Police Kill Dog: Video Goes Viral, Lawsuit To Follow (GRAPHIC)

    July 2, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Police officers in Hawthorne, California are facing some heat this week after a video was posted to Reddit which showed them shooting a man’s dog.

The man, Leon Rosby, was taking video on his phone of several officers who had closed off a street and were going into a home; he, in turn, was being recorded by another bystander. After a brief exchange with the officers, they approached Rosby, who put his dog–which appears to be a Rottweiler–into his car and then turned and willingly put his hands behind his back to be handcuffed for allegedly obstructing justice at a crime scene.

However, the officers can be seen getting a little rough with Rosby and his dog became agitated and began barking from the car, which had the windows rolled down. The animal jumped out and approached the group, still barking, and one officer opened fire, shooting several times. Rosby, who is clearly devastated in the video, is planning to sue the Hawthorne Police Department; however, they say they were not only protecting themselves, but were protecting Rosby, who was handcuffed and wouldn’t have been able to protect himself had the dog attacked.

“It looks like the officer tried to reach down and grab the leash, and then the dog lunges in the direction of him and the other officers there,” Hawthorne police Lt. Scott Swain said to the Daily Breeze. “And I know it’s the dog’s master, and more than likely not going to attack him, (but) we’ve got a guy handcuffed that’s kind of defenseless. We have a duty to defend him, too.”

You can watch the video below, but please be warned: it’s graphic and highly disturbing.

  • Mike

    Those cops need to be prosecuted. There are 3 sides to every story but the excessive force they displayed was not needed.

    How many people has that MF cop shot? He needs to be driven off of any good police force. I am a police supporter but this event has me concerned that pigs like that cop are able to get away with this type of behavior.

    He will get what he is due.

    • BJ

      Oh please! Give me a break! What was the cop supposed to do when a huge aggressive ROTTWEILER is lunging at him to attack? Try to pet it? He did just what you or I would have done if a huge dog is attacking us and we had a gun, SHOOT IT!

      • http://webpronews.com mark

        lunging…you better look at the tape again if you call that lunging you are blind that dog was harmeless. and the cop had a stick up his butt and didnt stay calm as he should have.

        • Lloyd

          Im sure a boot to the head would have done the job. Perhaps flashlight? Friggin pistol whip. That cop is in the wrong.

      • http://yahoo Diane Adams

        I would not have shot it as I do not and would not own a gun.

      • M

        Yeah. He shot it.
        FOUR TIMES.
        And then while the dog was spasming in the street he had his gun leveled at it like it was still a threat. Really? This guy was CLEARLY looking to shoot something, and probably has been for a long time. When the dog first became aggressive (protective of his owner) you can see in the video the other cops start trying to calm it. This guy goes right for his gun AND HE WAS THE FURTHEST AWAY!

      • Wiiner

        You are an idiot. If this is a dog attack that has your life threatened then you should not be on the police force. I have seen far worse attacks from dogs then this one that you white knights for cops saw.

        That officer was itching to pull his trigger, was written all over his body expressions. More than likely was upset SWAT was getting all the action.

        Also even if he was bit once there were plenty of cops to stop the situation. I mean these cops looked like a bunch of females in a 80s movie when a mouse is found in the kitchen.

      • Intolerable of Ignorance

        “Aggressive”?? You moron! The dog backed away a few times. The cop continued to move forward and reached rather the then let the dog calm down. Again what about pepper spray, a Taser, or just shoting once as a last resort not four times.

    • jay

      If the guy cared about his dog he would have not put himself in that position. Agitating officers trying to do their job with obnoxious talk. Strutting around taunting the police officers. Just put the phone away and shut up and your dog lives.

      • peace

        You’re an idiot

      • John F Hendry

        What about humans that don’t harass the police that steal evidence to support a political lobbyist? This guy’s reaction to video and support his right to document what is happening, perhaps provide evidence, is a result of illegal police activity.

    • http://yahoo Earl Greer

      I hope the guy sues . I cops are payed to protect and even the dog. What happened to pepper spray.What happened to freedom of speach. We are to TRUST these people , no thanks I will take care of my self.FUCK THAT The guy did nothing wrong.

    • Der Lowe

      So lets back this up a to the beginning.. The gentleman here in my option seem to be overly intrigued of what was or is happening. (strike #1) Instead of just moving on about his day. It appears he made verbal contact with PD enough to place his animal in the car. (strike #2) Could have reached or obtain a weapon. Once placed under detainment the PD appears to ask him to sit down on the curb. (strike #3) Refusing and causing a scene works the animal into a barking and aggressive behavior. Once the animal leaves the parked car. By the way a 100 plus pound dog breed that is on many aggressive breed list has a Retractable Leash that normally has a 25 lb. Weight Limit.. (strike#4) My point is I’m sadden to see it had come down to the lose of an animal but it all could have been stopped at strike #1 mind your own business and let the PD do the job they came there for. I guarantee without a doubt you and anyone else in that position would have done the same thing. PROTECT and Serve.

      • jon

        couldn’t agree with you more…..

      • bill

        The music u hear blaring was coming from the car the dog was placed in… The police had asked him to turn it down and he refused…. They were arresting him for interfering with their apprehension of another perp…. Too bad it ended as it did…. Plenty of blame to share here… Listen to the guys recording the vid, hoping the dog will get out… Then appalled at the results…

  • Andrea Booker

    Are you kidding me – First what did the man do to be handcuffed and then kill the man’s dog. I respect what the police have to do everyday, but this is out of line. All of the officers should be fired today – period. That dog was only barking and to say the officers were protecting him from the dog is also crazy. Fire both of the officers NOW.

  • denise

    What is wrong with this picture. Hum… poor man and his dog…
    The police are so full of bs these days…

  • http://webpronews.com mark

    fire the cop that shot that dog didnt hurt a soul. animal rights should be involved also. this man should be handed a nice chunk of change that officer had no right to shoot his dog. and to protect him as a excuse is a poor one. the dog was clearly not after any one that badly and could have been controlled had the officer stayed calm. now i feel he should be fired.

  • Catcher

    The mouthy AA was interfering with the cops. Read the article, he got his dog shot, his fault and no other.

    • Intolerable of Ignorance

      The man recording was perfectly within his rights. (1st & 4th amendment) He did not go beyon the police cars barricading the area which should have been the police focus. With a phone in one hand and a leashed dog in the other obviously did not pose a threat. If the cops were doing their jobs corrrctly and focusing on the task at hand this never would have happened.

  • Lloyd

    If this happened to me the headline would probably say “Police Kill Dog, Dog Owner”

  • Jenna

    You can hear the idiot who got his dog killed say to the cops ‘How come there ain’t no black cops?’, harassing officers and being far too close to what they were doing. You don’t see anyone else on that side of the street, strutting around, yelling stuff at officers now do you? He knew how his dog was, he knew he would be aggressive. He even screams ‘civil rights’ while putting the dog in the vehicle. The dog was not secured and we don’t know whether the cops were detaining him or arresting him.

    The dog lunged 3 times at the officers. Once when it first ran out. Second when the cops were close by and then lastly, the fatal one.

    You see the cop reach for the leash. What are you going to do after you’ve already tried to subdue it? Be mauled to death?

    • Intolerable of Ignorance

      Once again, a bunch of ignorant cops had to display thier power and use unnecessary force. He had to use his gun? That was his only means of Defense? He didn’t have other tools such as a Taser or pepper spray. In safety training are police taught to charge a dog the way he did? The poor confused dog move back a few times and the cop continued to move towards him.

      • drew

        john schueler

  • http://yahoo Diane Adams

    These cops need to have done to them what they did to that dog. There are much better ways to handle this mess than killing the dog. In my mind they are all murderers. Hope they rot in Hell!

    • dirty harry

      Shame on you little whore. Hope you dont need the police someday

      • Jim

        No one needs this kind of police.

        You seem like such an angry, tiny pricked little whiny loser.

        A poor, powerless, uneducaated nobody. Trash.

  • Zj

    1) You don’t have to be under arrest to be handcuffed, you are only under arrest once your Miranda right have be stated to you. He was only being detained. Police officers do this for their own safety so that when they are patting this guy down he doesn’t attack them. 2) For everyone saying that these cops should be fired should be put into their shoes. What would you have done to try to stop an AGGRESSIVE breed of dog from attacking you or your co-workers? This man went willingly under arrest he should have willingly rolled up the window far enough so that his dog couldn’t get out, he had more than enough time to do so.

    • http://webpronews.com mark

      that cop was clearly trigger happy and didnt know how to calmly control a animal. and im sorry pal if you are that afraid of a damn dog then you are in the wrong profession. I once worked in a animal shelter and had to stick my hand in many MEAN animals cages and took the risk of getting bit and once when i was a kid i had a dog turn on me and bite a chunk of my lip off. and it was no rot ..but i learned one valuable lesson. not to panic or be afraid. and whoever taught that officer how to react to a kanine clearly taught him wrong. the LAST thing you do is panic as he clearly did. and im sorry that dog was how many feet from him …and clearly just confused and needed to be calmed down. that officer had a club too what was wrong with that? he could have kept the dog away with it easily. buddy you better take another look and think. forget the color of the man….what if it was your dog? that man will be rich and the officer that fired those shots will be fired. watch. officers train there own dogs to be agressive. if that dog was out of control he would not have been the distance he was when he got shot he would have been on one of them and attacking. this officer was a moron and a idiot with a gun and deserves to lose his badge i wouldnt let a trigger happy idiot like that carry period ! as i said his club would have worked and in the public setting he was in he should have never drew his gun it should have been his club…tell me why couldnt he have just used his club answer that! poor damn dog. not only did he have his club but he prob had boots on that can knock the crap out of the dog…heck one kick and he would have been warded off. im sorry that man was a moron for shooting that dog. and pal im white and to me it didnt look as if this man wasnt doing much of anything.

    • cbgb

      You are an Idiot, Rottweilers are not an aggressive dog breed. Quit watching too many movies. Cops are out of control and had no reason to fire weapons in a neighborhood.

      • Der Lowe

        Guess you need to do a little research.. before you began to type..

        a general rule, insurance companies tend to resist covering these 11 types of dogs — or any mix of these breeds — most often, says Einhorn.

        Pit Bulls & Staffordshire Terriers
        Doberman Pinschers
        German Shepherds
        Great Danes
        Presa Canarios
        Alaskan Malamutes
        Siberian Huskies
        (Note: Insurance companies tend to deny coverage for the first four breeds on this list most often, experts say.) from FORBES look it up

    • Sharon Berry

      What would I have done Zj. Well, I’ll tell you I would have done, exactly what I did when a rot mix attacked a puppy at a fundraiser I worked. I jumped on the back of the dog and jerked his collar back till the owner could get his dog out of the rots mouth. I then sat on the dog and held it till my fellow employees with the Humane Society of Atchison put it into our van. Oh, and when the pit bull that lives across my street went to join the mail-person on her route dragging its 3 foot chain behind her and the woman took that as the dog was going to attack and lunged at it with a big stick, I ran and got between the dog and said woman and led the dog home. Oh, and when the same dog came over and my dog and her got in a fight I intervened and got my dog inside and led the pit home. The pit did $100 damage to my dog, so yes they can get vicious. Do not tell me that dog was lunging at the officer, I saw the video and from my angle they were hitting this man and the dog ran to its owner. Not the officer. A real man would have calmed the dog down, picked up its lease and put it back in the car. This is not a fighting dog. This was someone’s pet. Oh, and by the way I am 68 years old and weigh 145. Yes, animals can attack, but with a little common sense we can control their actions. I have done it many times without a gun.

    • John

      Wrong… you are considered “under arrest” anytime you are detained by a piblic safety officer and not free to leave. The officer who shot the dog approaced him first and the dog responded by jumping a him. It was a bad shooting and unnexessary.

      • Zj

        No…. actually you are wrong. Like I said for officer safety you can handcuff a person and pat them down and detain them for a short period of time. You are only under arrest when there is probable cause that you committed a crime. You can detain someone to investigate what is going on and so that they don’t flee the scene.

  • http://webpronews.com mark

    and not only did the officer fire at a dog that really was clearly not out of control YET…but he also endangeredthe public by firing a gun in a VERY public area.he could have killed more than just the dog by a stray bullet. this man was clearly trigger happy and more out of control than the dog this manDEARLY wronged and so was his poor dog. and by the way who taught this cop gun saftey in public and how to keep your head on your sholders? this man clearly lost control and reacted wrongly and was lucky he didnt shoot anyone with a ricochet the damn fool with his gun.

    • Zj

      It is mandatory for officers to go to the gun range and be re-certified year after year. I would much rather have a cop shooting then these “thugs” who tote a gun sideways firing as if its the end of the world. You are thinking worst case scenario here, what if a bullet hit a gas tank and the whole block blew up. We can all do what “ifs”.

  • Ricky Yates

    That was Total Bullshit What Those cops Did!

    • Tony

      Of course, Ricky. You’d have preferred the officer bleeding.

  • walter nickel

    Officer should have told owner to put dog back in the vehicle. Animal abuse is a crime. No officer is above the law. Prosecute the officer.

    • dirty harry

      I hope you get bit

      • james

        and i hope your rights get violated

  • Angel

    First of all, the real issue, is the owner getting his poor dog shot. Why was he mouthing off anyway? talking smack about there not being any black cops there, blah blah blah, and then posturing back and forth being straight out ignorant. and anyone who said they wouldnt shoot a 200 pound dog lunging at them is full of it. poor dog, but idiotic owner. Cops are probably ashamed but dont deserve to be punished.

    • Brad

      How was that obstructing justice? Is taking video of police illegal? Sure, he was being a jerk, but is that illegal now, too? He was half a block away from the officers.

  • Chad

    My God, the dog wasnt even attacking…this is so sad! That poor dog!
    Overeager police, no need to shoot the dog….heartbreaking.

    • Tony

      Chad, I suggest a good optometrist. At the moment he was shot, the dog already jumped up on his hind legs to attack. I’m an animal lover & have two dogs & three cats. I’d have done the same thing & wouldn’t have waited as long as the officer did.

      • Dave

        Regardless of the size of the dog, if its attacking him or not, he could have stoped the dog and had his owner put him back in the car with the windows up, he didn’t have to use a gun like an ignorant coward, cop deserves what he gave the dog.

  • cestall

    What exactly is the problem? You’re all ignorant about what exactly was going on. And, you weren’t there, with a large rottweiler mere feet from you. But once again, Americans are stupid and rush to judge, making everything about race and never taking logical approaches to anything.

  • Austin

    People rip on the police too much. It’s obvious here the dog was a threat to the police, and they didn’t even open fire immediately like the media made it seem. They held off until the dog appeared to attack and that’s when they opened fire. I feel they are justified.

    • John

      That dog was not much of a threat. I have seen dog attacks I have watched police training dogs. That dog was very mild. Just trying to take care of his owner. The shooting of the dog was totally wrong.

  • asdfasdfbla

    You don’t walk aggressively towards cops

    • philly chavez

      WHY? They do to you to intimidate you.

  • John

    I support the police and the rough job they have to do. In this case the police were VERY WRONG . They had enough to do with their original situation they were brought their for. The guy with his phone cam should have been the least of their worries. The officers responsible need too be punished and removed from their positions.

  • My Opinion

    The owner was at complete fault in this situation. Rule number one: if the police is in your neighborhood or whatever, you go the opposite way or go to your home where you are safe. That man was video taping,and walking around very close to police, I ask you why? That action in itself looks suspect. For all we know he could have been an informant. It is sad and disturbing to see a poor doggie suffer for the negligence if his owner. If you were put in that situation, would you have done the same? I know I would. A dog that close and unpredictable, is all I am saying. thank you for listening.

    • Ay

      The man who was arrested had already filed a complaint against these police officers. This man put his dog in his car and willingly handed himself over. The man recording knew that this man had reported these officers, so he was recording in case something happened.

    • Kenny

      Obstruction of justice????

    • Kenny

      You go the opposite way or go to your home where you are safe.
      “What rule of going other way, others did not.Tape off the area”

      That man was video taping,and walking around very close to police, I ask you why? “The news people video tape, You and I video tape” “Watch the video, he was not close”

      For all we know he could have been an informant.
      “Was he informing?”

      It is sad and disturbing to see a poor doggie suffer for the negligence if his owner. “he placed the dog into car”

      If you were put in that situation, would you have done the same?
      “Did you notice the other officers did not”

      I know I would “You would, because of you replies”

      A dog that close and unpredictable
      “unpredictable, Well don’t just shoot it”

  • JADA

    have the pigs ever heard of animal control? Im sure if they called they would have taken the dog away unharmed.NO EXCUSES! go solve a real crime. you should both be FIRED!!!

  • EmiRO

    Cops are complete cowards. I hope that cop gets shot three times too. Karma is a bitch.

    • Sondra

      A human being should get shot for doing his job? The dog was obviously a threat and the cop didn’t shoot until the dog bit at him.

      • Mike

        Sondra maybe the dog was “AL-QUEDA”.. Could be….

    • dirty harry

      yea, but when you call the cops in your little ghetto hood, they come and help little bitches like you.

      • james

        whens the last time you you heard of a cop serving or protecting. they ticket and arrest. they should be held to a higher standard

      • Jim

        How do you know so much about “the ghetto”?

        You are the ghetto boy. You are the poor trash.

        Now go sleep with your grandmother again.

  • Titch

    An example of unjustified use of deadly force. In the Military we are trained to use the least amount of force required to resolve the issue at hand and defend ourselfs. Pepper spray would have been useful. I agree that the man actted like a fool but that does not mean that the Police didn’t over react.

  • EmiRO

    Where is the taser at? It’s easy to pull the trigger, very sad. Hope the cops spends some jail time with the owner of the dog.

    • rab

      Animals do not respond to tasers the same way people do. They regroup almost instantly after the voltage stops and quite often attack directly at the source of their pain in blind fury. Saw a tased cow almost kill a guy about a half second after being zapped. Didn’t slow him down a bit – he went from laying on his side to a full charge faster than most people could react.

