Powerball Winner STILL Hasn’t Revealed Themselves

    June 2, 2013
    Chris Richardson
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Remember that $590 million Powerball jackpot that everyone was going crazy over? Remember that there was only one winning ticket, which was sold in Zephyrhills, Florida? Well, it seems no one wants to claim that big pile of money the winning ticket entitles them to. While the nation has moved on–well, until the winner reveals themselves (if/when)–the town where the winning ticket came from is in somewhat of a tizzy about the fact that the winner has remained silent. This, of course, has brought up a number of different questions and rumors about the winner’s identity.

The latest, according to WTSP.com, is that a young woman is the owner of the life-changing ticket. What she’s waiting on is nobody’s guess, but then again, the story about the young lady is, in and of itself a rumor, which means no one–perhaps not even the actual Powerball winner, especially if they lost/threw away the ticket before they realized its value–has no idea what’s going on. Nevertheless, speculation continues in the Tampa suburb:

“I’ve heard rumors that it’s a young lady that works at Walmart. That’s all I know.” Said Bob Christian.

“I heard it was a young girl that worked at Walmart,” repeated Charlene Inesso.

In fact, multiple people in Zephyrhills told 10 News they heard the same thing. However, officials at the Florida Lottery say they have yet to hear from the winner.

“We’ve heard a lot of rumors like everybody else, but we’ve had no calls to the lottery from anyone claiming to be the winner,” said lottery Deputy Secretary David Bishop.

With that in mind, what’s the most likely scenario? The winner threw the ticket away, thinking they weren’t going to win and has no idea they are, in fact, entitled to millions of dollars? The winning ticket holder is laying low, waiting for the storm to pass by? Of course, if that is the approach, they are only prolonging the inevitable “The Winner Has Revealed Themselves” stories that will undoubtedly follow, provided a claim is ever made.

  • Mike Bledsoe

    Maybe the person who bought ticket is illegal

    • john

      yeah. thats it mike. your prob right.

    • http://yahoo PHIL

      Wouldn’t matter because many people come here on vacation and buy tickets! There was a couple from Japan here visiting there daughter a few years ago and decided on the way to the San Francisco airport they wanted to buy a ticket just to say they did. After the winner of that draw from the same store didn’t show up the daughter called her parents and they forgot they even had the ticket. When they found it and read the numbers off to their daughter she told them they won the lotto.

      • Matthew

        Mail the ticket to the daughter and have her get the money.

  • Roger Evans

    Maybe the person who bought the ticket is under the age of 18. Which would be a real problem for them. Or maybe they lost/threw away the ticket. Maybe the money will be unclaimed. Who knows.

    • http://myrtlebeachramblings.blogspot.com/ Myrtle Beached Whale

      In that case, they just give it to their mom or dad to collect. Problem solved.

  • Sunnnee

    I wouldn’t come forward either. Is knowing who won going to pay my bills? Is he or she going to pay my rent next month? Nope…I would stay quiet until everyone forgot so I can come forward in privacy. Letting the entire world know you just won $595 million is just asking for it. 15 minutes of fame isn’t worth 20 years of problems. Not worth it.

  • Dani

    Maybe the person LOST the ticket.

    • JPEmerald

      Hmmm…All I know, for sure, is that I am back to Dreaming of All the many ways, I might enjoy the next big PowerBall…Definitely makes the present work-grind easier to tolerate. )

  • Erix

    MAAAYYBEEE, the person just WANTS the public to FORGET!!












    • Jamey Buster

      Its me, I’m the one that won, and I’m In jail, thats why I haven’t came forward, I get out Tuesday June 4th !

      • Matthew

        Then how are you on-line? People in jail can’t use the internet.

    • jimmy

      you mad bro?

  • http://facebook.com/turtle66 Turtle66

    Maybe it is a Draconian who possesses the ticket and refuses to reveal its self in fear of exposing it’s world domination plans.

  • JM

    Hopefully the person is being smart & seeking financial planning. Plus the person has the right to their privacy & may not want the media to know. Cause once that happen all hell breaks loose & everyone coming to you for a handout.

