PlayStation Network Back Online Within a Week (Maybe)

Latest blog update discusses credit card info, time-frame for return

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PlayStation Network Back Online Within a Week (Maybe)
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When it’s all said and done, it looks like the PSN may be down for over 2 weeks.

The latest official update posted to the PlayStation blog takes the form of a Q&A, much of it mirroring questions outlined yesterday in an offical Sony FAQ page that was linked to from the blog.  Here’s what now-very-widely-known Director of Corporate Communications Patrick Seybold has to say:

First off, we want to again thank you for your patience. We know that the PlayStation Network and Qriocity outage has been frustrating for you. We know you are upset, and so we are taking steps to make our services safer and more secure than ever before. We sincerely regret any inconvenience or concern this outage has caused, and rest assured that we’re going to get the services back online as quickly as we can.

We received a number of questions and comments yesterday and early today relating to the criminal intrusion into our network. We’d like to address some of the most common questions today.

We are also going to continue to post updates to this blog with any additional information and insight that we can over the next few days.

We are reading your comments. We are listening to your suggestions. Please keep them coming.

It’s good to see that Sony is at least feigning a dialogue with users.  Besides the obvious frustration of not being able to play your games online, PS3 owners have been the most frustrated with that lack of transparency regarding the “external intrusion.”  Users were not notified until a week after the initial outage that their personal information had been compromised

The latest update from Sony reminds users that although no evidence is yet available that their credit info was stolen, users should brace for that likely possibility.  One bit of good news – even if the credit card numbers and expiration dates were stolen, the CVC security code from the back of your card were not obtained because the PSN and Qriocity does not ask for it.

The real news from this latest blog post is that there is a very soft time-frame for when the PSN will be restored.  I repeat, WoW Gold Guide, very soft:

Our employees have been working day and night to restore operations as quickly as possible, and we expect to have some services up and running within a week from yesterday. However, we want to be very clear that we will only restore operations when we are confident that the network is secure.

PlayStation Network Back Online Within a Week (Maybe)
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  • Rob Prince

    Yesterday, our data had been taken, today, maybe not. Or at least it was definitely encrypted, or was it, yesterdays news told me not.

    What do I believe? I mean come on Sony, we’re not all kids who play Playstation, what’s the truth.

    If this is just a head up it should of happened last Wednesday, or are you trying to stave off further demolition of your business.

    I personally was pissed off enough to not even be able to play a solitary game of FIFA online over my long weekend off work that I purchased an Xbox, I have since also parted company with my PS3. I wish the new owner much luck in their endeavours, because I personally will not purchase another Sony product for my house. This however it is dressed up, and a serious faux pas, and Sony has without question shat on their customers from an enormous height.

    • edwin

      good luck with that xbox u do know u actually have to pay to play online which is the gayest thing ever best of luck with that.

      • Jack

        With xbox, you get what you pay for, which on ps3 is nothing.

        • jerrybehm3

          not really you get all the same if you pay for ps3

          • HAha

            So you’re saying xbox guys dont get online gaming? cause I, owning a ps3, want to sell it and damage Sony in so many ways. The shit on their costumers and destroy peoples life’s in so many ways they should o bankrupt. Look at geohot and graf_cholo and then a week of silence which just says PS3, nothing but offline play. Even if you pay, you dont get anything

        • PrettyGurlRock

          Fresh off the data breach that slammed Sony’s PlayStation Network, rival Microsoft has issued a security warning tied to Xbox Live and the Activision shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

          At the support website for Xbox Live, Microsoft has posted a service alert stating that “users may receive potential phishing attempts via title specific messaging while playing Modern Warfare 2.”

          Microsoft says they are working to resolve the issue. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience,” reads the alert.

          The alert arrives as Sony tackles a massive data breach of its PlayStation Network that will keep the online service shut down for at least another week.

          Modern Warfare 2 continues to be one of the most popular titles on Xbox Live. According to a recent report on Xbox Live activity from programming director Major Nelson, it’s the second most popular title behind Call of Duty: Black Ops.

          • Mattb

            So what if theres a mw2 breach its not like our online service has been off for a week and probably wont be on for another week. That being said i own a ps3 and 360 and xbox live has and always will be a better online service.