  • Angel Schmidt

    Don’t all law enforcement officers carry tasers now? Just saying…

  • Kevin

    That’s messed up. The dog didn’t even attack? Cops got one hell of a trigger finger. The dog was just peacefully trying to protect his owner, which any respectable human would do in a similar situation. If only the dog could speak. Props to the pooch. I’ve been bitten by a few dogs including a rotweiller. All I gotta say is that cop’s a wuss. If you sign up to go in front of danger and have everyone hate you… you should probably grow a pair first. But that’s coming from the idiot that tries to break up fights when I see someone getting jumped.. well join in actually kind because I think jumping people is for wusses.. lol.. just twice. I think cops should be given a test to see how they perform in life threatening high stress situations. But there would be no way to do that without actually putting them in danger… More former military! Less kids that got picked on in high school and want revenge!! All in all. S*** happens, fire or charge the cop for being a puss, he’d probably be the type to shoot a guy that he THINKS has a gun, sorry to the dude that got arrested. And they should have leashed up the dog. RIP surprisingly self-controlled pup. Hopefully someone learns a lesson from this… and not just that cops suck

  • Angel

    Don’t all law enforcement officers carry tasres now? Just saying…

    • rab

      Most departments only alloy carrying a taser after training which includes being tased yourself. Some officers simply choose not to do it – BTW, it hurts like h3ll!!!

  • http://yahoo Nick L

    F*ck the stupid police stupid asshole

    • dirty harry

      F*ck you cop hating bitch

      • Mike

        Go home and eat your GMO foods, take your vaccines and be a good little bolshevik

    • ivan

      I would shoot the dog too. Clearly from the video the dog lunge at the police. In a split second decision, I would shoot the dog. The owner was taunting the police by walking back and forth and videotaping.

      The owner is at fault by not restraining the dog. The dog is protecting his owner and the police is protecting the situation.

  • robert

    So sad,such a shame,First maybe that guy was too close,maybe he was taunting the cops by making sure they seen him.What were they cuffing him for?making comments?voicing his opinion?He wasn’t interfearing with thier job,of course he wanted a scene,he wanted to be involved,otherwise he would not of did what he did.Those cops either should of told him to leave the scene or let him leave but he they should not of called him back!and for voicing his thoughts!Its not a crime to view your anger.They are suppose to be train in being able to ignore comments,unless he threaten the cops.The whole incident could of been avoided by both parties.

  • Victoria

    Both sides are at fault here…the man because he didn’t secure the dog. He should have rolled the windows up so the dog couldn’t get out. However, the police should have ordered him to restrain the dog instead of shooting it. Any dog will defend its master.

    • Angel

      I agree both sides are at fault. I also agree the officers should have had the fellow detain his dog. Yet, notice that the officers stand & stay their position at first while they communicate to each other how they are going to handle this fellow who apparently is pissing them off. They couldn’t discuss how they would detain the dog while they were sizing up the situation between each other for those minutes? Or did they communicate to each other…”Hey! Lets kill this &$%@#!*’s dog!”

  • PIGS

    So they arrested dude for videotaping cops cause they have history of abusing power in every and all cities. Then shoot his dog. F the police

    • jon

      no they arrested him for taunting the police…..

      • Tyrone

        That’s no grounds to even be arrested on.

    • Ann

      His RADIO was too loud! They asked him it turn it down and he refused. None of it is right and it should not have happened. It was not the camera phone. Read all the articles on the Internet about this.

  • Jay

    Sad however – Leon Rosby should be charged with animal cruelty. He put his dog in that situation by acting like an idiot and interfering with police. The dog was only responding instinctively to protect his idiot owner.

    • PIGS

      lol.. why yessa master ill bow down to u cause u got a badge and gun.. haha there is def a paradigm shift in conscious thought when comes to how to deal with cops however i guess some people need those ‘brave brave police’

  • Lidia Bertoli

    The poor dog was trying to defend his owner… this police deserve a real punishment for killing such inocent creature… they’re so stupid and coward…

  • Sondra

    A human beings life and well being is much more important than a dogs. The owner was taunting the police and didn’t keep his dog restrained, the cops were doing there jobs. Don’t run your mouth and be a punk then be offended by the outcome, nothing would have happened to the man or his dog if he would have kept his mouth shut he was basically asking for it.

    • Paula

      How could you say a dog’s life isnt worth as much as a human’s.If anything it is worth a heck of alot more and in fact each tiny bit of life is precious no matter how small or big so if anything dogs are equal and should be given the right to live.

      • Sondra

        Dogs don’t have families that depend on them to go to work and do their job regardless of how hard it is or what backlash they will get to come home and put a roof over their heads and food on their table. My father is a police officer and I would be devastated if his life was taken for the life of a dog. How would you feel if your mom dad brother or sister was taken away from you for a dog that tried to attack them?

        • You my friend, are retarded.

          How would you feel if you’re beloved dog was taken away from you because of some idiot that doesn’t give a sh*t? Exactly.

          • Sondra

            The owner was the one who got his “beloved dog” killed in the first place. IF he would have kept him restrained properly nothing would have happened. The cops weren’t “roughing” the man up just doing their jobs. Are you telling me that if a dog tried to attack you, you would just lay down and let it happen because you don’t want to risk the life of a “beloved dog”

        • Intolerable of Ignorance

          Sondra, I’m sorry you are so blind and ignorant that you couldn’t see the dog backing away a few times. It was not until the cop reached for the dog that the dog lunged. He couldn’t use a Taser or pepper spray? Deadly force was his only option? God forbid a toddler should accidentally obtain a gun and go waving the dangerous object aroud in a crowd. Would the cop be acting appropiatly if he shot the toddler four times?

    • Mike

      Sondra. I am sorry I am white, conservative in some ways and liberal in others. I have had it with your buddies the cops. They are gang members with badges, with outrageous pensions that I pay for, and do not protect and serve. They serve elites and protect no one. I live a few miles from where this occurrf and I am sick of the damn cops. Also they are the ones who muscle the drug dealers on the streets too. They are corrupt, unionized blue collar thugs .look at their behavior in Boston, pulling innocent whites and blacks at gunpoint without a warrant. I AM SO GOD DAMN ANGRY at you for your rationalizing their criminal behavior.., go to hell

      • Intolerable of Ignorance

        Mike, I agree with you on so many points.

  • nick

    Both at fault. One he should have left the area or watched from a distance. No drawn so much attention to him. As a dog owner I am responsible for the absolute control of my dog. My dog would have healed on command. Before they did anything they should have mad sure the dog was secure. What dumbass reaches at the dog that is irritated already. Bad owner of the dog bad cop for reacting wrong towards the dog. All were at fault.

  • Karma

    Hope these cops catch a bullet themselves.

    • Sondra

      How bout you go tell these cops sons daughters and wives that you hope they die for the life of an animal? Have none of you seen the damage a dog of this size can do to somebody?

      • Dave

        You can’t tell me that dog could kill that cop ,that dog could injure him of course but it couldn’t kill him, that cop is a jack ass, needs to be thrown in prison the rest of his life. Hope dogs end up attacking and killing him.

        • Sondra

          If a man is running and screaming at the police with a knife in his hand they have every right to shoot him wether he has the intent to kill them or just hurt them. You cant take any chances in that line of work and that is the exact same thing as a dog but of course people wouldn’t feel bad for the death of another human being.

          • Cop Gangsters

            Dog wasn’t attacking. If the dog was attacking he would have known it. You ever see a dog attack? No of course not. This is going to be yet another black vs white type case where the white kills a black or in this case a black guys dog and the white pretends his life was in danger. We are getting sick of this szhit and soon its going to boil over and people will start carrying AK47’s again in their cars to deal with it.

          • julie

            Sondra your comment is pointless in this situation. We are not talking about a man running and screaming at the cops with a knife in his hand are we? NO! So save your sorry ass comments! That man did NOTHING illegal! My question is why was he cuffed to begin with? The dog only did what any dog would have done, protected his master. They had no business MURDERING an innocent dog! I hope they get their asses sued, the deserve it.

        • chad

          All cops should have thick skin or find other professions?

  • jon

    If that jerk was minding his own business then his dog wouldnt be dead now…….

    • Angel

      What…under a rock?

      • jon

        he was clearly taunting the cops….. he should have put the dog away and then got in his car and went home…. mind your own business and your dog doesnt get shot by the cops….

  • Angel

    I agree both sides are at fault. The officers should have had the fellow detain his dog. You can see the officers communicating to each other how they are going to handle this fellow who is obviously pissing them off. Did they not spend those minutes also discussing how they would handle the mans dog? Or did they? Just imagine…”Hey! Lets kill this mans dog!!!

  • http://yahoo.com phillip link

    Clearly those cops are to blame an that guy was arrested for no reason other than filming the cops, an they are to blame for the death of the dog an that police force should be sued to the max also the cop s who arrested the man an the son of a bitch cop who shot that dog. Cops wonder why people hate them , first class example!!!!

  • Old Curmudgeon

    The only one not at fault here was the dog. The owner lipping off to the cops, the cops over-reacting and the dog gets shot for doing his job…protecting his master from what he perceived as a threat. If the dog’s owner would have turned down the music, or just gotten in the car and driven away, none of this would have happened…no arrest and no dead dog.

    • mxmikol

      Old Curmudgeon, did you see the same video as the rest of us?? Where was this guy lipping off to the cops. They pulled out the handcuffs and he complied without any resistance. They then proceeded to rough him up. Exactly where did the lipping off occur???

      • Spencer R

        You clearly didnt hear or see the video. Yes there were other people video recording the scene, this is why we have this video in the first place. However why was this the only guy to get closer than anyone else, and then proceed to mouth off to the cops. Id like for everyone to hear what The Guy With the Dog was recording and saying before everyone blames anyone.

        The dog was pretty brolic my dude, and as you can see from the video, the cop didnt come guns a blazing. It was when the bystanders themselves YELLED the dog was loose (watch it watch it) when he drew his weapon. It’s not like all the cops began popping it with shots, but the dog got close and lunged and the Cop who is unfamiliar to and with the dog, got scared, a reaction, protecting.

        No the dog’s not at fault, Yes the Owner smudged the line between the right to record and being belligerent. No the cop shouldnt be punished as harshly as everyone here seems.

        its a shitty situation, but its not this great race war or cops against civilians you all want it to be.

        • Woody

          Harshly? The Cop should be flipping burgers by now. Gun happy Cowboy. Hey, Idiot, this isn’t the wild, wild west.

        • Intolerable of Ignorance

          No, Spencer you watch to video. The cop was moving toward the dog and leaning over it. Which is aggressive behavior to a dog. Additionally, cops have other tools for defense such as a Taser or pepper spray. He did not have to use excessive force and shot the poor, confused dog four times. That over reaction would have been excessive even if it was a person with a weapon.

  • iHATEcops

    i wish the dog wouldA just kill those PIGS. DEATH TO AMERICA~!!!!!!

    • Angel

      You are, without a doubt, a sick puppy.

    • David

      Then what would do……get a job? Oh ,now wouldn’t that cruel!

    • philly chavez

      Death to America? If it’s so baD, LEAVE DOUCHE BAG.

  • Terry Bennet

    Arrested a man for video tapping in a public place? In the video you can clearly see other people recording the situation. There is no law saying you cannot video tape in a public area. The police are at fault for placing false charges on a man. They were the ones being aggressive. This man was doing absolutely nothing wrong. Would they have arrested a white woman walking her poodle and recording with her phone. Hell no!
    These officers should be fired for pulling out a weapon with so many bystanders around watching. Any of those bullets could have easily ricochet off the ground and hit someone else.

    • mxmikol

      True Terry. People do not trust the cops, especially in L A. That some police will – and do – abuse their authority is exactly why courts have affirmed that people may videotape them as long as they do not impede the officer doing his or her duty. I hope they get what is coming to them. They had no right to cuff this guy and they did so roughly. Scumbags.

    • Marian

      IT would not have been a problem if the guy had not approached the cops. He could have taped all day if not for his mouth getting his ass in that situation. The dog did nothing wrong but his owner did. Black or white had nothing to do with it.

      • philly chavez

        “Marian”- So we’re supposed to run from cops and not tell them they’re being video-taped (so they don’t do anything illegal?) Coward airhead.

    • Fred

      Watching the video my first thought was why is this guy provoking the police? My next thought, if he is going to do that, why not put the dog in the house? The cops appear calm. The guy puts his dog in his car and then walks towards the cops in order to be handcuffed? Who does he think will care for his dog when he goes to jail? There is not enough information from the video to judge who is at fault, but interfering with the police is not a wise move. What were the cops doing that caused them to be provoked? Maybe more about this will come out later…
      Police are not trained to deal with dogs other than the trained police dogs that are highly skilled and dangerous weapons (not pets).
      That being said, why does the police officer continue to fire on the dog after one shot sends the dog down? He panicked. Not a well trained police officer. Obviously he had an itchy trigger finger.
      Should this guy have even been arrested when it seems he was just being a nuisance and they were doing fine ignoring him for the first few minutes?
      Being a cop is mostly a thankless job but you have to control your emotions. Get used to the fact people don’t like you. Words aren’t going to hurt anybody. Let people say what they want.
      I don’t want to watch the video again. (It’s so sad – poor dog, everyone agrees the dog did nothing wrong!)
      This could have been handled much better by both the cops and the guy whose actions lead to his dog being killed.
      I don’t think he has a valid case against the cops – even so animals are only deemed as property by the law so he is only entitled to what he paid for the dog if he does win a court settlement.
      The dog owner put his dog in a car with the window down where it could escape after provoking the police to arrest him.
      A good dog owner would have put the safety and care for his dog above what seems to be a petty grudge.
      Step back and take a video like the other people did and there is no problem.
      I still hate the cops for shooting this dog though.

  • Terry Bennet

    why doesn’t Yahoo post this article on it’s page? Too REAL??

  • You my friend, are retarded.

    You guys are idiots, dogs are part of your family as you dog owners know. I was more hurt by watching this than I would’ve been by watching Tony or that cop get shot. My chocolate lab (one of the nicest breeds btw) would’ve done the same thing if you were a stranger trying to grab him and you had me subdued, actually the Rottweiler had more patience than my lab would. Some of you are just idiots. If that cop had the balls to grab at a non aggressive dog, he deserves to have his jugular bitten.

  • mxmikol

    The guy videotaping the police was in his right to do so. States’ Supreme Courts have affirmed time and time again that as long as you are not physically interfering with the officers you may video tape them. The dog’s owner was no where near the cops. He was quite a distance away and certainly no impediment to them doing their job. When they handcuffed him, he offered no resistance but they still roughed him up. I hope he is successful with his suit.

    • emp9

      These cops were in the wrong, too many cops dont even know the laws. you have every right to video tape in public. of course crooked cops hate when you do it.

    • http://Yahoo Apache Harrington

      Yo! He was verbally harassing them or are you deaf? He caused the whole situation. You reap what you sow. I feel bad for the dog having an irresponsible owner.

      • Cop Gangsters

        “verbally harassing”
        You nitwit.

        • http://Yahoo Apache Harrington

          Yo dummy clean the wax out of your ears and listen to the other guy taping him!

          • Jay

            Verbal harassment is not a reason for arrest or even detainment. Get a clue.

      • http://Yahoo Apache Harrington

        Why do people always have to focus on the breed of dog. There is no such thing as a bad breed, just bad owners!

  • Sondra

    Dogs don’t have families that rely on them to go to work and do their jobs regardless of how hard they are or how much backlash they get for what they do to come home and put a roof over their heads and food on the table. My father is a police officer and I would be devastated if his life was taken for the life of a dog. How would you all feel if your mom dad brother or sisters life was taken in place of a dog who tried to attack them?

    • PandaPitbull

      Both my father and aunt just retired from being a police officers. They would have thought about this situation before acting.Shooting a gun on the street so quickly without concern of bystanders. Lucky it was only the dog. With all of those officers there, that seen a man put his dog in an open window car. Don’t you think one of them had the common sense to approach the situation differently. I just spent 2 years as an ACO dealing with dangerous dogs for 2 years with no bite stick , mace or gun. Dealing with and serving the public with tons of daily backlash and no dogs mauling me. These officers need to have better training. And unless you hate your family any person would be devastated by a death, no matter how. People who cannot quickly and calmly think about a dangerous situation should be pulled out of the line of duty and given more better training.Or just fired.

      • Woody

        Police Officers in Cally being better trained. Surely you jest. They have a hard time getting people intelligent enough to pass the hiring exam let alone training.

    • pp

      The point is not whether the dog got shot by a police office to protect himself – the point is that the police should have seen that the dog was NOT fully restrained. If I was an officer, the first thing I would do in this situation is tell the owner to seal the dog within the car. Then approach. What happened was a result of stupidity of the officers. They should be sued and all four of them should take extra training, the error placed in their personal files, each placed on probation, and each take a leave without pay for a prescribed amount of time.

    • jane

      dog didn’t try to attack him, idiot

    • Yup.

      @sondra seriously?! Nobody cares your dad is a cop and its for damn sure his life wouldnt have been taken by a dog! With that many police officers around him he woulda been shot the first lunge he took. But obviously your ignorant ass doesnt get that. The fact is that the cop shot the dog for no reason. He shot him once then shot him 3 more times AFTER he was backing away? Its like if your police father was shot to back away then shot 3 more times and left to die and suffer in the middle of the street?! You wouldnt be saying all this ignorant shit now would you? You would fight for the person that shot him to be put away wouldnt you?! You would LOVE for someone to have a video of what happened so you could have proof!!! No matter what he did wether he ran his mouth or not he had a RIGHT to film those cops he was not obstructing justice. If was not a distraction and he did not cause trouble. Just because all these ignorant people want to be racist and say blacks are this and that. Just shut up!!!!! The dog died and nothing is gonna bring him back! Not people fighting over it and especially not some ignorant person bringing up her/his family to get a point across. Your dad wasnt on the field and neither were other peoples moms or dads etc. Fuck ! Society really took a shit.

    • philly chavez

      “Sondra” It never degraded to that serious a situation. Now get off the keyboard and stick your head up your stinky orifice (which should be the back one, but in your case it could be either.

    • dirty harry

      These hoods rats don’t get it Sondra. But believe me, they’re the first ones to call when they need help from the po-po.

      • Jim


        You are clearly an ignorant biggot. That’s all your posts say.

        For one, most people defending the dog/dog owner are not black.

