Pippa And Andre Balazs Take On New York

    September 5, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Pippa Middleton always makes the news when she arrives on this side of the pond, so it’s no surprise that when she showed up in New York on Sunday and immediately began living it up with prominent hotelier Andre Balazs, tongues began to wag.

Balazs, who has been linked recently to Chelsea Handler and Uma Thurman, had dinner with Middleton at his Sunset Beach hotel, where the two engaged in a friendly game of pingpong and a bit of flirtation. Middleton, who was in town to meet with publishers for her new book “Celebrate: A Year Of Festivities For Family And Friends”, made time to hang out with some other friends as well, going out for dinner and drinks in the trendy meatpacking district. But onlookers said she definitely had “chemistry” with Balazs, sparking rumors of a romance.

Of course, it could just be that the pair have a lot in common and have struck up a friendship.

“She shares his interest in hospitality,” a source said. “But everyone was speculating what a great romantic pairing this could be.”

Middleton’s famous sister, Kate, has been in the news recently as well, after Katie Couric’s now-infamous remarks about her weight quickly spread across the web.

  • http://kate-middleton-on-my.blogspot.com/ lorrie


  • http://kate-middleton-on-my.blogspot.com/ lorrie

    kate has naked photos,drunk photos and crotch photos online….just do a search….kate the bimbo

    • deni

      Ha you are trying put dirt on someone,look in the mirror!!!!You are rotten bitch!!!!

    • Leah

      While I neither like nor hate Kate, she’s just not relevant or appealing to me, I have to say that Lorrie is 100% right. I find it hysterical and an obvious validation on how gullable society has become, if you google Kate before marrying William you will find tons of pics of her in less than conservative, “princess” positions or outfits. Many of the photos reveal her drunk, sloppy and half naked. She’s not this prim and proper duchess that she is “acting” like, its precisely that – an act!