Pit Bulls Attack Car Looking For Kitten, Ruin Bumper

    August 24, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Four pit bulls attacked the bumper of a minivan on Monday morning and did quite a bit of damage, including flattening a tire. According to their owner–who is also the owner of the car–they were trying to get at a kitten that had gotten herself stuck up underneath the car’s front bumper.

Luckily for the kitten, she was wedged up in a safe spot and survived the attack without a scratch, although the vehicle didn’t fare quite so well. The owner, upon seeing the damage that morning, changed the tire and made his way to work, a 25-mile drive. When he arrived and got out of the car, he heard meowing coming from beneath the car and called authorities to help him retrieve the animal.

“Fender Lynx”, as she has been dubbed by her rescuers, is about 7-weeks old and is doing well under the care of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. She will be put up for adoption on Saturday.


  • Vivelena

    I think — smart cat!!

    • ed

      @t926, when you take it out of their mouths do you get the “but that was mine” look?
      That is what mine does when I take something out of her mouth(she tends to chew pens and pencils)
      The little girl down the street took a sharp stick out of her mouth once and all my female pit did was give her a hurt look “but that was mine” look. The child knew she had nothing to fear from her.

  • Lynne Moran

    What a crock of bull! I don’t believe this for a second! I want something more tangible than a photo.

    • dan

      lmao, you serriously need more proof than a photo that this is capeable by a pit?? i can show you this old couch i had, a door i have, some shoes i had, a few cats that got in the yard, and my back fence.. i have a pit, but alot of you pit advocates are in denial..

      • t926

        My pitbull is strong enough to bite the cover off a golf ball. But he is also gentle enough to permit us to reach in to his mouth and remove something before he damages it.

      • Liam

        Tearing up a couch or shoe is different than tearing up a car. That car looks like it was in an accident. No way I’m going to believe a few dogs did that to a car. The flat tire is the only believable thing about the damage stated.

        • PEACHES

          If you look at the picture you can see the scratches from the teeth and claws, you tube it and you will see a pack of dogs ripping the bumper off of a police cruiser. My pit pretty much demolishes anything in her way, including a fence and every chew toy imaginable. She even tore up a tire that we thought would keep her busy! love her to death and shes the best dog ever!!

  • Jen

    What an adorable looking kitten! Hope she finds a deserving home!

  • jackie

    What is a pit bull good for anyway besides chewing on EVERYTHING and shitting everywhere?

    • Sarah

      whats the difference between that and any other dog?? All dogs do that!! No dog is just born aggressive. It’s the owner that teaches it. Not all pit bulls are bad! Dumba$$.

  • Will

    Most worthless animal on the planet is a pitbull. They should open season on them.

    • Victoria

      Pit bull are great animals. I owe a pitbull and he is the most loving and playful dog. Remember pitbulls aren’t born aggressive, it depends on the owner of the pitbull and how they raise that pitbull. Pit bulls have a bad rep. because of stupid owners training them to fight and be aggresive.

      • ed

        Probably not as worthless as you are Will,
        I also own two pitbulls, my female pitbull is raising her second litter of feral kittens.
        They huddle under her, sleep curled up next to her and follow her around. She is always “counting” them and will search if one has wandered away from her.
        She has also befriended almost all the seniors in our apt. complex.
        Its only when creeps like Mikey Vicks get hold of them and turns them into fighting animals do they get bad.
        Remember they were the most decorated animal by the U.S army in early 1900’s for heroism.
        Petey from Little Rascals was a Pit Bull
        They were referred to as the “nanny dog” for the family loyality and for how loyal they were to kids.

        • lauren

          Sorry, I meant Ed and NOT WILL,,
          Will your EVIL, that’s it!

      • Katonna

        It should be open season on you- You Dumb B#@**h
        i have 4 pits- My dogs love cats and everything else cause i raised them that way– much like some one raised you to be a dumb bitc*h

      • Kathi

        You are an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sarah

      … You’re an idiot. And a pathetic excuse for a human being if you think all animals of 1 specific breed need to be killed just because other dogs give them a bad name. Sounds like stereotyping, hmm? That all pit bulls are horrible, which they AREN’T.

      • bitsy

        first of all it isn’t other dogs that have given pit bulls a bad name. they are a dangerous breed and there are many incidents of pit bulls attacking out of the blue…very unpredictable and that alone is reason to annihilate the breed. also, who cares if saying all pits are bad is stereotyping…they are a nasty and dangerous breed and should be done away with…you need to wake up and smell the coffee!

        • tina

          yes bitsy a few bad owners ruin it for all like vick he was to be so perfect….the guy fought them you teach them to kill they will you teach them love and respect they will do it….they are a great dog i have one and every kid in the neighbor hood plays with him and my rott i would trust my boys with my life

    • Debbie

      I wish you would open up a fire arm to my baby girl pitbull. She woud be the last of your worries!

      • Kathi

        Ignorant bitch!!!!!!

    • lauren

      You really need mental help, and have no idea about the Pit bull or it’s special abilities. You really mean your worthless, instead!

    • EW

      I disagree with you Will. I feel all animals want love. I never met a dog that wasn’t friendly. I have had many. German Shepherds, Dobermans, Boxers, Pit Bull, Terriers, Poodles, Austrailian Sherherds, to name a few. Most dogs know whether you like them or not; and Will, mine would not have liked you!

    • MustLoveDogs

      @ will & @bitsy
      that would be like genocide -it’s WRONG
      although everyone is entitled to their opinion you should not be so hateful to one w/o any experience to back it up.
      If you don’t like a breed then don’t get it, but it doesn’t mean that that you kill anyone that you don’t like

    • Christine

      Don’t show your ignorance on the internet, Will..it’s mortifying.

  • Vanessa

    @ Jackie

    Well bitch last I checked pit bulls are dogs… and correct me if I’m wrong Jackie but don’t all dogs chew on things? Especially when they are teething? I also believe dogs don’t have a bathroom like us humans to take a shit in. Not all pit bulls are mean and worthless dogs. It’s not their fault that some of their owners are fucking idiots. I bet, if you had to pick between a mini schnauzer or pit bull to protect you, your ass would pick a pit bull don’t lie bitch.

  • Vanessa

    @ will

    you and jackie must be married

    Anyways I’m done posting bitches. Time to get back to MY REAL life :)))))

  • Douglas McDoogle

    Kitten Mcnugget

  • Justin

    A beagle, or a chihuahua couldnt do that to a car… I love pits and think they CAN be raised to be good dogs. But animals flip sometimes for no known reason. And a pit’s biological design is a LOT more dangerous than most other dogs. From their body build to their curved teeth and that very notable lock grip they have with their jaws. You dont see ppl raising Caveliers and Maltese’s for dog fights. And its for a reason. If you truly love pits you’d stop being so defendent of them and accept that if you’re going to own one you NEED to know what you’re doing.

    • Verbena

      Thank you, Justin, for a very honest and intelligent assessment of the breed.

      • Kathi

        Verbena … pits are not born to be agressive!! PEOPLE make them that way! And their jaws don’t lock..that is a myth!! People abuse, neglect, and withhold food from them to make them aggressive. You do that to any animal dog or human and they become agressive! Pitbulls are extrememly strong and great ay agility sports that is why losers train them to fight. I do agree with you that people that own any type of dog need to know what they are doing! I will deend my pitbulls forever…they don’t have an agressive bone in their body

        • mori motonari

          Um, yes they do lock. You would know this had you been there the day a pit at a boarding place ripped open the cage of a cat and smashed him in the jaws. Even under heavy sedation it was impossible to open this pit bulls mouth. The cat had to be euthanized because it had been so badly crushed. You were not there the day a pit broke free from its yard and tore apart a yorkie who was walking with his owner or the day he ripped off another dogs nose because it sniffed him through a neighboring fence. You werent there the day a pitbull came into a neighbors yard and literally ripped the guts out a chihuahua as a little boy watched in horror. No, not all pitbulls are bad but their body is made for this. They have more powerful muscles in their jaws then any other breed of dog. So when they do decide to attack, thats what makes it far more devestating then a maltese attacking you. I have been attacked by more small dogs then large ones in my profession working with animals. But if I had to choose being attacked by a chihuahua and a pit bull, I would take the chihuahua every time because they dont have the strength to rip off my arm, even 5 of them couldnt do that, a single frenzied pit could, so just imagine what for of them could do. Imagine what four of them would have done to that kitten had it not been lucky enough to get into that vans bumper. The owner kinda deserved its car to be wrecked like that. I hope that lucky little kitten gets a new pit free home.

      • Kathi

        Verbena … pits are not born to be agressive!! PEOPLE make them that way! And their jaws don’t lock..that is a myth!! People abuse, neglect, and withhold food from them to make them aggressive. You do that to any animal dog or human and they become agressive! Pitbulls are extrememly strong and great ay agility sports that is why losers train them to fight. I do agree with you that people that own any type of dog need to know what they are doing! I will deend my pitbulls forever…they don’t have an agressive bone in their body

        • Rodger


          You must live in LaLa land. My 8 year old daughter and her friend were walking up a flight of stairs to come back in side when a Pit Bull that had never so much as barked, came charging out it’s apartment and tried to attack them, I heard the screams and I kicked it down a few steps. I got them both inside and went after it with my gun. No agression? The little lady that owned the dog had never saw it act like that. She had it put down because of it. No agression? Yeah tell it to my kid.

        • Renee


          Yes pits are born to be great guard dogs!

          My brother has a pit-boxer mix and it is a fantastic dog. It never leaves the backyard and obeys all of his commands. Never has showed any aggression even when he is eating or has a bone. You can take a bone out of his mouth. A true testimony of a good dog – training.

          However, even though I am a fan favorite of boxers, pits, standard poodles, large dog breeds, I agree with you 100% – that a bad dog period starts with the owner’s lack of training and responsibility. If those dogs had attacked my good – nice dog. I would of thought seriously of killing the low life owner myself if it killed or attacked my dog!! My dog is my family. And if anyone tried to kill one of your family members during an attack, robbery, home invasion I would defend that family member. I think anyone that owns a dog of such aggression should immediately be arrested on (felony charges deadly weapon charges.) And fined 100,000.00 dollars and fined if they purchased another dog.

          My dog is a well trained dog that I have worked hard to train through a series of obedience classes and to obtain and acquire a “Canine Good Citizen” (both of us worked together to achieve – honor) of a certification to take my dog to children’s hospitals, cancer patient hospitals, hospice patients. Even though my dog and I have acquired a “Canine Good Citizen” credentials. I never .. I mean NEVER take him off the leash unless he is in a fenced in area. Even in the hospitals I keep him on a leash at all times. If you have your dog on a lease you have control of your dog – responsible owener – good owner. You are not only are protecting him but can control the situation.

          Kathi, just thought I would share a past experience with you – 10 years ago with a pit. A pit was on his watch-guard duty of his property. I had no clue that a pit was tied out back on a lead line. Once he heard and seen me walking towards his home he broke free from the line and attacked me not once but twice. I have to share with you it is not a myth (jaws locked.) I stood like a statue and did not give him eye contact hoping he would back off until the owner came to the door. However, he was doing what he was trained to do. He jumped up on my right side (hip area) and bit through my jeans and held on. The second attack .. mind you I did not scream or run. The second jump .. he jump back up my left side and bit me again and I felt his jaws lock. No kidding. Until you have been attacked or bitten by an aggressive dog. It is the truth – locked jaws .. he just hung on with locked jaws and would not release me until his owner came to my rescue.

          • Renee

            PS: A dog is just that a DOG not a human!

    • Izzy

      Justin, their jaws can’t ‘lock’. The jaw muscle takes up a large part of the APBT’s head, all the way up to the top of the skull, and with that much muscle clamping down makes it very hard to open the dog’s mouth. it doesn’t ‘lock’ there’s just an extreme amount of pressure going on.

      APBTs weren’t originally bred to fight, people just figured out that they’d be good at it. true APBT enthusiasts defend the breed and have the knowledge of the breed to back them up. How can you love them but tell people to stop defending them? Obviously you need to do more research. We HAVE to defend them because of all the Haters out there.

      Now to put my opinion in about the article. If those dogs did that damage to the car, they would have mouth and possibly bodily injuries and would need vet care. I see that’s not mentioned. i KNOW what pit bulls can do, I have my own sitting next to me tearing up her new black Kong ball. With four dogs attacking a plastic bumper (especially such a determined breed that can ignore pain) I can see it happening. Question is, why were they around the car in the first place? Any dog should be kept securely inside or as some people prefer, in the backyard. And they should’ve been introduced properly to cats. I have four 6 week old kittens climbing all over my APBT, and she loves it. Another story for the “It’s the owners fault” file in my head. :/


    • violet

      That “lock grip” idea is a myth. There is no breed of dog that has jaws that lock in place. Terriers are very determined dogs, though, and they have the tendency to keep hanging on past the point that some other dogs would, out of sheer determination.

      But I sure agree with you about the necessity of a being a responsible dog guardian.

    • Christine

      I agree with you, Justin. Like I said..only certain people should own the more powerful breeds of dogs. They need to be handled by someone who can train them, and demand obedience. Justin, you put things in perspective here, and gave people something to think about. Thank you.

  • Julius

    They were trying to free the kitty, and were only using the jaws of life.

    • Kathi

      Julius…First of all you are ignorant if you believe everything you read in the media. And you are also ignorant to say that an entire breed of dog should be outlawed. You are probably also a racist, homophobic pig….maybe we should outlaw people like you

  • Regina

    Pit bulls should all be outlawed! There are plenty of breeds of dog out there. You don’t have to get a potential killer!

    • lauren

      Wow, so intelligent!! Your the #1 writer of the day. Any, dog can be dangerous, and this breed is amazing; smarter than “You!” I promise..

      Do you realize all the little children that have these dogs and love them, your “Hating” on a breed, instead of really understanding the stupidity of this article?

    • jb

      its people like you who give the breed a bad name have you ever ownd a pit, well i have several and i have had nothing loyal , loveing dogs who have put thier own lives on the line for my kids and myself

    • Christine

      Regina, you’re talking out of ignorance…lack of facts about the breed. Yes, they are powerful dogs, but why should I own a little yapper dog that piddles on my furniture and can’t be house trained if I really want a pit bull? Read up on them. You may change your mind.

  • EW

    You are crazy!!!! If anyone believes the story about the PitBull doing this damage, they are probably dog haters. What you are doing is trying to spread hate for these dogs. I really resent it. Why don’t you tell us how someone (person) did this for the picture; or, that they wanted to collect insurance!!!!

    • lauren

      Your so right! I agree with you, totally! Nice post..

    • Steve

      I you don’t believe four pit bulls could do this to a plastic bumper looking for a kitten, then YOU are the one that is crazy. Pit bulls are dangerous animals. Period.

      • Christine

        Steve, my daughter is a vet tech, has been for 15 years and works with five doctors and five other techs. She will tell you…it’s not the pit bulls they have problems with, but the dalmations and especially the akitas and the chows. They also hate to see the small dogs come in, because they tend to be biters. The bottom line is, the moreo powerful the dog, the more damage they can inflict when they do bite. Also, you read the book about Michael Vic’s pit bulls and the horrors he inflicted on them, most of them wouldn’t fight or bite anyone..that’s why he tortured and killed them. We were going to rescue a female pit bull 8 years old, that had 350 stitches in her face, because she was used as a bait dog, because she wouldn’ fight. Please try to understand that they are really not an evil breed of dog. There are just certain breeds of dogs that wimpy people shouldn’t own, because they don’t control them or train them to be obedient. Please don’t hate the breed.

      • t926

        My pitbull is a gentleman.

  • lauren

    Ms. Amanda Crum,

    You can’t think about anything else to write about? Wow, where did you graduated from, “Dumb University?” What about writing about something “Happy” like, How to appreciate life? Really? Do you understand how you hurt a breed and help “Haters” attack this breed, instead of explaining about the history of the breed. Of course, you don’t know how amazing this breed is, because you never took the time to discover, only to judge and make other people’s judgements clouded. Good Job, Ms… CRUM!

    • Urface

      Ur so dumb. What university did u graduated from. Hmmmm. But she’s dumb.

      • sarah

        Okay urface; your grammar and spelling are absolutely horrible. Doens’t seem as if you have passed 5th grade grammar classes. I have owned multiple pit bulls and other bully breeds; I have received anything but love and affection from them. They were raised with a cat; never had any issues. Oh, and I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a 4.0; if there were a question.

        • Rodger

          You might want to use spell check yourself. Unless, of course, Doesn’t has changed the way it is spelled. LOL

  • bkr

    I myself have never owned a pitbull, but have known many. My experience with them is that if they are loved and raised properly they are sweet hearts. However, I have known people and pets who were visciously attacked by pitbulls, as well. Rotweilers are another breed that get a bad rep, and any animal can be dangerous and aggressive if not treated properly, or trained to be aggressive, however, pitbulls,rots and chows are on the high risk list for insurance companies, and i understand why because it is a risk to own them, but the ones i have know i would own in a heart beat, wouldnt bite butter.

  • shane

    lmmfao…………..anybody believes dogs did that is a fool……..ok, so you were drunk last night and wrecked your car. admit it.

    • http://webpronews.com ay

      Get the forensic experts…they’ll know what happened…:)

      poor car…


  • Glenn

    looks more like the tire came apart and tore up the fender no way the dogs did that,but you cant claim damage from the tire on the insurance because it was your fault,so blame it on the dog

  • Bobby

    Folks, I know that not all Pit Bulls are dangerous. But the fact of the matter is that many of them are. As implausible as it seems, it is very likely that the damage you see in the picture is actual damage caused by Pit Bulls. Please remember, I am speaking about SOME Pit Bulls, not necessarily all of them. They will attack anything. They will attack horses. They will attack and kill their owners. I know firsthand from personal experience that Pit Bulls are unpredictable. No offense, but you are the ones living in a dream world if you think for one moment that a Pit Bull will not instantly turn berserk and literally bite the hand that feeds. You can’t afford to be that naive.

    • L.A. Latina

      you say ALL pitbulls aren’t dangerous and then contradict yourself. Any dog is capable of being dangerous. Certain breeds require strong leaders and aren’t meant for lazy owners.
      Pits, Mastiffs, Rotties….

    • Cary Simmons

      Thank you for a common sense post. Their ABILITY to inflict much more damage than other dogs is what concerns people

    • LL1234

      Bobby, You are the one who needs to wake up. Your argument is absolutely unfounded.

  • redjoy

    I have a collie mix about 70lbs, no pit bull, and she tore up the bumper of a Toyota Camry (unfortunately my parents’) trying to get to some sort of wildlife that had hidden under the hood. It’s completely possible. She could have never flattened the tire though.

  • Chad Walk

    You stupid fucking people that own these dogs try to protect these dogs. These dogs should be banned and have a bullet between the eyes when born. In todays society it seems they try to protect animals more than humans. Its a sad world we live in.

  • Mom

    Unless you have owned a pittie, you will never understand and realize that a few bad apples can spoil the whole basket. ANY breed can have bad apples, we, as a society, just don’t hear about it. Some of the most viscious dogs I have met weighed less than 10 lb, god forbid that they were big dogs. Even Labs can be bad…doesn’t anyone remember that story from the UK…labs attacked and mauled their owner, disfigured her for life. ANY breed people, any breed. We just hear about Pits the most. The media has made them newsworthy. So very sad. I have owned several dogs, all of them large breeds (mutt (mixture of german shepard and lab), doberman, lab, rotweiller and pit), I agree, it’s how you raise them. All of mine were happy loving dogs, not aggressive. ALL of them. So unless you have owned a Pit or been attacked by one, you don’t have any relevent experience with which to give an informed opinion.

    • Cary Simmons

      sorry, you sound like a pitbull apologist to me, and i just don’t believe any story avout a “vicious” 10 lbs dog. my pug is chubby at 20 lbs, and you can barely feel her bites. no way in hell are you going to convince me that pitbulls are no more dangerous than other dogs. i would never sleep soundly with one of them in my room.

      • SALLY ANN


      • Jon in Milwaukee

        I remember when it was Dobermans and then Rotties that were the “bad breed”.

        Cary, when I firs got married my wife and I moved into a duplex where the downstairs tennant had a Pittie. She was one of the nicest dogs you could ever meet. I have never owned a pittie myself, but we now own Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They are wonderful family dogs too, but they were originally bred for hunting lions in Africa. They are bigger than pitties, and could probably do more damage. Also, I know someone who used to own a minpin, and that was the nastiest little creep of a dog I ever met. It hated everyone. It is not the pitties that are bad, it is the creeps that get them to fight because of their reputation. That is the real problem.

      • Chuy Jones

        Yeah.. you shouldn’t sleep in the same room with a pit. They’ll maul your face off, spit it out, take a pee on it and then erase your computer’s hard drive.

        • Michelle

          Lol @ Chuy

      • Michelle

        I sleep with my pit and she is the sweetest dog ever. People need to realize that its NOT the breed. Its the owner and how they teach their dogs. Any breed of dog can be vicious and attack someone. But pits are known for fighting so they get a bad Rep. And who do you think taught them to fight? It isn’t their fault. And name one dog that wouldn’t chase a cat? One who isn’t used to them. Its a dogs nature to chase cats.

      • DogLover

        Well my Pit and Blue Heeler sleep with me every night. In fact when I wake up in the morning, my pit and I are sometimes sharing the pillow nose to nose. Shes the sweetest dog I have ever met. I do not believe all pits are dangerous. I agree that it depends on the owner and how you treat them.

      • LL1234

        Not sure I’ll sleep soundly knowing that you are out there and allowed to speak your ridiculous rhetoric. Do some research.

      • MustLoveDogs

        I would sleep more soundly with one in my room :) I loved my old Pit Bull, he was THE SWEETEST dog ever!

      • MustLoveDogs

        @cary -I would sleep more soundly with one in my room I loved my old Pit Bull, he was THE SWEETEST dog ever!

    • Jon in Milwaukee

      I remember when it was Dobermans and then Rotties that were the “bad breed”.

  • Kat

    Dogs are like any animal, they are what you make of them, I have a cat who fetches coins. and a smart American Bulldog “Ed” who sleeps on my feet every night, beside my cat. They love on each other and sometimes eat out of the same bowl. They are both part of my family, and my kids grew up with this breed of dog for more than twenty two years now, and now my grand kids, they love everyone, family and friends alike. Sometimes Ed will run away to Grandma’s house a 1/2 mile away, and she brings him home after there visit, both smiling all the way. you can make a chihuahua mean and they can destroy lots furniture and such. I know more people who have been bitten by smaller breed dogs than larger ones. My dog has even sat on a baby to keep it from falling down stairs. I was taught it is not right to judge people or animals. I love my Bulldog, and like me, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

    • ANon

      Til they meet people or other animals they don’t know when family is not around. What happens the day. Why preach a long a** story if you really didn’t believe this deep down.

      • LL1234

        Really??? You are an absolute idiot. What a stupid response.

  • Cary Simmons

    You can do an internet search every single day and find an appalling story about a Pit Bull attack(s). Even though it is said over and over that the Pit Bull population is lower than that of other breeds, they are involved in more attacks than any other breed these days, and often fatal attacks.

    When you read stories of these unprovoked attacks on everyday common people, just walking to their mailbox, out riding bikes, or just having fun family time by pulling their toddler in a wagon, if it does not outrage you, then something is very wrong!

    Chihuahuas, Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, etc. do attack, and yes, they have inflicted serious damage, but it is rare…

    Pit Bulls on the other hand attack frequently and do major damage almost every time. There usually is no such thing as a warning bite with Pit Bulls. When they need to give a warning it is usually a full fledged relentless attack.
    That is the difference between Pit Bulls and other dogs.

    Other dogs don’t feel the need to seriously maul someone to get their point across, Pit Bulls do.

    Pit Bull attacks are different than other dogs. Think about the difference like this — it’s the difference between pliars, and the jaws of life.

  • Cary Simmons

    “Pitbull apologists” remind me of the NRA a lot. No matter how much damage, no matter how many killings there are, they have excuses.

    • Jack

      Guns don’t kill people, nut jobs do. So I wouldn’t be going on running at the mouth about the NRA in comparison to pit bull owners. It is our 2nd amendment right as responsible citizens to bear arms. That is what keeps the bad guys away.

    • Rodger

      NRA again? I am not an NRA but where is your logic? You must be a PETA member or someone who is just dumb as a sack of rocks. I haver never seen a gun kill someone by itself. It takes at least one finger to pull it. Somewhere some village is looking for its idiot.

    • LL1234

      I’d rather not get shot at all. But, I’m smart enough to know that the gun is not the shooter. The person pulling the trigger is the shooter. Bad owners make bad dogs. You have to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a breed (and they all have both) and then raise them and house them and treat them accordingly, being both respectful to the animal and to all the people the animal may come in contact with. That means knowing the limitations of your pitbull. Making sure it can’t hurt anyone. Making sure it’s properly trained and socialized. Making sure it treated with kindness and not agression. And then taking responsibility for what it does.

    • Judy

      Yep, we should outlaw all pitbulls, guns, hammers, bats, knives, rope, etc. That would fix the problem. Then when someone comes to rob you Cary, you will have nothing to defend yourself. But thieves, drug dealers, robbers, and the like will always have access to weapons, mark my word!

  • Cary Simmons

    To all “Pitbull Apologists”, talk to a few emergency room physicians who have treated pitbull attack victims. Would you rather get shot with a BB gun or a high powered assault rifle?

  • Califmom

    2 weeks ago my son and I were driving down the street when 2 pits ran in front of my car. We stopped and the pits ran across a busy street to attack a Labrador retriever being walked by its owner. No one could help. Yeah, these were really sweet, lovely dogs. COMPLETELY UNPROVOKED! Euthanize them all, I say.

    • KP

      Maybe you need to be euthanized!

      • jim


    • LL1234

      You are an idiot. How about we euthanize you? Makes more sense to me.

      • Jerry

        Your response qualifies you to be euthanized. It’s idiots like you that ruin the reputation of other dog lovers.

        • jim

          right on!!!

    • Pit Lover

      Euthanize then??? Such hate towards an animal. Any dog can be a killer if thats how they were trained….it just so happens their build makes them strong and able to get the job done. You should be ashamed of yourself for your ignorance and hate.

    • Jenn

      Are you freaken kidding me!!! you are an idoit!!!! how can you even say that!! unless you own one of these animals you have no freaken right to talk. My family has a Rottie, pit and a boxer bullmastive mix and all threee are the best dogs you could ever imagine. How do you know that this pit was unprovoked. Where you standing out side prior to them coming at you, did you ask questions? No you prob sat your ass in the car and watched. We should euthanize you and all the other stupid people that think that. I guess we should start euthanizing all the “bad things” in the world as well: child molesters, theives, people in dubet, liers, poor people, bums, mentally retarted people, elderly, ect. You are absolutly stupid!

    • andrew

      how about we euthanize you instead sry to say i hope ur son doesn’t inherit ur stupidity

    • zito

      You are an idiot….WE should have gotten rid of you in the Holocaust you moron…

  • Randy Burrell

    Bottom line. All in the training. Aggressive training aggressive dogs. This breed of dog can be the best service dog as well as the best child friend if trained correctly. They are unlike the Lion or Tiger that is a wild breed anyhow.

    So sad how a few years back the German Shepard, Rottweiler, and even dobermans got this bad rap. (However dobermans and Chihuahua’s have too small of skull)

    What will be the hated breed in the next generation?

    • tina

      i have seen them little ankle biters chase down the mail man and bite him for no reason he was delivering mail…..alot of the smaller breeds are mean!!!

      • jim

        right on !!!

  • TJ

    You people are all fucking idiots its got nothing to do with these dogs being a dangerous breed.

    Its all the niggers in the ghetto kicking the shit out of them that turns them into wild animals. Its kind of like freeing the slaves only to re enslave them in minimum wage jobs and welfare. We should have just kept them in shackles and no one would be talking about these crazy pitbulls.

    Just sayin.

  • DogLover

    Well my Pit and Blue Heeler sleep with me every night. In fact when I wake up in the morning, my pit and I are sometimes sharing the pillow nose to nose. Shes the sweetest dog I have ever met. I do not believe all pits are dangerous. I agree that it depends on the owner and how you treat them.

  • Tammy

    There are too many people out there with a personal experience involving a pitbull attack. That’s more that “a few bad apples”. They cannot be trusted outside their family.

    • MustLoveDogs

      Actually, my Pitt Bull loved everyone and everything, he was the sweetest dog ever no matter how rough kids would treat him. One time we had new counter tops installed and the guys were afraid of him at first, but he just sat there and waited for them to share their food on their lunch break. There’s so much more I could say about him, but my point is they just need some proper training & early exposure to other people. We can’t generalize them & say that ALL pit bulls, rottweilers, etc are bad and hurt people.

      • jim

        ask your veterinarian. german shepards bite far more people than pit bulls do. check out some facts before you go spouting off bullshit that you know nothing about. did you ever see the dog with a black circle around his eye on the little rascals??? ever see him bite anyone?? 75 years ago there were more families with pit bulls than now. almost everyone had one. they’re good dogs, its just that some buttplugs don’t bother to get the facts before they start talking sh!t

  • tina

    well we all know they are not going to show anything good about a pitt or a rott or any other dog that has a bad rep…..but it is NOT the dogs people it is the owners you treat them bad they turn out bad you dont correct them they run wild just like kids whom dont have an adult to guide them…i have a pitt and a rott i wouldnt trade them for the world they love my kids and my kids love them :)

  • julie


  • Jerry Banks

    Why do they even allow people to have these vicious dogs in residential areas where they can do harm to others animals, children and even adults. SMDH

    The ownership should be HEAVILY FINED, not just for the damages so also for the inconvenience the dogs has caused.

    • andrew

      did u even read the article the dogs and car were owned by same person, and it is the idiotic thinking of jerks like u that keep ppl terrorized of these great dogs

      • jim

        you’re an imbecile!!! look it up, if you don’t understand

      • alex

        ahhahah thank you. Maybe he doesn’t know how to read.

  • Jake

    I to have a pitbull she is a 3 yr old red nose 65lbs. My mom and dad have 2 weiner dogs. Ones 20lbs the others 10lbs. They attack my pittbull and I have to protect her. My pitbull wouldn’t hurt a fly. Shes the gentlest dog I have ever seen.

  • melissa

    Pit bulls are not bad. There are bad irresponsible owners that ruin it for everyone. Any dog can attack. I work at a shelter and have worked around quite a few pit bulls, they are big babies. I have seen a lot of scary dogs and none of them were pit bulls.the only thing that spreading hate about them will do is make their lives more miserable for no reason. The media targets pit bulls because they know it will get your attention. A pit bull attack story is a lot more interesting than a german shepard attack or any other dog for that matter.

    Please stop spreading hate. If you think that every single pit bull should be eliminated that is horrible. Not only are you feeding into the whole ‘pit bulls are bad phenomena’, you are also a sad, hate filled person.

    • Eve Votrain Martin

      it’s not about hating one breed…..my sister has a gentle dog that happens to be a pit bull…..often times the problem is the owner and what one expects of the dog

  • Christi

    I’ve always known dogs to be vicious especially pitt bulls, I was attacked by a pitt bull a few years ago. Thank God my brother saved me! It was the neighbors dogs and supposedly “It would never hurt a fly”. Well this beast hurt me and could have killed me. Pitt Bull owners are in denial. Poor Kitten. Definitely not a dog lover! UGH!

  • otowngrl77

    I’ve had rotties and dobermans and they got along well with my cats. They never attacked any small animals. I agree with others on here saying it’s the owner’s fault. If a dog is beaten, neglected, or starved it will act like that. I have known people with pitbulls who were sweet and docile. I have only one bad experience with a pitbull when a neighbor neglected his dog and allowed it to run all over the streets of Boston. It attacked and almost killed a golden retriever another neighbor was walking. I have no doubt he was starving and therefore aggressive. He looked emaciated and dirty.

    • pacobozo

      Exactly why only licensed, properly trained owners should be allowed to own any large animal. Owning a pitbull is like owning a tiger or lion. Too many owners are not responsible enough to properly care and train a large predator.

      • meema

        PREDATOR !!! Are you kidding me ??? I don’t know what kind of animals you have been around but the pitbulls I own are big babies and have never attacked anything !!!!! If you neglect any animal they are gonna look for food !!!!! I know if I was starving I would tear the refridgerator up looking for food !!! lol

  • Melanie

    That was 4 DOGS doing what 4 dogs will do when they see a potential prey item, they hunt as a pack. Any breed of dog would have attacked the car to get at the cat. The correct name is American Pitbull TERRIER. Terriers are infamous for their tenacity. When they set about a task, they complete it or die trying. Ever watched the smaller terriers “go to ground” while on a hunt? They dig like they are possessed. Same mentality at work on that car, with big jaws to back it up. By the way, I own a Pitbull and 2 Chihuahuas. My pit has never bitten anyone. I wish I could say the same about my Chihuahuas.

    • pacobozo

      Exactly why only licensed, properly trained owners should be allowed to own any large animal. Owning a pitbull is like owning a tiger or lion. It is only a matter of time before your pitbull goes off. Please never let it roam free, keep a very responsible eye on that teeth-packed creature.

      • brad

        Your awesome. Pitbulls only get bad press. To bad people are so stupid as to believe what they hear. i’m sure some animal rights group was behind the press anyway. Pitbulls rock and I call them bulldogs and my little terriers all go to ground.

      • kl

        I don’t know of any breed other then pitbulls that would tear the bumper off a car looking for its “prey” they are dangerous animals. There are lots of stories of pitbulls attacking for no reason. All their owners said, oh he never did this before, or he is so friendly. yeah right!

        • dani

          I was attacked by a rotty as a kid, was bitten severly by a german shepard…my brother owned 2 purebred pits and not once in 12 yrs have i ever been scared to go near here, when i brought my baby was born, she was so swet n tender to her, you say theres alot of stories about pits who attack, true but now go and look up stories about those who saved their owners, from fires, break ins..ect. You’ll find a story of a pit who stopped their owner from leaving to work to then find out his wife was on the bedroom floor with a brain anurism (spelling off, i know) i would trust a pit around my kids over a husky or shepard anyday..jus sayin :)

      • louis cyfer

        you are an idiot. there is nothing wrong with pits, only with stupid owners.

        • AJ

          I am SO sick of the bad press about pit bulls. I own one who is the kindest, sweetest, most gentle dog I’ve ever owned. I also have a 14 month old daughter who plays with him, jumps on him, pulls his ears, tail… and what does he do? LICKS her to death!!!
          Here’s an idea, lets put EVERY dog bite/attack in the papers, for EVERY breed! Then let’s judge! I cannot count the number of times my jack russell nearly took my face off because I moved the pillow she was on. Or my neighbors chihuahua that bites my ankles to pieces just because I was outside the same time he was! Get ALL the facts before you judge a breed!!

          • milt


      • Pitbull Owner

        …bozo…very fitting name. I’ve owned my Bluenose Pitbull for 6yrs now, along with a Bassett Hound and a Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle mix. They play together, have never attacked each other and the same goes for the previous Pit that I had that died from a tract infection. The Pitbull breed is not born to kill, it depends on how it’s raised. My dog has never bit, attacked or chased after any animal or person. As Melanie stated, those dogs reacted as many dogs do when they see cats…or when cats see birds, ect. Stereotyping the breed is like stereotyping a race..there’s always a bad one in a bunch, but saying it’s like “owning a tiger or lion” shows your mentality. Get to know the dogs and owners before you make anymore stupid comments.

    • Julie Smyth

      Melanie, it sounds like they have 4 badly bred pitbulls. It is not true that any breed would have done that. Those are dangerous dogs, and to say otherwise is irresponsible of you.

    • Sipzz Pourner

      You’re a fucking idiot.

  • http://nonetoday Dave Ornot

    I like pitbulls, they taste like chicken.

  • PJ

    I’d like to know what four of those dogs are doing running around like that. They formed a pack and I’m sure the owner is the first one to claim they’re good dogs.

    • louis cyfer

      moron, they belong to the owner of the van, and they were on the property, not roaming free. learn to read.

  • dc

    Funny how everyone forgot about the poor little kitten those dogs were after.

    I’m sure if they had gotten to it, it would have been killed and ripped to shreds.

    • Lolo

      To say the least…man that little kitten best be careful it has already used 2 of its nine lives…

    • Christi

      :( I’m glad that the poor little sweet kitten didn’t get hurt.

  • Glenn

    More like “Lucky”, looking like it’s still in shock.

  • Glenn

    I think the guy was drinking and hit a tree, and now is trying to blame pit bulls? Come on, I know they can be aggressive, but that car looks like it hit something. I call BS.

    • Shaun O’Rourke

      I am with you!! BS all the way!

  • Sipzz Pourner

    <<<—- Referring to Melanie

  • Shaun O’Rourke

    I call BS on this story. The car was clearly in an accident. It looks like the car went into a ditch. Did the pit bulls spread mud all over the car as well. The car’s hood is not visible either…did the dogs rip the hood off as well. The grill is caved in. The side panel is being held up by a bungee chord. This looks more like a hit and run…..then someone told a “tall tail” for insurance to cover the damage.

    • meema

      I totally agree !!! I didn’t even see the bungee strap until I reads your post !!! My first pitbull lived almost 11 years and not one time was she vicious !! We cried like babies the day we had to put her to rest due to tumors !!!

    • Joisiee

      I suspect that photo is a stock image used for effect to show us the horrors of the terrible pit bull, not the actual vehicle. Note the conspicuios LACK of bite marks.

      That said, I have a number of other thoughts on this story.

      ~ Poor kitty.
      ~ Glad that guy’s not my neighbor, especially if he can’t keep his own dogs from destroying his own property.
      ~ This is why there are leash laws.
      ~ ANY uncontrolled dog is a danger to people and other animals, whether it is a two-pound chihuahua (those little beggars can bite you two or three times before you know it’s happening) or a 120-pound mastiff, but some, like pittys, rottys, German shepherds, are often owned by idiots who want a big, scary dog and don’t know how to train or socialize them to be safe around others.
      ~ Some dogs are bred to be tenacious hunters and I have no doubt a pack of pittys can damage a car going after a cat, but not this much damage on this particular car.
      ~ I like dogs, know two pittys, both friendly, more likely to bruise your shins wagging their tails than bite you with their teeth, BUT any strange, uncontrolled, aggressive dog comes onto my property, near my little nephews or my elderly parents, I will shoot first and ask questions later.
      ~ Like many things, it is a combination of nature and nuture. No one with any sense would ever completely trust any dog (or cat) with any small animal, small child, or stranger.

  • http://g.mail darlene

    tell that to a 3 year old playing in her yard it took her life.tell her mom to get over it would you//

    • Kier

      Seriously? No one is saying that the dogs can’t be dangerous (and yet again I have to point out that ALL dogs have the potential to be dangerous). Of course someone dying as a result of a dog attack is tragic. I don’t see any one here denying that. They are saying that not all pit bulls are vicious. What people are saying is that the entire breed isn’t responsible for the action of the few. And yes it is unfair to blame an entire breed.

    • Lindsey

      maybe if the “childs” parents were keeping a better eye on the kid things would be different now

  • http://google walter

    its like this a dog with powerful muscles inits jaws can do great damage to anything a dog with purpose is a weapon and if unattended, running lose etc should be shot on sight.period i don’t care about what the doggy has been thru -yeah it can be unfortunate-but years of surgery and unimaginable pain do not equal a poor doogy story

    • gordon

      The pit bulls I’m not worried about, it’s you who are dangerous, as these animals left unneutered are a demonstrable menace. Repeating this silly mantra-“it’s not the breed”.. BS results in children getting badly mauled. These alligators that bark need muzzles.

    • Buddy Sattva


  • Kier

    Look, another reason for people to attack pit bulls as a breed. If you are ignorant enough to think that pit bulls are the only dogs capable of violence I feel extremely sorry for you. The fact is all dogs are capable of violence. ALL dogs, in certain situations, can become violent and aggressive. Pit bulls seem to be one of the most mistreated dog breeds. They are the ones we often hear about being forced into dog fights and being trained as vicious attack dogs associated with gangs (along with Rotts and dobermans) They are starved, beaten, denied water, denied attention, denied love, and trained to fight, yet they are the dangerous ones? HUMANS make them dangerous. And to think otherwise is irresponsible of you. They aren’t born vicious and aggressive. That is something they are taught, either by their irresponsible owners (aka scum) who horribly mistreat them, or by the violent situations (fighting to survive or for food or against idiots who beat on them) they encounter as strays on the street.

    ALL dogs have the ability to be violent, even the classic family dogs- golden retrievers, labs, collies etc. That is why you should never approach any dog without using caution.

    And yes, I say all of this as the owner of a pit bull and a rottweiler. My pit bull Bonnie is the sweetest dog. She doesn’t even bark. She is patient and loving. And I know you naysayers will say ‘only until she turns on you’ but to those of you who would say that I say you are idiots. Yes, there are pit bulls who are violent. NO the entire breed isn’t violent or aggressive. Yes there are other dogs in other breeds who can be just as violent. Any dog, when mistreated can turn on you. That is the bottom line. Sadly, pit bulls seem to be the dog of choice for scummy douche bags.

    Also, I understand if you are afraid of a pit bull because you have been attacked. But that just means the dog that attacked you was violent. The actions of that dog shouldn’t damn the entire breed.

    • mike

      You do realize that all Pit Bulls have dozens of generations of fighting bred into them right? Stop trying to portray pits as the victim. Their desire to kill is just as strong as a blood hounds desire to follow smells, or a border collies desire to herd sheep.

      Yes, it has a lot to do with the owner. But instincts are a permanent fixture that no amount of training can eliminate.

