Pippa Middleton Slammed: Backside Is Better Than Her Face

    August 1, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Pippa Middleton may have been nicknamed “Her Royal Hotness” by a bevy of Brits, but a certain fashion designer doesn’t agree with that assessment. In fact, he’s asserting that her back is way more attractive than her front. Ouch.

Karl Lagerfeld, who is a huge fan of Pippa’s sister Kate as well as Victoria Beckham–a.k.a. Posh Spice–apparently doesn’t see the merits of the younger Middleton sister’s beauty the way others do and isn’t shy about voicing his opinion. At the launch of his beauty boutique in London earlier this week, Lagerfeld praised Kate despite some critics’ notions that she has a boring wardrobe.

“She knows pretty well what to wear and what to do. She has a divine silhouette so she can wear anything. She has a sense of what’s right for the moment because you can not dress like a mad woman in those situations,” he said.

But about Pippa, he said, “On the other hand, her sister struggles. I don’t like the sister’s face. She should only show her back.”

Of course, beauty is subjective, so it shouldn’t be a big deal what one man thinks, even if he is an influential fashion designer. However, Pippa is beloved by millions who think she’s adorable, so Lagerfeld may find he has a backlash on his hands pretty soon.

  • Pippa’s Mother

    You’re right Carl, Pippa is very marginally average in the face, same with Kate, but I have to continue to pimp them to the Royals to get her married off like Kate

  • fashionfauxpas

    Neither Mr. Lagerfeld’s front or back is anything I wish to look at.

  • wikileaks

    ok Mr Lagerbeer,stop whinning about someone’s face; and stop wearing dark shades indoors

  • Tom

    Just funnel her here.I think she’s beautiful,unlike loggerhead!

  • Max Townson

    Well I am 68 and think both sisters are gorgeous, maybe i,m just not a miserable old sod.

  • janet

    Thank you fashionfauxpas, I’m with you 100% If he took off those dark glasses and got a good look in the mirror, he’d realize no one wants to look at his front, or back. Don’t think he was a cute baby!!!

  • Mark taranto

    Karl Lagerfeld is one of the creepiest looking men alive. Tell him to shut up.

  • RYAN


  • Berna

    I have news for you Karl…Pippa’s backside is better than YOUR face, that’s for sure…Who do these people think they are to put down other people? I think both Kate and Pippa are very attractive, stylish gals!

  • tony

    karl who??? she’s f-n hot!!! period!!!

  • Laura

    My goodness, Karl’s always insulting someone. Ever since he lost weight he’s been even bitchier than before. But I do agree with him a bit here. Pippa isn’t that great looking. I don’t understand the obsession with her. Kate is far prettier.

  • Huskerbob

    Let’s see, Pippa or Karl, Pippa or Karl, Pippa or Karl, yep I’ve got it. Pippa front or back!

  • gossip girl

    I agree. Pippa isn’t as good-looking in the face as her sister though she does have a very nice figure. However, the designer’s criticism is too harsh and unthoughtful.

  • Jeanie

    I have to wonder if she turned down an offer. Maybe he offered her free clothing and she didn’t want to wear it. Simply put he may be one of the designers of yesteryear and his light is flickering in comparison to the flame of youth. Or maybe he thought she would be in awe of him and he tried to misbehave and she let him know she wasn’t into old pervs. Either way I think it is incredibly tacky that he would make such a statement in public. I hope anyone who does buy his label will reconsider. If he makes statements like that in public what is to keep him from saying something negative about you? Sadly, people will agree and be ok with what he has said. I will definitely make sure to put him on my friends don’t buy list.

  • OhPuhlease!

    Well Mr. Lagerfeld…you’re gay. What do you know about women anyway since you obviously prefer young males. Ugh.

  • Mike J

    She has a great back. but her face is busted. I dont care if anyone agrees with me. You people might like busted faces. But i dont!!!!!!lol

  • DDD

    Karl Lagerfeld’s back and front are just the same – what a giant ASS.

  • Ed Kangesier

    Has he lookd in the mirror lately?
    Sounds like sour grapes, Just because she is young and he is an ass

  • Spydermom

    Lagerfeld, like the Kardashians, puts too much emphasis on the packaging, too little on the package. Pun intended. As an accopmlished man in his field, he has just sunk to the level of a high school-aged mean girl.

