Powerball Jackpot Now at $550 Million

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Powerball Jackpot Now at $550 Million
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So, remember the other day when I asked you what you would do if you won the $360 million jackpot? Well, apparently you guys didn’t wish hard enough because no one won, meaning all that money spent on (losing) tickets goes into the jackpot pile, giving us a new total of $550 million (with a $350 million cash option). With that, the famous O’Jays chorus comes to mind:

“Money, money, money, money. Money!!!”

The jackpot is getting so much attention that, according to ABC News, folks in foreign countries tried to get in on the fun:

When pots reach record levels, say lottery officials, phone calls start coming in from all around the world to Powerball’s Iowa headquarters. “We start getting inquiries from Canada and Europe from people wanting to know if they can buy a ticket,” Neubauer told ABC News. “They ask if they can FedEx us the money.”

The answer is: “Sorry, no. You have to buy a ticket in a member state from a licensed retail location.”

That means, for our Canadian friends, if you live near one of the border states– anyone will do, as they are all Powerball participants–you can drop down and hit up anyone of the convenient stores you arrive at. As for our European friends who want a shot at all that glory, well, the next drawing isn’t until Saturday, which means you have time to buy a plane ticket and try your luck.

Just be sure to bring cash, because you can’t buy these tickets with credit/debit cards.

Powerball Jackpot Now at $550 Million
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  • Cal

    When you consider that a set of ping-pong balls with painted numbers would respond per different variables, sway bigger numbers have more paint and are not as likely to drift up, or may sit and spin due to offset weight, and there are different sets that administrators know about, and can at least narrow down the common draws, there are amny ways to get an advantage, and to get those advantages to others, and you only need to win one to be filling a bank account..
    go on, throw your money in…

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