PlayStation Network Back Online Within a Week (Maybe)

Latest blog update discusses credit card info, time-frame for return

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PlayStation Network Back Online Within a Week (Maybe)
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When it’s all said and done, it looks like the PSN may be down for over 2 weeks.

The latest official update posted to the PlayStation blog takes the form of a Q&A, much of it mirroring questions outlined yesterday in an offical Sony FAQ page that was linked to from the blog.  Here’s what now-very-widely-known Director of Corporate Communications Patrick Seybold has to say:

First off, we want to again thank you for your patience. We know that the PlayStation Network and Qriocity outage has been frustrating for you. We know you are upset, and so we are taking steps to make our services safer and more secure than ever before. We sincerely regret any inconvenience or concern this outage has caused, and rest assured that we’re going to get the services back online as quickly as we can.

We received a number of questions and comments yesterday and early today relating to the criminal intrusion into our network. We’d like to address some of the most common questions today.

We are also going to continue to post updates to this blog with any additional information and insight that we can over the next few days.

We are reading your comments. We are listening to your suggestions. Please keep them coming.

It’s good to see that Sony is at least feigning a dialogue with users.  Besides the obvious frustration of not being able to play your games online, PS3 owners have been the most frustrated with that lack of transparency regarding the “external intrusion.”  Users were not notified until a week after the initial outage that their personal information had been compromised

The latest update from Sony reminds users that although no evidence is yet available that their credit info was stolen, users should brace for that likely possibility.  One bit of good news – even if the credit card numbers and expiration dates were stolen, the CVC security code from the back of your card were not obtained because the PSN and Qriocity does not ask for it.

The real news from this latest blog post is that there is a very soft time-frame for when the PSN will be restored.  I repeat, WoW Gold Guide, very soft:

Our employees have been working day and night to restore operations as quickly as possible, and we expect to have some services up and running within a week from yesterday. However, we want to be very clear that we will only restore operations when we are confident that the network is secure.

PlayStation Network Back Online Within a Week (Maybe)
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  • http://playstation RASHID

    well im just glad to hear that its going to be bak up soon i dont care if i hav to wait another week yes i do miss playing socom confrontaion and socom 4 which is the best game in the world dont like call of booty yea and another thing ppl need to stop complaining because the playstation network is for free so WTF i just hope playstaion also stop ppl from cheating i hate cheaters i give to the x box for that one ppl cant cheat on there netwrk but i will never buy a xbox love sony

  • Joker

    Danm it really suks not to play online but I dnt give a fuk how long it takes I’m a die hard sony fan I love it.. and for all u ball sukers dat are hating on sony go to hell sony is way better dan xbox and for all y’all xbox fans I hope dat y’all get breched and won’t get to play for a whole month FUK XBOX SONY FOR EVER.. sony should really give us an excat date for wen we would b able to go on line..



    • oldguy55

      well just read that they will be back up 5/5/11 hope so its my birthday and I miss playin online just like the rest of you.Iam a beginner at this so Iam not real good but still love it ! I will be 56 yrs.old I used to admire the hackers as they were at one time (back in the day) guys and gals who were pretty cool they believed in free net and free warez but it seems that all they do now is cause problems , when instead they should be helpful and making solutions , what a waste of talent.

  • http://www.leeds.ac.uk James

    Do we know whether the passwords stolen were encrypted or at least hashed (md5)? If this is the case, then I’m not too worried. There is no good reason that they shouldn’t be, so if not – serious questions need to be asked

  • Dan

    How does psn being down relate to Xbox sucking? Just because more ppl play the Xbox than PS3 doesnt mean that its the Xbox’s fault the crappy network is down. I have both and prefer Xbox, I just thing it’s chldish to get pissed at Microsoft for Sony not doing it’s job.

  • the professional

    the professional says i would like to have psn online but it wont happen for a while so have fun doing something else like basketball or girls also i agree with not wasting precious money on x-box

  • stephen

    wtf every 1 is blaming sony ITS THE HACKERS who have compromised psn. XBOX IS SHIT.

  • brian

    what do we download ?

  • Jarad

    Can someone please hack xbox so all the xboxlive trolls can stfu, i think it would make the world a better place.