        Two, if you think poor black people are calling the police more than everyone else, you are clearly as delusional and illogical as you are stupid.

        It is you that is a a hood rat. You are the poor, uneducated trash.

    • John

      What dog attacking… you must be watching another video.

    • http://webpronews.com Matthew

      Then you should you know that a police officer is supposed to take every measure possible to solve the problem. Weapons are a last resort only! They did nothing to try to get the dog away from the scene. Do they not have Animal Control? The dog was not attacking anyone!

  • David

    Sad sad….dumb Fk killed his own dog…..for what, a Rodney king video?

    • Tyrone

      That’s a terrible comment…

  • Donna

    If you show off in front of neighbors, acting like you oppose law enforcement, mouthing off to the law enforcement (instead of going about your own business and letting the cops do their work)… this is the results. The man’s dog paid the price for his owner’s foolish acts.

    • Woody

      Sieg heil, Donna.

    • philly chavez

      “Donna” – yet another dumb kunt.

    • Whitney

      The law the law the law. You should have been gang raped and beaten by police on Tuesday instead of that lovely Ukrainian girl. Law lover. God is the law not man you dumb ass.

  • A

    The dog got shot b/c his master was acting a fool. If he would just listen to the ooficers and put his dog in the car and drove away all of this would of been avoided.We wouldn’t be here talking about it..

    • mxmikol

      @A – exactly what was the dog’s master doing that caused to be considered a fool? he was in his right to video tape the officers, he did not offer resistance and they cuffed him and roughed him with no real reason to do so. So how you do arrive at the opinion that he was a fool?????

      • Aimee

        Are you kidding me? Who just goes around videotaping police officers for no reason other than ‘civil rights’? While this guy did cooperate with the police, the dog also lunged at them. This is what happens when you don’t mind your own damn business.

        • Dougle pigs

          The dog jumped from the car trying to protect it’s owner. The dog should have been properly restrained in the car. The owner had the dog on a lease. I would have been furious if this was my dog.

        • jane

          you’re a retard

          • dirty harry

            no ma’am, you’re a retard

        • philly chavez

          Patriotic American Citizens go around video-taping police officer – (who polices the police?) If anybody should have minded they own damn business it shoudl have been the flatfeet. you dumbass.

      • Sondra

        How do you figure the cops “roughed him up” they searched him which they have the right to do. He was running his mouth looking for trouble and then he was appalled by the outcome and that’s what makes him a fool

        • Jay

          No, they do NOT have the right to search him or pat him down or anything else without probably cause. HE has the RIGHT to video record THEM. It’s called the 4th and 1st amendment, don’t be an ignorant fool. Look it up and know your rights.

          • j Boy

            Terry V. Ohio established that a pat down search does not require probable cause. Also searches incidental to an arrest is legal and MANDATORY for the safety of those transporting him to the DOC and for the protection of other inmates and corrections officers.
            Please don’t spread bad information.

          • Woody

            This is why peoples rights are being trampled on. People like Sondra will walk off the cliff like Lemmings if their Government says to do so. Ignorance is bliss.

          • dirty harry

            woody, hope that dog tramples on you. oh, forgot it’s dead

        • Johnny

          So now running your mouth is considered a crime? I’m going to have my wife arrested as soon as I get home

          • Mike

            In Sondra’s world running your mouth at a cop. Is a crime against humanity and one should be given a sentence of death…

          • danny

            yeah and then kill something she loves point blank

          • Giger

            Johnny hit it on the nose. Women are so Brutal when they hit with their tongue.

            The Dude was running his mouth and pointing that Cell Phone during a tense moment due to all the police vehicles. It could be considered a distraction or an interference of the Police on a lower level which resulted in a search and detention. Unfortunately, the Dog was doing what he is suppose to do and the Police reacted like they are TRAINED to do. It is unfortunate for everyone involved. All those other Lookie Loos make the situation even more difficult.

        • philly chavez

          You dimwit. Read the fourth amendment (it’s in the Constitution). “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects (the Supreme Court has ruled that means you automobile too), against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation,and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” I GUARANTEE you they had no such document so they violated his 4th amendment rights by searching him for breaking no laws. Sondra, YOU’RE the FOOL.

          • Sondra

            How bout probable cause? or maybe the fact that they were arresting/detaining him and have every right to search him for their own safety

    • Phyllis Smith

      what video were you looking at? First the guy wasn’t doing anything wrong, and he did put his dog in the car. The officers were too aggressive, the guy complied by putting his hands behind his back. They should have let him calm his dog down after they caused the dog to react the way he did. Poor dog, he must have suffered his last moments. The whole thing was so stupid, the guy was coming from the dog park, and the officers come at this guy because he’s taking a video? Serious people?

    • Whitney

      So if a cop pulled your daughter over for speeding and stuck his hand in her vagina to search her for drugs it would be your daughter’s fault for speeding right? Because police officers are our new God and they have the right to do whatever the f* they want, correct?

    • philly chavez

      He doesn’t have to drive aware. What were these guys, the Gestapo?

    • gary

      …….this is the only valid answer on this board!!

  • C

    Owner was clearly in the wrong. Policeman shooter was clearly wrong. Poor dead dog was the only one trying to do the right thing and I say trying because it looked like he was just trying to scare them off. If he really was going to attack out of control he would have been on top of them the first approach. But no, he put on an aggressive show of force then kept backing down. Shooter should be punished.

    • Johnny

      Amen C. But while I don’t approve of what owner was doing, I don’t believe his actions were actually illegal.

    • Chas Brash

      How was the dog owner at fault? Government can video, wire tap, spy on us from drones and invade our emails but heaven forbid a citizen attempts to tape their actions.

      Governments have far exceeded their responsibilities.

      • Woody

        I highly agree.

    • Marian

      I hope that stupid ass is happy that his dog had to suffer because he couldn’t keep his dumb ass out of something he had nothing to do with!!!!!!

      • philly chavez

        I hope cops shoot you dog if you have one and taze your ignorant hindquarters while you’re handcuffed. They come back and say it was OK.

    • wtf

      @C you stupid F**(c)k. It is NOT illegal to film a police officer doing his JOB Get it NOT! He was NOT obstructing the officers in their job.. get it NOT.. so F**(K) you you (f)ucking MORON. I am tired of people like you. TIRED of people just giving our rights away. and TIRED of Police officers who continually believe they have the right to shoot anything and anyone they want. Instead of saying they are both wrong here, you should pull your head out of your A(SS) and go against the cops over reaching their authority.. PERIOD. Then he let the dog sit there and suffer… F(U)ck you and F(ck) this cop. These cops need to lose their jobs NOT just get suspensions

      • dirty harry

        I hope you lose your job, oops forgot you don’t have one

        • Emily

          This is a tragedy! The innocent dog gets the shit end of the stick. Granted the dude was being kind of a douchebag:( there’s no need for the dog to suffer! Where is training for the police officers for this kind of situation? If they knew how to handle a situation like this it could have been avoided! Animal behavior… Dog was really not being aggressive!!!He was protecting his friend, like any of us should do for our friends!

        • Jim

          You clearly don’t have a job.

          Broke, worthless trailer park trash.

    • antionette greene

      Owner was not in the wrong..He put his dog in the car..Who should take the blame???THE COPS!!!!

    • Judith Booker

      I agree. to kill the dog was cowardly and unnecessary. To handcufff the man was not necessary! For what? Video taping cops in action – since when is that a crime?

  • PIGS

    Only thing wilder then fact cops pulled this is the people who defend it.. Your job is to PROTECT & SERVE.. Not impose your will on the general public who is essentially helpless OUTSIDE OF VIDEO CAMERAS.. If no one stands up we will be living in lawless police state in next 15yrs

    • Chas Brash

      /that stupid cop that approached an agitated dog like that and expected anything other than what he got is become help. I would put my trust more in the dog than the cop. The animal was doing what he was supposed to do. He was protecting his master and should not have been put down. Some Cops think they are just a little less than gods. I really don’t know what there beef was with the gentleman they handcuffed. He was not showing any treat to the cops and maintained a distance from their activity. The poor dog should not have been harmed and the idiot cops could have allowed the man to restrain the animal. Don’t think I would like to live in that town where the police are so trigger happy. Idea, disarm the police instead of the citizens…………

      • Dougle pigs

        Stupid cops. That dog was not attacking. I feel for the man and I hope some how he sues and wins. The cops do act like they are Gods I work with some here and there.

        • Joey

          i think i would have tranqualized the Dog if i had them in the car if i was the officer. i understand the officer was not taking chances but to shoot the animal but the officer needs to pay a fine, an apology to the owner and possibly time off work.

          • Richard

            This is not about race, as much as some want to make it. It was about cops defending themselves from the dog. The dog did nothing wrong. He was just defending his owner. If you read other news articles on this, you will find out that the owner of the dog had his music on extremely high, and that this was interfering with the police radio communications. This was nothing about a person just taking a video. The one who took this video was not arrested.

        • Paul

          I am a cop my self,These cops are stupid and should be sues then fired.

          • Whitney

            Thank you, Paul

          • Intolerable of Ignorance

            Thank you Paul.

          • Dan

            Paul, I highly doubt that you are indeed a cop. A real cop would get his ass chewed for writing “my self” and “sues,” and capitalizing the “T” in “These.” People, you have not been there, you don’t know the whole story, so do society a favor and limit your comments to what you observed in the video. What would you do if a dog did that to you? If you can do better, please inform!

        • Sierra McGuire

          Yes STUPID COPS!!!! That dog was not doing any harm and if they let the master calm the dog down it would have been better. If that dog was a human that would have been murder. Why is it different for them than us? It should be murder if the dog was killed too. They are disgusting.

      • John Schueler

        I would have shot the dog,too!!
        I’m sick and tired of blacks getting special treatment _ I hope that it does go to trial, and if it does, and the black gets an award, that whites kick back.

        • M Greene

          This has nothing to do with race you idiot. People like you are what’s wrong with this country.

          • Fred

            It had EVERYTHING to do with race. What was that black guy doing, loitering around, taking videos and otherwise interfering, while the police were doing their jobs? And his dog, a rottweiler is KNOWN for having vicious tendencies. That dog came charging out of the car after the cops. So, BRAVO to the police for doing their job, which, due to its very STUPID owner, included shooting the dog.

          • Evan

            Really???? its all about how dogs are raised your stupid ignorant moron. THAT dog was simply protecting its owner. I guess you dont have any dogs of your own? The dog’s owner was being arrested for video taping? Whats wrong with that everyone video tapes everything. Get your facts straight before you post on a board! Stupidass moron

          • Casey

            Fred you’re an idiot. If anything the man should have been given a ticket and told to leave the scene. Last time I checked noise violations do not lead to arrests but to a ticket. Taking videos on public property is the right of every US citizen. If you think that officer was in immidiate danger then you need your head checked too. Theres a point in the video where the dog is sniffing the damn grass.

          • Tricia

            This incident had absolutely nothing to do with race. Had it been a white man getting arrested and a black cop who shot the dog, there would STILL be an uproar. How quickly ignorance loves to throw the race card around…

          • Marisa

            That dog jumped out of the car to protect his owner, the dog even stopped for a bit! The cop leaned out his hand as the dog was refraining from snapping at him! Only then did the dog lunge toward hik because he didnt recognize this man! The cop then started shooting at this innocent dog who hadnt even touched him yet. Dogs do not have as much knowledge as we do, therefore this cop knows what is right and what is wrong! What this cop had done is not right! Protecting his owner is all a dog really knows. Dogs are referred to as “a man’s best friend” for a reason!

        • Louis

          Your as ignorant as your statement, you sad little man, afraid of anything that is not you.

          • Jack

            Fred you are seriously deranged if you think those cops were doing their jobs. Rosby, along with the other bystanders, was simply curious as to what all the commotion was about. They had absolutely NO RIGHT to detain Mr. Rosby. As a result of their gross misuse of power, they are responsible for the tragic loss of that man’s dog. A police state is on it’s way.

        • Tom

          What was special about the way he was treated? What is special with the way blacks are treated in general? If a armed security guard is kicking you out of a venu and he becomes rough with you causing your best friend to race to your side; its okay for the security guard to kill him?

          • Angel

            Tom thank you for asking these questions. When I read where one reader “is tired of blacks getting special treatment” I went back to look at the video to see if I saw anything special about the way this man was treated. This tragedy certainly did not have to happen. A police officers job is to protect and serve. Part of protecting and serving is keeping peace. ANY trained officer would have known that a Rottweiler would seek to protect is owner. If you go back and look at the video it is very obvious that the officer putting on the handcuffs was acting much more aggressive in securing this man than what was necessary in light of the fact that this man willing placed his hands behind his back in surrender. Had this officer slowly backed away from this dog along with this man, gently unleashed this mans hands from the cuffs and said “go place your dog back in the car” this tragedy may not have occurred.

        • antionette greene

          Don’t have nothing to do with race..Its about the cops shooting a dog for nothing!!

          • Lavera

            The dog was trying to protect his owner. He became aggressive when the police came towards him This is inhumane and unnecessary police brutality!

        • Mike

          People have the rite to film these low life Pigs, They think they can enforce the laws in any fashion they deam correct at the moment. If the public cant keep the pigs in line, then the public can be attacked by these low lifes for doing nothing, the same way they arrested this poor guy and then ends up shooting his dog. No justice here, just dirty pigs abusing their authority.

        • Lorenzo

          You dumbass!!!!!

        • Lvon

          It has nothing to do with RACE, if a dog big enough to cause harm is put in a position (not locking car door?) to harm ANYONE, then the owner is negligent and if the dog is terminated that is the consequence!!!! BE REAL if if was a white person people would still be crying about the poor dog!!!! If that was a citizen or a child with happens ALOT, people would still not blame the dog or owner!! If he put the dog in the car and did not shut the door or could not stop it from taking a protective(attacking)stance, the dog would still be here. If it goes to trial the police should sue for being a dumb ass owner w/a dangerous dog!!!!!

          • Jack

            You’re ignorance is nauseating. The police were upset by the fact that they were being filmed and decided to abuse their authority by detaining Rosby claiming he was “obstructing justice.”

            How was he obstructing justice, with his camera phone?

          • Intolerable of Ignorance

            Lvon, your a complet moron! Jack, thank you! If the cops we’re paying attention to their job, which was the raid, and not to the inocent bystander within his rights, this would have never happened.

          • Drew

            Thank you!!!!!!! Finally someone with some sense, these people have no idea what they are talking about. A playful dog of that size still causes harm first hand experience. If the dog was a poodle or a miniature pincher then I would say something is wrong but it wasn’t and these officers have a right to defend themselves and even thought it was the dogs owner the officer has to defend the person in custody.

        • F.C.

          You couldn’t sound any more stupid and racist right now dude. Dig your head in the sand douchebag.

        • Disturbed

          And you sir, are as smart as a dog. I take that back, You are as dumb as a rock. I suggest you go live under one because society does that need that ignorant mentality roaming around.

        • http://Yahoo N. Bart

          You racist pig! It doesn’t matter what color skin a person has, that dog was innocent of any crime, and there is no excuse for the police to shoot a dog like that. What about all the other video takers? You think they were all whites?

        • jamie

          you sound just like a small minded racist moron!! this wasn’t even a race issue. even if the window was down he clearly put the dog away before the cops confronted him and when they got pushy the dog tried to protect him, as one would hope their dog would do. the cops were wrong and so are you. i’m white and i hope the cops lose their jobs and hopefully get slammed with a huge lawsuit for this.

        • Daniel Hortert


        • Harsh Patel

          lOL stupid bitch

        • tbird6905

          you are retarded wow you are the reason some people should have to be tested to see if they can breed you are stupid beyond belief

        • Courtney

          Racist. And I bet you are Christian too.

          • Rick

            I fail to see what the link between racism and being a Christian are. Way to stereotype. You’re just as ignorant as some of the other posters here.

        • Jack

          You’re a complete and total idiot. For the sake of humanity please do not reproduce.

          • Ann

            Jack, from what I have read, it had nothing to do with the camera phone. Lots of people were filming. His music was too loud and he refused to turn it down. It was interferring with their radios and communicating. I feel bad for all involved. There were so many other options for each person to have taken here. Can you tazer a dog without permanent damage? Just a thought. It broke my heart to watch the dog go down. I didn’t realize where the video was headed when I saw that I thought of my dog and I would have been mortified. I hope different procedures come from this.

        • Bob John

          Your so ignorant god i swear you havent been laid or your just a redneck that lives in a trailer with your Fat wife

        • Alexander Reyes

          To John and Fred you both are ignorant idiots it’s legal to record what he recorded in public. He did absolutely nothing wrong but you’re too stupid to see that. The dog was defending his owner trying to protect him because he was being violated its sad on how this has to be explained to you due to the fact that you can see beyond color I hope the both of you experience something similar and 10 x worse karma does not only act upon act but also upon thought to act.

          • Dan

            Alexander, did you see the cops entering the house on the right? And did you see the high capacity assault rifles they carried with them into the building? This is not about filming the cops, the person who made this video was not arrested. This is about not blaring your music next to a DANGEROUS location. Would you do what this man did if you were a dog owner?

        • http://facebook einstein

          so you think you have the right to shot a dog if it is protecting it’s owner ? I hope a police dog chases me so I feel threatened and can shot it 5 times like that coward did ? your a fool the cops lied. DID YOU HERE LOUD MUSIC ??? no cause you hear the bystanders talking. can you say cover up ????

        • Katherine E. Russell

          What are you talking about? The dog was just doing what good dogs do, if that were a police k-9 would you say the same? Wake up, that was not even close to needed

        • http://webpronews.com Matthew

          Are you for real? You would have just shot the dog? Officers are to use their weapons as a last resort. They did nothing to try to get the dog back in the car. What about Animal Control? They could have tranquilized him? Maybe they could have let Leon go and he could have taken the dog with him. He’s just a typical chicken shit cop that feels inferior without the badge and gun!

        • Paul

          there is lots of hate here.pray and love is the only thing that can help u.

        • popo

          you are a racist dumb@ass

        • peace

          You need to be black for 30days… I bet your outlook on black treatment would be different….

