Pit Bulls Attack Car Looking For Kitten, Ruin Bumper

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Four pit bulls attacked the bumper of a minivan on Monday morning and did quite a bit of damage, including flattening a tire. According to their owner–who is also the owner of the car–they were trying to get at a kitten that had gotten herself stuck up underneath the car’s front bumper.

Luckily for the kitten, she was wedged up in a safe spot and survived the attack without a scratch, although the vehicle didn’t fare quite so well. The owner, upon seeing the damage that morning, changed the tire and made his way to work, a 25-mile drive. When he arrived and got out of the car, he heard meowing coming from beneath the car and called authorities to help him retrieve the animal.

“Fender Lynx”, as she has been dubbed by her rescuers, is about 7-weeks old and is doing well under the care of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. She will be put up for adoption on Saturday.


Pit Bulls Attack Car Looking For Kitten, Ruin Bumper
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  • Vivelena

    I think — smart cat!!

    • ed

      @t926, when you take it out of their mouths do you get the “but that was mine” look?
      That is what mine does when I take something out of her mouth(she tends to chew pens and pencils)
      The little girl down the street took a sharp stick out of her mouth once and all my female pit did was give her a hurt look “but that was mine” look. The child knew she had nothing to fear from her.

  • Lynne Moran

    What a crock of bull! I don’t believe this for a second! I want something more tangible than a photo.

    • dan

      lmao, you serriously need more proof than a photo that this is capeable by a pit?? i can show you this old couch i had, a door i have, some shoes i had, a few cats that got in the yard, and my back fence.. i have a pit, but alot of you pit advocates are in denial..

      • t926

        My pitbull is strong enough to bite the cover off a golf ball. But he is also gentle enough to permit us to reach in to his mouth and remove something before he damages it.

      • Liam

        Tearing up a couch or shoe is different than tearing up a car. That car looks like it was in an accident. No way I’m going to believe a few dogs did that to a car. The flat tire is the only believable thing about the damage stated.

        • PEACHES

          If you look at the picture you can see the scratches from the teeth and claws, you tube it and you will see a pack of dogs ripping the bumper off of a police cruiser. My pit pretty much demolishes anything in her way, including a fence and every chew toy imaginable. She even tore up a tire that we thought would keep her busy! love her to death and shes the best dog ever!!

  • Jen

    What an adorable looking kitten! Hope she finds a deserving home!

  • jackie

    What is a pit bull good for anyway besides chewing on EVERYTHING and shitting everywhere?

    • Sarah

      whats the difference between that and any other dog?? All dogs do that!! No dog is just born aggressive. It’s the owner that teaches it. Not all pit bulls are bad! Dumba$$.

  • Will

    Most worthless animal on the planet is a pitbull. They should open season on them.

    • Victoria

      Pit bull are great animals. I owe a pitbull and he is the most loving and playful dog. Remember pitbulls aren’t born aggressive, it depends on the owner of the pitbull and how they raise that pitbull. Pit bulls have a bad rep. because of stupid owners training them to fight and be aggresive.

      • ed

        Probably not as worthless as you are Will,
        I also own two pitbulls, my female pitbull is raising her second litter of feral kittens.
        They huddle under her, sleep curled up next to her and follow her around. She is always “counting” them and will search if one has wandered away from her.
        She has also befriended almost all the seniors in our apt. complex.
        Its only when creeps like Mikey Vicks get hold of them and turns them into fighting animals do they get bad.
        Remember they were the most decorated animal by the U.S army in early 1900’s for heroism.
        Petey from Little Rascals was a Pit Bull
        They were referred to as the “nanny dog” for the family loyality and for how loyal they were to kids.

        • lauren

          Sorry, I meant Ed and NOT WILL,,
          Will your EVIL, that’s it!

      • Katonna

        It should be open season on you- You Dumb B#@**h
        i have 4 pits- My dogs love cats and everything else cause i raised them that way– much like some one raised you to be a dumb bitc*h

      • Kathi

        You are an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sarah

      … You’re an idiot. And a pathetic excuse for a human being if you think all animals of 1 specific breed need to be killed just because other dogs give them a bad name. Sounds like stereotyping, hmm? That all pit bulls are horrible, which they AREN’T.

      • bitsy

        first of all it isn’t other dogs that have given pit bulls a bad name. they are a dangerous breed and there are many incidents of pit bulls attacking out of the blue…very unpredictable and that alone is reason to annihilate the breed. also, who cares if saying all pits are bad is stereotyping…they are a nasty and dangerous breed and should be done away with…you need to wake up and smell the coffee!

        • tina

          yes bitsy a few bad owners ruin it for all like vick he was to be so perfect….the guy fought them you teach them to kill they will you teach them love and respect they will do it….they are a great dog i have one and every kid in the neighbor hood plays with him and my rott i would trust my boys with my life

    • Debbie

      I wish you would open up a fire arm to my baby girl pitbull. She woud be the last of your worries!

      • Kathi

        Ignorant bitch!!!!!!

    • lauren

      You really need mental help, and have no idea about the Pit bull or it’s special abilities. You really mean your worthless, instead!

    • EW

      I disagree with you Will. I feel all animals want love. I never met a dog that wasn’t friendly. I have had many. German Shepherds, Dobermans, Boxers, Pit Bull, Terriers, Poodles, Austrailian Sherherds, to name a few. Most dogs know whether you like them or not; and Will, mine would not have liked you!

    • MustLoveDogs

      @ will & @bitsy
      that would be like genocide -it’s WRONG
      although everyone is entitled to their opinion you should not be so hateful to one w/o any experience to back it up.
      If you don’t like a breed then don’t get it, but it doesn’t mean that that you kill anyone that you don’t like

    • Christine

      Don’t show your ignorance on the internet, Will..it’s mortifying.