  • http://myrtlebeachramblings.blogspot.com/ Myrtle Beached Whale

    Everyone should have the option of remaining anonymous. It is nobody’s business who won.

    • http://stayclose dawn doran

      I would first get a lawyer and then give the money to certain people that deserves it and to the Operation Smile…

  • fern

    The people of Zephyrhills are NOT in a “tizzy”. We all have much more important things to concern us. I hope the winner gets all her ducks in a row before claiming the money; legal, financial, and trusted family.

  • Mustafa

    No one is more upset over this than one B. Hussein Obama. That’s a lot of tax dollars that he can redistribute to people to ensure they keep voting for him.

    • Ed

      What a stupid statement. …”To ensure they keep voting for him”…

      He won. It’s over. No more voting.

    • john

      not stupid. very astute comment and hit the nail on the head. go patriot!


      Hey rocket scientist, Obama does not need anyone else to vote for him since this is his last term as President.

      • Ebony Michelle

        Thanks for trying to explain Guest What, but some people are to smart to listen!! It amazes me that everything has to be directed to OBAMA!! He can’t run for President anymore. This is his 2nd term, after this it is over. Leave him alone! He didnt have anything to do with the Lottery. Stop using him as a scapegoat for everything!!! He is running the country until his time is up. Get over it, WE WON TWICE, face the facts and keep it moving!!!!

        • YouAnnoyMe

          I think it’s funny that you wrote “WE WON TWICE”, Ebony Michelle. Nothing like perpetuating racism.

    • jimmy

      Hey Mustafa, the last time I checked there’s only two terms for the oval office. Dumb & clueless, scary combination!

    • sheila lotsberg

      That is a really dumb statement.

  • Bduh

    Maybe we all should just stop speculating and just patiently wait until somebody comes forward and then claim his or her prize.

  • http://yahoo jane

    Maybe they had a heart attack and ended up in the hospital; I know that’s what would’ve happened to me. I just hope it was somebody that needs the money and not somebody who already has more money than they know what to do with.

  • E

    I imagine that an attorney, if hired by him/her, would tell them to wait until they could schedule a meeting with lottery officials.

    That might take some time. Both sides are snakes, trying to cheat the winner out of as much money as possible.

    Welcome to the new Democrat run America. Where what’s yours is ultimately MINE!!!

  • Tim Tucker

    I know this is irrelevant but i like cheese.

    • Tom

      Now that’s funny right there, Get-R-Done…

  • russ

    It was me, I won. It’s just that I really don’t need the money

  • mark

    Maybe its all a big joke, and the winners are per-screened. So stupid people like us could buy tickets, just to make some rich assholes richer.

    • rpm

      I agree Mark. Everything else is corrupt, why not lotteries?

  • http://yahoo mary

    whom ever is doing the right thing i would not reveal it ethier for fear that someone who come after them so stay silent pay the taxes and thank god god each day with all the money share the wealth to charities.

    • russ

      God, capital G

  • rpm

    I guess they’re trying to sort out the identity and find a patsy for the rigged lottery.

  • Jeanette

    Hey, whom ever it is. I’m a single mother of two. I just wished they would share 1 million of it with me.

  • cdm

    Whomever bought that ticket obviously didn’t expect to win. How many times have you bought a ticket and completely forgot about it? It’s probably in a drawer somewhere and it’s owner is out there pouring pennies in a depot at Raley’s trying to buy a load of bread LOL

  • karim

    I tnk I have the ticket but I am still in shock I will collect it in a yr or two

    • superman

      I tnk I won and still in shock will collect in a tr or two god really blessed me

    • NativeAmerican

      If true, you lose. The tickets have an expiration date, better check it out.

    • Bob J

      You only have three months (or more, depending on what state you bought your ticket in, after which it is no good, even if you do have the correct numbers.

  • John

    Facts about the Powerball: Tracking their site for several years and creating my own spreadsheet, I can only ask, “Just how random are these drawings?”