        • jonathan

          xbox sucks

        • John boylan

          First off when u buy something they do ask for that 3digit code on the back of ur card, dont know y they say they dont… 2nd…i have been a PS fan since the begining, and I must say I feel extremely let down. Xboxers have been able to play for the last 2weeks, have had no interuptions, and sony gives us half answered questions no faith in their ability to protect us.i think its time we show sony how Important we really are. Im gettin a xbox, ill pay 5 dollars a month for piece of mind of my network. Playstation sucks. I bought ps plus it does nothin for my gamin network. Just gives me some downloads for free and at a discount, whoopdy-doo, ive been a 15 year playstation fan. Do u know how annoyin it is to b told…we know youve spent thousands on our equipmemt and merchandise, but we have no answers, we just keep.apologizing profusely so much so it gets insulting. Down with playstation. Oh yea for the guy that says xbox is bein hacked as we speak…it hasnt yet…so I think ill take my chances. And if ur a loyal customer for 15 years plus, and sony cant even b straight with us. They dont deserve our loyalty. And certainly not my hard earned money. Gas is over 4 dollars now. U better treat me good if u want my money.

    • joshua

      So none of this is ever possible on Xbobx live right? Dont believe that for a second. If you cant live without online games for a week or two you dont need to get an Xbox…. You need to
      get a life loser!

      • Logan Franklin

        ur really gona make a big deal out of this dude i have a ps3 i was pissed for like a minuete then i realized i can go outside and smoke my blunt so i dont really care when it comes back and xbox is just shitty piece of shit that can suck my viking sized testicles

        • Louis

          For real hahaha

        • Sean

          agreed, ps3 is overall better than xbox, i went through 3 xbox’s in a year, and have since had the same ps3 for three years, ps3 is more reliable product, now sony are updating there security to prevent this from happening again. xbox will eventually go down the same road, just wait till they get hacked…

      • Tim da tim

        Tru dat dooooo… people need to get a grip haha… the same thing had happened on xbox in 2007 for two weeks. what if xbox was out for 2 weeks… will the people that bought an xbox bcuz ps3 was out, will they buy ps3 again? haha

    • phx

      2 weeks isn’t that bad, go outside and do something.

    • dj

      What a fuckin idiot, ps3 network is free what the fuck are y’all complaining about?? Its like saying shit do you want cheese with that wine? Greedy ass ppl, ur gonna spend 300 dollars and 50 dollars a year for now on instead of waiting for a week or more who gives a fuck its called nigga get a fuckin life and stop sitting on your couch jacking off to call of duty and actually stick yo shit in a real vagina! God dang stupid ppl these days

    • http://yahoomail luke

      get psn back on its pissin meeee of GIVE A STRAIGHT ANSWER

    • Who Cares

      I LIKE TOYTLES!!!!!

  • wksslaskwroclawhools

    another week? :) sounds bad

    • Logan Franklin

      not that bad if u cant wait a week to play online u have no life

      • Coolmarc

        This is true

  • wksslaskwroclawhools

    they will never say the truth; i dont believe nothing they said really because everyday we listen something different 2 more days and i goin to trade in for gaybox!!!

    • http://s15.zetaboards.com/tunes4all/index/ vinnydictive

      seems to me maybe you need some books instead of more video games.

      • wksslaskwroclawhools

        yea books I just dont know what language to chose

      • Grammar Police


        “Show some patience for crying out loud.”

        Add a comma to punctuate the expression and prevent the word “for” from becoming a co-ordinating conjunction.

        “Show some patience, for crying out loud”

    • Ghosthunter9

      We are all frustrated with this outage. Show some patience for crying out loud. Maybe during this downtime you could devote some time to basic grammar.

      • wksslaskwroclawhools

        spierdalaj kutasie zlamany jak masz cos do mojego angielskiego to sie pajacu polskiej gramatyki poucz i huj ci na karabin !! :)))

    • http://playstationofficalsite breagan

      Wow the peole don’t even no what they r doing they just lie u have said it is coming on about 500 dates and not 1 haz come on I mightaswell just go on xbox

  • William

    Bill Gates…you win…I will be a xbox owner this weekend. To hell with Playstation PERIOD

    • http://Mylifeisbro.com Juan Messi

      Haha shit they’re always fighting about which one is better but its PS3 ERRDAY ALL DAY!