  • Vanessa

    @ Jackie

    Well bitch last I checked pit bulls are dogs… and correct me if I’m wrong Jackie but don’t all dogs chew on things? Especially when they are teething? I also believe dogs don’t have a bathroom like us humans to take a shit in. Not all pit bulls are mean and worthless dogs. It’s not their fault that some of their owners are fucking idiots. I bet, if you had to pick between a mini schnauzer or pit bull to protect you, your ass would pick a pit bull don’t lie bitch.

  • Vanessa

    @ will

    you and jackie must be married

    Anyways I’m done posting bitches. Time to get back to MY REAL life :)))))

  • Douglas McDoogle

    Kitten Mcnugget

  • Justin

    A beagle, or a chihuahua couldnt do that to a car… I love pits and think they CAN be raised to be good dogs. But animals flip sometimes for no known reason. And a pit’s biological design is a LOT more dangerous than most other dogs. From their body build to their curved teeth and that very notable lock grip they have with their jaws. You dont see ppl raising Caveliers and Maltese’s for dog fights. And its for a reason. If you truly love pits you’d stop being so defendent of them and accept that if you’re going to own one you NEED to know what you’re doing.

    • Verbena

      Thank you, Justin, for a very honest and intelligent assessment of the breed.

      • Kathi

        Verbena … pits are not born to be agressive!! PEOPLE make them that way! And their jaws don’t lock..that is a myth!! People abuse, neglect, and withhold food from them to make them aggressive. You do that to any animal dog or human and they become agressive! Pitbulls are extrememly strong and great ay agility sports that is why losers train them to fight. I do agree with you that people that own any type of dog need to know what they are doing! I will deend my pitbulls forever…they don’t have an agressive bone in their body

        • mori motonari

          Um, yes they do lock. You would know this had you been there the day a pit at a boarding place ripped open the cage of a cat and smashed him in the jaws. Even under heavy sedation it was impossible to open this pit bulls mouth. The cat had to be euthanized because it had been so badly crushed. You were not there the day a pit broke free from its yard and tore apart a yorkie who was walking with his owner or the day he ripped off another dogs nose because it sniffed him through a neighboring fence. You werent there the day a pitbull came into a neighbors yard and literally ripped the guts out a chihuahua as a little boy watched in horror. No, not all pitbulls are bad but their body is made for this. They have more powerful muscles in their jaws then any other breed of dog. So when they do decide to attack, thats what makes it far more devestating then a maltese attacking you. I have been attacked by more small dogs then large ones in my profession working with animals. But if I had to choose being attacked by a chihuahua and a pit bull, I would take the chihuahua every time because they dont have the strength to rip off my arm, even 5 of them couldnt do that, a single frenzied pit could, so just imagine what for of them could do. Imagine what four of them would have done to that kitten had it not been lucky enough to get into that vans bumper. The owner kinda deserved its car to be wrecked like that. I hope that lucky little kitten gets a new pit free home.

      • Kathi

        Verbena … pits are not born to be agressive!! PEOPLE make them that way! And their jaws don’t lock..that is a myth!! People abuse, neglect, and withhold food from them to make them aggressive. You do that to any animal dog or human and they become agressive! Pitbulls are extrememly strong and great ay agility sports that is why losers train them to fight. I do agree with you that people that own any type of dog need to know what they are doing! I will deend my pitbulls forever…they don’t have an agressive bone in their body

        • Rodger


          You must live in LaLa land. My 8 year old daughter and her friend were walking up a flight of stairs to come back in side when a Pit Bull that had never so much as barked, came charging out it’s apartment and tried to attack them, I heard the screams and I kicked it down a few steps. I got them both inside and went after it with my gun. No agression? The little lady that owned the dog had never saw it act like that. She had it put down because of it. No agression? Yeah tell it to my kid.

        • Renee


          Yes pits are born to be great guard dogs!

          My brother has a pit-boxer mix and it is a fantastic dog. It never leaves the backyard and obeys all of his commands. Never has showed any aggression even when he is eating or has a bone. You can take a bone out of his mouth. A true testimony of a good dog – training.

          However, even though I am a fan favorite of boxers, pits, standard poodles, large dog breeds, I agree with you 100% – that a bad dog period starts with the owner’s lack of training and responsibility. If those dogs had attacked my good – nice dog. I would of thought seriously of killing the low life owner myself if it killed or attacked my dog!! My dog is my family. And if anyone tried to kill one of your family members during an attack, robbery, home invasion I would defend that family member. I think anyone that owns a dog of such aggression should immediately be arrested on (felony charges deadly weapon charges.) And fined 100,000.00 dollars and fined if they purchased another dog.

          My dog is a well trained dog that I have worked hard to train through a series of obedience classes and to obtain and acquire a “Canine Good Citizen” (both of us worked together to achieve – honor) of a certification to take my dog to children’s hospitals, cancer patient hospitals, hospice patients. Even though my dog and I have acquired a “Canine Good Citizen” credentials. I never .. I mean NEVER take him off the leash unless he is in a fenced in area. Even in the hospitals I keep him on a leash at all times. If you have your dog on a lease you have control of your dog – responsible owener – good owner. You are not only are protecting him but can control the situation.

          Kathi, just thought I would share a past experience with you – 10 years ago with a pit. A pit was on his watch-guard duty of his property. I had no clue that a pit was tied out back on a lead line. Once he heard and seen me walking towards his home he broke free from the line and attacked me not once but twice. I have to share with you it is not a myth (jaws locked.) I stood like a statue and did not give him eye contact hoping he would back off until the owner came to the door. However, he was doing what he was trained to do. He jumped up on my right side (hip area) and bit through my jeans and held on. The second attack .. mind you I did not scream or run. The second jump .. he jump back up my left side and bit me again and I felt his jaws lock. No kidding. Until you have been attacked or bitten by an aggressive dog. It is the truth – locked jaws .. he just hung on with locked jaws and would not release me until his owner came to my rescue.

          • Renee

            PS: A dog is just that a DOG not a human!