          So I say to the folfks that think blacks get special treatment , yes we do, bullets to our body, then conversation… Whites get conversation then therapy then jail maybe….then bullets. …
          So yes we black get special treatment …bullets to the bbrain. It that not special, wat is…

          • Intolerable of Ignorance

            Peace, you are so full of shit! He was not the only black man in the area. The cops were wrong because they miss used their authority and used excessive force, not because they were being racist.

        • http://Yahoo J W

          John, I am white and you Sir is are a Pig. You are one of the things destroying our country. Fred….. you to are not dealing with a full deck either. Did you not notice all the white people taking videos.

        • drew

          you a f@&

        • Ari

          There were many cops who could have grabbed the dog down a gun was not needed at all! So pathetic arent cops suppose to be experienced with dogs! Dogs are loyal and very protective over those who their owner like in this case. I aint got no respect for people with badges especially like this dont get me wrong I do believe their are good cops who are capable to handle sitiuations like this.

        • http://JusticeForMax Jakhara

          It is not about race and the cop was being very stupid because the cop knows its a frickin Rottweiler and the cop stuck his hand out to try to grab the dog and the cop knew the dog was going to react and plus the dog didn’t even try to hurt the cop it was trying to protect its owner and even if the cop shot the dog he didn’t have to shoot it 4 times he could’ve at least shot him in the leg and not in the back of his neck so the cop shot an innocent dog just for being scared

        • http://JusticeForMax Jakhara

          It is not about race and the cop was being very stupid because the cop knows its a Rottweiler and the cop stuck his hand out to try to grab the dog and the cop knew the dog was going to lung at him and plus the dog didn’t even try to hurt the cop it was trying to protect its owner and even if the cop shot the dog he didn’t have to shoot it 4 times so the cop shot an innocent dog just for being scared

        • http://facebook Rich

          Son of Bitch!!!

        • http://facebook Rich

          You F*** idiot

        • me

          why are you so angry? God doesnt honor that for you to be raised up with hatered grow up and love yourself inside of picking colors it doesnt matter if your black white asian korean we all bleed the same color we all have hearts and if your u fix yours you would be a great person i hope u dont have childeren cause if u do u would scar them for them to grow up with hatred and ignorents like there father im going to pray for your soul and spirit that u fine love peace and happiness with yourself mostly God bless you and your family and you taking about blacks gets credit huh take another look black people get judge all the time take another look in the mirror usa is going down while the other countries are rising up and its not colors we all are americans all of us here in Usa always go against eachother inside of working with eathother making this world a better place now those police officers was flat wrong that dog didnt deserve that i will pray for them and let God work it . but get yourself together and have love in your heart sir..

        • sean

          why are you dragging color into this…stop being Such a douche…its a our cops arresting a man (violating his civil rights) and a dog protecting his master …its a out trigger happy knuckle head cops..they should be sued..oh and im white..really white

      • Lisa Pate

        I couldn’t agree more! The dog was just protecting his owner! The police once again reacted in an unreasonable manner! My God! the dog was protecting his owner! Not aggressively harming anyone else! Just warning! this breaks my heart… What a shame this is!:(

      • http://yahoo Tepi

        Im sick to death fo fucking cops getting away with murder. They only shot the dog because they were pissed off the man recorded them. The cops record should be reviewed and I hope the man sues their ass off. Theydont protect and serve, they kill and murder at their descretion.

      • Defender

        You have a problem with cops that is between you and them if you own a dog and you let it attack me It wont onlybe the innocent dog that gets shot. And the Hunter S Thompson reference. You are incredibly ignorant to say he is your inspiration to protect dangerous dogs in this situation he would have been the first to draw.

      • Anonymous

        I can’t help to wonder, that maybe, just maybe, the reason they were their was either a secret raid.. Or even the cops raiding “competition”… As in they are corrupted (Most of the time when cops are payed off they are than made to destroy their payers competition and are usually given tips to the payer as well)… Because cops who are either corrupted or in progress of a secret operation will get very offensive and use the “Law” as an excuse to arrest that person. Problem was, they didn’t have a valid law they could even use for that excuse.

    • antionette greene

      You are absolutely correct!! The man put the dog in the car. The po-po came after him for nothing.

    • MRSC

      Isn’t it already a lawless state? What can be a greater proof than these pseudo-cops? Killed a dog that was doing what a dog is supposed to do, killed a dog for nothing, just because they think they can. People should demand these idiots to return their badges, they are not cops they are a mafia with badges.

    • ????????????? Joyce Angell

      After viewing this video, first of all, I saw NO NEED for the Police to handcuff this man! ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS! The Police Officers had no cause to handcuff him as he obviously was ONLY looking at what was going on…This man WAS NOT an “obstruction to justice”…As for the shooting of this poor animal, the dog was only fearing for his owner – his instinct! These Officers should be put up on charges for firing their weapon without just cause. I hope they are brought up on charges! Not only did they shoot the dog without provocation, but the dog was clearly suffering and they should have put the poor animal “humanely” out of his misery.

    • dirty harry

      You’re right. The cops are supposed to protect and serve, everyone else. Not you little ghetto boy.

      • Jim

        You are the ghetto boy, ignorant scum.

    • nightengale40

      amen this was cruel and just WRONG Yes they may have been worried for their safety but really you have to shoot the dog and for that matter let it lay there in the street an suffer like that. I consider that cowardly and cold hearted

    • Jack more

      We are living under police state for the last 10years .The police they beat woman old and now they kill dogs

    • Jack more

      you living in Police state now as you can see

    • Wesker

      Put yourself in the shoes of those police or the people filming; a clearly agitated dog on the loose and an owner who is only making things worse. The cop was brave to try and grab the leash (it was only going to get worse and there are innocent people within 50 feet), so what that thing clearly went to bite (and don’t even try to deny that you didn’t see that) they did exactly what any other person would have.

      • Intolerable of Ignorance

        Wesker, you are completly ignorant!
        First, the cop could have used a Taser or pepper spray. Second, an animal in attack mode does not sniff the grass or turn its back on its victim. The dog was only confused and protecting the owner, not attacking! Watch the video again. Even kids working at pet stores, making minimum wage, know not to keep moving towards and reaching for the leash of stressed dog.

    • Joe

      I am not from the USA but i have to say that i understand that been a cop is dangerous! But i dont understand why cops can always get away with anything! Just admit it was wrong what they did, that guy was not given trouble, he shot the video but i understand you have as a citizen that right, but its hard how they abuse their power, they treat you like shit and then you can not react or awnser back cause you will be atracking them or something they say, but them can always attack u! Another thing u can see one of the cops sayong to the pther something like let it go, but one say nooooo., we have to do something to the guy how is filming! Cua he has that actitud of power! They are wrong and for every one deffending them they are cool when commiting some injustice to someone else! But if that happen to you then you will understand what it is!

  • Cop Gangsters

    Gangster Cops strike again. Did you guys see the cop strike the guy in the chest after illegally detaining him . This seems to be what made the dog come over and check out what was going on. The dog wasn’t even that aggressive. This was a 2 yr old pup. A really aggressive animal would attack, not sniff the ground and bark. The cop lunged down at the dog and the dog jumped up on hind legs. Then gangmember cop shot him FOUR TIMES. Gangster cop deserves similar treatment.

    • http://youtube debbie prince

      You are the biggest jerk I have seen tonight. A cop shot a young Rottweiller 4 times and still left him crying and screaming in the street. I seen the video numerous times and I say the crowd was just as much to blame as the cops. But it was okay for everyone else to video tape the incident. I hope you can live with cruelty to animals and pray to GOD you don’t have any.

  • John Smith

    I don’t see how this guy was interfering with the cops, what about the person that took this video? Did the cops go after them? You people who are so ready to put up with the cops violating our rights are just sheeple ready for the tyranny about to be unleashed on this country. The cops and the NSA are recording us and our every move, why shouldn’t we record them without fear of harassment by the cops. Wake up America, They are coming for you next!

  • Whitney

    Filming officers is legal and entirely necessary because they have been given instruction to act with excessive unjust force to condition us for authoritarian take over. Those of you who say both are at fault are the reason we are losing our rights. I’m sure you’ll be the first ones in line at the grocery store to buy a pack of hot dogs and a 30 rack to celebrate our independence this week in a country where our freedoms are disappearing almost as quickly as our investments. Those of you who think staying on the sidelines and keeping quiet while the world falls apart will keep you safe are sadly mistaken. You’re just easier to take advantage of.. what’s another tax increase to fund war machines? What’s another child being confiscated for no reason and sold in a sex trade or someones dog being shot to death? It didn’t happen to you right? God is frowning upon your souls and saving you a nice cold place among the useless who’s lives amounted to nothing. And what man cant handle dog who can easily be grabbed by his leash and is hardly being militant? Most cops are slobs who couldn’t handle the discipline of the military but still want to be able to pull a trigger. This video ruined my day hardcore. The officer should have politely asked him to leave the scene or just continued to do his job and ignored the filming. If cops are doing what they’re supposed to it shouldn’t matter if someone wants to document it. A perfect relationship between a man and his dog gone for no reason other than pride and a cop’s bleeding va&ina

  • Frank Daunis

    I watched the video numerous times.The police officer drew his gun like he was at the ok corral.The dog was not even close to him, or really biting anyone.Just barking.The police officer actually charged the dog and made the situation worst,making the dog more afraid.Than he tried to grab the dogs leash causing the dog to jump-up.Now he fires his gun four times with total disregard of his fellow police officers the hand-cuffed person and surronding people.Any stray and ricoshay bullet could have hit a person in the area.This police officer is totally wrong and dangerous.

  • Charlene

    I have family in the PD & and all due respect to my family most PD’s take their jobs for granted. The Officers are highly trained to handle any situation like this. Whether the guy was being nosey (there are ton of looky loos) and/or Mouthy isn’t justifiable. Officers (from what I know) carry a can of mace. Could of maced the dog instead of pulling the trigger. Listen., regardless, the officer should be held accountable for his actions. I am tired of these cops getting away with murder etc. Why? because they wear a damn badge and carry a gun. They need to really learn how to pick their future officers wisely.

    • LV

      If I could “Thumbs-Up” your comment a thousand times, I would.

      As a former animal control officer who actually worked in Hawthorne, I can tell you that 1) pepper spray works on dogs and 2) Hawthorne intentionally hires aggressive police officers. I could tell you horror stories about what certain ones did to homeless people, in and out of their city, while in uniform. Any perceived threat to their authority and out came the batons and guns. Incredibly rough arrests, too. Just because an area is poor does not give the residents less rights. There are just as many obnoxious people in Brentwood and Beverly Hills.

  • Kevin no name

    As messed up as the video is, the police was 100% correct, an individual who is obviously being loud and vulgar towards the cops while dealing with a situation in progress is obstruction of justice. Tazzing a dog is cruelty to animals and it would torturing the animal. Obviously the dog came towards the officers aggressively and jumped to bite an officer when he was going for the leash. No one knows if the dog had rabis or any other disease. The officers safety was in jeopardy, like in the EMS field officers, firefighters, and first responders are trained that your safety is first!!!

    • Whitney

      You’re not a real man. And regardless of what you’re trained to do God’s rules always override them and it’s important to be humane. You’re a brainwashed victim of the machine who potentially has no soul and is likely eating a bag of lays potato chips in front of the TV screen. The dog was clearly serving more purpose than the officer who shot him and it was not the officers place to take its life. It was NOT being vicious and there’s no way in the world the dog could have had rabies.

    • gretra

      they did not need to use lethal force. the dog was backing away when he fired! they deserve all the bad publicity that will come down on them. cop should be fired!

    • randy cowart

      Agree 100%, but realize owner put dog in jeopardy by being the idiot that he is…..one can’t harass officers, and especially officers who were across the street standing idly by supporting their team while ego maniac blk activist over aggressively films them and yells insults. He is solely responsible for pets demise. Officer who shot dog is and will be held responsible most probably though….unfortunately!

    • http://Yahoo. Kathleen

      You are so wrong! Wiggle in the street when they shoot you!

    • http://youtube debbie prince

      The officers were not in jeopardy and you have so much intelligence that you can’t even spell rabies correct.

  • Frank

    A sad day for dog owners across America.This could be YOUR dog if he happens to bark at a police officer!ALL DOG LOVERS! DONOT LET THIS GO UNPUNISHED!REMEMBER MICHEAL VICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Louise

      I get really tired of animals being put above human life I could puke. I feel sorry the owner put his dog in the position to be shot, it is totally his fault.

  • H drummond

    The police were so wrong here in so many ways. Their fragile male ego was threatened by the filming which has been ruled completely legal by the Supreme Court so the police cannot harass anyone for filming while on public property. He was so far away from them they had to walk toward him to harass him. They should have ignored his filming and done their damn job. Now after committing murder they will reap the consequences with their jobs, their careers will be ruined and their family will be in danger. No doubt this is agoing to rein a huge pile of doo doo on them. The city website has been down for days now as it is under attack too! I hope they all get fired, have to move and retaliation happens swiftly. It’s time the people take over and take revenge. I’m sick of the lousy job police do and I’ve seen their lame excuse for not following the law so many times. They deserve all the heat that is coming their way and I will be applauding the lawsuits and punishment.

    • randy cowart

      Sad that u see it that way…..no wonder country is in such disarray with people like u who vote….ugh!!!

      • http://youtube debbie prince

        Can you attempt to kill a dog who was not agressive and not even kill him in 4 shots? Did you enjoy the way he swirled and screamed in the street? You are not even close if you think that dog was agressive. He never snarled, growled. bared teeth. You I am afraid is the heartless one. The cops had no reason legally to approach the man.

  • Blind Melon Chitlin

    AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I HATE MOTHER!!@#&%*#@^%ING COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane R

    This is disgusting! Seems the copper got a bit too Trigger Happy. Trigger Happy cops are a danger to society and should be immediately removed from the General Population. I hope this guy gets a good lawyer and sues the pants off that cop and the entire department. Copper needs to lose his job, pay a steep fine, and be forced to volunteer in an animal shelter. What a disgrace to the entire department.

    • Whitney


  • Sondra

    Really people? Some of you wish death upon a human being for a dog.

  • http://yahoo. Samuel Williams

    Most cops are dumb asses !!! Most cops are kids who got picked on in school who got a gun and a badge and think they are billy bad asses!! That really piss me off that that dog got shot for nothing !! Karma is a SOB and hopefully he get his dose !!!

  • randy cowart

    This arrogant “black pride” cop hater brought this horrific act on self and deceased pet ! He clearly stalked officers with camera and yelled vague anti police comments toward officers while they stood idle and supported other officer from across the street. This person continued to rile the officers by pacing back and forth across the street with camera phone mocking officers. I have much respect for pet attempting to defend owner, who was a blatant idiot, but feel officer who shot dog should be reprimanded/suspended. Funny as this video demonizes officers where the owner/idiot should be receiving all the heat !!!!! No one wants to see animals killed, hurt, or mistreated, but this instigating anticop ass brought this on self and pet. Rest well beautiful Rottweiler!

    • Joey B

      The cops were being filmed because some of the cops in that area are not honest. It is far easier to believe someone with a video of cops breaking laws compared to someone complaining about cops breaking laws without any proof. The guy was arrested for basically hurting the cops’ feelings. That is not a crime but it fits in the catch-all charge of obstruction of justice. Obstruction is used when the cops can’t think of anything to arrest an individual for. Most cops are not bad, but the few that are ruin it for the rest.

  • dog owner

    wow dog gets shot because owner is video taping an dayum cop shoots 4 times an can not make a good clean kill shot poor dog i hope that cop has night mares 4 rest his life of the that dog twitching till his death

  • RON


  • http://youtube debbie prince

    Ya’ll have got to be kidding me. The cop was way wrong but the people looking on started this dogs death and suffering because they were hollering “look out” “the dog” someone even went so far as to say “shoot it!. The cops had no obvious reason to even talk to the man with the dog. What the public done was as bad as what the police did. How do feel now watching a dog suffer so much in a street for nothing. He wasn’t even close to attacking anyone.

  • Jaysson

    If I were to take all these variables into account, I would say the dog owner set this situation up so he could sue the police. He already said, immediately after being arrested, that he’s suing. What was he doing there? Why was he antagonizing police? Why were his windows down enough for the dog to jump out? It’s really obvious to me that he anted this to happen so he could try and sure them.

    • http://Yahoo. Kathleen

      Jaysson, the dog shouldn’t have been shot! You are as ignorant as the police. Oh wait, you’re probably related.

    • http://youtube debbie prince

      You are sick. Nobody human sets there dog up to be shot 4 times for nothing and suffering in the street. May someone have pity on your soul.

    • Louise

      Right on, you said it just right

  • Vanita

    Azzhole Cowardly, Scary, Dirty Cop could have handled that better than that!I hope this stupid incompetent cop pays for this one!

    • http://youtube debbie prince

      ME TOO!

  • Tom Smith

    The police these days think they are Gods
    Just too dam trigger happy

    • http://youtube debbie prince

      You are right

  • Whitney

    If my dog wasn’t humping my leg right now I’d still be crying.

  • Haley

    I literally cried when I saw this. it said graphic but I wanted to see what happened and why. I regret watching it. I even called the police station these officers belong at and got a full denial on the other end of the phone. I am severely PISSED. I have a rottweiler. If she was trying to defend me just by barking and someone shot her, I’d kill them. My dog is like my child and that is how it should be. And they let that poor fucking dog wiggle on the ground for a good 5-10 second time period before they put it out of his misery!!!!!!!!!!

  • THX1138

    Trigger happy Thugs.the Bastards.

  • Christine Gossselin

    The police had no business handcuffing this guy. I don’t know why he was videotaping the cops, but he DID have the right to. The cops had NO RIGHT to kill his dog. Trigger happy cops. They won’t come when you really need help from them, because they’re too lazy to do their job, but they’ll kill innocent animals and people and try to blame the people. This country is getting to sound more like Nazi Germany during the war. How long will it be before they take all our guns and videocameras and cell phones, and torture and imprison the innocent? Think I’m nuts? Just wait a while. Things are getting out of hand.

  • Steele

    Wow…..and these are supposed to be heroes…..man I just wish the dog woulda got one last bite on that sucker cop who shot.

