Postage Increase: Stamps Get Pricier

    January 1, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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I don’t think anyone thought they’d live to see the day when stamps were practically fifty cents each. The US Postal Service’s regulator approved price increases up to six percent on most mail. This would bring the cost of the stamp from 46 cents to 49 cents. What’s interesting is that the change was not approved permanently. This would make the anticipated revenue boost of $1.8 billion temporary at best. With the industry still feeling the effects of an economic downturn, not all were happy with this decision.

The Postal Service claims to have lost several billion dollars in revenue due to the recession. The Postal Regulatory Commission did not agree, citing the increase in electronic mail as a legitimate cause for the steady decrease in traditional mail services. As more people communicate online or go “paperless” in terms of receiving and paying for their bills, it stands to reason that there will be less of a need to use the US Postal Service.

The one cent increase to stamps will likely be permanent while the additional two cents will help make up some of the loss actually blamed on the recession. The price is expected to decrease afterwards.

Despite the proposed lack of permanence, the increase was negatively viewed by certain large businesses. Mary Berner, president of the Association of Magazine Media trade group in New York, was quoted by the Chicago Tribune as saying, “It will drive more customers away from using the Postal Service and will have ripple effects through our economy – hurting consumers, forcing layoffs, and impacting businesses.” While she doesn’t think that it will immediately drive the industry to an obsolete state, she feels strongly that this ruling, “will hasten it.”

As for the average person, the impact may actually not be felt all that strongly. As younger generations of Americans rely less and less on traditional “snail” mail and older consumers may mail out in bulk a few times a year, the expenses may not be felt as strongly as it would be if letter-mailing were still the primary method of communication.

Even so, the day may come where it costs a buck to put a stamp on an envelope. Sounds unreasonable but then, who once upon a time anticipated fifty cent postage?

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  • Robert Strayer

    Whoever anticipated that we would pay $3 to $4 for a gallon of gasoline , or the same for a pound of ground beef? Get real people! Everything in this country has inflated. Don’t pick on one company like its the only one raising prices. Companies change all of the time with no fanfare. Candy bars and packages get smaller all the time for the same price or a slight increase, service fees for home repairs increase, yet the Postal Service, which is STILL THE BEST VALUE IN MERICA take a hit for trying to stay solvent amidst all the other increases it has to deal with. EVERY HOUSE IN THE NATION, Every one, we deliver to every day no matter the weather. NO ONE in this great country of ours does that. We will continue to provide for the people, with great pride, as long as we are allowed to do so,

    • p g

      Used to work as a temp. The main problem is back biting and laziness and complaining. Get rid of the dead weight. Used to be called names for getting my route done TOO QUICKLY !! They were always the lazy blacks and Puerto Ricans. Nuff said.

      • linda kimura

        Not only workers belonging to ethnic groups, should be fired . We’ve all worked with this type co-worker it goes back to the 20%/80% law. All lazy, incompetent people that are holding their company back in public service or productions should be fired. If the company fails, so do the employees. It takes no genius to figure out this one.The unions and special interest groups actually punish companies when they try to weed out lazy, incompetant workers with law suits against them with discrimination charges.Then, there is the company’s penalty of paying to fight those charges while the unemployed person freely draws unemployeemt benefits.

    • John Cryder

      Sheep like you that would justify such an increase are a big part of the problem.

    • GloriaOGamble

      thats great

  • Philip Champagne

    My incoming and outgoing mail is routinely stolen by postal employees. My change of address did not go through. The USPS has a monopoly and there is nothing I can do.

    • Robert Strayer

      You obviously have a lot of insecurities. See a shrink

      • Philip Champagne

        I am a shrink.

    • Lee

      You can always rely on UPS and FED EX, right…….or better yet, try delivering it yourself. How cheap would that be?

  • Reality

    The Pentagon lost 2.3 TRILLION dollars before 9/11 (by the way, the “plane” that hit the Pentagon just happened to hit its accounting department) and the FED lost 9 TRILLION dollars. That, ladies and gentlemen, is more than half our national debt that was just “lost”. We are not broke. We are getting robbed. The FED is a private bank. Why in the world are we paying a private bank to print our own money? This does not make sense.

    The rise in the price of stamps is effectively just another tax on the people. Why don’t they go find the money they “lost” instead of rising the price of stamps. Instead of shutting down the government and costing this nation 24 BILLION dollars, go find the money you “lost”.

    America face facts. Our government is corrupt to the core. Corruption extends from the President to your local police officer selling drugs out of the back of his car to drug dealers. I know you don’t want to believe it, admit, or even see it. But the reality is that you are constantly being lied to. The major media will never cover the corruption. They are there just to run stories designed to make you afraid, stories designed to glorify the military and stories designed to make the police seem like heroes —- because after all, you NEED government to save you. You need the very same people who are NOT doing anything for you but they are robbing you blind. One penny at a time. One stamp at a time. You need the very same people who have led this country to ruin.

    Meanwhile, not one person who runs the government is suffering like you do. They have job security, they have millions, they have pensions, they have health insurance, their kids don’t die in wars. They have a life of comfort.

    Bravo America, you are nothing but a nation of sheep. You are getting screwed and you are letting the government screws you before it even kisses you.

    By the way, it has been 13 years since 9/11, has anyone seen one picture of a plane hitting the Pentagon? Just one? Doesn’t anyone find that strange. The most secure building in the world that is covered in cameras and not one clear picture exists. Not one. Hmmm. The events of 9/11 led to the deaths of over 1 million people. Over a million more sustained major injuries. You would think — at the very least — the government would how 1 picture or release 1 tape. That clearly shows a plane.