    • Izzy

      Justin, their jaws can’t ‘lock’. The jaw muscle takes up a large part of the APBT’s head, all the way up to the top of the skull, and with that much muscle clamping down makes it very hard to open the dog’s mouth. it doesn’t ‘lock’ there’s just an extreme amount of pressure going on.

      APBTs weren’t originally bred to fight, people just figured out that they’d be good at it. true APBT enthusiasts defend the breed and have the knowledge of the breed to back them up. How can you love them but tell people to stop defending them? Obviously you need to do more research. We HAVE to defend them because of all the Haters out there.

      Now to put my opinion in about the article. If those dogs did that damage to the car, they would have mouth and possibly bodily injuries and would need vet care. I see that’s not mentioned. i KNOW what pit bulls can do, I have my own sitting next to me tearing up her new black Kong ball. With four dogs attacking a plastic bumper (especially such a determined breed that can ignore pain) I can see it happening. Question is, why were they around the car in the first place? Any dog should be kept securely inside or as some people prefer, in the backyard. And they should’ve been introduced properly to cats. I have four 6 week old kittens climbing all over my APBT, and she loves it. Another story for the “It’s the owners fault” file in my head. :/


    • violet

      That “lock grip” idea is a myth. There is no breed of dog that has jaws that lock in place. Terriers are very determined dogs, though, and they have the tendency to keep hanging on past the point that some other dogs would, out of sheer determination.

      But I sure agree with you about the necessity of a being a responsible dog guardian.

    • Christine

      I agree with you, Justin. Like I said..only certain people should own the more powerful breeds of dogs. They need to be handled by someone who can train them, and demand obedience. Justin, you put things in perspective here, and gave people something to think about. Thank you.

  • Julius

    They were trying to free the kitty, and were only using the jaws of life.

    • Kathi

      Julius…First of all you are ignorant if you believe everything you read in the media. And you are also ignorant to say that an entire breed of dog should be outlawed. You are probably also a racist, homophobic pig….maybe we should outlaw people like you

  • Regina

    Pit bulls should all be outlawed! There are plenty of breeds of dog out there. You don’t have to get a potential killer!

    • lauren

      Wow, so intelligent!! Your the #1 writer of the day. Any, dog can be dangerous, and this breed is amazing; smarter than “You!” I promise..

      Do you realize all the little children that have these dogs and love them, your “Hating” on a breed, instead of really understanding the stupidity of this article?

    • jb

      its people like you who give the breed a bad name have you ever ownd a pit, well i have several and i have had nothing loyal , loveing dogs who have put thier own lives on the line for my kids and myself

    • Christine

      Regina, you’re talking out of ignorance…lack of facts about the breed. Yes, they are powerful dogs, but why should I own a little yapper dog that piddles on my furniture and can’t be house trained if I really want a pit bull? Read up on them. You may change your mind.

  • EW

    You are crazy!!!! If anyone believes the story about the PitBull doing this damage, they are probably dog haters. What you are doing is trying to spread hate for these dogs. I really resent it. Why don’t you tell us how someone (person) did this for the picture; or, that they wanted to collect insurance!!!!

    • lauren

      Your so right! I agree with you, totally! Nice post..

    • Steve

      I you don’t believe four pit bulls could do this to a plastic bumper looking for a kitten, then YOU are the one that is crazy. Pit bulls are dangerous animals. Period.

      • Christine

        Steve, my daughter is a vet tech, has been for 15 years and works with five doctors and five other techs. She will tell you…it’s not the pit bulls they have problems with, but the dalmations and especially the akitas and the chows. They also hate to see the small dogs come in, because they tend to be biters. The bottom line is, the moreo powerful the dog, the more damage they can inflict when they do bite. Also, you read the book about Michael Vic’s pit bulls and the horrors he inflicted on them, most of them wouldn’t fight or bite anyone..that’s why he tortured and killed them. We were going to rescue a female pit bull 8 years old, that had 350 stitches in her face, because she was used as a bait dog, because she wouldn’ fight. Please try to understand that they are really not an evil breed of dog. There are just certain breeds of dogs that wimpy people shouldn’t own, because they don’t control them or train them to be obedient. Please don’t hate the breed.

      • t926

        My pitbull is a gentleman.

  • lauren

    Ms. Amanda Crum,

    You can’t think about anything else to write about? Wow, where did you graduated from, “Dumb University?” What about writing about something “Happy” like, How to appreciate life? Really? Do you understand how you hurt a breed and help “Haters” attack this breed, instead of explaining about the history of the breed. Of course, you don’t know how amazing this breed is, because you never took the time to discover, only to judge and make other people’s judgements clouded. Good Job, Ms… CRUM!

    • Urface

      Ur so dumb. What university did u graduated from. Hmmmm. But she’s dumb.

      • sarah

        Okay urface; your grammar and spelling are absolutely horrible. Doens’t seem as if you have passed 5th grade grammar classes. I have owned multiple pit bulls and other bully breeds; I have received anything but love and affection from them. They were raised with a cat; never had any issues. Oh, and I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a 4.0; if there were a question.

        • Rodger

          You might want to use spell check yourself. Unless, of course, Doesn’t has changed the way it is spelled. LOL

  • bkr

    I myself have never owned a pitbull, but have known many. My experience with them is that if they are loved and raised properly they are sweet hearts. However, I have known people and pets who were visciously attacked by pitbulls, as well. Rotweilers are another breed that get a bad rep, and any animal can be dangerous and aggressive if not treated properly, or trained to be aggressive, however, pitbulls,rots and chows are on the high risk list for insurance companies, and i understand why because it is a risk to own them, but the ones i have know i would own in a heart beat, wouldnt bite butter.

  • shane

    lmmfao…………..anybody believes dogs did that is a fool……..ok, so you were drunk last night and wrecked your car. admit it.