    • Michele

      Amen. I work in dog rescue. We work primarily with labs. But I’ve seen a lot of pits sweet as a lab or sweeter. The I also was attacked by a lab. He had been a stud dog in a puppy mill. I fostered him for 3-4 months. We had him at an adoption event all day for 2 days in a row. At the end of the second day when we get home, he decided he was not getting out of the car. He knew he would be going back to his crate for the night. (When you foster several dogs, they take turns exercising in the yard. But you just can’t have them all out at once.) He suddenly chomped down on my arm. I froze, he released. I moved, he chomped. After the third chomp, he locked his jaws. I pryed them open with the other hand. He did not bite again, but the look in his eyes was a warning. I had to call a trainer to get him out. The bites were so bad, he was put down the next day. We could not take the chance that he would do it again. I had never abused him, we do not know how he had been treated before he came into rescue. ANY dog even a lab can become vicious!

  • Phil

    I don’t know the full story, and this article sure isn’t giving us the full story, but it sounds to me like irresponsible owners letting their dogs run free. Either way let’s face it folks, dogs chase cats. This not about the breed and wouldn’t have even made the headlines had it been another breed. Writers know this, so they look for stories about pits and make it sound like every pit-bull is out of control and viscous, which is simply untrue. Blame the owner for not having control of their dogs, not the whole breed for the actions of a small population of the whole.

  • Buddy Sattva

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, all you pit defenders. And you conveniently ignore the facts. These dogs are just plain dangerous. They are bred to kill. Wake up and look at the facts: Pit bulls killed 22 out of 31 people killed in dog attacks in the USA last year. Rottweilers killed 4 and other breeds killed 5. So a whopping 71% of the deaths were caused by pits. Don’t try to tell me they aren’t a danger to the public.

    • zito

      People make me laugh, the only reason that Staffordshire Terriers get bad names is because everytime this breed looks at someone the wrong way the call the cops… Any dog hear me Any dog would have chased this cat. The Staffordshire Terriers were bred for hunting and fighting that s why they are so intense. if the owners of this breed would be a little more responsible there would never be a problem…. Do you watch the show COPS well 90% of the time the person getting arrested is a Black Person, does that mean all Black People are criminals..NO there not but the media would have you believe it…. stop being so narrow minded if your an animal lover help with the solution for the problem not just keep creating it

    • seab

      thats funny because its how its raised not the dog its self i have a boxer rottie pitt hybrid and shes the sweetest thing ever shes 3 years old and never shown agression toward anyone. the only ones that are a danger are the owners for being ignorent owners. treat any dog like trash and eventually they will take out all the anger. treat them like kings and they will be fine.

  • jim

    The following table summarizes the number of people reported killed in 1988 and 2005-2012 (as of August, 2012).
    Dog Bite-related Fatalities in the United States Year Total # Most fatal attacks by # Second-most fatal attacks by
    1988 1 Labrador Retriever (1) (100%)
    2001 3 Presa canario (1) (33.33%)

    Unknown Strays (1) (33.33%)

    Pit Bull (1) (33.33%)
    2002 2 German Shepherd (1) (50%) Rottweiler (1) (50%)
    2003 8 Pit bull-type (4) (50%)
    2004 8 3 Pit bull-type one Pit bull/Labrador Retriever mix (4) (50%)
    2005 29 Pit Bull (12) (39%) Rottweiler (6) (21%)
    2006 29 Pit Bull (12) (40%) Rottweiler (9) (31%)
    2007 34 Pit Bull (15) (41%) Rottweiler (4) (12%)
    2008 23 Pit Bull (11) (43%) Husky (3) (13%)
    2009 30 Pit Bull (11) (32%) Rottweiler (4) (13%)
    2010 33 Pit Bull (19) (57%) Rottweiler (4) (12%)
    2011 15 Pit Bull or “Pit bull type” (9) (60%) Rottweiler (2) (16.66%)
    2012 18 Pit Bull or “Pit bull type” (11) (61%)
    yea you’re right pits are not dangerous .

    • John D

      How about you post the statistics for black people involved in gang related shootings. When you find that they’re in the majority, are you going to scream for their entire population to be exterminated too? (and lets not forget, these are the ones also known for training their pits to be fighters) Fucking christ, you people are morons.

    • clutch

      my 10 year old pit mix that i rescued off the street starving and sick in camden nj- would give his life for me.

  • milt

    Wow you guys are still at it,there are two sides to every story.where do i begin i will make it short and sweet maybe.When it comes to american pit bull terriers first of all this breed was not bred to attack humans they were bread as ancient hunting dogs and guard dogs in ancient times, however just like the tosa and the akita their jaws lock and they have incredible pnds per pressure when they lock. Yes pit bulls were used in the 40’s, 50’sand 60’s as a sport for fighting in a pit with rules and regulations.You could train any animal to attack on command is not a bad dog just bad owners. How about those u.f.o hee hee I LOVE ALL PETS the world is perfect some humans make it bad.

  • zito

    Listen in the 80’s it was the Doberman that was the killer dog. In the 90″ it was the Rottweiller. In the year 2000’s it is the Staffordshire Terrier. The problem is that brainless people get Staffordshire Terriers when they are puppies because they are so cute. Then they start to turn into big dogs, these people dont know to train animals so when the dog gets older they bring it to a pound. Then a nice family feels bad for the breed and takes it home without introducing the dog to there cat or there children first. Then the cat runs and the dog chases or the child palys to rough and gets bit..The dog then goes back to the shelter and starts the cycle all over again.. The solution is for people to not adopt the breed unless they have prior breed experience…

  • TIM

    I would have to agree with the comments about how the dogs were raisedhis is true. Growing up I nknew several people who have had pits and they were some of the nicest dogs i have know. My neighbors (currently) have a male and feale pit. Male as sweet as can be. Female (now fixed) has had several litters and is as aggressive as can be. Twice have broken through our wooden fence. Cant get association to approve better fence. Luckily my daughter or pets were outside. Hate to say, but luckily for the dogs both times they have broken through, I was home. Would have put them down.

    • zito

      Listen there are 3 types of people… 1 true Staffordshire terrier lovers who own and train there dogs…
      2. Those who feel bad for the breed and adopt them without prior experience with the breed( which it is nice that they adopt)
      3. Those people who just love being the problem and love to jump on the dog band wagon and bash animals…

    • http://yahoo Craig

      Tim don’t comment if you cant spell proper English , go back to school you asshole

  • milt


  • Eve

    I have a pit and the most dangerous thing about her is her… ELBOWS! She digs them in my thighs when she tries to lick my face. She “bit” broke the skin on my husbsnd’s hand when he put his whole hand in her mouth. It happened as she gagged on it and on the pill he was trying to give her. Everyone is always so surprised at how truly friendly she is. She is the worst watchdog ever- a total stranger came in our house when we weren’t at home to do some work. He told us later that she just gave him a happy greeting, sat in the corner and watched him work.Our vet says she is his best socialized patient. So not all pits are bad. Some could be THE bests dog you ever had.

  • mikey

    I think that it’s true that these animals would for the most part be great pets except it seems many A-holes get Pits. The pure potential of Pitbulls to kill is above and beyond most other breeds (save particular Mastiffs..) That fact alone makes them a dangerous pet. We have read countless stories of Pitbulls that were raised in loving families but suddenly turned on their owner or someone passing through their neighborhood or an aquaintance stopping in.

    • shane

      wow, this picture is such a farce…….haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……this vehicle was wrecked, and the talk is about how bad pit bulls are…….what a joke……you guys are the joke…………

      • shane

        i have owned a total of 46 pitbulls in my lifetime……never have the bitten or killed anything…….except moths, they love killing moths………………you guys are a joke.

        • http://yahoo Craig


  • barb

    what kind of hoosier has that many vicious dogs who would go at anything that agressively? let me guess, a dealer, mexican, somebody in the hood? God only knows what they’d done to a child or neighbor’s animal. no excuse for such out of control, dangerous animals. whoever should be locked up and the dogs taken away. there’s nothing amusing about the story. it’s a horrific accident waiting to happen. how do they get homeowners? what city allows animals like that?! Sick individuals. Thank God the kitten made it out. I like animals sooo much better than backward f—s!!

  • Katie

    I’m a dog groomer. I’ve handled many ‘pitbull type’ dogs and I have to say I have never come across one that has shown aggression. Most will likely lick you to death and it’s not like groomers are a dog’s favorite person to see. The dogs that are likely to take a chunk out of you are your little dogs, i.e, yorkies, chihuhuas, poodles, shih tzus, maltese. There are no bans on these dogs are there? Dog bites are attributed to lack of handling and socialization with people and other pets. Should these dogs be banned as well due to their owners lack of knowledge on the socialization of their pets? I think not. It’s the owners not the dogs.

    • Dan

      Yeah obv one of those irrational animal lovers. Ask the relatives of those who have died from the pit bull attacks. Yeah it is a cheap answer and a cowardly one to say oh it is the owners. You will find that owners are among those killed by pits. Oh, they must have been bad owners. How do you define that? Well if the dog attacked them they must have been bad owners. So the dog is the decider of human fate? Folks like you will keep sticking your heads in the sand until someone close is a victim, and then perhaps the silly assertion will disappear. The dogs are often powerful and uncontrollable. That means not safe. It matters not if they mostly ok most of the time. I will not be around one, and any other smart person will not either.

      • http://yahoo Craig

        DAN you dont no what you are talking about so please keep your big mouth shout. i had a pitbull for n11 years before she died and many friends of mine had pit bulls and none of them ever had problems. you are a cock sucker because you have no idea what you talking about and you are also brain washed due to all the shit u see on tv and radio

  • loraine.estes

    Oh my god whoever did this is plain ass lying,Pitbulls get enough of a bad rep but this is not true,that van was wreaked and you can see it…………..This has nothing to do with pitbulls,kittens,its a farce,GET REAL PEOPLE

  • lori

    Do you see that car??? Its held together with zip ties,over the tire wheres the bite marks,howd they tear that bumper so straight,stupid people trying to get insurance money?the car has been in some kind of an accident,why all the negative comments,and all of you so called dog lovers,why feed into this liars story.

  • Jeff

    why is this even news

  • JaneDoe

    This story sounds like a complete lie. Where are these dogs? Pictures of said dogs? Car looks like its been in accident. Owner drove to work not knowing cat was inside but somehow knew pit bulls attacked cars OH PLEASE!!! Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs. I am disgusted by this idiotic story probably written by an underpaid intern looking for hits on one his sensationally titled stories. I’m sorry I clicked on it. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • Jamie Rucker

    Only sick bastards own these dogs.

    • Nick

      Wtf thats not true. your a smut

    • Sladkaya

      And only an ignorant person would make such a comment. As an ER nurse, I go above and beyond to take care of my patients and their families. I also own a wonderful and loving rescue dog who is half pit and half german shepherd. If you are going to make such a comment, then be prepared to back it up. This sick bastard saves people’s lives. What do you do?

  • Michelle

    As an employee of the automotive repair industry, I can clearly see that said damage is not from an accident. There are no clear hit marks and no clear line that would form in the event of a collision. That being said, anyone who says otherwise is pretty much an idiot.
    You can clearly see bite marks, and scratch marks on the body, fender, and bumper of the vehicle. Which proves that it was in fact an animal attack. Four pitbulls? In my experience, those animals can in fact cause such damage.
    I do agree that given the right environment, a dog of that breed can and will be a very loving pet. But I also know first hand that those dogs can also flip on a dime, and no matter how you raise them, can be extremely violent and unrelenting. Face facts people. Pits are a very strong breed. When they want somthing or feel threatened there is NO stopping them.

    • Nick

      Your an idiot you dont know shit,

  • D

    I had a pit for 11 years, she was a huge baby, she was protective over my small children. My father did not like pitbulls but he loved her. Said she was the best dog he had ever seen around children. Not all pitbulls are like this I Know that from being around other pitbulls that did not have the temperment she did. Its with any breed some are not always the gentlest. My son got bit by a long haired chihuahua on both legs and broke the skin, he had to have the whole set of rabies shots because the owner didnt have it vaccinated, and my son did nothing to this dog. The long haired chihuahua ran out of its yard and down the road and bit him. So any breed of dog can bite, some worse than others. In some cases its how they are raised and others it can be the breeding of the dog.

    • me

      Only you are stupid have trust those kind of dogs around ur children one day you will think you are to dumb.

      • Cody

        what is up with all you people that hate on these types of dogs? Have you ever had one? If you did you would realize that they love and protect their families and can be very territorial but if they weren’t raised with hatred they are the sweetest and most loyal dogs you could ever know. So stuff your ignorance where the sun don’t shine.

        • joseph addison

          If I trained a Golden the way some pitt bulls are trained (to kill) that Golden would STILL be incapable of killing a full-sized man.

          • tami

            a mean golden could kill a man with no problem. look it up!!

  • Beckey

    I don’t know when people will realize it’s the people that make the pets mean and not the animals. Pit bulls are the nicest breed their is people just are the animals.

    • DG

      B S Becky straight B S, nice try.

      • Cody

        Seriously dude? You aren’t an expert in dogs either so don’t even try to say you know that pitbulls are vicious by nature or not.

  • DG

    I sure hope someone adopts that kitty and gives her a good life plus protect her from hooligans like those dogs.

  • Gaylon

    It’s people that make pit bulls mean? I don’t think so. I used to raise pit bulls many years ago and was a huge pit bull enthusiast. But that all changed when 2 of my pit bulls attacked my wife and my son. Only thing that saved them was being able to get to the bathroom and shut the door. I was sooooo naive…..just like so many people today. I shudder to think what could have happened to my family because of my ignorance of this breed. We used the dogs for weight pulling contests and were good family pets until the day they “went berserk”. Folks….they are animals that were bred for fighting. If you truly are NOT blind then you will investigate and find that most of the pit bull child killers were not dog fighters but just ordinary working people who loved their dogs. That is until they killed their child, their neighbors child or their grandchild. Pit bull owners in my opinion are the most ill informed lot in society. Not their dog…it’s only those dog fighters dogs right? WRONG! Get real and do not put your family’s lives in jeapordy like the mother who left her one year old baby at her mothers home in Magnolia, Texas. While she was out dancing her mother and fathers pit bull killed the baby. There should be a law that if your dog kills a person you spend a minimum of 10 years in prison. Yes…now it’s your turn to trash this writer and claim your pit bull is different than those other bad people’s pit bulls. I pity you.

    • Big E

      ( SIGH )

      What is it with you people ? So you’re insinuating that all bully breeds are bad ? Listen up….in my life I had a total of 10 bully breeds 3 American Bulldogs, 3 Boxers, 2 Staffordshire bull terriers and 2 pit bulls….I also had two labs now why is it that all 10 of my bully breeds were fantastic with animals and people…..I did not have any problem what’s so ever with my bully breeds but my labs were a different story….THEY were the ones always trying to be the alpha leader over me…well I’ll tell you why I had the problems that I did.

      My point is that I trained ALL of my bully breeds from pups I molded them into what I wanted them to be but those two labs they were between 4 – 6 years old when I got them so I didnt train them how I wanted them to be SO….what I’m saying is if you train ANY FN dog from a early age and show them who’s the Alpha leader you won’t have problems…bottom line

      • joseph addison

        YOU the owner won’t have problems. The average kid playing in the street does not even under5stand “alpha”.

  • Gaylon

    Ohhh come on. It’s how the dogs are raised? That old cliche “it’s how they are raised” huh? If a Tiger kills a person is it because it’s how the tigers owner raised it? No….look dummy…it’s a TIGER for gods sake. It’s an animal just like a pit bull or any other dog. Go through the animal world and investigate what the varrious breeds were bred for and see what the pits were bred for. I have a brother who got an American bulldog because he said they were different than most other pit bulls. That same week 2 children in England were killed by American bulldogs by 2 different bulldogs. He sold the dogs quietly and purchased another breed. I had pits for 9 years and the 2 attacks on my family sealed it for me. These dogs were purchased as 6 week old pups and raised lovingly in our home. I will never forget my sons tears when I rescued him from behind a locked door. Both dogs were gone within 24 hours. I am sad only because I was so naive and put my family in harms way. Never again. I pray that more people wake up and see the light before they have a tragedy. Personally I think homeowners insurance should not be availble for ignorant people who own these dangerous dogs. It is coming….it is coming as more and more insurance companies are discovering that owning a pit bull is going to cost a whole lot of money because of the liability. But lives and health matter more tha money.

  • cecy

    I had a pit bull almost 14yrs and he never attacked another animal or human being we had him from a puppy to the day he died he was the best dog we could’ve asked for and my brothers small children loved him dearly he was great with them so I will NEVER believe all pitbulls are the same. Just luckily this kitten wasnt hurt by these pits that did what a high majority of what ALL dogs do chase cats

  • cecy

    Yea name calling is a great way to get your point across. Ever heard of everyone being entitled to their own opinion? I dont recall saying anything to anyone on here. Not everyone has had your horrible experiences with this particular breed maybe none at all or just a different breed. It is very sad and tramatic im sure but like I’ve said as well as some others I’ve never had a negative experience with pitbulls. You have you opinion and i have mine. I will not sit here and continue this you have a goodnight and enjoy life. Goodbye

  • Tom

    Pitbulls are a very emotional breed. There’s no in-between and there’s nothing mellow about the overwhelming majority of them.

    If they like you, then they really really like you!

    If they don’t like you, then they really really hate you, and will most likely attack you!

    Sometimes, they are undecided about a person and couldn’t care one way or another…

    Just don’t get on their bad side!

    Of course, there are other breeds that are prone to attack, as well. That list would include Rottweillers, Chows, Dobermen Pinschers, German Shepherds, and Huskies…

    • Roger

      this breed of dog should be destroyed along with other breeds that are this way.

      • Big E

        It’s people like you that know NOTHING about bully breeds…you simple minded fool keep your mouth shut and keep your opinions to your self….and they’re just OPINIONS so don’t act as if they’re facts you prick

        • joseph addison

          Destroy the breed. They have an instinct to kill that is stronger than most animals.

          • Rob

            You are talking about the human race, right? Humans and felines are the only species that kill for fun and humans are the only ones who kill for profit.

            The fact that you want to eradicate an entire breed because some of them have been trained to fight and kill, while others are often misrepresented as “Pit Bulls”, so Pits get the blame, just shows how ignorant you are.

            A woman recently beheaded her two year old son before killing herself. By your logic, we’d have to kill all the mothers of young children to save them from eventual death and dismemberment…

          • Civilized Society or Jungle?

            We live in a civilized society, not a jungle. As such, we have the right to regulate our environmental setting to eliminate such innane threats as a dog breed that visciously attacks humans and other animals. This is why we don’t have bears and cougars roaming our streets… duh!

            If you want to allow animals unrestricted license to behave wildly, then go live in a jungle. But if you choose to live in a civilized society, it is perfectly reasonable to control threats such as pit bulls who show an undeniable propensity for viscous, random violence.

            You animal-loving fools are so pathetic. You turn to dogs for love because you can’t find it elsewhere. And you think your animal actually loves you back. Wow, really? New Flash… your dog doesn’t love you, it loves whoever feeds it. And once you’re gone, it will simply “love” the next person that feeds it. What morons you are to think you can LOVE an animal. Truly pathetic, I feel sorry for you.

        • joseph addison

          The fact you called them the “bully breed” makes me sick. How could any moron like you want dead three-year old little girls at the jaws of something known to be a “bully”? You are sick, and lack any morality.

          • Rob

            “the term actually has nothing to do with the dogs’ temperament or behavior, and everything to do with their origin and history. Bully breeds all come from the same root stock called Molosser”

            “One often overlooked fact is that any dog may attack if it’s neglected, abused or trained to be aggressive.”

      • james

        you sound like dog Hitler!

      • It’s Me

        Roger I suppose you also believe everything you see on TV, and everything on the Internet is also true, right? You obviously know nothing about this breed, aside from what the media wants you to believe.

      • vic

        Ignorant people should keep quiet,that means “U Roger”

  • Dana

    I have encountered 3 pit bulls in my life. One you could put food in your mouth and let him take it from you. He did so with such grace and never touched you while he did it. He loved all people and you could see hurt in his eyes when people shied away from him. The most awesome dog I had ever met. He died at the age of 16 not once did he snip or bit anyone. The second, was almost just as nice. He has been raised around 3 rough house boys and is a gentle as a hummingbird. I have never seen him show his teeth nor have I heard him growl. The third, I believe he would have been as gentle as the other two but at the age of 1 the owners neighbor who has kids decided to poison the dog while she was outside in her own yard. Why? because the neighbor had a 12 yr old son that decided shooting bbs at this dog was fun and the dog snarled and I mean just snarled at him. I was there and seen it all go down myself. Hell, I snarled at the kid as I ripped the bb gun away from his hands and took it to his parents. So, the dog is dead and the 12 yr old turned into a meth head and is serving 25 yrs… who is worse in this case the dog or the parent?

  • BS

    F THE BS, dogs may inherently have certain instincts, that are only brought out by the way they are raised. For four Pitbulls to relentless attack a car bumper until it is almost destroyed WITHOUT even getting the kitten that they were going after is complete and utter BS. So the whole entire time that the dogs were attacking the car the owner just sit by and watched as they TRY and capture a kitten that was underneath? Thats COMPLETE BS. Who in their right mind would watch until their dogs completely destroyed their car bumper before getting them to stop? Big or small dog something like that would never happen. I’m sorry but this is definitely a case of a negligent owner of dogs that should not be allowed to own dogs anymore. IF ANYONE HAS A STORY SIMILAR TO PITBULLS ATTACKING A FRONT BUMPER PLEASE LET ME KNOW, BECAUSE I FIND IT UTTERLY RIDICULOUS THAT A PERSON WOULD NOT KNOW AN ANIMAL IS “STUCK” INSIDE THEIR BUMPER UNTIL THEY REACH THE END OF THEIR DESTINATION. Sounds like someone doesn’t want their pets to get put down…

    • Dana

      maybe the owner was in the shower before work

  • http://www.gratefulchild.org Grateful Child

    Dogs are unpredictable and should never be let loose to roam the streets. You never know what might set one off, even though they seem to be very gentle. Pit bulls and German Shepherds, Rotweillers, are some of the most unpredictable. If it were my children or family that was attacked, I’m not going after the dog, but rather it’s owner that caused this. Tear up my children and you get it back double.

    • Dana

      most vicious dog is a chihuahua… those lil things can tear someone one up and will in packs

      • steve e.

        Not my 19 lb. chihuahua….She’s the gentlest chihuahua in the world. Kisses everybody for ten minutes. Maybe it’s because she’s a deerhead chi and not an applehead.

    • chris

      i own a pit and a greman shepherd. they are the most loyal and lovable dogs ive owned. i had 2 germans prior. they would rather like you an cuddle with you then bite you. its all in how the owner treats an raises them. but i will say if you came into my house or messed with any of my family then you would see the protection they give.so i dont see how you can judge a dog you have never been around to see their temperment.

    • vic

      If u let Thugs and Gangsters roam the streets without Law Enforcement what do u think will happen,same with dogs that aren’t trained or trained to b vicious.Its not the breed its the owner.

  • Dana

    The thing is… The news report only the bad. I don’t know if you all have noticed that but they report things that will sell and kept people in a turmoil over things. I have gotten to the point I watch the weather and that is it. It’s not even allowed to be turned on when children or present. We stations start reporting extremely good things I might turn the boob tube back on. Good is expected, the bad in the world no longer shocks me. These dogs did just what my beagles do…chased a cat if my boyfriends beagles had jaws like that they would do just as much damage trying to get one.

    • Amen

      Preach dude.. seriously

    • Rob

      “a pit bull named Stubby became the first American war dog during World War I, when he served with a platoon in Germany. There, he saved countless lives and became a decorated war hero upon his return to the U.S. This early example of a bully breed’s heroism and loyalty helped catapult bullies to the status of beloved household pets.”


    Animals are animals. To try and predict their behavior or their patterns of attack is useless because THEY ARE ANIMALS. If humans completely understood animals then no such thing would ever happen. But that is not the case seeing as how animal attacks are just as unpredictable as human attacks on humans. Why blame the dogs? Who owns liability for the dogs and who let them continuously attack a car until they stopped? Doesn’t the responsibility for the dogs lie on the owners? So why is it that many are siding with the owners of the dog? Did the dogs do anything? No. But did the owners do anything? No, so who has more liability/responsibility on their shoulders? Sentient dog owner or dogs that may not realize their own conscience/sentience. Too many people put the blame on the animals themselves without realizing that they may have been the one to cause their animals extra stress.

    • Dana


    • Josh

      I very much agree

    • xan

      True, The owners are responsable for any damage done to that car. and why were the dogs allowed to run on the street with no leash or owner in sight?
      I am very glad the kitten got away and a chance to have a wonderful home. Hopefully with a owner who will not let him run amuk either.

  • Ryo

    At least this time around, the victim {the kitten} got away without a scratch, and it happened to the owner’s vehicle and not some other guy who relies on his car for a living. If I saw a dog attacking my car for any reason it would drop dead when I put a slug in it.

    • Josh

      As a dog owner if you shot my dog for doing a natural instinct, you would be the 1 seeking medical attention. It is natural for a dog no matter the breed to chase cats its what they do its fun.

      • Linda

        Seriously, Josh? SERIOUSLY?!! Idiots like you are why I subscribe to the motto “Shoot, shovel, and shut-up.”

      • Mon

        As a dog owner…if YOUR dog is tearing up MY car then you are not being responsible for keeping YOUR dog where He belongs…in YOUR yard and not on THE street tearing up MY car. As a result of YOUR lack of responsibility for YOUR animal…he would get shot.

  • Karen

    I have a Jack Russell, he detests cats eventhough he has been around them much of his life. It is in a dogs nature to go after the cat. No different than a hunter going after a deer……….

    • It’s Me

      I also have a Jack Russell who was raised with our cat and he chased her every time he saw her. I finally gave her to a friend where she could live a more peaceful dog free life.

    • xan

      I disagree, like the pitbull a dog takes after its owners teachings/ and or breeding. I have a jack russell and 2 cats and they all love each other very much.
      It depends on breeding and social life.

  • Scooter Rooter

    I doubt that 4 pits could do that much damage but they are really tuff little buggers – I have one 6 mo s – he’s a really cool dog and he can knock me over when he hits me on a full run – really too cool – I love him to death.

  • steve e.

    Like pit bulls in a china shop.

  • steve

    They’re animals. People it seems, think animals are smarter than they really are. Actually, as lovable as we know they all are, (I have six doggies) they have the minds equal to that of a 3 year old. You wouldn’t hold a 3 year old accountable for its actions, and neither should you blame the animal. My unscientific observation is they’re smart as heck when they’re hungry! Once they fill their belly, it’s nap time!

    • DDDD

      look up the number of viscous dog bites in America pit bulls rank #1. people should not be able to have these dogs.

  • Jeff

    I am thankful that we have laws in our community outlawing these vicious breeds. Interestingly, violent crime and domestic disturbances are way down since enacting this law. Seems it helps curb the presence of the gangstas, pimps and street thugs that typically come with these breed.

    • Calla

      You must be one hell of a racist if you think ALL pit bulls (dobie’s, rottie’s, etc.) are vicious. Can’t imagine what you think of people. Do yourself a favor and get educated on the breed instead of basing your opinion on news articles and making ridiculous comments.

      • Alexa

        You are totally right. It is not the breed that is vicious. Sure, originally put bulls were bred to kill and fight, however, it ALL has to do with the home the dog is in. I have a small shitzu that lives downstairs, absolutely vicious cause it lives in a BAD home. However, my pit is the sweetest thing in the world because we provide her with a great home and the love she needs. How dare anybody single out the breed and put this stereotype on all dogs of that breed.

        Also let me put it in perspective for you once more, in a town close to where I live, a study has been completed and chiuauas and golden retrievers have been found to be the most likely to bite. Who’s vicious now?

        • http://webpronews/life saannie25

          actually pit bulls were bread to be nanny dogs, in England, it was some evil human that gave them the bad name they have, I have a friend that has 2 and the only danger you have while visiting them is being licked to death. They are 2 of the sweetest and loving does I have ever seen, they also love cats as my friends have cats also. I have always said it’s not the breed of the dog that makes them dangerous, but it’s how they are raised. Hence the ole saying, not bad dogs but bad owners.

        • Bob

          Pit Bulls were bred in the old world to take down Bulls That were running around . Read your history books .

          • Bob

            I own pitbull terrier she is the sweetest dog you will ever meet .

          • Alexa

            Well excuse me for not using the exact right terminology, just using what people actually think of them. Whatever it was that led to the breed, I do know they have the instinct to kill and once they start they have the instinct NOT to stop. Im not calling them vicious though. I have one, and am searching for more, to give these amazing dogs homes because i absolutely love them. They are in fact the sweetest things in the world, and yes, the only thing to worry about is getting licked to death. Or getting beat up by a wagging tail. They are amazing dogs and people who call them vicious are ridiculous.

      • Brenda

        Thank you for your comment. All pit bulls are not vicious killers. Any breed can have vicious dogs. I am so tired of hearing from people that are not truly informed. Thank you Calla for your input. You are so right. What kind of world would we live in if everyone accepted bad actions of one person as the way the entire ethnic group behaves.

    • It’s Me

      Jeff is the ignorant thugs training these dogs to be violent that make them that way. Any dog has the ability to be vicious. Are you aware that the dog that bites the most in the U.S.A is the Golden Retriever?

      • SRV WannaBe

        Check your facts, It’s Me, before spouting off statistics. The dog that bites the most in the US is the Cocker Spaniel – not the Golden Retriever. Idiot.

    • ken

      really, so now im a gangsta? funny i thought i was a retired paratrooper. ive never had adomestic violence issue, never been a pimp so how do these laws affect the landscape, couse im missing your point…i own a pittbull and he is the biggest baby unless you come here looking for trouble, but then again he would be your last concern. so just exactly how do these laws effect violence in america coouse im just not seeing it.

    • tami

      dont read much do you? dogs dont bring crime. people do!i have never heard of a dog calling his friends and telling them ,im taking my pimp out walking tomight! all dogs are different. just like all people are different. any breed can be mean or vicious. sounds like you just dont care much for dogs!!

    • Cece

      I have a Rottiweiler and people always say the same things. My rottie is so sweet BECAUSE WE TRAINED HER TO BE NICE!! People train Pitbulls and other “Dangerous Breeds” to be dangerous. It’s not the dogs fault the owner/trainer was stupid.

  • http://pronews/life kennymm

    all pitbull have the potential for being vicious. They were bred just for that purpose. Just like some dog breeds hunt, swim, retrieve, pitbull were also bred to do something special, and that’s to fight. I don’t care what anyone says. that’s the reality of it. But dogs in general when in packs will go after other animal and people.

    • Christopher

      You gotta be kidding me, you are an example of a feeble minded nitwit. Pitbulls have to be trained to be vicious, if you look up the description of pitbulls youll see that they are actually very loyal and actually get along good with kids. A labrador retriever is bred to hunt , but unless you teach it to hunt it wont have a clue how to hunt. Pitbulls used to be the choice dog in america back in the day. Guess who owns one, Rachel Ray the cook, is she a gangsta, i have one and i am no gangsta. quit stereotyping.

      • http://goinsideandwatchtv.com Dan

        Research from DogsBite.org shows that during the 7-year period from 2005 to 2011, these two breeds accounted for 74% of the total recorded fatal attacks.1 By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2011, a report by Animal People shows that pit bulls (215) and rottweilers (81) and their mixes accounted for 64% of the total recorded fatal attacks (466).2
        It is important to point out that fatal dog attacks committed by pit bulls and their mixes more than doubles the attacks inflicted by rottweilers. It is well documented by experts 3 and humane groups 4 that pit bulls pose a substantial danger due to their selective breeding for dogfighting. Unlike other dog breeds, pit bulls frequently fail to communicate intention prior to an attack (surprise attacks ); possess a lethal bite style (hold and shake) and a ruinous manner of attack (gameness).

        • Josey

          Maybe this is because people trained them to be so vicious. Any dog has the potential to be like this if they are trained. Chihuahuas and smaller dogs are the worst, they bite more than bigger dogs but since they don’t have enough bite to damage anything.

          If they were not PitBull this news will never be published.

        • Christopher

          Ok you might have your facts , but i am not denying that people are morons and breed Pitbulls to fight. That is where most of the attacks probably occur from are nitwit owners that raise Pitbulls to be mean so they can look cool. Pitbulls deserve a chance to come out from under a stereotype that doesnt fit them when they are taking care of by responsible owners that treat them good, Find the fact on how many of them Pitbulls have bit someone. Quit blaming the dog, blame the owner. Why are there people out there that think they have to blame a Pitbull, or blame the gun. Try putting the blame on the irresponsible people behind the Pitbull and behind the gun. Did you know “a pit bull named Stubby became the first American war dog during World War I, when he served with a platoon in Germany. There, he saved countless lives and became a decorated war hero upon his return to the U.S. This early example of a bully breed’s heroism and loyalty helped catapult bullies to the status of beloved household pets.” This is from Rob . scroll down to see.

  • Sam

    All breed are born equal. It is the trainers that should be prosecuted for teaching them to be vicious. They are a strong breed and people take advantage of that and use them as fighters. What a shame.

  • just saying

    To anyone who is against pit bulls get your head out of your asses. Pit bulls are only givin bad names due to their owners. yes they were bred for legal fighting years and years ago. people that do it today well they just need to be shot. it does not matter what kind of breed the dog is most of them would’ve went for the kitten.

    • Mason


  • Civilized Society or Jungle?

    We live in a civilized society, not a jungle. As such, we have the right to regulate our environmental setting to eliminate such innane threats as a dog breed that visciously attacks humans and other animals. This is why we don’t have bears and cougars roaming our streets… duh!

    If you want to allow animals unrestricted license to behave wildly, then go live in a jungle. But if you choose to live in a civilized society, it is perfectly reasonable to control threats such as pit bulls who show an undeniable propensity for viscous, random violence.

    You animal-loving fools are so pathetic. You turn to dogs for love because you can’t find it elsewhere. And you think your animal actually loves you back. Wow, really? New Flash… your dog doesn’t love you, it loves whoever feeds it. And once you’re gone, it will simply “love” the next person that feeds it. What morons you are to think you can LOVE an animal. Truly pathetic, I feel sorry for you.

    • Bob

      Feel sorry for you . No one to love or companionship . YOU sound like a fool waiting to raise hell with someone Get a dog it will love you back . The way you talk your wife or husband will do the same thing as you say .

    • Christopher

      All i can say is WOW!! You are an idiot.

    • Kimberly

      If I were you I wouldn’t blame the entire breed. As it has been stated time and time again, pit bulls are NOT a viscious breed. It is the handler, the person, that makes them agressive. Educate yourself a little better; dogs, by nature, are a predatory animal. They will chase, dig, bite, and scratch when their predatory instict kicks in (ie: chasing a kitten). BUT, on the opposite side of things, dogs are a domesticated animal; their behaviors can be changed. Clearly, this person, not the dogs, didn’t take the time to teach and correct his animals. Unfortunately, the consequences of the PERSON led to this article.

      Oh, and as to the “animal-loving fools,” it has been scientifically proven that dogs are capable of emotions of sadness and affection. To such a great extent that there are stories of undying loyalty: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/02/hachiko-dog-death-explained_n_830224.html

      You are the fool in this case. It’s not the hand that feeds the dog. It’s the mutual respect between animal and human that allows for a relationship between the two. A dog considers the human its pack member and they do love and respect pack members.

    • John

      Pittbulls aewell as other breeds all can potentially be trained to be more aggressive etc, than natural. It is ALWAYS the DEED of the OWNER, there RESPONSIBILITY to ALLOW a DOG or any other ANIMAL to be TRAINED to be MEAN and AGGRESSIVE. It is never the animal’s fault. If anything , the animal kingdom is more civilized than us;we as human’s we are selfish, greedy, hateful, judging, critical, we hurt each other. Just look at the news around the world, IF ANYTHING , WE CAN LEARN FROM DOGS AND THE REST OF THE ANIMALS AROUND THE WORLD, WE AS HUMANS ARE THE TEACHER’S. THE FIRST STEP IS TO PRACTICE WHAT YOU(WE) PREACH:) GOD BLESS.

    • http://m=noneq jason

      You are an idiot. Its not the breed its the people who raise them. I have a pitbull that cuddles kittens and is great with kids too. Take the idiots off the street like yourself. And the press should stop with all the press about pit bulls.

      FYI Just as many people are bitten by other breeds which dont get the publicity. An infant baby just had its legs eaten by a labrador . But kill all pit bulls.. MORON

    • Stitch

      I can only reply with FU! Animals look for affection just like humans. Obviously you are weak on this feeling. Go get a dildo!

  • judith n

    I have been attaqcked by a pit bull, and there was no way that dog was no way that dog was going to let go of me. Once they have their prey jaw locked. The neighbors called the police, and the dog was taken down. I am terrified of these dogs. Earlier this week when my Jack Russell went to the vet for his shots, a 4 month old pitbull was in the waiting room, that dog was just grawling; the owners told me “our pit bulls mom was a trained fighting dog, and now our pup is torturing ours neighbors pets, so we are here to put her down before she harms a child or another human.”

    • Christopher

      No vet would put a puppy down. I’m sorry you had to go through a dog attack but telling lies for your cause to slander these dogs because you afraid is not fair.

    • vic

      Jack Russell Terriers r a lot more agressive than pits,just smaller in size.

    • ann

      all responsible animal owners should put down thier pit bulls. they should be extinct. they are too dangerous. a woman from arizona was killed sometime in the last year by pit bulls who got loose from thier owners. she had only been taking a walk in her neighborhood. scumbags use them as live weapons and the law doesn’t do anything. you can say that it’s the owner but what good does that do you when you’ve got a chunk out of your leg for the rest of your life?

      • Emma

        ann, you and kara sound like best friends. in every breed, you can find history of a dog attacking a person, so does that mean all the dogs in the world should be put down because of a bad past?

  • karen

    there is good and bad it all in training them and must of all loving them .pit bulls have big heart and r very smart .and they love to be train but u have to train them the right way it not pitt bull r bad it the one they love that trains them.and everyone know dog hate cats and cats hate dogs.but if a pitt is rase up with cats it no problem.i love pitt bulls they r great dogs. i just think god the kitten is fine and will find a good home

  • kara

    Those dam dogs should be brought to extinction. There will always be an asshole that defends the breed and I hope they become a victim of these dogs themselves so they shut their ingnorant mouths once and for all. These ugly beasts are aggressive, maybe not all of them but a good majority have a higher tendency then ANY other breeds to be aggressive. Im tired of seeing these animals attack their owners totally unprovoked and after the family having given the animal love and a home for many years, there is no excuse for that!!! they attack small children and small animals and that makes them bullies, attacking defensless VICTIMS!!!. I would love to see them attack a lion see who wins?!?!. I love dogs but to me these animals arent dogs they are unpredictable beasts bread to fight and are backstabbers to the hands that feed them. I will never get tired of criticizing this dog, never heard of another breed as much as this one attacking humans ever! and if I even encounter one and they they get near any of my children I will have no qualms shooting one of them in the head. They should stop allowing people to have these animals living near families with children and even elderly people who may become victims of these beasts. The remaining pitbull breed should be dropped of at some jungle and left to deal with other wild beasts like themselves!!!

    • Mason

      Their owners are the one to blame you can’t always blame the dogs. The owner is the one that puts it in the head of their dogs. Pitbulls are to blame its the owners that mistreat these dogs and get away with it.

    • adam

      @kara I hope a dog eats your face

      • kara

        oh Adam do you think you affect me with your comment?? you sorry bastard hahahaha you probably weak and need to have ten pitbulls protecting you because you cant do it yourself. I feel sorry for you.

        • Emma

          kara, youre a heart less bitch who needs to become extinct.

          • kara

            Emma you feel the need to insult others because you have no other vocabulary. I wont say anything to you because your just not worth it :)

    • Jeff

      Kara you are a stupid person. Really. I have a pitbull and we live with a dachsund and a 9 month old baby. NEVER have any problems. You are an ass. Any dog can attack if its owner has never disciplined it. Totally ignorant. You may have your opinion but the way you state it makes you look like a fool. Putting a bullet in anythings head. Real classy and smart thing to say

      • kara

        No Jeff Im not a stupid person or an ass and yes I would put a bullet in anything that endangers my family and I dont think Im the only one unless of course you would let one of your loved ones get attacked by one of these dogs infront of you, then you are the jackass who would let that happen. I go by statistics my friend, Im not ignorant,,,ignorant is the person who thinks that everything is the way he/she thinks it is based on personal experience!,, get out of your hole and read a little bit. I dont care what your experience has been with the breed if you read you would recognize that the majority of these dogs arent like yours!!!! do some reaserch and pray your dog never turns on you because it can happen!!!

        • Shannon

          Kara, I’m behind you. I have a friend who will always defend these dogs, but we just agree to disagree, but I will not bring my children around her dog. They are known to snap, just like an overtrained crazed circus Elephant and try to kill everything in sight. That is why many homeowners insurance companies will raise your rates if you own one. They are known to maul children and animals. An animal is an animal and subject to instinct, not reason. People who argue it’s the owner, not the dog, think too much of themselves to be reasonable. You only have so much control over an animal – horses, elephants, and tigers included. They’ll be controlled as long as they want to be and then they won’t. I am an animal lover, but if any animal tries to hurt my family, I, like you, will defend my family first. What idiot would say, “stop mauling my baby’s face, doggie, please?” Come on.

          • kara

            Thanks Shannon

    • Calling Out Ignorance!

      You talk about ignorance, but your entire statement was blatant ignorance and stereotyping. Maybe you should be the one who is so easily discarded in the jungle. If you scale up a Chihuahua or Pomerian to the size of a Pit Bull, both known to bite and provoke, you would have a vicious animal. Learn the facts, Kara, before you run off at the mouth.