    • clootvis





  • Tyler

    @ Rob Prince

    No one really cares that you wont buy another Sony product. This is a problem that they are working on, if you want to be another whining kid gtfo. You think that you not buying another Sony product changes anything lol? Sony messed up, like many other companies in the past. I know it is obvious they are hiding something or have no idea what exactly is going on, but if you think you are always entitled told the truth, I hope your not from America.

    • Kazper_infinity

      LOL well said!

      • Canadian_guy

        very well said!!

  • randal

    really.. really…. im boring already… no psn… just tell me the truth.. we not kids.. im 27 years old…!!

    • Sean

      your 27 years old and your faffing over the fact a gaming network is down?? i doubt ill still play games when im that age… ill actually have a life..

  • BOB

    WTF, All i wanted to do last week was play black ops over the holidays but did i have a chance no because ur stupid psn got hacked how the hell could some one hack sony a trillion dollar company that is just sad.

    • Tinyred

      Any trillion dollar company could get hacked it just happened to be Sony and if people Te thinking about getting a xbox it sucks and proves that you can’t go probably even a day without video games low lifes

      • http://www.osg-gaming.com dv8edhitman

        most trillion dollar companys dont have playable networks with 75 million + users either, and within the 75 million user list, a potential hacker or two…LOL

  • Travis

    PSN does ask for the security code.

    • Doug B.

      Psn really does ask for a security code… that’s an other lie they didn’t back track on… but i’d like to see this outcome before I decide to move on from playstation.. but still would not be another nerdy xbox player.. therefore i ve got to choose pc

  • http://None Andy

    When you say your fixing everything does that mean thier will not be any in game hacking like on all of the Call Of Duty Games?

    • Kazper_infinity

      don’t forget Crysis2

  • rahim

    Sony’s full of crap and i am seriously thinking of buying an X box i have all ready played it Online and once i had got used to the controller there is not much difference in graphics or game play.
    SO Sony you have 2days to fix it before i buy an X box

    • wksslaskwroclawhools

      agree with you m8! :)

      • BluRay

        I would go with Xbox too except i would have to buy a BluRay player too. Suck!

    • Matrixz

      Why would anyone go out and buy an xbox because they can’t play ps3 online for a few days.I’m only pissed off beacause i can’t download portal 2 on my pc until i’ve linked my psn account with my steam account.who knows xbox live could be the next hack lol. and i got a xbox by the way…but my alienware pc blows xbox and ps3 out the water

    • Matrixz

      There is a big difference 1 is dvd 1 is blueray.1 charge u for playing on your own intenet connection that you allready pay for.1 has steroscopic 3d capability 1 hasn’nt.1 has a hi fail rate 1 does not

      • alan

        actually xbox 360 has stereoscopic 3d aswel. and much better online in my opinion but cant complain when ps3 is free :)

    • http://webpronews person

      no really cares thousand maby millions of pepole have a ps3 1 ant gona hurt them and sont forget all the ofther thingd too like psp or somthing

  • Coolitdown

    Lol too all of the people who are switching to xbox, Lol go ahead, i have saved 200+ dollars with playstation and will continue to be with sony, its a free service and there is no reason to freak out, Its been 8 days since it went out, get a life, go outside, go on a date, my goodness you people are sad.hahaha

    • wksslaskwroclawhools

      hopefully you will be able to play online this year LOL :)

      • Coolitdown

        With all the money i have saved with playstation with free gaming, i could buy an Xbox, i would prefer a system that doesnt break either, i still have an original 60 gig, And yes it will be back up, im not desperate like some of these other shut ins, these people cant play their offline games for 2 weeks. wow.. haha Go ahead and pay your money for microsoft, itll break within a year, and you will be out of gaming again for another few weeks lmao

  • Kazper_infinity

    Well seeing as they are rebuilding the system, I think its time they added a cross game chat. Nothing sucks more then not being able to chat with a friend wile you are both playing different games or having a party chat wile in game because i’m sick of listening to a bunch of retards scream their heads off and acting like little idiots. I am huge PS fan owed one ever since PS1 and i love everything about PS3 i think the only shitty deal if the fact that you don’t have a cross game chat. And as for all you retards stating that your going out to get a 360 DONT LET THE DIGITAL DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ASS ON THE WAY OUT! and i will enjoy that fact that you will be buying a new system every year! thanks to the good old R.R.O.D! so ENJOY!