    Nearly all of the Jackpot Winners are from the eastern seaboard. Mainly RI, CT, GA, FL, NJ, etc. Lottery officials claim it doesn’t matter how many tickects are sold in an area because you are playing against a set of numbers. (Not like a raffle with unique numbers).

    Most of these winners have been Quick Picks.

    So why don’t other states see their share of winners? RI, CT and GA combined population is roughly 14.4 million. Arizona by itself is roughly 6.5 million, but AZ rarely has a jackpot winner.

    Several of the One Million dollar winners in AZ have purchased their winning tickets from only a select few stores in the state.

    Add to that, AZ had two identical tickets containing 10 draws sold to one individual (ALL 60 numbers from one ticket, exactly matched the 60 numbers on another ticket).

    And another incident where six indivuals each won one million dollars from the SAME DRAWING, and all six individuals purchased their tickets from the same gas station in Arizona.

    There are dozens of others stories about certain stores, or certain regions that have repeat winners.

    This isn’t luck people! Start asking why this is happening. Because so far, lottery officials has pretty much ignored this, especially the incidents in AZ.

    • Debra

      Your right. I live in Tennessee and we have yet to win Powerball, Mega or Hot Lotto. Unless you consider 2 dollars a win! New Jersey, Florida, and a few other states,always win. Now that Calif. is in the mix, guess what state will be winning now!

    • Rick

      John, I would love to hear more of your “Fun Power Ball Factes”.
      Can you post some more?

    • ann

      u r exactly right, y dosen’t someone in SC win also. it’s rigged!

  • cdm

    Oh…Dear Winner, don’t forget the homeless, the animals and the mentally ill. Thx

    • john

      your such an idiot…you must have voted for obama

      • john

        actually, your a n-i-g-g-e-r, so you definitely did

        • Marge Cullen

          How old are you? Grow the hell up.

        • Mary

          John, you need to get a grip on your attitude, I am not into to politics, but I do know that winning the lottery does not have anything to do with who you voted for stay on the conversation at hand……

        • crazyk

          its racist assholes like you who cause racism

        • john

          Would it surprise your dumb a$$ to know more white people voted for President Barrack Obama then black people!!

  • charlie estepp

    I use to live in that town family still does. I hope who ever won it could really use it. But to see people going crazy in that town trying to find out if its someone they know so they can get a piece is so verry sad. Is this what everybody and everything has come to $$ sure seems that way. Life is worth so much more than that. If you all stoped and looked around you might see you already hit the biggest lotto ever. The lotto of life filled with love and happiness. To see people get so wraped up in having to have the big fancy house and fancy car and clothes or the best of everything they sometimes over look they have the best already with out that. This world is a sad place. I do know if I hit the lotto I would prob send every bit on giving life back to those that lost it I might not even spend a dine on myself because I already have everything thats important in life Love and Happiness sad to see what means most to so many these days.

  • Tom

    They have 60 days to claim the money to get the cash option which is approx. $371 million, $590 is after 30 years starting with one initial payment and 29 additional payments per year graduating at 4% for inflation. No matter what they are going to pay 39.6% in federal taxes even though the lottery only holds back 25% in federal taxes initially.
    Everything you read is to NOT come forward immediately to avoid the publicity and people (family, friends, strangers) asking for money. By not coming forward, we can only hope they are creating a good plan and getting solid advice to maintain their lucky new fortune…

  • jizz

    Probably a illegal on the run from a first degree murder charge.

  • Someone

    Probably someone waiting for their divorce to be finalized

    • VAcord

      It won’t work! In Florida winners are not anonymous. If they find out the ticket was won before the divorce was finalized, it will turn really sour.

  • Jibba Jabba

    I think someone may have forgotten that they have this ticket, or misplaced it. They have said that the majority of the residents of this town are elderly.

  • Quoc An

    I would just get an attorney and ask lottery officials to not say anything and just give the public what they want to hear.

    Simple as that.

  • ken

    In what sick, twisted world of perverted journalizm does THIS pass for a sentence?

    “Powerball Winner STILL Hasn’t Revealed Themselves ”

    You call yourself a professional WRITER?

    • Adam Davis

      My thoughts exactly!!!