  • witch-hazel

    Poor eyesight comes with old age, apparently Mr Loghead is afflicted. Nothing much wrong with Pippa`s front or back.

  • donna

    I don’t think Pippa’s face is so hot either. She looks rather old. But I don’t think the princess is beautiful either but definitely attractive. She certainly knows how to act and dress properly for her position. I think that comment was rather rude coming from a man in his position.

  • Carolyn

    How bout he not show his ugly face. How dare he criticize any woman, since he makes money off of them.

  • April Vara

    Has this guy looked in the mirror lately? Who is he to criticize anybody’s looks let alone Pippa’s? She’s a beautiful young lady and his remarks are very rude and hurtful. Karl, I’ve never worn your clothes or any of your fragrances, nor will I ever, now that I know what kind of person you are.

    • kittykat

      exactly what i was thinking. this guy ‘karl whoever’ is ugly front, back, inside and out. who is he to criticize a pretty decent looking sexy girl. people should at least look in the mirror before giving negative comments about others.

  • Troy

    Karl Loggerhead needs to be brought down a few rungs. I would like to suggest a complete ban on all products associated with Karl. Its about time to even the playing field and for the rich Hollywood fashion set to re4aloize its the 99% that buy all their products. Just because you have money doesn’t mean I care about your opinion.

    PS….You are an old has been. Your lucky somebody doesn’t whip your ass for that commit.

    • http://yahoo.com joan

      How could he be so mean? He has no class! I no longer respect him! He needs to say he is sorry!

  • Troy

    Karl Loogerfuck can suck on it.

  • kittykat

    And this guy ‘karl whoever’ is ugly front, back, inside and out. who is he to criticize a pretty sexy girl. people should at least look in the mirror before giving negative comments about others.

  • American Guy

    Pippa is super hot -face back bottom top and both sides. Who dug this guy back up?

  • Patricia Jakubek

    Who cares what that old koot says anyway. You are only dignifying him with your responses. People like that need the silent treatment!!!!

  • viola shumski

    Pippa should only care about the opinion of the REAL Queen of England.
    She’s beautiful and young.
    He’s old and bitter.

  • chris canary

    So, they dug this old has-been up from his coffin and he has nothing nice to say.
    Send him back to his dirt nap.

    What a nasty old thing Karl Loserfield.
    Looks like a cheezy 1970s vampire… yuk.

    • Tommie Swank

      Love this!

  • Tommie Swank

    What an ass! Who cares what that dried up old prune thinks anyway? He looks like he has been enbalmed by a mortician! And WHY is the media giving him attention? Any woman criticized by this creepy character should consider it a compliment rather than a slam!!!

  • http://aol.com rick

    you are stupid, this is stupid, both sides of her look better than 99% of the competition; get over your jealousness

  • beck

    You think at his age he ought to know when to keep opinions to himself.
    Its a shame someone of such talents have very poor sense of courtesy.

    • KMS

      Well said, Beck!

  • cliff

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? someone put a filter on his mouth

  • s o m e n i g g a

    How is having a better ass than face so bad? HATAZ.

    her face is average and her ass is out of this world.

    Whole package says HOT.

    Kate is, however, more beautiful….

  • nicka

    I feel like he comments about ppl cause he is jealous of them and wishes he didnt have to do botox to look good.

  • boB

    Karl would know ugly. He looks at it in a mirror every day!

  • http://yahoo dee

    look at his face,who does he think he is. pippa is beautiful.

  • ftexas

    That is laughable. He has perpetual duck face.

  • http://yahoo bill mahon

    didn’t mama tell you if you have nothing nice to say keep your trap shut

  • Diana Spencer

    His face isn’t much to talk about!

  • Jenny Matias

    I am with you tommie swank. he looks like a zombie looking for his grave site

  • larry hancock

    This guy is so ugly that when he was born the Doctors took one look and spanked his mother.

  • JohnL

    The hell with this old man, I’ll take Pippa front and back

  • Alyce

    He’s right. She’s a butterface.

    • http://htp Americagirl

      Exactly! Just looking at Pippa makes me barf!

