Playboy Radio Supports Rush Limbaugh’s Use of the Word Slut

    March 29, 2012
    Rich Ord
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Playboy Radio’s morning show hosts on Sirius support Rush Limbaugh in his right to call Sandra Fluke a “slut”. Andrea Lowell and Kevin Klein often use politically incorrect speech themselves and seemed perplexed as to what is so wrong with using the word slut. Andrea Lowell stated that she often uses the word “slut” when talking to friends and sometimes that is just the right description. Kevin Klein said that he has used the word himself in interviews with girls on the radio show. It’s often for humor but there usually is some truth in it somewhere, Klein indicated. He elaborated that when he calls girls a slut it doesn’t mean they are always a slut, but most of them have done something at some point that they would call slutty!

The Playboy hosts reference Hugh Hefner by saying, “After all, isn’t that what Hef’s whole approach was when he created Playboy?” They were referring to the idea of sexual openness where people aren’t so uptight about mere words with sexual connotations.

The duo also referenced the L.A. City Council’s resolution urging “the management of radio and television stations in Los Angeles to do everything in their power to ensure that their on-air hosts do not use and promote racist and sexist slurs over public airwaves in the City of Los Angeles”. Lowell chimed in, “Isn’t there free speech in this country?” Kevin agreed and wondered why the L.A. City Council doesn’t seem to get that. Kevin Klein added that he didn’t think this applied to their show because they are on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

The resolution was in response to the controversy over on-air statements by KFI 640 talk radio hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of the John and Ken Show. John Kobylt commented following Whitney Houston’s death:

“Here comes the crack ho again, what’s she going to do? Oh, look at that, she’s doing handstands next to the pool. Very good, crack ho, nice – but — after a while everybody’s exhausted. And then you find out she’s dead. It’s like, really, took this long? I am just saying that’s the natural reaction, people get worn out by this stuff.”

John and Ken were actually suspended for this statement on the grounds that this was a racist comment. Andrea Lowell asked, “How is this racist? There is no race mentioned when calling her a crack ho!”

Ironically, the coroners report was issued Friday that confirmed that cocaine use was a major factor in Houston’s death.

  • Linda Holmes

    I always supported Playboy for allowing women the freedom to do what they want. If they in fact do marginalize women, I oppose them. Which are you?

  • Ken E Goodwin

    Andrea Lowell and Keven Klein, don’t seem to understand the difference between our free public national air waves and satellite radio. Many find Rush deeply offensive, but are unable to insulate their children from him as he is broadcast 3 hours a day, 5 days a week at all daylight hours. Please help us put him on a satellite station with you. If Andrea called herself or an acquaintance a slut in my house in front of children, she wouldn’t be invited back. But because our neighbors listen to him in their backyards, our coworkers and bosses listen to him at work, and local businesses have him on daily, we can’t chose to not hear him. Please sign the petition at http://wh.gov/Ie7. Lets put him on satellite where he belongs

    • K

      If Rush insulted a man, is OK then??

    • Jase Valentine

      Oh, Ken, you’re such a slut. Wow. Just a minute – I looked at the OTHER msgs, and you’re not alone – there are a buncha you male sluts out there. People don’t fall in line with you, and you really pop a gasket. Well, tough. More Americans out there than you’re comforable with are very tired of seeing a one-way street of bile thrown in their faces. The totalitarians are now hearing exactly what they’ve called us for decades thrown back at ’em. Turnabout’s fair play, fella. Deal with it.

  • JMason

    wow, Playboy just doesn’t get it, do they? Anyone else would have used this reasoning as a kind of satirical commentary, but Playboy really means it. They absolutely don’t see how they are perpetuating women’s sexuality as something to laugh at or demean a woman with. I’m not surprised, seeing as they keep trying the same crap “reasoning” about how a woman taking her top off for men to masturbate to is “empowering to women.”

    • JMason

      One other thing: you have to be pretty vapid to equate Rush with a woman saying “OMG did you see Sheila the other night?! She was being such a slut, hee hee!” Rush used the word to denigrate someone he did not agree with. It’s very different when a woman cojoles another woman by calling her “bitch” than when a man angry at a woman uses the same word. Rant over.

      • http://webpronews.com Susan Coppersmith

        I agree with you on that!

    • KAL

      If you were actually informed, you’d know that Kevin and Andrea DID, in fact, use this story as a satirical commentary. Overall, your comments are amazing misinformed — to the point that it seems like you didn’t read the article above.

  • William Van Vechten

    It is called slander to damage a person’s reputation by falsely accuse them of criminal activity. Does Playboy support slander? If so, I’m totally surprised and disappointed. I thought Playboy stood for honesty, truth, and equality.

  • William Van Vechten

    Forgot to mention in my last post: Prostitution is illegal in Florida and almost every state. He not only used the slut word, which Playboy seems to enjoy, but also accused her of being a prostitute and asked her to post videos on the internet for his use.

  • Joseph McCaffrey

    Does Playboy Magazine not approve of calling a female law student a “slut” and a “prostitute” because she testifies about birth control before a government committee? Had Playboy fallen that far? I read Playboy in the 1960 when I was a college student, and it was an excellent magazine then. There were enlightened articles and new, ground breaking fiction. To read about your people supporting an obnoxious, untruthful, vindictive, mean-spirited pig like Limbaugh is just too much for me to accept. I will find out who advertises in your book and urge everyone I know not to patronize them.