  • http://Yahoo. Kathleen

    You M-F’s! The dog is wiggling in pain, and you just watched, after your BRUTAL attack. You should have put him out of his misery. You are the kind of cops that get NO respect from me. And, I am White, and hope you see something you love, loyal, wiggle, in agony. But, they probably do.

  • http://youtube debbie prince

    Thank You

  • D Green

    I hope that cop gets what he got coming to him.. That was the worse video I have ever seen.. I don’t have a dog but I could feel that dog and his pain and shock…But don’t worry the cop will get off.. Maybe someone should kill a cop dog…These cops are way out of hand.. But you know Karma is real and so is God…This is why Chris Donner was not hated by anyone but the police… Why cause everyone knows the cops aren’t worth a dime…

  • http://webpronews.com boss

    Well all da SOB had to do was to shoot in the air or ground just to scare da dog…..da fckin wht piss of shts yes were doing their jod but so was his dog……..all dey could of done was to easily UNCUFF DA GUY TO GET HIS DOG…….ITS NOT FCKIN ROCKET SCIENCE!!!!!! But let b a wht SOB O and its a whole diff ballpark……..

  • j Boy

    The article lacks information that he was one of two suspects taken into custody which is why he freely put his hands up and surrendered.

    I feel bad for the dog, but the dog was poorly secured and this dude is going to get a ticket for it as well. The dog clearly was vicious to the officers considering its size and the aggressive manner it approached them.

  • george

    those cops are pieces of shit. they need to be arrested and prosecuted for murder.

  • John

    I hope the f#4#k cop is proud of himself, show your kids what you did prick


    I HATE COPS! When I hear a cop getting killed, I say he must have done something to deserve it!

    • Daryl

      You’re an idiot.

  • Mike

    It is not right but, that dog is dead because it’s owner tried to make some kind of point. People need to realize the police can do whatever they want with little cause for justice for the rest of us. We can all try to prove a point, but someone or thing is going to pay the price. It is not right, but this is what happens.

  • Jay




  • RBA

    Cops & animals don’t mix. All a cop has to do is say that they felt threatened by an animal to justify shooting it. You see most of these shootings with large dogs, but its not just that. Small dogs & even cats have been shot & killed by police. Last month in Ohio, a police officer shot & killed 5 kittens claiming he was euthanizing them. Another incident that happened last month in California is when a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel mix was shot by a police officer, that dog miraculously didn’t die, but his recovery is questionable. Only some of these stories make national headlines, but all you have to do search the internet, there is way to many to the point where you can say this is an epidemic. An epidemic that needs to stop!

  • Louise

    As I was watching this video it looked to me like the dog owner was taunting police who were there doing there job. He took his dog close to the police cars, knowing that the police dogs were there working. He waved his phone at the officers on the sidewalk and said something I couldn’t understand. He continued his taunting which was interfering with the police doing their duty (illegal) This young man set this whole thing up he wasn’t just walking his dog, and if he had tethered his dog in the car, or closed the windows so the dog couldn’t get out. He would not have lost his dog, who was only trying to protect his owner. Unless you have ever been attacked and bitten by a dog don’t judge the police office for shooting a dog attacking. Also I read that this young man has already filed a law suit against the police, so being there was “just walking his dog” Come on now.

    • gary harms

      You must be a police officer…or you are blind. The police officers in this video had no business even approaching this man. If you notice, there were others recording the incident as well ( thankfully, or this act might have gone unnoticed). They were not approached. This was brought on by the officers themselves. They did not have to handcuff a citizen who was many yards away from the actual situation. They handcuffed the bystander because he had the audacity to record civil servants while they were doing their. Had they kept on doing their job this incident would not have happened. I don’t own a dog. You don’t have to be a dog owner to be outraged at what this shooter did. Do I blame the officers? Definitely. Will others? I’ll bet almost everyone who views this video will clearly see their wrongdoing here. The cops were wrong, the shooter was very wrong. They should be severely punished officially and I hope the the man being wrongly apprehended will win a judgement that hang over their heads for the rest of their working lives…as Mall cops.

      • Ann

        You didn’t read the article. Lots of people were recording. They asked him to turn his music down and he refused. It had nothing to do with the camera phone.

  • Rhett

    I’m on my way to Hawthorne to end that cop.

  • Bill

    It’s a shame that the dog was murdered by this COP. To bad the dog didn’t have a gun. I hope that the owner sues the cops. They should have let the owner have the time to secure the dog.

  • B.D.

    HAHAHAHA. I cant believe they said they were defending the owner!! what a load of Bu**Sh**. That’s so pathetic lmao.

  • lisa atkins

    a pathetic display of police misconduct, the individual was doing no harm, the dog was not acting aggressively to warrant being shot, if those officers had any intelligence they would have asked the owner to fully secure the dog in the car before approaching, then after needlessly shooting the dog they let it writhe on the ground in agony, once they had injured it so badly they should have dispatched it immediately to end it’s suffering, not even capable of doing that, so pathetic

  • http://Yahoo Jeannie smith

    I live in arkansas…I hope our cops are not as stupid and billybadass as the police….I wonder who to complain to…I would hate to live in that town and had trouble…he clearly needs to be held accountable for his actions.

  • http://Yahoo Jeannie smith

    I hope the cops get in trouble…it is scary how he can just start shooting for no reason…

  • ToTo

    The cop needs to do some jail time!

  • http://None Luis Collazo

    That shithead cop, how could he me so stupid. There was no reason to handcuff the dog owner, and worse, to go against the dog who knew his master was in danger, unfairly. I hope the cop is terminated, permanently, and imprison if possible.

  • Deborah

    God! seeing this poor animal shoot and suffer for only doing its job trying to protect his master. I can’t stand these gun toting cops who think they can do anything. They do really think their gods. This guy wasn’t doing anything wrong. Most cops are so fat and out of shape the only way they can stop someone is too shoot them. I HOPE THEY ARE ALL FIRED AND THE SUES THE POLICE DEPT FOR LOADS OF MONEY. AMEN!

  • Daryl

    Cop did what he had to do. The cops were put in a bad position by the dog owner who failed to secure his dog. Yes, he put the dog in the car but he got loose. Was the cop supposed to let the dog chew him up? Sad situation to be sure but the Cop didn’t cause it and was forced to act by a bad dog owner.

  • Real Talk

    Funny how people are outraged at the killing of a dog but have no compassion for the murder of a young black boy…oh im sorry, race has nothing to do with it 😉

    • Whitney

      Just because we are shocked that at what happened here doesn’t mean no one cares about the kid. I’m black and I’m smart enough to know that our president is the anti-Christ.. and the terms black and white are becoming obsolete anyway considering most of us are mutts. That beautiful dog was probably purer than all of us.

  • joseph collins

    what are cops good for they lie steal kill rap and more like kill dogs to cops are corrupt I know my father was a so called cop he did it all he beat my mother and us people get pulled over where is the drugs everyone is not on drugs my father is a pig just like the rest they are called the gang in blue .you all had no rite to kill the dog the dog was doing something you cops do not do service and protect what is your code that you cops live by shoot first ask questions later that is your code bet you cops had a good laugh over the dog will I am sorry for the dog and the owner my heart goes to you both

  • hoos

    if a cop shot my dog i will be out hunting for that cop down an eye for an eye motherf*cker

  • Whitney

    If someone was filming me while I was doing my job it wouldn’t interfere with my ability to finish my work.. because I stand behind my work with integrity. If you sign up to wear a robocop suit and openly carry again.. chances are a little extra attention shouldn’t completely throw you off. If they weren’t standing around contemplating the best doughnut and large coffee deal in town and doing something constructive like serving the public.. they wouldn’t have needed to take time out of their busy day to wrongfully arrest a man and murder his dog. I’m a girl, and I can handle a dog.. a lot of men in this world with no father figures who didn’t have enough time milking the teet. Too much ego, not enough balls. Do ur job and never mind who’s watching.

    • Whitney

      *openly carry a gun.

  • http://yahoo Brenda Karas

    That was the most horrible thing I have ever seen. Complete misuse of police authority. The fellow with the dog did nothing for the police to cuff him and his distressed dog was only concerned for his master. All of the officers should be charged with misuse of authority and released from any further employment with any law enforcement agency since they are really and truly thugs themselves. If someone was telling the story they could call exaggeration or lies but it is all on camera and they really abused their authority. The fellow didn’t get anywhere near them and was leaving when they grabbed him and cuffed him. I noticed the cowards waited until he put his dog in the car. I sure wish the window had been up because that poor dog didn’t deserve to die.

  • Jalie

    That cop was in the wrong. He should not have shot the dog.

    What is worse for me, is that he stood by watching the dog suffer, instead of shooting it once and done. The fact that it struggled on the ground is just awful.

  • Cate

    This video just makes me sick, how awful.. and really the sad bit is there will be no justice, those cops will get away with it

  • Chris

    You people call this a “dead dog”? He just got 2 bullets through his back and head and is struggling on the ground? There are only 2 reasons this dog had to suffer and they are: 1. The asshole owner who antagonized the cops and 2. A cop who was so stupid he had to watch the dog struggle. That’s it.

    • wtf

      Chris. YOU STUPID F(U)CK. The dog owner was not doing anything NOT .. get it NOT doing anything illegal.. Just because the cops didn’t like it.. DOES NOT ALLOW THEM to take the actions they took. YOU MORON. What you should be noting it that 1. The cops were acting outside of the law. You should be screaming that the cops follow the law and Protect and Serve the people they are hired to do so for. NOT making EXCUSES for them. That citizen had the right to film them, and if he wanted quietly protest. But MORONS like you don’t get the fact that Police have to sit there and take it. But now everyone seems to think that this has become some sort of obstruction of the police to do his job.. BUL(L)S(H)it!!! Wake the F(u)ck up and pull your head out of your ass.. You should be calling the police dept DEMANDING THAT THIS OFFICER BE FIRED.. WITH NO PENSION

  • Carey

    This is exactly why NO ONE trusts the POLICE ANYMORE. Shooting a dog who is protecting his owner, who surrendered peacefully after DOING NOTHING WRONG??? If these ASSHOLES are not held accountable for this, then it will happen AGAIN AND AGAIN. These LOSERS WITH GUNS

  • Robert

    Many of the police are trigger happy criminal psychpaths …They are rarely held responsible for the endless atrocities they perpetrate
    The police ? should be under constant video surveillance, data linked directly to the news media ..Offenders should be immediately fired , permanently banned from public employment.prohibited to possess firearms …and personally subject to lawsuit for damages …The police are a dangerous subculture totally out of control !

  • Danna

    It’s the dumbass owners fault for putting his dog in a car with the windows down. I’m sure you all would have done the same thing if you were that police officer. They did nothing wrong.

    • wtf

      Danna you stupid F(u)ck. Had the police officer followed the law and not taken the citizen (who was NOT doing anything illegal) into custody, handcuffing him etc. NOTHING would have happened. PULL YOUR IGNORANT HEAD OUT OF YOUR a(ss) People like you are giving police rights that they DO NOT HAVE, and then make excuses for them. You dumb F(ucking) POS.

    • Carey

      you are an absolute IDIOT! Probably republican, poor stupid woman. the man surrendered peacefully after having done NOTHING WRONG. The LUNACY happens after the jackass cops start manhandling the dude FOR NO REASON – did you not watch the video or are you simply STOOOPID???

    • James Parker

      if i was a cop i would not care who recorded me, and before arresting the guy, as a former cop i would have told him to secure his car windows, im sure the cops saw they were down and saw the dog barking.

  • http://facebook.com/iamryanphillips RJ Phillips

    That police officer deserves what’s coming to him, that made me sick.
    If nothing happens to this officer many people will lost hope in this so called justice system. (or what’s left of it)

  • Luc

    Poor dog, made to suffer and die because the owner failed to act properly by securing it in car. The Screamer’s in the background recording & making dog noises didn’t help either. The cop, was acting on instinct, much like the dog. (Hated to see the dog shot for the owners decisions.) Nobody wins, especially the poor dog, who deserved more.

    • Carey

      you are out of your mind! the owner did nothing wrong, and even so, surrendered peacefully. what the THUG cops did both to him and his dos is CRIMINAL. a dogs job is to protect his owner from physical harm – the cops know this – they have police dogs for gods sakes – if they get away with this, whats next – now our pets are not safe??? the cops have become racist bullies with weapons – unacceptable! these LOSERS need to lose their badges NOW – on behalf of dog owners we need to stop this or what’s next? Our kids?

  • wtf

    Please give us the names of these cops so that we know they are PERMANENTLY taken off the force and never get another position where they are given the ability to carry a firearm ANYWHERE

    • Carey

      YES, YES – their names and badge numbers – where can we get this info?? It should be published on every pet/dog/animal lover website on the net. this needs to be punished and not swept under the rug per usual – the cops investigate the cops and, what do you know? they find the cops innocent or justified in gunning down the poor poor dog EVERY TIME, how shocking. WE NEED NAMES AND BADGE NUMBERS! dont let this go unpunished for once!

  • Carey

    Exactly why NO ONE trusts the police anymore. They are LOSERS, ASSHOLES, and RACISTS with GUNS. If these freaks are not held accountable for this – shooting down a dog, protecting his Owner, who is getting roughed up while surrendering peacefully after having done NOTHING WRONG, is heinous and no different than any of the criminal activity they are allegedly trying to stop. A dogs job is to protect its Owner and the dog was doing just that – protecting his Master from the THUGS harassing him, and the THUGS killed him. THEY SHOULD BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW WITHOUT QUESTION!! Now our pets are not safe???? SCREW THE HAWTHORNE POLICE! Enough is enough!!!

    • Sondra

      Where do you see the man getting “roughed up”? If the man didn’t want any trouble than he shouldn’t have been running his mouth. The dog never would have been shot if the owner would have properly restrained him. I hope there will come a time when all of you who are saying “fuck the police” are in danger and in life or death need of help from the police, then maybe youll appreciate them risking their lives everyday

      • Sondra

        Where do you see the man getting “roughed up”? If the man didn’t want any trouble than he shouldn’t have been running his mouth. The dog never would have been shot if the owner would have properly restrained him. I hope there will come a time when all of you who are saying “f### the police” are in danger and in life or death need of help from the police, then maybe youll appreciate them risking their lives everyday

  • Robert

    This video is an oft repeated example of the Gestapo like hoodlums of the American police perpetrating criminal atrocities against the citizens They are totally arrogant contemptuous of the public

  • John Doe

    I would write things on here that could get me lawfully arrested but I will contain my thoughts to a controlled response. I did something similar while on a trip to New York. I taped a cop pushing a woman around in Manhattan. I didn’t have my dog with me (who is a pit bull)and i am glad I didn’t because the officer stormed up to me once he realized I was filming. If you say the dog was vicious because he was a rotty or if it was a pit I would say you are ignorant and might as well say something racist and consider it appropriate. Either way the owner of the dog was not breaking the law in any capacity. If you argue that point I can guarantee you that you are wrong and that I can prove you otherwise. To Lt. Dan….er I mean Lt. Swain. You are an idiot sir. How are you going to justify your officers actions by stating you have to protect a man who you handcuffed when you unlawfully detained him in the first place. The video clearly shows the officers from the point of involvement to detainment. At no point did the man provoke, become aggressive or interfere with the officers to the point of breaking the law. This would mean a wrongful/unlawful detainment/arrest and a minimum of a misdemeanor charge of cruelty to an animal on the officer. That officer and clearly many like him are very trigger happy and have a crippling little man complex. Please don’t take what I have written as me being anti cop. My uncle was a chief of a very large city and I respect the badge. I just don’t respect the scum dressed and disguised as cops that need their ass handed to them. Short of it is I support the dog and his owner and I want to go rounds with the DB and disgrace of an officer.

    • wtf

      Please note it is not Illegal to film and officer doing his job in California unless you are obstructing said officer from doing his job. and officers making up b.s. reasons they believe they are being obstructed doesn’t count. Police are getting as out of hand as our government is. Time to take back our lives our privacy and OUR RIGHTS. This department needs to be contacted by everyone , and the officers (here all of them who are illegally obstructing the citizen from his right to film this) need to be fired, pensions taken away and never given jobs where they are allowed to carry a weapon again!

    • russ brooks

      You have a demented mind and soon you shall be behind bars where idiots like you belong!!!

  • John Doe

    I give you the go ahead Chris Dorner 2…geeze retarded cop.

  • wtf

    Some one please find out which division this was, and what the officers yes officers ALL OF THEM) Names are. They need to be fired with no pensions.

  • Kathleen

    Horrible, I’m shocked….what a horrible, violent act by these officers. Shocking, cruel….That poor man, and the animal was in such pain. No respect for life…no respect……

  • wtf

    It is NOT illegal to film a police officer doing his JOB Get it NOT! He was NOT obstructing the officers in their job.. get it NOT.. . I am tired of people like you. TIRED of people just giving our rights away. and TIRED of Police officers who continually believe they have the right to shoot anything and anyone they want. These cops need to lose their jobs NOT just get suspensions. We should find out their names contact their departments/division get them fired and make sure they are never allowed to carry a weapon again

    • Carey

      YES I am with that – this cannot go unpunished! I will help with this! How can we get their names? This needs to STOP NOW! Don’t let it go. THere is solidarity here – most of the world owns a pet and loves it like family or even more…this can’t continue…

  • Isabella

    WTF did these so called officers expect????!!!! It is a dog protecting his master, his friend. You notice the dog did not get agitated until the officers surrounded the guy. The officer that shot him belongs in same class as Michael Vick. You have canine officers right there. Call one of them to handle and calm the dog down. If they would have let the guy talk to his pooch and let him know everything is OK, I am sure the dog would have sat and waited until his master gave him the OK. But in today’s society shoot first and maybe, just maybe, ask questions later. My little 10 pound dog would have reacted the same way. SHAME ON YOU OFFICERS! I hope your souls have been torn for the rest of your living days an beyond. DISGUSTING ACTS OF VIOLENCE!!! ENOUGH ALREADY.

  • Meghan

    This is one of the most disturbing videos I’ve seen. . .I really hope Rosby wins his lawsuit. The dog wasn’t attacking, and it sure as heck wouldn’t have attacked it’s owner. It was trying to get to and defend his owner. The cop could have let Rosby get his dog under control. . .most likely the dog has had a lot of training because of the reputation that breed has for the type of dog it is. So, the cops arrested Rosby for such a ridiculously minor charge, yet killed his dogs in the process? Was it really worth killing something over something so stupid??? I hope Rosby wins.