    Face it America. You are being lied to and robbed.

    • Janet

      Please write a novel, you did well with your post.

  • Philip Champagne

    Right! The postal inspector passed the buck. 10027 doesn’t answer the phone. 10001 has a train coming through from Penn Station…not a mail train. 3 weeks and counting for a money order from the Bronx to Brooklyn…

  • http://yahoo DON NOURY


  • Philip Champagne

    I just got word that the mailman cashed the money order. Amazon is having him fired for not delivering a package. More than two years later my girlfriend is still waiting for the present of Victoria’s Secret undies. Don’t shoot the messenger. I am just reporting the truth.

    • linda kimura

      Umm??? I thought I read , you sent your girl friend Victoria Secrets sexy undies . Does your wife know? Maybe she intercepted the package of new undies.

      • Philip Champagne

        My wife has been dead for 25 yrs. Actually two girlfriends are waiting. Still waiting? They’ve given up. So have I. You needn’t get personal.

  • Philip Champagne

    I caught a mailman red-handed through tracking, stealing my mail. He is still on the job when he should be in a penitentiary.

  • Philip Champagne

    The only thing that my wife knew about her father was that he was a mailman.

  • Janet

    I have a friend who has worked for the U.S. postal service as a letter carrier for over 30 years. He told me the only thing that is holding the service together today is “Junk Mail”. He asked me and everyone I know to send any envelope application for anything back empty so he could keep his job. It is that bad. I really think the postal service needs to go private. Their are plenty of people with money who could run this for a lot less money. My friend may loose his job, but we all deserve better than paying a half a dollar to mail a letter!!

    • Philip Champagne

      You’re right. Privatization is an answer. Government employees don’t work, because they don’t have a boss.

    • Lee

      If you think that you “deserve better than paying a half a dollar to mail a letter”, you can always hand deliver it yourself. Bet that will be cheaper, right? WRONG! Now step back an look at yourself in the mirror and see how silly you look complaining about 50 cents.

      • Janet

        Glad to know you are loaded Lee.

      • Janet

        Please re-read my post. I am simply stating facts from a postal carrier. Your retention shows me that you do not understand the facts.

  • Captain Reality

    YOU IDIOTS will spend five bucks on a greasy hamburger, but complain about spending 49 cents to get something hand-delivered ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Are you all mad? (Answer: yes.)

  • http://Yahoo Tracy Pajari

    Walk your ass to New York from Minnesota, now do it for less than 50 cents.

  • Lee

    Don’t know why everyone complains so much about a few cents……Sure I know they begin to add up. But try delivering that mail yourself and see how much that will cost you. If you want to complain about price increases, try looking around your local grocery stores and that’s where you will find sticker shock.

  • Carol Ann

    not all supervisors are rotten,what about PostMasters,Plant Managers,all clicky,toothface,and, they need to cut pay ,raises and bonuses that postal big wigs in Washington, supervisors whodid ood job at end of year who did good job THROUGHOUT YEAR GOT BONUSES.not anymore,some of poor supervisors,have to content with problem children that work for them,also supervisors who transferred fromfar away to get promotion,the usps use to pay for it,no more,but bet they still pay for fringe benefits to big wigs in Washington,people get real the government don’t want middle class anymore,just rich and poor?

  • Evelyn Harris

    Will not be paying 49 cents. When my supply is gone, I will be paying bills online. Stopping Sat. mail was approved for last Aug. What happened to that?? It would save a bundle. Sick of this crap. They are causing their own problems. Why would raising prices solve anything?? It will just push more people to the internet. Christmas cards & birthday cards can all be done online even though it is nice to get them in the mail.It is not worth 49 cents a card plus the cost of the cards. I also don’t believe it will drop back down in 2 years. Raising prices has not helped so far & it won’t help now. They must think we are all a bunch of morons. I have been hanging on but, no more.

  • http://webpronews.com GEORGETTA BUSLER

    i have no issue with postage increase and i’m on a ‘fixed income’. our postal service is excellent! my cousin in canada gets my mail from ohio in 7 to 10 days. here, usually next day in most of the state- no more than 2 or 3 days cross country.

  • M Miller

    I get mail delivered 2 days a week, IF that many. Post office is crying because we are using online bill pay and email to friends, any wonder? Sales papers MIGHT come on Thursday at 4-4:30 PM for sales that started the prior Monday! Carriers in neighboring cities deliver these sales papers on Monday’s, the first day of sale. And these homes in neighboring cities receive mail delivery SIX days a week. When brought to the attention of the “so-called supervisor” at my local post office, all she kept saying was “and what is your problem?” I SAY DUMP THAT SO-CALLED SUPERVISOR AND CUT TWO-THIRDS OF THE CARRIERS IN MY CITY FROM THE PAYROLL, DIVIDE MY CITY INTO THIRDS WITH THE REMAINING ONE-THIRD OF CARRIERS HANDLING MY CITY. I’d still get my TWICE A WEEK mail delivery –AND THE ENVELOPE POSTAGE RATE COULD STAY AT 46 CENTS COUNTRY-WIDE DUE TO THE CUTTING OF TWO-THIRDS OF HIGH-PRICED, INEFFICIENT, LAZY CARRIERS IN MY CITY. I have seriously thought about proving my point by having 6 friends on consecutive days, say at 1PM, mail an envelope to me by dropping their envelope in the blue mailbox at my city’s PO. How many, if any, would I receive – and when? I truly believe MY CARRIER HOLDS OR TOSSES MAIL ON A CONTINUING BASIS. I will INCREASE MY USE OF ONLINE BILL PAY AND EMAILS – and make ONE book of stamps last well OVER ONE YEAR.