    • tyler

      It’s a title, not a sentence.

      Your life must be pretty lame.

    • ryan quattro

      Says the man who misspelled journalism.

    • Bob J

      I believe that the correct pronoun would be “himself”, unless of course, the winning ticket is held by multiple individuals, in which case it would be “winners”, “haven’t”, and (correctly, in this case) “themselves”.

  • SuperWoman

    It could be that the person ACCIDENTALLY lost or ACCIDENTALLY threw away the ticket. (After all, what you don’t know won’t hurt you).

    • Mary

      Superwoman, that is not true what you don’t know will hurt you.

      • Matthew

        This is very true. Ignorance can be very painful.
        Here is an example: JFK did not know that a gun was aimed at his head, yet somehow it still hurt him. If he had known about it he could have told the guy driving his car to go faster or not to go into that area. Applied knowledge is power.

  • SuperWoman

    It could be that the person ACCIDENTALLY lost or ACCIDENTALLY threw away the ticket. (They say what you don’t know won’t hurt you).

  • jeff

    sometimes I hide under my bed & pretend I am a carrot

  • joe

    I wouldn’t give my name out either….too bad some states are mandatory to give out names…That must suck, then everyone in the world would know who the banker is…I’m glad in our state, we can stay anonymous…:)

    • TonyEnzo

      Even if you live in a state that has to name the bearer of the ticket create a trust (it can be named whatever you want) and have the attorney representing the trust present the ticket and you can still maintain your privacy.

  • Asdzuh

    I think Erix is the winner and doesn’t want anyone on his/her back. Leave the winner alone!

    ps/ Erix, I’m at (555) 123-5555 😉 lol!

  • ben dover

    He/she has 60 days to make themselves known. So all u busybodies;SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo judy

      ok s—- a– but where does it go after 60 days.

  • http://yahoo judy

    what happens to the money if no one claims it. where does it go.

    • rocco

      It goes back to the general fund or the Education Dept. I think I’ll just give it to St Judes Children’s Hospital. If I really won it. I couldn’t live the lie. Money can’t buy happiness. Only Jesus can give me that.

      • kerry

        so lets all get Jesus so we can all be happy

      • David

        You never bought a dog?

    • http://yahoo.com Jim

      Where would be your first guess..
      answer…..Politicans pockets to spend on whatever they want to.

  • dmh75

    I am so glad to hear no one knows who the winner is of the $590 Million jackpot won in Zephyrhills, Fl. That is most likely because whoever the winner is, is being smart about how he/she claims it and has hopefully met with a lawyer and competent and trustworthy financial advisor (or two). Because, that’s what I’d do!

  • Desert Kid

    Too bad that whoever won the money won’t try to help the people in Oklahoma who need it so desperately. Send $100,000 to an ACE Hardware and tell them to start handing out tools to anyone who lost everything; same for furniture companies, hardware stores, fast food restaurants, and the like. I know if it had been me, I sure would be doing that and a lot more. And it can be done anonymously, too. That’s what lawyers are for!!!!

  • Cal

    A good reason to publish names:
    The powerball directors relatives have won six of twelve major drawings and four of the remaining drawings.
    The associate directors relatives won three of the others and twwenty of the lessor millions.

    • http://yahoo.com Jim

      I didn’t know this….something wrong here…

    • David

      How do you know this? Who are the director’s? What are the names of the relatives? Who investigated the relationships? What were the lottery draws?
      I think your doing a little envy commenting, and your nose just got bigger, and here’s why. Once a lottery loses the public’s trust and loses their integrity the games over, Lotteries go to extreme measures to keep the lotteries honest, and that’s why most states require publishing the name of the winner (knowing this the “relatives” still “won”?) their job and only job is to keep you buying more tickets.
      California forbids any lottery employee and their immediate family from playing or cashing in, any lottery winnings, including Mega Millions and Power Ball.