  • Lilia

    I think Pippa is beautiful not less than her sister Kate. And she is more beautiful because she is younger. Youth is beautiful by itself. On the other hand, Carl should be more tactful when speaking about people. Words can make someone happy, and words can kill. Carl should keep it in mind. All the more, Pippa caused no harm to him, to this old man. We could expect to listen such an expression from a person, which was not brought up well. But Carl is a famous designer, the world know him and expect better of him…

  • T Sullivan

    Karl looks like he died years ago

  • bitsy

    who is he to talk……he looks like a walking cadaver…

    • http://htp Americagirl

      Karl is a designer! Thats why he has a right to judge beauty! PIPPA IS UGLY + jealous of Kate.

  • greg

    How does someone who has a face and opinion equivalent to a horses ass become an authority to criticize someone as beutiful as her. What a joke!

    • http://htp Americagirl

      Karl has the Right to tell who is beautiful – he has met the best + Pippa is Fugly

  • Ronan

    Hey Karl, no such thing as bad publicity eh? In future, try and take a page out of this book:

    1. Should this be said? No…99% of REAL men disagree with you.
    2. Should this be said by me? No…you cater to women, Pippa’s sister is future Queen…you clearly know many…likely in the biblical fashion.
    3. Should this be said by me, NOW? No…get some class, you old fart.


  • Maddy

    I think lagerfield needs glasses. If he has a daughter I hope she doesn’t look like him.

  • Hawke

    Who asked Lagerfield for his opinion of Pippa Middleton? No one has asked me but I don’t like Lagerfield’s face or his back.

    • Mary Davis

      This man is a very ugly dude!

  • Sandra Nelson

    Maybe Karl Laugerfeld should look in the mirror before he comments on someone else’s face. He is the perfect example of a fashion icon who has no clue of what a beautiful woman really looks like. He must be on some plastic surgeon’s payroll. SHAME ON HIM!!!!

  • http://www.stevetimmons.org Steve T

    Damn man…look in the mirror before you comment on Pipa’s looks! I think you were slapped by the ugly tree, not stick.

    • Mary Davis

      Pippa needs no help from anyone–she will make it on her own. She is a very attractive young woman and is fun-loving.

  • Linda

    Karl Lagerfeld should not have said anything as hurtful as that about anyone, let alone Pippa Middleton who neither sought her notoriety nor his ugly comments.

  • Jennifer

    Okay, I’ll start off as devil’s advocate: I think she’s overrrated too… however, she is NOT unnatractive by any means. I think she’s “cute” and should always show her face (and her hot budonkadonk), unlike this poor bastard, who should never show his face in public again. What a douche! What a horrible thing to say! How would he feel if someone said this about his own daughter? Doubt that he has one, though.

    • gino


    • http://htp Americagirl

      KARL IS RIGHT! He knows best since he’s seen the most beautiful models + actresses. Pippa is UGLY in the face + has No Class!

  • A.O.

    What a loser! Look at the poor plastic surgery he’s had, especially those lips, not that they have ever touched a womans mouth. What a tool, he should keep his mouth shut.

  • bob

    well I’m straight and she’s fine, Karl is a little bitch

  • nnkle

    I am glad someone finally said what we we’ve all been thinking…

  • me

    lol what a douche, she is extremly attractive, he is just p.o.’d his penile implant didn’t take.

  • iawnaek

    Pippa is never pretty or beautiful and I’m glad Karl tell it like it is. Most white men has no sense of what is beautiful and pretty. Just look at those white men on vacation in Thailand. They often choose the ugliest local women as escorts.

  • Dave

    What a creepy ghoul this homo is!
    He looks as if you dragged him from his coffin.

  • tonyo

    Americagirl….. post a pic please!!!! Who gave you the right to judge….

  • hollywoodnc

    How TASTELESS! I think she’s cute.

  • m

    Who Are U to Judge anyone???

  • R Johnson

    What a conceited, rude a**

  • Sonny

    Have you looked in a mirrow lately,so don’t rock the judebox

  • ron andras

    I think Pippa is a good looking brit .
    Kate is a class act for England .
    Long coming .

  • bob

    Another snob-ass voicing his worthless opinion….

  • Dan

    Must be hard hearing that from the cryptkeeper.

  • judi

    He is an absolute ass. Does he think that people “design” their faces? No, most of us have the faces God gave us. Don’t criticize something we don’t control. Of course if we mess with it throug surgery, it’s on!

  • bananahead


  • Jeff

    At least her backside is hot. Has he looked in the mirror latley?