      • kara

        So what are you “calling out ingnorance” confused?! I thought you posted something against pitts?!, cmon you just ruined yourself comparing a pittbull to a pomeranian! get a dam grip!.When you get a pomeranian they tell you these dogs can become neurotic and viscious with small pets and children because thats just their tendency but they are perfectly good breeds for older people, and they are easier to manage by the owner because of their size so they dont pose the same threat to people, but are you serious?? you must be crazy comparing both these breeds! its like comparing a tiger to a chicken! hahaha. These pitbulls are said by many idiots that they are good family pets and great with your kids and then they flip out one day out of no where and attack your toddler!!?? what the hell do you do?!?! it may never happen but there is a higher chance with the breed and the life of my child is more important so I wouldnt take a chance specially when there are other dogs i could have around my children. Yes these animals were bread to fight and sometimes it is the person who owns the animal that is to blame but too many unprovoked attacks have happened where owners where great to the dog and it didnt matter. We need to stop entrusting people to trian these animals properly anyway, people are crazy in this world and cant even take care of themselves and we are going to expect them to raise a dog properly?!?! if they are raising bad children everyday!?. The kind of breed needs to b put down for the protectiono of other innocent people since this breed is not only viscous but extremely strong and hard to control. You want a pittbull?? go live in an enclosed all pittbull community!

        • Calling Out Ignorance!

          Kara, you are a social reject. I did not ruin anything. If you had the sense to do a little research before jumping online starting your own private holy war against Pits, you would realize that comparing the 2 breeds isn’t as ridiculous as your comments. Re-read my first post to your twisted reality, and you would see that I said “If you scale up a Chihuahua or Pomerian to the size of a Pit Bull, both known to bite and provoke, you would have a vicious animal.” So, for your sake, I will dumb it down for you. If a Chihuahua or Pomeranian were increased to the size of a Pit Bull, they would be vicious dogs. If a Pit Bull were scaled down, the general public, you included, would have a very different opinion. It’s just like an uninformed fool to claim full knowledge of something, then show their asses when their ignorance shines through. By the way, while you’re on here promoting violence, maybe you should consider a grammar course. An animal is “bread” to fight? Really? I use “bread” for sandwiches. But it seems like you would use it for “samiches”. You wouldn’t last in a face to face debate. Your facts and outlook are embarassingly flawed. Tuck your tail and run to the jungle you invision. Maybe there should be a law to put down stupid people, too…

          • kara

            I speak four languages “calling out ignorance” who cant give his/her real name! do you think im watching my grammar on this thread?! why would I do that if im speaking to ppl like you?. I know alot more history and have ten times the culture you will ever see in your sorry lifetime. I still dont know why the heck you keep making comparisons that make no sense and that will never be?! what point are you trying to make??. Of course you express yourself well in your languange, you better!! or you would have yet another reason to feel sorry for yourself. I came to this country from Italy after living in France and Spain about 10 years ago and I have masters degree so I highly doubt that in a personal debate, you would even have minimal chance of being at my level. I wrote my opinin on pittbulls and yes it sounded violent because I do have an intense dislike for these animals and do you know why? because Im also a martial artist and I have a pround dislike for anything that attacks something defenseless, Im used to fighting against opponents my size or bigger then me and I have a high sense of protection for the weaker. I dont know why Im even talking to a moron like you why dont you just dig a hole and put yourself in it so no one can hear the stupidities coming out of youtr mouth!

        • Calling Out Ignorance!

          My name is Cody, since you need to know. You have a lot of claims. Amazingly unimpressive. I’m sure you’ve made your family and friends proud with your amazing hatred and verbal attacks on so many people on your post. We could all make claims such as yours. Your a sad individual. I’ve wasted a lot of typing time these posts to you. I can tell you have a one track mind and everyone is wrong but you. Good luck with your pitiful life.

          • kara

            Cody! you share the same name as my conure parrot thats funny!lol. I wish I could have understood you really! sadly I still dont know if you are pro pittbulls or not since you are extremely confused and just picking pitty arguments with me at this point. I dont have a reason to make false claims, I was just hoping to enlighten you but I guess I failed at that, I can admitt when Im wrong and i dont ususally discuss politics or religion with people because those subjects are too delicate and extensive and no one is ever wrong or right with their beliefs, but with these dogs its very back and white! it is what it is and you dont have to do much research because the facts are there. Good luck figuring out the point you were trying to make 😉

        • Calling Out Ignorance!

          I’m not cunfused at all, Kara, nor have I picked on you. Actually, I may be confused. At what point were politics or religion discussed..? Anyway, yes, you could label me “pro-pit bull” since my Pit is curled up and asleep at my feet right now along with my other dog, a Lab/Greyhound mix. Please, Kara, if you’re looking to “enlighten” someone, don’t take the negative or sarcastic approach. It’s unappealing. Lastly, the media only prints and televises the negative stories on Pit Bulls. You’ve fallen prey to stereotypes. Had you done some research, you would know that Pit Bulls are not the most likely to bite, that title goes to Golden Retrievers. Pits just have a much stronger bite. Also, there is also no medical or scientific evidence that the jaws lock. They have high muscle mass, especially around the head, where the jaw muscles are located.

    • vic

      Ur a moron kara,pitbulls r some of the sweetest dogs there r,only morons that abuse the pitbulls devotion to the owner or morons that shouldn’t own a big dog run their mouth uselessly including u.I bred Akitas for 10 yrs,was involved in dog rescue clubs,we kept a record of breeds that bit or attacked people,pitbulls and akitas were not at the top of the list,Golden Retriver,Dalmation,German Sheperds and many of the toy breeds were.If u don,t possess the knowledge,u shouldn’t run ur mouth with the rest of the ignorant people.

      • kara

        shut up just shut your mouth and read a dam book! or get real name VIC

      • Stitch

        Thank You!

      • Jooky

        I have to agree with you vic. Its the people like Kara who is scared of her own shadow or the black neighbor next to her that will talk crap about things they have no understanding about

    • jeanette davis

      I work in the medical records deparatment of our local hospital. Every day I see the er charts of various animal bites. All species, all dog breeds and mixed breeds. The ones that get in the news are the Pit Bull Terriers. If the local media would report on all animal bites, the public would see that it’s not the breed but the owners. Look it up. There are many other breeds that are considered more natrually agressive than Pits.
      The Pitbull breed is the breed of choice for those who choose to create an agressive animal because of their physical attributes. These people are sick and twisted. They should be jailed.(Can anyone say “Michael Vick”?) Their intelligence made them the breed of choice for family dogs back in the day. A properly trained and socialised dog will not be a danger to the public, regardless of the breed.

    • jeremy

      Kara! You are an idiot! Get your one track mind out of your ass! Obviously you dont like animals if your willing to put a bullet in a animals head! You need a reality check. You dont love dogs! Looking into the history of the American Pit Bull Terrior and you will see they were great dogs. I have a AMPT. and he is great with my family and kids. all the media does is when they hear Pit Bull they put it on the news when in reality they are not the number one dogs for dog bites. Learn your research first before you post. You say you love dogs?! LOL

      • kara

        jeremy your just another average minded idiot and im not going to waste my intelligence on you. I can love dogs but my family and children are first. Was your mom a dog or something that you love them beyong your family?. A dog is a companion idiot!! they need to be a good fit to your family, if your an irresponsable idiot that likes taking chaces with something as precious as the welfare of your family and children then please, please go live in a shelter with all of your pittbull family

    • Cheryl

      Kara it is people like you that ruin our world! You are very prejudice and I’m sure it’s not only about Pitbulls. You think that because something wrong happens in this world that we should ban everything, get rid of it etc? Then go live in another country where everything is controlled for you. I think we should get rid of people like you who has never spent anytime with the breed to know any better and base your opinions on things in the media that get blown out of proportion because it makes for a juicy story. I don’t deny that there have been Pitbulls to cause injury or damage. However, if the media covered all dog incidences equally then you would see that it is not just Pitbulls. I have seen little “yip yap” dogs that I could toss arcross my yard act more viscious than most Pitbulls. Yet the media would be laughed at if they covered those stories. Educated yourself before you speak. Go talk to a Vet who sees these dogs, go spend time with a family who has Pitbulls. If not we should drop all stupid people in the jungle to figure it out for themselves!! Have a nice day!

      • kara

        Cheryl and you have all the answers to fix everything right?? shut your mouth and read the dam statistics! I would never want to run into a dog like this and have to defend myself or my children from an attack!!! everybody should be able to walk down the street and feel safe that they arent going to get attacked or shot by anyone!!! in this country you cant do that anymore because the laws are all backwards!! and people live with their heads in their assholes ( like you) protecting something with all their strength and ignorance based on personal experience!. I wouldnt go against any living creature but Im tired of reading that these animals have the capacity of eating a toddlers head and they are given out for adoption to just anyonme who wants to have them. If people want to own these animals then they need to be very very sure they can handle it, get special liscences is and there should be a way to protect the public from these beasts if they decide to attack someone int he middle of the street!

    • Emma

      first off, you’re a bitch. theyre mother fucking dogs. yeah they were bread to be fight dogs, but that can be trained out. if you provoke the animal in a threating way, which is happens most of the time because the little kids tease it and are mean to the dog, and causes it to defend itself. I own and raise and breed dobermans which were first raised and bread by germans to be vicious guard dogs. over the past few years, that aggression has been TRAINED OUT OF THEM. Pit bulls aren’t any different. you cant judge something based on its past and on other dogs who were raised differently. my owner owns two pit bulls and they are the sweetest dogs in the entire world, not these man eating “beasts” you claim them to be. My neighbor is also a foster home for animals and troubled kids and never have her dogs ever attacked anyone. so shut your fucking mouth before you say anything else about an innocent bread that was brought up wrong years ago. change can happen, even for a bread like them.

    • Stitch

      I have been bitten by more fuckin poodles and little Mexican dogs than ever been attacked by a pitbull. My sisters dogs were beautiful and loving! My Sheperd could play with them like children. Maybe you had a bad experience but they are not BAD DOGS! You should get a gerbil and shove it up your ass!

  • Mason

    Alot of you people make me sick. Pitbulls are growing to grow up, but it matters how the dog is treated first. Are all of you people blind? My Pitbull hasn’t harmed anyone in her liftime. She is one of the most loving and caring dogs I have EVER had. Yes, im 12 but i’ve had alot of dogs. The only why she barks is, if a unknow person that she doesn’t know or reckonize, if I take her food bowl away to go fill it up. The harm she has ever done to me is lick me to death. So look here people it matters how the owner treats the dog. ALL types of dogs know how to harm people. Their ancestors are the wofls for crying out loud! People just get it though you thick head, If YOU treat a Pitbull RIGHT there will be no HARM.

    • Slay the Blush

      Maybe YOUR aren’t aggressive, but I don’t KNOW you. So, when I see you or anyone else at the dog park, I’m not taking the chance of my dog being around a pit bull, or myself. But to say that the dogs aren’t aggressive is just poppycock. Furthermore, many many dogs if you wound up being abusive to them, they wind up being timid, NOT aggressive. So your argument while I agree that much of the dogs aggression lies in the owners, that’s not true in every case. Again, the breed has aggressive tendencies!

    • Sherri

      Mason, You are so right. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.. I adopted a dog who is part pitbull and that is all people focus on.. He loves his belly rubs and his mama. If any dog is brought up to be mean then that is what they will become. They never mention the owners when they tell these stories. Thank you for your comment. Your dog is lucky to have you.

    • Robin

      I know someone who raises pitbulls. There are some dogs that are naturally agressive. He has one that has been raised from a puppy, but it still tries to bite me even if the ohter dogs are calm. There are bad dogs just like there are bad people.

    • Jamie

      Mason, I understand you love your dog and he is a good boy but when you are an adult and someone sues you for everything you have because of a pitbull attack you may see things differently. There is never a problem with a pitbull until there is a BIG problem. They are not worth the risk of the potential harm they could cause to others, sorry.

    • Malinda

      Thank you for standing up for your dog and the Pit Bull breed, these people are so silly they are only going on by what they have heard and have not done any reasearch for themselfs on this breed. I bet they don’t know the British used Pit Bulls to watch over their children in the nursuries because of the instinct they have to watch children, I could go on and on about the great things that this breed has done but all people care about is the negative. In the 70’s it was the doberman, in the 80’s it was the rottwiller, and now it is the Pit Bull. Funny I took my Pit Bull for a walk and two small dogs were off there leashes and tried to run up and attack my dog, my dog tried to turn and go away he didn’t even want to be bothred with these two little dogs and the owner yelled at me to get my dog away from hers but she was the one without them on a leash and her dogs were attacking my Pit Bull but i was the one wrong, yeah right. You can’t blame a whole breed for what some of them do or how they were raised it is not the breeds fault, that’s like blaming a whole race for what a few people do.

    • Ann

      Good post, Mason! Thank you for telling it like it is; it’s not the dog, it’s the owner that makes the dog!

  • Pit bulls need to go away

    Pit bulls were bread as fighting dogs years ago. As such they have an aggressive quality bread into them. Yes, they can be loyal and loving pets, and they can be great with kids; however they were originally bread to kill and to fight. People say that it’s the owners who are responsible for the dog’s aggressive behavior. While that is partially true- you can make any dog vicious. You can’t take the aggressive tendencies that have been bread into the breed and train them away. You can alter the dogs behavior through proper training but you can’t take away its “bread to kill” instinct. My neighbor has 2 pit bulls, and they are great with his kids however they attack or at least try to attack everything other than them. I was across the street talking with our other neighbor, and the 1 of the dogs got out and tried to attack me. The other dog was unable to escape but it also tries to attack me every time I go out to water my garden. You say it’s the owners that make the animals mean, I say it’s an aggressive animal that good owners are able to teach not to be as aggressive. Its not the other way around!

  • Sam

    I read all the comments about people make the Bullies vicious…It’s not the dog it’s the owner etc etc. I know folks that have these dogs and they a good with their family…so far…But I would never own a dog capable of doing what these dogs are bred to do. I have several dogs including an Anatolian Shepherd and a German Shepherd. I can guarantee when a cat gets into our yard they do not destroy a car to get to it. Can you imagine what they would have done to the kitten?? What if a kid kicked a ball over the fence and went to get it?? Nope..while I keep watch over and managed my pets I would not own one that I would have to constantly worry about attacking and/or killing someone/something.

    • http://Yahoo Tanya

      I love dogs (often more than people) !!!

      However, even when raised as a loving pet, and I have been around several; the breed should be euthanised. Too many times they go insane and attack for no reason.

      I feel sorry for the pit bulls that are forced to fight for “entertainment” for sick people that like to blood and killing. Find a new hobby or go see a person for mental health issues.

  • Light

    Some states or areas have laws against owning pit bulls. I agree there is a sound reason. The stories keep coming and I see no need in adopting a pit bull as “mans best friend”. Too often they have turned on their owner, other dogs, people and now a van. What more? I hope it is not you or anyone else.

  • Training vs. Instinct

    To those that argue it is the owners fault… you are uninformed, misguided, and sadly blinded to the FACTS. You are rationalizing; your thinking is clouded by emotion. Do you truly believe there are thousands of pit bull owners out there secretly “training” their dogs to be vicious? Sure, there are a few sick people who engage in this type of twisted activity, but NOT IN LARGE NUMBERS. Perhaps, just maybe, there is something about the breed itself that is problematic.

    FACT: Pit bulls have the INSTINCT to attack. The definition of instinct is:
    1. An inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action common to a given biological species.
    2. A natural or innate impulse, inclination, or tendency.

    Statistically, pit bulls attack FAR MORE than any other breed. In FACT, they fatally attack more than all other breeds combined! Pit bulls have a bad reputation due to the FACT that they attack viciously, randomly, and without warning or due cause.

    For you pit bull lovers that choose to disregard the FACTS, feel free to expose your children to the lethal threat of this unpredictable breed. But don’t expect sensible people, armed with FACTS, to agree with you… and keep your viscous killer “pet” away from the majority of our population who choose to avoid this senseless risk of bodily harm.

    • brittany

      Do you know back in the day before people turned pit bulls into the breed to bash people would actually leave their children home with the family pit to watch them! They where considered “nanny dogs”. Just some food for thought.

      • Michelle

        you are too ignorant

      • Christine

        That’s true. The pitbull was called “America’s Dog”. They were used extensivlly in wartime efforts – especially during WWI. A few famous pitbulls include Nipper the RCA dog and Petey from The Little Rascals. Sadly, the breed as a whole has changed a bit over time, through negative breeding. Aggressivness was a sought-after trait that was bred for, and now many pit-type dogs display different levels of dog-focused aggression at times. What many don’t stop to think about though, is how these dogs were selectivly bred for DOG-BASED aggression. These same animals, while in the fighting ring had to respond without question to their owners and never accidentially bite a person. So the dogs chosen to continue these bloodlines had to be both dog aggressive and un-failingly submissive to people. This is still a tragic situation, but just stated to show that pitbull on human attacks usually have nothing to do with breeding. The dog in question is an individual, and just like any other breed, many factors are always at play.

    • training vs instinct is a dipsh*t

      you are so incredibly stupid it is almost unimaginable. please show the stats that you pitbull haters always like to quote. they do not exist. most people like you couldnt even pick a pit out of a lineup. you always hear that a pit bull type dog attacks this that or the other thing, but in reality you can consider anything from a boxer to an american bulldog to a bull mastiff to be a pit bull type dog. “Do you truly believe there are thousands of pit bull owners out there secretly “training” their dogs to be vicious?” yes absolutely. people like vick and his boys, abused pits are rescued from shelters after being forced to fight, ‘urban’ folks all over the country like to fight dogs as well. point being, the owners are the problem. i assume you have some yappy little froo froo mini dog bc your not man enough to handle a real dog.

      • Fact is FACT

        FACT: Research from DogsBite.org shows that during the 7-year period from 2005 to 2011, the Pitt Bull and Rottweller breeds accounted for 74% of the total recorded FATAL attacks. By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2011, a report by Animal People shows that pit bulls (215) and rottweilers (81) and their mixes accounted for 64% of the total recorded FATAL attacks (466).

        It is important to point out that fatal dog attacks committed by pit bulls and their mixes more than doubles the attacks inflicted by rottweilers. It is well documented by experts and humane groups that pit bulls pose a substantial danger due to their selective breeding for dogfighting. Unlike other dog breeds, pit bulls frequently fail to communicate intention prior to an attack (surprise attacks ); possess a lethal bite style (hold and shake) and a ruinous manner of attack (gameness).

        Go ahead, tell us we’re all wrong because YOUR lovey-dovey little doggie hasn’t killed anyone… YET.

    • The Pits

      T v. I, you clearly have not read the ASPCA facts, quit depending on wikipedia, it is not accurate! Also, “pitbull’ is a collection of several bully breeds, so ‘statistics’ often lump several breeds together. There is not a genetic component for aggession. 75% of dogs ‘bred for fighting’ will die for refusing to fight. It goes against millions of years of dog nature. Pack animals work together for protection and hunting. I love my dogs sure, but my dogs have to behave ‘better’ than other dogs (I’ve owned 4 pit/pit mixes). In terms of aggressiveness towards humans, sadly this has been bred OUT of them through dog fighting over the years. If they are aggressive towards their handlers they will be put down. It is this incredible loyalty toward humans (in the 25% that will fight) that puts them in the position of being abused through fighting ‘against’ their inherent pack nature. You are the one who needs to get your facts straight.

  • dixie shoup

    Humans are more dangerous than all the dog breeds combined. People kill each other far more often than you ever hear of attacks by dogs. Guns kill a lot of people. Cars kill a lot of people. Addiction to drugs and alcohol kill both the addicted and the others around them. The focus should be on the humans that acquire powerful dogs and neither socialize or train them when they are pups. Dogs need exercise and something to do. The dangerous dogs are the neglected ones penned or chained and bored or scared out of their minds, living a life of confinement and dissociation. Think about the kind of human that would evolve from the same environment. A bad human can make any dog dangerous and those are the ones needing punishment. Humans are supposed to have evolved.

  • brittany

    Owning four pit bulls is a lot! Unless you are a skilled dog trainer or someone who knows a lot about dogs why would you have four? Why do people always blame the breed? When you see a child acting wrong don’t you say where are the parents or why do they let them act like that? I know I do. People need to remember dogs are animals! If they are not treated right and trained right of course they are going to be bad people are all on pit bulls because they are big and strong. Small dogs can be aggressive and bad as well. We just don’t say anything because they are so little. My pit mix was scared to death of our neighbors mean and aggressive Yorkie! I think all or owners and their dogs (no matter the breed) should take dog training classes! Also did anyone ever think that maybe the dogs where trying to get the kitten out? Why is it automatically assumed they wanted to hurt the kitten?

  • Lou

    I feel very glad that those dogs did not get the kitten. The owner should be held responsible for them being loose. I can not believe that he is not more responsible when it comes to owning those dogs. What a shame!

  • Barbara

    For those of you posting negative information about Pit Bulls…have you ever owned one?

    • Michael Krouse

      No, I’ve never owned a Pit Bull, but I’ve never owned a Lion or a Cobra either. I really dont need to to know they are inherently dangerous animals. I dont think Pit Bulls make the best of pets. They are in some cases overly aggressive and have proven to be a clear danger to other pets and humans.

  • Raceranger

    Two things come to mind. 1.) Cats are problems – period. 2.) The entire breed “pitbulls” should be euthanized. Surprise, they do what they were bred to do.

    • Michelle

      your are ignorant

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      Raceranger, it’s U that should get the needle and what a favor to the world that would be and please do attack any women and father any children since one of you is more than enough! Like all other dogs there is no such thing as a bad Pit Bull only bad Pit Bull Owners and extremely Stupid People kust like you!

  • Ann

    My neighbors have two pit bulls and they are the sweetest dogs. The youngest plays with my puppy and there’s never been an issue. The oldest was a rescued fighting dog, so as a precaution he makes sure that dog is inside when our dog is over there. The difference, he exercises them daily, trained them completely, understands they’re a bully breed and makes sure they know he’s master, doesn’t let them out of his sight when they’re outside in their fenced in area, and made sure every neighbor met the dogs as soon as he moved in. They own a cat too and not once has either dog gone for the cat.

    It’s a shame the breed is always blamed for the stupidity of the owners who don’t bother to spend any time training or supervising their animal.

  • O please

    Training vs. Instinct you are just one of those idiots who have no clue what they are talking about and condemning based on your lack of knowledge. Statistically more Labs kill people then pit bulls so no one should own those too right???

    No of course not, because when a lab does something it will never get the press as if 1 pit bull does something. You are just one of those morons that eat up everything that the media wants to feed you, and never questions the motive.

    • Training vs. Instinct

      So sad… you reason based on emotion, not irrefutable facts. Do research before weighing in on such a devisive topic. You look like a mere fool when postulating your debate based on emotion and conjuecture, instead of FACT.

      FACT: Research from DogsBite.org shows that during the 7-year period from 2005 to 2011, the Pitt Bull and Rottweller breeds accounted for 74% of the total recorded FATAL attacks. By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2011, a report by Animal People shows that pit bulls (215) and rottweilers (81) and their mixes accounted for 64% of the total recorded FATAL attacks (466).

      It is important to point out that fatal dog attacks committed by pit bulls and their mixes more than doubles the attacks inflicted by rottweilers. It is well documented by experts and humane groups that pit bulls pose a substantial danger due to their selective breeding for dogfighting. Unlike other dog breeds, pit bulls frequently fail to communicate intention prior to an attack (surprise attacks ); possess a lethal bite style (hold and shake) and a ruinous manner of attack (gameness).

      Go ahead, tell us we’re all wrong because YOUR lovey-dovey little doggie hasn’t killed anyone…. YET.

  • Heather

    For all you ignorant folks that think pits are a “visicious breed”… I happen to own one. Considering, all the negative responses, you obviously don’t and never have. I have owned many dogs, I recently purchased a pit and she is by far the best dog I have ever owned. It’s not about the breed, it is how you raise or train your animal. Saying it the breeds fault is racist in a sense. Thats like saying all black people are criminals.

  • 531993

    Dogs chase Cats…. just so happens these were pitts that wanted this cat.

    Yes, pitt bulls are known to attack randomly but in the right hands they can be excellent PETS.

    Its funny, one incident with this guys dogs, and to HIS OWN VEHICLE, and he’s a horible person and the dogs should be killed? They arent your dogs to say they are mean or bad in any way. they chased a cat, get over it.

  • gregg

    Glad the cats OK!! Wonder if I can sell u a new mini van???

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      Pit bulls are only as bad as their owners, in my 71 years I have owned ten of them and all were like little playful kids as long as you didn’t attack a family member and even then all they did was get between the famiy member show thier teeh and growl deep in thier throat [ not bark] and never found a fool who didn’t smile and leave! And all were smarter than old stupid Race Ranger!

  • Ashley.

    The American Pit bull Terrier was bred to be aggressive towards other animals. Just like other breeds were bred to hunt, herd, & fight other animals! I have met mean Labs, mean collies, mean shepherds, & mean mixes. Pit bulls have a name for them, thats all! If they didnt they wouldnt be over populated & people wouldnt stereotype them.
    To the person who said Pit bulls ” lock ” < myth. Thats not true at all. & it has been proven that Shepherds & Goldens have a much bigger bite force than the APBT!
    You really want to know WHY half of these Pit bulls are on the news? First, they probably have never been trained. [A] They dont get good excerise. < My pit bulls run for 15 minutes in the morning down the street, they run in their yard & play for half an hour the most, 12p.m -3p.m they go either swimming for 2o minutes or walking for 30 minutes, they than do excerises in their yard [rope, tire, tredmill], & at night they run/walk for 2 hours. [B] Dicipline. < Mine do what they are asked, without being sprayed, slapped, or being crated. They dont get on the couch unless I invite them, they dont jump on people, & they dont show any signs of aggression. [C]Affection. < I never pet them when they want me too. I pet them when they are subbmissive. When they are resting, or when its on my terms.

    I have three APBT's, two cats, 1 ferret, & three kids. < My dogs are fine with them!

    Bad Pit bulls? Bad Owners.
    X Dont get a pit bull if you have NEVER done research.
    X Dont get a pit bull if you cant HANDLE one.
    X Dont get a pit bull if you are gonna be GONE 24/7.

    Half of the Pit bulls on the news attack, not because they are xxxaggressivexxx. But because, they are hyper & dont know how to use their energy.

    Socialize your Pit bull, as you would any other dog.

  • Jim

    A pit bull is only as dangerous as its owner allows. I had two and I trained tham from puppies that agression would not be allowed. They were only a problem if another dog challenged them, so they were kept on leashes when not in a yard with a privacy fence. They loved my granddaughter and when I broke a leg in the yard they stayed by me for my protection. I would worry more about the people that keep snakes for pets. Snakes have no loyalty to anyone.

  • Michelle

    people who are sitting here talk bad about pitts are ignorant I have a lab/pitt and he is not aggresive at all. people who can train a dog to be lethal or a good dog whom ever is saying they are a “bad” breed need to research instead of assuming!

  • Kat Mo

    There are two things here that need to be addressed.

    1. All dogs are predators. They have an instinct to chase anything that runs. Normal behavior. Most dogs can be trained to NOT chase but must be started young and with kindness not with violence. Yes pit bulls or American Straffordshire Terriers, are quicker to chase and often more aggressive than average BUT, it can be bred OUT. Make sure you DON’T get a dog bred for aggression. Pit Bulls are calld Pit Bulls because of the dogs that were/are specfically bred for aggression and used to fight in illegal “fighting pits”.

    2. Many dogs attack for many reasons. I personally know of a Cocker Spaniel that attacked and disfigured an eight year old childs face who was visiting the families eight year old daughter. Perhaps she thought she was protecting the daughter. She was euthanized because the family no longer felt they could trust her. She had never had any biting issues before and they had had her for 6 years.

    German Shepherd dogs also are known to be aggressive and bite. Also, small dogs are frequently snappy and bite. My mother had a long-haired dachshund that wouild readily bite, especially children, if you didn’t watch him.

    So really check your facts. Numbers can be manipulated for whatever you want. I also personally know someone who had a “pit bull” who was afraid of his own shadow. She did wildlife rehabilitation but she had to be sure the door to room she was in had the door closed when working with a small animal because the minute she turned her back he would come in and kill it. He couldn’t help it. Most dogs would do the same. Except maybe Sheepdogs, they would probably just try to herd them.

  • Chani

    A dog is a dog. A cat is a cat. A human is a human. We all have different bloody impulses and personalities. Shut your gobs already and move on.

  • Steff

    I own 5 pitbulls and one Golden lab mix all rescues!!

    Tank is a blue brindle and weighs 65 lbs and was on the euthaniza list
    Daisy is a pit x boxer brindle weighs 46 lbs and has scars on her chest and chin from fighting

    Moose is a mastiff x pit mix black & with a little white and is 70 lbs he was gonna be euthanized also because he had kid aggression because he was isolated from the family for two whole years

    Lil Dude is a pocket pitty lol he is white and tan cutest guy but has trust issues because he was beaten since he was 4 months old til 1 years old!! He is 37 lbs and has cancer :[ he will be having surgery in in one week! pray for best:(

    Last pitty is Zeus! He is 7 years old and my first boy! He is a blue nose and 87 lbs and I rescued him from the pound

    My Golden Lab mix Ratchet is the only mean dog I have! She is 8 months old and will growl at men and kids only! She is getting better with kids because my nephew and neice (7 & 5 ) come over & walk with her! So she might be able to get better! I got her from a man who must have abused her because she had a poor coat, was skinny ( bad ) & had a paw that he said he never knew could pay for!

    Long story short, I love all my dogs! I dont favor the Pit breed but I dont hate all dogs for something one dog did!

  • moralaa

    ditch’em all, cats and dogs if you can’t handle taking care of them. i’ve grown up with both since the age of 6 and are 32 today.

  • http://none bottle

    I think one of the greatest commercials every made was when. I think it was Morris the cat was chewing on a lamp cord and a poof of smoke come out from behind the couch and the guy looks and there was a burnt spot on the floor in the figure of a cat. the next day the guy was seating on the couch watching tv and Morris walks in front of the tv LOL.

  • Michelle

    Pitbulls actually have genes that make them aggressive animals. Yes, people train some to become even more aggressive, but even the nicest pitbull could snap if the right situation arises.

    • Cara

      any dog can “snap” at the right situation……

  • Luis

    I hate how the media continues and continues and continues to show these dogs as vicious creatures. People get bitten every day by dogs around the world, they get bitten by poodles, by labs, by dachsands, german shephards, and other dog breeds, but for some reason the media does not like to show those attacks. They only like to write or air about a dog attack if it involves a Pit Bull. Pit Bulls are great dogs, just raised them right and they won’t be vicious. I know cause I have one.

  • Sondra

    Sounds like a dog(s) chases cat scenario to me. Many breeds of dogs (not just pit bulls) chase cats. I have three pits. One doesn’t mind cats, the other two don’t like them. Simple to keep them separated. Also, pits are very intelligent and a working breed with prey drive. Hence they need something that challenges their brain and wears them out. We work our dogs. Because of that, at night they’re passed out on the couch. A tired pit bull, is a happy pit bull. If you don’t have time to take proper care of a pit bull, don’t get one.

    • Montie

      Sondra.. you are correct! animal instinct is that of dog v cat. i have pits and I do not need to explain myself to anyone when I say my dogs are very tame but yes I do consider my dogs a liability if I’m not around. No aggressive behavior and I raise my dogs, kids, and cats all under one happy roof! No matter what breed you have if you have more than TWO you have created a PACK! so educate yourself…

  • Fact is FACT

    To all pit bull defenders… you reason based on emotion, not irrefutable facts. Do research before weighing in on such a devisive topic. You look like mere fools when postulating your debate based on emotion and conjuecture, instead of FACT.

    FACT: Research from DogsBite.org shows that during the 7-year period from 2005 to 2011, the Pitt Bull and Rottweller breeds accounted for 74% of the total recorded FATAL attacks. By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2011, a report by Animal People shows that pit bulls (215) and rottweilers (81) and their mixes accounted for 64% of the total recorded FATAL attacks (466).

    It is important to point out that fatal dog attacks committed by pit bulls and their mixes more than doubles the attacks inflicted by rottweilers. It is well documented by experts and humane groups that pit bulls pose a substantial danger due to their selective breeding for dogfighting. Unlike other dog breeds, pit bulls frequently fail to communicate intention prior to an attack (surprise attacks ); possess a lethal bite style (hold and shake) and a ruinous manner of attack (gameness).

    Go ahead, tell us we’re all wrong because YOUR lovey-dovey little doggie hasn’t killed anyone… YET.

    • Laughing Back

      Your argument is lame. If Pitbulls & Rotts never existed then 2 other breeds would be responsible for statistics you mentioned, because the idiots that breed them for fighting would be using some other breeds. What breeds? I don’t know. But if those breeds also never existed then it’d be 2 other breeds, and so on and so on until there public outcries about how Yorkies and Pekingese were vicious, savage dogs and no one in their right mind should own one.

      It’s not the dogs, it’s the people who raise them.

      • J

        if your going to quote stats then get it right. They compare certain breeds to “pit bull type”. Of course the numbers are higher if you compare one breed to something compiled of many.

    • Lindsay

      Myth No. 1:

      All pit bulls and other so-called “bully breeds” are aggressive.

      Fact: Many people wrongly believe that pit bulls are aggressive toward people. Pit bulls were originally developed for fighting with other dogs—not people. In fact, there’s some evidence that pit bulls are actually less aggressive toward people than many other breeds. In tests conducted by the American Temperament Test Society, pit bulls had a passing rate of 82% or better — compared to only 77% of the general dog population. Problems for the pit bull arose when these dogs gained the attention of people looking for a “macho” dog to meet their demands. Like any other breed of dog, pit bulls are shaped by their environment and, if not provided proper socialization and training, can be encouraged to show aggressiveness toward people. Pit bulls that exhibit aggressive behavior toward humans are not typical of the breed type.

      Beyond a dog’s breed, factors that affect a dog’s tendency toward aggression include reproductive status, sex, early experience and socialization/training. According to the Centers for Disease Control, these concerns are well-founded, given that:

      •More than 70 percent of all dog bite cases involve unneutered male dogs.

      •An unneutered male dog is 2.6 times more likely to bite than is a neutered dog.

      •A chained or tethered dog is 2.8 times more likely to bite than a dog not chained or tethered.

      •97 percent of dogs involved in fatal attacks on people in 2006 (the most recent year statistics are available) were not spayed/neutered.

      Myth No. 2:

      The term “bully breeds” indicates these dogs are inherently mean.

      Fact: There are several breeds of dogs often referred to as bully breeds, including pit bulls, bulldogs, mastiffs, Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, Boxers and Bull terriers. The term does not refer to their behavior. It means they have bulldog origins and are descendants of the original English baiting dogs that were bred to grip and hold bulls, bears and other large animals. Modern dog-fighting can be traced to 1835, when bull-baiting was banned in England. After the ban, the owners of bulldogs turned to staging fights between their dogs, and the large, heavy bulldogs were bred with small, quick terriers to produce the dogs that became the fountainhead of today’s prominent fighting breeds.

      Myth No. 3:

      Pit bulls will attack without warning.

      Fact: No dog, including a pit bull, is likely to transform from a docile, gentle companion to a ferocious beast without warning. There are always warning signs that the dog is aroused, upset or afraid in a particular situation. Perhaps the dog has had little exposure to children and is wary whenever he sees a child. Perhaps the dog spends his days tethered in the backyard, barking at people walking past the property. The dog’s pent-up frustration could result in an aggressive reaction, should a stranger wander into the yard and approach the dog. The issue is not that pit bulls attack without warning; it’s that often people don’t recognize or pay attention to the early warning signs. Check out the ASPCA’s Virtual Pet Behaviorist for useful information in understanding canine body language.

      Myth No. 4:

      It’s not safe to adopt a pit bull from a shelter because its past is unknown.

      Fact: Although it’s always helpful to know the health and behavior history of a dog and its parents, there are wonderful dogs waiting to be adopted from shelters. And, often times, a shelter dog’s past is a mystery. Responsible shelters or rescue groups assess the dogs in their care so that they can avoid adopting out dogs with aggressive tendencies. And it’s the adopter’s responsibility to ask questions. Talk with the staff to learn if the dog has exhibited any undesirable behaviors. Adult dogs are open books — from the start, you’ll know things like their full-grown size, personality, likes and dislikes, and grooming needs. Having a dog since puppyhood does not guarantee that it will have all of the qualities you desire when it grows up. The ASPCA encourages potential adopters of a pit bull or any dog to bring the whole family, including their current dogs, to meet the new dog.

      Myth No. 5:

      Banning pit bulls will help reduce dog bites and fatal attacks.

      Fact: There is no evidence that breed-specific laws — which are costly and difficult to enforce — make communities safer for people or companion animals. Breed-specific legislation carries a host of negative and wholly unintended consequences. For example, irresponsible owners forgo licensing, micro-chipping and proper vet care — all of which have implications for public safety and the health. Instead, friendly, properly supervised and well-socialized “bully dogs” and their owners are punished. Such laws also impart a false sense of security, because limited animal control resources are channeled into enforcing the ban rather than focusing on enforcement of non-breed-specific laws that have the best chance of making our communities safer, such as dog licensing, leash laws, animal fighting laws, and anti-tethering laws. Recognizing that the problem of dangerous dogs requires serious attention, the ASPCA seeks effective enforcement of breed-neutral laws that hold dog owners accountable for the actions of their animals. Click here for more information on pit bulls and their behavior.

      • Lindsay

        Pit Bulls are one of the best breeds. I’ve had 2 and have never had a problem!

      • Christine

        Thankyou for being an important part of this “fight” to educate the general public. Too often statistics used are misleading, but the ones you provide are clear and unrefutable. I type this from the window of a Seattle coffeehouse. Right outside is a beautiful black pit-mix peering right past me to keep a close eye on “his person” ordering at the counter. He’s beautiful. I’m sure he thaks you too!

    • Wes

      Thank you for those facts. I agree with you completely EVERY pit bull has the instinct to attack and kill, it can be suppressed, but I know of ones were the people said “oh he/she wouldn’t hurt a fly” … only to have that dog kill another dog or attack an severely injure a child only a month or two later.
      This is one of the reasons why, as a highly trained former law enforcement officer; and former U.S. Army Infantry Officer. I carry a high capacity .40 caliber hollow point loaded pistol. If I see one these dogs moving towards an attack I will kill it in a heartbeat. These dogs are more dangerous than guns. You never know when one is going to jump up and attack somebody – at least a gun won’t do that!

      Oh, and as to this is just a dog chase cat story? Most dogs don’t do that to a car!

    • Christine

      Something else to consider….
      I’m a veterinary technician and also have a few facts to share…
      Your “facts” are bites REPORTED. Think about it…when a smaller dog bites, and due to size, the damage is less severe, the attack usually goes unreported. The same is true, of course, for fatalities – larger dogs are more dangerous based on size alone. As far as pitbulls vs. other large breeds – two factors must be considered here. First is the somewhat obvious accounting of – the more we have of something the more bad examples of that same something there will be. It is estimated that the “pitbull” (which is not actually one breed but a grouping of at least five different breeds) and “pitbull” mix is the most common dog in the U.S. Many of these dogs go unofficially counted as they tend to be very popular in poorer areas and in areas where licensing is not required or enforced. Secondly – is the medias current “hate affair” with pitbulls. In the 80s it was rottweilers, the dobermans and now its pitbulls. Did you know that after WWII it was german shepherds? They were depicted as vicious, untrainable killers and look at them now…a respected and intelligent breed used for all manor of work. The media doesn’t always pick up the story of the lab that bit the boy in the face(as happened to my cousin), the german shepherd that grabbed my arm and wouldn’t let go or the two dalmations that cornered my friend…but they love to run with any and all pitbull eye-grabbing headline. At least for right now. Hopefully, people will become more educated and will start basing their judgements on individual animals, rather than breeds as a whole. We’re getting there with racism…maybe the public will start to realize that this is the same thing.

    • Sheilagh Hicks

      Hear! Hear! Well said. Everybody seems to know a pitbull which is the exception to the rule. Unfortunately, the reason the breed exists at all is so inherent in their genes it is almost impossible to preduct their behavior. Sadly, too often a pitbull will instantly turn and grab a ______ (child/cat/other dog). When asked, the owner will usually state that the animal has NEVER misbehaved before, is a total sweetie, and is being harshly misjudged. I don’t see any reason for the breed to exist at all. What advantage(s) does it have over another breed? Is it more loving? Easier to train? More attractive? While this is a rather snarky comment (can’t help myself), a dog breeder was interviewed on tv. She was asked why people are interested in owning pits/rotties. Her response: “The bigger the dog, the smaller the dick.” When people figure out that owning a large strong dog doesn’t make you a large strong person, perhaps reason will kick in.

      • Christine

        I’ve already stated plenty of facts to refute certain arguments here – but I think the best response to your post is……I guess you just don’t get it.
        Do you own a dog at all? Whatever breed or breeds that it may be…how would you feel if you were told you couldn’t keep him/her anymore and every dog of that breed was to be euthanized? I grew up on a farm and am a veterinary technician, who has owned many different dogs over the years. While I loved them all – it was the immense amount of unconditional love that I recieved back from my two pits that I think made me love them the most. When they look you in the eyes, it’s like you can literally feel the love. Again – every dog is an individual and should be treated as such. I’ll never give up the fight…Education not Breedism!

  • Steff

    I own three pitbulls, 1 pitbull mix, and 1 Lab.

    Rex,98 lbs Blue Nose Pitbull 6 years old paid 400$ for him when he was a puppy great with children, cats, and other dogs

    Daisy, Red Nose Pitbull 57 lbs got her from someone on Craigslist when she was four months old she is now 3 years old good with children, cats, and other dogs!