    • Andrew haynes

      I agree completely, it would be nice to chat with people why Im playing RE5 and they are playing Bio2 cause its always funny to hear me and my friend go “OH MY GOD HES SO ANGRY!!!” at 50 ft troll trying to stomp on us lol.

  • MRW7180

    come on guys you act like SONY has done something wrong….. sure they needed to beef up there security… well here it is so we have to go a week without playing on the PSN but i would feel safe in saying that there security will now be to par…… you guys are acting like its the end of the world you cant play online….. i play black ops everyday online and im not Crying over the spilled milk…. im gonna wait until its back up then continue playing but theres no reason for everyone to be pissed off about it…. really!!!!!

    • Andrew haynes

      Yea there is, they shut it off with out giving use the chance to change are passwords or anything, then they withheld important information about our credit cards, which I am assuming they probably already knew about. So we have every right to be pissed.

      • joshua

        Your probably to young to even have a credit card.

        • Logan Franklin

          you no what get the fuck over it stop bitchin, pull the tampon out ur ass and shut up if u did give them ur credit card # u were warned that something could go wrong and someone could get ur info when the box that says accept terms its in there they warn you what you do with ur money is ur problem.

      • Sharpy

        I am sorry but remebr, Sony had no idea what was happening at first! They shut it off as quick as possible to prevent any further damage to the system or to access files. They couldn’t give much warning could they? And remember, Sony don’t just leave the door open for hackers, they would have time to try and crack that system. Do you really think a trillion dollar company would open the door for hackers? They did all they could to stop it but it doesn’t matter if you have the best firewalls and other securities in the entiere world but all fiirewalls can be cracked, it just happened to be Sony as they have a huge count of people online! Remember it wasn’t Sony’s fault at all. I don’t know about you but i’m keeping with Sony’s free online play with what will be a better security infrastructure as they said. I think now they have had a slight kick up their arses, they will focus on the secrurity more. Infact, if you feel safe on X-Box, X-Box’s security, though payed for, was at the same standards of Sony’s security maybe a bit better but wht i’m saying is, it could happen to X-Box just aswell. And i don’t know about you but you might feel the bite when you have to pay for another console now and then. IT’S NOT SONY’S FAULT!

        • Colin Murray

          Why is everyone complaining so much get a life. I’m 14 and had every Sony gamesystem that has come out. I also have a girlfriend and play on my high school varsity basketball team. Guess what I also play BO and Mw2 as much as I can I do the quickscoping crap. Balance your social life and gaming life. Sony has problems to deal with STOP BITCHING AND LET THEM DEAL WITH IT!!!!! I agree with the angry raging peole. I did my research, they found the “Anonymous” file on April 20 and didn’t inform us until April 26 I think they could have used better communication when this all started. Chill out about when it comes back on look at the negative side.
          We can’t play video games
          Identity theft (secured by PSN already) The CMX #or whatever idk the name I’m 14

          Positive side:
          PSN will lose some baby no life noobs.
          PSN will have the best security yet.
          We get a pantload of free stuff.
          Xbox could be the next target (All the fanboys saying Xbox can’t get hacked it has better security and that bull shit. Xbox was hacked in 2007 and was down for 2 weeks)

          I think we learned a valuable lesson in all this. Patience is a virtue!!!!!!

  • BossBeats

    At least my Netflix works on my PS3.

  • lamb81

    I’am going to buy an xbox too. “NOT!” Playstation has had the best security of all game consoles,thats fact. The list of reasons why the PS3 is better then xbox is loooong,if you own a xbox you already know this. If you don’t and you what to jump ship, good for you, PSN will now be a few dochbags less.

