Porsha Williams Compared Gays With Drug Dealers?

    May 5, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Porsha Williams is already dealing with the fallout from her fight with fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore. Given Moore’s behavior towards Williams, some viewers may have been on her side.

However, TMZ has unearthed religious remarks by Williams that might cost her quite a bit of sympathy in terms of the gay viewership.

It seems that in the past Williams was an evangelist. In a video that was shot at the High Praise Christian Center Ministries about three years ago, you can hear her discuss saving lost souls like hookers, drug dealers, persons who have attempted suicides, and gay men and women.

“We’re supposed to be trying to save them!” said an impassioned Williams. Not just save them, but tell them they are “worthy”.

“God can use you like he used me,” Williams said.

The point of William’s message seems to be that no one is perfect and that you should not be too good to reach out to, help, and encourage others. Unfortunately her manner of making the point is unarguably problematic.

The response from the Williams camp (when she gives one—there’s been no comment to TMZ about the video so far…) will likely be that she’s coming from a place of Christian love and compassion.

The thing is, the condescending intolerance found in these type of rants are of no comfort to gay men and women and are just another form of religious bigotry.

It’s no secret that Christianity views being gay as a sin and believes that anyone who is remotely anything but straight is going to Hell. However, suggesting that gay men and women are the equivalent of drug dealers? A bit much to say the least.

It’s also important to touch on the fact that persons who have attempted suicide need emotional support and medical and professional assistance….not religious presumptions about their condition that are often unsympathetic and judgmental.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta show is a hotbed for drama and talking points. It’s quite certain that this footage will likely serve as something else to keep people talking about the reality TV show and its cast.

What do YOU think: Was this a homophobic rant or was Porsha’s heart in the right place? Comment your feelings about the video below!

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  • NoMoNeNe

    This will be somebody else’s fault. It won’t be Porsha’s fault. Nothing is Porsha’s fault. Maybe she can find a way to blame Kenya for it.

    • chris

      That is a dumb comment… One does not have to do with the other. Porsha being wrong for her comments about gays is wrong and so is talking to someone with a bullhorn in their face or waving something in their face. To be frank….they both act like idiots and are in the wrong.

      • mchue

        Gays are sick people. What happen…you hate hearing the truth?

        • Brian P

          When you can spare a moment from your insane rantings, Mclueless, please look up psychological projection on the web.

        • Observing U

          mchue, you are the sick one. There is no truth in what you say, only the Devil is in those words. Gays are 100% natural as God intended. Just ask the 1500 animal species that god created with naturally occurring innocent homosexuality. But hey don’t worry about the log in your eye. Spend all your time picking other people’s specks out of their eyes for them.

          • Mike

            But we are Human Beings …we are not animals like frogs or any other species who change sexes for survival means. We already have a means of survival and that is natural male and female producing. Nothing else is natural aside from that.

        • valorius

          I think i agree. Up until the dm4, so did science.

    • mchue

      Whats so wrong with her expressing the way most Americans and indeed the world think about gays?

      • jeffery

        Don’t be an idiot….”most Americans” feel as you?? You need to take another glance….or, get off this thread trolling…

        • Titoknows

          Gays are a Pestilence infecting the world!!!!

          • Observing U

            Homophobes are the plague that ruins nations.

          • valorius

            Homophobe is a misnomer, a far more accurate term is homorepulsed.

        • Mike

          Most Americans are not homosexual. Most do not feel any hate towards homosexuals, but most definitely do not agree with what they practice.

        • valorius

          I think he’s right.

      • Observing U

        Because gay people are innocent and natural. They are as God created them.

        • valorius

          So are serial killers…

    • red rush



    I guess Kenya made her do it; oops, that was BK (before Kenya). She always seems self righteous to me; Often times she goes back to a convenient excuse for her rants: MY DIVORCE-just so draining.

    • mchue

      God made her do it…she did the right thing and call out homosexuals as nasty and unclean. Nothing new!!!! Lightening, Brimstone and Fire on all queers!

      • Xzamilloh

        Did “God” give her get breast implants and weave, too? Because apparently she loves her some Lord… but, he didn’t get her body right, so she had to fix his mistakes, I guess

      • Observing U

        Brain damaged.

