Powerball Jackpot Up To $500 Million

    November 27, 2012
    Chris Crum
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The Powerball Jackpot is now up to $500 million, which is the largest it has ever been. The next drawing is scheduled for Wednesday night. As you may know, drawings are held each Wednesday and Saturday.

Last Saturday’s winning numbers were 22, 32, 37, 44, 50, Powerball: 34. There were no jackpot winners obviously. There was a winner for the $2 million Match 5 Power Play prize in New York. There were winners of the $1 million Match 5 prize in Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.

There were a total of 2,070,976 winners that day, winning non-jackpot prizes totaling $25,237,878.

Odds of winning the jackpot, according to the Multi-State Lottery Association, are 1 in 175,223,510.

Here’s what Twitter users are saying about the jackpot:

You get the picture.

  • jj

    the lottery and this whole country housing, stocks, etc is all one big scam and ponzi scheme, dont waste your money or time.

  • Diana Molino

    I doubt that this country needs gambling any more then it needs gangs and kids hooked on drugs. When are the people going to stop letting gangs kill babies? Enough should be enough! Really, are you all lily-livered cowards? I, for one, certainly hope not! Diana. But-actions (or in this case, inaction) speaks louder than words.