    • unnown

      so playstation is down who cares when playstations back up i bet there is going to be freebees looser xbox fans.

  • Logan Franklin

    i dont understand why everyones flippin shit over this so it wnet down for 2 weeks if you people cant go 2 weeks with out video games you have no life and its just online were only human something like that was bound to happen its one problem look at xbox it has a million and 1 problems example the rings of death and its fail rate is 90% to the playstations 5% fail i say we get off our games for a while and go out side spend time with our familes and get the fuck over this “problem” and in no time psn will be back online and everything will go back to normal.

    • jerrybehm3

      lol yea im actually getting things done around the house now.lol

  • BluRay

    The good thing about this outage is i can finally catch up on all the campeign modes and other games i have been neglecting since i play Black Ops online exclusively since it came out(I.E. Infamous, Black Ops, Tiger Woods 08, NCAA Football, Assasins Creed 2). It’s been a nice break!

    • lamb81

      its nice to go outside every now and then.

  • Andy

    I already have an xbox so I might just buy a month subscription, keep me happy :)

    • jerrybehm3

      dont just by a month just put in your email and they give you a free month. when that exspires just put in a new email and get another free month. dont waste your money.

  • hoko

    Why doesnt psn just put moniters, recorded a cheater/modder and ban him, and if the moniter is abusive just report him

    • http://Aim.com Jeremy

      you know there are moniters and admins that try as hard as they can to ban hackers but there are very little. I have a friend who is a moderator and he tries to ban as much people as he can. Don’t blame it on Admins and Moderators because there are very few of them.

  • Shawn Gunn

    My question is, why didn’t Sony have a back up plan in case of something like this? A company as large as this should of thought of contingencies, goes to show how intelligent their IT department is. As far as I am concerned the X Box, the Wii, and PlayStation are all junk made with junk for pennies on the dollar. Obliviously the company does not care about you the consumer which is not new or news lots of companies such as Microsoft rip people off the only way to stop this from happening is boycotting products and services that are offered through these companies, which I do not see happening because people are too crass and naive to realize that is what needs to be done. If everyone and I do mean everyone across the globe quits purchasing these products their will be no retribution unless a class action lawsuit is filed which takes years in the courts. Sony products are junk doesn’t matter what it is its all junk! Peace

  • jerrybehm3

    xbox is being hacked to just wait. i cant even play cod on there with out hackers coming on the screen posting shit. and xbox is free if you just give a new email every month hit thats what im doing until ps3 comes back on.

    • jordan white

      yo man just to piss off all the people with xbox im gunna go out and buy on now and hack into microsoft to piss all you poeple buying xboxes off

  • tiger woods


    • Beast

      yeah FUCK XBOX!!!!

  • MetalHead

    ok I don’t mean to bash on sony or anything but how can a company this powerful and secure get hacked. I mean really? to be honest I’ve delt with sony my whole life their TVs the original playstion the ps2 and ps3 even psp and I really appreciated it but knowing the fact that someone found a loop hole through their security really bothers me and if it takes them this long to restore it then I have an issue with purchasing their merchandise. now im not complaining about the wait because i could find way better things to do but i really do suggest that sony should stay more aware of hackers and people trying to get surpass their security P.S Im 14 XD

    • devilboyphantom

      i agree psn is down and its shit but what im not worried about is all iv got to lose is no online ill have to create another one and ill lose my 623 trothies YH i know im sad but cmon its pretty good also i heard rumors you might get a free psn game or GAME

  • Jerome

    Wow you can’t go without video games for a week you know what that means. YOU DON’T HAVE A LIFE

  • Gee

    OMFG Every1 who says we dont have a life sounds dumb as hell. I have a full-time job but i like to play games on the side. And all the people who says go outside knows good and well thy are staring at their ps3 like WTF!!!! Lol. But its nothing 2 do outside. And sony needs to step it up. Geohotz now this.Ad dont go 2 xbox because 60 dollars isn’t worth it

    • Kelstein

      Loolz so true!! The wait is a bit longer than anticipated, but what the heck…hopefully the service is back and running soon…

  • derek

    xbox was down in 2008 fo 2 weeks. so all of yall dat is sayin yall goin to get a xbox needa gtfo kuz itz going to b funny when psn comes back on the next day. n u have to pay to get online so i hope u have fun duckz