    • the professional

      i believe it would make a real funny with x-box being hacked

  • chin

    xbox is lame. ps3 is better and clearly more advanced. and to the losers crying that they cant play online. stfu. go meet a girl, go mingle, go on a date, walk on the beach with the girl you like, phone a gurl, make a gurl laugh, msg a gurl on facebook, msg a gurl on twitter, take a gurl out to eat, buy a gurl a gift, tell a gurl shes cute, surprise a gurl with a gift AND STOP FUCKING CRYING ABOUT PSN BEING DOWN. Meet a girl and psn will not even exist in you anymore. its all about Your Girl! :)

  • Thomas

    Hurry up gotta get escalation for call of duty black ops

  • Joey


  • ps3survivor

    Alright this is like having a bathroom without the aroma therapy candle…I mean C’MON!!!

  • http://Ghjgfg Geohot

    Well Sonys firewalls were hard to hackbut my next project is xbox. So if you are switching to xbox you are introuble.

  • Luv

    When do u think PlayStation network going to be back online for sure cuz now without online we have no games to play cuz we always play story mode first nd after we play it again and again we get bored. So can u tell us it if u do then we all would probably appreciate it.

  • Emmy

    LOL u guys are pathertic to read
    Sony is going to come back soon, just wait DAMN >_>
    Oh hum… Xbox was hacked in 2007 so it’s not cuz u pay that mean ur more safe :/
    If u know enough u can hack anything
    PS3 is way better than Xbox, PS3 have bluray, but Xbox is known for broke faster than PS3
    So u guys can go and exchange ur PS3 for an Xbox and in 6 month u will have to buy a new 1 cuz u got the yellow light of death lol
    I will never exchange my PS3 for some Xbox crap

  • Maryanne

    Just a couple of weeks of psn being down wont kill you, it wasnt their fault and their trying to fix it so quit ya bitching. And for the people who moved to xbox, wtf? psn is coming back soon, maybe you needed a break from video games, go out and socialize

  • EricGamers

    It has been said that psn will be back up and running in June

  • XIL_69

    Okay, so hackers have Sony by the throat- AND has our credit card info?

    Sony tells us our info may be stolen- then it is safe- THEN it is stolen again? So someone want to explain to me how far I need to shove my head up my GOD DAMN ASS to see from their point of view?
    I really should have paid 300$ less and got a Xbox, and spent the 300$ on 3 years of Live- but no, I took a PS3 because of higher quality RPG games, better exclusives(IMO) & for Blue-Ray.

    In the end- THIS IS NOT WORTH IT!!!

    “Dear Sony:
    You got what you deserved, you lying- arrogant- FUCKS!”

    You a multi-million dollar Co. that cannot even run a simple network server without fucking it up, of course we didn’t pay for online- but you should have had better security, because; now your out millions upon millions of dollars, and your offering all existing users PSN+( 19.95$ value) to an approximate 100 million users.

    Congratulations, you sir(Sony) are a DUMB-ASS… Maybe instead of spending 19.95million dollars to keep customers happy you could hire more people and get the fucking thing working FASTER? Of course you wouldn’t have thought of that though… too much brain power required.

    I have been using Sony Products since 1999(or 2000) when I got my first PsOne at age 8, Ps2 at age 12, Ps3 slim (soon as I could afford one, now I am eagerly awaiting to be able to DLC my games for more missions- but FUCK that idea.

    — I am done bitching… just needed to vent and what better place then HERE!

    Replies can kiss my ass, I don’t give a shit about anyone else other then myself in this pathetic world… (unless your family SO BITE ME)

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ Sean

    No matter how long Ps3 is down i am not going to buy an xbox. I am a playstation fan no matter what.They will be up and running soon so stop whining… Yeah it sucks but deal with it if u do buy a xbox there will be one less noob. Hopefully it will be restored soon.There will probably make it worth tbe wait.. Some type of freebie oh wait psn online is free go pay for it on xbox..losers

