Pokemon Black And White 2 Gets New Trailer

    April 22, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Ever since Nintendo announced the first true sequel in Pokemon history, fans have been kind of skeptical to say the least. Just looking at the Twitter reaction from when it was first announced, you can see some fans happy about the news but others disappointed by the lack of any innovation. Pokemon has always been accused of being lazy with its sequels, but the announcement of Black and White 2 took those accusations to the next level.

Nintendo has released a new trailer for the game that may help to squash those fears of monotony and sameness that you might have come to expect from the Pokemon series. Besides, Black and White were pretty revolutionary as far as Pokemon games go so more of it would be a good thing, right? Well, the trailer shows more of the same old stuff we’ve come to expect from the franchise.

Let’s look at what we can confirm from the Japanese trailer: new trainers? Check. New Pokemon? Check. New cities? Check. Same old starters? Check. Gyms with stupid puzzles? Check. Yep, it looks like a traditional Pokemon game through and through from here.

The main reason many people feel betrayed is that the game on the DS again. It only makes sense though since more people own a DS so this allows them to get in on the action. Nintendo must surely know, however, that Pokemon is a huge driver of hardware sales. If they made Black and White 2 for the 3DS, they would have seen their hardware sales skyrocket.

Regardless, check out the new trailer and tell us what you think. It’s pretty much just Pokemon, but you might spot a few things there that might get you excited. It at least seems that it will be easier to obtain the original 151 Pokemon in the sequel than it was in the original Black and White. This alone might make the game worth it.

[Source: NWR]

  • Lindsey

    Hi! This video helped me guess what was going on with the new game, but since it was in japanese, I didn’t really understand everything. Other than that, nice video. :)

  • KC

    I am still pleased that poke’mon is still going strong have loved the series since red and blue as people complain about the games not changing I think you guys are morons. I mean why fix somthing that isn’t broken. They have given us great game after great game I am dissapointed that it kisn’t for the 3ds since that is why I got it but at least they are making the apps for the ar for it.

  • shadow ldmc

    The game looks great and so i heard it is asposed to be compatable with 3ds i cant wait to play it as i have played every pokemon game so far and am not missing one. every year nintendo suprises us with a new game and every one of them as turned out to be great they are improveing each time on grahics but i am very excited for this game and pokemon conquest coming out this year too so yous who want to miss out are just plain silly but your opion so take this game or leave it

  • pokiman sux nao

    wow, are there even new pokemon in this game? aside from the gimmicky black/white versions of kyurem of course. i was sad to see pokemon reduced to garbage bags and ice cream cones in bw, but this is just a dick in the mouth to all their fans. they could at least start making customizable trainers, triple type pokemon, dual type attacks, pokemon fusion, or i dunno, SOMETHING new…

  • Aleks

    So it’s still on the DS – is that really a big deal? Nintendo has traditionally been fair to it’s customers, so BW2 on the 3DS would be awesome and drive sales, but at what cost to the consumer? People forced into purchasing a new device solely for BW2 doesn’t seem fair to me and I’m glad Nintendo stayed true to is loyal Pokemon fans, keeping it on the dominate system rather than use the game as a way to push people to the 3DS.

    Even though the series has been relatively cut and dry generation to generation, I’ve been relatively pleased with the series since I started playing in Gen 1. I’m looking forward to this release and know we won’t be let down.

    • steven46327

      Heck yea! Ive been waiting for someone to say this. Team attacks would be great!


    it looks great and cool cant wait

  • Tolvan

    I would love some sort of customizability, but Pokemon has always been fun despite that. New things would be cool, yes, but you play Pokemon because you like POKEMON, not freaking Halo or whatever!

  • Wes

    Pokemon is only worth buying when there’s a new generation of Pokemon to catch… This is just a hurried slightly changed version of the same game! It’s like buying.. Pearl and diamond… Or black and white… Please.. You unsteriotypical lazy japanese Pokemon creators.. Stop tweaking the same games and rushing them out for profit. Booooooooo

  • cjt

    This looks like another great game.

  • http://www.monstermmorpg.com/Pokemon Pokemon

    That would be a lot better if there were higher resolution trailer video. It is only 360p :(