  • Po’okela

    Realllly Karl?! Apparently you don’t own a mirror. So who are you wearing? House of Nosferatu?

  • LoweDog

    While Lagerfeld may be wealthy, influential, intelligent, and trendy…..beautiful he is not. I doubt he looks good from the front OR the back. In his case, the clothes make the man, or the clothes are trying to HIDE the man. It takes a true COWARD to criticize others so that they may in some way feel better about themselves. Pippa AND Kate are both beautiful and seemingly well-mannered young ladies. I cannot say the same for Mr. Lagerfeld’s or his conduct. At least Pippa and Kate aren’t using their fame or wealth to cut down others in such a rude way!

  • steve

    Hot!… ???.. Maybe for a Brit, but come on.

  • Jerry

    I (and probably Pippa) are wondering: The the hell is Karl Lagerfeld, and why should we care what he thinks? I’ve seen his pic….I prefer the backside of a donkey to THAT face. Way over the hill old dude trying to make headlines for himself.

  • emmysmom

    Who does he think he is to criticize anyone’s looks? He is hardly good-looking from the front or the back and brings all this judgment onto himself by being an obnoxious, aloof, jerk.

  • Craig

    I think Pippa was indeed overhyped after the wedding (although she did wear her dress beautifully). But I don’t think anyone, celebrity or not, should have to bear nasty comments like these. And, anyway, I would never turn down a chance to have a date with her.

  • Joe Bowker

    What a creep. Pippa is still, her Hotness. Kate is too, but they are different. Kate & Pippa are lookers. No wonder England has been able to support their Empire with so many soldiers. With Pipa or Kate under me, “in my day” they’d be pregnant all the time. Great Britain is in part great because of her sexy women, and these two Middletons are this Generations leaders in the roll.

  • Butchboy

    Never heard of the dead critic-fashion-guy. Not a follower of Brit “Royalty,” nor of anything royalty. That being said, cut me some slack and show me a slideshow by which I can compare/contrast the faces and @sses of both of these royal women and make my own judgement… And please, leave images of the tuxedoed corpse elsewhere…

  • Tony

    I like my women a little on the trashy side.

  • Sherry

    Well, he’s no “good looker” himself. I’ve seen dead bodies at the morgue that looked better.

  • guitarjammer

    She is gorgeous all over.

  • keith rose

    What a moron. She’s is one of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen!

  • You can’t be African

    Wow! talk about the BIG BLACK POT calling the kettle black – LOL! This man looks like HIS back-side was used to “enhance” his lips… brings to mind a two-and-a-half-men episode … HE should show NEITHER his front NOR his back side!

  • Jeannie

    This from a man who thinks any woman bigger than a 10 year old boy is obese. Why is he relevant again?

  • Spydermom

    Empty headed people who prefer style to substance are about as . . . mmmmm . . . common . . . as as as the Kardashians. I doubt Pippa asked for fame, criticism, or a chance to model for Lagerfeld, so I hope she ignores mean remarks and just lives her life with dignity (so far, so good) and enjoys it. And why compare her to Kate? Most siblings despise that. Isn’t there enough hatred in the world without fueling it?

  • JJ

    If he’s such a fan of Kate’s he should have kept his overblown lips shut – I don’t see the duchess wearing Lagerfeld clothing anytime soon! I really did think he was dead….

  • http://yahoo andy kerr

    I would like to pay him what he is actually worth and sell him for what he thinks he is worth and i would make a fortune !!!!!

  • fifi

    bit of a slob. He’s so unattractive and hasn’t taken off his glasses in 50 years because of it. Anyone with an ounce of class would keep his mouth shut. She’s a beautiful woman. Who is he to judge? And by the way, Victoria Beckham? not so much…..just saying.

  • yearight

    Isn’t that the guy that Kevin Costner accused of being complicit in the JFK asassination?

  • RennieTanner

    Oh for god sake, Pippa Middleton isn’t a model or a beauty pagent winner… she’s just a person, famous for who her sister is. She’s attractive enough… not beautiful, but not deserving of this old queen’s insulting remarks !!

  • Karen

    The media makes a big deal about people that are not really interesting. She is average if not less to be honest. Nobody cares I don’t think about this.

  • Infantryvet

    I believe this is a case of beauty being in the eye of the beholder, I happen to think that Pippa is beautiful.

