PlayStation 4 User Interface Previewed in New Video

By: Sean Patterson - November 15, 2013

The PlayStation 4 is out today and gamers across the U.S. are now acquainting themselves with the new console’s interface. Since the announcement of the PlayStation 4 in February, Sony has demonstrated the new console’s user interface in both a teaser video and on-stage at E3. However, actual details about the interface have been scarce in the run-up to launch.

Perhaps the UI wasn’t quite ready for consumer use, or wasn’t in its final form yet, but PlayStation 4 owners today will be able to decide its worth for themselves. For those who haven’t gotten a PS4 just year, Sony has finally provided an in-depth look at its user interface.

In a nine-minute video released today, Sony Entertainment VP Eric Lempel runs through all the major features of the PlayStation 4 UI. Features previewed include the social feed-like “what’s new” page, the familiar-looking PlayStation Store , and the re-designed friends list:

The PlayStation 3 interface was functional but not universally loved even among PlayStation fans. Hopefully for gamers Sony has done enough design work to turn that around with the next generation.

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