    • http://webpronews.com ay

      Get the forensic experts…they’ll know what happened…:)

      poor car…


  • Glenn

    looks more like the tire came apart and tore up the fender no way the dogs did that,but you cant claim damage from the tire on the insurance because it was your fault,so blame it on the dog

  • Bobby

    Folks, I know that not all Pit Bulls are dangerous. But the fact of the matter is that many of them are. As implausible as it seems, it is very likely that the damage you see in the picture is actual damage caused by Pit Bulls. Please remember, I am speaking about SOME Pit Bulls, not necessarily all of them. They will attack anything. They will attack horses. They will attack and kill their owners. I know firsthand from personal experience that Pit Bulls are unpredictable. No offense, but you are the ones living in a dream world if you think for one moment that a Pit Bull will not instantly turn berserk and literally bite the hand that feeds. You can’t afford to be that naive.

    • L.A. Latina

      you say ALL pitbulls aren’t dangerous and then contradict yourself. Any dog is capable of being dangerous. Certain breeds require strong leaders and aren’t meant for lazy owners.
      Pits, Mastiffs, Rotties….

    • Cary Simmons

      Thank you for a common sense post. Their ABILITY to inflict much more damage than other dogs is what concerns people

    • LL1234

      Bobby, You are the one who needs to wake up. Your argument is absolutely unfounded.

  • redjoy

    I have a collie mix about 70lbs, no pit bull, and she tore up the bumper of a Toyota Camry (unfortunately my parents’) trying to get to some sort of wildlife that had hidden under the hood. It’s completely possible. She could have never flattened the tire though.

  • Chad Walk

    You stupid fucking people that own these dogs try to protect these dogs. These dogs should be banned and have a bullet between the eyes when born. In todays society it seems they try to protect animals more than humans. Its a sad world we live in.

  • Mom

    Unless you have owned a pittie, you will never understand and realize that a few bad apples can spoil the whole basket. ANY breed can have bad apples, we, as a society, just don’t hear about it. Some of the most viscious dogs I have met weighed less than 10 lb, god forbid that they were big dogs. Even Labs can be bad…doesn’t anyone remember that story from the UK…labs attacked and mauled their owner, disfigured her for life. ANY breed people, any breed. We just hear about Pits the most. The media has made them newsworthy. So very sad. I have owned several dogs, all of them large breeds (mutt (mixture of german shepard and lab), doberman, lab, rotweiller and pit), I agree, it’s how you raise them. All of mine were happy loving dogs, not aggressive. ALL of them. So unless you have owned a Pit or been attacked by one, you don’t have any relevent experience with which to give an informed opinion.

    • Cary Simmons

      sorry, you sound like a pitbull apologist to me, and i just don’t believe any story avout a “vicious” 10 lbs dog. my pug is chubby at 20 lbs, and you can barely feel her bites. no way in hell are you going to convince me that pitbulls are no more dangerous than other dogs. i would never sleep soundly with one of them in my room.

      • SALLY ANN


      • Jon in Milwaukee

        I remember when it was Dobermans and then Rotties that were the “bad breed”.

        Cary, when I firs got married my wife and I moved into a duplex where the downstairs tennant had a Pittie. She was one of the nicest dogs you could ever meet. I have never owned a pittie myself, but we now own Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They are wonderful family dogs too, but they were originally bred for hunting lions in Africa. They are bigger than pitties, and could probably do more damage. Also, I know someone who used to own a minpin, and that was the nastiest little creep of a dog I ever met. It hated everyone. It is not the pitties that are bad, it is the creeps that get them to fight because of their reputation. That is the real problem.

      • Chuy Jones

        Yeah.. you shouldn’t sleep in the same room with a pit. They’ll maul your face off, spit it out, take a pee on it and then erase your computer’s hard drive.

        • Michelle

          Lol @ Chuy

      • Michelle

        I sleep with my pit and she is the sweetest dog ever. People need to realize that its NOT the breed. Its the owner and how they teach their dogs. Any breed of dog can be vicious and attack someone. But pits are known for fighting so they get a bad Rep. And who do you think taught them to fight? It isn’t their fault. And name one dog that wouldn’t chase a cat? One who isn’t used to them. Its a dogs nature to chase cats.

      • DogLover

        Well my Pit and Blue Heeler sleep with me every night. In fact when I wake up in the morning, my pit and I are sometimes sharing the pillow nose to nose. Shes the sweetest dog I have ever met. I do not believe all pits are dangerous. I agree that it depends on the owner and how you treat them.

      • LL1234

        Not sure I’ll sleep soundly knowing that you are out there and allowed to speak your ridiculous rhetoric. Do some research.

      • MustLoveDogs

        I would sleep more soundly with one in my room :) I loved my old Pit Bull, he was THE SWEETEST dog ever!

      • MustLoveDogs

        @cary -I would sleep more soundly with one in my room I loved my old Pit Bull, he was THE SWEETEST dog ever!

    • Jon in Milwaukee

      I remember when it was Dobermans and then Rotties that were the “bad breed”.

  • Kat

    Dogs are like any animal, they are what you make of them, I have a cat who fetches coins. and a smart American Bulldog “Ed” who sleeps on my feet every night, beside my cat. They love on each other and sometimes eat out of the same bowl. They are both part of my family, and my kids grew up with this breed of dog for more than twenty two years now, and now my grand kids, they love everyone, family and friends alike. Sometimes Ed will run away to Grandma’s house a 1/2 mile away, and she brings him home after there visit, both smiling all the way. you can make a chihuahua mean and they can destroy lots furniture and such. I know more people who have been bitten by smaller breed dogs than larger ones. My dog has even sat on a baby to keep it from falling down stairs. I was taught it is not right to judge people or animals. I love my Bulldog, and like me, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

    • ANon

      Til they meet people or other animals they don’t know when family is not around. What happens the day. Why preach a long a** story if you really didn’t believe this deep down.

      • LL1234

        Really??? You are an absolute idiot. What a stupid response.

