PlayStation 4 Codenamed Orbis, Powered By AMD CPU [Rumor]

    March 28, 2012
    Zach Walton
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We’ve heard plenty of information on the next Xbox that is not showing up at E3 this year. It’s been rumored to have everything from a discless drive to anti-used game measures. We haven’t heard anything yet about Sony’s next console, but rumors hitting today suggest their next console is going in a similar direction.

Kotaku, speaking to reliable sources, has found that the next PlayStation is currently codenamed Orbis. The console is being prepared for a 2013 launch. While there isn’t much information to be had at this moment, the source has leaked some of its initial specs.

It was rumored that Sony would be ditching its custom-built Cell processor with the PS4. If today’s leak is true, then that appears to be the case. Orbis is rumored to run off of an AMD x64 CPU. The more interesting part is the GPU, which is said to be an AMD Southern Islands GPU. This is the same GPU that is powering PCs right now in AMD’s flagship HD7000 series. This power will allow Orbis to display games at 4096×2160.

Developers are said to already be receiving development kits and have been receiving them since the beginning of this year. The final devkits will be in the hands of developers by the end of the year. Interestingly enough, Kotaku points out that going to orbis.SCEdevnet.com redirects you to the PlayStation development site.

Just like the next Xbox, the next PlayStation is implementing an anti-used games measure. The console will reportedly have users pay a fee to unlock the full game when trying to play a used game on the system. Orbis will also axe backwards compatibility with PS3 games.

None of this is confirmed yet, but Kotaku vouches for their source. If it’s true, Sony and Microsoft are both heading down a slippery slope that will be welcomed by publishers and developers, but reviled by consumers. Sony’s system of implementing the online pass to every game is at least a better approach than Microsoft’s rumored no used games at all approach.

What do you think? Is Sony innovating in the right places for Orbis? What about its anti-used game system? Let us know in the comments.

  • http://www.moviewired.com julian

    I think its stupid for sony and microsoft to implement the anti-used strategy. I think everyone would just buy the wii u if that turns out to be true. I watched this video about the new PS4 and i am not as impressed as i was with the WII U: PS4

  • Obi

    the reason that Sony is going to use the anti-used games measure is because the people wont trade in there PS3 so people who where waiting too buy a PS3 second hand are forced to buy a new one Sony is not planing to loose a ton of money this way but they will if they choose continue to work this way