  • http://coachdaddyblog.wordpress.com Eli@coachdaddyblog

    I don’t take my pretend British girlfriends lightly. Pippa’s remarkable enough for me to have pretend broken it off with Joely Richardson, so she *has* to be the truth – front, back, left and right.

  • jeff

    Why is it news worthy how this guy thinks Pippa looks. Maybe if he was critiquing her outfits. He has an opinion but this guy hangs clothes on rail thin models, most of which are not that attractive in the face. Every picture I’ve seen Pippa has a pretty face and even that old queen can see she has a great ass.

  • Maritz

    Has Pippa M. applied to model his clothes? if not, who cares what he thinks!!!

  • ian

    Lagerfield is of course a world expert on the quality of Bums.I doubt Pippa will lose any sleep over rude comments from the “Old Queen of Fashion”

  • mary taylor

    one of the DOM…maybe she turned him down and he’s sour graping…

  • fmchick18

    Ummm, excuse me Mr. Lagerfeld, have you ever looked in the mirror? Yeah, I don’t think you should be judging other people’s looks…

  • Rachel West

    How in the hell can this “thing” call anyone “ugly” He looks like what I shitted out earlier…BAHAHAHAHH

  • Rachel West

    I just had to comment one more time….This thing should be blocked from the internet completly…He breaks all the rules of fashion…”you is ONE UGLY MOTHERFUCKER”

  • Scott

    never heard of this guy but he looks like an idiot. How much plastic surgery has he had? Please….

  • jim

    Pippa, Obviously Hes Blind. I wouldn’t give him the time of day..let him feel it in Braille….

  • Peter Brennan

    Thought you were talking about her sisters in-laws then

  • John B

    Who is Karl lagerfeld to slam her? He’s just a clothes designer and nothing more. Just sit back, count your money gained from child labor in third world countries and shut the hell up! And has he looked in the mirror recently? He’s got no room to talk.

  • Tat

    This is the first time when I totaly agree with Karl.

  • Jan

    Hei Karl !
    Look at your face and after that make a comment related to Pippa !

    • Bertipup

      Pippa is quite unattractive in the reality, I ve seen her close up – she is even below average. I kind of have to agree with Lagerfield. There is no point sugar coating something which can’t be sugar coated. She is quite ugly. And I have nothing against her.

  • Trex

    I agree with Karl, although She has a nice body and obviously a pretty back,,,but the Face? I dont think so too!!

  • Elroy Jetson

    I like all things Pippa. If no one else does, then I’m calling “dibs” on her. LOL1

  • Lestat

    Ok, Karl, have you looked in the mirror lately, your face looks like a freaking rotting zombie

  • james

    Her backside is a lot better looking than his face

  • klark

    I withhold my judgement until I see a bare bottom photo. Hopefully, that will be very soon.

  • LPS

    He is an idiot !!!! What an ass !!

  • Ro

    Once again some old geezer now an expert on women and what they should look like. Really it’s not about the looks jackass.

  • Kay

    What an ugly thing to say about any woman! He is so out of line. No Lagerfield brands for me and my family!

  • Robi

    Once again some old geezer is deciding what women should look like. Really not about looks, jackass.

  • debbie

    Come on now, all you nasty people out here passin judgement……I bet she’s better looking than most of you! But if it feels good to knock someone else down, just remember…..what goes around, comes back and smacks you in your ugly face. How would you feel if someone famous went online and slammed your looks? What would you say then…….idiots

  • blaine

    Id love to face her backside!


    A fashion designer commenting on a LADIES face is disgusting!! Get a life old dude… SHE’S AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Sabapathy

    You old monkey Ass old man. Look your face in mirror before talking about Pippa.
    You walk the streets today because of “Freedom of Speech” in Briton. Don’t misuse it.

  • _

    Karl Lagerfeld’s face looks like a melting wax dummy. Pippa Middleton is gorgeous. Karl should shut the hell up, no one cares about his ludicrous opinion.

  • Eric

    Pippa Middleton is a very beautiful woman, This old fart has no room to talk, This guy was hit by the ugly stick some many times is now a fossol.

    • Paul

      I agree. You could not have sad it better.

  • http://yahoo capri

    You, people, must be blind! Lagerfeld is absolutely right, Pippa doesn’t have a beautiful face, so stop critisizing the fashion designer’s face, as he knows the beauty, when he sees one, and he is not a subject og discussion, but Pippa.