  • Cary Simmons

    You can do an internet search every single day and find an appalling story about a Pit Bull attack(s). Even though it is said over and over that the Pit Bull population is lower than that of other breeds, they are involved in more attacks than any other breed these days, and often fatal attacks.

    When you read stories of these unprovoked attacks on everyday common people, just walking to their mailbox, out riding bikes, or just having fun family time by pulling their toddler in a wagon, if it does not outrage you, then something is very wrong!

    Chihuahuas, Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, etc. do attack, and yes, they have inflicted serious damage, but it is rare…

    Pit Bulls on the other hand attack frequently and do major damage almost every time. There usually is no such thing as a warning bite with Pit Bulls. When they need to give a warning it is usually a full fledged relentless attack.
    That is the difference between Pit Bulls and other dogs.

    Other dogs don’t feel the need to seriously maul someone to get their point across, Pit Bulls do.

    Pit Bull attacks are different than other dogs. Think about the difference like this — it’s the difference between pliars, and the jaws of life.

  • Cary Simmons

    “Pitbull apologists” remind me of the NRA a lot. No matter how much damage, no matter how many killings there are, they have excuses.

    • Jack

      Guns don’t kill people, nut jobs do. So I wouldn’t be going on running at the mouth about the NRA in comparison to pit bull owners. It is our 2nd amendment right as responsible citizens to bear arms. That is what keeps the bad guys away.

    • Rodger

      NRA again? I am not an NRA but where is your logic? You must be a PETA member or someone who is just dumb as a sack of rocks. I haver never seen a gun kill someone by itself. It takes at least one finger to pull it. Somewhere some village is looking for its idiot.

    • LL1234

      I’d rather not get shot at all. But, I’m smart enough to know that the gun is not the shooter. The person pulling the trigger is the shooter. Bad owners make bad dogs. You have to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a breed (and they all have both) and then raise them and house them and treat them accordingly, being both respectful to the animal and to all the people the animal may come in contact with. That means knowing the limitations of your pitbull. Making sure it can’t hurt anyone. Making sure it’s properly trained and socialized. Making sure it treated with kindness and not agression. And then taking responsibility for what it does.

    • Judy

      Yep, we should outlaw all pitbulls, guns, hammers, bats, knives, rope, etc. That would fix the problem. Then when someone comes to rob you Cary, you will have nothing to defend yourself. But thieves, drug dealers, robbers, and the like will always have access to weapons, mark my word!

  • Cary Simmons

    To all “Pitbull Apologists”, talk to a few emergency room physicians who have treated pitbull attack victims. Would you rather get shot with a BB gun or a high powered assault rifle?

  • Califmom

    2 weeks ago my son and I were driving down the street when 2 pits ran in front of my car. We stopped and the pits ran across a busy street to attack a Labrador retriever being walked by its owner. No one could help. Yeah, these were really sweet, lovely dogs. COMPLETELY UNPROVOKED! Euthanize them all, I say.

    • KP

      Maybe you need to be euthanized!

      • jim


    • LL1234

      You are an idiot. How about we euthanize you? Makes more sense to me.

      • Jerry

        Your response qualifies you to be euthanized. It’s idiots like you that ruin the reputation of other dog lovers.

        • jim

          right on!!!

    • Pit Lover

      Euthanize then??? Such hate towards an animal. Any dog can be a killer if thats how they were trained….it just so happens their build makes them strong and able to get the job done. You should be ashamed of yourself for your ignorance and hate.

    • Jenn

      Are you freaken kidding me!!! you are an idoit!!!! how can you even say that!! unless you own one of these animals you have no freaken right to talk. My family has a Rottie, pit and a boxer bullmastive mix and all threee are the best dogs you could ever imagine. How do you know that this pit was unprovoked. Where you standing out side prior to them coming at you, did you ask questions? No you prob sat your ass in the car and watched. We should euthanize you and all the other stupid people that think that. I guess we should start euthanizing all the “bad things” in the world as well: child molesters, theives, people in dubet, liers, poor people, bums, mentally retarted people, elderly, ect. You are absolutly stupid!

    • andrew

      how about we euthanize you instead sry to say i hope ur son doesn’t inherit ur stupidity

    • zito

      You are an idiot….WE should have gotten rid of you in the Holocaust you moron…

  • Randy Burrell

    Bottom line. All in the training. Aggressive training aggressive dogs. This breed of dog can be the best service dog as well as the best child friend if trained correctly. They are unlike the Lion or Tiger that is a wild breed anyhow.

    So sad how a few years back the German Shepard, Rottweiler, and even dobermans got this bad rap. (However dobermans and Chihuahua’s have too small of skull)

    What will be the hated breed in the next generation?

    • tina

      i have seen them little ankle biters chase down the mail man and bite him for no reason he was delivering mail…..alot of the smaller breeds are mean!!!

      • jim

        right on !!!

  • TJ

    You people are all fucking idiots its got nothing to do with these dogs being a dangerous breed.

    Its all the niggers in the ghetto kicking the shit out of them that turns them into wild animals. Its kind of like freeing the slaves only to re enslave them in minimum wage jobs and welfare. We should have just kept them in shackles and no one would be talking about these crazy pitbulls.

    Just sayin.

  • DogLover

    Well my Pit and Blue Heeler sleep with me every night. In fact when I wake up in the morning, my pit and I are sometimes sharing the pillow nose to nose. Shes the sweetest dog I have ever met. I do not believe all pits are dangerous. I agree that it depends on the owner and how you treat them.

  • Tammy

    There are too many people out there with a personal experience involving a pitbull attack. That’s more that “a few bad apples”. They cannot be trusted outside their family.

    • MustLoveDogs

      Actually, my Pitt Bull loved everyone and everything, he was the sweetest dog ever no matter how rough kids would treat him. One time we had new counter tops installed and the guys were afraid of him at first, but he just sat there and waited for them to share their food on their lunch break. There’s so much more I could say about him, but my point is they just need some proper training & early exposure to other people. We can’t generalize them & say that ALL pit bulls, rottweilers, etc are bad and hurt people.

