Potential AIDS Cure Could Make HIV Dormant

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A new study published this month in the journal Human Gene Therapy has shown that a modified protein from the HIV virus itself could someday be used to prevent AIDS.

“This is like fighting fire with fire,” said David Harrich, co-author of the study and an associate professor at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research’s (QIMR) Molecular Virology Laboratory. “If this research continues down its strong path, and bear in mind there are a many hurdles to clear, we’re looking at a cure for AIDS.”

Harrich runs the only research laboratory in Queensland that works with the HIV virus. The protein he and his colleagues discovered, named “Nullbasic,” was formed by mutating an existing HIV protein over many generations. The researchers are confident enough in their findings that animal trials are set to begin this year.

Patients infected with the HIV virus currently take large doses of expensive drugs to subdue the virus. “Nullbasic” treatments wouldn’t eliminate HIV from patients’ bodies but, according to Harrich, it could significantly reduce the cost of treatment for HIV.

“I have never seen anything like it. The modified protein works every time,” said Harrich. “You would still be infected with HIV, it’s not a cure for the virus. But the virus would stay latent, it wouldn’t wake up, so it wouldn’t develop into AIDS. With a treatment like this, you would maintain a healthy immune system.”

Harrich has been studying HIV since the early 1980s, when the very first cases of AIDS began to be diagnosed. He began as a research assistant at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

“I’ve come close to giving up in the past,” said Harrich. “But today I’m so encouraged. I feel very fortunate because not a lot of scientists are able to stay in the same game long enough to see these sorts of developments.

The video below was released by QIMR. It features Harrich discussing his team’s “Nullbasic” findings.

Potential AIDS Cure Could Make HIV Dormant
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  • James

    I can’t think of anyway other to describe this article other than beautiful. I hope and pray this is the answer many people are searching for.

    • justin

      I was thinking the same thing.

      • justin

        …mr. million

  • http://Yahoo Tynisha

    Happy, happy, joy, joy!

    • mr million

      luckily for him, he made the news so it will be harder now to make him disappear. there were probably many before him, who “committed suicide” or got lost “fishing” or something soon after making an important discovery that would lower the profits of the heathcare industry.

  • Someone with sense

    This scientist is going to come up missing. Mark my words.

    • mr million

      luckily for him, he made the news so it will be harder now to make him disappear. there were probably many before him, who “committed suicide” or got lost “fishing” or something soon after making an important discovery that would lower the profits of the heath-care industry.

  • Josue

    It is good to hear people out their are doing great things.
    If only more money could be put into research like this instead of politics and wars, the world would be better off.

  • http://none Jason Jellison

    May God be with this man and his research. I’ve buried too many friends in the 90’s. Wow, what a potential leap.

  • sf

    Sounds nice until you think that everything wants to live and grow. Viruses do it in a different fashion but it still lives and grows. Think about MRSA and all the other resistant drugs, they beat the restraints they had on it and grew into deadly stronger killing machines. yes I am pessimistic but I am sad to say this may do the same but it will give people false hope and spread HIV farther faster because people will ramp up the unprotected sex under false pretenses. I am glad for the research but dormancy is not enough.

    • Bob S.

      It’s a HELL of a LOT better than nothing, dude.

    • shawn

      Actually, viruses are not living organisms. MRSA is not a virus by the way, it’s bacteria. Completely different things…

  • Todd

    Has to be a cure already….rich Americans been living a long time with HIV and look healthy. Case in point, Magic Johnson. You can afford it, it’s there!

    • http://thetruthhasalwaysbeenoutthere.com gabriel

      Nuff said, read my comment fields.

      • justin

        Don’t you watch South Park? Just blend up all of your money and inject it….lol

  • http://www.inspirengnite.com zambia

    This is a giant leap in the medical leap ,when do we expect to have this drug here in zambia,please?

  • Irving


  • ethio

    when do this enter ethiopia?

  • justin

    This is good news! Pharmaceutical companies won’t be happy about this though. They like to treat things, not fix them.

  • Raine

    I am so happy to hear that there may be help coming for AIDS. It is only time. I do agree that now that he himself has made news (somewhat we need him on CNN to keep him alive) as too many other scientist after they make a great discovery vanish along with their cures. Why? Well, think about it. If there was a cure for the common cold look at all the people would would be out of work. Johnson and Johnson , Kleenex, the makers of aspirins. The list is endless. So to “cure” AIDS would do the same thing. These companies making all these very expensive meds would not be needed. So for him to go public like this is great. But, we need him on a bigger medium to keep him going. More publicity also could mean better funding. Doubt it , but we can hope. Just pray this continues!

  • Tonic

    honestly that’s great news but note that they still have to run tests this year on animals and 5 yrs later it will be tested on humans…

  • Tonic

    Everybody knows the herbs for a cure are in africa so these sophisticated countries act like they dont know that cos them too they know they need african herbs


    What is really interesting SERIOUS HERE THAT MAY more goodwill, professionalism, ethics and the Hippocratic Oath for doctors, or denial of GOVERNMENTS AND DAMNED FOR PHARMACEUTICAL find a cure for HIV

  • Me

    Note ppl, this is NOT A CURE…HIV still is in the body…it just would keep virus dormant, though its ability to survive may well overcome this in some way. Paranoic thinking is not doing anyone any good.

  • anie

    One day we will win. AIDS will do us no harm anymore. We are unic and God has given human beings a mind to think. We will find a cure for this epidemic*withstrongwords*

  • Tshidi salanyane

    Well done 2 dis men and his grew we have lost so many friends and family in the past this much much better dan nothing..south africa would like to know when wil that medication be available

  • http://None Samora

    I have natural medicine with me from a old man (uneducated}, who claimed he had cured AIDS for 8 people in Africa; with AIDS medical test result before and after the treatment. Does this really worked as He claimed? I do not have HIV/AIDS. How do I test if it does work, I have the Herbs medicine with me here in Europe. The man said I should not trust the Lab result if tested. Could this really help people with AIDS? How do we know?

  • Bernille Klein

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