Powerball Jackpot Currently Sitting At $139 Million

    July 27, 2012
    Chris Crum
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The Powerball Jackpot is currently at $139 million, with the next drawing to happen on Saturday night.

As you may know, drawings occur every Wednesday and Saturday. Wednesday’s winning numbers were 3, 14, 35, 38, 46 Powerball: 16. There were no jackpot winners. At the time, the pot was at $120.9 million.

There were four tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize on Wednesday. They were from two from Florida, one from Illinois, and one from Louisiana. There were no tickets that added the Power Play to win $2 million. There were, however, 568,737 tickets that won about $7.8 million in cash prizes.

Odds of winning the jackpot, according toMulti-State Lottery Association, are 1 in 175,223,510.

As usual, people across the country are fantasizing about what they would do if they won the jackpot, and there’s tons of chatter about it around the Internet. Here’s a sampling of what Twitter users are saying:

The estimated cash value of the jackpot is $93.6 Million.

Are you playing? What would you do with the prize?

  • stevenm

    if I won the powerball,I would go back to school to become a attorney or a insurance adjuster.waaitt a minute.All one would half to do with all that money is learn to become a better liar,cheater and thief,and then triple all that cash.think about it???

    • Tony Tony Tone

      By school, I’m assuming you mean grade school? Am I right?

    • Magoo

      If that was what you HALF to do, imagine if that was what you FULL to do!

  • Philip Roddy Jr

    Dare to Dream:)

  • John Wayne

    The Jerry Springer retirement plan!!! I think it’s sad how many people will spend $200/$300 on tickets and think that it truly gives em an edge to win big. If anything, it ONLY takes $1!!!

  • Matthew Kawkor

    My wife needs a new car, Set aside enough for my 5 grandchildren’s education. My Church needs some major renovationm. My Club needs a new
    roof. Pay off mortgage. That should leave about $53 miilion to play with!
    Dream On $ $ $ $.

  • Ninah

    I would try to find medical care for my son who is desperately ill, and pay off the house. A new wheelchair for my son, and a few charities that I presently support would get a boost in support :) What I would NOT do is support the lazy relatives, or kids…or donate to the countless charities that would hit you up after the win, or give it free to people who write me begging…I will not acquire “new friends” who are only friends to hit you up….If I don’t support you while poor, and we aren’t friends while I am poor…then take a hike! Any charities /people who write me after the win, whom I do not know, your request is going in the round file..aka GARBAGE can. If I win it, then its MINE>..and I have enough to support without all the leeches in this world thinking I should take them on as well. So, what am I going to do with it…LIVE>…take care of my family…it’s that simple.

    • Ninah

      if you are going to reply that I am stingy, rude ,mean etc please save your breath. I am sick to tears of people /charities/etc going after lottery winners like they are some sort of personal bank account, under an obligation to give it willy-nilly to any one who asks. If I win it, then it is MINE…to give or do with what ever I want to…the last blinkin thing I would need is avalanches of mail from charities and lazies who think I am obligated to give to them…I support several charities though I am by no means wealthy now….and I help when ever I am able…I will continue in that same vein..and not allow others to manipulate how I spend MY winnings. I have children who need medical help that NO one cared to give him for 3 years…HE is my first priority…and NO one else will get one red cent until he is completely taken care of….then, the only ones who will get from me are the ones who were here all along…the false friends/charities/greedy leeches can save the paper…and leave me ALONE. I want NOTHING to do with any of them.

  • roguesmoker

    First thing I’ll do after winning is clean the poop from my underwear then straight to Wal-Mart to buy a clean pair.

    • letitsnow1

      oh, my, gosh, that is so funny, LOL

  • Connie

    Oh, Magoo…you’ve done it again. LOVE your reply.

  • Steve G

    If I won the Powerball I’d travel around the world and take my friend Andrew with me. Then we’d come home after a few months of traveling and open the first medical marijuana dispensary that provides free medical marijuana to low income patients with legitimate medical reasons for using the drug, such as chronic back pain (like I have), or cancer, or MS and FM, etc., anxiety or sleeping disorders should not legitimate reasons for medical marijuana use. There are too many people faking medical conditions just so a doctor to recommend the use of medical marijuana, and a lot of patients that have legitimate reasons for using the drug that can’t afford the expensive pain pills that pretty much get you hooked to the point they become addicted to the pills themselves in such a way that they experience physical symptoms when they need to stop using them.

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  • letitsnow1

    if i won, lol, what a joke! i would help my family , some of my neighbors, and my best friends and my church, i would so love t do that, just dreaming!

  • John Wells

    I’ll take all my friends to the fast food resturant; they can get anything on the menu. THEY CAN SUPERSIZE IF THEY WANT.

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