    Pluto, Brindle APBT 68 lbs got him last year from the Animal Shelter from euthaniza list. 2 1/2 years old good with children and other dogs. Chases cats but doesnt bite but he is being trained & is now learning to not bother them but sometimes if we arent watching he chases them and barks at them!

    Zeus Pitbull mix! Dad was pitbullxbulldog & Mom was pitbullxakita
    He is built like a pitbull, he is white with two fawn spots. His tail was docked when we got him & his ears are cropped. His face is like an akitas. He is outstanding with kids & loves people!! He is 118 lbs & is okaye with cats & if he is hyper or something will try to jump on them & grab their tail, but when you say no he stops.
    Got him when he was a year old from my daughters friends grandmother who went into a nursing home! He is now 4 years old & a great watch dog!

    My last dog is Lady, a Golden Lab! She is 56 lbs & aggressive Why? Good question!She has a big yard, other dogs to be with, kids, and daily walks! But she doesnt like men or elderly people, and doesnt like cats! She is 3 years old and we got her at 3 months old from a friend whos daughter brought her home and she didnt approve!

    Just goes to show, its NOT the breed of dog!

    • Umm… duh!

      Did you ever stop and think that the lab is aggressive because it’s constantly surrounded by killer pitbulls?! Sheesh!

      • Laughing Back

        “Umm… duh!” – you’re a moron. She *clearly* said her Pits are good with other dogs, and yet you chime in with your double digit IQ comment that the Lab is aggressive because it’s surrounded by Pits. Moron.

      • Christine

        Wow. It’s hard to justify such ignorance with a reply…but really???!!!! “Killer pitbulls”?! Can you read? The ONLY dog here with a behavior problem is the lab. And that is exactly what it has…a behavior problem. ANY dog can have issues or be aggressive. Sometimes it has something to do with it’s current situation – more often it has more to do with it’s past or it’s breeding. Yes…certain breeds have been bred for centuries to fight, with the calmer animals being taken out of the line and the aggressive ones being bred(often inbred). Pitbulls, and other similiar breeds, need responsible owners – who are prepared for the possibility that some of these bred-in traits may appear at some point – and who can head off any problems. With responsible ownership, these dogs make some of the best family members ever! Labs, also, are a great family-friendly breed – but every animal is an individual and should be treated as such.

  • http://Bing The Court Jester Laughs At You

    Our condo complex prohibits certain dog breeds,such as the Pit Bull,for a reason!

    Pythons,alligator’s,crocodile’s,venemous spider’s are all God’s creatures and are considered “cute” by some too—but they do not belong in homes as “pets”!

    • Laughing Back

      Alligator’s? Crocodile’s? Spider’s?

      The Court Jester doesn’t know when and when not to use apostrophes.

  • Mike

    Why does everyone make a big deal about f****ng pitbulls & s**t! Really theyre a f****ng dog that was bred for what it does! My friend Kyle has a pittie named ross and the dogs great with his kids and people but when someone sees the stupid dog everyone makes a big deal ” oh no a pitbull ” all of u people are so annoying!!!!

    I own to dogs a beagle and a boxer and im sticking with my dogs! my friends are all like get a pitbull and im like f*** no to much drama owning one!

    I like my dogs and if I get another one its either gonna be a english bulldog, or another boxer!


    • ron

      I can’t figure out whether you are defending pit bulls or telling people to stay away from them. Also do you need to use the four letter word as much as you do?

  • http://yahoo Debbie

    I raised a female pit for 4 years and she was the greatest dog ever. she was wonderful with all adults and kids. dont blame a breed for a man’s ignorance. research the history of a pit bull. man made them fighters.

  • Angela

    No damn Pit did that!! Gimme a break!!! People jus want attention…

  • Sky;D

    Let me ASK you all something…

    Whats wrong w/ us? We sit here & blame ” Pit bulls ” when really we ARE ” The Human Race.”

    >> Humans VS. APBT’s. <<

    X We murder.
    X Use weapons [ Knifes, Guns, Bombs etc.. ]
    x We bully.
    x We blame.
    x Were selfish, greedy, ignorant, & cruel.
    x We abuse [ sexually, meantlly, emotionally, & physically. ]
    x We lie & steal.
    x Were judgemeantal.
    x We create hate groups.
    x We pollute, waste & over use.
    x We cause fights, drama, & arguments.
    x We rape.
    x We hate.

    Pit bulls.
    x They cause death, NOT on purpose but for what we may have learned or have not learned.

    x They use no weapons, other than teeth/claws.
    x They DONT bully. Infact, they love us for who we ARE.
    x They DONT blame us for what they DO or DONT do.
    x They arent selfish, greedy, ignorant, or cruel.
    x They dont abuse. Infact they can be help for us.
    x They dont lie, but they do steal. Our hearts.
    x They DONT judge.
    x They ARE hated.
    x They DONT pollute, over use, or waste.
    x They fight for YOU!
    x They dont rape.
    x They love.

    ^ What I just described was the Pit Bull, a dog.
    They do what we ask. When the kill someone, next time catch the owner in the act. Where were they? How was the dog TREATED?

    Humans ARE worse, than Pit bulls.

    • Duane and Audrey Pflueger

      I love what said, and have never seen it put that way, we are proud owners of a beauitful Red Noise pit, and the only people he dont like are the ones in uniform, Except for the dog catcher… LOL Go figure! And strangers, Dont most dogs act the same twords some one they dont know? I just wanted to thank you for the way you put it…… So very true!!
      Thank you

  • http://YAHOO CHARLES

    American stafficherds are very good dogs it is how this breed is trained that makes them vicious .

  • Love my PIT

    I own a Pit and she is the most loveable dog you will ever meet. She is great with my 3 kids and great with ALL other animals, she even plays nicely with my sisters pet rabbit!! She is far from aggressive. At any sign of danger, she hides BEHIND me. Don’t stereotype a breed because of what a few dogs have done. That’s the same as stereotyping a race because of what a few people have done. It’s all about the training.

  • Duane and Audrey Pflueger

    I have read most of the coments on here, and as a Pit bull owner, I have to say the the bread ISNT to blame, It is how the DOG is rased, And treated. ANY bread of dog can be rased to be mean, Even a lil chihuahua !! I learned at a early age not tease any dog, I got bit by one when I was about ten, and I deserved it, And never did it agian, And no, it wasnt a pit bull.
    We are taught to be afraid of what we dont understand, And we rased our pitbull to respect people, He dont like strangers( Most other breads dont,) He will protect his family at any cost ( Most other breads will ) He dont like cats ( Most other breads dont ) He plays well with our son without any aggretion ( Like most other breads will ) And he loves us like we love him ( Like most other breads do ) We will never give him up because of the ignorane of other people. I realize that there have been attacks and I am really sory for that, but dont blame the dog, or the bread, Blame the owner for not taking the steps to protect the people.
    If you are a Pit Bull owner, and want to help with the cause to keep them legal, Send us a email, and Ill send you a link to a person that has a website for the cause….. Our Email is audreysduane@yahoo.com.

  • http://employernetwork terry

    Did you read about the pitbull that mauled a woman to death upon entering her apartment?????Hell-o pitbulls are aggressive by nature and sooner or later there aggressiveness will come out. for the person who has children around a pitbull you been blessed so far, have you ever seen a human after a pitbull attack??? and for the one who loves pits get a hobby

    • Anthony Patterson

      Really? Have you ever HAD a pitbull? My entire family has grown up around pitbulls for generations, and never, NEVER had one attack any of us. We are not “blessed” by anything, there is nothing we need to bless us. Our pits are the way they are because they’re a part of our family.
      Pitbulls are not aggressive by nature you ignorant fucking twat, they are RAISED aggressive. I’ve seen several pictures of humans attacked by pitbulls, and I’ve also seen hundreds of thousands of pictures of humans attacked by OTHER HUMANS.

      • Pitbul Luver

        My family too has owned pits for years, and never has there been an attack. But there has been incidents with other breeds. All of the pitbuls I have ever known were and are lovers, not fighters. My moms pitbul and my pitbul are lap dogs. And they are a part of our family. We love them dearly we would be devastated if someone tried to harm our dogs because of their breed. My 5 year old daughter loves these dogs very much and they love her too. And protect her more than anything. Are you kidding me? Dogs can have mental issues like people do especially in-bred dogs. I bet all the dogs ho turned had something wrong with them. Our dogs come from a good bloodline. And we raised them all with love and discipline. You have to be the pack leader, dogs are pack animals. I read these horrible news stories posted about pitbuls and looking at my family history with this breed and my own personal experience, its just un-imaginable. I grew up seeing the good in these dogs.

    • John

      im sorry u have no clue about anything, all dogs can do damage.. u only hear of pitbull attacks, i have a paramedic friends that sees dog maulings majority not from pits & never make the news. so stop w/ ur BS. u cant love dogs & hate a breed. i think u need to get a LIFE!!! LOVEMY4DOGS, 3 ARE PIT mixes!!!

  • Jooky

    Who says that damage wasnt done by a Pit?

    Look at this youtube footage below and tell me different


  • bob

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute

    • elle

      my pit bull is the sweetest dog you will ever meet, great with kids of all ages and other dogs! people can’t believe a pit can be so meek and sweet when they meet her! the only thing she will do is kiss you! stop judging them based on bad publicity and stupid owners!

  • Kathryn Torres

    Hello pitbulls are vicious cannot be controlled, hence they are dogs only for military and police not family, want a good dog for children get a golden retriever.

    • carol weglarski

      pitbulls are like any other dog you can train them and they listen better thsn some people.i had 2 rotties which are in the same category,and also dobbies .they were the best behaved animals i;ve ever had. my daughter has a pit,

      • victor

        Yup, and get your house robbed at the same time.

    • Sam

      Golden Retrievers are more aggressive than pit bulls, LOOK IT UP. they’re quicker to bite than any pit bull ever. Pit bulls have a loving personality and they are protective of those they love, but they do not lash out for no reason. They won’t. They have to be provoked to do something. I should know. I own THREE pit bulls and they have never attacked a person or a thing. They’re gentle creatures who love everyone and people like you are the reason everyone dislikes them FOR NO REASON what so ever. Own a pit bull, you’ll see they’re the biggest teddy bears ever.

      • cj meyer

        You’re kidding, right. Goldens actually have the least bites of any breed out there. Where did you get your info?

        • jujubecool

          In the 7-year period from 2005 to 2011, a pit bull killed a U.S. citizen every 20 days.
          2011 Dog Bite Fatalities by DogsBite.org, 2012

      • Pitbul Luver

        Right on Sam!!!

    • jessica

      All breeds can have some bad in them. Some golden if inbred or something can be wrong, can be a bad dog. I had a rottie and she was a teddy bear. It is how the dog is raised.

  • The Pits

    Each generation has a different ‘vicious dog’ that gets the limelight…thinking back, it was German shepherds, then dobermans, then rotties, now pitties. Think it’s okay to judge a dog on looks…wait till they come for yours.

  • Amber

    Not all pitt bulls are vicious! Their attitude depends alot on how they are raised.

  • Larry

    In the 3-year period from 2006 to 2008, pit bull type dogs killed 52 Americans and accounted for 59% of all fatal attacks. Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers accounted for 73% of these deaths.

    DogsBite.org is a national dog bite victims’ group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks. Through our work, we hope to protect both people and pets from future attacks.

    Victims of serious dog attacks often suffer acute damage, which may require $250,000 to one million dollars in specialized medical care treatment. Reconstructive surgery, such as skin grafting, tissue expansion and scar diminishment, often requires multiple procedures over a period of years. In many instances, insurance and the dog owner pays little of this amount.

    Our popular blog tracks serious and fatal dog attacks and dangerous dog law trends from coast to coast. We also track world trends. Fatal dog maulings, mainly inflicted by pit bulls, are not limited to the U.S.

    View studies from medical researchers, public health agencies and a 3-year dog bite fatality report by DogsBite.org.

    Unlike other dog breeds, pit bull terriers were selectively bred for dogfighting. Learn why pit bulls don’t let go once they bite.

    Legislating dogs

    More U.S. cities are adopting pit bull laws. View cities and federal agencies that are setting nationwide trends.

    About us

    DogsBite.org launched in October 2007. To our knowledge, we are the first and only resource of this kind. The “pit bull problem” is nearly 30-years old. In this time, at least eleven U.S. State Supreme and Appeals courts have ruled that pit bull terriers pose a significant risk to communities and can be regulated accordingly. We are a national group because this is a national problem.
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    Three year fatal dog attack study 2006 to 2008Report: U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities January 2006 to December 2008 »

    One year study police shootings of dangerous pit bullsReport: U.S. Police and Citizen Shootings of Pit Bulls 2008 »

    Video of pit bull attack victims in 85-day periodVideo of Attack Victims: U.S. Pit Bull Attacks in 85-Day Period »

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    Over 30 countries across the world regulate dangerous dog breeds with breed-specific laws including: France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain.
    Ecuador Joins International Trend: Bans Pit Bulls and Rottweilers as Pets by DogsBite.org, 2010

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    There was blood everywhere. There was blood in the wheel wells, there was even blood on the exhaust pipes. It was like someone had just taken buckets…
    Jamie Southard

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    Last modified: July 31 2012 22:13:38.

    • jason

      it is obvious this is not an unbiased dog bite sight as by soon as opening the page defemation of this breed is everywhere. hitlet had a way of propaganding hatred, keep it up!

      • jujubecool

        Linda Leal

        51-years old | Colusa, CA

        Linda Leal, 51-years old, was mauled to death by her pit bull-mix. Her husband, Enrique Leal, discovered her shortly after 7 am in the couple’s backyard. One pit bull, with a history of violent behavior, was penned up in the yard. The couple’s other dog, a pit bull-mix, was loose and found with blood on it. Arriving firefighters found extensive head and neck injuries “consistent with a dog attack.” An autopsy later determined that Leal was alive during the mauling. As of January 7, officials did not know the time of death and are awaiting a toxicology report. Sheriff’s Lt. Shane Maxey said the tests were needed to ensure that she “didn’t have something in her system that put her in that position.” Yet, police also said that there was no indication of foul play or a sign of struggle at the scene. Leal had been battling liver cancer at the time of her death.

    • Tatiana

      Larry are you a fag with a cat? It shows and Fuck Lynn she is a psycho and everybody knows it!

  • joseph

    These biological abnormalities should be outlawed and a bounty put on them…
    Too many deaths and terrible disfiguring injuries !

  • Gail Rendle

    WHAT pit bulls? I don’t see any photos of pit bulls! Maybe it was another breed? But pit bulls doing bad things get NOTICED, so the writer will call them pit bulls! WE AMERICANS LOVE TO REINFORCE BAD BELIEFS! “Oh, your neighbor’s pit bull saved your baby’s life? Not interesting enough for the news.”

    I think this writer owes us some more pictures, before we denigrate pit bulls. Yes, they CAN be trained to attack. They are a lot bigger than Jack Russells, but no more relentless, and they are more compact than a doberman pinscher, so some people who are really serious about “being protected” by their dog often choose a pit bull. Also, the bad press makes a would-be attacker (they hope!) think twice, and think again, before attacking. But if you watch TV, esp. Shorty on “Pit Boss”, you learn that pit bulls can be cuddly and silly, too. Just like any other dogs. In the meantime, what is that car made of? I take it that it is not metal! If it is, SHAME ON THAT CAR COMPANY!

    • m4onixtj

      Ok, you did see the the dogs owner was the one that owned the van, correct? I’m guessing, somehow, maybe, the writer of the article was able to wring from him the breed of dog. This might have given it away…”According to their owner”. I have nothing against pits, they are prety sweet dogs, but they can be destructive when they want to get to something.

    • victor

      You are going to die soon. People like you don’t last to long in this world. I have owned a pit bull for 15 years. I never taught them how to fight and they was always loyal to my family and i. If you expose the pitbulls when they are young to other animals they will get along with other animals. If not you are just asking for trouble in the future. Its not the animals its the PEOPLE that don’t know how to handle pits.

  • Pitsrule

    pitbulls are not an agressive breed of dogs unless raised that way. Just like how all german shepards are not running around sniffing for bags of dope all day until trained to do so. They don’t become an agressive terrifying dog until their owner puts them threw a terrifying life and and extreme workout program for dogs. And the reason people use pitbulls to turn them agressive an possible have them fight other dogs is because of their athleticism and extreme loyality to their owner. Like the case where a young ladys home was being broken into when she was home. The pitbull attacked the entruder and saved his owner. Her pit was stabed 6x by the entruder and still fought to protect his owner. (excuse the spelling and grammer)

    • roberta

      I think all pitbull owners should be euthanized, then do it to their dogs.

      • Patrick C. Dempsey

        so quick to “judge” and comdenm.. Seek the Truth

      • jason

        as a christian and pitbull owner i will pray for your ignoant ass!!!

      • Fran Martinez

        Love it Pitsrule!!! @Roberta-I will also PRAY for you!!! “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid” bet your tired…:)

      • Tatiana

        Roberta You are a certified moron and nutcase. Go get some help crazy old cat woman AND a new name! lol!

    • jujubecool

      Tyzhel McWilliams

      8-months old | Lemon Grove, CA

      Tyzhel McWilliams, 8-months old, was killed by one of three male pit bulls owned by his mother’s roommate. The three shared a rented apartment on the 3500 block of West Street. The child’s mother had been living with the dogs for two years. In an interview 5-days after the baby’s death, the mother expressed disbelief that the pit bull named Zulu that “seemed to watch over the infant like a protective parent” would take her baby’s life. At the time of the incident, all three dogs were separated, one was asleep in a crate in another room, the other was fenced in the backyard and Zulu was inside the bedroom with the mother and roommate. Tyzhel was playing in the living room across the hall from the adults. When he crawled into the bedroom, Zulu suddenly bit the infant on the head inflicting fatal injuries. As of July 4, 2012 no charges have been filed.

    • Pitbul Luver

      Well said Pitsrule!

  • Agast

    If that’s what they did to the car, I shudder to think what they would have done to the cat!

    • Tatiana

      They hopefully would have rid the world of another scaby cat that urinates all over and stinks to high heaven.

      • jujubecool

        Eugene Cameron

        65-years old | Roxboro, NC

        Eugene Cameron, 65-years old, was discovered dead under a car port in a home where he had been housesitting. Cameron’s body was found naked with his clothes “balled up” beside him, surrounded by bloody dog paw prints and severe dog bite injuries along his right arm. Person County authorities seized a male pit bull named DMX owned by Antonio Ford who resides in a home next to the crime scene. Two different labs where used to determine if the pit bull’s DNA could be found in the blood at the scene and on the victim’s clothing. Throughout the nearly three month long investigation, Ford maintained his dog’s innocence and put up a sign in yard reading “Free DMX U got the wrong dog.” On August 16, after finding the dog’s DNA on the victim’s clothing and Cameron’s blood on the pit bull, authorities arrested Ford and charged him with involuntary manslaughter and felony obstruction of justice.

  • http://google janetknight

    it’s not the breeds, it’s how their trained, your have control of your pack or your pack has control of you, this guy pack will end up doing some very serious harm……………

  • Patrick C. Dempsey

    Instead of speaking your opion, seek the truth… This breed was originaly breeded to protect the children! They come from the terrier, thus making them hiper and VERY protective. They need alot of attention, excersise, and love. If they’re stuck in a yard and neglected they will act out for attention.[just as humans] So once again instead of blaming the breed look at the owner… A dog will reflect the actions of it’s owner.

    • greg

      true…Called the “nanny dog” on american farms because they watched the children and protected them from other farm animals and wildlife…..its the owner not the breed

    • Fran Martinez

      Well said!!!!

  • Carol K

    I have the sweetest pittie ever who was rescued after being shot and tossed away in a black plastic bag by the side of the road. She was probably discarded this way because she is a lover, not a fighter. It is the neanderthals like Michael Vick that take these dogs, torture them, abuse them and make them vicious for their own entertainment. Can you imagine the mindset of these subnormal cruel individuals who want to see dogs tortured and fight to the death. The dogs don,t have a chance, The public should be made aware of the true victims here and the police should go after the perps with meaningful sentences. One other note, in England pit bull terriors were often used as dogs of choice for families, because of their love for children.

    • steve marley

      Our German Shorthair’s shredded two pick up trucks, top and bottom going after a squirrel. Pit Bulls have nothing to do with it, they’re still dogs!!!!

      • steve marley

        above was reply to all those blaming the breed and not a response to Carol :)

      • kathy

        It is only a matter of time! what would have happened if that were a small child that could not find shelter?? One pit is bad enough But 4!!! You are asking for a law suit!

      • Pitbul Luver


  • anthonyx26

    Even the best raised dogs (including Pits) can on occassion misbehave. And that’s the core issue here…there is a huge difference between a chihuahua misbehaving and a pitbull misbehaving.

  • victor

    I think that they should license the people that can handle pitbulls. If you don’t have a license then you can’t have one. I have experience with pits for 20 years. I never had one go crazy and bite people or animals. It is not the pits fault it is the owner that can not control the animal. When they have idiots like michael vick that treat the dogs the way he did the pits have no choice but to act on the violence that the owner is teaching them. You keep people like michael vick barred from possesing one and no one under the age of 21 in possession of one unless accompany by a licensed adult.

    • jujubecool

      Maryann Hanula

      73-years old | Surprise, AZ

      Maryann Hanula, 73-years old, died seven months after suffering a violent attack by her neighbor’s two pit bulls in October 2011. The victim was attacked by the dogs in her own yard after the animals escaped their owner’s gated property. The pit bulls bit the woman all over her body and ate through most of her right foot before a neighbor — an off-duty Phoenix police officer — intervened and shot both dogs to death. Friends said the victim underwent 13 surgeries and suffered from multiple infections in the months following the attack. Most of the last seven months of the woman’s life were spent in a hospital. Maryann died on May 12. The owner of the pit bulls, Cynthia Montoya, had only lived on the block for three weeks prior to the attack. About 6-weeks later, the Montoya family moved to a new location. The city’s prosecutor’s office “might” charge Montoya with a misdemeanor, assuming she is locatable.

  • Brian

    I’m contacting my city council member this Monday and am pushing to ban Pitbulls in my city.

    • http://www JuseMe

      ‘Scary thing for dogs to attack a moving car. ‘look at the damages. Beastly predators & vicious. I do not like them. I rather have a cat any day.

      • http://yahoo ken

        all pits are not bad just like some people

      • Tatiana

        That’s because your a JU with no balls! You little faag.

        • jujubecool

          Breed ambassadors

          According to the Tufts study, the most public way in which pit bull owners managed breed stigma was to become a fierce advocate for the breed. These owners seek to “educate” the public — often through their own well-behaved pets — by discounting stereotypes and promoting the finer qualities of the breed. For instance, to help deflect the fear that pit bulls incite about children, one respondent kept a photo handy that showed three children rubbing her pit bull’s tummy.

    • Tatiana

      oh I am sure everyone will get right on that, Brian.

  • DJ

    We have a pit/rott mix, raised him from 6 weeks old. Never “trained” him to attack & he was raised around our children. However, he does not like cats (not our doing) & went after one in the same manner. Full-grown cat, sitting under front of my CTS. Dog chewed on both front fenders trying to get the cat, but not to the extent of the above pic.He has not & does not bother any kids nor show any agression towards adults.We also have a female (3 yrs younger) & their puppy and all get along well & have from day 1. But he will go after any another dogs (male or female), if given the chance. We’ve never left smaller kids out alone with the dogs, but that should b the case with any dog, regardless of breed.

    • whisperer to dogs

      so even though you never showed your dog any aggression , it still will attack any other dog that comes around . . exactly why the breed should be eliminated . . can’t trust them . send them to philadelphia and give them to michael vick !!!!!

      • MelissaS

        Uh, my friend has a chihuahua and a yorkie that tried to kill a cat. I’ve seen several labs (America’s favorite dog) do the same thing. Do some research before you say things that make you look stupid. Seriously!

      • Tatiana

        Oh you poor crazy cat lady. Studies show individuals who do not like dogs and DO like and OWN cats are psychologically f’d up like you.

        • jujubecool

          Jazilyn Mesa

          15-months old | Las Cruces, NM

          Jazilyn Mesa, 15-months old, was brutally mauled by her father’s pet pit bull in the backyard of her grandparent’s home. The baby and her grandmother, Leticia Mesa, were trying to place the dog in its kennel when it attacked. Leticia beat the dog with rocks, but the pit bull would not let the baby go and dragged her under the family’s ground-level trampoline. Neighbor Barry Snyder, 69, heard Leticia’s screams and rushed over to help armed with a 45-caliber handgun. He shot the dog five times, and by mistake, also shot once into the grandmother’s leg. Snyder followed the dog after it fled and fired one more round killing it. Upon hearing the gunfire, another neighbor ran to help and found both female victims underneath the trampoline. The child was transported to a Las Cruces hospital, but did not survive her injuries. As of May 23, 2012 no charges have been filed.

    • jason

      sounds to me with a little calm but stern dicipline and some time it will be a great, well behaved dog.

    • Dan

      You say your rot/pit mix “does not bother any kids nor show any agression towards adults”. You mean so far he hasn’t. I had a very similar experience with an English Setter I once owned. A bird dog. I never hunter with her, never encouraged her to be interested in birds in any way. Yet she was absolutely fixated on any bird she would encounter. Creeping up on them, pointing. It was bred into her nature, permanently. I had a Labrador Retriever who was the same way with retrieving. The same has been witnessed in herding breeds, even those who are never “trained”. It’s bred into them through selection, it works, which is why humans have been doing it for thousands of years. No one needs, or should be allowed to produce and possess a dog whose innate nature is violent attack. Each of these dogs is a grenade just waiting to go off. It’s part of what they are.

      • me

        And when my Pit explodes on an intruder I will smile as I line up my sights.

      • cj meyer

        I agree. We have a hound german shepard mix. I see her sometimes creeping up on a bird. Not once did i teach her to do that. It is instilled in their nature to be hunters. It just comes out in certain dogs more.

    • Deborah

      So if your child were holding a kitten, what would the pitbull do to get to the cat?

      • Tatiana

        who cares about the cat you crazy old cat hag! Get some psychological help for your sociopathic personality disorder. Anyone who prefers cats over dogs is sick. Read all of the research done and get yourself to a professional you vile piece of sh1t

        • jujubecool

          Makayla Darnell

          3-days old | Monroe Township, OH

          Makayla Darnell, 3-days old, died hours after being bitten on the head by the family pit bull-mix. At the time of the incident, the baby was sitting in an infant swing in her family’s living room. After the attack, which occurred about 6:30 pm, the infant was driven to Blanchard Valley Hospital and then flown to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo. She was pronounced dead shortly after 11 pm. Lucas County Deputy Coroner Dr. Cynthia Beisser said that an autopsy showed that the baby died from blunt force injury to the head, consistent with a dog bite. The baby’s mother and grandmother were in the kitchen, just a few feet away, when the attack occurred. Steve Kale, a Lucas County coroner’s investigator, said the family never heard a sound from either the baby or the dog. “It all appeared to happen in a matter of seconds,” Kale said.

          • Pitbul Luver

            “Pitbul MIX” Btw all dogs bite, Its only news when pitbuls and pit mixed breeds bite. It is very rare that a family pet will bite… I have been around pitbuls for 27 years and never seen this kind of incident before. Only in the news.

  • Cindie

    First of all, most bumpers are fibreglass these days, in fact have been for years; why do you think they would be metal?
    Thank goodness Ms Lynx was OK, but animals of all types will attack cars and other things, not just pit bulls or dogs… my husband’s family had a horse that used to chomp fenders if you let it get close enough. Horses have big teeth! We had a terrier raised from a small puppy and never encouraged to attack anything, who would go after work boots. Not if they were sitting there, but when on your feet. Never went after anything else, and was intimidated by cats. Bears can rip a car door off completely. Just goes to show that all animals are never completely “tame” and predictable.

  • Bill

    I LOVE the “hey, it’s just the owners’ neglect” crowd apologizing for this mangy, useless KILLERS. GET ****ing rid of PIT BULLS, period! Just liquidate a bunch of them as humanely as possible, and the rest, just “water them down” by cross-breeding.

    The ONLY people interested in Pit Bulldogs are antisocial misfits who hate people anyway. Why give them more excuse to make sure more people and property are harmed, just so they can compensate for diminutive sexual organs or whatever?

    Pit Bulls are a MENACE TO SOCIETY. Good grief.

    • Dan

      I agree, there’s a lot of childish “My dog can beat up your dog” motivation among pit bull owners. The statistics are clear; pits attack humans more frequently than other breads, and when they do attack, the damage is much more severe. But pit bulls are like a lot of other things in life, such as guns & motorcycles. They tend to have their greatest appeal for the least mature among us, the last group of idiots who should possess them.

      • Marion

        actually you should get your facts straight. Poodles bite much more often than any pit bull. I rescue pitt bull terriers and all of mine get along with cats, people, and other dogs just fine. You’re an idiot that watches too much fox news.

        • cj meyer

          Actually you have your facts wrong. Pit bulls and rottweilers have the most attacks on humans. Pit bulls being in first place. The are the bullies of the species!

          • Tatiana

            CJ you are an idiot with no facts to back up your story. And the antisocial people are the cat owners read MULTIPLE university studies-you bunch of crazy cat ladies-get Yourselves some help-the Pitt bulls are fine.

          • Lon

            My cats are uglier than your pit bull!!!!

        • jujubecool

          Report: U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities January 2006
          to December 2008

          A 2009 report issued by DogsBite.org shows that 19 dog breeds contributed to 88 deaths in a recent 3-year period. Pit bulls accounted for 59% followed by rottweilers with 14%.
          Of the 88 fatal dog attacks recorded by DogsBite.org, pit bull type dogs were responsible for 59% (52). This is equivalent to a pit bull killing a U.S. citizen every 21 days during this 3-year period.
          The data also shows that pit bulls commit the vast majority of off-property attacks that result in death. Only 18% (16) of the attacks occurred off owner property, yet pit bulls were responsible for 81% (13).

        • Dan

          To begin with, name-calling moron, I don’t watch Fox “News” AT ALL. But being WRONG seems to be something you take pride in, and arguing with a zealot on any topic is a waste of time. The figures are CLEAR. The vast majority of studies clearly show that pits attack far more often than any other breeds, and the results are MUCH more likely to be devastating. You are incorrect that poodles bite more often, but even if they did, the RESULTS of such an “attack” is certain to be much less damaging than one by one of these absurd 4 footed “attack robots”. You are an uninformed fool, and I suspect it’s only a matter of time before one of your little pals turns on you or (especially) a child close to you.

          Hopefully, it will be the FORMER, rather than the LATTER.

      • Lisa

        It’s amazing how uneducated you are. Any large dog will do severe damage when they attack not just Pit Bulls. It’s people like you, with your way of thinking that give Pit Bulls a bad name. Dogs are a reflection of their owners and upbringing, and not all pits are “useless killers”. Let’s see, Rottweilers and Dobermans turn on humans quite often, should we get rid of all them too? It’s pathetic that you would condone killing hundreds of pits yet you criticize them for attacking people. So sad that society harbors such racist, judgemental people like you. Too bad we can’t water down your gene pool because your the antisocial misfit. And no, I don’t own a Pit Bull I just love all animals and it disgusts me that people like you are unable or incapable of doing actual research on pit bulls. The “statistics” you so speak of…are doubtful from reputable sources. Probably just another person like yourselves that is filled with nothing but hate filled rhetoric for these innocent creatures.

        • Mac

          1. Any animal or breed that can, and routinely does, attack, maul, and kill children and other animals is not an “innocent creature.”

          2. Look up the definition of “racism.”

          3. Here’s some statistics for you:

          Dog Biting Incidents: 2008 to 2012

          DogsBite.org – Animal control departments in at least 25 U.S. states report that pit bulls are biting more than all other dog breeds. These states include: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. The oft-quoted myth by pro-pit bull groups that pit bulls “do not bite more than other breeds” is categorically false. In addition to leading bite counts, the pit bull bite is also the most damaging, inflicting permanent and disfiguring injury.

          4. You’re the idiot.

          • Tatiana

            Mac shut the fcuk up you american arse.

    • MelissaS

      I agree, there are a lot of people out there that use the dogs as status. However, there are also many people out there that are true animal lovers that rescue pitbulls from the aformentioned people. I have a pit mix that I rescued from a shelter that is an awesome dog and the gentlest dog ever. I’ve been around more pitbulls in my life than any other breed and have only met one that was truly mean. The rest were eager to please. In fact, I’ve been bitten (working in rescue) by more chihuahuas than any other breed. Thankfully they can’t do much damage, but please don’t blame it on the breed. I’ve have actually talked to someone that lives in an area where pits are used as status symbols, and he outright told me that they are taught to be mean to strangers. He even went into how he taught his dogs that. : (

    • Kay

      You are an IDIOT! First of all, it is NOT the breed itself that is the problem. Pits, Rotts, etc., are GREAT dogs–but, when an animal is TRAINED and ABUSED–by it’s own HUMANS–you’re going to get dangerous, and, sometimes deadly animals. Sometimes, Pits that have been used for fighting do have to be put down. But to suggest the mass murder of Pit Bulls, so we can just be rid of the problem, is both cruel and stupid. If this world had no Pits, Dobies, Rotts, etc.–they would only turn other breeds into killers. We need to love and nourish our furry friends–they look to us for only love. Sadly, they don’t all find GOOD humans with which to share their lives.

      • jujubecool

        “Don’t blame the dog” logic

        Pit bull owners frequently blame the “environment” after a pit bull seriously injures a person. A participant in the Tufts study illustrates this clearly, “If you get some kid that has been beaten all his life, he’s going to go out and be aggressive towards people.”9 The intention is to assert that an aggressive pit bull must have been beaten or taught to attack by their owners instead of admitting to the genetic traits that define the breed (See: Why do people say that pit bulls “don’t let go?)

        Pit bull owners frequently direct blame onto victims after an attack too. While “blaming the victim” is a universal phenomenon, pit bull owners do so offensively. The instance involving Wendy Blevins, who DogsBite.org awarded 2008 Victims Advocate of the Year, is an excellent example. After Tina Agerson’s pit bull casually walked up to Wendy and her daughter and latched onto the child’s head, Wendy immediately straddled the attacking dog and pulled it off Charlotte.

        As blood flew everywhere, Agerson stood by and watched. She later said that Wendy “blocked” her from getting her dog. In a subsequent blog post about the incident, a pit bull advocate left a comment asking why Wendy did not have insurance to cover her child’s medical bills, which surpassed $110,000 in 30 days. First, Wendy was insured; second, the commenter blamed the victim for being unable to pay these bills after “someone else’s dog” nearly killed her child.

        In a separate incident, a victim with a history of seizures was blamed for the attack that led to her death. Kelli Chapman was sleeping in her bed when her two pet pit bulls killed her. It was quickly assumed that because she suffered from seizures, she must have had one and the pit bulls “naturally” reacted to it by killing her. Yet, we will never know if she suffered a seizure, and if she did, the order of events: Did a seizure cause the attack or did the attack cause a seizure?10

        In nearly all instances of serious and fatal pit bull attacks, pit bull owners, and in some cases authorities, blame the attack on the environment or the actions of the victim. There is a refusal on their part to admit that a pit bull will attack unprovoked. Some of the most grievous examples include a child holding a stuffed animal and a child bumping into a pit bull. “Don’t Blame the Dog” believers say such actions sufficiently explain why the pit bull severely injured or killed the child.

    • Pitbul Luver

      That is really a rotten thing to say, actually there a lot of rotten things being said on here about pitbuls. I have been raised with these dogs all 27 years of my life, and it is the people making these dogs look bad. If you train any dog to attack they will do it. Look at German Shepards, they are police dogs, attack dogs. My daughter loves our dogs very much why would you want to destroy a family pet? I hope nothing of the sort ever happens to this breed, I have been around all different breeds and this one in particular fits in my life. I never use my dogs as tools or intimidation. They are family pets and have been in my family for many years. We have all had good experiences and happy memories. It is people like you who over dramatize these poor animals and it is disgusting! Dogs are dogs they are all the same.

      • jujubecool

        Jace Valdez

        16-months old | Magnolia, TX

        Jace Valdez, 16-months old, was mauled to death by a pit bull while in the care of his grandmother. His grandparents owned the 7-year old male dog, and his grandmother was the only adult present during incident. Arriving deputies shot and killed the pit bull inside the home. Though not physically injured in the attack, the grandmother was immediately hospitalized for shock. Several days after the deadly attack, the child’s father, Jeremy Valdez, issued a statement to the media. “Baby Jace had been in Mr. Valdez’s sole care and custody for over the past year; however the child was visiting his mother for the week where she resides with her parents at their home in Montgomery County and where the attack occurred.” At the time of the attack, Jace’s mother was visiting friends in Spring. Detectives continue to investigate the child’s death. As of January 26, 2012, no criminal charges have been brought.

  • Martin Morale


    • Earl

      I hope you’re delivering self-inflicted wounds to yourself, thus relieving the world of ignorant hate.

    • http://yahoo wadeo

      one more bang for the cat

  • Scott Daniel

    Hell I use to have a Turkey that would chase any vehicle that had a crome bumper and I mean chase. He would go all the way up the driveway when someone would leave gobbling and trying to spur the bumper. At least a hundred yrds or further. Tom was a good guard turkey.

  • Al Pal

    I have owned a number of pitbulls and I get EXTREMELY tired of reading how bad these dogs are i can almost bet that the people saying how horrible have never owned a pitbull in there life. I am a firm believer that everyone should have their own opinion however, please don’t tell people that they are bad pets. I LOVE my pit he is the BIGGEST baby ever! I also think that every dog can be trained to hurt people if trained by a person who trains them that way. Since everyone is freaking out saying they are so dangerous well then don’t get a dalmatian since they are on the top 10 most dangerous dogs oh so is a chow chow!! However I’m 100% sure all of you will defend them now won’t you 😉

    • jujubecool

      Not normal dog owners

      To understand the experience of owning a negatively perceived dog, Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy did a case study on pit bull owners that was published in 2000. Researchers found that with “outlaw” breeds, such as pit bulls, the human-dog relationship is sociologically more complex than previously known. Owners of pit bulls, they discovered, directly feel the stigma targeted at their breed and resort to various tactics to mitigate it. These strategies included:

      “passing their dogs as breeds other than pit bulls, denying that their behavior is biologically determined, debunking adverse media coverage, using humor, emphasizing counter-stereotypical behavior, avoiding stereotypical equipment or accessories, taking preventive measures, or becoming breed ambassadors.”1

      The study is sympathetic to pit bull owners and makes unsourced claims, but does show the basis of pro-pit bull propaganda. Strategies identified by the researchers are the same strategies employed by pro-pit bull groups to stop a municipality from enacting a pit bull law. For instance, pit bull advocates will claim that a pit bull cannot be identified, that there is a “media conspiracy” against pit bulls and that pit bulls are in fact “wiggle butts” who only want to “lick you to death.”

  • jollyrancher

    My rottweiler would never had done that. Just saying.

    • cj meyer

      Rottweilers get a bad rep.

      • Tatiana

        shut up moron, rottweillers are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay uglier than pitt bulls.

    • Pitbul Luver

      Neither would my pitbuls. Obviously the owner permitts that type of behaviour in his animals. I certainly do not, my dogs fear me and are not aggressive. And I agree with someone’s post on here, any kind of big dog breed could have donbe that. It’s always news when a pitbul is involved. I am so irritated with this sterotype. As if any other dog is not as aggressive.

  • Mary Ann

    It is a plastic bumper, what bigger dog can’t do this. Get back to me when they can tear up a metal plate. Because this is what my Aussie did

  • Tom

    Even though a German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, or Rottweiller can be trained as a police dog. Pitbulls are never used for this duty. You wanna know why?

    It’s due to their temperament. You can order a Rottweiller or a German shepherd to cease the attack. You can easily call them off the perp. You can’t do that so easily with a Pitbull. Once they latch on, that’s it! You’ve got to do something very interventive to stop them!

    Like I said before, they are an emotional breed that deserves a special environment where they will be properly trained and managed.

    Most of them are naturally protective of children, but don’t place any bets on how they will react to any stranger.

    • Tatiana

      Hey tom,
      Remember that womn killed in san francisco, mauled to death in her hallway-those were both Rottweillers. So much for your research, Moron.

      • jujubecool

        Kylar Johnson

        4-years old | Victoria, TX

        Kylar Johnson, 4-years old, was discovered dead 14 hours after authorities carried out a search-and-rescue effort on his behalf. The search for Kylar began Sunday evening. At the time of his disappearance, his father, Cole Johnson, was cleaning his car while Kylar was playing nearby. At one point, his father looked up, and Kylar was gone. Sheriff’s deputies and neighbors searched the area for hours in the dark, canine search teams were brought in as well. After being foiled by thick fog, the search resumed early the next morning. Kylar’s lifeless body was discovered about 10:30 am Monday. Preliminary autopsy results confirmed the child was mauled to death by a “single dog,” a neighbor’s chained pit bull. The owner of the pit bull, Manuel (Manny) Garcia, discovered the boy’s body. Garcia kept up to 10 chained pit bulls in his yard. On May 30, 2012 authorities charged the boy’s father on three counts, including negligent homicide.

      • Joe

        Tatiana, get your facts straight. The woman in San Fran was attacked by two Presa Canario’s or Dogs of War. They are very similar to Pitt Bulls and are pieces of shit. There is absolutely no point in owning either! You are very close minded.

    • Sondra


      So pit bulls can’t be police dogs? Better not tell Elliot Ness, Shaka, and Popsicle that.

