Pittsburgh Steelers Win, Miss Playoffs Thanks To The Result Of Another Game

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The Pittsburgh Steelers had all of the odds against them to make the playoffs coming into week 17. However, they did win their game, and almost everything else happened in order for them to make the playoffs.

In order to make the playoffs, the Steelers needed to win their game, and they also needed the Ravens, Dolphins and Chargers to all lose. The Steelers got their part done when beating the Cleveland Browns 20-7, and watched as the remaining results came in.

As unlikely as a scenario as that may sound, everything went their way in the first three match-ups, although the Chiefs were unable to put away the Chargers, and the final piece of the puzzle was not able to be completed.

Realistically, with the way the Pittsburgh Steelers started the 2013 season, there was no reason that they should have been in the post-season.

However, teams are capable of turning a season around, and after starting the year out 0-4, unlike some other teams, the Steelers were able to have a positive season and at least get to 8-8 after week 17 concluded.

The Cowboys also suffered another crushing loss last night, which sent the Philadelphia Eagles to the playoffs instead.

Ben Roethlisberger, the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, attempts to stay positive about a disappointing season when saying “We are going to build on this. I think we have put together a good foundation.”

Fans and everyone involved with the Pittsburgh Steelers team were rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the Chargers in order to give them a spot in the NFL playoffs this year. However, things did not go their way, and the Chargers ended up going to overtime to beat the Chiefs.

The result of the game between the Chiefs and Chargers has also created a great amount of controversy for fans, as it was stated by the NFL in a statement today that the Chargers should have been penalized for an illegal formation on a missed 41-yard field goal attempt by Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop with four seconds left in regulation.

If Succop would have been able to make that kick, then the Chiefs would have won the game, giving the Chargers a record of 8-8, and sending the Pittsburgh Steelers to the playoffs. Instead, the Chargers were able to win in overtime, and prevented the Steelers from playing in the post-season, clinching a playoff berth for themselves instead.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be one of the teams in the AFC left out of the playoffs again, and will be forced to watch from home as the other teams fight for a spot in the Super Bowl. The Steelers had gone 6-2 in their last 8 games, but after starting the season 2-6, they did not do enough to make the playoffs this year.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Win, Miss Playoffs Thanks To The Result Of Another Game
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  • Got Screwed

    Pittsburgh got screwed royally. Two major blown calls in that game. The last thing anyone wanted to see was a Steeler team getting on a roll for the playoffs and they were getting on a roll. What I don’t get is that fundamentally some plays are reviewable and other aren’t. I know the reasons why this is but in critical situations like the fumble in overtime that would determine a playoff team, that should be reviewable regardless of the call on the field.

    Then the week before with Manning’s 50th touchdown. It was obvious that Decker did not have possession. How they got that wrong is beyond me. I even like Petyon Manning and would give him the benefit of the doubt, but really that call was too obvious.

    I will say this though. I think sports in general are fixed to some degree. The NBA certainly is. Everyone knows of the cheating in the NBA. It is so obvious.

    The NFL would be more difficult but it can be done. If our politicians are going to lie to us. If will will go to wars over fake incidents. What makes us think that a ref isn’t going to take a bribe from someone in Vegas. Gambling is a huge industry. Paying off a ref with a million dollars would be worth it if you made 100 million off of point spread. What ref wouldn’t take the money. It is tax free. Untraceable. The players are talking down to you all game. Why not profit off of it.

    I think Americans are very naive about the level of corruption in this country. Corruption is rampant.

    • Phil

      Everyone knows deep down inside that 9/11 is not right. What we are told is not right or the truth. Want to see a person squirm? Stick a person in front of a TV that shows building 7 falling and start asking them questions about how it fell. Eventually they will admit they don’t know how it fell. Then they will say something about the commission report and then you can tell them the commission report did not even mention building 7. It is so obvious we are being lied to. As far as who did it — I dont have a clue. All i know is that they are covering something up.

  • @Got Screwed

    I just got done watching the Sandy Hook video and all I saw was a blue screen for 50 minutes that said the word “redacted”. I am told a shooter is there but no one will let me see the shooter. I heard a Sandy Hook 911 call were a person says the word “FAKE” and then she is yelled at and told to get off the phone. I saw an eerie video comparing the kids who died to the kids at the SuperBowl. It was so freaking eerie. I encourage everyone to watch that.

    I was told a plane hit the Pentagon. Now. Even though the Pentagon is covered in cameras. Even though every building around the Pentagon is covered in cameras. Even though photographers took photos of the Pentagon after the attack and you clearly do not see a plane. I am told a plane hit it, but twelve years later, I have yet to see one picture let alone a video of a plane hitting the twin towers.

    The one thing I did see was a CNN and FOX video of the twin towers getting hit but oddly, the nose of the plane goes through the building. It goes through intact. You literally see this. This is impossible. Absolutely, positively impossible. If you want to see it for yourself, go to YOUTUBE and type: Simon Shack: September Clues (2007). It has live video from many different sources.

    America is corrupt to the core.

    When my daughter would tell me she cleaned her room but did not let me see the room, well I knew she had lied to me. When my government tells me things happen, but blacks out screens and doesn’t show video. I know I am being lied to. It is that simple and that basic. I should try that next time I go to pay my taxes. I will just tell the IRS I paid them but not show them the forms, my W2, or any checks. I will just say it happens. See how long I am a free man if I did that.

    Believe me, I know corruption exists. May as well happen in the NFL too.

    • @ @Got Screwed

      Dont worry. More and more people are realizing something is wrong with 9/11. If you leave this country, most everyone knows it was an inside job. Many people have questions about Sandy Hook. It would take a day to list all the problems with Sandy Hook. People know. Not all people, but every day, more people are researching and they are seeing things they simply can not explain away. Go overseas and talk about 9/11 thoug. Many people know it was an inside job. Talk to the people and don’t listen to major news.

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