  • Dean Shearer

    i understand the seriousness of whats happend but i dont see how this could take so long to get bk up and running.. a team of how many? and this team* ideally would no the ins and outs of PSN-and the playstation console itself… when you no your own home. its not hard to find it is it? just like ur system shouldnt be hard to do basiclly a homepage for playstation store and a new patch with extra security. for a *no how* this shouldnt take two weeks! UNLESS OF COURSE.. u only started on tuesday? “wink” i enjoy playing myps3 in the night while my daughter is i feed her in the night at… 3 … or 4 am depending on how tired i am…its rather frustrating. altho i will stick with sony ps3* and probably ps4 when its out but… jeez sony. surely u would do your *VALUED CUSTOMERS* a favour and let them play this holiday weekend as there was alot of people dissapointed they couldnt the last to you workers ps3 is nothing.. u have too much money for that u see us as *losers* while u rake in the money and buy boats and stuff.. but remember alot of people with no money a ps3 is like ur best friend ur lost without it..

  • jme

    I am pissed off because I preordered socom and I was anticipating playing it online an this shot happens. I would not ps3 if they made that for the xbox. Come the f on people fix your problem.

    • http://psn mwar32

      all this bitching over credit card bullshit and people talking about what games u could b playin just shut up. this question is for the adults out there the little kids are just spoiled little brats that are used 2 getting their damn way, so do u ADULTS actually think ur credit information is ever safe when u type it into a fucking computer, hell no its ur on damn fault . u could have went 2 walmart or bestbuy and bought a pre paid playstation network card with funds already on it so stop ur bitchin.

  • edwin grau

    xbox released a message earlier this wk claiming its impossible to hack the xbox network….i told my brother to get a xbox months ago…the only advantage ps has over xbox is the fact they have an internet browser..its about time they take charge everytime i jumped into a mw lobby for ps3 it was hacked..ive been seeing alot of ppl complain about paying for xbox live…how fcukin broke are you its only 8 dollars a month and 60 dollars for 13 months…ive never been in a hacked black ops or mw lobby im grateful for xbox network i will never buy a sony product : )

  • Andrew

    hahahaha u guys are so freaking gay u keep talkin about ur credit cards and u cant play online anymore freaking go outside do u think pro people made it playing video games:]

    • Dean Shearer

      no but i know the people outside are gagging for a sh*g.. smoke bud play ps3 recieve blow job , thats how i made it pal.. u probably

      • Dean Shearer

        the type of guy who likes to spunk 50 quid down town to rot ur insides and breathe out of tubes from 50+ congrats

  • jesse

    any f****ing company can get hacked not just sony

  • http://webpronews zulu

    well rob i would really like to agree with u on that one pal, but if sony took your attitude and i quote ” who cares if i dont by another sony product ” well buddy i don’ want you running my business . i think you misunderstand the severity of all this there are millions of costomers from all parts of the would that potentially have to change there entire credit info not to mention people who have already been hit like yours truly . Sony does care when they lose regular costomers like me and others who have lost by there neglegence. This unfotunate has cost Sony lost sales,revenue,costomers, and last but not least integrity, oh yeah the law suits to follow.. We will see six months from now where PSN stands.

  • john

    So it goes without saying that playstation royaly screwed everyone over. Seriously tho get over it. You dont pay for it so you cant have rights to bitch about when it comes back online. You do have the right to bitch about your personal info being stolen. This is just a personal travisty when you put enough trust into a company that you give them all your info,credit card # and more. KOOOODOOS Sony BIG F_#$ing FAIL

    • http://webpronews zulu

      Yes John your absolutely right ill deal with it yes. im just disappointed is all. But whenyou figure in the cost of everything to play a 80$ game and the dlc to go with it yeah your payin 4 it, cheers man..