      • jim

        ask your veterinarian. german shepards bite far more people than pit bulls do. check out some facts before you go spouting off bullshit that you know nothing about. did you ever see the dog with a black circle around his eye on the little rascals??? ever see him bite anyone?? 75 years ago there were more families with pit bulls than now. almost everyone had one. they’re good dogs, its just that some buttplugs don’t bother to get the facts before they start talking sh!t

  • tina

    well we all know they are not going to show anything good about a pitt or a rott or any other dog that has a bad rep…..but it is NOT the dogs people it is the owners you treat them bad they turn out bad you dont correct them they run wild just like kids whom dont have an adult to guide them…i have a pitt and a rott i wouldnt trade them for the world they love my kids and my kids love them :)

  • julie


  • Jerry Banks

    Why do they even allow people to have these vicious dogs in residential areas where they can do harm to others animals, children and even adults. SMDH

    The ownership should be HEAVILY FINED, not just for the damages so also for the inconvenience the dogs has caused.

    • andrew

      did u even read the article the dogs and car were owned by same person, and it is the idiotic thinking of jerks like u that keep ppl terrorized of these great dogs

      • jim

        you’re an imbecile!!! look it up, if you don’t understand

      • alex

        ahhahah thank you. Maybe he doesn’t know how to read.

  • Jake

    I to have a pitbull she is a 3 yr old red nose 65lbs. My mom and dad have 2 weiner dogs. Ones 20lbs the others 10lbs. They attack my pittbull and I have to protect her. My pitbull wouldn’t hurt a fly. Shes the gentlest dog I have ever seen.

  • melissa

    Pit bulls are not bad. There are bad irresponsible owners that ruin it for everyone. Any dog can attack. I work at a shelter and have worked around quite a few pit bulls, they are big babies. I have seen a lot of scary dogs and none of them were pit bulls.the only thing that spreading hate about them will do is make their lives more miserable for no reason. The media targets pit bulls because they know it will get your attention. A pit bull attack story is a lot more interesting than a german shepard attack or any other dog for that matter.

    Please stop spreading hate. If you think that every single pit bull should be eliminated that is horrible. Not only are you feeding into the whole ‘pit bulls are bad phenomena’, you are also a sad, hate filled person.

    • Eve Votrain Martin

      it’s not about hating one breed…..my sister has a gentle dog that happens to be a pit bull…..often times the problem is the owner and what one expects of the dog

  • Christi

    I’ve always known dogs to be vicious especially pitt bulls, I was attacked by a pitt bull a few years ago. Thank God my brother saved me! It was the neighbors dogs and supposedly “It would never hurt a fly”. Well this beast hurt me and could have killed me. Pitt Bull owners are in denial. Poor Kitten. Definitely not a dog lover! UGH!

  • otowngrl77

    I’ve had rotties and dobermans and they got along well with my cats. They never attacked any small animals. I agree with others on here saying it’s the owner’s fault. If a dog is beaten, neglected, or starved it will act like that. I have known people with pitbulls who were sweet and docile. I have only one bad experience with a pitbull when a neighbor neglected his dog and allowed it to run all over the streets of Boston. It attacked and almost killed a golden retriever another neighbor was walking. I have no doubt he was starving and therefore aggressive. He looked emaciated and dirty.

    • pacobozo

      Exactly why only licensed, properly trained owners should be allowed to own any large animal. Owning a pitbull is like owning a tiger or lion. Too many owners are not responsible enough to properly care and train a large predator.

      • meema

        PREDATOR !!! Are you kidding me ??? I don’t know what kind of animals you have been around but the pitbulls I own are big babies and have never attacked anything !!!!! If you neglect any animal they are gonna look for food !!!!! I know if I was starving I would tear the refridgerator up looking for food !!! lol

  • Melanie

    That was 4 DOGS doing what 4 dogs will do when they see a potential prey item, they hunt as a pack. Any breed of dog would have attacked the car to get at the cat. The correct name is American Pitbull TERRIER. Terriers are infamous for their tenacity. When they set about a task, they complete it or die trying. Ever watched the smaller terriers “go to ground” while on a hunt? They dig like they are possessed. Same mentality at work on that car, with big jaws to back it up. By the way, I own a Pitbull and 2 Chihuahuas. My pit has never bitten anyone. I wish I could say the same about my Chihuahuas.

    • pacobozo

      Exactly why only licensed, properly trained owners should be allowed to own any large animal. Owning a pitbull is like owning a tiger or lion. It is only a matter of time before your pitbull goes off. Please never let it roam free, keep a very responsible eye on that teeth-packed creature.

      • brad

        Your awesome. Pitbulls only get bad press. To bad people are so stupid as to believe what they hear. i’m sure some animal rights group was behind the press anyway. Pitbulls rock and I call them bulldogs and my little terriers all go to ground.

      • kl

        I don’t know of any breed other then pitbulls that would tear the bumper off a car looking for its “prey” they are dangerous animals. There are lots of stories of pitbulls attacking for no reason. All their owners said, oh he never did this before, or he is so friendly. yeah right!

        • dani

          I was attacked by a rotty as a kid, was bitten severly by a german shepard…my brother owned 2 purebred pits and not once in 12 yrs have i ever been scared to go near here, when i brought my baby was born, she was so swet n tender to her, you say theres alot of stories about pits who attack, true but now go and look up stories about those who saved their owners, from fires, break ins..ect. You’ll find a story of a pit who stopped their owner from leaving to work to then find out his wife was on the bedroom floor with a brain anurism (spelling off, i know) i would trust a pit around my kids over a husky or shepard anyday..jus sayin :)

      • louis cyfer

        you are an idiot. there is nothing wrong with pits, only with stupid owners.