  • http://yahoo Oliva-Purdy

    I’m specialist animal behavior and some the comments I have read are obsurd. I have turned dogs people though would never be fit for socialization into cuddlers. Animals are just like humans in certain ways. Dogs learn actions from other dogs, as well as their owners. Pitbulls are in the spotlight for now but the past breeds are the following: Rottweilers, german shepards, chow chows,huskies, malamutes,and doberman pinschers.Also from the lack of education some dog owners with those breeds fail to train or give them the proper exercise they need in order to prevent them from finding other activities. To prove my point I have multiple so dogs that are raise your home owners insurance in certain cities. The dogs jobs are to make visits to nursing homes, hospitals and prove the skeptics wrong.

  • Benton Virtus

    Pit Bulls are like the assault rifles of dog breeds. There is absolutely no good reason to own either one. No, it’s not the likelihood of an attack, but rather the consequences when they do.

    • Tatiana

      Listen Virus, You are ignorant. I hope your cat dies.

      • jujubecool

        Tatiana you are ignorant…Everytime a pitbull mauls someone there are stupid people like you that come out and defend them. Why because you are an antisocial piece of crap like the rest of the pitbull owners. Read on:

        Allison M. Schenk,1 B.A.; Laurie L. Ragatz,1 M.S.; and William J. Fremouw,1 Ph.D, A.B.P.P.
        Vicious Dogs Part 2: Criminal Thinking,
        Callousness, and Personality Styles of Their

        66 vicious dog owners were compared with owners
        of large dogs, small dogs, and a control group of participants that
        did not own a dog. The results showed that the owners of vicious
        dogs were significantly more likely to admit to engaging in
        violent criminal acts and in a greater variety of criminal behaviors
        (i.e., violent, property, drug, and status offenses) when compared to
        other types of owners. Vicious dog owners were also significantly
        higher on impulsive and sensation-seeking behaviors. Additionally,
        vicious dog owners endorsed more characteristics of primary psychopathy
        (e.g., carelessness, selfishness, and manipulative tendencies)
        when compared to owners of other dogs and a control group
        (10). These results corroborated the Barnes et al. (9) study and provide
        additional evidence that owners of vicious dogs display significantly
        more psychopathic characteristics and antisocial behaviors
        than other dog owners or nondog owners. This study supports
        the general social deviance hypothesis of Barnes et al. (9)
        and invites further examination of vicious dog ownership as a
        ‘‘marker’’ for antisocial characteristics across additional psychological

        • Tatiana

          JU B an As$hole-fcuk your statistics-only animal behaviorists count whenit comes to judging dogs. However when it comes to judging humans like you who dislike dogs-university studies found cat owners to be psychologically pathological, kinda like you-Idiot.

          • jujubecool

            Oh can’t handle the truth about your nasty self can you?

        • Jarred

          Now, I both agree with these statistics and the fact that Tatiana is a moron. She very well may represent the people in this study, but on my own behalf it’s not 100% accurate. Also, I think these statistics represent the fact that people are to blame. And I would hold every owner (and dog as well) accountable for violent attacks without hesitaition. Since nothing is absolute in this world, not all pits or pit owners are of poor nature. Although I could do without any more Tatiana comments.

  • cj meyer

    Pitbulls are ugly creatures…score one for the kitten!

    • Tatiana

      Kittens and cats are fugly pit bulls are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cuter you suck fug old cat lady.

      • trollkiller

        With a name like Tatiana, there leaves little doubt why you would defend dogs bread for fighting.

        • Tatiana

          WHAT is that supposed to mean ignorant american troll. I speak 5 languages how about you. My name is Russian what about you you mangy mix.

          • jujubecool

            Tatiana you sit in a trailer park and type nasty comments to people on your neighbors computer. You dropped out of grade school because you were knocked up twice…stop lying.

  • LatnQn78

    Cesar Milan’s Dog ‘Daddy’ is the most obedient dog I have ever seen and he is a pitbull. Cesar can’t be wrong right?? He is the ‘dog whisperer’!!!

    Pitbulls are like all other dogs IF YOU TRAIN THEM CORRECTLY!!! If you don’t, then obviously their “type of breed” can definitely cause a lot of damage and/or even death because of their strength and lock-jaws but any dog that size and powerful can cause damage. Rottweilers/Doberman Pinschers/German Shepards/Siberian Huskies/Neopolitan Mastiff too.

    I knew ppl and myself who were bit by dogs…A damn Chihuahua bit me (puncture skin/blood/scar) and it hurt. Those little dogs are bad as hell too. So all dogs bite…

  • Tonya

    First of all a bully breed dog going after another animal is NOT the same as going after a human. Look up the AKC description of Staffordshire Bull Terrier. You will find that they are people pleasers and great with children. These dogs were bred for bull baiting so of course there is some natural aggression toward certain animals. This is the same with many hounds and other terrier breeds as well. The media has chosen to focus on all of the negative which is in fact not at all how the majority act. I work with a rescue and have dealt with several dog breeds. I just saw a pitbull a couple days ago walking with a tug and a poodle and black lab trying to get it away. There was zero aggression on the part of the pit even when the lab had his mouth clamping on the pits mouth! People, educate yourself and stop with the all or nothing stereotypes. These dogs were once loved in this country. Petey, the Little Rascals dog was a pitbull and I don’t recall him going apeshit on any of those kids. The people who have the most negativity are the ones who’ve never even known a bully breed dog because had they ever met one, especially a rescue, they would never say such awful things about them. Learn for yourself and develop your own opinions based on experience rather than a drone who lets the media give them their opinions!

  • http://MYDICK BURB


    • Tatiana


      • jujubecool

        Wow did daddy let you on the computer today?

        • Tatiana

          Do Ju still live with your mom, ju, at 50?

    • billy27055

      It sounds like someone doesn’t like snipers for some reason.

    • Tatiana

      BURP, how many 40- o’s is that? Do you share them with your mangy cat?

  • SS Haunted

    I know that the little Kitten was scared fully to death, just the same I’m extremely glad and happy that the Kitten was unharmed.
    However… I own 2 Kittens and 1 Cat, and I do wish that the little Kitten and car were mine, had that been the case those dogs would have encountered a match that they would have wished they were poodles on. Having stated that, those pitbulls would have gone up against 4 Wild Boars filling in at 86lbs, 93lbs, 102lbs and 117lbs with thick tusk of 6in’, 9in’, 14in’ and 21in’ in a curved length size. Along with my Boars, those pitbulls would have encountered 9 Peccarys, [Wild Pigs] that have razor pins and thorns for protection.
    [May it be so noted: if the owner[s] had anything much to say to me following what my Wild Boars and Peccarys had done to their pitbull[s] … they would be next in line!. As pitbull owners carry the mind of damaging and killing, I obtain the mind of sentance and punishment.]
    The demeanors of the owners of pitbulls [or those who like them] of Any Species are just as the demeanors of the pitbulls themselves… small minded, poor minded, arrogant, uneducated in full, mentally deranged, psychotic, evil minded, harmful, damage minded, murder minded, vile and with the belief and demeanor of devil in totality.
    Pitbull owners are famous for sayings such as, “Don’t be a pit hater, don’t be a pit hater.” and “Auh stop hatin’ man, don’t be hatin’ pits.” The only reason for such sayings are because the owners want others to believe in the same devilish manner just as they.
    The worse of such “Murder Dog” owners are those who have children… tots at that!. Whomever owns a pitbull for a pet is an unqualified and unfit parent!!!. They are selfish as they care Nothing At All for child/children, but they carry only the thoughts of themselves and themselves only!.
    It should be outlawed to have both a child/children and a pitbull[s], and if not the law should state that any pitbull owner must first obtain a license in order to own the dog with swift and severe sentences. Therefore if a pitbull, aka: killer dog ever killed any-one-living-being [pets included] the dog must be sentenced to be put to sleep while the owners watch, followed by the owners being sentenced to be put to death in 5 days. If a pitbull were to bite any-one-living-being [pets included] just the first time the pitbull must be sentenced be put to sleep and the owner must be sentenced to pay a $5000.000 fee with an automatic $6.2 million dollar punitive and recovery damages as the license will so state. If both the $5000.000 fee and $6.2 million aren’t made within 30 days, the owner[s] of the pitbull[s] must thence serve a sentence With Hard Time of “Eternal Life, And Without ANY Means Of Parole.” Any damages made to any type of property by a pitbull, the bitbull with/shall thence be put to death and the owners must $6.2 million in punitive and actual damages forthwith. If the owner[s] aren’t able to pay the $6.2 million in 30 days they will be sentenced to serve “Eternal Life Without ANY Means Of Parole” doing hard time in the rockpile
    Laws for the owners of pitbulls and any other type of “Murder Dog” must be written, enforced, and sentenced strictly, severely and forthwith.
    It’s no game when Murder Dogs harm and damage the lives of the innocent, families, friends, pets and murder the innocent, family members, pets and friends of theirs. Punishment by Death is the only solution for such murderous acts, and by being Appealant Exempt, it is a MUST as it goes Without Debate, that both Corporal and Capital Punishment be acted upon forthwith.
    [May it be so noted: Such punishment for the above stated will/shall not be those punishments of today. The punishments administered in cases of pitbulls and their owners will/shall be that of those administered in the year 1629, the era of the Late Great Salem Witch Trials which numerous Women and Men were put to death for no cause, no reason, no purpose and/or had no right to!.]
    This way a message shall be given worldwide and murder dog owners shall thence think again prior to excepting and/or purchasing a pitbull, aka: murder and killer dog.]
    Again, I feel sorry for the owners of the little Kitten, the little Kitten herself, and for what happened to the car, I wish the Kitten and car were mine, I’d get a rope and administer the exact same to their necks that they did to that bumper!!!.

    • Tatiana


      • Jake

        Tatiana, you appear to be a very unhappy person. I will pray for you.

        • Tatiana

          you are a jew and don’t pray.

          • emily27055

            Seriously. Here’s another one of your retarded posts. I think I can honestly PONTIFICATE that you’re a skank!

          • billy27055

            Tatiana, I am pretty sure Jews pray.

      • Polo

        you guys don’t KNOW Crap shit about pitbulls to be giving your though and opinions! rather then talk bad about abreed look at the owner(referring to you lady!)

    • nicholas scatuorchio

      wow youre definitely a kook

    • Jarred

      Everyone one of you who lump owners into one category might as well be racist. It’s called stereotyping, and I’m pretty sure over the years we’ve demonstrated that pigeon holing isn’t exactly accurate.

    • Shannon

      Ok, Tatiana sounds like an idiot calling everyone a ho and a skank. So please disregard her.

      But, you do sound like a miserably insane cat lady. I have two cats, two bunnies, and two pits. I am not a devil worshiper or into killing or harming people. In fact I am a highly protective and loyal friend, and the only people I would be tempted to harm would be any person that physically harms one of my younger siblings or one of my friends.

      Now you’re saying, in your post, that only pit bulls should be euthanized if they bite someone or something? What about the chihuahua that ripped open my heel badly enough to require stitches and leave permanent scarring? That chihuahua snapped out of no where too. That chihuahua had been sitting in my lap and licking my hands not ten minutes before I walked away and he attacked me. What about my dad’s dachshund that ate my gerbil? Or step-mom’s cat that killed my hamster? Oh that’s in their nature? That’s what they’re supposed to do? Guess what, cats are prey to most terriers. Terriers are supposed to dig and chase prey. They are hunting dogs. Get over it. A cat is an animal. It also hunts and kills, that is it’s nature. I guarantee if you dangle a mouse in front of your cat, your cat would try to and likely would kill the mouse.

      You’re insane. Please seek medical help, immediately.

  • emily27055

    To any of you who want to sit around and pontificate that there is nothing wrong with the breed of pitbull, and that humans are responsible turning them into vicious animals: $crew you. Here’s your proof. These are inherantly nasty animals, by nature. And the “nice” ones can turn on you, or anyone else, on a dime. They should be outlawed.

    • Hec

      You stubid Bitch you dont know what you are talking about. SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    • Tatiana

      hahahahaha! Emily great display of “proof”. Perhaps you can return to college for a critica thinking course before you use the word pontificate since obviously you are unable to do so.

      • emily27055

        No, sweetheart. I think you are the one that needs to go to college. Go back and look at all of your posts. Every one is riddled with misspelled words. But that’s nothing compared to your “logic”. The points you’re trying to make, just aren’t making it. Trashy ho.

        • billy27055

          So where was the proof?

        • Tatiana

          In YOUR opinion you redneck inbred filth. Ha! Emily what you don’t get is you are a retarded illiterate whose opinion doesn’t count. You got that? capiche? good. Ciao Trashy inbred cow. bye-Ho Emily!Ha!

          • billy27055

            Tatiana, don’t call people illiterate if you can not spell words correctly. It makes you look stupid.

        • nicholas scatuorchio

          youre a fool emily no breed is inherently bad

      • jujubecool

        Typical pitbull owner….ignorant, trashy, and probably a criminal sitting at home drinking 40’s and breeding kids for a welfare living.

        • Tatiana

          No Jew I have a Master’s and an adopted beauty. I don’t even own a pitt bull I just like shooting down ignorant American skanks like Emily the Ho.

          • billy27055

            Tatiana, please stop using words like ignorant and illiterate when your own spelling and grammer is absolutely terrible.

        • Polo

          being judgemental shows your true ingnorance!! talking trash.

    • Tatiana

      hahahahaha! Emily great display of “proof”. Perhaps you can return to college for a critica thinking course before you use the word pontificate since obviously you are unable to do so.

    • Tatiana

      hahahahaha! Emily great display of “proof”. Perhaps you can return to college for a critica thinking course before you use the word pontificate since obviously you are unable to do so.

    • billy27055

      Where was the proof? Saying something you already believe with no support isn’t really ‘proof’.

      • emily27055

        Billy, this is just one more example out of many incidents which occur every year where these dogs attack without provocation, and cause damage: either property damage, or in the worst cases, physical damage and sometimes even death. There are reasons why some communities have taken steps to outlaw these animals. So yes, there is plenty of support.

        • billy27055

          Oh I am sure there is support for a lot of things. That doesn’t make them right. Look at the owners before you look at the dog. I am 100% sure that if I owned a pit (which I don’t) it would be an extremely social and well behaved dog.

        • Tatiana

          Really, show the support then, Moron. That is how you make a point. You are a Bimbo Emily-go back to community college.

    • maria

      Keep poting Emily eventually someone will listen, the two ladies I knew were responsible dog owners kept the dogs since puppies one turned on the 2 yr old grandchild and pulled him off the sofa he was hospitalized for over a month, and I do agree Lab here has also pulled a baby out of a swing resulting in death.
      However statistics show that these dogs are more likely to become violent

      • billy27055

        Really the statistics say that huh? Could you show me those statistics. Are they properly controlled for ommitted variable bias? What is the sample size? What control group are they using?

    • Jarred

      So can people. Let’s kill them too. Easy hitler. There are things I don’t like, don’t understand, and that scare me as well, (like educated closed minded people) but I don’t want you dead.

    • Jarred

      You have a masters and this constitutes proof? What college did you go to? Haha

  • Jane

    I think “BURB” should be sold to snipers, shot and thrown in a landfill. He/she isn’t worth more than the bullets might cost.

    • Tatiana

      Yeah Boob is a real Moron.

      • jujubecool

        In 2006, Barnes et al. (6) published a comparison of owners of
        ‘‘vicious’’ dogs to other dog owners by examining the owner’s illegal
        behaviors. For their study, data on criminal convictions in the
        following categories of illegal behavior were collected from the
        Hamilton County Clerk of Courts in Ohio: aggression, alcohol,
        drug use, domestic violence, crimes including children, and crimes
        including firearms. A total of 166 owners of vicious dogs were
        compared with 189 owners of low risk dogs, showing that vicious
        dog owners had nearly 10 times more criminal convictions than
        other dog owners. When looking at the different categories of criminal
        convictions, vicious dog owners were 6.8 times more likely to be
        convicted of an aggressive crime, 2.8 times more likely to have
        carried out a crime involving children.

        • Jarred

          Thank you for demonstrating the fact that people are the culprits.

  • t

    the only reason this made news is cuz they were pitbulls. if any other dog did this, no one would give a shit

    • http://yahoo turp

      OH PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Peter Howse

      No other breed does this stupid s—! Pit bulls running loose??? Where’s my gun?!! I am both a dog and cat owner I’ve owned several breeds over the years and honestly, pits scare the h— out of me. I am a responsible pet owner and keep the animals fenced in. If the owner of those pits can’t keep them from running loose and terrifying the neighborhood….BANG!-BANG!!

      • billy27055

        Oh no!! Something scares me lets kill it. Yea, that hasn’t been the start of many atrocities through the ages.

      • Jarred

        Yeah well let’s just hope you can’t procreate. I’d be terrified of you’re children, and the way you explain it I’d be justified to shoot them.

      • Shannon

        No other breed of dog chases a cat…? A pack of any breed can do damage to plastic, especially chasing something that it views as prey. Let’s be honest.

  • http://yahoo turp

    This continues to go on, and the same old lame argument to try to save them is getting old. It’s time to pass a law outlawing this breed of dog, and any found should be shot on sight.

    • Jake

      Amen to that! Pit Bulls are pieces of Sh*t!

      • Jarred

        Your an idiot jake. It’s all how they’re raised. Dogs are like children, and just because one child causes physical harm doesn’t mean a child of the same gender, age, race, or social setting would act the same way. And you can claim that it happens all to frequently, but adolescents commit violent crimes and murder all the time but I don’t see you calling all teenagers “pieces of shit”. The frequency of which Dalmatians bite people is much higher than pit bulls, and yet those are “classic hero’s”. It’s a reflection of care and up bringing and someone as closed minded as your self is the actual piece of shit.

        • http://yahoo pkbuzzy

          Jake your just dumb,both my pits have more sence than you,yes they can and will be agresive if need be but the people who train them to fight are the real pieces of shit,my older pit will attack if told to the younger wont attack her own fleas,get a grip

    • Tatiana

      twirp-NO one will outlaw these beautiful dogs only hateful retures like you should be “shot on sight” WHo do you follow-Hitler? Get real we in the community will NEVER let the breed be harmed. So go fcuk your ugly cat you psyco.

      • emily27055

        Tatiana – what a ridiculous post. Surprised you’re getting internet connection in that trailer of yours. Trashy ho.

        • Tatiana

          Emily you piece of trash go back to school if they will let an idiot skank like you in-which is doubtful. I live in NYC unlike you where do you live st. louis hahahahahaha! Redneck moron.

          • emily27055

            I have a Masters in Business with a concentration in Management. What’s your degree in? I thought so. Skank.

        • Tatiana

          And you emily with that stupid name are an ugly hateful indigent whore go suck k-fed’s cock you piece of trailer trash.

      • jujubecool

        “A couple who said they were attacked by a mountain lion, were instead attacked by their own pit bull, said Bruce Richards, an agent for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. About a month and a half ago, the couple said they were attacked by a mountain lion near a Puyallup home, Richards said. The couple was so badly hurt that they were in the hospital.

        When wildlife agent Richards went to visit the couple in the hospital, he said they were “ripped to pieces.” He said, “We

    • nicholas scatuorchio

      you an ignorant closedminded individual.people like you should be shot on sight

    • Duane and Audrey Pflueger

      Screw you!!! Come and try to shot us, and our pit will tear you apart… because we are ALL family, and that is what they do, Like any other bread of dog…. ROT IN HELL!!!!

    • Jarred

      The majority of violent crimes in this country are cause by minorities. I don’t see you demanding they be shot on sight

      • think

        1. What is your source for ‘majority of violent crimes…. cause (sic) by minorities’?

        2. Comparing dogs to ‘minorities’, ie. humans…priceless.

        3. If you believe 1. above is true, did you ever question WHY that might be the case? Just easier to believe minority = violent criminal?

        • Jarred

          Hahaha. Where would you like my list of citations? The point was to make an argument as ridiculous as the first, so thank you for my necessary confirmation. And no, never cared. But I would assume it has to do with financial stature and education rate. Probably just a silly guess tho….. And think?! come on don’t be a coward.

        • Jarred

          Oh and sorry I missed the d, I’m using an iPhone and it’s not 100 % accurate.

    • Shannon

      You’re absolutely right. Any dog that looks vaguely like a pit bull should be shot on sight.
      You know what else? Any person that can wield a gun or hold a knife should be shot on sight too.
      Your logic makes perfect sense.

      I’m sorry but if anyone raises a weapon at one of my dogs, I will do something about it. That’s a gross generalization. You are disgustingly ignorant person and you sound far more violent than either of my pits.

  • jujubecool

    Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.S. & Canada,
    September 1982 to December 26, 2011

    By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2011, Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People, shows the breeds most responsible for serious injury and death.

    The combination of pit bulls, rottweilers, their close mixes and wolf hybrids:
    77% of attacks that induce bodily harm
    73% of attacks to children
    81% of attack to adults
    68% of attacks that result in fatalities
    76% that result in maiming

    • billy27055

      Combining pitbulls, rotts, mixes, and wolfs. That sounds like good information to use against one breed.

      We should outlaw assault rifles because assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, and bolt action rifles account for 79% of the shootings that occur.

      Great Stats!!

  • Jake

    It’s funny how all Pit Bull owners claim that their dogs are very nice and docile before they attack somebody and act shocked that it happened. Well I’m sure Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer seemed nice too.

    • maria

      Totally agree with you Jake, we have so many attacks in the Southern states they they are a liabilty for Insurance companies.
      Very sad for the animals but I would not have one around my family after seeing what they have done to small children and an eldery lady here who had had her pitbull for 18 years one day he snapped at feeding time and almost killed her I love animals but these have such a bad reputation here its scary…..:(

      • Jarred

        Yeah well the man who shot up the theatre in Colorado was technically a genius and a med student of several years with no violent history. Yeah, you know what… You’re right. I guess only pit bulls end up going crazy.

        • Sandy

          I am a full-fledged dog lover and animal lover. However, I wouldn’t have one in my house either. I feel sorry for them too, but their behavior is just too unpredictable. If they were an unpredictable SMALL dog, it wouldn’t matter so much.

          • Jarred

            Sandy I both completely understand and agree with your personal decision. Being a larger male I feel a little more comfortable, but I would never force that on another person. My pit was the runt of the liter, trained and certified through four levels of schooling, wouldn’t bite you if you beat him, and is my best friend. But I’m also an educated and affluent member of society with no criminal record or history of drug/alcohol use. Both my dog (Arnold) and I may not be the norms, but unfortunately not all stereotypes (for either people or animals) are accurate. For example, a few years ago sharks we’re believed to be man eaters, this has now been disproven on the basis of curiosity. But I acknowledge your own personal preferences.

          • nikki

            You wouldn’t feel that way if that “small” dog ripped through your face!! I’ve seen it happen with a dog that weighed under 25 lbs. Three times from three different small dogs and breeds someone I know has been scarred on their face from! Small dogs have teeth too and they aren’t afraid to use them, in fact I believe they are more willing to use them because of their “small” size and feeling the need to protect or defend themselves. I’ve seen more dog bites from your “wouldn’t matter so much” small dog than any other dogs. Sorry, I go from personal experiences and things I’ve seen with my own eyes from small dogs that would make your head spin in disbelief. Dogs are dogs, big or small!

  • Suzan

    Pitbulls/bully breeds are genetically cultivated to have a high prey drive. they are statistically also the breed type most likely to injure/kill a member of their own family. they also are sight-hunters and will attack out of their territory. this contributes to their being the top of the list in causing human deaths/severe maiming. they don’t need to be “taught to be mean”; they do need to be socialized and disciplined to be kind & caring. I have met many fine pits; unfortunately,I also had the experience of having to aid a neighbor whose gentle-as-a-lamb, never-been-aggressive pure American Staffordshire had turned on their registered Cocker Spaniel for no reason; the spaniel looked like a dirty bathroom rug when the pit was done with him. Our children had always played with that dog; he was so cute & so sweet. the spaniel was his best buddy. a great mystery, and VERY TRAUMATIZING to HEAR and WATCH. for the record, I’m a country girl raised with dogs & livestock, am proficient with firearms, chainsaws, axes,shovels, etc but was unable to prevent the tragic death of the poor spaniel :(

  • jessika

    I have a pitbull mix. yes i admit theyre libality. but i also KNOW that the owners are responsible for EVERY SINGLE THING that happens…its every breed not just the pit bulls or the breed that are labeled as dangerous.

    Let me ASK you all something…

    Whats wrong w/ us? We sit here & blame ” Pit bulls ” when really we ARE ” The Human Race.”

    >> Humans VS. APBT’s. <<

    X We murder.
    X Use weapons [ Knifes, Guns, Bombs etc.. ]
    x We bully.
    x We blame.
    x Were selfish, greedy, ignorant, & cruel.
    x We abuse [ sexually, meantlly, emotionally, & physically. ]
    x We lie & steal.
    x Were judgemeantal.
    x We create hate groups.
    x We pollute, waste & over use.
    x We cause fights, drama, & arguments.
    x We rape.
    x We hate.

    Pit bulls.
    x They cause death, NOT on purpose but for what we may have learned or have not learned.

    x They use no weapons, other than teeth/claws.
    x They DONT bully. Infact, they love us for who we ARE.
    x They DONT blame us for what they DO or DONT do.
    x They arent selfish, greedy, ignorant, or cruel.
    x They dont abuse. Infact they can be help for us.
    x They dont lie, but they do steal. Our hearts.
    x They DONT judge.
    x They ARE hated.
    x They DONT pollute, over use, or waste.
    x They fight for YOU!
    x They dont rape.
    x They love.

    ^ What I just described was the Pit Bull, a dog.
    They do what we ask. When the kill someone, next time catch the owner in the act. Where were they? How was the dog TREATED?

    Humans ARE worse, than Pit bulls.

    • http://! Bethe

      Ya know….pitbulls were originally bred for fighting. Ya don’t breed instinct out of them. Horses run when frightened, ya don’t breed that out of them either. Therefore, if you choose to own a pitbull, it is YOUR responsibility to keep everyone around it safe whether dog is in public or at home. If you choose not to do that and if you choose to be complacent because “your dog never would hurt anyone,” be prepared for lawsuits out the wazoo……you cannot predict the behavior of your animal with 100% accuracy ever!!!!!!! Be safe than sorry…keep your dog at home or when walking it in public, use a leather leash and muzzle it. Yeah, I have a pet peeve about pits…based on personal experience.

      • Asrealasitgets

        You are so right Bethe. Couldn’t have said it better any other way.

        • Asrealasitgets

          I’m sorry. I meant to say Jessika. The human race is far more dangerous than any dog. So why punnish the dog? How many rapists and murderers were turned loose a few years back. Government just let them back into society like it was all good, but shelters keep a pit for 10 days, if that, and then kill them. But hey, they the rapists and murderers get a second chance.

      • Duane and Audrey Pflueger

        And it is the stupidity of people that will not listen to the owner, They would reather go and rely on there own instints and get hurt…. Like ANY animal owner, THEY are responsible for what happens, Any dog will protect there family…. No matter what the bread… And I will sleep better knowing that our dog will protect us….

      • Pete

        Pit bulls were originally bread to help cattle farmers tame unruly bull and oxen on the way to the slaughter house. (The areas bulls are kept at the slaughter house are known as “pits” makes sense right? A bull is well just that. Thus the BULL part of the name.) Does that make them an “aggressive” breed? Yes. Did we make them that way? Yes. Did we take them out of a specific environment that we created them for? Yes. Is that therefore our fault? Yes. BTW…. someone else in history thought it would be a good idea to eradicate breeds he didn’t like …. Ask the Jews how that turned out…

      • http://facebook brian

        Someone should muzzle you. Do you know how many time somerandom person has walked their random dog up to my terrible pitbull and their dog nips at my dog…and my dog looks at my like, ” Does this dog know I can destroy it?” and turns away. Many times. Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet. This includes you.

    • Polo

      your comment is the only one the counts!!!

  • Asrealasitgets

    Oh my Jesus!! What is with you people? Is there nothing better to do than lash out at one another? Look I have owned pitbulls all my life and have seen first hand what they can be. They are just like any other dog, yes they bite, but for a reason. I was a young teen and a man attacked me and was going to rape me. He had my pants nearly off when my pit pushed the airconditioner out the window and plowed his ass. Not all of them are bad. They ae like children. If you raise a child to be disrepectful and mean, they will be just that. If you raise a dog to be agressive it will be. And the one who said that the breed will not ever be outlawed and that humans will never stop fighting for them YOU are so RIGHT. I am working on starting my own kennel. Hopefully it will be up and running by next summer. Kuddos to those who know the truth about the American Pit Bulls. It is racism, only against anilmals and not humans. Pathetic really. And for those who think that their little childish comments can get me worked up lit it did Emily,haaahaaa! I’m a bigger and better person than that. So play on children.

    • JoelMecklenburg

      “Plowed his ass?” Well that will teach him to try to rape people…


    Fact: for 2000 years pit bulls and rottwielers were bred to be fighting dogs and dogs of war. The Saxons and Germanic tribes used these dogs as weapons in battles against the Romans 2000 years ago. The Huns used them as weapons for hundreds years during the middle ages. Nazi Germany used these dogs as weapons during WWII. These are dangerous animals not pets.It is in their DNA to attack and kill. These are all facts that are easily availible, just google it or go to wikipedia. Personally I feel more sorry for the mini van than the cat.

    • Jarred

      Well thought out argument and good point. I agre about the mini van.

    • Asrealasitgets

      These dogs were created by humans, is humanity scared of its own creation? And wikipedia is a crok. Anyone can alter the info. Better find a more reliable source before you go quoting facts


        Google UKC offical breed standard for American Pit Bull Terrier. It states that ” most APBTs exihit some level of agression. But while agression may be normal in pit bulls, that doesn’t mean can’t be a problem.” UKC or UNITED KENNEL CLUB seems to me to be a most reliable source if you don’t trust wikipedia

    • kidmuathai

      most people who critique pitbulls have NEVER even seen one. Alot of dogs get called pitbulls that aren’t. I personally own 2 of them. One is asleep at my fight under my desk as i right this.The other is curled up on the foot of my 10 year old daughters bed. They are very powerful and intimidating dogs. But like all animals its 99% how thwy are trained. My dog thats under my desk is a rescue he was beaten, fought and abused, it took a month for him to even associate with me. Now he is the best dog i have ever owned. Am i caustions with him, yes. Do i trust him, YES. But i know he is a pitbull so i am cautious with him, and ask others to do so as well.
      But to say all pitbullls are killers is generalising. it would be the same as saying all black people are slaves, and all whites are slave owners.

    • http://facebook brian

      complete idiot


    Asrealasitgets, ihave to respectfully disagree with you pit bulls are not like other dogs. I could probably fight off 5 or 6 poodles, who can be mean and vicious little dogs, without much phychical damage. I look at that mini van and doubt my chances against even one pit bull.

    • Asrealasitgets

      They were chasing a cat not a human and really, think about the flimsy shit they make bumpers with these days.

    • Pete

      You do know that poodles were bred to be attack/guard dogs for french royalty right???

  • Theresa Young

    OK…I had a HUGE Pit Bull for 12 yrs. He was by far, the sweetest soul I have EVER known.I have 2 little dogs now and have owned 6 assorted breeds in the past 15 yrs. Once while walking him another Pit Bull (Both were on leashes). tried to attack my dog Rock. Rock flipped the dog over on to his back, put his mouth around it’s neck and just stood there, ( apparently to see if he had to defend himself, or me) when the other dog didn’t move Rock let him up, and began to wag his tail and wanted to play. So, this pure bred who obviously had Pit Bull DNA, did NOT chose to fight, even when he had the opportunity. I never even once heard him growl in 12 yrs. So, so much for your theory.


      Sorry maam, not my theory. I don’t have a dog in this race. I don’t care one way or the other. I just got off the UKC website, they say pit bulls are an agressive breed. I look up the history of the breed on a few other websites. I am glad your dog is docile and well trained, but I never hear stories about poodles, labradors, or dalmations tearing up a mini van.

      • Awakan

        Any animal has the capacity to be aggressive. Look up the lab that attacked a 2mos old baby and ripped her apart

      • Shannon

        Ok, I adopted a half akita half pitbull (both breeds have a higher tendency for aggression) who is two years old, and was two years old when I adopted her. The shelter and I believe she was neglected and starved by her original owner judging by her behavior and health when she came in, not a good upbringing for any dog. My dog had aggressive tendencies toward strangers when I got her. That was a lack of socialization. With training and love and work, she is now a very friendly and obedient member of the family. It is all about the training.

        You also have to remember, pit bulls are a breed of terrier. Terriers are hunting dogs, and all breeds of terriers are known for their prey drive. Terriers have the instinct to chase small animals because they are food, they are prey. It is what they are supposed to do. But, they can be trained otherwise. My red nose pitbull and my half akita/ half pitbull live perfectly fine with my two rabbits and two cats.

        • joe

          i had a pitbull i tried hard to make him a good dog but they are not good dogs aggresive not smart does not listen attacks people cats ect they are the dumbest dogs ever by far

          • Alex

            Ahahahahahaha. U must suck at training dogs. The dog was probably smarter than u.

      • RescueRealtor

        The internet is full of misleading information. Just because you “saw it on the internet” doesn’t make it true. Use you head. Before you “quote” find out who you’re “quoting”.
        UKC is made up of gangsters and pitbull breeders. They are not recognized nor have they ever been acknowledged by the AKC. Pitbull is not a BREED. It’s a grouping of breeds made up of terriers.
        These dogs were called Nanny dogs for a reason in the 40’s. They took care of people children and were the dog of choice for families.
        I have a border collie who would’ve not only torn up that car looking for that kitten, but, she would’ve got it. Her teeth are much longer than a pittbulls and are made for tearing things up.

        • Paul Rowland

          It sounds like you would have admired that border collie for “getting” that kitten.

      • Ricardo

        Like the other said, any animal has the ability to tear up something. The reason it is bad when a dogs like these get aggressive is because they are very athletic strong willed loyal animals. I have eight dogs, two of them are pitbulls. 2 of them are toy breeds and four are mutts. Guess who I trust around strangers first?, you guessed it, the Pitties.

    • Mr.MenAndFriends

      Youre stupid……Dragonkane ACTUALLY knows what he is talking about. Adopting a full grown pet and raising one from birth can dramatically change a pets behavior. Just because your pitbull is a sweetheart doesnt prove a thing.

    • Phil St. John

      …glad your dog is peaceful – but it’s been proven that some pit bulls can snap at times – and even attack it’s owner – or others without warning. And it is the only dog which has jaws that have to clamp down and lock – before releasing. It is a dangerous animal at times – a stupid, assinine, macho symbol for some – and, you need to “get off your high horse.”

      • http://facebook brian

        proven? By who? And is “snap” the technical term? Idiot. You’re an idiot. They also don’t “lock”. They can release just like any other dog or animal for that matter. They have tremendous strength in their jaws to hold prey… they were used to hunt throughout early America. Get your facts straight before you remark on something you have little knowledge of.Thanks from the pitbulls.

        • Ricky

          There is no dog on the planet that has the ability to “lock” it’s jaw. If you don’t believe me, go ask your local vet.

    • http://facebook brian

      They are intelligent animals that shouldn’t attack unless they feel threatened. Owners need to be responsible and know they’re dog and limitations

  • Jen

    Honestly, given the circumstances and limited details, this turned out about as well as it could have for all involved. The vehicle damaged by the dogs belonged to their owner, not someone who had nothing to do with the incident. The dogs apparently did not threaten or attack anyone or anything else. Yes, there have been many incidents of pitbulls mauling or killing, but I don’t think this belongs lumped in with those.

    This was not “unprovoked”, either. Most dogs chase cats. Sad, but true. It’s instinct and a lot of dogs would have probably gone nuts trying to get at that poor kitten. Granted they might not have been as capable of that degree of damage, but they would have gone for the cat. I am a lover of all animals and cats in particular, but as I said, this was a case of big and powerful dogs doing something that dogs tend to do- chase cats. Thank God the kitten is alright and I’m sure she’ll have no trouble finding a home.

    As for the dogs…I don’t defend ALL pitbulls, but individual dogs, raised by loving and reasonably intelligent people who understand that they require special attention are wonderful pets and should not be outlawed. The stupid people who breed them for aggression or to make themselves look “hard” should be euthanized. Personally, I would never share my residence with an animal too big for me to subdue if something did cause it to flip out, but I don’t blame all pits for the actions of some.

    • Paul Rowland

      Jen, good post! Thanks for your fact checking and eliminating some of the “spin” from this article.

  • Pete

    The American Temperament Test Society has breed statistics for aggression. Based off of the number of dogs tested in that breed and how many passed the test. Compare the Pit Bull versus your “cute” little chihuahua, or dachsund, or lhasa ahpso, portugese water dog (president obama’s pet), or shnauzer, etc… http://atts.org

  • Montrose

    He should have got rid of the dogs and kept the cat!

    • patrick

      A crocodile?that’s a ridiculous comparison.And 50% is an outrageous number,try less than 1%.They are powerful animals,and very capable of giving a grievous wound but they don’t bite anymore than any other breed.The number 1 people biter is…….a Cocker spaniel.

    • Alexandra

      That’s the only truly intelligent comment I’ve read — and I’ve read about 1000 of them so far!!

  • Paul Rowland

    Here is the problem with the “it’s all about how the pit bull was raised” arguement, apparantly LOTS of people are raising them wrong. Maybe crocodiles are great, wonderful, loving pets if raised properly. Let’s assume for the sake of the arguement they are. If there were suddenly 500,000 pet crocodiles in the US, and 50% of them where “raised correctly” that still leaves a quarter of a millon dangerous, ferocious, deadly animals in people’s homes and neighborhood’s throughout the country. You have to understand We can not confront this problem by screening pit bull owners, to suggest otherwise is ridiculous. We don’t have the money or resources to do that, just to protect a breed of dog. The only way (other than in a fantasy world) is to govern the breed.
    I am not suggesting that the breed be hunted down and eliminated. I have 4 dogs myself, and I would pity the person that tried to take one of them away from me. Of course all dogs would remain the property and responsibilty of their owner’s until their death, but maybe the future could be regulated.
    I once heard a radio interview with a woman who was the CEO of the Humane Society. She stated that it was the official stance of the Humane Society that pit bulls should be eliminated as a breed. Did the Humane Society adopt this position to protect humans from pit bulls? No, they believed it was the only way to protect pit bulls from humans. The woman stated that pit bulls are BY FAR the most abused breed of dog on the planet. And the humane thing to do was eliminate them as a breed.

    • http://facebook brian

      you should be eliminated from the planet. Ignorance is prevalent in every sentence. Please euthanize this person for our protection.

      • Bob

        What are you talking about? I thought he made some valid points. Why not try to come up with an argument of your own rather than just claim that someone is ignorant?

      • Paul Rowland

        Brian, wow what insightful intelligent comments. Instead of just copying and pasting someone else’s comment you thought funny, how about contributing like a big boy? What you got son? Let’s hear some of these profound points which will make my post seem ignorant.

    • Ricardo

      Have you maybe thought that the wrong people are raising these dogs that require an assertive owner that has experience and wants to raise them for the right reason? Companionship! Pitbulls are not for inexperience owners. They take alot of time and discipline.

      Oversimplification and ignorance is what is wrong with this war against “pitbulls”.

      • Paul Rowland

        Ricardo, please read my whole post. It agreed that owner’s are the problem, but it is impossible to regulate the owners, so are we not left with our only option being to regulate the breed? Actually, it is unlikely that that is even possible…

    • Stephanie

      Are you seriously comparing Corcodiles to Dogs?? Crocoldiles-WILD ANIMALS, it’s not possible to domesticate a freakin’ crocodile. Pitbulls aren’t a wild animal there a dog, a different breed yes, but a dog like a lab and a golden retriever. There are a lot of piutbulls, or should I say what are known as, American bullies that are used for dog fighting which is why half of them are raised incorrectly so even if we do eliminate the breed all those dog fighters are just gonna find other dogs to use for fighting. So what would eliminating the breed do? They would just find another breed of dog to label “most aggressive dog” A pitbull isn’t born agressive, its a dog, no dog is born that way. A crocodile on the other hand is wild animal with agressive instincts, instincts to that if a human were to go near them they would attack.

      • Paul Rowland

        Stephanie, although I read the first half of your post with a look on my face like I had just stepped in dogshit, you actually make a darned valid point. If we eliminate a breed, another one and another one will pop up to replace them. Thank you for posting.

  • Jessica

    okay you all need to go somewhere if your going to start talking shit about pitbulls because you know what ANY dog can be agressive and attack, I have a 1 year old pitbull and ive had her since she was 3 months old and shows no sign of danger its all how you owners train your god if you train them to be nasty of course they will be bad but if you train them to be nice and to love well duh you should see what im trying to saying so dont hate the breed hate the owners before you all start to talk and put them down cause they are sweet dogs and the best bread I haver ever owned and I will only stick with that bread


    • Gloria

      You’re so right. Another story to campain against the pit.

      • Debbie

        Gloria, I think the pitbulls “campaigned” against themselves here. They did as much damage to this vehicle as a serious car accident, all to get to a helpless animal that was not all a threat to them. I recently witnessed a similar incident when a pit and their owner brought their out-of-control animal to a neighborhood playground, packed with young children and a few other very small dogs being walked by their owners. I know the pit was out of control because the dog was snarling and straining at its leash, but the owners sat calmly by and watched. Well, you can guess what happened. The leash broke and the pit made a beeline to one of the small dogs, and it took both owners (one of whom was bitten by the pit) to get it off the smaller dog, which had to be rushed to the vet. The pit’s owners had young children and may have been very nice people, but the pit was not fit to be among people. I am truly an animal lover, but I will NEVER trust a pit, and sadly, the breed gives itself a bad name. I think bears are beautiful animals as well, but they should not be pets. Unfortunately,

  • patrick

    When pitbulls were being bred in the beginning of the 20th century,dogs with human agression were culled.Many were seen as property and would change owners many times during their life.During early dogfights,there was a referee in the pit with the dogs,he would some times have to unfang(this is where the dog has bitten through its own lip while biting the other dog)during a match using a pencil or small stick.no ref would get in the pit with a known man biter.afterwards the dog would return home to recover often spending the very next day around people and children.They were NOT bred to attack humans,didn’t exist in saxson times,were never war dogs.They were bull baiters(used to fight bulls) and dog fighters.I don’t agree with dog fighting,thats just the history.