  • opinion

    ssome people want to wait a several months before they come forward. Perhaps to think over what to do with the money and put together a financial team.

    the oother theory is the person might have torn the ticket up. Ever wonder how many couples asked each other, “do you think this money will change us? If so, lets tear the ticket up”

    • JPEmerald

      Hmmm…All I know, for sure, is that I am back to Dreaming of All the many ways, I might enjoy the next big PowerBall…Definitely makes the present work-grind easier to tolerate. )

    • Matthew

      If I had the winning ticket and decided that I didn’t want all that money for myself I would give it to a good cause.
      Some Santa will be ringing his bell, then when he brings in his bucket they will count the money he brought in and there will be the winning ticket, or maybe it will turn up in the offering plate at a church in the area.
      That is what I would do IF I had that ticket AND IF I didn’t want to keep it for myself. I would not tear it up.

      …and if you have that ticket and you are thinking about tearing it up, please don’t. Send it to someone who really needs it. Maybe talk to a lawyer about setting up a trust fund or a scholarship to help those who need it more than you.

      …of course that is only if they are thinking of tearing it up. Most likely the lucky winner is just like the rest of us. They have a heard time paying their bills, they are living from pay check to paycheck.

      If you won and you want to get “the most bang for your buck” you should get it over the course of many years, and have it put into a trust fund that pays out to you at an even slower amount, only giving you a 2 thousand or so a month. That way you don’t spoil yourself too fast.

  • michelle

    What the hell she waiting for

    • Bob J

      You have six months to turn in your ticket. If I had won I might consider moving somewhere else and not telling anyone before I turned in my ticket. I might rent an apartment for a couple of months (just to provide an official address), and then soon move again afterwards. In other words, I want to put as much distance between the former “me” and the new “me” as possible.

      • Bob J

        I was “wrong” on the six months. The truth is between three months and one year, depending on what state you bought your ticket in. Sorry about that.

  • Cal

    When you consider that a set of ping-pong balls with painted numbers would respond per different variables, higher numbers have more paint and are not as likely to drift up, or maybe a ball would sit and spin due to offset weight, and there are different sets that administrators know about, and can at least narrow down the common draws, there are many ways to get an advantage, and to get those advantages to others, and you only need to win one to be filling a bank account..
    go on, throw your money in…

    • David

      Saw a very interesting T.V. show on the inside of the lottery. The lottery machines operate exactly the same for each one, the painted balls are all weighed down to the 1000th of ounces and all weigh the same so there is never an advantage for a small or big number.
      It was amazing how every step was painstakingly taken to ensure everything was above board and there wasn’t any advantages in the game.

      • ReallyMan,,,ComeOn!

        Its all fair…just like gas taxes are the evenly shared across all states. No one pays more than the other…smells like bullcrap to me.

    • Bob J

      Higher numbers are preferable for one reason: You are less likely to share the prize with anyone else. This is because most people tend to pick lower numbers (such as between 1 and 31, the numbers on a calendar, because of birthdays, etc.).

  • JRZGRL55

    One of the winners of the $600 million MegaMillions waited a month to claim her money. She was from Kansas where winners can remain anonymous if they choose to do so. She came with lawyers & a financial team. She was smart in my opinion.

  • B

    It’s me!!… I had to eat the ticket because all the vultures in my family was trying to steal it! Waiting for it to pass!! lol

  • David

    Smarter people then me will figure this out, but I can’t help wondering how much interest is already lost by not turning that ticket in, getting the check, and depositing it.
    I remember a BIG winner in California sitting on his ticket until his son told him he was losing $60,000.00 A WEEK in interest.
    What I will never understand is when the jackpot gets that big how people will lose track of their ticket.

  • Sam

    It’s not a mystery to me. We know, at least I do that this ticket was sold to 1 person and he/she is the sole winner. It’s implausible that this was bought by a lottery pool, because too many of the participants would have badgered the others to come forward so all of them could move onward with their lives(quit work, pay off debt etc.) Secondly, its probably someone who is already wealthy and is considering the backlash for them playing in the first place. Remember, the rich get richer. I didn’t make this cliche’ term up myself, so don’t hate me for being the first to say it. Their probably negotiating with a less fortunate realitive to be the front person and claim the $ via a signed contract written up by a lawyer. I mean how would you feel if Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Carlos Slim won?

