Poker Night 2 Launch Trailer is Appropriately Silly

    April 24, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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There are a few games that throw characters from different series’ into a multiplayer fighting arena, but only Telltale GamesPoker Night series makes them sit down and look each other in the eye.

Poker Night 2 launches today on the Xbox 360 LIVE Arcade, and will follow soon on PlayStation Network and Steam. A trailer for the launch has also been released.

The game features characters such as Sam from the Sam & Max games, Claptrap from the Borderlands games, Ash Williams from the Evil Dead movies, and Brock Samson from The Venture Bros. TV series as poker players. Portal villain GLaDOS fills in as the dealer.

Playing the game can unlock what the Telltale is calling “Bounty Unlocks.” These Poker Night rewards will unlock content in other games, such as Borderlands 2 skins, Team Fortress 2 items, and, depending on the system, Xbox Avatar or PlayStation 3 theme unlocks.

Telltale is coming off the wild success of The Walking Dead adventure game, which made many best-of-2012 lists. In comparison, Poker Night 2 should be a welcome reprieve from the stress of braving the zombie apocalypse. Though it’s not likely to top best-of lists for 2013, it may be a nice diversion during the lean summer months of gaming.

  • Gail schwartz

    Oh god. It sucks to high heaven !!!! $10 &. No multi-player. What gives? If I wanted to Play by myself I wouldn’t pay $ 60 a yr & have 50 full house poker friends? This game should only be $3. Avoid avoid avoid.

    • 5Dollars

      It’s $5. It’s not about it just being a poker game, it’s for the comedy aspect for the most part.

      $5 is the cost of your cup of coffee in the morning, or a couple of 2-liters from the store. I’m sorry $5 is $2 out of your price range for having fun.

      • someone

        Actually for the xbox 360 (not sure about ps3 or pc) it’s $10.