  • Arjay

    OK, this is the girl that thought “The Underground Railroad” was an actual train! I don’t think too much weight should be put on anything she says

    • olagod

      i wonder where they get these loud mouthed, uneducated group of women from, Porsha seemed to just be naturally ignorant, but remember it’s not her fault it is just nature.

    • Eric Matterson

      If God can use a donkey to pass a message then I guess he can use Porsha.

    • Zack

      Thanks for the funny reminder that this poor young girl has an IQ of her new breast size.

  • HmmLetMeThink

    Gay ego is getting to be a real problem. While she never compared them specifically — homosexuals actually are offended, to seemingly be placed in the same category. Are they serious? They continually act, as though nothing is wrong, or no problems occur with homosexuality. I guess the open relationships many gay couples have is because of social stigma as well, right? America isn’t the land of the gay restricted. The Salem gay trials in full effect.

    I’m tired of people being labeled as homophobic, so we can bowdlerize and forget homosexuals like Dayna Morales, who forged her tip receipt(in addition to accepting donations).The media often supports them, partially, because gay egocentrism, and inability to smell it’s own flatulence and partially because of the unstated fear, any an all opposition to, always and without question leads to homicidal violence. Like the phantom attacked transgender girl in California, who made up her own bathroom assault?

    • mchue

      You seem to forget that homosexuality is a mental disorder….this should explain why they think and act the way they do. Worse thing is that gays refuse to admit to their sickness!

    • patrick427

      You wish you made sense..

      • Titoknows

        If it “Doesn’t” make sense to YOU, that means YOU are Gay!!!!

    • TruthfullySpeaking

      Sadly, if this attitude that you can not religiously object to lifestyle persists here in the USA then freedom of speech will no longer exist. While some may not agree; they should be allowed to say speak without fear of persecution.

      • Xzamilloh

        Freedom of Speech has not gone anywhere… you’re just under the impression that your religion gives you carte blanche to say ignorant things and then hide behind your god when it gets dicey. It’s called Freedom of Speech, not Freedom of Consequences Speech. You got the cajones to “object to lifestyles”, then you can be challenged without whining about it. After all, you’re moaning about people being allowed to speak… we’re still not allowed to marry everywhere in America or have federal protection from discrimination. Spare me your professional victimhood.

        • valorius

          One does not need to be religious to state that they believe that homosexuality is deviant.

          A lot of people think Mormons r deviant for marrying more than one person. I can in no way see how that is more sick than being gay.

          • Xzamilloh

            So what? With or without religion, you can’t justify your opposition outside of your personal beliefs… and that’s your problem, not mine. Think it’s “deviant” all you want… keep it the heck out of our laws and my life and it you don’t want to be challenged, keep it to yourself. Otherwise, you open your mouth, I open mine… the end.

          • valorius

            How about I exercise my first amendment freedoms, and say whatever the hell I like, whether you like it or not?

            Homosexuality is a deviant lifestyle, just as incest and polygamy are.

          • Xzamilloh

            And you’re a backwards minded neanderthal who can only rely on baseless assertions and insults that have been long refuted. But like I said, you believe what you want… just keep it the hell out of our laws.

            See how that works? First amendment freedoms go both ways. You speak, I speak, and you have no position to act offended when someone responds to your 3rd grade rhetoric.

        • TruthfullySpeaking

          Frankly, I wasn’t hiding behind anything. I was defending the right of free speech. Sadly you are misunderstood, I could care less how you live; however if someone dares to say what is in their minds they are criticized. To me, what ever was wrong 2,000 years ago, is still wrong today. Think whatever you want.

          • Xzamilloh

            Oh, so you want to go back to the days when women had no rights and were property, when we were illiterate, when slavery was not only common it was an acceptable practice. When there was nothing wrong with killing nonbelievers or people accused of witchcraft. I love how it’s always you being “criticized”, because your god forbid, you should have your rights taken away or put to a popular vote. But no… you’re moaning about being challenged on your backwards minded and archaic mentality.

            You’re not protecting jack squat because Freedom of Speech has not gone anywhere… so why even bring it up if not to try and cry persecution? Bigoted neanderthals get on my nerves.. you can dish it but you can’t stomach it.

