Possible Twitter Redesign Already Impressing

By: Chris Crum - April 9, 2010

It appears that Twitter may have a significant redesign in the works. It has been discovered that Twitter’s Creative Director, Doug Bowman has posted a partial screenshot.

Bowman’s exact comment on the screenshot is, "Working on what may end up a significant redesign. Not final yet. What we can show without giving away the farm."

Partial Twitter Redesign - As Shown by Twitter Designer Doug Bowman

Comments on this screenshot are so far overwhelmingly positive, which is a pretty rare thing for a redesign of a major social network. Here are a few of them:

Rich Thornett: More stats on Twitter! Very exciting…

Andrew Cornett: Looks amazing, can’t wait to take her for a spin.

Naz Hamid: Woah, it’s the tasteful, lovely, "designed" Twitter I’ve wanted for a while now.

Jeremy Swinnen: Awesome! Convinces me of using the Twitter site to post new tweets. Great work!

Jason Robb: Hot. I should start using the web interface more…

Obviously it’s incredibly premature to call the redesign that hasn’t even happened yet a hit with users. By the time it comes out, it could look entirely different, and unleashing a redesign on the entire community is a lot different than a fraction of that community seeing an incomplete screenshot. And Twitter users have been just as critical of change as Facebook users.

That’s ok though. It comes with the territory. Something tells me users will be much more concerned with the "farm" part of things, which Bowman seems to imply will be the bigger deal. Either way, it’s always a good sign when the response starts positive. Of course, a significant part of the Twitter community rarely uses the web interface anyway.

Twitter’s Developer Conference, Chirp takes place next week. There is a distinct possibility that some major announcement(s) will be made there (everyone’s still waiting for that ad platform), but we’ll see.

What do you think of the possible redesign? Share your thoughts.

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  • http://www.sitebyjames.com/ James

    I think based on the number of developers out there who have given themselves so freely to developing for Twitter… there should be more vocalizations about terms of service, what might happen, what could happen ect…

    I think I like the changes, but I don’t think enough people out there are prepared to deal with all the changes which might come about.

    How’s that for empathy?

  • http://www.sitebyjames.com James

    Of course I’m living in a fantasy world…

    It would be really cool if they could stamp their calls to the server, so when I flip to a different list and an inbound refresh is still coming in it does “skew” the information with a combo of tweets from both lists…

    It would also be nice if it didn’t crash firefox with “wild” running scripts every now and then too…

  • http://www.e-sushi.net/ e-sushi

    So humans still use twitter? Great, the last time I took a sneak peek it was crammed with spambots, entrepreneurs bugging me with DMs and a whole lot of other noise.

    But hey, I love redesigns… let’s just hope they don’t just change the cover but also bake a better cake this time around. There’s room for loads of improvements… and “stamping calls to the server” would be one of them! 😉