    • Ellen

      Shame on you, Capri. For an adult man to say a woman’s ass is better than her face is disgusting. He is a pig.

      • LILI

        It may be rude and I am actually shocked that he would publicly say something like that but it doesn’t make it any less true. And him not looking so hot himself doesn’t change the fact that Pipa is still one ugly girl.

  • http://www.laflyfish.com kevin clark

    THE Relation with her family and the Nazi Saxon Coburn , and the Evil Rothschilds . That is what makes All of them disgusting unnattractive, and menacing to all mankind. Look up the rothschilds, NWO, and the OBAMA deception.

  • http://Yahoo Martha Swart

    Everybody knows that our models look anemic and anorexic, so keep your nose out of the Brits preferences.

  • Tink Bell

    Mr. Lagerfeld’s taint is better looking than HIS face……whatta jerk.

  • Andree Alexander

    While I agree that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, I think these comments were unfortunate and unfair and not worthy of such a personage as Karl Langerfeld. It’s just a great pity that he made these comments.

  • donnaboo

    Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t have a nice face nor butt! Normally I wouldn’t comment on someone’s appearance, but Pippa is a natural, healthy, and beautiful woman. Shame on him. He feels entitled to be mean and cranky.

  • Italsatl

    So says the walking corpse LOL

  • sarah

    i totally agree with mr lagerfeld. while i think kate is a gorgeous woman, i have never understood the ‘her royal hotness’ title that her sister garnered after the wedding. everyone’s entitled to their own opinion…. karl has his, i have mine, and others have theirs…. but it will always remain a mystery to me.

  • Cobra

    Yes, it would be horrible to have to look at her face while trying to figure out what to do with that divine body. That would be truly tragic.

    • D.k

      What does that fag know about what men find atractive in a woman?

  • Lee Geiger

    I do not know the personality of Pappi Middleton, but sometimes troublesome people receive ridicule, But as far as beauty, & As for the complainer, you have to look into a mirror, to see the ugly in this world.

  • http://yahoo Sharon

    I agree with Lagerfeld. I don’t think Pippa has that much of a pretty face; for one, her lips are too thin (Kate’s are actually, too). Just because these women are associated with the royals doesn’t mean they’re beauty queens.

  • Cassandra Keller

    I don’t think either one of them rates as a “Beauty”, if they were poor as church mice no one would even look at them. They are just plain, skinny women with money and a big head!

  • Jeffrey Swain

    God made Pippa what she is. Diet and exercise made her fit. If you don’t like the way she looks, take it up with the Creator.

  • http://none Mr. Tanaka

    More women looking as good as Ms. Middleton would be a good thing, in my point of view. Lagerfeld is being very picky. She’s not the cold, skinny, haughty, ideal beauty (or their version of it) that dominates the modeling industry, but her looks are more real, more down-to-earth, and to some, much more preferable.

    • Darla

      Lagerfield thinks Pippa isn’t so “pretty”???? Has he looked in the mirror lately??? That shriveled, wrinkled mush face of his wouldn’t win any beauty contests. As the old saying goes… “people who live in glass houses…etc..etc….”

  • Hollywood

    Funny, I always thought Kate and Pipa looked alike. They are fairly plain looking but certainly not ugly to look at. Oh, and has Karl Lagerfeld looked in a mirror lately. The picture posted above is air brushed. It doesn’t show all the wrinkles and marks on his scary face. He doesn’t even look good from the back! Mr. L if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. (NOT to mention what you said makes no sense at all). Must be all the drugs and alcohol dahling.

  • Hollywood

    Funny, I always thought Kate and Pipa looked alike. They are fairly plain looking but certainly not ugly to look at. Oh, and has Karl Lagerfeld looked in a mirror lately. The picture posted above is air brushed. It doesn’t show all the wrinkles and marks on his scary face. He doesn’t even look good from the back! Mr. L if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. (NOT to mention what you said makes no sense at all). Must be all the drugs and alcohol dahling.

  • Delores Perry

    I think Pippa Middleton is a very beautiful girl. I think her hourglass figure is beautiful. For all I know Lagerfeld may very well be jealous of her. His face looks like a wax mask, indeed, as I have seen posted here.