    • Kat

      You only have part of the history there Patrick. If you read back further, they were working dogs. If you really do your research you can track the Mastiff back to Ancient Rome and Greece, which is how this breed came to be. The English Staffordshire Terrier came about because breeders worked to make a smaller version of the Mastiff. Then as time progressed the dogs made there way over here and the American Staffordshire Terrier came to be. As more time progressed, breeders have created many variations of the American Staffordshire Terrier and have developed what is now known as the American Pitbull Terrier. The reason the fallacy exists about these dogs being bred for fighting is because at one time they were used for fighting. The reason that they were used for fighting is because they are very loyal dogs, and will do anything to please their owners. The other reason they were used for fighting is because they are able to withstand a lot of pain. They were bred for their loyality and for working on farms. It was some Sociopathic humans that decided to fight these dogs.

    • Asrealasitgets

      Patrick, I just did an extensive reprot for college on this breed
      Dog fighting predates the revolutionary war. Yes they were war dogs they were also used in the gladiator fight the romans conducted, they were used in the early 1800s to maul bulls being brought to slaughter as a thought of way to tenderize the mucle meat. Vicious yes, vicious witout training,not at all.

  • kimene

    I once owned a Beagle who seemed to be sweet and cuddly as a puppy. But she turned out to be extremely destructive, stubborn, and untrainable. One day while I was out she completely chewed through the door, absolutely destroyed it, even worse than what the four pit bulls did to the car, because she wanted to get to a dog outside. I will never own a Beagle again because it will remind me of the unpleasant experience with this dog. Does that mean all Beagles are untrainable and destructive and the breed should be eliminated?. Of course not. I have never owned a pit bull, but if I lived alone in a house I would certainly get one. Or two, or more! Nothing could be worse than that freaking Beagle.

  • Stan

    Check out this link… In the 18th century, pit bulls were kept to protect infant children and were called “Nanny Dogs.” My friend and I walk our dachshund and scottish terrier around the neighborhood. One evening a loose German Shepherd appeared out of nowhere and became aggressive with our dogs. I took my walking stick and made the point on this dog’s head that such behavior was unacceptable. Another fellow keeps two pitbulls on the next street. One morning they were out loose in his front yard and both took very keen notice of my approach…on the other side of the street from them! That was nerve-wracking! He called the first in but the second didn’t move. It just stood there growling at me. Again I had my walking stick and was prepared to see which would break first…my stick (thus rendering it useful as a spear) or the dog’s head when it finally relented and went inside. The village requires all dogs outside to be leashed. I do NOT trust Pit Bulls. I can only conjecture that something has happened to the breed over the years. They may be wonderfully loving dogs until…as a significant number of owners discover…they aren’t! And when two or more are together (as the woman with the demolished van noticed) they “get all jazzed up” and become increasingly aggressive and destructive. One little “switch” gets “flicked” in them and then any loving relationship with them goes out the window and people die. The odds are NOT in the owner’s favor. I’ve never been attacked by a pit bull but I DO remain alert whilst outside!

  • Jereme S.

    The problem I have is the name “Pitbull”. What kind of pit is it? There are a lot of breeders that are going for the freak look and have no concern for the obvious signs of temperament.

  • Kenn

    I never saw a comment on how they were raised. Pitbulls are an aggressive breed. My pug and i were attacked by a pitbull that the owner swore was not aggressive. Tell that to my pug who i had to protect with a pocket knife and spend four thousand dollars to save his life.. They are an aggressive breed and in my opinion the ones that the attacked the car should be put down…. If i see one loose, i will not hesitate to take matters into my own hands and end thier life….

    • nellbell

      ONLY if they are taught to be aggressive!!!!

    • brandy

      You are an a$$hole. If i met you on the street maybe I would end yours. I own 3 pitbulls and they are loyal and great with my children. Dont blame the breed blame the owner. I’m tired of everyone blaming the pitt its stupid owners that should not own the breed.

      • fred

        If the dog’s coming at me, or a car, I end it’s life.

        • http://yahoo gale

          Look at all of you som are going for the throat, some say its someone else fault, no matter what you love them dog packs are just like that

      • Elaine

        Are you serious?? My neighbors across the street are very good to their pitbull, strict/firm but loving, teach him to always “wait” or “sit” or whatever before allowing him to eat or get a treat, socialize him by bringing him to the dog park, etc., but whenever someone just walks past their house, the fucking dog goes shit-crazy and sounds like he is going to break and bust out of the garage door and kill that person.

      • SB

        Wait. You would “end” someone because they got attacked by a dog? Hopefully the dogs you would “end” someone’s life over are smarter than you are. Sheesh!

  • DGN

    WOW. There are soooo many ignorant fools commenting on this thread that it makes me sick. All of you misinformed talking heads need to leave your houses once in a while and get out into the real world before you make such ridiculous anti-pitbull statements. In a recent test performed by the American Temperament Test Society, Pit Bulls tested better than 110 other breeds of dogs. The year before that, they tested consistent with these findings. If you’ve never been around Pit Bulls and you don’t know jack about the breed, don’t make idiotic statements people. The media is on a witch hunt, giving all of their attention to Pit Bulls when something goes wrong, but the truth is they are one of the most loving and loyal animals that a human could ever own. Like many of my well informed friends have stated before me, blame the owners, not the breed. Are Pit Bulls powerful animals, capable of inflicting more damage than some other breeds? Yes they are, but they are only a product of the way they were raised. Corvettes are much faster and more powerful than Honda Civic’s, meaning their power could easily be abused in the wrong hands, injuring or killing people… DOES THIS MEAN WE SHOULD OUT LAW SPORTS CARS????? OF COURSE NOT IDIOTS!!!!!!!!! Stop listening to hear say and non-sense statements that a based purely on ignorance, fear, or a few bad examples that got the most media coverage. Think for yourself. Go out of your way to actually meet one of America’s Nanny Dog’s and you will form your own opinion! SOME ONE TRIED TO EXTERMINATE A RACE ONCE BEFORE BASED ON PROPAGANDA… THATS RIGHT IT WAS THE NAZI’S. LOOK HOW THINGS TURNED OUT FOR THEM. THANKS FOR READING.

    • Elaine


    • Asrealasitgets

      Hell Yea!!! Love that DGN!!!

    • CentralCaliGal

      I have personally witnessed FOUR of these “loving” animals that have turned on their “families”. Two times children were attacked; several men and myself hit the dogs on the head, tried to use a crow bar to pry open their mouths (yes, their jaws were “locked”), and finally one guy slit the dog’s throat so we could rescue the child. The subsequent times, I told the men standing there to choke the dog out, and that is how we got them to release. I am now an old woman, but those images are burned into my memory. I am thankful one of these animals have not harmed someone I love; I am also thankful my children and grandchildren are firm believers and choose not to have their children around this breed of dog. I also saw a doberman pinscher attack its owner while she was on her horse (mine backed out faster than hers), and she was also a “family pet” who was loved and NEVER mistreated – ever! In every case, the owners chose to have their pets put to sleep – it was just too horrible not to! I might also add in every instance these “pets” attacked, the weather was extremely hot those days; some people believe it’s possible their brains may swell in their heads, causing them to temporarily go mad. Either way, if a person chooses to have a pit bull in their home and around their family – especially children – it is their choice; after what I have seen when I was a young woman, I have chosen to stay as far away from pit bulls as I can.

    • camino


      “In December 2010, the American Temperament Test Society showed the American pit bull terrier scored an overall temperament rating of 83.9%, compared to the 77% score of the general dog population.

      Pit bulls are actually bred to be affectionate towards people. They have been bred for hundreds of years for strength, agility, high pain tolerance and absence of aggression toward humans. Pit bulls are extremely intelligent dogs and take their cues from the humans who raise them.”

  • sara

    What? PitBull attacked a car to get to some kitty?
    The rapper himself couldn’t have come up with a better headline.

    ANY untrained dog that likes to chase will go after a kitten – period.
    And who’s to say all that damage was from the dogs?

    This is the article that gets so many reactions, yet my friend can’t get a video on her niece’s battle with cystic fibrosis to go viral.

    get real, America. Try complaining about things that really matter.

  • Dawn

    What hit the car before the pitbulls? The picture clearly shows the van was wrecked from an accident, not a pitbull. This is the usual baised,PR pitbulls get.How an animal behaves is always a reflection of the owner. i’m a pitbull owner(Bella) and love the breed, it is unfair to judge these bull breeds, any dog can be dangerous if their owners treat them cruelly, training them to be vicious be it a poodle or pit-bull.

    • harry


      Do you and Nikki live in the same trailer park? Let’s see if you feel this way when Bella eats one of your seven children’s faces…oh, I’m sorry, is this too “baised” for you or just biased?

      Keep living the dream…

      your bff,

      Harry and the Hendersons

      • Elaine

        Harry, you are killing me! Hahaha!

  • Jon

    Is a graceful exit by Obama the best possible result for Hillary? Top political strategists agree on this. Answer = YES #gracefulexit

  • nikki

    I weigh 100 lbs soakin wet and I own 3 pitbulls (2 males that weigh more than I do and 1 female) and 1 tiny min pin terrier and never have I felt like my dogs would ever “overpower” me or “snap” or “lose control” or “turn” on me!! They are wonderful dogs and VERY INTELLIGENT!!! I’m tired of people labeling pits, it’s sad. My min pin is a little terrier terror, she’s rotten to the core. Had a scottish terrier growing up that bit my little brother in the face and went from his nose through his lip and scarred him for life. My neice recently got bit in the face by a small breed dog. All breeds of dogs are capable of being very aggressive and mean. They all have teeth that are capable of ripping through flesh, if they wanted. All owners of dogs and cats should be cautious at all times of their animals, especially if they know they don’t have the greatest temperament! PERIOD!! Pits can not “LOCK JAW!” AND the person who said they will just find another breed to fight if they euthanized pits is absolutely correct!! I’ve heard rumors of these sorry excuses of humans mixing breeds already to make bigger and stronger fighting dogs!! We are our own worst enemies!!!!

    • harry

      youre so stupid……hope your dogs rip your face off someday!!!!

      • Lisa

        what is so stupid about that post? do you need to verbally attack someone else for sharing their opinion/story? you’re worse than these pitbulls. they attack vans and you attack humans. who’s the animal here?

    • harry


      i hope you do not have the ability to reproduce. you are such a moron.

      your friend,
      harry potter

      • alfredo


        i own two female pit bulls and i have four kids and they have never showed any aggression towards my kids or any other animal so its the way you raise them

    • harry

      My Dearest Nikki,

      I hope you fall down your steps and your lovely canines have to eat your flesh in order to survive…..

      Your Best Friend,

      Harry the Hippo

  • http://yahoo.com carolyn ledford

    Having a staffordshire pit for 12 years, I’ve got to add my opinion. My Junior was the smartest, friendliest dog I have ever owned. In 12 years he growled only one time, when it was dark at night and someone knocked on the door. He was 125 lbs, and my best friend. My grandkids laid on him to take naps. He was raiised with manners and obeyed well. He went everywhere in the car with me. Its how they are raised and treated people. They are not bad dogs, but some are unfortunate to have bad owners. Dont blame the dog, please.



    • Dani

      Julie,your response shows your ignorance! That is like saying that because the majority of the population of criminals is african american that ALL african americans are criminals and to run in to one NON criminal african amerian makes you “lucky” or that because the majority of mass shooters (columbine, colorado movie theater, empire state building shooter, etc) are white guys that ALL white guys are mass shooters and if you meet one who isn’t you’re “LUCKY”….you don’t get it, animals act according to how they are treated. If you are irresponsible, neglectful, fail to have structure, love, and proper dicipline such as taking them to obidience training etc and be CONSISTENT with them and love and guide them to show them proper behavior then you will have ANY breed of dog run the potential to be aggressive, destructive etc…
      There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. The same can be said for how your young children behave, it all depends on the PARENTS job. Your level of ignorance and discrimination shows that you should not be a pet owner nor a parent!

    • camino

      Here are the odds. There are an estimated 5 million Pitbulls in the United States. Since 1988 only 108 deaths were related to Pitbulls. That equals out to being 0.00216% of all Pitbulls killed someone since 1988.
      On the other hand..the odds of being struck by lightning are 1 in 600,000 in the USA. So comparatively speaking you are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to be killed by a dog of any breed. When you further break down the odds of being attacked and killed by a Pitbull the odds are approximately 1 in 145,000,000. In contrast, you are 4 times more likely to be killed by a cow in the USA than any breed of dog, much less a Pitbull

  • SB

    I DO find it funny how the non-aggresive breed’s owners threaten bodily harm and verbally attack people when the verbalize any opinion against their “sweet and harmless” dogs. Maybe the owners are right and the dogs are influenced by who trains them….oh, wait!!

  • Laura

    I have more than 15 years experience with dogs of many breeds. I have volunteered with the local animal shelter, humane society and i have worked at an Animal Hospital for 10 years now. Pitbulls are the number one breed we see. I would trust them over a chihuahua, min pin. or dachshund any day of the week. There are so many reasons for these pitbulls behaviors and the negative behaviors of other pitbulls, and humans are to blame for most of the problems. People need to understand first and foremost dogs are animals, they have teeth. This means that any dog no matter size can bite and be harmful. Everyone needs to put breed aside and take responsibility for what we humans have done, which is domesticated an animal and with evolution and becoming more domesticated we assume they are rendered harmless. WRONG, no animal including human beings are harmless. Just like a human being can be a nice person they too can one day get angry and not be able to control that anger or defensive nature. Animals are naturally defensive creatures and have the instinct to survive.

    Dogs are pack animals, meaning ANY breed of dog in a pack will cause more harm, this is instinct this is how they survive. Instinct can not be bred out of any animal. Why these dogs felt threatened by this cat nobody knows, but to these dogs they were defending their territory, just like a human would do so of their home by using a firearm if another human being trespassed.

    We as humans have become arrogant in thinking we can train every animal like we are all Dr. Doolittle, we aren’t. Everyone thinks that their own animal dog or cat will not harm another human or animal but they are wrong. We can not take the instinct out of an animal especially if they feel threatened. A cat may scratch us when they are scared, they did not mean to do this but this is what they know. A dog may bite us if we get in between them and another dog’s fight, again they did not mean to do this but it is their instinct to survive. It is our responsibility as owner’s of pets to be aware of the animal’s surroundings when they are not indoors and to be alert and try avoid negative situations from occuring, this is the positive part about using a LEASH for a reason. As for pitbulls being a naturally aggressive breed that is WRONG AND FALSE, for many reasons.

    Pitbulls have become very popular over time since they were discovered as good fighting dogs after dog fighting became officially illegal in ~1974. Before this time and after humans have discovered what great fighters they are because of their endurance and jaw strength. These qualities worked negatively for this breed b/c then they were starting to be bred for the purpose of dog fighting and even hog hunting. Both dog fighting and hog hunting will bring out the more agressive nature of this breed and any breed for that matter because they want to SURVIVE. When popularity of a breed increases so does the negative part, which is inbreeding, overbreeding and breeding dogs that show aggressive traits hoping those aggressive traits will pass on through the genes. Just like a son can learn from a father to beat another person a dog can learn from their sire or dam to fight.

    With this over breeding and inbreeding comes the negative aspect of the breed which will cause aggressive behaviors, we see this in ALL ANIMAL SPECIES. It is humanities fault for messing up a lot of the pitbull lineage. Of course with the negative side of breeding there are many many pitbulls or any breed of dog that can be trained to behave properly but with caution even if they come from a naturally aggressive lineage. In-breeding is such a problem in the canine community b/c people think it is okay to do this to keep the line pure, WRONG!!! A genetics expert will tell you that if you keep producing the same genes psychological and physical mutations will occur.

    Pitbulls in the media: Pitbulls are becoming very very popular so of course we are going to see them more in the media, especially the negative aspects of them b/c these stories are the money makers. i.e. pitbull eats baby in Miami. Nobody of course remembers the story of the french woman that fell asleep and her face was chewed off by her dog, which was a LAB. Every animal has the capability of causing harm it is the responsibility of the human to prevent this. PEOPLE NEED TO REMEMBER:::ALL DOGS HAVE TEETH THEREFORE THEY CAN BITE, ESPECIALLY IF PROVOKED. Pitbulls would not have such a negative rap if they were not one of the most popular dogs right now, over populated, and used in the media all the time as examples of dog aggression, because again any dog breed is capable of being aggressive in any given situation, it is called INSTINCT AND NATURE.

    • brian

      why is almost aways pitbulls you here are about almost killing someone and not all the other breeds you mentioned? Its an aggresive breed that can kill you

      • Tom

        Because the media only covers it when it’s a pit bull attacking. I’ve had to have my bottom lip sewn back on because of 10lb dog, but you bet your ass that didn’t make the news, and I was a kid then. Media sensationalizes pit bulls as a dangerous breed, and idiots that believe evertything they read and watch believe it. Wake up people!. I’ve had pits my whole life and have never had a problem with any of them with other dogs or people.

      • Seed

        I agree in so many points made by Brian, but have to say the breed is a danger. I have trained show dogs and qualified for WestMinster in the 80’s. I trained military and civilian tracking, and attack work dogs. I also train horses. I laugh when a person desires a “bomb proof” horse for their wife or kids. Even a 30 yr old horse trained and worked in 4-H in the right enviroment will buck or kick if felt threatened. I am now training a Cane De Corso for a wounded combat veteran to be used as a service dog. This is within the “Bully” breed group. When I am asked if the dog bites I tell the person,”Of course it can bite. It is a dog and if you do something to hurt or scare her she will protect herself.” The Pit was at a time a beautiful breed that served a positive purpose. Working on farms, and assisting with catching animals that weighed over 500 lbs, and up to 1 ton in size. Pits have been puppy milled, inbred, and chosen in breeding by idiots that desired more aggressive dogs. The dogs assertiveness was and is abused and slowly has bred the dog to be hyper vigilant at all times. I have met some awesome dogs that are pits and these dogs are so very gentle with kids, and small animals. Yet, the others I encountered I would not go close to. I have seen so many other breeds of dogs be super aggressive, but most of this was due to horrible handlers. Lack of socialization and wrong methods of correcting undesired actions. This breed should have an owner that is experienced w/ an assertive breeds, and definately someone who desires to devote massive amounts of time to the dog. I would never say to destroy the animal, but would tell you that if you do not have an understanding of any dog and their temperment and why and how they were genetically developed. Buy a pet rock and name it spike. Too many people owned a cute mix breed as a kid, and now want a dog for themselves and desire the status symbolism of a pit get in over their heads due to the lack of knowledge. Other breeds may have a stronger bite than a pit, but the pit is very unforgiving to their prey when they do attack, and predominatlely do not stop until the victim is not able to move. They are great animals if raised correctly, but I would never own one. A friend of mine is attempting to use her 5 pits as therapy dogs to treat bed ridden patients, but her problem is no insurance company will cover her animals to perform the work.

    • Elizabeth

      You are the #1 danger to society, and not the pitbulls themselves. Your defense of pitbulls is naive to the point of being equally responsible for every single attack on a human or animal. Pitbulls are dangerous. Any dog with a pitbull mix is dangerous. Stop defending them. They should only – and I repeat ONLY – be in the hands of PROFESSIONAL trainers and not a pound puppy ending up in the hands of future innocent victims, gang members seeking to intimidate and/or fight this breed, or any other reason. Thank you for your diatribe trying to defend this breed. Why don’t you sit with any family whose child or pet was mauled by one and then rethink your philosophy. I don’t care if you’ve run across hundreds of sweet pitbulls, there are thousands of others that will kill.

      • Jen

        Right, Elizabeth. The person who has many years of experience working with dogs and Pit Bulls is the “naive” one. Makes sense. How much time have you actually spent with these dogs before drawing your own conclusions as to their nature? Or are you basing these conclusions simply on sensationalist news reports?

        You’re probably going to call me naive and personally blame me for Pit Bull attacks as well, but here goes anyway.
        I work at an animal shelter, and work with MANY dogs. The majority of the dogs we get at our shelter are pit bulls due to our location. While the pits are high energy dogs, I’ve never been bitten by one, and only rarely have I had one show me any aggression. The dogs I have the most problems with are German shepherds (I have quite a few bruises and scars from them, but none from pit bulls).

        From my own personal experience, pit bulls are usually only aggressive if people train them to be so. The vast majority of the pits I work with have the personalities of overgrown puppies (especially the females). We even have a few that are scared of KITTENS. Yep. big-time killers those pit bulls are.

        I’m not saying that if they can’t do major damage if so inclined. They’re strong dogs. I am, however, saying the majority of pit bulls will not hurt anybody, unless they were trained for it, abused, or neglected. (Again, this is based on my own personal experience actually working with these dogs).

        • Jen

          I should add that I’m glad this little kitty from the article is doing well. (I’m actually much more of a cat lover than a dog lover, even though I enjoy the pit bulls).

          • Tom

            Amen, I’ve had pits and worked with them my whole life, and out of the 3 time I’ve been bitten by dogs, none of them were pit bulls. People(idiots) believe everything they read and watch, and in reality, they are the dangerous ones we need to watch out for.

      • Seed

        I agree so whole heartidly that only those with proper knowledge of this breeds assertiveness, and temperment own or work with this animal. Within the last decade they have been made a status symbol of machismo. A person who owned a cocker spaniel growing up now wants to have the man-dog status buys a breed they have zero concept of. I know many other people who have been grabbed by other breed of dogs, but it normally ends in a single bite. The pit goes for the total devistation of their preys life and body. ONLY professionals, or those dedicated in providing a serious professionla training system should ever own one.

      • http://yahoo Lilly

        Thank God your not juding everyone. You are the naive one, Other breeds bite also.People are way more dangerous, People go to war , they kill each other, what makes us better? Just stop and read what you wrote humans are the number #1 danger to sociery,Have you ever thought of seenig a PROFESSIONAL ? Dont give advice on something you know nothin about.

      • camino

        There are an estimated 5 million Pitbulls in the United States. Since 1988 only 108 deaths were related to Pitbulls. That equals out to being 0.00216% of all Pitbulls killed someone since 1988.
        On the other hand..the odds of being struck by lightning are 1 in 600,000 in the USA. So comparatively speaking you are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to be killed by a dog of any breed. When you further break down the odds of being attacked and killed by a Pitbull the odds are approximately 1 in 145,000,000. In contrast, you are 4 times more likely to be killed by a cow in the USA than any breed of dog, much less a Pitbull

  • Sarah

    Who is this Tatiana?? She talks s if she knows all these other people personaly!! If so, why aren’t they having her certified? She sounds truly sick and dangerous….

    and on to the Pit Bull topic: I see a LOT of individuals praising the worth of Pit Bulls….but I personaly believe that the overwhelming data available, from countless different sources, must be considered as being the norm in categorizing these dogs. It isn’t “one bad apple ruining the barrel”….Pit Bulls are in general considered a dangerous dog. It’s true that there are exceptions but in looking at the “big picture”, views from insurance companies, law enforcement, veterinarians, etc. the good Pit Bulls, the docile ones, the ones that can be truly trusted are few and far between….it is unfortunate that these dogs are so unpredictable…but it is what it is. Somewhere along the line in their evolution they became what they are today…whether it was an act of nature or in the way they were trained/treated over the years…the trait for aggression is part of them now. I see it as someone training a tiger and asking people to believe they are safe going into its cage. It just isn’t so. Over the years the Pit Bull has changed and there is no going back to a “Nanny Dog” of years far gone by. That kind of Pit Bull is no more…generaly speaking. The big problem is ever being sure you have the one good Pit Bull out of hundreds!!! I think the odds are too slim to take that kind of chance and that Pit Bulls should be considered as the strongly aggressive, unpredictable, vicious dog they have become. I feel great sympathy for those who have been lucky to have found the “good” Pit Bull but we have to consider the general nature of the overall percentage of Pit Bulls and act accordinly to protect the general public. Far too many Pit Bulls have caused extreme harm to the public for owneship of these dogs to be left unregulated.

    • camino

      There are an estimated 5 million Pitbulls in the United States. Since 1988 only 108 deaths were related to Pitbulls. That equals out to being 0.00216% of all Pitbulls killed someone since 1988.
      On the other hand..the odds of being struck by lightning are 1 in 600,000 in the USA. So comparatively speaking you are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to be killed by a dog of any breed. When you further break down the odds of being attacked and killed by a Pitbull the odds are approximately 1 in 145,000,000. In contrast, you are 4 times more likely to be killed by a cow in the USA than any breed of dog, much less a Pitbull.

    • mekka

      Actually if you want to play the percentage game you would be in the pit’s favor. Because if you compare how many people own them and how many attacks there are the odds are against an attack. Insurance companies are only playing up to the media hype to get more money out of those people who own these animals. now your comment about no going back, I guess in a few years there will be no going back for labradors either since due to over and inbreeding to meet demand and make a buck there has been a rise in bites from these dogs also. Any dog from any breed can (not will) attack given the right blend of the wrong circumstances which all usually goes back to human mistakes of some form or other.

  • Alexis

    As a former victim of a pit bull attack,I can verify these dogs are dangerous killers. They must be removed by law from being pets and removed from our streets. They are a danger to humans and only bred to kill. It makes zero differance if a family raises one, like they did in our neighborhood, and it ate their 6 year old after 10 years as a pet. How many people and animals must die a vicious horrible death by these killers before they are outlawed. Personally I am fighting the good fight for victims of Pit Bull attacks within my state government and am happy to testify about their vicious nature.

    • Kat lover

      I TOTALLY agree with you. Pits s/b outlawed. I cringe when I see one around infants and children.

      • Kimberly

        BULL. Show me these articles. I call TOTAL BS. You, and a 6 year old in your neighbor, both attacked? BS.

    • Michelle

      You need to look up dog attacks and you will find an array of breeds.. The Little Rascals dog, Petey, was a pit. He was a real killer.. Bahaha! I call my Pits “cornbread killers” cause only thing they maul is their food.. 😛

      *ATE a 6 year old?

    • mekka

      So what you’re saying is that since I’ve been bitten by a chihuahua that I should start pushing for a ban on them also. I’m sorry to hear you were attacked but many people are by many different types of dog so we should just ban them all right? Let’s ban all dogs, problem solved. People kill, attack, rape and rob others every day but you don’t have people pushing for legislation to ban other people. Again I’m sorry but that is not the answer.

    • Jordan Romano

      wrong……you’re not. I knew a groomer who was mauled by a pitbull as well. torn completely up TWICE….the dog left her to die and returned several hours later to attack her again. But guess what? She still had the audacity to know that this dog was the victim of its OWNER….NOT of its own psyche. And I’m sorry you’ve become the victim of your own psyche

    • Krispy

      If your going to lie atleast have the common courtesy to make your story believable or interesting

  • V

    Well, it looks like the van was in bad shape to begin with, so who cares. all dogs chase after cats, and im positive that any dog would have done that.

    • mekka

      Wow, really? Did you just say that? All dogs chase after cats? You’re positive that any dog would have done that? You’re just as ignorant as the person who posted the original comment above. My poodle loves cats, has never chased one other than when they are playing about and I have many friends and family members who own both cats and dogs and don’t have that issue either. GEEZ!

  • Stop

    Pit Bulls should be banned on the streets because they are too dangerous to be pet. Human life is more important than any pit bull.

    • http://yahoo Lilly

      You should be banned of the street because YOUR DANGEROUS. Yes human life is more important. Stop judging. People like you are who gives them a bad name. what kind of person are you? Wishing death on this breed of dogs? Humans kill everyday and diffrent races . War kills . There is good and bad in all humans as in animals.

      • Jake

        he never actually said they should be killed, he said banned. and pitbulls are NOT Too dangerous to be pets. I’ve owned four different pitbulls and every single one of them has smashed this stereotype more than its predecessor. These dogs are great dogs, if your a good owner, but if you dont give them the time of day to burn off the excessive energy they have, then you wind up with a bad dog, when pitbulls get bored, they become destructive, aggressive, and even potentially dangerous. This breed of dog is not for a lazy owner, this breed of dog is a hard worker, and even harder player. it takes a certain breed of human to raise this breed.

  • xxx

    there is no need to “remove pitbulls”. They went after a cat like any dog would. any dog could be made a killer. dogs arnt born killers they are trained by the a$$ holes who make them that way

  • lupe

    According to a 27-year study of dogs in the New York City area made by Dr. Robert Oleson, of the U.S. Public Health Service, these are the 9 dogs most apt to take a nibble out of a human being. They are, in the order of their aggressiveness:
    1. German shepherd

    2. Chow chow

    3. Poodle

    4. Italian bulldog

    5. Fox terrier

    6. Mixed chow chow

    7. Airedale

    8. Pekingese

    9. Mixed German shepherd

    dogs are a product of their owner and the TRAINING that the owner gives them.. here’s a news flash ANY type of dog can bite. saying pitbulls are “natural born killers” is the same as saying all blacks are crack smoking welfare loving baby machines.. wake up people, do you believe all stereotypes?! i’ve seen more mean little rat dogs bite people than larger breeds. case in point, my sister has a rat terrier, that bite me in the face, for no reason. on the other hand my 53 yr old mother owns a pit bull that is the BIGGEST baby you would ever meet. i personally own an 100 lbs american bulldog, another breed people fear. guess what, every child that has ever met him LOVES him. he is a giant lap dog, that is afraid of spiders and the dark. so stop judging the dogs, and start judging the owner. this witch hunt on these poor dogs has got to stop. a little FYI, pits were once called the nanny dog, look it up people.

    • Dr. McNinja

      Actually, the Staffie is the real nanny dog, not the pit.
      Listen, it doesn’t really matter which dog is more aggressive. The problem is, the pit causes the most damage, full stop.
      I am an ER doctor. These dogs are meant to kill. They were bred for it. You are trying to reverse generations of specific breeding when you think that they make good family pets. Just like a retriever is meant to retrieve.. and a shepherd is meant to herd.
      About 99% of my dog bites are from pits. And they don’t comprise of 99% of the dog population. So think about it.

      • yours

        actually doc, the pit is staffie mix. get it straight, second off, dogs 101 said they are less likely to bite there owners then a golden retrever. third, just because your a dr doesnt mean you have your doctorets in everything. because if you did you would know rottweilers have a more powerful bite. fourth Pit Bulls got there names from the job they were bread to do you know like the last name smith means there family used to be a blacksmith….pit bulls got there name because they were sent into bull rings (PITS) to bite the ring in the bulls nose (BULL) and wrestle them down so the bull couldnt attack the owner, not kill it. fifth your a dr not an officer so you wouldnt get to see the dog who actually did the crime you just listen to the arrogant officers who think just because it attacked some one it was a pitbull. or the wise media who take classes to influence you by body language…so do what you did to get your sheet of paper allowing you to prescribe meds, and call your self a dr, research before you speak. you give drs a bad name. ASSUMING you know what your talking about. an not having a clue.

        • Kimberly

          I couldn’t possibly have anything to add to the retort to the Dr. Because that was perfect.

      • mekka

        The American Staffordshire Terrier a.k.a. American Pitbull terrier is the true pit bull not these lanky things you see people calling pits. They are so far out of the AKC standard that its not even close. A true pit has a big well muscled head and chest. These dogs that I’ve seen people refer to as pits look more like some sort of hound dog mix. And again I say that you see more bites from “pit bulls” because there is simply more people who own them.

      • Jake

        For a doctor you are pretty stupid. Dogs who were bred to kill were bred by dog fighters, etc. the American Pit Bull Terrier was never developed to be a “killer”. How many dog bites have you had in the er in this past year? When you say pitbull, what breed do you mean, there are at least four different breeds that commonly get labeled as pitbulls, as well as at least two more that are occasionally lumped in. Did your patients have time to take a picture so you could make an accurate assumption to the dogs breed. could you yourself identify a “pitbull” in a lineup of those breeds? These dogs were bred to be work dogs and family dogs. Years later, when dog fighting would become more prevalent in the united states, people would begin to misuse the breed, and slowly give the breed a bad rap. In fact up until the 1950’s the American Pitbull Terrier was the ideal american family pet. take a look at this:
        as well as this:

        I will agree that due to the rise in popularity of dog fighting coupled with the fact that puppies from breeders of fighting dogs that haven’t shown signs of aggression by a certain age or whatever other reason being pawned to the general public, yes there has been an increase in pitbull related dog attacks. However i will have to disagree that the American Pit Bull Terrier was bred to be a killer, because they were not, that was something humans decided to do to them a century and a handful of decades after the breed came into exsistance.

    • ron

      A poodle makes the top 5 in the aggressiveness category? I would like you to research which dog has been involved in the most Attacks on other dogs and people (police dogs not withstanding) and then post your results. BTW I have never heard of a pack of poodles attacking a person or other dogs, have you?

      • mekka

        Just because YOU’VE never heard of it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. People’s arrogance amuses me, if you’ve seen it a million times so has everyone else, if you haven’t seen or heard of it, it hasn’t happened. Really stop the demonizing of one specific breed. Any and all breeds can have flaws due to over and inbreeding then you throw in an irresponsible or miseducated owner and you have the recipe for disaster.

  • Demon

    Kill them all. Useless, ugly and dangerous.

    • http://yahoo Karen

      I dont know you dont want to . But maybe they should kill you. Your human I think, why would you say such a horrable thing? Your are more dangerous then they are. Cant belive you think your worth something.YOUR MUCH more DANGEROUS then a pit.

      • kittielover

        So true!

    • Kat lover

      What’s THAT ?? an appatizer and desert for your pit ?

  • da real

    I have kennels with a total of 15 dogs 13 pits, a chawawa and a poodle

  • dawg

    saying pitbulls are “natural born killers” is the same as saying all blacks are crack smoking welfare loving baby machines

  • dawg

    saying pitbulls are “natural born killers” is the same as saying all blacks are crack smoking welfare loving baby machines

    I say this is the truest thing I’ve ever read

    • Wake Up

      Or like saying all white boys are cowards who can’t handle stress so they go around committing mass murder then hope the police kill them.

      • Kat lover

        Well ??

    • Herb

      Pit bulls are a nuisance. People who like them, and defend their behavioral traits are unusual.
      It is akin to the mentality of more and more individuals who believe that a destructive animal such as this, makes a good pet, and they are only behaving in a way that their owner(s) have taught them. Nonsense! Pit bulls are naturally and inherently aggressive and destructive canines, period.

      • http://yahoo Karen

        It not the breed it the owners at fault. Just like you Herb why do you hate so much? I have a 12 year old Pit she is the best dog.She has never hurt anyone or any other animals.She helped my small poodle race her 4 babies, My cat sleeps on her she loves my kis ages 8 6 3yrs old and the kids that come over. A owners that have them need to make sure they take the dogs at a young age around other animals and people. Not keep then locked up.so people will think they are mean. Just like a child if you teach them to fight an be mean thats what kid of child will grow upto be. There are so many dogs out there that hurt people and animals.Some persons have other types of animals that are bad also, Just the people and other animals there is food and bad in all racees.

        • Gregg

          You are an idiot, if you sincerely believe that you are the dumbest person on earth. You clearly have no real info other than the negative so your opinion is wothless.

          • Thomas

            You’re obviously a complete idiot if you think pit bulls are naturally bad dogs. I have owned a lot, and still own a bunch of pit bulls that wouldn’t even think of attacking someone. If you’re going to make yourself look stupid by saying that the entire breed is bad, then maybe you should just back off and shut the hell up. The only reason pit bulls are so looked down upon is because they’re bigger dogs. Seriously. Chihuahua’s are way more vicious than any pit bull I’ve ever seen, and the reason they aren’t considered “naturally bad” dogs is because they are small, and can’t cause as much damage.

      • Michelle

        Pit owners are unusual huh? I can guarantee that you go into your local hospital for help/treatment and youd never guess which nurse was a pitbull owner. I am both! :) Get educated. Pit bulls are not naturally agressive or destructive. PERIOD

        • Kimberly

          My mom is a nurse in oncology, and a pit bull owner. Sweetest dog of her three.

      • camino

        “Bull breeds score better on temperament tests than the general dog population.
In December 2010, the American Temperament Test Society showed the American pit bull terrier scored an overall temperament rating of 83.9%, compared to the 77% score of the general dog population.
        Pit bulls are actually bred to be affectionate towards people. They have been bred for hundreds of years for strength, agility, high pain tolerance and absence of aggression toward humans. Pit bulls are extremely intelligent dogs and take their cues from the humans who raise them.
        Only humans are capable of knowing the difference between “right and wrong,” and all dogs are bred, raised and trained to behave the way they do.”

        According to the A.T.T.S they actually score better that most other breeds of dogs with a 83.9%. So the only “nonsense” I see is this statement…”Pit bulls are naturally and inherently aggressive and destructive canines, period”

      • Doxman

        You’re an idiot Herb … let’s see, if I go with your logic, here is where I can deduce. ALL men Irishmen are drunks by genetic makeup. When they drink, they get into fights and cause damage. Irishmen are known to be scrappy, tenacious fighters. Therefore, since they are genetically predisposed to violence, they should be banned from society.

        Let’s take that one step further … We should ban them from moving into neighborhoods since they are Irish and ALL Irish are dangerous. They should not be able to walk the streets of our neighborhood. If you live next to an Irishman, then I should be able to raise your homeowners and car insurance (you know, because it is inevitable that they will get drunk and violently strike out and damage your home, your car, and you).

        So, it is really simple based on your logic … we should invoke Ethnic Specific Legislation and ban all Irish from our communities. Anyone of mixed Irish lineage should also be banned. And, of coruse, anyone who LOOKS Irish is banned from living in our community as well.

        That should take care of it … right, Herb???

        And before anyone starts …. I am Irish and PROUD of it.

        We should round up all Irishmen and deport them.

        • RR Worker

          Hey Doxman! It’s a good thing I’m Polish if people like Herb are going to pass crappy laws like that isn’t it?

      • CK

        I agree. Anyone who says it is not the breed has never read the breeding standards. Pitbulls are bred for “heart” which is a euphemism for territoriality, the always confronting anything that invades their territory. Poodles are bred for “intelligence.” Pitbulls are bred for the shape of their mouth that allows them to continue to breathe while biting, so they do not have to let go. Golden Retrievers are bred for a “soft mouth” so that when they pick up a duck, they do not destroy it. Pitbulls are bred for determination, which is why they have to be killed to let go, they will not allow the pain of being hit to stop them from attacking once they start. Pointers are bred to notify the owner of prey, not go after it. So we have three breed specifications for pitbulls that do not apply to other dogs: to be excessively defensive of their territory, to be able to continue an attack without having to stop to breathe, and to be willing to endure pain rather than give up the attack. Now lets consider who buys and breeds so many of the pitbulls you see: drug dealers. People who want to scare their neighbors. Then there is the “oh he is so sweet, he would never hurt anyone” dog that attacks. We have gone through extensive dog training with our animals, (obviously not pit bulls.) When a dog thinks it is the boss, it will be nice to you. When you do something the dog wants you to stop, it will correct you. If you cannot take a bone from your dog’s mouth, if you cannot take its food away, if it does not come when it is called, assuming it knows its name, that means that dog thinks it is the boss. That is a potentially dangerous dog regardless of how “sweet” it acts. It has not attacked you yet because, as the alpha dog in your pack, it is satisfied with you, the subalpha human, and your behavior. Also, the small dog who barks? It is scared. It is calling its owner to protect it. It protects itself because it does not trust the owner to do so.

        • camino

          You should read up on why they were bred in the first place instead of listening to all this bs.
          “The American Pit Bull Terrier is the product of interbreeding between Old English Terrier and English Bulldogs to produce a dog that combined the gameness of the terrier with the strength and athleticism of the bulldog.[3] These dogs were initially bred in England and arrived in the United States with the founders. In the United States, these dogs were used as catch dogs for semi-wild cattle and hogs, to hunt, to drive livestock, and as family companions”
          Not to kill, not to fight in pits. They were genetically bred to not let go and breathe through their noses so when they grabbed the ring in the bulls nose it would not let go until it was commanded.

      • http://WebProNews Joyce Gammill

        HERB: Amazing! You run your mouth and with such AUTHORITY!; you run your mouth and spew sewage, have not one iota of factual info. Tsk…so many retards…and ole Herbie another.

    • http://facebook sundae

      damned dawg, did you really have to go there?

  • Eddie

    Make it simple. Any damage caused by a dog like a pit bull should make the owners criminally liable. The dog attacks a person, charge the owner with assault with a deadly weapon. The dog kills someone, execute the owner.

    Yeah, an idiot neighbor left his pit behind a short fence and it attacked me while I was walking. Fortunately I powerwalk with 15 lb. weights in each hand. Few things can get up after a direct headshot from 15 lbs of steel delivered by a frightened 210 lb. dude. The idiot owner had the audacity to threaten to sue me in front of the police, who in turn threatened to arrest him for leaving the dog unrestrained. Almost anyone else in the neighborhood would have been killed by it.

    • Knight’s Cross Holder

      You’re an idiot, you should probably throw yourself into an oven for such balant and worthless ideas. Nothing is wrong with the breed, dogs are very similiar to children how you raise them, the same psychological concept and basis are there. If you raise your child wrong, the kid is gonna being a fucking retard, same applies to pit bulls. You raise it wrong and aggressive, and well guess what you get, an aggressive pit bull. I would love for someone to harrass my pit, they would have another thing coming. They wouldn’t have to worry about the dog, they would have to worry about me.