        • AJ

          I am SO sick of the bad press about pit bulls. I own one who is the kindest, sweetest, most gentle dog I’ve ever owned. I also have a 14 month old daughter who plays with him, jumps on him, pulls his ears, tail… and what does he do? LICKS her to death!!!
          Here’s an idea, lets put EVERY dog bite/attack in the papers, for EVERY breed! Then let’s judge! I cannot count the number of times my jack russell nearly took my face off because I moved the pillow she was on. Or my neighbors chihuahua that bites my ankles to pieces just because I was outside the same time he was! Get ALL the facts before you judge a breed!!

          • milt


      • Pitbull Owner

        …bozo…very fitting name. I’ve owned my Bluenose Pitbull for 6yrs now, along with a Bassett Hound and a Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle mix. They play together, have never attacked each other and the same goes for the previous Pit that I had that died from a tract infection. The Pitbull breed is not born to kill, it depends on how it’s raised. My dog has never bit, attacked or chased after any animal or person. As Melanie stated, those dogs reacted as many dogs do when they see cats…or when cats see birds, ect. Stereotyping the breed is like stereotyping a race..there’s always a bad one in a bunch, but saying it’s like “owning a tiger or lion” shows your mentality. Get to know the dogs and owners before you make anymore stupid comments.

    • Julie Smyth

      Melanie, it sounds like they have 4 badly bred pitbulls. It is not true that any breed would have done that. Those are dangerous dogs, and to say otherwise is irresponsible of you.

    • Sipzz Pourner

      You’re a fucking idiot.

  • http://nonetoday Dave Ornot

    I like pitbulls, they taste like chicken.

  • PJ

    I’d like to know what four of those dogs are doing running around like that. They formed a pack and I’m sure the owner is the first one to claim they’re good dogs.

    • louis cyfer

      moron, they belong to the owner of the van, and they were on the property, not roaming free. learn to read.

  • dc

    Funny how everyone forgot about the poor little kitten those dogs were after.

    I’m sure if they had gotten to it, it would have been killed and ripped to shreds.

    • Lolo

      To say the least…man that little kitten best be careful it has already used 2 of its nine lives…

    • Christi

      :( I’m glad that the poor little sweet kitten didn’t get hurt.

  • Glenn

    More like “Lucky”, looking like it’s still in shock.

  • Glenn

    I think the guy was drinking and hit a tree, and now is trying to blame pit bulls? Come on, I know they can be aggressive, but that car looks like it hit something. I call BS.

    • Shaun O’Rourke

      I am with you!! BS all the way!

  • Sipzz Pourner

    <<<—- Referring to Melanie

  • Shaun O’Rourke

    I call BS on this story. The car was clearly in an accident. It looks like the car went into a ditch. Did the pit bulls spread mud all over the car as well. The car’s hood is not visible either…did the dogs rip the hood off as well. The grill is caved in. The side panel is being held up by a bungee chord. This looks more like a hit and run…..then someone told a “tall tail” for insurance to cover the damage.

    • meema

      I totally agree !!! I didn’t even see the bungee strap until I reads your post !!! My first pitbull lived almost 11 years and not one time was she vicious !! We cried like babies the day we had to put her to rest due to tumors !!!

    • Joisiee

      I suspect that photo is a stock image used for effect to show us the horrors of the terrible pit bull, not the actual vehicle. Note the conspicuios LACK of bite marks.

      That said, I have a number of other thoughts on this story.

      ~ Poor kitty.
      ~ Glad that guy’s not my neighbor, especially if he can’t keep his own dogs from destroying his own property.
      ~ This is why there are leash laws.
      ~ ANY uncontrolled dog is a danger to people and other animals, whether it is a two-pound chihuahua (those little beggars can bite you two or three times before you know it’s happening) or a 120-pound mastiff, but some, like pittys, rottys, German shepherds, are often owned by idiots who want a big, scary dog and don’t know how to train or socialize them to be safe around others.
      ~ Some dogs are bred to be tenacious hunters and I have no doubt a pack of pittys can damage a car going after a cat, but not this much damage on this particular car.
      ~ I like dogs, know two pittys, both friendly, more likely to bruise your shins wagging their tails than bite you with their teeth, BUT any strange, uncontrolled, aggressive dog comes onto my property, near my little nephews or my elderly parents, I will shoot first and ask questions later.
      ~ Like many things, it is a combination of nature and nuture. No one with any sense would ever completely trust any dog (or cat) with any small animal, small child, or stranger.

  • http://g.mail darlene

    tell that to a 3 year old playing in her yard it took her life.tell her mom to get over it would you//

    • Kier

      Seriously? No one is saying that the dogs can’t be dangerous (and yet again I have to point out that ALL dogs have the potential to be dangerous). Of course someone dying as a result of a dog attack is tragic. I don’t see any one here denying that. They are saying that not all pit bulls are vicious. What people are saying is that the entire breed isn’t responsible for the action of the few. And yes it is unfair to blame an entire breed.

    • Lindsey

      maybe if the “childs” parents were keeping a better eye on the kid things would be different now

  • http://google walter

    its like this a dog with powerful muscles inits jaws can do great damage to anything a dog with purpose is a weapon and if unattended, running lose etc should be shot on sight.period i don’t care about what the doggy has been thru -yeah it can be unfortunate-but years of surgery and unimaginable pain do not equal a poor doogy story

    • gordon

      The pit bulls I’m not worried about, it’s you who are dangerous, as these animals left unneutered are a demonstrable menace. Repeating this silly mantra-“it’s not the breed”.. BS results in children getting badly mauled. These alligators that bark need muzzles.

    • Buddy Sattva


  • Kier

    Look, another reason for people to attack pit bulls as a breed. If you are ignorant enough to think that pit bulls are the only dogs capable of violence I feel extremely sorry for you. The fact is all dogs are capable of violence. ALL dogs, in certain situations, can become violent and aggressive. Pit bulls seem to be one of the most mistreated dog breeds. They are the ones we often hear about being forced into dog fights and being trained as vicious attack dogs associated with gangs (along with Rotts and dobermans) They are starved, beaten, denied water, denied attention, denied love, and trained to fight, yet they are the dangerous ones? HUMANS make them dangerous. And to think otherwise is irresponsible of you. They aren’t born vicious and aggressive. That is something they are taught, either by their irresponsible owners (aka scum) who horribly mistreat them, or by the violent situations (fighting to survive or for food or against idiots who beat on them) they encounter as strays on the street.

