Bishop Tebartz-van Elst Dismissed by Pope

    March 27, 2014
    Mike Fossum
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The Vatican announced Wednesday that the resignation of embattled Bishop of Limburg Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst had been accepted. Pope Francis had temporarily expelled the German bishop from his diocese back in October, due to his $42.7 million project to build a new residence. The Pope had initially refused to completely remove Tebartz-van Elst from his post in Limburg, though many associated with the Holy See had called for it.

In a statement, The Vatican Press office to the administration said that the Congregation for Bishops has “carefully studied the report of the Commission requested by the Bishop and by the Cathedral Chapter, to undertake thorough investigations about the responsibilities involved in the construction of the Diocesan Centre ‘St. Nikolaus.'” Once Pope Francis had the report in hand, he’d accepted Tebartz-van Elst’s resignation.

The Vatican has said that the Limburg bishop had resigned from his post on October, 20 2013, and has since appointed a sede vacante Apostolic Administrator, Bishop Manfred Grothe, to hold things down in the interim.

Tebartz-van Elst is no stranger to controversy. He’d been criticized by local priests after recalling the dean of Wetzlar for blessing a homosexual couple in 2008. Tebartz-van Elst also attempted to suppress media reports of a first-class flight to India after he’d upgraded it in 2012. The cagey bishop was appointed on November 28, 2007, by Pope Benedict XVI.

The Vatican went on to say that diocese of Limburg has fallen into a “situation that prevents a fruitful exercise of the ministry of Bishop Franz -Peter Tebartz-van Elst.” Though, the bishop will eventually be transferred. The press office added, “In due course (Tebartz-van Elst) will receive another assignment.”

Pope Francis is known for his affinity towards a more toned-down mode of papal living – he’s moved into a Vatican guesthouse, and doesn’t ride around in a tricked-out Mercedes popemobile. During a recent trip to Brazil, he was driven in a Fiat, and has been seen in Fords and Volkswagons. Clearly Tebartz-van Elst’s actions have been seriously frowned upon.

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  • Guest

    (BTW – it’s spelled “Volkswagen”) – But the point here is that does anyone see any hypocrisy or something amiss here, with this particular bishop, who, is basically fired for “overspending” (yeah, it’s not like the church doesn’t already have enough ostentatious cathedrals, palaces, etc as well as various property holdings as investments, etc) ,meanwhile, there are still, currently, many priests, bishops, monsignors, etc. running around raping boys left & right and the only things that happen to them is that,at least the real authorities are taking action & finally putting a few in prison where they belong! Why haven’t these pederasts been all fired? Why does the Vatican keep on moving them around and pretending like they know nothing, hoping the situations will just “go away”?? It sounds like spending too much of the church’s money is a graver “sin” than raping 13 year old altar boys!

  • https://www.kmanthie.wordpress.com kmanthie

    Why does this particular bishop get fired for spending too much of the church’s money, but when it comes to the myriad pederasts with which the church is infested, nothing happens to them (unless a particular state takes action and indicts & a jury convicts and sends them to prison)?? Why have I not heard of a mass firing of these child rapist priests and the Bishops that either also take part or at least cover it up and protect them. All the Vatican ever does is to just move them around and pretend the scandal will go away, They want to act like this pandemic of pederasty doesn’t really exist. This is just shameful!!