  • Kimberly

    It’s funny. Whenever an article comes out (about pit bulls in any way, dogs chasing cats people, WAKE UP) Anyways, any pittie aritcle suddenly every person against them has been “mauled” or knows a kid next door who had “her face ripped off”. BULLSHIT PEOPLE. It doesn’t happen as often as these liars would have you think, and half the time the “Pit Bull” is one of any number of breeds. I have seen artciles about Pits with BOXERS in the pictures, American Bull Dogs, English Bull Terriers, Mastiffs ect ect. Do me a favor, google “Which is the Pit Bull”, go to the first listing, and look at what I am talking about. Half those dogs could easily be what the media porray as “Pit Bulls”. A pit should be lean but muscular, tall, active, ect. Not these giant hippo looking things the thugs breed. THOSE ARE NOT PITS. My dog is about 55 pounds, does have the giant barrel chest, can actually run unlike these other “fake pits”. When you talk about the real Pit Bull, learn a thing before you open your mouth. I have a pit, chi, poodle and 7 cats. We all live together nicely.

    • Kimberly

      I mean “doesn’t” have the huge barrel chest

    • Knight’s Cross Holder

      My pit is 12 years old and she has the current weight of 60 pounds. She is extremely well behaved. But she is like me, a soldier, she knows when its time be aggressive and when not to be. Thats why I love pits, amazing dogs.

  • Michelle

    -Newborn dead after family dog attacks – Houston Chronicle
    The boy was in an infant carrier on the floor in a room of the house when the dog, a Labrador mix, began sniffing the baby and then mauling him.

    -Chihuahua attacks boy in Springfield Township, IN
    Indiana Accident News Chihuahua attacks boy in Springfield Township, IN Posted on Oct 30, 2008.

    -Puppy attacks baby sleeping with mother | The Journal Gazette
    The baby suffered “substantial damage” to his genitals while he lay in bed with his mother from an attack by the family’s 6-month-old Cairn terrier and poodle mix

    -Md. Infant Critical After Mauling by Family Dachshund
    A 6-week-old St. Mary’s County boy was in critical condition yesterday after being dragged from his playpen and mauled by the family’s dachshund

    * Now what were you idiots saying? ONLY pitbulls attack?!

    • Dan. B

      The attack of the Chihuahua!!! Now that’s scary. Something like being shot with an air rifle as opposed to an assault weapon.
      I repeat.and maybe some of you folks will get it through your heads, that Pit bulls were responsible for 50% of dog fatalities and reflect only 3% of dog population!!!

      • Melinda

        Would you PLEASE…FOR THE SANITY OF ALL THE READERS AND POSTERS…PLEASE tell us where you got this information of pits being liable for HALF of all??? Because I keep looking and looking and I can NOT (repeat: can not) find it anywhere.

      • camino

        And actually if there are an estimated 73 million registered dogs in the US and 5 million are estimated to be Pits…then you need to learn math cause that would make pitbulls 6.8% of the total dog popluation. Not 3%. Wow. Stupid people

  • camino

    There are an estimated 5 million Pitbulls in the United States. Since 1988 only 108 deaths were related to Pitbulls. That equals out to being 0.00216% of all Pitbulls killed someone since 1988.
    On the other hand..the odds of being struck by lightning are 1 in 600,000 in the U SA. So comparatively speaking you are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to be killed by a dog of any breed. When you further break down the odds of being attacked and killed by a Pitbull the odds are approximately 1 in 145,000,000. In contrast, you are 4 times more likely to be killed by a cow in the USA than any breed of dog, much less a Pitbull.

    • Kimberly

      ban the cows!

      • camino

        I agree…they are vicious. lol.

    • Cormac

      Nice spin. Total up the attacks…

      • camino

        Ok. It’s hard to total up the non-fatal bites for a few reasons. A couple of reasons being that not all are reported, and there are no accurate records of pitbull bites compared to other breeds of dogs. The best estimate I found was there were and estimated 4.6 million dog bites a year, and 800,000 of those required E.R treatment. Again this doesn’t contain all bites or a distinction between breeds. So let’s just say pitbulls were responsible for ALL the attacks (which they are not). That still only means that 6.25% of all of the estimated 5 million pitbulls bit someone and sent them to the E.R.
        Now let’s add in the other 73,000,000 registered dogs in the United States and that equals out to be roughly 5.7% of all dogs bit someone, and roughly 1% of all dogs sent someone to the hospital per year.

        • wil

          Can’t go by that, because all deaths are not counted for with dogs, pits whatever breed. Just like domestic violence on the men side. It’s like 1% but we know it’s way higher then that. It’s just men feel less than a man and don’t report the violence. So them numbers don’t mean nothing.

          • camino

            I disagree, dog bite fatalities are very well recorded in the United States. The things that aren’t recorded accurately are the bites like I said. Those numbers I used were from estimates and from piecing together the non-fatal dog bites that ARE on record, as I’m sure a lot aren’t reported. Some reasons possibly being not a serious bite, stubborness to get treatment for fear that their dog will be put down among many other reasons. The best I could do with the information on record.

    • Dan

      better check the math a bit, there are over 1000 thunderstorms of every minute of everyday where lightning is being created. so the number of lighning bolts created per strikes on humans is much greater even than the 700,000 to one not 600,000 to one. and that is with all the precations one takes not standing around outside during lightning storms. there is nothing you can do when your own family pet turns on you. there has already been 5 deaths this year alone(just in usa)with pit bull attacks 4 of those turning on family members. even when other dogs attack the chamces of dying are rare, in fact no one has ever been killed by a chihuahua. in fact without interventions by others pit bull attacks on kids are always fatal. there is deffinaley something wrong with the breed, they would all be diagnosed as having disorders if they were human, it would be they same as kids killing their own parents, or siblings.

      • camino

        Math is math. Whats a couple 100,000 compared to millions. The actual odds are, from what I can find after further research, 1:1,000,000 with the odds of being struck in your lifetime at 1:10,000 (assuming you live to be 80). The number of pitbulls to deaths doesn’t change. Well actually it would considering that number isn’t “correct” since those only account for the pitbulls that are registered as pitbulls. Many people register them as different breeds due to BSL’s. So the number of pitbull and pitbull type dogs is probably much higer. So technically the percentage of pit population to deaths caused by pitbull/pitbull type dogs would be a lot lower . Regardless I think I would take my chances…I would rather be around a dog with odds of 1:145,000,000 than a thunderstorm where my odds are (1: 1:1,000,000. I don’t know about you. lol

      • camino

        So your 5 this year increased the percentage by 0.0001%…someone call Fox News. Wouldn’t suck if we discriminated against people the same way we do Pitbulls? If 0.002% of a race or group of people did something wrong would we single them out or condemn the entire “breed”?

      • camino

        “However, before we decide that dogs are just plain dangerous to have around, let us keep these numbers in perspective.

        The 149 fatal attacks are over a 4 year period. That averages to about 37 fatal attacks by dogs (in general, not just pitbull/ pitbull type dogs) each year.

        Compare that with these numbers from various sources on the internet:

        Each year in the United States,
        •About 50-100 people die from bee stings (Yahoo Answers).
        •About 36,000 people die from the flu (CDC).
        •About 40,000 people die in car accidents (NHTSA).”

        There are a lot more dangerous things in this world than a dog or even a pitbull.

        • mekka

          Thank you for this comment :)

        • Dan. B

          Brilliant post. Are you suggesting we ban bees, mosquitos, and cars? Ok let’s expand on your moronic comment. We should also ban earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes. Way to go.

          • camino

            Are you a total idiot or do you lack in reading comprehension? Did I say we should ban anything? No. All I was doing was comparing the dangers of various common things in respect to pits. Total idiocy coming from your mouth. You should be banned from intelligent conversation.

      • mekka

        Of course no one has ever been killed by a chihuahua because they aren’t large enough but they are known to be “nippy” but those bites and attacks don’t get blown up in media headlines because chihuahau and other small breed dogs are “cute” so people think the aggressiveness is cute. There are alot of things that play into any dog bite/attack, bad breeding, mistreatment, poor discipline, bad handling etc. In any case it is NEVER the dog’s fault. There is no such thing as a bad dog breed or a breed that has “something wrong with it”. We also have to factor in the fact that most people have always overlooked and that is popularity of a certain breed. When that breed happens to be a power or working breed of course there’s more reports of more bites because MORE people own MORE of them. Chow chows, dobermans, rottweilers, german shephards have all been victims of demonizing witch hunts because people got them and didn’t know how to properly raise and train them. And lets go back to the age of the original Little rascals show. What kind of dog was Petey?, a pitbull. And they were very popular especially in families with kids because of there willingness to please and put up with alot of things that would cause alot of other dogs to bite such as ear and tail pulling etc. many dogs of many breeds are dog, cat, other animal or even vehicle aggressive but never have been or shown a shred of aggressiveness toward their families. I had to comment on this because I’m so tired of human beings not wanting to place blame where it belongs which is on them. NO DOG BREED IS DEFECTIVE.Mishandled, misunderstood, mistreated, yes nut not defective. NUFF SAID.

        • JP

          I agree with you – bites are never the dogs fault. EVER! It’s the person who is responsible for them.

    • Dan

      oh and your comment about cows, is ridiculous, there haven’t been any deaths by cows, maybe you mean bulls but even those are caused by people being stupid and running with the bulls and bull fighting and ridding bulls, well yeah if people do those kind of activities they are going to get hurt or killed. and your math again on the 145,000,000 to 1 you even stated there are only 5 million pit bulls, that means with only one death a year the most those odds can be is 5,000,000 to one genius, but as i said there have been 5 this year which makes it one in a million. now take into concideration 25 percent are puppies and not killing capable yet, 15 percent are kept chained up or locked away from contact with humans, another 10 percent used for fighting, again kept away from human contact and most all the rest are kept in yards at least fenced in, minimising the opportunnity for them to attack. if you add it up in is more like 1 in 25,000 given the opportunity to attack someone that they will.

      • camino

        “Cows killed 108 people between 2003 and 2008, an average of about 22 deaths a year, or a 1 in 173,871 chance. Like we said above, sharks just don’t really attack that many people. Most of the time, they don’t even attack people on purpose. They just think you kinda look like their food.

        Cows, on the other hand, are pretty big and hella strong. They’re easily able to crush a fully grown adult, and people are around them far more than they’re around sharks. A charging bull or stampede can still take you by surprise and kill you dead before you can yell “Land Shark!” In other words, you’re more likely to die by cow hoof than by shark bite … and that’s not even touching mad cow disease or E. coli.” (And just for the record your odds of contracting the human version of mad cow disease is 1:40,000,000, still more than being killed by any breed of dog.)

      • camino

        5000000:1? Considering the fatal attack statistics were from a 23 year period…genius. Lol

      • camino

        If there were 10 deaths this year from pits (which is the actual number), and there are 307,212,123 (per US census in 2010), that would actually make your odds 1:30,721,212, not 1:1,000,000 like you said. When you add in the number of dogs to fatal attacks from all dogs it turns in to 18 fatal attacks and 307,212,123 people. That would be a 1:17,067,340 chance this year of being killed from a dog in general in the United States. Still pretty good odds if you ask me.

      • mekka

        I cannot believe people actually believe that pitbulls or any breed of dog are just WAITING for an opportunity to attack and kill someone. People are murdered, raped and robbed by other people every few seconds and we don’t hear people saying that gieven the opportunity EVERY person WILL commit one of these crimes. That is absolutely rediculous. And everyone keeps bringing up different statistics to argue someone else’s statistics, the thing about statistics is they vary according to where, when, how long and by who they were created.

        • camino

          We know how many people died from dog bites as they are well documented. We know how many people are living in the US from the Census in 2010. Those statistics don’t change. The ratio of fatal attacks to people doesn’t change either.

      • RR Worker

        Your comment about cows is ridiculous, people do get killed by cows, it’s real easy to get crushed against a fence or a chute when you’re working them in the spring, and it happens whether you think so or not.

    • hesagoodguy

      Only 108 deaths by Pit Bulls, wow that sounds great! Wake up dude!

      One 5-year (2001–2005) review of dog attack victims admitted to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia determined that pit bull terriers were implicated in more than half of bites. Of the 551 patients treated, breed was identified in 269 cases. Of these 269 patients, 137 (50.9%) were attacked by pit bulls:

      One review of the medical literature found that pit bulls and pit bull cross-breeds were involved in between 42 and 45% of dog attacks. Fatalities were most often reported in children, with 70% of victims being under the age of 10.

      • camino

        That’s in a 23 YEAR PERIOD. More people die a DAY in the wars being fought in this world. More people die a DAY than pits have killed in the past 23 years than BEE STINGS. Come on now 108 deaths in 23 years is nothing. Wake up people. Get your facts straight please. Do your own research instead of believing what other people tell you.

        • camino

          from BEE STINGS*, not than BEE STINGS. Sorry had to correct myself. I’m sure someone will throw that typo in my face. LMAO

    • Dan. B

      You are completely fabricating. I have bonafide records to the contrary. Stop lying.
      Fact : pits represent 3% of the dog population and were responsible for 50% of fatalities. PERIOD!!

      • Melinda

        ****”The American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier collectively make up the breed of dogs known as Pit Bulls. As a breed, they are not savage, attack dogs. Quite the opposite, they can be very gentle, intelligent companions.
        It is true that some dogs have caused insurmountable terror, suffering and loss, but when put into perspective Pit Bulls that have maimed and killed people and companion animals are those that represent a SMALL percentage of the millions of good dogs that belong to this breed. Keep in mind that other breeds hurt people and animals too, however they are not publicized as the Pit Bull is. The stereotype of this particular breed feeds the shock and awe sensationalism of the media.”****

      • camino

        Let’s see these “bonafide” records cause I believe you are the one fabricating. I’m surprised from the posts I’ve seen from you that you can even use the word fabricating correctly in a sentance.

        • camino


  • http://www.facebook.com sheila

    As an animal lover myself, I must say that I’m a bit shocked and saddened by much of the posts here. I, too, know very little about Pitt Bulls although I have had the experience of being around a few of them. Fortunately, those few were docile, but as is the case of all animals(both wild and domesticated), people often forget that animals have teeth and a natural-born agrressiveness that can often be triggered or provoked without warning, so sometimes we forget, however(and because we love our pets so much), that there are pros and cons to owning any kind of animal(whether it be dog, cat bird, etc.) without the proper education, training, knowledge and handling of the pets that we choose to bring home/or into our home and introduce to and make part of our family.I don’t own a Pitt, but I do know a few people that do. I’ve seen some gentle Pitts along the way and I’ve seen some with enough agrression(while behind a fence)that strongly suggests that if they were to get free, there might be serious consequences for another dog, animal or human. There is so much negativity surrounding Pitt Bulls and the nature by which they have been known to maim and kill another living being or the kind of severe damage that they can cause, it places a lot of stress and pressure on Pitt Bull owners, victims, first responders and society, as well as on the animals themselves. Unfortunaley, however, there will always be that divide between victims, their families, law enforcement agencies and Pitt Bull advocates and owners. It’s a most unfortunate situation(with no winners)for all. I love both dogs and cats and have owned them, but I still have the good sense to be well aware and cautious of them anyway. There are many good pet owners, along with many who need some good, old-fashioned home training(along with their pets. People who aren’t capable of or aren’t willing to assume control and care over their pets, are the ones who should’t necessarily own them. Owning a dog, especially those breeds with extreme aggression traits, such as the Pitt Bull, is nothing to be lax and non-chalant about. Everyone must play their part and take full responsibility for his/her actions and for the actions, mannerism and behaviors of their pets.(Especially if they’re Pitt Bulls that may or shown signs of aggression.) I wouldn’t go as far as to declare a ‘witch hunt’ for all Pitts and their owners(because of a few or because of statistics). That would be absurd! Nobody has the time nor the resources to carry out such a genocide of peoples’ pets just because there are so many Pitt Bull attacks across the country and around the world. Caution must be practiced and education works!

    • camino

      “Bull breeds score better on temperament tests than the general dog population.
In December 2010, the American Temperament Test Society showed the American pit bull terrier scored an overall temperament rating of 83.9%, compared to the 77% score of the general dog population.
      Pit bulls are actually bred to be affectionate towards people. They have been bred for hundreds of years for strength, agility, high pain tolerance and absence of aggression toward humans. Pit bulls are extremely intelligent dogs and take their cues from the humans who raise them.

      Only humans are capable of knowing the difference between “right and wrong,” and all dogs are bred, raised and trained to behave the way they do.”

      According to the A.T.T.S they actually score better that most other breeds of dogs with a 83.9%. I’m not sure you could truthfully say “especially those breeds with extreme aggression traits, such as the Pitt Bull” after seeing the results of the testing.

      • Dan. B

        BS , total unadultered BS. Records show that pits have committed 50% of all dog attacks the passed 10 years and only comprise 3% of the dog population. stop peddling that crap. how many stories do you have to hear , before you agree that this breed should be eradicated from the world?

        • Melinda

          At least Camino came on here with some facts! All you keep saying is “3%…3%”. You’re an idiot! Did your mama take your pit away from you when you were a child??? Don’t hate the breed…hate your mama! Ignorant a*swipe!

        • camino

          So i guess the scientific method is BS now?


          Do some actual research before you open your mouth please.
          “There are an estimated 5 million Pitbulls in the United States. Since 1988 only 108 deaths were related to Pitbulls. That equals out to being 0.00216% of all Pitbulls killed someone since 1988.
          On the other hand..the odds of being struck by lightning are 1 in 600,000 in the USA. So comparatively speaking you are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to be killed by a dog of any breed. When you further break down the odds of being attacked and killed by a Pitbull the odds are approximately 1 in 145,000,000. In contrast, you are 4 times more likely to be killed by a cow in the USA than any breed of dog, much less a Pitbull.”
          Grow up.

    • MJ

      When I was reading this Sheila, I thought my Husband wrote this. Well said Sheila! I agree with you 100 percent.

      • http://www.fabulousfarelanes.com Jim

        It doesn’t matter what the “tests” result say. It’s the “damage” results that say it all. Four aggressive yappy little toy poodles aren’t going to do this kind of damage.

        • http://www.fabulousfarelanes.com Jim

          Nor is their aggression going to be sustained for any length of time like these pit bulls and others have done. I’ve been around pit bulls that were the sweetest dogs on the planet, however if you drop some laundry from the laundry basket and they think it’s a toy, there’s no getting your underwear or socks back. Even the really good ones have an aggressive edge.

        • Jaeson

          The major difference between Pit Bulls and other breeds is WHO owns them, not what they are bred to be. If a pit bull puppy cost $1000 than a whole different class of owners would nurture and care for them, and raise them the right way. Instead, most pit bulls are given away or sold at a very low price leaving them in the hands of careless people. I have never had as loyal dogs as my pitbulls, and everyone i know who was as closed minded as a lot of you people have changed their minds and their hearts to that fact after meeting my dogs.

        • Melinda

          So kill them all because they are ABLE to cause this kind of damage? That’s like saying kill all the big men in the gyms because they can hurt someone way worse than you can. Or put down all gorillas (even the ones in the zoo’s) because they could do some damage if they want to. But let’s keep all the small men and tiny monkeys…because even though their tempers may be 100x worse,they aren’t able to cause much damage!! DUMBEST SH*T I’VE EVER HEARD!

        • camino

          Really so test results lie huh? What are the point of the scientific method if the tests results don’t matter? These dogs were tested and contrary to your beliefs scored higher than the majority of other breeds. Bottom line. If your kid goes to school and tests poorly on tests given for academics does that mean they are smart just because the test results don’t matter and it’s what YOU want to think? Man the idiocy in this country. Might as well just throw out all the testing on everything the scientific community has ever done right? Intelligent responses PLEASE…

    • heartsamendin

      Very well said!!

  • Jackie M.

    Pitbulls should be banned.

    • Carol

      I totally agree with Jackie M. A child would NOT have been so lucky. Poor kitten.

      • hesagoodguy

        100 percent agree

    • RR Worker

      Tou should be banned.

    • JG

      OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….My pit bull is soooo dangerous….She would lick you to death after you play-wrestled with her…She would beat you to death with her tail as she wagged it if you stood by her…She would sleep inside all day on (“Her Blanketr” that she has to have cause she is a big baby) if I did not make her go outside to play with “Her Toys”. She just lays there as my 5 year old granddaughter brushes her. Oh such a dangerous dog…BUT IF anyone DID decide to break into my house, she would PROTECT me…and if that means biting the intruder, then so be it…Intruders do not need to be in my house uninvited!!!

      • Melinda

        So right JG!!! My dog is a 90 lb baby!!! He will not sleep alone. He does not think he should ever be made to lay on the floor. He will literally cry if my daughter doesn’t let him under her blanket while he sleeps with his head on her pillow. And once, there was someone trying to get into our back door…he let me know. He went crazy on that door. But he recognized ME AND MY VOICE when I told him to calm down and guess what??? He DID! I called the police, grabbed my knife (don’t own a gun) and he LED me thru every room in the house searching that everything was clear. He would NOT leave my side. He knew someone was in OUR space that wasn’t supposed to be there. That is when I totally fell in love with that dog (he belonged to my husband before I came around). I will never let anyone tell me different about him!

        • Dan. B

          Nice cute little fairy tale, and my Golden discovered a vaccine for aids, and is submitting himself as a write in candidate for president, that is after he completes his PHD thesis at Harvard.

          • Melinda

            I wish you would come to my house! Since you’re so scared of the animal I would have so much fun terrorizing you with his kisses and tail wagging! You’re so dumb, you probably think that’s his preparation for attack mode! I would laugh my a*s off!!! Every comment I read from you…all I can think is “idiot.”

  • BJ

    People say that pit bulls are not dangerous, unless they are trained to be vicious. Everything about pit bulls refutes that statement. Three pit bulls pushed their way into a kitchen in Los Angeles and killed as Grandma as she tried to put their food out onto the back steps. When the other family members returned home, Grandma was stretched out on the kitchen floor with every bit of flesh torn from her arms, bleeding to death. Grandma died. AND, when unresponsible owners of Pit Bulls allow those killers to run loose, they should be jailed!

    • Jordan Romano

      you’re all so foolish……it’s the owners that are to be held responsible NOT the animals. Pitbulls are trained to be killers by irresponsible, cruel people. Then causing mindless sheep like yourselves to read stories like this an what happened in Los Angeles and believing that all pitbulls are killers. Tell me, do you also think all blacks are criminals cause you watch COPS?…..

      you should all be ashamed. All of you. Take some time to meet and play with a pitbull puppy and you’ll see they are the most hospitable and loving dogs when they are not ABUSED

      • Dan. B

        Right and I’m the president of Lower Slobovia. DUH!!!

        • chad


          • Melinda


        • camino

          You don’t even have the intelligence to hold that position. And I’m sure any idiot could run an imaginary country. LMAO. Get a life and get off of an intelligent thread. By the way…you can’t even spell your imaginary Dilbert country. It’s Lower Slobbovia. Kinda like your “facts”, get a life.

  • Dan

    American Staffordshire Terriers/Pit bulls are the best dogs, they are the superman dog, anyone who believes in all that sensationalist media bull crap should just stick their head in the sand and listen to some more propaganda, people unable to think for themselves!!!

    • joseph addison

      When you take your head out of the sand, let us know.

      • Unlessyou have one, don’t comment!!!!

        I at one time was ignorant and would make stupid comments about Pit Bulls because of the media. However,I adopted one from the shelter and I did not save him, but he saved me.

        Pit Bulls are the most abused and misunderstood breed of dogs. They are often bred by lower income and uneducated people. I known this from growing up in South Florida. Almost every drug dealer has one. They give the dogs drugs(stimulants) and beat the crap out of them when they perform poorly in fights. Micheal Vick’s treatment of Pit Bulls is common place in urban areas.

        There should be very strict guidelines for being allowed to adopt PBs. Individuals should be of good moral character,display knowledge about the breed and have background checks. Pit Bulls were once nanny dog for infants. I have seen more aggressive “toy” dogs by far!!


      • Jordan Romano

        when you’re done being a close-minded tool brainwashed by the media, YOU let us know

      • Melinda

        EXACTLY!!! American Staffordshire Terrier is the breed I have!! The BEST dog I’ve ever had…and I’ve had at least 20 dogs in my life! He’s the smartest and listens to every word I say. I can leave a plate of food on the floor, even if he hasn’t yet eaten that day, and he will NOT touch it until I take the silverware off the plate and say, “go ahead.” I haven’t had any dog that would do that yet..until my pit bull!

    • hesagoodguy

      Dan, Have you been sleeping in a cave?

      Wake up dude!

    • Dan. B

      Sure Danny Boy, just like a BB Gun is like an assault weapon.

  • Brooke

    My 20 lb terrier mix hates cat/kittens and would have done the same amount of damage to get to one if given the opportunity. Would he get the same amount of media attention? I think not. This “news” just makes the owner and their dogs look bad. Glad the kitten was unharmed.

    • chip

      you’re right Brooke… have two Pit Bulls, I’m just tired of the bias !!! thanks

      • Dan. B

        sure right. sweet adorable doggies, who, I would trust to baby sit my new born infant. Are all pit bull owners whackeroos?

        • Melinda

          Actually, idiot Dan, if my dog could change diapers and perform cpr,I would DEFINITELY let him babysit! Not only that, I’d hire him out to my neighbors as well. No human other than my husband and I would protect my child like our dog would! I’d bet my life on that!

          • Dan. B

            You ain’t gonna live that long. Hey, I’ll take that bet and even give you odds.

          • Melinda

            C’mon…can’t you think of a reply better than that? My 2nd grader could!

          • Melinda

            I posted this earlier…I’m going to repost it here because something in this article fits our little conversation


            •Pit Bulls have locking jaws.- Pit Bulls do NOT have locking jaws. The fact is they have very strong jaws in comparison to other dogs which make them more powerful; they are stronger than many other breeds. A Pit Bull’s body composition is comparable to a body builder and an average person. Just because one person enjoys body building and is therefore stronger than another person, it does not mean that that person is any less gentle or friendly
            •Pit bulls are inherently mean and vicious.- Pit Bulls by nature are NOT mean and vicious-they are very sweet and friendly. They are easily trainable and respond well to commands which can change their happy go lucky personality into something monstrous. Their desire to please, paired with their strength, high prey drive and malleability make them a great candidate for use as guard and attack dogs and in fighting rings.

            •People cause Pit Bulls to be vicious. -In most cases Pit Bulls are vicious and dangerous because they were trained to be. The training methods used by dog fighters cause the dog to be indiscriminate about what it attacks. Trainers will starve, beat and harass these dogs in order to make them aggressive. A dog does not understand that it may only attack other dogs when it is in the ring. The saying ‘Guns do not kill people, people kill people’ can be applied to these dogs: Pit Bulls do not attack people, people attack people. Pit Bulls are used as a weapon. Furthermore these dogs are most often grossly abused themselves.
            •Some Pit Bulls (not all) tend to have a high prey drive. A high prey drive means that an animal has a natural inclination to chase and possibly attack other animals that they see as food. Though we would like to think that domestic dogs are civilized, they are still animals and instinctive behaviors are difficult if not impossible to eliminate. This fact means that responsibility, vigilance and knowledge are imperative on the part of the OWNER of a Pit Bull as with ANY dog.
            •Dog fighting has been around for centuries. When most people think of dog fighting they envision thugs in rough inner-city neighborhoods with drugs, guns and seething, drooling Pit Bulls. In the 1800′s Pit Bulls that were used for fighting were trusted with children and seen as their nannies. Dogs that fought by night would be left alone with children by day to guard and protect them.
            •Pit bulls are not the right breed for everyone. Although Pit Bulls do not deserve the reputation they have gained they are not suitable for everyone. These dogs can be difficult to handle due to their intelligence, energy and power. People who are considering owning a Pit Bull should research the breed in order to ensure an appappropriate life for the dog as well as a duty to public safety.”****

          • chad


          • Melinda

            Yeah…u get him Chad…lol

          • corthew

            Melinda, surely you will not defend the FACT that Pit Bulls were bread to do exactly what these four did to this car.
            They are bred to fight and not give up.

            THAT makes them dangerous. You can get all high and mighty about how its man’s fault and you’re right, but don’t lose sight of the fact that these are guns that operate with or without a person directing them.
            You’re right. They often do not know there is a difference between another dog and a person.
            That is not a good thing and you should not use it as an excuse to allow the continued breeding of this dog.
            People are indeed responsible and people who help to continue this bloodline should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
            Its purely criminal to breed a dog with these capabilities.

  • Chris

    I don’t care what breed of dogs they were, but if I saw a couple of dogs destroying my car like that they would have their heads removed with a mossberg shotgun full of double-ought buck shot.

  • http://loveanaturalme.info Amiee

    The worst part about pit bulls is their grip. Once they latch on, you can forget it. So regardless of how calm they may appear to be, that one attack can cost someone’s life or their physical appearance. It is ridiculous to say that your pit bull is great. We have to respect the dog for what it is, a killer. That is their claim to fame. Many children have been mauled and killed because of the ignorance of people with pit bulls and their illusions about their dogs.

    • Jordan Romano

      how retarded are you

      • F

        You dumbass, he’s not retarded. You’re the one who is retarded. I used to have one for years, then she attacked a neighborhood kid RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. The kid was a regular and was doing nothing to provoke her. What did I do?… I put her down. Tough, but the right thing to do.
        All you people who try so hard to convince everyone that pit bulls are no different than other dogs are foolish. They are very different. “Oh, but you just have to raise them correctly and then they’ll be sweet nice dogs.” Keep trying but those of us who have first had experience with pit bulls and who aren’t honest enough to admit the truth KNOW that its in their nature to be very dangerous (actually, there are a few other breeds that are almost as dangerous). They should be outlawed. The fines for dog attacks should be HUGE – like $10,000 (given to the victims) or more plus all medical expenses for the one who was attacked. And then there should be another fine that is even bigger (like $25,000 plus a few months in jail) for those who are caught breeding or importing them.
        You’ll NEVER convince the smart people that they are good dogs, so shut up!

      • Nix

        I second that. These people are ignorant idiots. “Let’s eradicate an entire breed because their strength and high pain tolerance makes them a prime target for HUMANS to train to fight etc.” Sense, morons, make some. I am going to go ahead and assume that they are also racist, religious freaks-, who think that because studies show certain groups of people are responsible for a high percentage of violent crimes, we should just kill them all. It is morons like this that keep us from evolving any further. Grr.

    • RR Worker

      You are nuts, it depends entirely on how the dog is treated and trained as to their temperment. I have a 4 year old 80 pound male pit and a 12 year old 9 pound female min-pin. The min-pin rules the roost around here, the pit defers to her senior status in their domain and lets her decide what is going on and when it will happen.

      • Dan. B

        Keep living in la la land. Pit’s are weapons of destruction and have no place in society.
        Tired of hearing that hackneyed explanation ” It’s not the dog, it’s the owner” IT’S THE DOG. PERIOD!! 3% of the dog population and 50% of the fatalities. Not too many Goldens or labs mentioned.
        Ban that breed nationally.

        • Melinda

          Dan B…is that your only arguement??? Done read the same thing from you several times. Come back with some more statistics. I’d also like to hear the statistics on how much LESS of your brain you use than the normal person.

          • Dan. B

            Yo pea brain, What more do you want? Stats are stats. Ok I’ll change the stats. Pits are responsible for 60% of dog fatalities. Happy now?

          • Melinda

            It’s funny because I just read something from a FACTUAL website and your numbers aren’t even close. Half????? Get real. You must’ve really had a number done on you by a poor dog. And in the dog’s defense, he probably didn’t know you were a human!

          • Melinda


            •Pit Bulls have locking jaws.- Pit Bulls do NOT have locking jaws. The fact is they have very strong jaws in comparison to other dogs which make them more powerful; they are stronger than many other breeds. A Pit Bull’s body composition is comparable to a body builder and an average person. Just because one person enjoys body building and is therefore stronger than another person, it does not mean that that person is any less gentle or friendly
            •Pit bulls are inherently mean and vicious.- Pit Bulls by nature are NOT mean and vicious-they are very sweet and friendly. They are easily trainable and respond well to commands which can change their happy go lucky personality into something monstrous. Their desire to please, paired with their strength, high prey drive and malleability make them a great candidate for use as guard and attack dogs and in fighting rings.

            •People cause Pit Bulls to be vicious. -In most cases Pit Bulls are vicious and dangerous because they were trained to be. The training methods used by dog fighters cause the dog to be indiscriminate about what it attacks. Trainers will starve, beat and harass these dogs in order to make them aggressive. A dog does not understand that it may only attack other dogs when it is in the ring. The saying ‘Guns do not kill people, people kill people’ can be applied to these dogs: Pit Bulls do not attack people, people attack people. Pit Bulls are used as a weapon. Furthermore these dogs are most often grossly abused themselves.
            •Some Pit Bulls (not all) tend to have a high prey drive. A high prey drive means that an animal has a natural inclination to chase and possibly attack other animals that they see as food. Though we would like to think that domestic dogs are civilized, they are still animals and instinctive behaviors are difficult if not impossible to eliminate. This fact means that responsibility, vigilance and knowledge are imperative on the part of the OWNER of a Pit Bull as with ANY dog.
            •Dog fighting has been around for centuries. When most people think of dog fighting they envision thugs in rough inner-city neighborhoods with drugs, guns and seething, drooling Pit Bulls. In the 1800’s Pit Bulls that were used for fighting were trusted with children and seen as their nannies. Dogs that fought by night would be left alone with children by day to guard and protect them.
            •Pit bulls are not the right breed for everyone. Although Pit Bulls do not deserve the reputation they have gained they are not suitable for everyone. These dogs can be difficult to handle due to their intelligence, energy and power. People who are considering owning a Pit Bull should research the breed in order to ensure an appappropriate life for the dog as well as a duty to public safety.”

      • http://yahoo.com cathy

        I have 2 min pins, brother and sister.
        I now have a 3 month old pit/boxer.
        And the pit tries to wear the pants but the min pins always win. It is how you let your dogs learn and grow to be what they are. shame on you people. God made everything equal.
        Its how you make it be.

    • cp

      You are an idiot speaking of something you know absolutely nothing about, any dog can hurt someone, and there are plenty of dogs with much stronger bite force than a pit-bull. Do your homework before you judge a breed on stereotype alone. The dogs could have very well been trying to save the kitten which I guarantee is what my pit-bull would have been trying to do.

      • Dan. B

        Save the kitten. Better get back on your meds. You must live on Mars.

      • heartsamendin

        I do not usually get into these arguments but I did have to thank you for the *trying to save the kitten* comment. I needed a good hard laugh!!! Have you even looked at the pictures of that van? They were trying to send that kitten to kitty heaven. period.

    • Jenny

      I know of only one way to make a PIT BULL let go of something that it has in its mouth(and this comes from direct experience)and that is make a fist and push it hard on the throat of the dog making him cough. Once the dog coughs then he will let go of whatever it has in its mouth. Just make sure that someone has a good hold on dog before doing this as the dog will attempt to bite again. Then have the dog put down.

    • Debra

      I have 2 boxers and a pit bull. The boxer’s have the same steel trap jaw and they aren’t stigmatized. Your idea that the jaw won’t let loose once it is engaged is not valid.

    • http://WebProNews Joyce Gammill

      Amiee: Mike Vick is a killer…and you, madam, are a retard; running your mouth about something of which you know nothing.

  • euthanizepitbulls

    euthanize pitbullsnow!!! no need for those type of dogs on this planet!!!

    • Nix

      How is it that someone who thinks so idiotically has mastered the art of breathing, let alone use of a computer! I assume you would also say that we should eradicate any race that studies show commit more violent crime than any other! HOW IGNORANT you are. I have owned pit bulls as pets since I was a small child. Each one was smart, loyal, gentle and cuddled with our cats. Because of their inherent strength,unfortunately for the breed, they are the dog of choice when awful people choose to train for fighting and protection. Because of their abilities, they are over bred and find their way into lots of undeserving hands, abused, mistreated and trained to be aggressive, often times ending up at a high-kill shelter through NO FAULT OF ITS OWN. I worked at Animal Hospitals for 8 years, and saw far more spaniel bites than pits. One of my pits was used as a therapy dog at the nursing home, and the residents loved spending time with her. Your kind of ignorance is what is keeping us from evolving further as a species. Educate yourself. You do not “euthanize” an entire BREED because humans mistreat them and train them inappropriately. Sense, make some.

      • Dan. B

        More BS apologists.

    • Melinda

      I’d like to see you come try and take mine! Maybe dogs DO reflect their owner because I’m feeling a lot of rage build up in me..and I own a pit bull! We’ll fight for our dogs just as much as you’d fight for yours!

    • Melinda

      Euthanize idiots! No need for your type of humans on this planet!!!!

      • teresa crenshaw

        Thank you I own 23 pit bulls and have owned way ore than that during my lifetme. All my children (5) have been around all of my dogs and have never been bitten once by any dog I have ever had.If you know nothing of this beautiful breed of dogs shut the F*** up. I will fight til the end for the right to own a pit bull.

  • Maura Phillips

    The only reason this story is receiving so much attention is because “Pit Bull” is in the headline. Humans are to blame for the breed aggression! Pit Bulls were bred and raised to attack, fight and kill! Many other large breeds could have caused the same type of damage shown, especially if bred and raised to attack, fight and kill!! It is our responsibility to learn how to undo the harm WE caused.
    It also greatly disturbs me the way many pet owners (not just pit bull owners)ignore problems,including serious ones such as this, rather than being the responsible pet owner by taking the time to deal with and hopefully resolve any and all issues!!

    • Dan. B

      More apologists for pit bulls. I’m sick of hearing that idiot line “it’s not the dogs , it’s the owner”
      Check the 10 year stats for dog attack fatalities and you will find over 50% involved pit bulls, and they represent only 3% of total dog population. The other fatalities were caused primarily by stray pack, Rotties and Huskies. Not a Golden or a Lab mentioned.
      Ban this lousy breed nationally, and maybe we’ll not see any more infant casualties being caused by this miserable breed.

      • http://Yahoo.com Georgevol

        Euthanize all “small minds”. If you do your research, first it was Dobermans, Sheppards and now Pit Bulls. I have an American Bulldog (part of the Pit Bulls) that is timid and loving (even to cats) as he can be. I have scars all over my hands from an aggressive dog. A min Schnauzer. If she had weighed 85 lbs and been as big as my Pit, I would have spent a few days in the hospital getting stitches.

        Every dog has its own personality. Ask Michael Vick about Pits. His were so tame that they would NOT fight. Only 2 of the pack they saved had to be put down. The rest were adopted and some by families with small children.

        I say (in spite of the Republican Conservatives) lets have some retroactive abortions for the idiots this human race breeds.

      • SARAH

        I had a VICIOUS chocolate lab or 10 years. Now i have the SWEETEST pitbull ever. He has NEVER shown his teeth or bit anyone. It is the owner…no matter how many times you are sick of hearing that. Noone should ban the dog just because of the breed, we all have a right to chose what type of animal we want. Ban the humans who dont know how to take care of them.

    • Nix

      Thank you. Well Said!

      • http://WebProNews Joyce Gammill

        Georgevol: THANK YOU and amen. A pit bull (and they’re noted #1 for courage) saved my life – literally – all 48 lbs. of him. Took down a man 5’11”, 240 lbs., who was trying to beat me to death.
        Dan B: You hear all the negative about pit bulls, they sell. You’d be very shocked to learn about the breeds who don’t make the news (they don’t sell) who have made vicious attacks on people. As for banning pit bulls nationally, better to ban morons like you. Be a far kinder and more pleasant place to live for the rest of us.

      • shea

        Spoken like a true moron. You claim that you had a “vicious” Lab for 10 yrs…and then go on to say “It is the owner…ban the humans who don’t know how to take care of them.” Majority of chocolate Labs I’ve encountered were super friendly, loving, family pets. You must be one hell of a human to raise a vicious Lab. You’re right. You should be banned.

    • Bubba

      I call BS! Total BS…if Border Collies are known as the smart breed of dog, and labs are know as being big puppies, and chows are known for their aggressiveness…why is it so hard to believe that pit bulls are know for being vicious? There is something innate with all of these breeds such that a boarder collie can learn 4 different words for an ATV (if you said Honda, 3 wheeler, ATC, and wroom! the dog would go out and wait by the thing waiting to chase it.) and the ridiculously vicious damage done by a pit pull. There is something within these dogs that totally disables their fear of people unlike most other breads…I mean why do all the Latino Machismo types have them and not a beagle?

      Grow up and stop living in your politically correct dream world…

  • txzn

    Regardless of breed, other than training a dog to be vicious or abuse there is one sole reason that turns a dog vicious – isolation.
    When a dog is left chained in a yard or in a small cage with no social interaction, it’s judgement & behavior becomes impaired. Most animals in these situations are also fed & watered irregularly – intensifying vicious symptoms.
    Much like humans, a canine is a social creature & must be taught it’s place in a pack – yes your family becomes it’s pack & must be taught how to behave. A dog must be raised to understand humans are “alpha” & are to be respected – it’s humans that fail to establish this that fail not only the animal but society as well.

    • T

      why are dogs in the wild that run in packs vicious and kill other animals including human animals (we are animals and food to other animals)?

  • http://yahoo Mack

    You are all ignoring the obvious – THERE IS NO NEED FOR PEOPLE IN GENERAL TO HAVE LARGE/DANGEROUS/ANNOYING/FILTHY shit machines that they cannot/will not train, control or clean-up after. Sheep dogs are needed for herding, cow dogs for working cattle, sheperds for police work (maybe), guide dogs for the blind…etc ; if you don’t have a specific need for your dog – you shouldn’t have one. The dogs and your neighbors would be a lot better off.

