in the us alone a person is reported missing every 30 seconds and 80% of them are children. Thank u for your time and reading this. Sincerely, Melanie Parker PS I don’t know what I would do if someone ever took one of my kids or for that matter tried to take me when I was a kid.

    • shawn

      wouldnt the ‘best private investigator’ have already found her?

      ps.. child kidnappings are down as per FBI stats and almost 98% of all kidnappings are done by relatives or family friends… not strangers.. i know that when we watch too much tv we tend to think the things they put on air are in direct proportion to reality.. and i suppose it is, if you dont read or leave your house…

  • rich

    Well in a way this SOKHAVY HILTON is benefiting from it of value… Now that he has hundreds of thousands of likes and friends and shares, he started a foundation, asking for donations from each one of us, to help open a club for him…. He needs $60,000 so he did this for a reason….

  • Jon Bunnell

    I hope some real criminals break into his house and steal his stuff except he doesn’t have any. I’d pay real money to watch some one beat his a s s. Now that would be funny. I’d actually pay for this long haired geeks next tattoo. “I’m a loser”

    • shawn

      wait, you would want his ass beat because other people are stupid… ? why not beat the stupid people?

  • http://f.b mike

    This hacker keep texing me about power ball. It first come to me under a friend of mine f.b. now he is useing the name user scott. Some needs to catch his ass and lock his ass up. Im sick if him offline texing me
    USHER SCOTT watch for this name

  • http://www.itipood.ee Arvuti

    If it is too good to be true, then it usually is not true:)

  • Stephanie

    Some of my facebook friend are just so stupid. They totally believe it. UGH. Brainless moron.

  • Mark

    Its very apparent the writer of this article wants the million dollars for himself. Josh, you can’t fool us into not sharing so you can get a piece of the winnings.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/josh-wolford Josh Wolford

      Dude, you’re ruining my plan…

      • Jessie C


  • Edgar

    I shared it after reading this to see if others would share lol I even up’d it by saying I would do the same lol only a few likes so far lol

  • Andres

    And we wonder why people of other countries think we’re all idiots, because we do shit like this. Doesn’t anybody do their research? Every time I see on of these pictures, I Google who won and where. 100% of the time, the person is holding up a ticket from the wrong state. And here’s the best part: when you tell someone that is a hoax, they say, “Thanks for ruining it for me.” How can I ruin something that wasn’t a thing in the first place? ugh.

  • Marj

    This is a scam. I agree only he will get rich quick!