  • Travis

    I appreciate everything sony is doing i mean come on its free why is every1 bitching you have no right an no reason to bitch you dnt pay for the online play. Next thing playstation if you get this Please do something, if u can about the glitching on motorstorm pacific rift i love the game but it sucks tht i cant get good or a rank at all for tht matter because of all the glitching an lag switchers. So if nothing can be done about the glitchers its cool an i apologize to you guys for the hackers they are assholes an need to be in jail. Thank you

    Sincerly TheDarkness1990

    • PrettyGurlRock

      Fresh off the data breach that slammed Sony’s PlayStation Network, rival Microsoft has issued a security warning tied to Xbox Live and the Activision shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

      At the support website for Xbox Live, Microsoft has posted a service alert stating that “users may receive potential phishing attempts via title specific messaging while playing Modern Warfare 2.”

      Microsoft says they are working to resolve the issue. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience,” reads the alert.

      The alert arrives as Sony tackles a massive data breach of its PlayStation Network that will keep the online service shut down for at least another week.

      Modern Warfare 2 continues to be one of the most popular titles on Xbox Live. According to a recent report on Xbox Live activity from programming director Major Nelson, it’s the second most popular title behind Call of Duty: Black Ops.

      • PrettyGurlRock

        and before you even think about coming at me with the sarcasm, i am one of the lucky ones who just so happens to have and xbox,wii,and ps3…which i have the pleasure of plaing XBL during the down time .Plus i happen to have a life outside of my stress relief of playing vidoe games.:)

    • ToxicShock6

      I have faith in PSN, I’m just going to watch my e-mails like usual. Don’t know who or what it is DELETE it. Credit Card information… well, I will keep a closer eye on my account. Identity theft, did they SSN’s also? This could happen to any company… its happened to our State Officials, Army Branches, Banks, us as consumers what do we do?

  • gus

    people… stop asking for details about what is going on and tell us the truth… dont u see that any nformation that sony leaks might be a threat in the hands of the wrong people or hackers… and for security purposes they wont say what the deal is… this might comprise sony’s hard work to restore the PSN so stop being stupid and let them do whatever they need to do for this problem to be resolved.

  • Sultan altouri

    Can you send me a date which maybe the pan store will be back online, I’m really getting bored

    • http://webpronews zulu

      a week all goes well

  • Rob

    Chillax every1

    • http://webpronews zulu

      ahh sorry rob no diss man i just get a little opinionated sometimes lol my apologies bud..

  • daniel brown

    I am unable to install my netflix due to being unable to create an account at PlayStation. Please send an answer on how I may use this unit for Netflix as I just purchased my new PlayStation III.

    Sincerely, Daniel Brown

  • cj

    the only reason why im a little upset about psn being down is that i got a few cards for easter and i come home from school everyday and check i just really want to get a new game on my psp and i dont want to switch to x box because i dont have anough money to switch over i just hope sony can fix this problem because that will help put up are psn security and this is a huge lesson to all the gameing companies this will help them all to protect there users hope to play online soon on a more protected ps3 PEACE OFF =)

    • cj

      i completely agree

      • cj

        thank you for agreeing =P

  • donovan

    hi this a playstatiob worker i am here to inform u that playstation network is going to be up for virgina and kentuckey and texas tomorow the 29 at 12:00 so be on

    • http://webpronews zulu

      great news donovan, any word on the east coast, maine, that area ?

      • http://JSkog HG

        Im pretty sure Playstation employees would know how to type better than he did, and besides. I highly doubt the network would be available for just two states. He is obviously not telling the truth.

  • Rob

    Go enjoy the weather while we’ve got it and in the evening make love and catch up on a back log of movies you’ve probably incured in stead of pissing and moaning about psn I’m sure sonys workin day and night tryin to sort out this very unfortunate problem and it will give those poor heat sinks a rest.xbox is not an option. playstaion is the bee’s knees on the dogs bollocks. good luck Sony.hacking is a mugs game and f**ks it up for every1 else cheers mugs.piece out d-_-b (dadyep4kids)

    • http://webpronews zulu

      lmao, yeah your advice is stellar on that one rob i feel better already :~)

  • Ryan

    How is it that i read at least 50 of the comments here and not one person has blamed the hacker(s). This could have happened to any business and i dare say has. As for all you “I’m gonna buy and Xbox” 12 year olds, no one cares if you get an xbox, i have a 360 too, basically they suck, chances are some one is working on hacking their security system as we speak. Personally I’m not waiting for the online to get back, im waiting for them to catch the guys responsible I’m sure they will love 50 billion dollar lawsuit they have no chance of defending.