  • Jennifer

    Oh, brother…as IF you were reading Playboy for the articles, McCaffrey. :)

    Rush is a “man’s man.” Of course Playboy supports him. I would love to see that misogynist bigot removed from radio – and the planet.

  • Eric

    I listen to Kevin and Andrea on Playboy Morning Show. It’s actually a very funny show. I was listening to the show from this article, and all that Kevin was saying was that it turns into a slippery slope when certain words get banned, because there are many ways to say and mean the words in question. I didnt think either of them were defending Rush, but they were defending the word “slut” saying that “slut can be just as empowering, as it can be degrading.”
    Kevin summed it up best by saying “Andrea, you’re my favorite slut.” To which she responded “thanks crack ho.”

    To sum up, they were defending free speech, and “dirty words” more then defending anything that Rush did or said specifically.

  • BFF

    Well said. I heard that show too, and it was much more lighthearted then this article makes it sound. Playboy does defend freedoms (speech, sexual, political, etc.) This was nothing more then a funny look at an interesting censorship issue.

  • Tim McDonaldson

    The Playboy Morning Show is a celebration of freedoms. Andrea is a self described “slut” who loves “slutting it up” from time to time. Kevin was not agreeing with Rush, but rather pointing out that censorship is a “hard pill to swallow, even for Rush who loves swallowing pills.”

    Personally, I agree. I got Sirius radio to listen to uncencored conversation. Totally worth it.

  • Mike

    This is complete nonsense. The Rush quote AND the Playboy morning show are being taken out of context here.

  • Mark

    I’m listening to the show right now and damn proud of it! Clearly this person did not listen to the full show. I am happy for the fact that this article brought upon this morning’s hilarious take from Kevin and Andrea. Love the way they take this rubbish and turn it into comedy!

  • Jen

    I remember when Playboy radio was talking about the slutwalk and they were saying that it was great that women are reclaiming the word slut because a woman should not be labeled for having a libido when a man does not. The Playboy brand has always had a feminist approach to it.

  • H. B.

    Let’s get REAL, then, about the word “slut.” It means promiscuous, right? So…does that mean that only females can be sluts? Why is it only used for females?

    Need I point out who the sluttiest people really are? MEN.

    They think, talk, and ACT as though rutting around anywhere they please is their god-given right, but if a woman does it, she’s a slut?

    Do we really know what “double standard” means?

    The worst sluts we have are found in our MALE population. And by being so slutty, they make it known that only a woman who is “easy” is acceptable – at least until it’s “over” and he returns to the fold, where he tells his buddies what a slut she was.

    Look at how our male population views the female. The very first – and usually the only – thing that crosses a man’s mind when he sees or is introduced to a woman is: (drum roll) whether or not he’d like to schtupp her.

    I’m an opera fan, and I went to youtube for a video to hear the late (and extremely great) Joan Sutherland sing. In the comments, some dude decided it was a good thing she was dead, because she was, after all, an ugly woman. Who needs her. This guy is like many of our men. A woman’s human worth is measured by his attraction (or lack) to her. Nothing else matters.

    This is so deep in our culture that even the better kind of men fall into it. In fiction, for example, a female character is introduced, and the first comments about her are in regard to her beauty (or lack), usually with lengthy elaboration on individual features. I often look for any indications that her character, accomplishments, personality, life experiences and her self-image might mean something, too, but rarely find it.

    We put too much emphasis on the sexual nature of women, and it does a huge disservice to half the population. Womens’ interest in men has to be somewhat parallel to mens’ expectations and evaluations of them, if they want men to be interested. So they cater to the low value, because men love sluts – at least until the afterglow is over.

    Women tend to be put into one of two categories: the ones they’d like to have and the ones they wouldn’t. That’s it.

    It’s every bit as vile and prevalent as our racism.

    And the stupid part about it is that men are hurt by these attitudes of theirs as much as the women are. With such shallow preconceptions, how could we NOT have such astronomical divorce rates?

    Women are still pushed around, still valued only for sex, and women have trouble finding any good men any more. But society will be cruel to them if they aren’t a “Mrs.” somebody or other. So what do most of them do? They’ll marry “A man, ANY man,” to get that coveted “Mrs.” And with the guy only wanting whats between her legs, isn’t that just a lovely way to start a lifelong and potentially wonderful relationship? Both partners are ignorant from the beginning, and the results are seen the divorce rates.

    And I’ll add, too, that most men are lousy in bed. It took only one man, who cared about the experience he was giving, as much as the one he was taking, to teach me how rare that man was. I didn’t have to sleep with half the male population; I knew from some personal experience, and a lot more from what other women have told me. With whole shelves full of books that men can read to be able to pleasure the woman, most don’t care; it’s all about getting the rocks off. No wonder women are disgusted with them. Sex is all-important to them, but NOT the part of pleasing the woman. They’re just supposed to love it, no matter how pitifully he performs.

    Well many women don’t love it. And again the divorce rates reflect that.

    It’s kind of insulting for a man to realize that he got his wife, only because he was the first to ask, because the kind of person he was didn’t matter as much as that “Mrs.” That’s not putting a whole lot of value on HIM, is it? Welcome to the club; that’s how women are routinely treated by men.

    So, guys, the next time you think of calling a woman a “slut,” remember that you are probably a worse one.