  • LILI

    Lagerfeld just said what I have been saying from the moment I first saw Pipa! This girl is FUGLY!!!! Kate on the other hand is very pretty, they don’t look alike at all.

  • http://yahoo.com Keelly

    Well, she is ugly.

  • Tom 43528

    What is this old queen smoking? On Pippa Middleton’s worst day, she’s still better looking than Victoria Beckham.

    • http://webpronews Kevin

      Tom, I agree completely about ugly Victoria Beckham. But most of all, she disgustingly thinks she’s hot and she definitely is NOT at all attractive.

  • Phil

    Mr. Lagerfeld….are those prescription sunglasses you wear? Butt of course.

  • http://zoobooms ehill

    he looks like a marcian from outerspace. he is just jealous he cant compete with those girls. and not much a gentlemen mocking a decent girl and her sister im sure personility and class go futher than how ur hair and face looks thats how god made them madman

  • rex

    I think the idea of royalty is silly, but she is attractive and who cares what some alien looking f@gg0tt thinks.

  • steve

    I totally disagree. Pippa is a babe. She, like her sister, Kate; should both be revered the same. We, need to revise the “eurotrash” label because of those two. They are what others should aspire to be.

  • http://webpronews crgsieger

    I would love to slam her backside

  • Mmama

    That guy used to be almost morbidly obese and he lost a ton of weight. I think it turned him into the orginal skinny bitch.

  • http://yahoo d

    what an idiot he is

  • aisha

    I totally agree! She isn’t at all beautiful! I wonder what the hype is atimes. However its not well said.

    • annlei

      I agree. Pippa is cute but so are millions of other young women all around the world. I would not use beautiful or hot to describe Pippa. Kate is both attractive and stylish for her position. Neither are beauties but both are nice looking.

  • jeff kirby

    And he is such a good looking guy!

  • karen

    There is an old saying, ” In order to be famous, attack someone who is more famous.” This man is attacking a young woman who has done nothing other than be the sister of the future Queen. Yes the Middletons have money, but unlike other rich young people, they have not had massive plastic surgeries or enhancements. They dont go out in public with so much makeup they rival clowns. They dont try and see how close to naked they can be and not be arrested as many other well known celebraties have. Both Middleton girls are a good influence on young girls to be happy with what you were born with and comfortable in your own skin. In order to sell his wares, this man has reached out and set back what Tyra Banks and other celebraties have tried to promote. Positive Self-Awareness.

    • http://yahoo.com Michelle R. Vail-Vossler

      THANKYOU!! For saying it like it is. I am a plus size gal (18-20 womwns cut)that has lived in L. A. area for 17 years and now live in the mid-west of America where REAL women have REAL thoughts,feelings,and attitudes with a real sense of styles about themselves.Now as I do not represent any one of these women and some of the men,I have discovered that a tremendous amount of people have had it with the junk and garbage that some of these celebrities have put out there as “fashion” and body images. The Middleton Ladies have gone with the natural and simplistic route with fashion, hair and makeup and it works!! Well done Ladies, well done as there is NOTHING wrong with simple, MODEST hem and necklines,styles that are practicle,and cheerful, not fussy in the details let alone with the accessories! I am a 35 year old looking woman who is just shy of being 50, PLUS sized in an 18-20 womens cut and I appriciate the clean and classic cuts of clothes that you can dress it up with or dress it down for what ever occaision that a person may have. Thank you for speaking up on behave of the Middleton Ladies as they go about their lives. Sincerly, Michelle

  • Richard

    Guess what…….. between Karl Lagerfield and Pippa…. I’ll chose Pippa EVERYTIME……

  • beth

    ahhh, really? look at your face first old man, you are very ugly…Pipa is a very beautiful woman…you are just jealous ! hahaha

  • Jan

    Has he looked in the mirror lately?

  • Jack M. Eoff

    Pippa is a babe!! This guy is an idiot!!

  • tom

    does anybody care what this ugly old fag says? really? anybody care? ain’t this the guy whose ‘creative’ imagination wanted to retry the bustle? who is HE to dis anybody’s face? another effort to get pr at someone else’s expence.

  • Bob

    So what – I think every single one of the royals is fugly above the neck. I agree with this guy – the royals are a heck of a lot more attractive from the rear.

