Pink Loses 55 Pounds…And Reveals How

    October 17, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Pink, who has been notoriously chisled since she first came onto the music scene, revealed over the summer that she gained a whopping 55 pounds of baby weight and that, since giving birth to daughter Willow last June, has had a hard time working it off.

“I thought I’d feel like a goddess,” she said. “They sell you on that s**t… like you’ll never feel more feminine. Really, I just felt like a mess.”

The 32-year old singer says these days she sticks to an almost entirely vegan diet, but occasionally indulges in chicken or fish when the mood strikes. She had to become dedicated to working out again, as well, setting aside an hour a day for cardio and an hour for strength training or yoga.

“I’ve been in mommy mode, and I’m just starting to get back out there into the real world,” she said back in June. “I’ve been in the studio recording my new album, so now it feels like everything is falling back into place.”

The album, titled The Truth About Love, was released in September.

  • Roger Richards

    If she went to svchallenge com , she would have lost that in 90 days with little to no exercise.

  • JoulseyPinkq

    Excellent for P!nk! What isn’t that excellent is the spelling of CHISELED body spelling, which I am afraid Ms Amanda Crum has no patience for, perhaps, perhaps.

  • H. Campbell

    Congrats to Pink! It’s not easy losing weight—particularly with belly fat. I certainly need to lose close to that much. I’ll say this for her—better to take it off now & not wait till later. Had she waited till she got to MY age, poor Pink would have REALLY had to struggle to get all that weight off. Ooops!