    • madworld

      are you blind that dog was lunging at them you blind idiot…its what good dogs do…it thought it was protecting its master

  • Gettin Bizzee

    I have a rottie who’s the most gentle thing on earth. BUT I ALWAYS put her in her large carrier no matter how short a distance I travel from home. THIS is exact reason why.

  • John

    None of you were there, you don’t know exactly why the dude was arrested. As far as the video is concerned he was not “ruffed” up. If you think so, you’ve never been arrested. As far as the dog was concerned, the officers did try to grab the leash but when it lunged at the officer he was justified in killing the poor animal…

  • josh

    what a piece of shit pig. excessive force for sure. he coulda shot at the ground at least. the dog would have fled. was his life at risk? no. all these people saying its just a dog, blah, blah, blah. well guess what happens if you kill a police k-9. try telling them that dogs and people aren’t equal than, see where that gets you.

  • buck

    Everybody hates the cops until they need them. People really think the cops wanted to shoot the dog??? The dog may not have been attacking, but if you think a dog is about to attack you, what would u do?????

    • Sondra

      exactly, all of this ignorant fuck the police bullshit is childish.

    • unknown

      if i was a cop i would have find an alternative to containing the dog, i would not have shot it. that is animal cruelty and i hope they get arrested and served.

  • http://yahoo joanne

    This poor dog was protecting his master who was cuffed for ? who knows, but shooting an innocent dog was so wrong by an officer of the law…they could have let the dogs’ master calm him down..and get a hold of his leash, this poor animal would not have suffered such a senseless death..and to die suffering from the officers bullets. What kind of officers are these that did not shoot mace or other actions..like stun gun..anything than killing this poor dog. He was just trying to help his master..that what dogs do…they protect their masters from harm..the dog did not know his master did any thing wrong, just that the officers were holding him. My heart goes out to the poor dog and his master.

    • unknown

      well posted Joanne :)

  • James Parker

    I was a police officer in chicago 20 years, and even know in illinois it is illegal to record the police, if you were not disturbing my police investigations i didnt care who recored me because i have nothing to hide and sometimes being record helps the officer because only so much can be caught on the dash cam. Im sorry to see how officers these days act. So angry at the world, the moment u feel like that turn in your badge instead of giving people like me and my son whom is a current cop a bad name. Dealing with people isnt easy always but it comes with the job. Officers can stand to be re trained but civilians need to step aside some time. I feel both sides play a role in getting this poor dog killed, if the man kept on his way and didnt stop to record or did it farther away, and if the cops just stayed focus on their investigation.

    • Tina

      My father is a retired SFPD and he believe that cops nowadays pull their guns too quickly. My dad pulled his maybe a few times, but guys today are to trigger happy.

    • Intolerable of Ignorance

      I appreciate your service and the service of all caring, respectful law enforcers. However, this cop was wrong and the citizens behavior does not justify the cops excessive force. The gun should be used as a last resort.

  • Gary

    This makes me sick! There was no reason for the officers involved to even approach someone taking video unless they are posing a danger to themselves or others let alone hancuff the man. The whole incident could have been avoided by simply asking the man to move across the street. The dog was not attacking initially until the officer moved toward him in a threatening manner, The officer involved should lose his job. He is clearly not fit to be in a law enforcement position. Officers have many non lethal ways to deal with a dog attack.

    • unknown

      100% agree.

  • jeff

    totally fascist. i usually support law enforcement but in this case they were way out of line. they had no reason to handcuff this man for cellphone taping, which other people were also doing. then they created the circumstances where they had to shoot an animal clearly protecting it’s owner, he has a very justifiable lawsuit.

    • unknown

      yep your right, i would sue the heck out of them

    • russ brooks

      Jeff: He was arrested for interfering with a law enforcement officer in the performance of his duties! The arrestee refused to turn the music down on his car radio that was interfering with the officers trying to hear what was occurring at a crime scene that was still active. The arrestee was justifiably arrested and the dog was shot because the dog attacked an officer PERIOD!!! No lawsuit here at all.

  • unknown

    i just lost all respect for cops.

    • russ brooks

      If YOU lost all respect for an officer of the law shooting an enraged large dog, then you need your head examined!!! We don’t pay our officer/deputy’s to be dog food you idiot!!!

  • Sondra

    All of you wishing death upon all cops for one cop doing his job are ridiculous and childish. Of course the cop didn’t want to kill the dog or he would have done it as soon as he jumped out of the window, he acted on instinct and shot the dog that lunged at him. Who knows what the dog would have done to him. I just hope you all are in need of a police officers help one day and you realize that their not the bad guys after all.

    • unknown

      i respected cops, until this. the cop made a threatening motion to the dog, and so he defended his self. as for wishing death your right i wish death on no one, but i have no lost all respect for them. my uncle saw this who is also a cop, and said that the cop who shot the dog just disgraced police officers all around for an incident that could have been avoided all together

    • http://yahoo eric isaacs

      Are you stupid I am 47 and I have yet to see a cop high po sheriff do there job yet assholes on a power trip

      • Sondra

        You’ve never in your life heard of a cop helping someone and doing their job? Do you remember 911? cops saved plenty of people that day. Or how bout just the other day when a cop saved a 2 year old girl from a knife shielding man? I could go on and on. stay ignorant…

  • http://yahoo eric isaacs

    So the dog witnessed police brutality and acted to protect its owner and was shot so much for protect and serve

  • Karen Shinkle

    I hope that they not only get sued for the unjust way that they handled that situation, but I hope that they are penalized by the state and by the humane society. That was a cold and heartless way to handle that dog. The humane society should have been called before they reacted to any situation. Animals have a right to life and that dog just wanted his master. Those officers could not have been more cruel and heartless and should be brought up on charges for animal cruelty. The officers were stupid. Dogs are only protecting their human, but It just goes to show who your best friends and protectors are in life. I hope they rot in hell.

  • neato!!!

    I would have shot the dog also however the fault goes to the dog owner who did not secure his dog properly or give any restraining commands. The police waited and hand cuffed him for unknown reason the video doesn’t go in to but the second the dog was out of the car the dog was at large. At large means any animal that is off the property of its owner or keeper and not under physical restraint. A minor violation, the second the dog touched a police officer it is a vicious animal. Vicious animal means an animal that constitutes a physical threat to humans or other domestic animals. The owner would of been at fault there since he could of told his dog “stay” or “sit” or any other restraining type command to control his dog. I am sure shortly after being shot the dog probably defecated like most of the comments written about this article. I would of sited the owner for failure to remove feces also. I like animals and put no blame on the dog or the police, total blame should go on the owner for not securing or training his dog.

    • http://copshootsdog lisa shirah

      your a crackhead the officer shouldn’t have tried to touch the dog to begin with yes it could have been properly been locked up but it wasn’t if your going to try and grab a dog like that one after it thinks your trying to hurt the owner(in the dogs eyes)your a dumass

  • unknown

    what language do cops speak? pig-latin

  • william smalley

    It was the arrogant imbecile owner of the dog that caused the dogs death. The owner was a Law Enforcement Officer hater and has a criminal record a mile long. I hope the court throws the book at that dog owner and keeps him in jail for a very lengthy stay!!!

  • Andy

    I couldn’t watch. How can some people kill so easily?

  • Tim Lowry

    N)i)g)g)e)r)s) are always the cause for most trouble. The cops should killed the owner as well. That was an ugly ass dog anyway.

  • Steve Alanzo

    I’m a grown man, almost 50. I gasped and cried when I saw the poor dog shot and SUFFERING. My condolences to the owner and anybody else that had an emotional attachment to this loyal dog. All we can hope for is the “karma effect” on this emotionally disturbed and arrogant cop. “What comes around goes around”!

  • Intolerable of Ignorance

    First, I am so sorry for that poor dog. I hope someone went to the dog so it did not die in pain afraid and alone. Second, the behavior of those police officers was WRONG! The imbecile cop that shot the poor, confused dog FOUR times is NOTHING but a DANGER! Since when did excessive force against animals become acceptable? Not only did he have other options to use for defense, the first shot was effective in stoping the dog. What happened is sickening and anyone who does not notice the COP’S aggressive, hasty behavior is depraved of human intelligence and emotion.

  • DeDE

    As my precious dog is laying by my side while I watch this horrible vidio. I could not help but scream out when the dog was shot and start crying. He jumped into my lap to see what was wrong, all the while looking around to see what upset me. Why handcuff the man. He was cooperating so why start to push him aroung and man handle him. That is why his dog was upset. If the Police had kept calm this never would have happened. I hope the horrible vision of that dog dying a slow and painful death haunts those policeman for life. The gentleman should sue, he was not breaking any laws and from what I saw no opstruction of justice. My heart is breaking for him. You could see earlier in the vidio his dog was a nice well trained animal. And I am a middle aged white female. My opinion is not in any way based on any kind of racism. Just another animal lover.

    • Intolerable of Ignorance

      I Agree 100%

    • Intolerable of Ignorance

      I Agree 100%

  • Typical Gangster

    Hi, im a typical gangster. F### the police because im a crime ridden POS and I secretly fear the police

  • http://copshootsdog lisa shirah

    I cant understand this video to me it didn’t look like the guy was doing anything wrong but using his phone to record something as for the cop that shot the dog that was just plain wrong the dog didn’t do anything wrong it looked like to me the cop was trying to get the dog but in that situation I would have left the dog alone their very protective he didn’t deserve to get shot.cops think their better than everybody else just because u have a badge and a gun and can write a ticket doesn’t make u better than everyone else.if you were going to arrest someone for takeing a video on their phone than everyone else should have been arrested to that’s just plain wrong

  • http://yahoo tom brunn

    the guy should not have been video taping the cops but then the guy who caught everything on video got the whole picture the cops killed this dog and I wish I had a gun id go gunning for them bustards because the dog did not know what was going on it was scared the cops should have use pepper spray the f use deadly force

  • http://yahoo tom brunn

    it goes to show you the cops in this country need to be either retrained fired or more of them killed

  • madworld

    Looks like both parties are at fault…the owner was within his rights until he started shouting at the cops, this is when he crossed the line and the owner should have made sure his dog was secured in the car…the cops mistake was roughing this guy up after he was handcuffed but i cant believe how anybody who watched the video could say the dog wasnt lunging for the cops, of course it did thats what a good dog does, protect its master…one more thing i’ve seen these type of guys with these dogs,and they sometimes use them as weapons, how do we know he didnt purposley leave those windows down, and knew what his dog would do…anyways both parties seem to be at fault for what happened.

  • http://copshootsdog lisa shirah

    I don’t get this video to me it didn’t look like the gut was doing anything wrong to get arrested,as for the dog I really don’t think he should have been shot he was doing what comes natural those kinds of dogs are very protective,thats why I cant stand cops they think their better than everybody else just because they have a gun and can write a ticket don’t mean their better than me or you I hope he sues and wins I would sue toif you were going to arrest him for using his phone you should have arrested everyone else to their a bunch of sorry dumbasses if you ask me

  • Bulls&*!

    That was total bulls&*! First, the officers started approaching the man while he was putting the dog in the car. Why? Wtf did he do? Then, being that he is obviously not a flight risk because he agreed to be handcuffed for nothing, they should have temporarily let the guy go to subdue the dog and put him in the car with the windows up enough so he couldn’t get out. Then the worst part is the assh&*! standing there in his pose admiring his shooting while the dog was writhing in agony. If choose to be a bad a$$, trigger-happy, bringer of death, judge, jury, & executioner, shoot it in the head, don’t critically injure it and watch it die painfully sadist piece of s*&!.

  • thaddeus buttmunch

    BITE The Po LEES! The cops think they have the authority to whack a Rottwority!

  • M braswell

    This is about whats right or wrong and about our freedoms being stripped one at a time!This fucking world makes me sick!The man or the dog neither one did anything wrong!!! Just a bunch of government Nazi PIGS!Looks like the whole world has seen these cops cowardly act!I hope they lose their right to own a weapon and there job

  • http://www.webpronews.com/police-kill-dog-video-goes-viral-lawsuit-to-follow-graphic-2013-07#respond Jean

    What did those officers think was going to happen as they saw this man put his dog in his car…..did they not SEE the windows were DOWN as they cuffed him. AND, to shoot that poor dog! And, not put him out of his misery after a failed attempt to put him down completely! There are times such as this when I think some officers need to have their heads examined. Such as those in this video. AND, why were they handcuffing him….for taking a viedo? That’s not a crime.

  • Maverick Wolfe

    OK how about that officer gets shot in the vest as a punishment with his own weapon? UNCALLED for the officer should have TAZED the dog instead that dog was NO threat to him.. after all the dog was only trying to protect his master from what the police were doing. I say the police officer shot the dog because he was just plain scared of the dog and doesn’t like rottweilers because of their reputation for being very protective animals. The officer was an idiot for shooting the dog with a gun. When in doubt don’t use force use LTL!

  • http://yahoo Pat Smith

    I hope to hell the cop that did the shooting lose his job. I f he felt afraid he could tazered the dog. Here is a number to call and complain Lt swain 310-349-2835

  • madworld

    dont walk around using your pets as a weapon or shield

  • http://hpolicekilldogvideogoesvirallawsuittofollow lisa shirah

    I don’t get this video,i don’t seewhat the man is doing wrong.if your going to arrest him for takeing a video everyone else should have been arrested to.as for the dog,that cop was a dumass for trying to handel it,to a dog especially those kinds of dogshe thought the cop was trying to hurt him when he grabed at him,their was no reason at all to shoot the dog you know cops think their better than everybody else just because they have a gun and can write tickets they think their better than everybody.their not their a bunch of dumasses id sue to

  • Mybelle

    These police are nothing but power tripping agents of this ‘awesome’ NWO government; this government that is taking and eating away at what little freedom we have left. Sue the buggers!
    The dog was doing what it was supposed to do-protect. The thing these cops get paid to do. Meanwhile the cops were harassing a man simply making a video. They should have been watching what was going on at the house. Why worry about getting filmed on the job if you are not doing wrong, Mr officer?
    How I wish that man had just drove away. Even then, it is probable these ‘cops’ would have chased him down the freeway at high speed,endangering more lives. Trust me people, they are worried about being filmed because they are agents of a sinister system.

  • Bob Gillchrest

    The dog was trying to protect its owner. The cops should have smart enough to figure that out and work with the owner to ensure the safety of themselves and the dog by rolling up the windows. The bully boys in blue have struck again to the grief and dismay of another citizen.

  • shana

    Folks always talk about race. Did you not see the white man beside him doing the same exact thing. The other people recording it and the dude in his yard, no all you see is the black guy. Its about the dog, there was no need for him to try touch someone else dog that s first thing they teach you in preschool. I wonder all folks with race comments do you have jobs you always looking to stare up mess, that’s what’s wrong with America now dumb uneducated racist people. We will never see change because of the select view of dumb people. get it together the cop was wrong for approaching the dog, if they were goanna arrested the dude they should have arrested everyone out there with a phone. Like you don’t stop and look at a accident.

    • jimmypop

      The dog should not have been left unsecured by the owner. The dog attacked the cops and got shot. The cop wasn’t wrong for trying to secure a loose dog that was attacking them. You are a fool.

  • julian

    I believe the man was in his right to record whatever.The problem is that the cops think they’re above authority and, they’re getting more upset because we know the law as much as they do.So yeah no rea son to arrest the man for recording and he should sue the trigger happy cops for aggitating his dog causing him to leap at the cop.If they had left the man alone this would never have happened.The majority of the time the cops cause problems then try to justify their poor actions.

  • leeann

    This is so terrible.. will a animal rights person please step up n help this man.

    • jimmypop

      It was the dog owner who was negligent, genius.

  • ray

    Cops are fkkn looser, low-life,P.O.S. scum. Murderers in blue who have totally forgotten that their duty is to protect and serve the community. I know that hate is bad for the heart and soul but it is extremely hard for me NOT to hate cops. They,lie to protect their evil deeds, they execute unfair and false judgments against minorities, corruption runs rampant inside and out. The dog was only being a dog, Trying to protect his owner,friend and master…just as POLICE DOGS do, and this low-life shot it. I hope when he gets home to his family,he finds his own dog dead.

  • http://WebProNews Dawn Gallagher

    PLEASE- The dog has rights to. How many bullets does it take to kill an animal. Police academies teach to wound not to kill unless its their life or theirs. So the officers could of prevented this sad case of animal shooting. Why did they just give the guy a ticket and handled this is front of a judge? So what kind of LAW is this that you can’t use your phone while police are in action. Bad karma is what I call it! I’m so glad I live in Texas.

    • jimmypop

      Obviously it takes more shots than the cops shot since the dog was still alive. The owner could have prevented this as well, and if he cared a bit about the dog he would have rolled up his windows. It’s just basic common sense.

  • rick

    I raised the same kind of dogs for years as this young man had and I just want him to know that the cpos did not shoot your dog because you are black. They killed your dog because,”THEY ARE ASSHOLES”,.I’m so white I glow in the dark. Years ago I lost some dogs thanks to the good folks at the local PD. So Get some PAYBACK for me and take ALL of them to the cleaners, please!

  • Ryan Sanders

    Okay… I hate these kinds of stories, because the police lose in both situations. They lose if they shoot the dog, and they lose if they don’t shoot the dog.

    They don’t shoot the dog and one of them ends up injured they end up a laughing stock, and may now miss several days or weeks of work because they didn’t take steps to insure their safety.

    They shoot the dog and oh look these guys are terrible people because they recognized a possible threat they could not reason with in the time available, and they took what they viewed as necessary steps to make sure their suspect and themselves stayed safe.

    I mean if police shoot an armed suspect who is waving his weapon around nobody bats an eye, but heaven forbid if they shoot a dog that is acting aggressive.

    • John

      remember the dog was in all intent and purpose thinking his master was in danger was trying to protect him. They over reacted and shot the dog 4 times. Hmm a bit too many bullets there since after the first shot the dog tried to get away from them and got shot 3 more times.
      Ok the police always shoot way more than they need to, 1 bullet is enough but the will empty a clip just to make sure they get their person. Sad fact…..