    • david smith


      • Joe

        That’s funny. When I think of the most uneducated people I know 90% of them have pit bulls.

    • Tony

      Agree. Tht’s what the owner gets. These dogs r out of control

    • Debra

      You sound just like the Nazi’s….you want to kill off a race you don’t understand!

    • corthew

      I agreed with you until you started knocking dog ownership in general.

      It has been proven that having a dog can be therapeutic.

      I have a shelter dog. Greyhound mix.

      He’s company, door bell and burglar alarm all in one.:)

      He would never tear up a bumper though or destroy a tire.

  • Michelle

    Serves the owner of the vicious dogs right, they tore up his bumper looking for a kitten? Really? A kitten? Enjoy paying for the bumper and hopefully this report will be seen by the insurance industry and they refuse to pay the mini vans damage at the “mouth” of his own dogs. What if it was a 3 year old, or ANY age child who could not escape these DOGS?

  • http://webpronews Aaron

    People commenting on this are so stupid. 95% of damn dogs would chase a cat anywhere. You think dogs actually know that its a kitten? Dogs are dogs, its not like they were trying to et after a newborn baby or little kid. All these uneducated idiots who once again just think pitbulls are vicious, violent dogs. If it was a squirrel or a rabbit would we still be having this conversation? all idiots

    • corthew

      What are you…Stupid?

      Most any other dog would realize they weren’t getting the cat and go away in a minute. Two at the most.
      These dogs destroyed a bumper and popped a tire.

      You’d have to be an idiot not to see the problem with that!

      • http://WebProNews Joyce Gammill

        Aaron: Well stated. Thank you.

      • http://WebProNews Joyce Gammill

        Corthew: And what are you? Moron.

      • shane

        once again. this story isn’t even true. i know the guy, he is trying to coverup the fact that he wrecked his vehicle, he is a drunk.

    • Corey Barnett

      No one here is an idiot. Every body just has a different point of view about this situation. But, if reading people’s comments bother you, maybe you should’nt be on the internet in the first place. People are people, and we all have a right to voice our opinions. No matter people say here or on any internet site, their comments don’t bother me.

    • Melinda

      Love it Aaron…well said! All dogs chase anything that’s running, period!! Thankfully, this kitten had the intelligence to hide very well! Dogs chase laser dots all around trying to attack it!! ALL DOGS!!!

  • maria

    I own a pitbull and 3 cats…the cats rule my house and my pit doesn’t even try to go after any of them. They all play together and will also sleep next to me. It’s not the dogs people it’s the owners and how they raise their pets. Like the parents who have kids that who are violent and nasty. Should we ban having kids because some are unruly? Get your head out of your derrier and stop putting blame where it doesn’t belong. Profiling is all it is.

    • shane

      right on maria. i too am a pit bull owner. our 7lb. yorkie is vicious. just the way she is. she kicks “bull’s” ass. because he lets her. he is just a great dog. best dog ive ever had. best temperment and by far the smartest.

  • Rob

    How can anyone with even a sliver of a brain not see that the VAST majority of dog attacks are by one breed and one breed alone – the pit bull. This “it’s how they are raised” b.s is just absolutely absurd. Sure you can teach a golden retriever to attack innocent people, but seriously, when you hear at the top of the news “child mauled by dog,” what person doesn’t automatically think “I’ll be shocked if it isn’t a pit bull?” Pit bulls are a proven danger, and anyone who owns one will be saving themselves a lot of trouble and will make their neighborhood much safer by putting it down. I am 100% in favor of wiping pit bulls from the face of the planet. Any of you “my pit bull would never hurt a fly” people needs to ask yourself – “what am going to think when my dog either mauls or kills an innocent kid, whether it is my own kid or someone elses?” I’m sure you’re still going to snuggle with your furry little killing machine, aren’t you?

    • Maat2m3

      You are aware that “pit bull” is not a breed right? “Pit bull” is a conglomeration of three breeds and all of their mixes. That’s a lot of dogs. Of course many serious attacks are committed by pit bull type dogs. There’s too many of them to not be. Also, most reporters and witnesses can’t identify breeds too well, hence the misconception pit bull is even a breed, so the vast majority of biters get labelled as pit bulls even when they are not.

      • Rob

        Yes, my friend, I realize that, but saying Staffordshire Bull Terrier or whatever it is over and over would be cumbersome, don’t you think? Maybe Westminster doesn’t recognize the “breed” as “pit bull,” but come on, really? You felt the urge to correct me on THAT? Sorry, next time I’ll use an asterisk and state that “pit bull” is not an actual approved breed name, just to avoid confusion.

  • iLikeAllDogs

    Tome and Jerry

    Dogs chase cats and eat them all the time… I think everyone posting here is living in some delusion. Dogs are animals and still have a good bit of hunting instinct. Sure they are bred to respond to humans, but I know humans who don’t even respond well to humans. To rationally expect perfect submission from a dog 100% of the time is foolish. Soon enough they will have vegan dog food and people will wonder why their dogs are suffering from symptoms of malnourishment. I mean Christ, we already have dog Prozac! these are not people they are animals.

    Dogs chase cats and cats chase mice. I had a girlfriend with Yorkies and they would kill ducks that landed in their pool all the time. Then they would bring them in the house through the doggy door and leave them in her bed. Kind of gross but what can you do about it? They killed her Macaw through its cage. All that was left was its head holding on to the cage with its beak. Again these were Yorkies. There was no mistreatment, no training to kill. It was just old predator instinct kicking in when prey was in range. Yorkies lol…

    I agree with some of the posters that the only reason this story is getting coverage is because “pit bull” is in the head line. I walked into a fiends house and his golden retriever jumped over a table at my head. That dog had a history of biting people and why it was still alive I don’t know. It bit his girlfriends face while they were laying in bed once. So don’t say any one breed is less aggressive than another. It is different from dog to dog.

  • tim

    So lets look at the logic of these Pit haters, or better yet use a human analogy, Blacks make up roughly 12%of the u.s. population yet commit almost 60% of all murders, should we ban blacks? of course not the dog as the black is more a product of there enviroment, living in poverty and high crime areas increases the likelyhood that you will be involved in violenc, same thing with Pits, certain people have found that these dogs are perfect for violence and they are trained to be vicious, I have 2 Pits and they are very lovable cause thats how they were brought up

    • Marcus

      Did you just degrade a whole race of people from being human beings (like any other race) to being no better than dogs? Just wait one second, I’m not going to get really defensive here because your intelligence level may have just made a misstep, not recognizing that error in your hypothetical “analogy”. Also your statistics this isn’t grade school so I’m sure you already know to show your work! Where are your stats coming from; cite them. The US Justice Dept. says the homicidal,murder & manslaughter crime rate since 1974 was around 49% for white individuals and 48% for black individuals. Which is still high for any individuals we all should value human life more. I love all people especially stupid people :)

      • shane


  • tim

    Rob your a fool! ask any vet or anyone that knows dogs and its the same answer they are GREAT dogs, google there history pal , they were once known as the NANNY dog, they love people, I bet you want to ban all guns too! typical liberal mentality, never take responcibility blame anyone or any thing but yourself, you probably have bunny rabbits as pets!

    • Rob

      Tim, you are a complete idiot, and it pains me to know that you are a fellow Republican. First of all, are you that moronic to think that all pit are in high crime areas? Second of all, when have you ever heard the owner of a pit bull interviewed on tv or in the paper after their killer has ripped off a poor kid’s face say “Yeah, we figured it would happen. Our dog has hurt dozens of people before and we are afraid of it ourselves and never let it around our children.” The answer? Of course it’s “never.” Instead it’s always, “Our dog never gave any indication that it would hurt anyone. Our pit bull lets our kids dress it up like a doll and has tea parties with them while they throw darts at it, and it never even growls at them.” So, if THAT is true, then there is obviously a problem with these little iron-jawed angels of death snapping for no reason. Give me a logical explanation, other than “the dog is a product of its environment” as to why 90% of the time when you hear of someone being attacked by a dog, it’s a pit bull?

      Here’s another sledgehammer to your rock solid argument – do you think all blacks own pit bulls as their family pet? Obviously, that’s not the case. So, my point is this – how often do you hear of a high crime area’s spike in poodle attacks, or for God’s sake, even German shepherd or rottweiler attacks? Never. Why does it seem to only be the pit bulls that attack people? If your theory were true, then the local news would have a story of “Chocolate lab rips off childs arm on the wrong side of the tracks.”

      Go hide behind your vet testimonials and your “I would hold a steak in my mouth and stab my dog with a fork and it wouldn’t even growl at me” arguments, and enjoy the ticking time bomb that is your pit bull.

      • Rob

        Let me add that I do realize that pit bulls aren’t the only dog breed that can hurt people. My right big toe can tell you that miniature dachshunds will bite, and anyone who walks down our sidewalk on the other side of our fence can tell you that our cocker spaniel acts like she would rip their face off if they dared to jump into our yard. No idea why, she’s just protective, as a pit bull can be. I understand that. Who knows, maybe she actually would, but I guarantee you that if she did and the attack would be reported as breaking news on CNN, it would be the first violent cocker spaniel attack that any of you would have heard of, as opposed to the countless pit bull attacks that we all hear about. Sure, cocker spaniels have bitten people, but ripped off faces, bitten off fingers and hands and arms, and chewed through a car bumper? I somewhat doubt it, although I have never claimed to know everything.

        • http://yahoo.com BullyBreed

          Rob you are a sausage and meatballs, and Pit bulls get hungry too.

  • Lee Gedansky

    I am both a dog and a cat lover, and know enough to know that dogs AND cats will go to great lengths to get what they want, and it is up to humans to regulate what they can get to.

    Most dogs are cat aggressive, and, given the resources, will do whatever they can to get to the cat they are pursuing. It is entirely unreasonable to anthropomorphize any animal, and expect any kind of “reasonable” behavior. Predictable behavior? Sure. Reason is for humans.

    Here are some hard and fast facts:

    Everyone who gives in to the anti Pit Bull (or anti ANY breed) hype is a media slave and grossly uninformed

    Pit Bulls are the reason there are pet dogs in European and American Civilization. When dog fighting was banned in Europe over 250 years ago (it was never legal here), these dogs proved to be so wonderful with people and children that dog owners brought them into their homes.

    They are they ONLY breed or type of dog that will instinctively stop fighting when pulled from another dog and they were bred relentlessly to be good with humans. Why do we here horror stories, MOSTLY misinformation, and a very small amount of bad breeding and training in inner cities where they are used for illegal fights and as drug guard dogs. IN SPITE OF THIS VERY RECENT OCCURRENCE…

    .0004% of all dog attacks world wide are caused by Pit Bulls and Bully breeds. Yet, 100% off all dog attacks in the media, like this sensationalistic crap, are about Pit Bulls.

    90% of all Pit Bulls that are fought (illegally) can be re-socialized safely and successfully with people, including children

    100% of all stories, in the history of this type of dog, that say “he was always so nice til he ate those kids” are false. Urban legend, Total farce. Do attacks occur? Yes, but infinitesimally few and they were never a good dog. Someone missed something and got careless. I have personally seen people with people aggressive dogs, simply not noticing how aggressive they are.

    60% of all dogs in the US are some kind of Pit Bull or Bully Breed or including mix.

    4 million of the 6 million dogs euthanized every year are in the US are some kind of Pit Bull or Bully Breed or including mix.

    Bottom line…

    better than half the dogs in the US, and 2/3rds of those needlessly destroyed, are a bully breed.

    They are responsible for a very small number of attacks,

    Nearly ALL dogs are dog aggressive and cat aggressive

    MOST are NOT people aggressive.

    Think about it. We don’t profile humans even if it will prevent crime or terrorism, and there are enough unfortunate statistics to support fracturing some of our inalienable rights as citizens. But, dogs are that are not actually responsible for the vast majority of what they are accused of, are being abandoned and killed in droves.

    If we don’t wise up very soon about what great dogs these are, separate the fact from the fiction because most of it is fiction, and stop looking for sensationalistic news at the cost of lives, we are going to wake up one day and wonder why 60% of all the dogs in the US are gone.

    • Mike

      Lee, did you know that 99% of all statistics are made up? This is obviously the case with the statistics you mention. List your sources or it isn’t true.

      Don’t believe him, people, do your own research! These dogs are dangerous, plain and simple. Next thing we know Lee is going to be giving us statistics on how safe tigers are to keep in your home. “Didn’t you know? Tigers only account for 0.0001% of attacks in the US, they’re perfectly safe house pets!”

      • sean

        Mike I thought pitbulls were evil dogs I was always afraid of them. I heard stories about them killing people. Then I adopted a pitbulls puppy to stop the people from fighting it and now I totally disagree with you. I was wrong about pitbulls they are great dogs. In fact the best dog I’ve ever owned plain and simple. You should find a responsible pitbull owner and go check them out.

      • Rob

        Hilarious man – seriously. Mr. Statistics neglected to look up the stat of the percentage of dog attacks that leave people disfigured or dead that are caused by pit bulls versus any other type of dog. If I were Lee, I’d just go ahead and say that there are no documented cases of a pit bull hurting anyone, ever. That stat would really support his argument.

        • sean

          Rob have you owned a pitbull before. I used to think just like you. Then I did my research and now own a pitbull. They are great dogs.

          • Rob

            No, I haven’t. I know they can be very sweet dogs. But as I said before, when there are 5,000 other types of dogs, why would I or any other person want a type that could kill me or someone else? You people act like put bulls are the only kind of dog available that can be a good, sweet dog.

          • sean

            Pitbulls can have their minds molded into what’re the owners likes same with every other dog. My parents owned a Australian shepherd who was really nice but was not properly socialized with other dogs and kids I would never trust it around other dogs or kids. But I properly socialized my pitbull and would trust him around kids and dogs. But still supervise him because you should always supervise your dog around kids and other dogs.

      • Mary Anne

        Mike- interesting you berate Lee for his lack of souse material but then you speak as tho’ you know the “true facts”. Where are your sources??!!??

      • camino

        “The American Pit Bull Terrier is the product of interbreeding between Old English Terrier and English Bulldogs to produce a dog that combined the gameness of the terrier with the strength and athleticism of the bulldog.[3] These dogs were initially bred in England and arrived in the United States with the founders. In the United States, these dogs were used as catch dogs for semi-wild cattle and hogs, to hunt, to drive livestock, and as family companions” Not to kill, not to fight in pits.
        In December 2010, the American Temperament Test Society showed the American pit bull terrier scored an overall temperament rating of 83.9%, compared to the 77% score of the general dog population. Pitbulls are actually bred to be affectionate towards people. They have been bred for
        hundreds of years for strength, agility, high pain tolerance and absence of aggression toward humans. Pit bulls are extremely intelligent dogs and take their cues from the humans who raise them. Only humans are capable of knowing the difference between “right and wrong,” and all dogs are bred, raised and trained to behave the way they do.”

 So according to the A.T.T.S they actually score better than most other breeds of dogs with a 83.9%.
        “There are an estimated 5 million Pitbulls in the United States and that number is probably not correct since a lot of people register them as other breeds to skirt BSL laws (which thankfully Ohio’s BSL was repealed this year). Since 1988 only 113 deaths were related to Pitbulls. That equals out to being 0.0022% of all Pitbulls killed someone since 1988.
        On the other hand..the odds of being struck by lightning are 1 in 1,000,000 (1:10,000 if you live to be 80), so comparatively speaking you are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to be killed by a dog of any breed. When you further break down the odds of being attacked and killed by a Pitbull the odds are approximately 1 in 145,000,000. In contrast, you are 4 times more likely to be killed by a cow in the USA than any breed of dog, much less a Pitbull.”
        Unfortunatly it’s hard to total up the non-fatal bites for a few reasons. A couple of reasons being that not all are reported, and there are no accurate records of pitbull bites compared to other breeds of dogs. The best estimate I found was there were and estimated 4.6 million dog bites a year, and 800,000 of those required E.R treatment. Again this doesn’t contain all bites or a distinction between breeds. So let’s just say pitbulls were responsible for ALL the attacks (which they are not). That still only means that 6.25% of all of the estimated 5 million pitbulls bit someone and sent them to the E.R. Now let’s add in the other 73,000,000 registered dogs in the United States and that equals out to be roughly 5.7% of all dogs bit someone, and roughly 1% of all dogs sent someone to the hospital per year.
        “However, before we decide that dogs are just plain dangerous to have around, let us keep these numbers in perspective. The 149 fatal attacks are over a 4 year period. That averages to about 37 fatal attacks by dogs (in general, not just pitbull/ pitbull type dogs) each year.
        Compare that with these numbers from various sources on the internet:

        Each year in the United States,
        •About 50-100 people die from bee stings (Yahoo Answers).
        •About 36,000 people die from the flu (CDC).
        •About 40,000 people die in car accidents (NHTSA).”
        There are a lot more dangerous things in this world than a dog or even a pitbull.
        “Cows killed 108 people between 2003 and 2008, an average of about 22 deaths a year, or a 1 in 173,871 chance. In other words, you’re more likely to die by cow hoof than by shark bite… and that’s not even touching mad cow disease or E. coli.” And just for the record your odds of contracting the human version of mad cow disease is 1:40,000,000, still more than being killed by any breed of dog. So should we ban or euthanize all cows now because they are vicious killers?
        Furthermore if there were 10 deaths this year from pits (which is the actual number), and there are 307,212,123 (per US census in 2010), that would actually make your odds 1:30,721,212 of being killed by a Pitbull. When you add in the number of dogs to fatal attacks from all dogs it turns in to 18 (which consequently only 5 were from pitbulls which is only a little of 1/4 of the attacks, not 50% like some are saying) fatal attacks this year and 307,212,123 people. That would be a 1:17,067,340 chance so far this year of being killed from a dog in general in the United States. Still pretty good odds if you ask me.

  • Karen

    Pit Bulls are my favorite dog! However, with Any type of agressive-breed dog, you have to exercise COMMON SENSE! You absolutely CANNOT have more than ONE at a time! They then become pack animals…German Shepherds, Rotweilers, Dobermans, Chows, & Pit Bulls, etc…! To be quite honest…you’re STUPID if you think you can own more than ONE at a time & are asking for trouble! Am I gettting my point across?! Be a responsible pet owner!

  • ajk27

    Certain dogs have a tendency to behave this way. My dad had a Jack Russell that would attack smaller animals. He wouldn’t do it when we were there of course..but it is a stubborn breed.
    We also had a Chow/lab mix (know to bite) that became aggressive when we weren’t home. We lived on a farm and he would chase people back to their cars when we weren’t home. We got rid of him as soon as we heard from our relatives. We have NO interest in having something dangerous. The next owner wanted a dog that would “watch” their place while they were gone. We warned him but he said the dog would be fine. The dog bite someone good but he didn’t get rid of it. Than the dog really attacked the guys girlfriend when she came to the house unannounced. Hurt her upper leg bad. The dog had to be put down. This was a medium size dog..
    I now have 2 dogs that are non aggressive breed. I love dogs but it is the OWNER that is responsible and some breeds are dangerous. If they are dangerous they should not be allowed out (off lease) at all. Put them away when you are gone or put them out side when you have company. You WILL get sued now days and NOBODY wants to live with the guilt of having your dog bite a little kid. And yes, all dogs bite..even non aggressive dogs. If a little kids grabs them when they are sleeping or steps on them or they can be jealous..it can happen with your own dog. My daughter has gotten bite twice by little dogs that that supposedly didn’t bite. It only takes once. Parents need to teach kids to keep faces away from dogs and aways ask their own parent before petting a strange dog. Don’t ask the owner..just because the dog don’t bite them doesn’t mean they won’t bite your child. My children know not to even ask to touch certain breeds. Why take a chance..there are other dogs to pet.
    Also, I’m curious why nobody reported the dogs behavior unless they were in a rural area. If it was night and I heard my dogs raise heck like that? They had to be loud.

  • Jacob

    99.99% percent of the comments were too long. TLDR

    • Rob

      Touché, dude! I agree 100%, even though I’m included in the 99.99%!

  • sean

    I know for a fact that pitbulls are mean dogs. They are evil and are dangerous. Everytime their is a dog attack its always pitbulls. I will never own one of these horrible dogs. That’s how I used to think.

    I have a friend who owns 2 pitbulls and met them I was nervous and thought the dogs were gonna attack me. They turned out to be nice. To make a long story short I now own a pitbull and its the best dog I’ve ever owned. It shows me so much love and loves other people. He is now a part of my family. He was really easy to train and listens perfectly to all commands.

    I can’t believe how misinformed I was about this breed of dog. TO ALL PITBULL HATERS YOU ARE WRONG ABOUT THESE DOGS. These dogs can be loving and your best friend.

  • Killer

    I AM a Pitbull and I absolutely love humans. They taste delicious….

  • camino

    “The American Pit Bull Terrier is the product of interbreeding between Old English Terrier and English Bulldogs to produce a dog that combined the gameness of the terrier with the strength and athleticism of the bulldog.[3] These dogs were initially bred in England and arrived in the United States with the founders. In the United States, these dogs were used as catch dogs for semi-wild cattle and hogs, to hunt, to drive livestock, and as family companions” Not to kill, not to fight in pits.
    In December 2010, the American Temperament Test Society showed the American pit bull terrier scored an overall temperament rating of 83.9%, compared to the 77% score of the general dog population. Pitbulls are actually bred to be affectionate towards people. They have been bred for hundreds of years for strength, agility, high pain tolerance and absence of aggression toward humans. Pit bulls are extremely intelligent dogs and take their cues from the humans who raise them. Only humans are capable of knowing the difference between “right and wrong,” and all dogs are bred, raised and trained to behave the way they do.”

 So according to the A.T.T.S they actually score better than most other breeds of dogs with a 83.9%.
    “There are an estimated 5 million Pitbulls in the United States and that number is probably not correct since a lot of people register them as other breeds to skirt BSL laws (which thankfully Ohio’s BSL was repealed this year). Since 1988 only 113 deaths were related to Pitbulls. That equals out to being 0.0022% of all Pitbulls killed someone since 1988.
    On the other hand..the odds of being struck by lightning are 1 in 1,000,000 (1:10,000 if you live to be 80), so comparatively speaking you are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to be killed by a dog of any breed. When you further break down the odds of being attacked and killed by a Pitbull the odds are approximately 1 in 145,000,000. In contrast, you are 4 times more likely to be killed by a cow in the USA than any breed of dog, much less a Pitbull.” “Cows killed 108 people between 2003 and 2008, an average of about 22 deaths a year, or a 1 in 173,871 chance. In other words, you’re more likely to die by cow hoof than by shark bite… and that’s not even touching mad cow disease or E. coli.” And just for the record your odds of contracting the human version of mad cow disease is 1:40,000,000, still more than being killed by any breed of dog. So should we ban or euthanize all cows now because they are vicious killers?
    Unfortunatly it’s hard to total up the non-fatal bites for a few reasons. A couple of reasons being that not all are reported, and there are no accurate records of pitbull bites compared to other breeds of dogs. The best estimate I found was there were and estimated 4.6 million dog bites a year, and 800,000 of those required E.R treatment. Again this doesn’t contain all bites or a distinction between breeds. So let’s just say pitbulls were responsible for ALL the attacks (which they are not). That still only means that 6.25% of all of the estimated 5 million pitbulls bit someone and sent them to the E.R. Now let’s add in the other 73,000,000 registered dogs in the United States and that equals out to be roughly 5.7% of all dogs bit someone, and roughly 1% of all dogs sent someone to the hospital per year.
    “However, before we decide that dogs are just plain dangerous to have around, let us keep these numbers in perspective. The 149 fatal attacks are over a 4 year period. That averages to about 37 fatal attacks by dogs (in general, not just pitbull/ pitbull type dogs) each year.
    Compare that with these numbers from various sources on the internet:
    Each year in the United States,
    •About 50-100 people die from bee stings (Yahoo Answers).
    •About 36,000 people die from the flu (CDC).
    •About 40,000 people die in car accidents (NHTSA).”
    There are a lot more dangerous things in this world than a dog or even a pitbull.
    Furthermore if there were 10 deaths this year from pits (which is the actual number), and there are 307,212,123 (per US census in 2010), that would actually make your odds 1:30,721,212 of being killed by a Pitbull. When you add in the number of dogs to fatal attacks from all dogs it turns in to 18 (which consequently only 5 were from pitbulls which is only a little of 1/4 of the attacks, not 50% like some are saying) fatal attacks this year and 307,212,123 people. That would be a 1:17,067,340 chance so far this year of being killed from a dog in general in the United States. Still pretty good odds if you ask me.
    My point to this rant is THERE ARE A LOT MORE DANGEROUS THINGS IN THIS WORLD THAN DOGS OR EVEN PITBULLS. If we were to discriminate against a whole race of people like we do a breed of dogs, this would be a sad, sad world. If 0.002% of that population did something bad would we condemn them too, or would we look past that and realize that 99.998% of them are good and have done nothing wrong?

    • http://yahoo Thomas Stoll

      Pit Bulls are 2% of the registered dog population yet account for 32% of the fatal dog attacks in the U.S. .

      • Rob

        Perfect point!



  • Sladkaya

    Hero pit bull saves owner from train tracks
    Wednesday, May 09, 2012
    A pit bull that made a life-saving rescue by pulling her owner out of the path of an oncoming freight train now needs a helping hand herself.

    Lilly, an 8-year-old pit bull, was with her owner when the woman fell unconscious on train tracks in Shirley, Mass., on May 3, according to ABC affiliate WCVB in Boston.

    Lilly managed to drag her owner, Christine Spain, off the tracks just before the train rumbled through. The conductor was unable to stop the locomotive in time, and the wheels wound up slicing through the dog’s right foot, fracturing her pelvis and causing other internal injuries,

    Spain was uninjured.

    “She saved my mom’s life,” her son, David Lanteigne, a Boston police officer, told WCVB.

    He said he rescued Lilly from a shelter several years ago and gave her to his mother as a way to cope with her alcoholism. Spain had relapsed prior to the incident, and she was arrested at the scene on charges of obstruction and danger on a railroad track, ABCNews.com reported Wednesday.

    The dog is now recovering at an animal medical center, but her family needs help paying for treatments. The center is working to collect donations.

    A vet told reporters he expects the dog to recover following a front-limb amputation.

    “Lilly’s recovery from this horrific ordeal is my top priority right now and I’ll do everything possible to get her back home to us,” Lanteigne said to WCVB.

  • Sladkaya

    Pit Bull Saves His Owner’s Life By Taking A Bullet To The Head
    This is an incredible story.
    posted by Matt Stopera 4 months ago
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    A 12-year-old pit bull named Kilo survived a bullet to the head after an intruder tried to rob his owner’s house.

    This is Kilo <3

    And here's what happened…

    From the NY Post:

    The dog's owner, Justin Becker, 32, shoved the thug to the ground, and pushed the door into his body — jamming the gunman as he lay halfway inside the apartment.

    That’s when Kilo sprang into action.

    “My dog stuck his head out the door, and then [the thug] shot him in the head,” Becker said. The coward then ran off."

    Becker’s girlfriend, Nicole Percoco, thought there was no way Kilo would survive.
    “Hold him in your arms. Let him die in your arms,” she told him. But Becker refused to give up on his best friend.

    “I’m not going to let him die,” he said.

    Kilo was taken to the hospital and miraculously

    Grieving Pit Bull Won’t Leave His Dead Partner

  • Sladkaya

    February 3, 2011 Posted by ADMIN in Dog News, Hall of Fame 27 comments

    52  3  2

    PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. — The wandering 65-pound Pit Bull mix might have seemed menacing to some passerby, but one woman will always remember him as her “guardian angel.”The dog, which authorities think is lost and not a stray, successfully thwarted a robbery attack on a mother and her 2-year-old son, who were held at knifepoint Monday afternoon.

    The Florida woman, who has been identified by authorities simply as “Angela,” was leaving a playground with her toddler son in Port Charlotte when a man approached her in the parking lot with a knife and told her not to make any noise or sudden movements.

    Angela didn’t have to do either to protect herself and her child — a dog mysteriously ran to the scene and charged the man, who quickly fled.

    “I don’t think the dog physically attacked the man, but he went at him and was showing signs of aggression, just baring his teeth and growling and barking. It was clear he was trying to defend this woman,” Animal Control Lt. Brian Jones told Pet Pulse.

    “I don’t know what this man’s intentions were, but it is very possible this dog saved her life.”

    The exceptional part of the story, Jones said, is that the dog had never met or even seen the people it quickly jumped to defend. “You hear about family dogs protecting their owners, but this dog had nothing to do with this woman or her kid,” Jones said. “He was like her guardian angel.”

    After the alleged thief ran away, Angela quickly placed her son, Jordan, in the car and tried to drive off. Before she could, though, the dog jumped into her backseat, waiting with her for the police and animal control officers to arrive at the scene.

    The dog was transported to a local shelter and if his owners don’t step forward within five days, Jones said, Angela and her family plan to adopt the savior she named “Angel.” Animal control officers and shelter workers believe Angel is lost, and not a stray, because of his good health, sturdy weight and mild temperament.

    “It’s funny, that someone’s irresponsibility could have saved someone’s life,” Jones said of Angel’s possible owners.

    For Angela, it doesn’t matter where the dog came from, just that he was there when she needed him most. “I don’t know what his [the thief’s] intentions were — I don’t know why he did it, but I’m glad that — we call him Angel — I’m glad that Angel showed up because I don’t know what would have happened,” Angela told NBC2 News.

    For a small town with a population of 46,452, animal control officers were kept busy Monday afternoon. Jones says they department also responded to a report about a boa constrictor in a church parking lot. The snake found its way into a car engine and was able to be removed without being harmed. It took three people to move the massive, seemingly random placed snake.

    “It’s funny, because we aren’t a big place,” he said of the Gulf Coast town. “And we can go for four or five months without the media contacting us about a story. It’s been a busy week.”

    Officers from the responding county sheriff’s office canvased the area and were unable to locate the suspect described as being in his 20s, tall and dark haired.

  • Sladkaya

    I am so tired of hearing about all of the negativity associated with these breeds. I own a 75 pound pit/shepherd mix I adopted from our local rescue. He is sweet, intelligent, gentle, humerous, and loving. Despite his size, he still believes he is a lapdog.
    There have been many instances where he has had an opportunity to display agression if that were part of his temperament. Two off leash dogs in my neighborhood attacked him, tearing his ear and causing a huge puncture wound on his hind leg. He did not growl, nip, or even defend himself. On another occasion, two corgis on leash started growling and barking. One broke free from his owner and when I pulled my dog away, the loose corgi started attacking the other corgi.
    If anyone ever broke into my home, I believe the only thing they might have to fear is being licked to death.
    He is wonderful and patient around my three year old nephew. Of course I always watch him closely as I would with any breed and a small child, but at one point these breeds were designated as “Nanny” dogs because of their temperament. And as was previously mentioned, they were the top rated breed in a neutral temperament testing, outranking even labs and retrievers.
    There are many wonderful stories about the heroic efforts of pitbulls that simply don’t receive any media attention so as not to tarnish their “viscious” reputation. But they are fiercly loving and loyal family members and I encourage those spewing their hate and misunderstanding of the breed to go to a shelter or spend time with a friend who is knowledgeable about the breeds before you come to an assuming and uneducated conclusion.

    • Rob

      For every heartwarming story about a pit bull, I could send you 100 horrific ones about poor, innocent children being ripped to pieces or brutally injured by one.

      • Sladkaya

        I would again ask you Rob, how much time have you ever spent with a pit? It’s fine to spew off statistics and make comments about your 100 horrific stories, but I could tell youvthe same about chihuahuas, and corgies, and yorkies, etc. They are substantially more aggressive than any behavior my dog has ever exhibited. In fact, he has never even chewed a shoe or any other item that wasn’t directly given to him. I will say that I have had many of the aforementioned smaller dogs growl at me, try to bite me, attack my pit/shepherd….
        Yes, if my dog were to get irritated he coul do substantially more damage than the angry, nasty, assertive chihuahua down the street. Would I report the rogue, apesh*t chihuahua? Probably not. But maybe I should so that people such as yourself start recognizing that at the end of the day, as domesticated as we would like to think they are, ALL dogs and ALL breeds still have a natural instinct. Just because smaller breeds don’t get the same attention for their aggression doesn’t mean they aren’t equally or more aggressive.

        • Rob

          Do you just ignore the statistics and all of the countless stories? Sure other types of dogs can be aggressive and attack people, but have you ever heard of a chihuahua chewing off someone’s arm or face, or killing someone? Go ahead, play in your fantasyland where pit bulls are as sweet as sugar and as dangerous as a butterfly. I pray that you are one of the lucky ones whose pit bull doesn’t snap on their owner for no reason whatsoever – which is what all pit bull owners who are attacked say. “I never expected it. My pit bull was never, ever dangerous or aggressive.”

          • Sladkaya

            Continue spouting your statistics without having any interaction with the breed. Yes, if they are angered they are certainly going to do more damage than a chihuahua. Because they are much larger and much much stronger. There is no fantasyland here Rob. I am well aware of what my dog is capable of, should he choose to behave that way. But he doesn’t. Ever. EVER. He is loving and gentle and kind. And I doubt you have people in your life that you can say have the same loyalty

        • Rob

          One question- Do you have children?

          • Sladkaya

            Do you?

        • Rob

          No, a couple other things. First of all, I just don’t understand why anyone other than a dog fighter or a drug dealer would choose a pit bull out of the hundreds of other dogs, when most dogs are as gentle and loving than a pit bull – and have little to no history of attacking people for no reason other than “something set them off.” like I asked in an earlier post: when you hear a news story about “dog mauls child” or “dog mauls its owner,” do you not automatically think “It has to be a pit bull.”

          Yes, sir or ma’am, whatever you are, I get it. There are hundreds and thousands of pit bulls that are as harmless as a bowl of corn flakes, but why would you even take ANY chance when you have other options for a dog??!?!!?! That’s just what blows my mind. It’s not like they look like a diamond next to a frozen dog turd – there are dogs that are ten times better looking than a pit bull, that are just as gentle, just as loving, just as affectionate, etc., who have no potential of rippIng your face off. I’m sorry, I just don’t get it and no matter how many heartfelt stories of face-licking pit bulls that have saved their masters from drowning or picked a bouquet of flowers for its master, I will never get it, just like you and the other blind lovers and apologists of pit bulls will never understand we sane, rational non-pit bull worshipers.

        • Rob

          Yes, I do. And if you were my next door neighbor, I wouldn’t let my kids anywhere near your house because I love them too much to gamble that your darling huge-headed ticking time bomb won’t tear into them.

          • Sladkaya

            And you are the uneducated, ill informed jerk that I would not want my dog around. I would be much more inclined to keep him away from YOU.
            I didn’t specifically choose him as a breed. I actually chose him because the other rescue dogs were in a little puppy rumble and he chose NOT to participate, or show any interest. I actually had no idea what breed he was or wasn’t initially. I just know that he is loving and gentle and I have no qualms about having him near my children.

        • Rob

          I would stay away from calling me uneducated. I pray for your children that they do not become one of the countless children who are permanently injured by a “gentle, kind, sweet pit bull who stayed away from the puppy scrum” but just lost it and latched onto a child’s face or arm or leg. Really, do you not watch the news or read the freaking newspaper? Are you going to sit there and pretend that the news stories that occur frequently that involve an unprovoked pit bull attack mean nothing, or they are just make believe? Any pit bull owner interviewed after their dog has attacked someone says EXACTLY what you say – the dog never showed any signs of aggression and was a sweet, gentle dog. Pretending that other dogs inflict as much or more harm on people as pit bulls is just plain stupid. Sorry, sir or ma’am, I dont care if you have a PhD or are the president of MENSA – to pretend that pit bulls aren’t, overall as a breed, dangerous, is f’ing dumb.

          I truly, truly pray for you that your love for your dog doesn’t come back to haunt you and that precious Cujo doesnt ruin one of your kids’ lives, all because you wanted to be a savior to a dog that was a sweet-looking, gentle puppy.

          • Sladkaya

            If P then Q, P therefore Q. No point arguing with someone such as yourself, as you are clearly small minded and focused. You have no personal interaction with pits and and are basing your misinformation on select bits and pieces of media coverage.
            For you to suggest I am knowingly putting my children or others at risk is insulting. My dog wasn’t playing rugby, he was avoiding conflict. Which is his nature. Plain and simple. He is 3 years old now and hasn’t so much as even growled. Ever.
            You clearly have your mind made up, and have no interaction to base your opinions upon. You can read a newspaper. Good for you. Please continue to let others think for you and let me know how that works out for you.

    • Rob

      I base my opinion on facts. Are you not basing your closed-minded opinion, while very trusting and generous to The Greatest Dog Known To Man, on your personal interaction? What if you had a neighbor who was attacked by a Love Muffin, oops I mean pit bull, and you were the one to find your neighbor minus a hand? Would seeing it first-hand make you, at a minimum, question your judgment? I have seen gentle pit bulls first hand – I’ve played with them, yes. However, I also DO read and watch TV and know how to develop my own opinions.

      You refuse to answer my question: do you NOT automatically assume that a pit bull is involved when you hear the newscaster say “A young boy was mauled by a dog today?” Really? I know that you do, because anyone who isnt dead or blind & deaf assumes it’s a pit bull. Even if it turns out to be one of those ever-increasing sheepdog attacks, my point is that UNPROVOKED pit bull attacks are common enough that virtually anyone with even a faint pulse thinks, “Gotta be a pit bull.” Seriously, how can you argue that? You can disagree with everything I say, but you have to agree with me on my “automatic pit bull assumption” theory. If not, then heaven help you because the reality truck obviously did not make a delivery to your brain.

      I guess you’re one of those who claims that the media just sensationalizes pit bull attacks, and there are thousands of poodle and Labrador attacks that go unreported.

      You are right – no Internet stories that you or anyone else copies to this post will change my and most rational-thinking people’s minds. I could send you a story about the crazy rattlesnake worshipers in Kentucky who have never been bitten before – Would that change your mind that rattlesnakes are dangerous? No, of course not, but then you DO overlook all the evidence about pit bulls and continue to think that the VAST MAJORITY of people who believe and know that they are ticking time bombs and don’t trust them are misinformed, so who knows what conclusion you would draw?

      • Sladkaya

        Can’t have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent. Clearly you are incapable of thinking for yourself and just regurgitate the extensive “knowledge” you’ve obtained from the media. And we all know if it is in print or on television it MUST be true…..
        The reality truck must have run you over and kept going.

        • Rob

          What is your freaking problem? The news doesn’t make up the pictures and video of people that are attacked by pit bulls – you’re right. You currently have a sane pit bull, and this is how you base your knowledge. No arguing with someone who chooses to ignore reality. Just mind-boggling how you can completely disregard the countless amount of proof that your favorite dog hurts people at an alarming rate. Just please, go enjoy your dog and be mad at the overhelming majority of people who are on my side of this discussion.

          • Rob

            Sorry, I meant “the news just makes up the pictures…”

          • Sladkaya

            Is this how you extrapolate information? Makes sense then. At no point did I ever say that pits were my “favorite” breed. I actually would have preferred a Leonberger. But when I went to the adoption event, my dog was there and I knew he was the right fit for us.
            I am not mad at you, Or anyone else who shares your view. I am just disappointed and saddened that a seemingly intelligent person is so narrow-minded and unduly influenced. My knowledge-base is not soley on the dog I happen to have. And once again, pits scored at the top for the American Temperament Test Society. But I guess an unbiased third party evaluation doesn’t support your wayward thoughts, so surely it has no validity.

  • Sladkaya

    And Amanda Crum, for lack of better words, you are a pathetic douchebag for even feeding into this crap and sensationalizing it. You disgust me more than the uneducated people posting their opinions. How’s about a nice warm glass of “go f@ck yourself”

    • shane

      don’t know ya, but i love ya.

  • Ana

    Over the years, my family has been dedicated to rescuing and giving those dogs up for adoption, as you might guess, we’ve had lots of different breeds, sizes and temperaments.

    Every breed has different needs, as does every dog. As a pit bull owner, I can tell you that, to begin with, they are an extremely powerful breed.
    They are packed with energy, resistant, tenacious, intelligent, stubborn and can be quite destructive.

    And they get bored easily. A bored pit is not a good pit.

    That means they need attention, they need a lot of exercise and training. Can you give this to a pit bull? If the answer is yes, then you’ll have a loving companion. If the answer is no, please reconsider having a dog to begin with. Or get a Chihuahua, they are quite vicious, but the damage they can do is considerably less than a big breed.

    If handled the wrong way, any kind of breed can be dangerous, but owners of big breeds most be much more responsible and careful than the owner of a small breed.

    • Deborah Briseno

      I have had Pit Bulls, by choice, over the years. I absolutely loved them! I think they are the greatest. But…My first “new” car looks like it was attacked by a Great White shark or two! The whole driver’s side from side mirror to the front of the car, bumper and all…gone. This is due to two large Pits from East Side Stockton,chasing a cat and trying to get it out of my motor!
      I bought PLPD and Uninsured motorists, instead of full coverage. Mistake!!!! WE set a camera up because NOBODY believed an animal could do that much damage. I thought my son, stole it, wrecked it and commenced to making it look like a dog was after a cat!
      So did two policemen, my ex, a mechanic and an auto-body man! Guess what?? It was two of the largest Pits I’ve ever seen! Chasing a cat! I never thought of something like this happening. After days of investigation, filming etc. …Watch out for them jaws! Upgrade that insurance!
      Heartbroken, with an ugly car… that costs me $15,000.00, cash, just 5 and 1/2 months ago!

  • sally s

    Pit bulls are the thugs of the dog world. I hope the kitten is still alive and well.

    Cats don’t kill people, pit bulls do.