  • yet another tim

    You know those 5 pocket jeans… I forgot to take the ticket out before I did the laundry. Wait a year and it will all be up for grabs again; that is if the lottery commission doesn’t keep it.

  • ChildPlease

    Honestly, I believe the winner can be quickly identified. These stores have video cameras and a time stamped on the winning ticket. Check the camera with the time and Hokest pokest you got the person that bought the winning ticket!

    • http://yahoo PHIL

      That might go against their rights and would be bad if they are just getting all their ducks in row and look up and see there photo on the news. There are so many low life people just waiting to hear who the winner is.
      I feel every state should have same rules that winners can get their winnings without letting everyone know who they are. This should be up to the winner and some are stupid enough to want their fifteen minutes of fame.

  • D Davis

    This is a very small town and I know if it would of been me i’d be debating claiming it w/out moving first. I have 3 children and this town would be all over us :( I dont think anyone around here realized u have to release ur name and home town if u won and I dont believe ANY ONE here in sleepy old Zephyrhills thought or even dreamed of being the ONLY winner!!!

  • http://yahoo richard duggan

    Why Is It That Theses Rich Bastereds Have To Have More Money It”s Called The Poor Man”s Game / Ladies !!!! Give Us A Shot !!!!! Or Spread The Rich”s !!!!! Or Put It Back In THe Pot !!!!

    • D Davis

      Dont know y u think its someone rich….this is VERY low income area. The only way it’s a high income person is if it was a sky diver who can into town.

    • Matthew

      What makes you think the person has any money? There are only about 13 thousand people in the town where the ticket was sold, that alone should tell you Bill Gates isn’t holding the ticket.

  • Robert

    I wonder if anyone has thought or looked through Obituary to see if this person may have had a heart Attack and died when they found out that they had won so much money .Or even died before the drawing happened cause this is pretty odd that they havent claimed there money yet

  • Rita

    That would really be awful if, in fact, someone accidentally did throw this winning ticket out. Is there a time limit someone has to claim this huge sum of money???

  • Chris DeAngelo

    i think if no one or someone has the ticket or just threw it away like so in the paragraph i think the winning’s should go back too the drawings on saturday nights and wed nights,but thats just me tho.

  • RickT

    Florida, you say?? Probably some 90 year old retiree, found out she(he) won, had an instant heart attack. Winning ticket laying on the floor, somewhere.

  • http://yahoo Ellen

    I have been reading some of these letters, and it seems a lot of people think someone rich is the winner, I lived in Z-Hills for 22 yrs, It is mainly a retirement town, of manufactured homes. And people over 65, Dade City is mostly people of low income. Lakeland,Tampa,New Port Richy have a mixture of old and young, But If you live any where near them you would realize it is not a lot of people with a lot of money area. So If the winner is some one from these area’s they deserve every dime of it.

  • http://yahoo sam

    The winner is consulting there attorneys and accountants first!! This could take a month!

  • Moondawg

    Someone may have gone on to Glory before they had a chance to redeem the winning ticket.

  • jeanclaude

    It’s Steven Seagal

  • Sadness

    590 million bananas won but after government takes some of the bananas only 297 million left! Stupid government!

    Somebody has winning ticket. They worth 297 million bananas. Who be they? Who?

    Inquiring primates would like to know.

    Do you know how many children died today because they couldn’t get a clean glass of water? You want to talk about equity, luck or God? Negative and positive forces exist and they are at war but this world is chaos. Don’t ever expect it to make sense here and now.

    As for the winner well…now all you have is the hourglass.

    “Teach us to care and not to care. Teach us to sit still.” -T.S Elliot.

  • Jose

    I hope that the person that won that many millions is not too busy trying to make ends meet so the he/she does not have the time to check the winning numbers lol!!!

  • http://Jbradler@aol.com Jack

    I won I’m a man living in largo drove to zeprhrihills I got the ticket

    • http://Jbradler@aol.com Jack

      I can’t seem to find the ticket though

    • http://Jbradler@aol.com Jack

      I think I lost it