  • Stand up for the dog!!

    All I have to say is shame on the police that shot and killed the poor dog that was trying to help it’s owner. There was enough police there that one of them could have tried to run around the other side of the dog and tried to grab its collar. Or even massed the dog first. That would be any dogs instinct to try to help it’s owner the poor dog didn’t know what was going on. All they had to do is unhand cuff the man and let him take care of his dog till animal control got there or a friend or relative came to pick the dog up. The man wasn’t being out of control. He may have broke the law by video the seen but I bet there was other ways to go about this or even take his cell phone away from him. Shooting and killing the dog was very wrong. Shame on the police man that shot and killed it. Some people let guns go to there head and enjoy killing animals such as hunting dears and wild game and such. These police officers should be kicked off the police force.. Just saying…

  • stephen

    The man willing walked up to the officers & was treated in a hostile manner, they could have talked to him & nothing would have happened the poor dog had the sense to know he was being mistreated by the police & tried to help his owner and this reckless cop over reacted with deadly force, he should be fired & gun license taken away, he clearly demonstrated he is a danger with a weapon, shoot 1st then ask questions later, this was so much an over reaction & should have never happened, I Hope he sues the shit out of them.

  • The 1 and only bahama

    Question….why did’t the cops arrest the person that my this video???

  • John

    I find this story disturbing, the police always want to use their will on us. this guy was not doing anything wrong he was video taping things. The police do not want to be video taped and i wonder why. This guys dog was trying to protect its master, the police were the ones causing the problem.
    If people do not stand up for their rights then we will not have rights and might as well be in a police state and bend over anytime we are told to. These police sickens me.

    • Rachel

      The person was in the perimeters of the initial scene. 4 cop cars, they will be less tolerant. From my understanding of take AJ classes, if you are at least across the street from where the video is actually recorded it is fine, but if you are 200 feet or less of the police or are interfering with their work and have every right to detain.

    • jimmypop

      This guy was doing something wrong. He wasn’t keeping his dog under control. He could have easily rolled up his windows more, and avoided the whole situation. I think he wanted his dog to try and bite someone, so the dog paid for having a stupid owner with his life.

  • Alexander Reyes

    To John and Fred you both are ignorant idiots it’s legal to record what he recorded in public. He did absolutely nothing wrong but you’re too stupid to see that. The dog was defending his owner trying to protect him because he was being violated its sad on how this has to be explained to you due to the fact that you can see beyond color I hope the both of you experience something similar and 10 x worse karma does not only act upon act but also upon thought to act

    • jimmypop

      You just see what you want to see.

  • Chan

    lets throw away the cop and bystander problem. the situation was between the dog and cop. unpredictable dog seems to be aggressive towards the cops. cops tries to grab the leash (on multiple occasions) dog leaps towards the cop (and you clearly can see the dog trying to bite) cops shoots the dog. clearly the cop was defending himself. but it might of not been the best way. i want to know what the cop could of done at that exact moment to subdue the dog without shooting. put yourself in his situation. hit me up with responses.

    • hoos

      plenty of time to use pepper spray instead of trying to grab his leash..

    • jimmypop

      Taser it.

  • hoos

    what if i shot a police dog while it was lunging at me i would be charged for murder of a police officer cause i was protecting myself from bodily harm..but if they shoot my dog i still go to jail and they dont get charged.i know if anybody shot my dog they better hope to god they die first before i get to them..plus they had plenty of time to use pepper spray and capture the dog..

    • Rachel

      If you shot at a police dog that is a crime because the police dog is part of law enforcement. If the police feels threatened they can use excessive force. Simple Police 101.

  • paul

    The Botton point is that POLICE used EXERCIVE force when the dog was not even attacing them. They could have used PEPERSPRAY.
    I CAN SEE THE CHANGES… from years ago…Police department from all over US are getting more abusing because the LAW tha OUR lawmaker pass tend to give POLICE MUCH MORE POWER…. MARK MY WORLDS> MARTIAL LAW ARE COMMING.

    • Rachel

      They had every right to use excessive force. According to the American Kennel Club, Rottweilers are in the top 5 for most aggressive dogs. When they are agitated they will hurt anybody including their owners. It is the police’s job to protect the person who is in handcuffs because if they become hurt, they are liable.

    • jimmypop

      What the hell is exercive? The dog was attacking the cops. Did you actually see the video?

      • Rachel

        Yes, I did see the video. Excessive force means they can do anything they want in order to protect themselves, hence, why they shot the dog. The dog lunges three times at the cops, at anytime, those officers would have been bitten, and they could’ve sue the person for negligence. Simple Police 101.

  • L. Ramsey

    UNFUCKING REAL !!!!1 The man was not DOING ANYTHING WRONG !!!!! Why was he being arrested ? It just does not make any sense. I truly hope all those cops get fired and sued. The dog didn’t do any thing that posed a threat. I hope that the citizens of this country stand up and raise hell. LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD ! We can not allow this to happen in AMERICA. We are better than this, so much better.

  • Rachel

    First off, the police did their job and their actions can be justified in a court of law. Yes, it is okay for the public to be out and about around a scene, but there are perimeters that are set up. In this video, there are 4 cop cars, which means the police are going to be less tolerant to those interfering with their job. This is called obstruction of justice. The officer detained the person in question to his actions. The police are allowed to detain for probable cause which they did (it’s obvious). This falls onto the person in charge of the dog. I commend that he put his dog in the car, but did not properly restrained the dog, especially for the dog in size (Rottweiler). Assuming that the dog is a male, the dog dog weighs approximately 120 pounds. The dog was on a leash that is meant for 25 pounds and under to be on. Rottweilers is in the top 5 dogs (according to the American Kennel Club) to be aggressive. The dog lunged at the police officers three times under an agitated state of mind. The police had every right to shoot the dog because that is a source of threat. Not only that, but the dog could have hurt his owner in the process. For everyone who is claiming that the police were wrong shooting the dog, you are seriously wrong because “whenever someone is in handcuffs it is the police’s job to protect”. They did their job and their actions are justified.

  • Tim

    Why did the police not arrest the guy that posted this video, at that time? Those two bum of cops wanted to teach him a lesson, or something, and they wanted to show that they were no afraid of the dog, i bet! They put themselves in that position knowing that the dog will protect his/her owner. There must be something terribly wrong with those two cops. They could have at least asked him to roll up the windows or something. They were close enough to see that they were open. Such bogus! Poor Dog! I hope that guy gets everything he can get from them.

    • Tim

      not* afraid

  • lh

    I am in no way an animal person. I really can”t stand to be around dogs. However, I do stand up for what is right. I believe that life should be treated with respect which the shooting officer did not. I watched this video a few times trying to get a clear understanding of what happened. From the beginning of the video, the owner of the dog seemed to have good control over the dog. The dog was not aggressive. Was not barking, even with several by standers. I WAS CLEAR TO ME THAT THE DOG WAS WELL TRAINED AND ONLY 9 MONTHS OLD…STILL A BABY. The owner placed his dog into his car and the dog went willingly with no fuss. It was not until the owner was being apprehended that the dog became defensive. Dogs…Good dogs are trained to be defensive when need be. Like in a situation as this. The police officer could have handled this situation better. My husband is in law enforcement. So, I know that the officers have to carry pepper spray and tazzers at all times. The tazzer would have been a better solution and the dog would not have had to lose its life.

    • jimmypop

      Put the blame where it belongs…with it’s owner.

  • clare johnson

    It was one thing to shoot the dog if felt threatened. But at least when it was suffering( because that cop couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a scoop shovel)the cops should of put it down and not let suffer. Like the saying goes :To lazy for a real job become a cop.

  • jimmypop

    Yeah…real cool..That dog got killed because he had an idiot for an owner. Jesus, he could of at least put the windows up enough to secure his dog!

  • http://nunya nunya

    those cops are pieces of shit

  • Billy

    The dog lunged to attack and therefore the officers were in danger. I love dogs too, had a German Rottweiler myself. From my experiences I know dogs can be unpredictable.

    • Rachel

      Dogs that are categorized aggressive such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Great Danes, Pitbulls, Mastiffs, Alaskan Malamutes, etc, can be unpredictable even if they are well-trained. Enough said. Completely agree with you.

  • Axxiom

    If one cannot video tape police, then what is the difference between our country and any other 3rd world dictatorship. I served our military to preserve freedom in America – apparently we have lost it!

  • NP

    The man clearly surrendered peacefully and the dog was simply protecting his owner without having the capacity to understand the relevance of the situation at hand. Because the man was peaceful and unarmed after the search—he should have been allowed to secure his animal by contacting a friend or relative. The police are fully aware you cannot just leave a helpless animal locked up in a vehicle indefinitely. Common sense folks! Internal affairs must suspend these officers for disciplinary violations. Last I checked, people do go to jail for animal abuse. This beautiful animal was senselessly killed without any regard for its safety.

  • Jake

    People keep saying “the dog was just defending his owner”, when my American bulldog is “just defending me” without my hand commands he would need to be shot to stop him. He is trained that way. If I am detained by a criminal he will fight to the death to save me. It is a terrible situation but the police cannot be attacked by dogs and it be ok. Why didnt they use a taser?

  • T

    Cops need to be killed by gunfire.

    Cops always trying to show off, and aggravate the situation.

  • David

    The officer that killed the dog should be killed the same way. What gives anyone the right to do that? We as humans are in no way superior to any other living thing and as such have no right to destroy without just cause. If he can kill a dog for no other reason then he was scared than I kill kill him because I’m scared of people like him walking the earth with the authority and means to kill. The earth is a growing beautiful thing a garden if you will and a dog is a wonderful innocent part of it, a person that kills an animal is a weed that needs to be pulled out. There are a lot of weeds out there and we need to start snuffing them out. Revolution is the only way, KILL the oppressors!

  • Gabe Felix

    Why should we even trust cops anymore? Soon enough, we are going to live in a world where cops don’t give a crap about defending others. Poor dog and dog owner. I hope the guy sues the cop!

  • Southerngirl

    I think it is horrible that they killed that mans dog. All they had to do was get the owner to secure the dog. The dog was only protecting its owner by nature. So sad. The owner wasn’t resisting arrest. Sorry about your dog sir.

  • Josh

    Here’s what I see a 2nd cameraman who’s filming a man walking a dog who’s filming the police instead of filming the police action himself. I see the man walking the dog look back at the 2nd camera man more then once while placing himself in a position to antagonize the Policemen doing their job. Then a see the man who’s “walking his dog” place his dog in his car which happens to be right there with the windows down. Then I see a Dog do as it was trained, a Policeman do as he was trained, and a cameraman barely flinch when a guns fired. This whole thing stinks of a set up. Maybe it’s real but we all know the court will bow down to public scrutiny and pay this man. The court could care less it’s the public that will be paying the man anyhow they’ll just bump your taxes up a bit or make a few more cuts to your public schools.

  • Vanita

    I hope this dogs death haunts this Cowardly, Sorry, Incompetent, Idiot Azzhole!Dumb move retarded Son Of A

  • maxwell

    I’ve learned many things about our “police” if you have pets of any kind,and the “cops” are any where near where you live,lock your pets up in bullet proof rooms until the so called “cops” leave.That way you won’t get some trigger happy THUG like this disgrace to human kind slaughtering you’re four legged family members!!Lock him in the darkest cell in the most hellish prison,and never let him see a gun or touch a badge EVER again!

    • Jane Smith

      BRAVADO. Theyre life is all about BRAVADO

  • thomas

    these gestapo cops should be fired the dog was backing away when they shot

    • Jane Smith

      Just Fired!? Oh no. They deserve much more than that

  • dev

    REPLAY THE VIDEO AND WATCH FRAME BY FRAME. the DOG BACKED OFF, the cop then lunged forward with his foot and hand–of course the dog will get aggressive–the cop could have stayed back. he wanted to antagonize the dog so it would look like he had a RIGHT to shoot the dog. this cop needs to be shot in the balls then in the FACE!

  • http://www.Dallas1Church.org Rev Charles Curtiss

    I cannot even watch this mess. What a terrible shame. That poor dog! This kind of foolishness sickens me.

  • http://none Charles

    This cop should be prosecuted for murder. IF that were a police dog protecting his handler, the criminal most certainly would. That dog wasn’t making ANY attempt whatsoever to engage the handcuffed man. The man should have been allowed to calm his dog. The officer acted irrationally and irresponsibly and should be immediately stripped of badge and duty. AS A DOG OWNER AND TRAINER I can tell you in that situation THERE WAS NO REASON THAT COP SHOULD HAVE PULLED HIS FIREARM!

  • Joebob

    Who in their right mind would approach a strange Roc??? I haven’t read the entire story, some things are no brainers. Three or four shots too. SMFH

  • concerned citizen

    I’m sick of hearing about cops handcuffing people and beating them, sick of them shooting chained up dogs all I could think about is if that was my boy that they shot. Cops are on a power trip and half of the deserve to be euthanized themselves. News flash just because their a sworn officer doesn’t mean that they are going to help you all the care about is themselves and those pieces of shit weapons they call sidearms. Everybody else in the world would have just picked up the least like a MAN and walk it to the car.

  • monica

    to be honest, I do not understand why this man was arrested….but I do admit, I watched the video with the sound off. Never the less, the dog escaped from the car and did lunge (to protect its owner). There is no doubt that if I were in this mans shoes, and placed one of my dogs in the car, they would defend me too. Seeing the dog get shot was devastating, however, I understand the why the police sot the dog. I would have expected the same if my dog ran towards the police. Could they have taken more time….perhaps, but they have to protect themselves and others. Lets suppose the dog attacked one of them, or worse, another bystander. They would have been persecuted for not shooting the dog. It is very sad to watch however…just sad all around. If the man does sue and is successful, he can only get the “cost” of the dog is my understanding.

    • gary harms

      Monica, you raise some valid points here but I think what you should be focusing on is the point of apprehending the citizen. What did the man do to deserve to be handcuffed? He had the gall to record public servants as they did their job. From a safe distance. Not interfering with anyone trying to do their job. Further, when he stopped recording and placed his dog in the car, the officers could have stopped their approach. They wanted to punish the man for recording them. And, while I am not trying play a race card here,I have to raise the point that others were recording also. Were they black? Needs to be examined.

  • gary harms

    First, these Police officers had absolutely no legal business apprehending this citizen. He was doing no harm and was obviously NOT obstructing justice ( justice, what a joke). Second, if these officers are not immediately dismissed, a second crime will have been committed. Third, while I doubt that nothing deserved will happen to these officers, the shooter in particular, I hope that at least a civil suit will provide some sense of retribution for the actions perpetrated by these thugs in uniform. To say they were ” protecting” the dog’s owner is blatant hypocrisy. I hope lawyers are running with knives sharpened to teach these imbeciles a much needed lesson.

  • Ed Paul

    My grandfather was a sheriff in Columbus Ohio, his son, my uncle was the chief of Detectives….they were great cops and they would never shoot a dog that was in this position. These cops today are mean SOB’s that think they are over the law….untouchable. They are the weird little farts that nobody played with in high school….the nerds grown up to carry a badge. What they don’t realize is that they are breeding a whole new wide group of people wo are starting to feel like it is us against them,,,,,and that is too bad for the good cops. All I can say is the good ones had better start to weed out the bad ones or else we will do it for them!

    • Jane Smith

      You got that RIGHT!

  • Matthew Price

    All they had to do was let the guy go put his dog back up and roll the wind

    • Matthew Price

      Windows up. It’s not like he was resisting or anything. I would expect my dog to do the same. It’s a rott, they’re protective in a good way. And every cop should already know that. Instead they just arrested a man and killed his dog for recording a video.

    • gina

      It could have suffocated and died anyway by the heat..

  • marlee

    They do not have a taser gun? If that were a human barking they would probably shot him/her too. Cops think they have common since, but they are robots with guns making their own rules as they go.

  • Ibe Darned

    Stupid, arrogant po-lice, They just had to shoot a dog who was concerned about the only important thing in his life!!!

  • gina

    I have to say, if a dog that big and aggressive came up to me like that, and if I had a gun, I would shoot it. Anyone would in that situation. The officers did a great job..the black guy didn’t need that dog anyway..he was a convict

    • Jane Smith

      “gina” must be a cop

  • John Schmidt

    You people are pathetic. Placing a life a useless dog over that of the safety of a cop. the hawthorne pd should visit the nearest shelter and exterminate the dogs there. a dead dog is humanity’s best friend.

    • Jane Smith


    • Karen Posada

      You are so ignorant it sickens me. If dogs are so useless, why is it that police have them? Why is it that dogs have saved the lives of many humans and have helped solve cases? What makes YOU so much better than them? Absolutely nothing.

  • ken locke

    The cops in the video!!!! Man Oh Man!!! Shot and kill the mans dog for What?????? The dog was put away in the car and only came out when it saw its owners being attacked!!!!!!!!!
    The cops should and MUST be FIRED!!!!!!!!!
    Matter of Fact- SUE THE SHIT out of them and the Police Dept…………………………………….

  • Lee

    What a bunch of idiots,most of you cannot even read english thinking the guy was being arrested for videotaping. I guess the cop should have waited till the dog bit him to do anything. All of you cop haters need to be put into a national database and when that day comes that you need am cop your call will be ignored.

    • Jane Smith

      You must be a cop

  • Honu Lover

    How ridiculous this situation was. First off the owner should have secured his dog but what were the officers truly arresting him for? Taking pictures and not turning down his music? The really bad choices of the police are only compounded by not putting the dog out of his misery and letting him suffer after being shot. Those officers need more training and I would remove them from the streets and take their guns away. Sad

    • Wesker

      There is a lot more to this video; but he is arrested because he no only drove past, but also walked past a barricade. They had asked him to leave a few times after he crossed the barricade and the stand-off was still going on (SWAT down the street), but the clip you see here is the very tail end up a long long clip. The boys filming even make fun of the guy for trying to cause trouble in the longer clip, but go figure thats a very hard clip to find now that this is such a big deal now.

  • http://yahoo ray spafford

    This little man brings his big dog to a police situation and then struts around attracting attention, including police. He brings his big,bad dog to a gunfight and the dog and the little man lose. Police have lots of guns and they will KILL any threat that they perceive. this strutting idiot thought he would mess with the police and his dog payed the price.

