Pope: Mafia Must “Convert To God”

    May 26, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Pope Francis, who recently made some controversial statements about atheists, has now targeted the Italian mafia.

Reuters reports that the Pope urged members of the mafia to repent this week after he beatified Giuseppe Puglisi. Puglisi was a Sicilian priest that became known for his vocal statements against organized crime families in Italy. He ultimately paid for his statements with his life as he was shot to death outside of his home in 1993.

After the service, the Pope spoke out against many of the crimes committed by Italian mafias:

“My thoughts are with the suffering of women, men and also children who are exploited by the many mafias who make them slaves, through prostitution, through many social pressures. They cannot do this, they cannot make our brothers slaves, we must pray to the Lord to make these mafiosi convert to God.”

Pope Francis made headlines earlier this week when he said that atheists will be redeemed as long as they are good. As you can expect, the statement was met with controversy. His latest statements regarding the mafia will undoubtedly be met with less resistance.

  • http://www.catholicnation.com Patricio Bridges

    What a bold statement and it’s about time someone in the church hierarchy addressed this subject. I’m sure he was including the drug gangs in Latin-America who wear rosaries around their necks and go to Mass on Sundays at the same time killing thousands of innocent people sometimes mutilating their bodies. I applaud this pope for stepping forward and stepping on some well needed toes.