    • http://webpronews zulu

      rest assured network cards are the way to go from now on people once burned twice shy…

      • bill

        Why the hell people would put their card details into psn when there is something as simple as these top up vouchers is beyond me. No hassle, no fuss, no data to steal.

        And to those moaning about the loss of their names, addresses, birthdates etc. Just check something like 192.com and the electoral roll to see just how much data about you is already in the public realm.

  • Rob

    No offence dude That’s aimed at all the moan’ers and winghers who want to slag every1 of and don’t have much else to do wiv thum selfs;)

  • Rob

    Hackers suck

    • http://webpronews zulu

      no offense taken.. moving ahead beng positively im sure it wont happen again i’ll emphasise the word “won’t” lol..

      • Rob

        I hope it doesn’t ether dude wot game do you go on the most?

        • http://webpronews zulu

          nhl 11 .. and you?

      • Rob

        Battlefeild bad company 2 its an awesome game

        • http://webpronews zulu

          i also play army of two 40th day , got 2 go 4 now rob hockey on tsn .. we’ll talk again cheers…

  • Rob

    That’s when I can get the computer of my kids lol

  • meanstreak15

    I don’t mind ps network being down it pisses me off that someone got my debit card # and charged 300.00 worth of Crap on it be nice if Sony would take care of my charges

  • dakota anderson

    I have a xbox360 and a PS3. I am a little upset that these nerds hacked Ps3. I will stay with sony do to the live is free all day long, everyday and year. I really hope that sony can get these hackers out of the system and set up a firewall quickly. Good thing I didn’t use a credit card :) I buy psn money cards if i want to buy things for my ps3. I do not want to buy live for my xbox do to i have to pay to enjoy the live each month. COME ON SONY YOU CAN GET THE PS3 BACK!!!!!! YOU HAVE MILLIONS OF FANS/USERS!

  • http://facebook devonte

    psn better be back on 2morrow if it dont im switchin 2 xbox 360

  • jamie johnson

    yes i just transfered over to playstation from xbox and two days later the network goes down, thanks for the quick response on it i do say that i like playstation better than xbox the only thing is what about the three month network card i bought and put on my account before the network went down will i be reinbursted of the outage that is going on thanks again

  • D

    Like a few pointed out that hackers are to blame, I for one, 100% agree with those.
    For the dumbasses that say that they are going to get an xbox and also, to those that own a xbox and encouraging this by saying xbox is better and nothing like this would ever happen to xbox…Well, fellas, try this cool website. It can show you a lot of stuff. Its called www.google.com. When you get there type is Xbox Live hacked.
    Now if you are too lazy to do that then I will help you out. In March 2007, similar thing happened to xbox live, it was down for 2 or so weeks, Names, Gamer Tags, addresses, credit card info etc was compromised.
    Yea, Xbox didn’t get this much attention though..well..cuz you know nobody cares. PS3..since its Sony..is everywhere. Media is hyping alot of it. Poor Sony and its sad that our info got compromised. But hey, every security system is safe until it gets hacked/broken into etc.
    Sony shut down PSN so hackers can’t do further damage to the system and also, to renew the security software for PSN. Sony is definitely trying. I personally don’t care how long it takes because its not like Sony is sitting on their fat asses and doing nothing.
    So just relax people. If the credit card info is compromised then check your credit bills etc and be ready to call the credit fruad agency.

    Do some more research as in Why this happened? Why Sony and its customers was targetted? etc, before posting ridiculous comments and nonsense.
    Peace Out, deuces.

    • Dan

      thats pretty funny because more people have Xbox’s than PS3s so it probly mattered more to a Xbox fan than a PS3 fan. In this case us Xbox fans dont give half a shit about your network being down so in both cases the only one who cares is the person it affects.

      • Jarad

        You do give a shit about the psn network being down because your here on this page, if you didnt give a shit you wouldn’t have typed on google “playstation-network-back-online-within-a-week-maybe”, so go suck a fatty

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