    • valorius

      How about the gays who deliberately pass the “gift” to each other? No mental illness there, right?

  • SheRachet

    People get offended way too easily! Be offended by someone’s actions not by their religious beliefs! I haven’t heard anything about Porsha acting out in a homophobic way.

    I don’t believe that homosexuality is a sin. However, I respect other peoples’ religious freedom. There are people out there that can still love and respect their friends and
    family whether or not they believe that they are “sinners.” That is truly the christian way, that no matter your personal beliefs you love everyone and treat them as you would want to be treated.

    I’ve had conversations with people and they tell me that drinking, cursing, gambling, living together outside of marriage (all things I do) are sins. But these are still people that I have a mutual respect and friendship with.

    • Jd Hunter

      She has the right to her religion. However, when your religion gives you authority to admonish someone else that has just the same rights as you not to practice your religious or to be judged by your beliefs…her beliefs becomes tainted. I think she should have a bit more compassion on things she doesn’t understand if she really is attempting to walk in the likeness of whomever she serves she needs to do a better job because it is not bringing some closer to whatever she believes. Sometimes I have to pray “GOD Please protect me from your followers”. HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE!!! Not saying being gay is a sin…but since most religious folk like throwing the word “SINNER” around I just thought I use it too. It’s amazing how the most Oppressed Race that practice her religion has become the Oppressor! Where’s the Compassion for Humanity!

      • mchue

        hmmm…gays do not have any special rights other the right to life. If it were up to me and perhaps the majority of Americans that right would be struck our in a jiffy so be grateful for what we allow you deviants!

        • Jd Hunter

          You sound crazy. it sound like you’ve been taught very well to hate or dislike people you obviously don’t know. I bet you believe there is an imperial race and all other races deserve discrimination. I also bet you believe woman should have a choice to labor a child when they’ve been raped or when incestuous acts have been forced upon. I even bet you also believe we should all be stoned for disobedience. Grow up and learn discernment.

        • SheRachet

          People like this are the one’s that are manipulating christianity to preach hate (very anti-christian).
          Porsha and this guy seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. Porsha saying that gays should be loved and saved is completely opposite of calling them deviants that should lose their right to life!

          • OhLAWDY!

            You Rachet, but you right!

          • Xzamilloh

            What exactly do we as gays need to be “saved” from? I ain’t a Christian or a believer of any god, so her beliefs have no relevance to my life, and all I see is someone using their unproven personal beliefs to impose some kind of moral cloud over me as a gay man, even though she is in NO position to be telling anyone that they need to be saved. I’m not talking about what she’s done now, but instead am just deducing that if she can fight at the drop of a hat like that, she clearly has been in fights before.

          • SheRachet

            People think I need to be saved, living out of wedlock, drinking, gambling, cursing, etc. I don’t get offended by it as long as they are coming from a place of love and not hatred.

            I 100% support gay rights but I also 100% support freedom of religion and speech! She was in church, speaking to those that had gathered to hear her, she wasn’t being hateful. Disagree with her all you want but she shouldn’t be admonished for exercising her rights.

          • Xzamilloh

            It doesn’t matter what their intentions are… as the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. There are dead LGBT teenagers and adults because of people in their life who thought it was best for them to hear how wrong they were and how evil they were. Parents who kicked their children out of the house because of who they were.

            I understand where you are coming from, but I’ve had enough of people trying to impose their morality on me, and then saying it’s for my own good.

      • SheRachet

        Most would say wanting to “save” people and let them know they are worthy of God’s love is compassion for humanity!

        There was no hate in her words. There’s 30mins of video that day and all they can pull is one line to be offended by!?! Sounds like Porsha is being persecuted for exercising her constitutional rights to freedom of religion.

        If you want people to respect your right to love who you want, you need to respect other peoples’ right to follow whichever religion they want (whether or not you agree). In no way did her words infringe on anyone’s freedoms.

        • ohLAWDY!


        • Xzamilloh

          Spare me the persecution crap. Christians have been doing their fair share of persecuting for centuries, now, and this is a country made up of over 70% of Christians, so who is being persecuted? You seem to be getting “persecution” confused with “criticism”… because no one is persecuting Porsha.