    • Jane Smith

      a cop says this

  • Matt

    What is wrong with you people? Whether they needed to arrest the guy or not is another story. However, if a 100 lb. Rottweiler is approaching you aggressively, they have every right to shoot it if they feel threatened. I feel terrible about it…I have a dog and I couldn’t imagine this happening to him. You all say that the cops shouldn’t have shot the dog because it was protecting his owner. Yes, that’s what the dog was doing, but that doesn’t mean the cops should just let the dog attack one of them and possibly even kill one of them and just say…”well it’s alright he’s just protecting his owner!”…while the dog is ripping their neck out.

    • Jane Smith

      your just as dumb as the coward cop with bad judgement.
      Are you a cop????????

  • http://yahoo ray spafford

    Police armored van, at east 6 cop cars and heaven only knows how many cops. Best guess is someone was giving away free dounuts.

  • Kristin

    I want to know why they put the man in cuffs when he was NOT disturbing Anything and then shoot the dog for protecting his master from a serious violation of the law, arresting a man for standing on a corner in a free country! Then they watch the poor thing freaking out and don’t finish the job? What the hell is that? That officer is too irresponsible to be carrying a deadly weapon when he is like that! When they are like that! He did NOTHING illegal or wrong! Neither did the dog!!!!! Remove them all from the force and get guys who can handle the job!

  • Kristin

    There is no way they were defending the defendant!!! It’s an obvious misuse of furce case for both the man and the dog!

  • Alura D

    It’s his fault. Awful as it is, that poor dog suffered for this mans stupidity. WE ALL KNOW HOW THE COPS ARE! He put himself & his dog in danger, And the cops did what they always do, Silence the perp.

  • Rich

    Cop had to kill the dog. Not the dog’s fault. This person had every right to be filming, and quit when he was told. The only thing the cops did wrong was getting too rough with the man

  • popo

    this worthless POS cop should be shot in the head….this guy was totally not doing anything wrong, the POS cops just didnt want to be videoed and the dog was totally innocent…

    I hate cops who think they have 12 hours or power!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane Smith

    SUE HIM SO BAD HIS SKIN WILL STING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cccoooooooooooowwwwwwaaaaaaadddddddd COP

  • Jane Smith

    lawsuit lawsuit lawsuit lawsuit lawsuit

  • tut

    just like the Zimmerman trial except it’s a dog that was provoked

  • robert fuller

    I’ve watched this very close. This was wrong. The police provoked this. The suspect was not resisting in anyway. The police said, the suspect’s music was distracting the officers, distracting them from what? Standing on the corner, the other officers were inside. Then they didn’t even have the decency to put the dog out of its misery.

    At one point when the smaller officer has the suspect at the curb, the larger officer appears to draw back and the officers arm moves forward as if to hit the suspect, the dog comes out the window of the car shortly there after. This is an abuse of power. I’m not saying they didn’t have to shoot the dog, I’m saying they created the problem in the first place.

  • Rachel

    My heart just sank. How disgusting.

  • Jane Smith

    America BEWARE of the COWARD COPS with bad judgement.
    Who will be next. Will it be YOU or your neighbor,
    your brother your sister?

  • Joe

    Look, the rules are clear, dog attacks a person with a gun the dog will get shot. If you don’t have a gun you will have to go to court to get the dog put down. The slim bag is the idot that put the dog in that posistion, where he was protecting the jerk.

  • Jane Smith


  • Jezelle

    Everybody is always so quick to condemn the police in these situations. Try putting yourself in their shoes for once. If they guy did what he was told (as in so many cases), this never happens….it’s as simple as that. The guy was looking for trouble…that was obvious…civil rights? c’mon….joke. Police put their lives in danger every time they step out of their car…especially in the ghettoes where there is already a negative predisposition to them. If a dog lunged at me in that situation, dog is going down. Not sure if I would have shot him, but he’s going down.

  • GenX

    This is why I will keep my guns. Its not the criminals that scare me.

  • Cj

    How in the hell can they say they were attempting to protect Rosby as well… why would the damn dog try to attack him. Smarter than the officers, the dog was trying to come to the aid of his owner

  • http://yahoo mike

    jack booted thugs, the guy was takeing pics, constitutional rights as a citizen, im so tired of police killing dogs, the dog was obviously more atune to his owners constitutional rights than the cops, discusting act on their parts, im so sad for the dog , i cried. im a dog owner and i would sue theses cops, the city, enough is enough, im so damn mad !!!

  • chad

    ok 1st off i feel bad for the dog and if there were any kids around who saw this. saying that 100% of the blame is on the the poor dogs owner. lets see the DUMBASS pulls up to where a bunch of police are obviously working with his radio blaring. 2nd the idiot parks illegally (way too close to the sidewalk and the curb. 3rd the moron gets out of his car with the radio blaring loud to video tape(would not have been an issued if said car was parked correctly and radio of) 4th the dumb cunt takes his huge ass dog out with him like he is a bad ass 5th. the moron gets way too close to the officers vehicles 6th idiots puts the dog in the car with the windows all the way down and does not secure the poor dog in the car 7th he knows the police are coming over to talk to him and he does NOT turn down his radio 8th he starts bitching to the cops about civil rights violations before the cops are even near him (basically taunting them) bottom line THE OWNER IS THE ONLY 1 TO BLAME FOR THIS POOR DOGS DEATH!!!! in threatening situations police are training to shot at the body mass at the threat! if you go at a police officer with a knife and are 10feet away they will not shoot you in the leg or use mace the will shoot your ass in the chest. if you want to get pissed and blame someone blame this poor dogs DUMBASS owner

  • http://yahoonews Mascolo Miller

    Sue the hell out of that department and get you another dog. There was ample time for the cops to tell him to please move out of the area if there was a problem they didn’t so get all you can

  • craig lundeen

    I hope these PIG eat lead some day soon! It’s OK for the state and government to tape and video us but look what happens when the shoes on the other foot! Ego filled rock heads with a badge and a gun…..Die PIGS Die

  • Rusty Hill

    Fucking NAZI cops When was this man obstructing them from doing their job. If we don’t arm ourselves and kill a few cops the police state will imprison us all.

    • http://yahoo.com VALDOSTANO


  • Anonymouse

    People are so self righteous and self important. The main cause due to this incident is as Der Lowe pointed out, interfering with police work with what appears to be a heavily armed raid. Anyone in there right mind would avoid the scene as it could lead to an armed intervention or hostility. However needless to say human stupidity kicks in and along with the other mindless bystanders he films the police proceeding simply for self worth. A million dollars says that everyone that filmed this did so to simply show their friends and post it on social networks to get ‘likes’ or ‘tweets’ and have some sort of self worth.
    Agreed the police acted far to aggressive to someone who already submitted, however who knows what that man could have on him when he opened the car, he also refused to comply with police orders.
    The dog, yes tried to protect the owner, what everyone is missing is the bystanders reactions. “I hope the dog gets out”, “Go Dog Go” bullshit that leads to the dogs death. If someone simply noted the officers of the dog then they could of dealt with it.

    tl;dr this could of been prevented if the man had simply left the scene, who the hell in their right mind walks a rottweiler (known for aggression) around armed police officers carrying out a siege or possible drug bust. Oh but muh freedoms, we can film what we want. Of course you can do what you want, however there are consequences for every action. The man not leaving led to this string of unfortunate events. Yes the police didn’t exactly help but the causation was due to the man not leaving.

    Case Closed

    • Whitney

      Anonymouse, you are self righteous.. I bet you could listen to yourself talk all day. You are the reason we are losing our rights. If you don’t know what a police state is and the purpose for filming cops.. or the threat it poses that cops can now shoot anything they want.. you need to do your research.

      • anonymouse

        Everyone is self righteous it’s self importance that is the issue here…and plain stupidity of both the black man filming and the over aggressiveness of the police officer, and no I couldn’t listen to my self talk all day because I wont shut up. I’m the reason you’re losing rights? Wake up mate, there is no such thing as freedom or rights, writing on a piece of paper means nothing. Also the purpose of filming cops? You just want attention, self worth. Also if it wad a police state I can garuntee you the people wouldn’t simply be able to watch this as nonchalantly as they did. On that note with your detinition of ‘freedom’ new zealand and australia are more ‘free’ than america.

  • Patrick

    Fred is an idiot

  • sandy

    That is the most horrible thing that I’ve ever seen. I’d sue the cops also. I think most cops let the power go to their head and they think that they can get away with murdering family pets. Pets only do what is natural for them, protecting their owners. We have to stop the cops from doing this anymore. what are they going to shoot next… a cat because it gave them a threating look…. we need to take guns out of the hands of cops.

  • Joe

    German Shepard hunting season open? Rottweiler was last week.

  • Joe

    With all this new concealed carry rules am I allowed to shoot police dogs if they growl and I have a valid license to carry?

  • Wesker

    Do you think you would have done any different? The owner was clearly made it his goal to make it a difficult situation and when a cop tries to control an animal that is clearly hostile and so close to so many innocent people he gets blamed? Get over thinking there is such a peaceful way out of a situation like that. “Some cops think they are just a little less than Gods” Really? Some people think that every cop is out to ruin everyone lives in some way. There is a lot that happened here that people so easily look past and this video will EASILY back up the officers involved for doing what was done. The dog may have been amazing outside of this situation, and if that is the case, then this is an example of a good animal with a horrible owner (he knew he was about to be arrested yet he left the windows down and music blasting).

  • Joe

    Answer the question do police dogs bark at people?

  • Joe

    Then ask yourself what the police think you should do to barking dogs

  • Karen Posada

    This is disgusting to me. I didn’t even have the heart to finish watching the video because I knew what was coming. The man was not even commiting a crime for him to have been arrested and you could see how much he loved his dog. He even tried to keep it safe by putting it into his car. Hopefully these police men learn a lesson and the man wins his case.

  • Whitney

    If someone was filming me while I was doing my job I would smile and carry on because I stand behind my job with integrity. If they were busy protecting and serving the public instead of standing around discussing the nearest doughnut and large coffee deal they wouldn’t have time to unlawfully arrest a bistander and murder his dog. If you sign up to wear a robocop uniform and openly carry a weapon.. a little extra attention shouldn’t hurt u.

    • Jimmies

      You’re actually comparing your job to that of a cops? And this isn’t just any old day on the job mate this is a heavily armed house raid. Cops outside the house are there to prevent bystanders from possible hostility and to communicate with the raid team, provide back up and prevent idiots like this guy from interferring and causing further complications guess what the guy filming did? Interfered and caused complications.

  • christy

    I am furious….cops have this idea they are above the law and it is scary to know you have idiots “protecting” its cities…u have a bunch of trigger happy dumbass’ with guns….I hope he sues that city..and the police department …the police wonders why they are hated..they should spend more time doing ther job instead of infringing on the rights of the people!!!!!

    • Tacokid40 40

      What are u talking about? The dogs owner was being a hard headed jackass! Had no business in the area at all. I’m not a cop by the way, but if the law enforcement asks u to do something then do it! They aren’t asking him to leave cause of ur race or cause they are bored. They have a job to do. Did the African american not understand English? What part of get away from the scene did he not understand? He also has a past police record go figure. The day u get attacked or have a problem who are u gonna call? Exactly!!!!! Wake up!

      • Rustled


  • Katelin

    I am a dog lover and I do agree that some times the cops get big headed; however, in this case I do think they had a right to shoot the dog. Yes the dog was trying to do what it was trained to do, which was protect his owner, but it still tried to hurt an officer, so it wasn’t about the dogs breed either. What if your child was playing with the mans child and the dog thought you were hurting it, would it be okay for it to attack your child? Also to be honest some African Americans do pull out the “it’s because I’m black” card. The police did not go “hey it’s a black guy lets shoot his dog.” Or anything like that. He was doing things he shouldn’t have done and they asked him to stop multiple times.

    • Tacokid40 40

      U are awesome!!!!! Hit the nail right on the head! I love animals! I love cats and dogs. But if they didn’t shoot the dog and it attacked a kid standing near by regardless of race, people would be crying and complaining and asking why cops didn’t shoot the pissed off animal. Wondering why it chomped on a childs head. Wake up people! U try and do the job of a cop and see how u react! I do feel bad for the dog cause he has a dumb ass owner.

  • Tacokid40 40

    Put ur self in the cops shoes! I would shoot a pit or Rot that weighs 80lbs attacking me! I’m sure everybody here that is “dogging” the cop would react in a professional manner and pet the pissed off dog until he calmed down. I would love to see how half these idiots handle the same situation. Good job cops! You did what u had to do! Maybe that jackass owner will mind his own business next time! He Already has a police record, damn dead beat!

  • Hunter

    Yeah sure. Protect him from his own dog.

    Assholes. Shoot to kill, even if the worst that will happen is a scratch or bite. Police are cowards and put thier own well being before everyone else.

    I really hope they pay something for this. So brutal

  • Mike

    Anyone who would actually try to justify what happen to the man and his dog is either ignorant or is a cop. They are thicker than thieves and the biggest organized crime syndicate w

    • Rustled

      And everyone else is living a lie. Ignorant of how the world works.

  • Mike

    Anyone who would actually try to justify what happen to the man and his dog is either ignorant or is a cop. I hope those cops that gunned down that poor animal are stripped of their badge.

  • http://yahoo.com VALDOSTANO

    How come nobody has already KILLED that Son of a Bitch white police officer for murdering that dog…???
    That dog was the guy’s best friend and family member, and we are allowing that bastard cop to still be around…? Can’t wait to hear somebody EXECUTED that white trash piece of shit.

  • jeff

    such a sad site :( that dog was no threat they could of handled that way better. uncuff the man to tame his dog and cuff him again if you think what this guy is doing is so bad. But to just blast the poor thing like that and let it suffer while the man is cuffed wow! i hope the next time that man posses a threat someone shoots him like that. Could of tased the poor thing. Just shows anyone these days can be a bone head of a cop and damn shoot a police dog and kill it you go to jail, or that fact even assult it, he has pepper spray, a night stick like damn. but this guy will be free as a bird. judgement day awaits us all hope it was worth it.

  • larry

    I see that they state his music was loud and interfered with police radios but why can’t I hear it on the video? How was he interfering from so far away?

  • Raj

    The text in this write-up is NOT accurate.
    The dog did not ‘lunge’ at the cop. There were no signs of aggression, the dog appears to have more of an ‘I want to play too’ attitude.
    It is common sense, the dog does not know the difference between Police and civilians, for the dog in this situation, he just wanted to be involved with his owner. He didn’t know situation from good to bad because he is a DOG!!!
    That cop committed a grossly horrific crime and should be held accountable for his unjustified actions.

  • http://JusticeForMax Jakhara

    I feel bad for rosby because he had to lose his dog to some stupid pigs we call cops but don’t worry rosby they will be going to hell for killing an innocent dog

  • Ann

    None of this is right, but I wish everyone would read the article before posting their comments. It was not the camera phone. His music was too loud and he refused to turn it down and it was making it hard for them to communicate with the other situation they were dealing with. I am not taking a side. None of it should or did have to happen.

  • Len

    This stupid police! He should be the one who gets the shot

  • Tim

    If heaven does exist, I hope this dog becomes the new keeper of the gate so when that cop dies and gets turned away from that gate the Rottie can have his revenge before the bacon burns in hell!!

  • Tricker

    Dogs get wild in the presence of bacon

  • Edina

    Oh ,shit..im crying!..</3 :( RIP to dog♥

  • Melissa Darosa

    I totally disagree with this method, yes the dog was confronting the police but at first he was timid and wasn’t going for any police right away. Using a gun is NOT the answer to shoot any animal, especially a dog, that is why they have Tasers for a reason! Plus the man was just stating his opinion about their not being a black cop and this was a minority issue, no reason to really put anyone in handcuff’s to begin with. If they just simply went over to him and give him a warning to calm down then this whole situation could of been avoided. It is not right for police to approach someone and just put them into handcuffs because they have a opinion. Plus the man did not have any weapons and they did a search on him so again I blame the police in this situation, they should know better, they need the PROPER training when faced with this type of situation and that police officer who shot the dog should be fired!

  • Defender

    Yer your right people shouldnt be allowed to shoot dogs that are attacking them. That would not be fair on the owner who has every right to own a lethal creature and to not contol it. Why cant we all just live in a fantasy land where it is OK to let dogs kill you. Hunter S Thompson would never shoot a dog would he? I tell you what you dont let you potentially lethal pet anywhere near me my family or my friends and your dog and you wont get shot does that sound fair to you? No because you alive outside the realm of reason and compassion.

  • Citizen

    Finish the job, PIG!!

  • dan battis

    So sad. What total cowards. And to try and say they were protecting the owner from his own dog. Shame on them. Totaly uncalled for. I hope they are fired and sued.

  • Jessica

    This is animal cruelty. These police officers are trained and equipped to deal with that dog in multiple ways, shooting the animal and what worse leaving it to suffer is absolutely disgusting. Both police should loose their badges and receive an animal cruelty charge in my opinion.

  • Mary

    Sorry It is very unfortunate to know that everybody prefer to see a person injure than an animal .Poor dog ,owner fault for having him in this situation. If you really love your dog, and know how he can react you shouldn’t put him on risk. So next time if you walking on the street and a dog attack you please don’t hurt him !! you can be on the news and everybody going to try to kill you if you do something bad to the dog.

  • Mrg

    Wtf is wroung with you ooooio poi pop o ooooo o o I you o you cudebt if picked the dog or or something and take it to a non kill shelter or somewhere in till the peeress can come back to it I’ll ioo oooo I o o o o o o damn your working on my damn nerve killing dogs how wud you fell of that dog was you hummmmmmm your laying down if pain in sted of being restraint it was ou per texting its Owen plz under stab that plz o wow plz plz plz

  • navyservant50

    As always,the police officers will band together against the citizens of this country,and no reprimand will happen.Something terrible is going to happen in this country soon because of this behavior and the current abuse of authority and the taking away of citizen’s rights.It is only a matter of time.If people band together and protest peacefully,I am positive that the police will don riot gear,beat up and pepper spray the protesters .I am sad to live in this country anymore as these thugs with badges do whatever they want to people.Professionalism is police abiding by the same laws that they enforce,are long gone.