Playstation Vita Not Getting Price Cut In 2012

    June 6, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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The Playstation Vita is kind of an enigma in terms of what it actually is. It is too big to fit in your back pocket, to delicate to put in your backpack. In fact most studies show that the majority of people play the Vita while sitting on their couch at home, just like they did with the PSP.

The other major problem is that the Vita is way too expensive for what you get with it. Add to that the price of a proprietary memory card and you are pushing a hand held system that costs more than a PS3.

So the obvious solution is a price cut right? Well don’t hold your breath because it isn’t coming this year says Sony Worldwide Studios chief Shuhei Yoshida. “From the value for money standpoint, we think we have a good price for what the system is. And our priority is to achieve the potential through more games and services.”

He went on to say “Of course people who are looking to buy are also talking about the price of PS Vita, especially when they have to buy a memory card as well. That’s something we have to spend time to cost reduce and address in the future. But now, our laser focus is to increase the content and to realize the potential of the system.”

There you have it. Sony spent so much per unit on these things that the price will stay put past the Christmas season. Sometimes I wonder if Sony is even listening to their customers.

  • bob

    wonder if sony is listening to there customers at all? really?? so just because potential customers want a price cut sony should just lose money and do it? After losing over 6 billion dollars last year! your logic makes no sense whatsoever! Companies need to make money any company and selling things for a loss just to appease people is no way a good business plan! how about you lower your yearly salary where u cant pay your bills because i feel u make to much for writing such a dumb statement in your article! For what the vita can do and how will it can do it sony is right the vita is priced perfect! $250 and $300 is not alot of mone for a state of the art gaming devce that also runs like a much more expensive ipad ipod ect. and sony is listening people asked for youtube and its coming ps1 games coming as well and sony is working on making memory cheaper. DO UR RESEARCH N FIND A NEW CAREER!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/richard-stalker Richard Stalker

      You are so right!!! Man, youtube? PS1 games? OMG!!! I’m running out right now to get one!!!

      Get a life dude, people want a system under $200 that has more AAA titles. A system that costs almost as much as a PS3 but delivers less is useless to everyone because as studies have shown, people play the Vita on their couch at home more than out in public.

      I am a Sony fanby, through and through, but I will not defend a company that make something that is way too much money and then justify it by spouting crap in our faces about recouping costs. Did it need to have a useless back touch panel? Rather have L2 and R2 triggers. Did it need a 3G version? No one uses it outside their homes anyways.

      Go cry to the uniformed BOB

  • Hunter

    Richard not only was the article great but you gave me such a laugh with “You are so right!!! Man, youtube? PS1 games? OMG!!! I’m running out right now to get one!!!

    Go cry to the uniformed BOB”

    Great job!