    ALL dogs have the ability to be violent, even the classic family dogs- golden retrievers, labs, collies etc. That is why you should never approach any dog without using caution.

    And yes, I say all of this as the owner of a pit bull and a rottweiler. My pit bull Bonnie is the sweetest dog. She doesn’t even bark. She is patient and loving. And I know you naysayers will say ‘only until she turns on you’ but to those of you who would say that I say you are idiots. Yes, there are pit bulls who are violent. NO the entire breed isn’t violent or aggressive. Yes there are other dogs in other breeds who can be just as violent. Any dog, when mistreated can turn on you. That is the bottom line. Sadly, pit bulls seem to be the dog of choice for scummy douche bags.

    Also, I understand if you are afraid of a pit bull because you have been attacked. But that just means the dog that attacked you was violent. The actions of that dog shouldn’t damn the entire breed.

    • mike

      You do realize that all Pit Bulls have dozens of generations of fighting bred into them right? Stop trying to portray pits as the victim. Their desire to kill is just as strong as a blood hounds desire to follow smells, or a border collies desire to herd sheep.

      Yes, it has a lot to do with the owner. But instincts are a permanent fixture that no amount of training can eliminate.

    • Michele

      Amen. I work in dog rescue. We work primarily with labs. But I’ve seen a lot of pits sweet as a lab or sweeter. The I also was attacked by a lab. He had been a stud dog in a puppy mill. I fostered him for 3-4 months. We had him at an adoption event all day for 2 days in a row. At the end of the second day when we get home, he decided he was not getting out of the car. He knew he would be going back to his crate for the night. (When you foster several dogs, they take turns exercising in the yard. But you just can’t have them all out at once.) He suddenly chomped down on my arm. I froze, he released. I moved, he chomped. After the third chomp, he locked his jaws. I pryed them open with the other hand. He did not bite again, but the look in his eyes was a warning. I had to call a trainer to get him out. The bites were so bad, he was put down the next day. We could not take the chance that he would do it again. I had never abused him, we do not know how he had been treated before he came into rescue. ANY dog even a lab can become vicious!

  • Phil

    I don’t know the full story, and this article sure isn’t giving us the full story, but it sounds to me like irresponsible owners letting their dogs run free. Either way let’s face it folks, dogs chase cats. This not about the breed and wouldn’t have even made the headlines had it been another breed. Writers know this, so they look for stories about pits and make it sound like every pit-bull is out of control and viscous, which is simply untrue. Blame the owner for not having control of their dogs, not the whole breed for the actions of a small population of the whole.

  • Buddy Sattva

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, all you pit defenders. And you conveniently ignore the facts. These dogs are just plain dangerous. They are bred to kill. Wake up and look at the facts: Pit bulls killed 22 out of 31 people killed in dog attacks in the USA last year. Rottweilers killed 4 and other breeds killed 5. So a whopping 71% of the deaths were caused by pits. Don’t try to tell me they aren’t a danger to the public.

    • zito

      People make me laugh, the only reason that Staffordshire Terriers get bad names is because everytime this breed looks at someone the wrong way the call the cops… Any dog hear me Any dog would have chased this cat. The Staffordshire Terriers were bred for hunting and fighting that s why they are so intense. if the owners of this breed would be a little more responsible there would never be a problem…. Do you watch the show COPS well 90% of the time the person getting arrested is a Black Person, does that mean all Black People are criminals..NO there not but the media would have you believe it…. stop being so narrow minded if your an animal lover help with the solution for the problem not just keep creating it

    • seab

      thats funny because its how its raised not the dog its self i have a boxer rottie pitt hybrid and shes the sweetest thing ever shes 3 years old and never shown agression toward anyone. the only ones that are a danger are the owners for being ignorent owners. treat any dog like trash and eventually they will take out all the anger. treat them like kings and they will be fine.

  • jim

    The following table summarizes the number of people reported killed in 1988 and 2005-2012 (as of August, 2012).
    Dog Bite-related Fatalities in the United States Year Total # Most fatal attacks by # Second-most fatal attacks by
    1988 1 Labrador Retriever (1) (100%)
    2001 3 Presa canario (1) (33.33%)

    Unknown Strays (1) (33.33%)

    Pit Bull (1) (33.33%)
    2002 2 German Shepherd (1) (50%) Rottweiler (1) (50%)
    2003 8 Pit bull-type (4) (50%)
    2004 8 3 Pit bull-type one Pit bull/Labrador Retriever mix (4) (50%)
    2005 29 Pit Bull (12) (39%) Rottweiler (6) (21%)
    2006 29 Pit Bull (12) (40%) Rottweiler (9) (31%)
    2007 34 Pit Bull (15) (41%) Rottweiler (4) (12%)
    2008 23 Pit Bull (11) (43%) Husky (3) (13%)
    2009 30 Pit Bull (11) (32%) Rottweiler (4) (13%)
    2010 33 Pit Bull (19) (57%) Rottweiler (4) (12%)
    2011 15 Pit Bull or “Pit bull type” (9) (60%) Rottweiler (2) (16.66%)
    2012 18 Pit Bull or “Pit bull type” (11) (61%)
    yea you’re right pits are not dangerous .

    • John D

      How about you post the statistics for black people involved in gang related shootings. When you find that they’re in the majority, are you going to scream for their entire population to be exterminated too? (and lets not forget, these are the ones also known for training their pits to be fighters) Fucking christ, you people are morons.

    • clutch

      my 10 year old pit mix that i rescued off the street starving and sick in camden nj- would give his life for me.

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