Pinterest Valued Over $2 Billion

By: Lacy Wise - October 23, 2013

Pinterest is now on the business map, and is now estimated to be a $2.5 Billion company. Pinterest, the newest hit in social media scrapbooking site , is used by web surfers to share and discover images. It has sold $200 million worth of new stocks to new and existing investors for less than 10 percent of the company.

Constantly expanding, Pinterest had 28 million unique monthly visitors last month, compared to last march with 17 million monthly unique visitors. It generates more than 1.7 billion monthly pageviews.

This is a smart investment. Pinterest could be the next Facebook according to investors because its particular platform. Its goal is to drive web traffic and does so more than most other social mediums combined. Revenue isn’t generating from Pinterest, yet. Tim Kendall was hired by Pinterest in March. Kendall is known for Facebook’s monetization strategy. Creating a revenue, or the potential to, translates into Pinterest to being worth much more than anticipated. The possibilities for revenue is there and could explode if Pinterest finds a way to make money from the links posted and shared by users.

Image via Pinterest

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  • Cathy Nerujen

    I enjoy Pinterest and I am a huge fan of the Boards there for marketing all kinds of things. Since it is so picture-friendly, there are many industries suited to it. Users have barely scratched the surface of Pinterest.