          • jeffery

            Right On!

          • SheRachet

            Persecute: to treat (someone) cruelly or unfairly especially because of race or religious or political beliefs

            She’s being treated cruelly and unfairly. Your logic is false. Just because Christians have been the persecutors does not give anyone the right to persecute them. It’s like saying, let’s go enslave the white man because they did it to the blacks first so it’s okay!?!

          • Xzamilloh

            She is being treated the way she should be… because when you put those beliefs out there, you sacrifice any personal hold you have to them. Someone who says I need to be “saved” because I am gay better have their ducks in a row. She said gays need to be “saved”… saved from what? She’s not being persecuted, she’s being criticized for her ignorant words. Only in her made up world do gay people need to be “saved”… as if she is in position to pass judgment. That’s why I will continue to say that black Christians are some of the worst hypocrites out there

            I’m tired of you Christians constantly putting this nonsense out there and then crying persecution when people respond negatively to it. That’s like the slave master getting upset if the slave grabs the whip and hits him with it… see how I used your own analogy back on you.. and in the proper context??

    • OhLAWDY!

      Oh so Rachet!!!

  • Ike

    If this girl went to college, I am sorry she and the school did not prepare her too well. I came to that conclusion after observing she had no clue what the underground railroad was, which begs the question–in what community or high school did she associate. She may be a pretty, but who knows part of the reason why her husband dissed her was for sheer ignorance.

    • olagod

      I agree with you, she is too uneducated, she does seem to not have common sense at all….well they say common sense is not that common, wonder if she ever saw the four walls of a college…or maybe Kenya made her no to go to one

      • mchue

        Great another queer! Do you even read what you write?

        • Jd Hunter

          You sick my man “mchue” you need therapy.

      • Titoknows

        If Gays had ‘Common sense’ they would know better, than
        to be Gay!!!!

    • mchue

      Shut your gay mouth up….are you not tired of eating poop from another mans anus? I bet your breath smells of faeces all day. Focus on that and leave women business; alone are you a girl?

      • Brian P

        You’re writing so much on this board about your uncomfortableness around gays, I suggest you go out on a date. The worst that can happen is that you won’t be able to sit on the next day. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! ha..ha..ha.

  • She Codes

    Where was Porsha’s ‘Christian love’ during the reunion? Surely waving a scepter in someone’s face is less sinful that being a drug dealer.

  • Toosmart2bfooled

    I hope know folks are even more convinced that she is a total air head. Fake boobs, fake teeth, fake booty and just plain FAKE! Porsha……………..have several seats.

  • Cedric

    Was that not what the bible says

  • Reddiz35

    That’s the problem with America, what happened to the freedom of speech? I don’t agree with what she said or what she believes. It is her right to believe and say whatever she pleases, if people don’t like it stop being a fan or just don’t watch. Just that simple, everyone is so sensitive, what does it matter what the next persons opinions are? As long asit doesn’t hurt you physically, why get upset?

    • Xzamilloh

      You’re watching freedom of speech in action. She says something, people say something back… sunrise, sunset.You’re thinking that freedom of speech is supposed to be freedom of consequence-speech.

  • AintBuyingIt

    I dont get it??? Im gay and saved and am not at all offended by Porsha’s beliefs or remarks. Its not coming from a place of malice but rather what she believes to be the word of God, you can preach salvation without preaching hate. And oh by the way the writer tried it with comparison to drug dealers – she gave examples not comparisons – poor journalism

    • patrick427

      Your gay?..hmm

  • Zin Zin

    They are both lifestyle chosen by people and are both addictions. Since no one is born gay this is an accurate statement. Over 240 research experiments have been done to prove one is born gay and not one has proven the gay lifestyles are born gay. Most of the research has proven otherwise but you want hear about that!

  • patrick427

    She should be chained to a tree..

  • Jesus IS Lord

    The Holy Bible clearly states in Romans 1:23-32 that homosexuality is a sin. The Bible also states that the wages if sin is death Romans 6:23. This is not just for the homosexual, sin is sin, but He specifically calls this sin out in the Bible. GOD DOES NOT hate the homosexual, He hates the sin. This is why He sent His Jesus Christ for our sins.

