Fake Pokemon Yellow Is On The iTunes App Store

    February 20, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Apple strictly monitors the App store to make sure that nobody uploads content that infringes on any other group’s copyright, but sometimes things get through. Somebody may want to tell Nintendo about this one then.

In what may be the most hilarious oversight on the part of Apple yet, a user by the name of Home of Anime has uploaded Pokemon Yellow to the iPhone app store. The game promises to be a complete conversion of the original game.


But wait a minute, how can this be? Well, let’s take a look at the app store page for the game, shall we? First things first, those press reviews seem suspect:

“Fantastic and addictive gameplay. Six stars.” 5/5

“Just like the original. Only better because you can play it on the most intuitive device ever – the iPhone.” 5/5

“Hundreds of hours of gameplay, fun and collecting all Pokémon. Great app from Home of Anime.”

This app just launched today. How can there already be reviews for it, especially for this specific version? Also, there is no attribution to the reviews so we can assume this is just fake.

Moving on down, we get to the screenshots which are lifted directly from Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, the Gameboy Advance games. Pokemon Yellow was for the Gameboy.

What really makes me laugh is the disclaimer at the end:

All trademarks and copyrights are owned by their respective owners.

That’s not going to save Home of Anime from the legal beat down they’re going to receive from Nintendo. If the app was free, Home of Anime would just walk away with a slap on the wrist. The app costs $0.99 though so they are profiting off of another company’s IP.

It would just be illegal, yet funny if the app worked – too bad it doesn’t. Every review for the game mentions how the game crashes after the title screen.


So let’s get this straight – we’re dealing with stolen IP being sold by some random group on the app store preying upon those who would love nothing more than to get their Pokemon on, and it doesn’t even work. Either Home of Anime is a mastermind or just really gutsy.

It’s also worth mentioning that this isn’t just some random infringement for an app that nobody is buying. The fake Pokemon Yellow is the third best selling paid app on the iTunes app store right now.


Before we move on to the other great products from Home of Anime, it should be pointed out that clicking on the support link on the app store page takes you to a barebones WordPress site called Qeab.net. The message those wondering why the app doesn’t work is absolutely hilarious:

If you are experiencing issues with Pokémon Yellow, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.

Thanks for your patience while we thoroughly investigate this issue.

We are working on a new build and we anticipate this will be completed soon, which should overcome the issue.

Again, apologies for the inconvenience.

Home of Anime deals in other high quality apps, though not as outright infringing as his Pokemon Yellow app. They are selling Digimon and YuGiOh apps that appear to be just as much of a rip-off.

It’s amazing that Apple or Nintendo haven’t caught on to this yet. I do, however, believe that these apps will be gone by the end of the day. This particular brand of blatant copyright infringement never sticks around for long.

For now, just bask in the utter hilarity that is Pokemon Yellow on the App Store and feel sorry for those that have been duped into buying it.

  • Andrew

    I got sucked into buying this app, I better get a refund

  • Ralph

    I saw the app this afternoon and after my initial ‘holy crap, awesome’ moment went right to the reviews and saw it was a scam.
    What bothers me, is that Apple has dropped the ball and allowed an overtly obvious scam on their store. This makes me question wtf could a clever developer get away with? Apps that skim your passwords, cc and account info? ApparentlyApple isn’t even bothering to run an app to see if it works, will they bother to find out what information apps and sending back to devs from user phones?
    Crap, how could they be fooled by someone porting a Nintendo license? Nintendo distributing games on Apple hand heads would be huge news.

  • Rylan

    They got me good, worthy of my $.99 but now some sort of developer has to come out with the real deal. So much publicity and promo that the real crime here would be not to release it

  • Mik

    Just jailbreak your phone get gameboy emulator then dwnld a rom for pokemon yellow. F&$k apple and nintendo.

  • Julian

    If the fake app made the top three selling apps then Nintendo should realize that if they make a real Pokemon yellow or whatever version for the iPhone that they are sitting on some good money

  • Adam

    Damn totally got trolled the app was a top seller too I hope the scammer gets ripped a new one

  • Gonzalo

    I just the Pokemon yellow out so can play it and my $.99 not put to waste

  • Nick

    That was the only thing I wanted and I got scammed I better get my money back. And why don’t they just make an actual pokemon game it would be so much easier

  • Patrick

    Nintendo will never release Pokemon for any other system than Nintendo systems. They will lose money because to lets say you have an iPhone and want to play Pokemon. The will want you to buy a 3DS an download it to that instead of paying $1 or $15(or whatever…). So that’s why I didn’t buy that app. I saw that someone other than Nintendo made it. The biggest red flag of them all…

  • Mikhail

    Apple you need to now pay whatever or whoever necessary to get the rights from those people! I don’t want a refund I WANT AN UPDATED VERSION ON POKEMON YELLOW!!! THAT WAS THEE BEST ONE OF THEM ALL!! I mean honestly!

  • bart

    I was totally fooled by this.. I didn’t even read the reviews plus this app happens to be the first and only app I ever payed for. I feel completely ripped off. If anybody knows how to get my $.99 back please tell me… =(

  • F.Guy

    Lucky me, almost need to make perchance on the apps lucky do some research b4 making any purchase… ha ha lucky is not 1st of april

  • Pikapower

    all of you need to accept the fact that you got got n laugh it off..grown ass people upset because they cant play pokemon on their iphone…its only 99c

  • Zsiffy

    Pikapower, you’re retarded…people don’t want their money back because they are worried about losing 99 cents for god sake. Look at the big picture it’s about moral principal. People want their money back because they were ripped off. The publisher of this app has accumulated a lot of money because of single buyers paying 99 cents each. That adds up. Therefore he has an added fortune because of a large amount of Downloads. If everybody gets a refund he would no longer have that fortune. Make better sense?

  • Big O

    Haha, good thing my iPhone is jailbroken and I got this app for free with Installous. But what a piece of shit. I was really getting my hopes up for Pokemon Yellow as an iPhone app.