  • gobble gobble

    first of i would just like to say, yes its a bummer that PSN is down but the brighter side is due to all this sony can work on improving their security i mean what would you prefer to play online now with the risk of hackers still being able to get information whilst sony deal with the problem or have sony take of online gaming so no further damage is done to the customers whilst they improve their security, im not really that pissed about my card numbers or whatever being stolen coz i can do a great thing called cancelling my card its great, also this in no way is sony’s fault any company anywhere any time can be hacked its just a matter of who to target if i had a company as large as sony or microsoft woth millions and millions i can be assured that someone somewhere would be plannin to hack it, these ‘hackers’ are the ones you should be cursing about there the ones who ruined it all for you not sony, yeah ok maybe sony could of done better in giving you more info but you could also argue that they just want it done and move on from this crysis and those of you switching to x-box is that really worth it i mean what would be the point ok you get to play online whoopy but you’ve basicly wasted money just to play online, look at the bigger picture then just tunnel vision of i cant play online i can get any dlc from the PSN and actually look ahead we will be getting free stuff when it comes back on, security will be stronger and everyone will be happy knowing that, thanks for reading peace out 😀

  • martijn


  • martijn


  • martijn

    Everybody add my email want more friends

    • CraZY_xSNiPERx

      if you are talking about online then right my name down and add it when it’s back online

  • http://none Bad Ass

    COME ON PSN JUST GIVE ME A FUCKING DATE???????????????????????????

  • liam_568

    who cares if the network is down it wont be long till it be back upso in the mean time go out wth ur m8s ffs

    • liam_568

      i agree wth sean go buy an xbox its ur loss whn u hve to pay n we dont so stop fking complaning all of u r such noobs n get a life if ur getting an xbox [shity xbox noobs]

      • liam_568

        to be honnest i did have an xbox online but since i got ps3 its been amazing so if ur thinking getting an xbox dont because its shit ps3 is so much better

        • ps3 rule xbox shit

          why is every one moaning for psn down who gives a shit go out wth m8s or ur girl friend instead of staying on ur ps3 peace out for ppl who r getting an xbox beware cz im going to hack it n we cn laugh in ur face dick heads haha -_-

  • rosie2334

    Hey morons, i dont know if you remember this but back in 2008 Xbox and microsoft were hacked and xbox live was down for more then 2 weeks also.. Not to mention the red ring of death that is still happening in todays 360’s when microsoft told everyone it was fixed.. so look at the big picture, YES MICROSOFT WAS HACKED AND THEIR SERVICES WERE DOWN FOR JUST AS LONG AS PSN, AND THEY STILL HAVE THE RING OF DEATH WHICH MY ANY MEANS PS3 DOES NOT HAVE THE PROBLEM. AND TO THIS DAY LIVE STILL GETS HACKED INTO SO BEFORE YOU JACKASSS RUN YOUR MOUTHS ABOUT SHIT CHECK YOUR FACTS.

  • Tyler

    ive waited soo long without playing my ps3 online, and to top it off i bought killzone3 the day it crashed!

    • Tyler

      and arent you gus worried about loosing customers? cuz im about to return to xbox

      • ps3 rule xbox shit

        ffs tyler why u getting a shitty xbox it crashes every day so go ahead get xbox n we nt lossing customers cz we dnt fking care

  • Cold Turkey

    I’m turning to drugs for a week or 2 instead of buying an Xbox I think. I just can’t go on!!

  • http://YTZaaapHD Zaaaprn

    u gays SUCK i by an xBOx if it don’t worke in a day ! i by it towmorro

  • http://YTZaaapHD Zaaaprn


  • Jake

    Wow ps3, you really let me down. U used to be a baller but now its bill gates.

  • Brandon


  • Christopher

    Come hery up psn people want psn back so badly and guys when psn is back gamertag TiMoEmO96 send me friend resquest

  • Timothy

    Psn hery up people want to play black ops here!!!!!!!

  • http://psn.com omar delgado

    first of all thank you psn i know that your people are working around the clock. and guy relax, this is world wide and that more thaan anything takes time…. again thx psn.

  • Justin Beiber

    My PS3 world 3.0

  • bird head

    psn is getting frowned upon because of this incident!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. MY hair is a bird your arguement is invalid

  • sfbhjsf

    Just renember xbox has been hacked in the past so it’s not you pay is what you get it’s whoever is hacker need to get shot.