    • Jd Hunter

      Please show in Romans 1:23-32 where the word “homosexuality” appears. I couldn’t find it? LORD “Please protect me from you followers”.

      • Jesus IS Lord

        Hi JD. Please look at verse 27. It talks about the men leaving the natural use of a woman and men’s lust burning one toward another (men lusting after men) doing that which unseemly. God did not create men to be with men nor women to be with women. If you read the other scriptures I listed it speaks of others as well. God can change anyone with a heart towards Him. I am one of them. I lived in homosexuality for 5 years and if I would have died I would have gone to hell, but God who is rich in mercy saved me and I am no longer that. God did not hate me, He loved me to salvation. Hope this helps. Also, if you have a Pastor he can explain the verses further to you but the verse is clear. Have a blessed day in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Jo

    this is a woman who is i think someone w/ fake boobs. and materialistic telling people how to come to God does anyone else think she is a empty joke!! yeah your a great example of Christianity!! NOT!!

  • RealityWatch

    So beautiful but yet oh so dumb. Her 15 mins are definitely going to end on a dumb comment.

  • Oakland1994

    I don’t think she compared gays to drug dealers I think she grouped a bunch of what she believes are sinful people or actions together to say they need saving so to some degree she cares

  • Ros

    What she said is correct, it is in the bible!

    • Xzamilloh

      Yeah, and it also says women are to be submissive and are not to be in any power over a man. It says a lot of things black Christians like to ignore except what doesn’t pertain to them.

  • Margaret O’Connor Woolums

    Porsha in all her bravado about herself claims to be the great granddaughter of a civil rights activist leader and philanthropist. She physically attacked Kenya Moore and now compares gays with drug dealers. As a friend of mine once said, “Where is the Jesus in that?” Her grandfather must be rolling over in his grave.

  • blkdoggy421

    Mmmmm why would anyone care what she says ? Find it funny how all these “Christians” don’t remember ‘let the one without sin cast the first stone’

  • Bag n Dash

    Okay, why do we care what she says….she thinks the underground railroad is a real railroad!!

  • Susan Richburg

    This is AMERICA and you have a God given RIGHT to voice your opinion. Praise God and Porsha! God loves everyone……..even the haters.

  • Kenneth Owen

    In order for preachers of God’s salvation not to be perceived as a hypocritical joke, preachers must be a reflection of what they preach. Porsha Williams doesn’t reflect herself as a woman “Saved” from sin. Porsha Williams reflects herself as an American woman exercising her inalienable constitutional right to separate the manner in which she prefers to conduct and reflect herself from the manner in which the Church dictates a “saved woman” is to conduct and reflect herself. Therefore, according to the Church, Porsha too is worthy of being saved. Porsha Williams is worthy of being saved from the sin of making up with The Devil’s paint, worthy of being saved from the sinful deceit of wearing The Devil’s hair weaves and worthy of being saved from the sinfulness of dressing and acting like an unholy loose woman.

  • Eric Matterson

    The message was meant to be positive and the thirsty media is trying to make it look like a negative. Media needs to find real stories to write about

  • fred 63

    I was on her side until this!! I thought it was wrong to have props and if some one did that in my face I might react. But to be such a homophobe is pretty sad. She should just go away!!!

  • rick

    can’t help but to feel sorry for her.. she’s just flat out ignorant… maybe she wasnt brought up right and taught to use her brain….

  • growupppl

    thats her belief and thoughts and she didn’t compare any of them to each other ppl want to believe anything that makes someone look bad…she has a right to them just like everyone else. Most ppl are just on the band wagon and saying what ppl want to hear. Why is it only when Christians talk about something they are wrong or homophobic? Bible does say its a sin! But I think what she was saying no matter who a person is that they can be saved and be able to live life worthy of who God made them! I’m so tired of ppl getting their feelings hurt for anything said that isn’t what they want to hear. We are turing into a bunch crying babies. Grow up ppl let all have their freedom of speech not just the ones that say what ever the world wants! And no I’m not homophobic before you start saying it I’m just saying EVERYONE has a right to their opion not just a select few. and by the way I’m not a Porsha fan at. But she still has rights!