  • msfaye2u

    he is telling the truth. people are just trying to be kind. that is one ugly girl. she has the worst eyes and nose. people who say she is beautiful are lying to themselves. apparently something happened to make him make those statements, and i wonder what the sister Kate looks like without all that war paint on.

    • Kimberly

      msfaye2u all of us have flawes.. what are yours?

  • http://webpronews.com Tom

    Really? We should give a crap what an ugly old man has to say about and young pretty girl? And anyone on here criticizing her looks is just a hater. She goes out, pictures are taken of her and you all think you have a right to judge her? Look in the mirror and make sure you’re all that before you open your traps and let everyone know you’re ugly on the inside.

  • Sir Gaga

    And this guy is just a total looker himself. Pippa is so hot, I’d go straight for her.

  • JerseyJim

    And, who told the “great designer” that wearing sunglasses everywhere at any time is OK? This guy is close to senile, and should not be allowed to criticize people anymore. Karl, go home and have a nice hot bowl of oatmeal and go back to bed. You need your rest!!!!

  • John

    That guy don’t know what he is talking about. oth of the Middleton ladies are beautiful.

  • jalia montenegro

    who cares what this guy says or thinks? he is a wacko who is way past his prime; I would consider it a compliment if I were Pippa….she has forgotten more about fashion than he will ever know.

    • Jennifer

      I agree with Lagerfeld one-hundred percent. Pippa is just an average looking woman who you wouldn’t look twice at in a crowd or by herself. She does not have a WOW factor, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. I think the media created that blitz about Pippa stealing the show at Kates wedding. They are always trying to concoct some negative rivalry to sale papers.

      Kate, in my opinion, looks regal and is an attractive woman, whether a royal or not.

  • Kimberly

    Wow! Deja vu to the Donald Trump/Rosie O’Donnell feud..another repulsively ugly rich man who wouldnt be able to date a rat if he didnt have money talking bad of others. Wow! In Psychology, this phenomenon is called “displacement.” People who speak ill of others because what they are actually saying is how they really feel about themselves inside. And of course in Hollywood its all about being in the limelight…Karl? Are you jealous she gets more public attention than you? Seek out a shrink, I assume you can afford the best, and get help for your insecurity issues. Pippa may not have the glamorous looks that Kate has, but she is certainly not ugly. In fact I feel she epitimizes the natural, girl next door look. I hope your clothing sales drop in response to your immature, out-of-line comments.

    • Undergraduate

      Kimberly, trust me. Karl Lagerfeld isn’t interested in women’s backs.

      • http://www.laflyfish.com kevin clark

        wait whose the ugly man rosie o donnels a woman isnt she well her aattitude is very manly i can see where you make the mistake.

    • Sara

      Oh?! And he’s handsome? I’m sure the back of his head is handsomer than his front… Good one Kimberly.

  • vicki cook

    What an ugly thing to say!!!

  • kristin

    i totally agree to this man,pippa is not beautifull at all. she is
    looks older than her age.sooo ugly face.

  • Alex

    Agreed…she simply isn’t a very attractive girl. She’s got a great body and is probably quite nice, but she isn’t attractive.

  • http://www.laflyfish.com kevin clark

    YOU are all MIssing the Point EVEN if she were the Hottest girl in the World the ROYAL family is ZIONIST, Occultist Illuminati Trash. With The help Of their Consiegre the richest man in history Evelyn Rothschild and his family of trillionaires they have pushed laws to start wars, Kill off 5 billion people through Agenda 21 and the New World poulation reduction Plan. Those Illuminati bastards are all evil and hideous and dont just listen to me look it up on youtube about the rothschilds and the royal family who along with Prescott bush and Rockerfeller made billions off ww1 and ww2/holocaust. All you bimbos care about is fashion but I do think lagerfeld knows what hes talking about. He is the best.

  • rhirt

    On beauty issues over women, I’d prefer listening to men’s opinions, let alone a successful haute couture.

  • Tweety

    I think she is a beautiful woman. Leave her alone. She is fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Some of you people who are going around and calling people ugly need to take a look at yourselves. Man looks at outward appearance but God looks at the heart. Go Pippa!

  • puckles

    Pippa is UGLY as sin. This is reality. DEAL WITH IT. Just because she has $ does not make her pretty. With all the makeup and the best hairstylist, et, etc, she is STILL buutt ugly. Imagine if she did not have the best team to make her up. She would look even worse!!!!!!