  • sonny 4 life

    thnks sonny for the update keep up the hard work well done lads

  • ps3 believer/birdhead

    I know sony is trying hard to make their network come back on and i hope it really does come back on today. You have a dedicated/patient ps3 fan right here!! pleassssssssssee come back on today.

    p.s. mortal kombat rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Let me point out something to you. If you had a safe for example and it was the best most top of the range safe, then you put everything valuable in the safe; your risking it, because it will envetably be cracked by an expert. Im sure Sony had a very good security system but I expect that the people that hacked PSN have their fair share in hacking experience. But overall it’s not Sony’s fault as they could have had no way in knowing until the hackers were in. But really the whole PSN software is free so you havent lost out until some acctually happens to your personal data.

  • JohnD

    if you numb heads would start thinking life is great all you need is it GET THE FUUCK OFF THE COUCH AND DO SOMETHING AND DO NOT BLAM SONY YOU SHOULD BLAM THE PEOPLE DID THE HACKING IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AztecReaper


  • chris

    i just want my fuckin madden back online!!!!!!and for ps3 to fix this shit!!! i got a fever and fuckin madden online is the fuckin medicine!!!!!

  • sajid

    I only want to know when PSN will exactly come back online. It supposed to be online today (6th May) what the hell happened? or did they have another attack?

    Almost 3 weeks in and PSN remains down, err… currently undergoing maintenance. And apparently, by way of cnet, there is a 3rd attack planned this weekend.


  • imran

    Almost 3 weeks in and PSN remains down, err… currently undergoing maintenance. And apparently, by way of cnet, there is a 3rd attack planned this weekend.

    An observer of the Internet Relay Chat channel used by the hackers told CNET today that a third major attack is planned this weekend against Sony’s Web site. The people involved plan to publicize all or some of the information they are able to copy from Sony’s servers, which could include customer names, credit card numbers, and addresses, according to the source. The hackers claim they currently have access to some of Sony’s servers.

    I’d safely assume attack #1 was Anonymous’ DDoS against select Sony sites, including PSN for a short while; and #2 would be the PSN security breach, where hackers gained access and stole sensitive customer data including credit card numbers.

    Now if #3 succeeds and these [blackhat] hackers do publicize all that information, then not only does it further damage Sony’s rep, but everyone whose info was jacked will have more to worry about. And wait… Hackers still have access to Sony servers!? Is cnet’s source for real? I guess there could be some truth behind it… I mean with Sony’s lax and outdated security it wouldn’t surprise me.

    How’s that song go? If I could turn back time? — I wonder if they’d still sue geohot and graf, subpoenaing all those sites for visitor data… Sardonic, isn’t it?

  • quentin

    Yall just need to calm down its not like there setting here letting them attach I mean get a fn life an do smt besides play games I mean realy.but realy I think its one of xboxs main people doing the attack so that they get more business.

  • luli khan

    C’MON sony tell us when will PSN be back online. i heard it was gone come online today so i left WORK early just to come online and guess what message i got PlayStation Network under maintenance.
    I hope its not a months time till ur back online.

  • iqbal

    Sony will apologize to its PlayStation Network account holders in Europe by handing out free games, the company announced on its official blog today, while it sorts out the logistics of its identity theft protection program. So, what will you get, Europe?

    “We will be offering PSN users the opportunity to select TWO PS3 games from a list of FIVE, as well as offering PSP users the opportunity to choose TWO games from a list of FOUR,” writes Sony Computer Entertainment Europe communications head Nick Caplin. “We will let you know exactly what games are available very soon.”

    SCEE has been generous in the past with giveaway games, handing out free first-party titles to PSPgo investors in 2009. We would expect first-party downloadable titles to be on offer as part of the “Welcome Back” effort too.

    Yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment America outlined its plans to offer free identity theft protection to its PlayStation Network members for up to a year. SCEA said it’s working on its make-good program, “evaluating ways to show appreciation for your extraordinary patience as we work to get these services back online.”

    The PlayStation Network has been offline since April 20 and is expected to return in some capacity by the end of this week.

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