  • MaggieMae

    Probably because I am sure Kenya had a hand in it after the fallout of her being such a bully. Couldn’t stand the whole world hating on her and not on Porsha. LOL.

  • coldcuts

    She was actually being nice. Should have put them on the same level as parasites.

  • Buckwheat7

    Well she is right about that. Why is it when someone says something that they feel is wrong about gays and lezzies, they get attacked. But it is ok for those g/l to spew all of there crap and all of us are supposed to accept it. Not me, all of you queers should be put away.

  • Xzamilloh

    LMAO!!!! If you are a black atheist like me (rare) and were raised in predominantly black communities, you know black Christians are some of the biggest holier-than-thou hypocrites there are. The main ones trying to denigrate me as a gay man, but will sleep with everything that walks, carry on acting like uncouth fools, but think they can go get their religious enema every Sunday and “repent”.

    Man, get out of here with that mess… ratchet at its finest

  • justren

    She did NOT compare them, she simply said they all needed to be saved, stop crucifying her!!!

  • KRG

    OMG ENOUGH with the sensitivo rant on what is “PC” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we have another gay issue??? Really??? This is really getting old. If you really look at what she was saying she was talking about acceptance NOT drug dealers and sexual orientation as being the same thing. GET OVER IT!

  • OG

    God said it not Porsha

  • QueenTina

    I agree with Porsha’s message the problem I have is with the lifestyle she is living she falls right in the category of people she is preaching about. She is far from being an example of what a Christian lifestyle is. She is a very worldly woman with little understanding of scripture and even less understanding on the deity of God.

  • Truth Is

    Thats why she was with Cordell.. To help him…. she got the fairy tale life with the house and money… and he got the Im straight title… so he think.. aint no one buying that.. just seen the same thing on devious maid. be the beard for a few years get the fab life then divorce.. poor porsha let da show phuck up her money, then let kenya with her cob web puci get under her skin. Now dis mess from her past. I wouldnt be suprise if Cordell leaked them.. just to get her kicked off the show.. Cause if she stay, his secret wont be a secret anymore..

  • Titoknows

    If I were a Drug dealer, I would be highly insulted by this comment!!!!

  • Titoknows

    Gays,Muslim,& islamic Terrorist, are ALL cut from the same piece of

    Toilette paper!!!!

  • Smiley Face

    She’s entitled to her opinions and so is people who believe homosexuality is ok. Who cares and you can agree or disagree. Trust me not everyone is going to believe homosexuality is good. If you judge them are you not doing the same as them. Everyone has a opinion and thought only a fool doesn’t.

  • Guest

    At least she didn’t say she hates them and the belong in hell like my pastor did.

  • Bobbi

    It doesn’t matter whether you think Porsha has a right to her opinion or not. The problem is that she has come off the pulpit and now wants to stand on a different stage. She used to be employed by God. She is now employed by a gay man/network. In this industry it is also likely after RHOA is over, any audition she goes for may be decided by a gay person as well. Her career may now hang in the balance based on how they feel about her beliefs. However you feel about whether or not her sermon came from a place of love doesn’t matter. Think about it. Gays are fighting for equality. No one wants to be mentioned as if you are on the same level as rapists and drug dealers. As far as her career is concerned she just might have a problem. The verdict is out.

  • Edward L Buck

    gays must not be all that because any perceived rejection sends them into attack mode, folks not allowed to have an opinion unless they agree with the gay movement

  • TeeTee

    I’m a Christian, and parts of this article are not true. The bible says that no sin is greater than the next. Only thing that can condemn you to hell is blasphemy of the holy spirit. As long as you except Jesus Christ as your Saviour you are fine. I just hate when people like the author of this article try to use bias views on Christianity to make a point. What I do find sad is this woman claimed to preach the gospel, yet never mentions anthing about God on the show. Seems to me she sold her soul for fame.

  • ernest

    This show is trash it doesnt represent or stand for anything but trash and the people in it are washed up musicians fronting like thats their life

  • valorius

    Gays were labeled as deviants and mentally ill by science for centuries, i’m not sure they were wrong.

  • JStevns

    Every Christian knows homosexuality is a sin. It is an extremely sad day when freedom of speech is not upheld or rather thrown to the liberal press as meat to a lion.