Pikmin 3 Will Not Include Online Co-op

    June 12, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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It looks as though Nintendo is really no longer listening to anyone when it comes to how people play games anymore. Most people do not sit around a TV to play anymore, they play with friends from all over the country and all over the world for that matter. So now the news comes out that there will be no online component to the highly anticipated Pikmin 3 just makes my heart hurt.

IGN sat down to talk to Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto about Pikmin and one of the questions that was brought up was online multiplayer. This is what he had to say:

“So in the case of Mario Kart, we did have online multiplayer, and that’s something that… You have to be very careful that you don’t drop frames as you’re trying to sync up with other players over what could be a very great physical distance, over the internet. But in the situation of Pikmin, for example, since you would have lots of individual, small creatures, the Pikmin, whose every movement and location is going to be really important in the game, it would be very difficult to sync up over an internet connection. So I think what we’ve decided to do is focus on the single-player and local multiplayer aspects, which are really fun. But unfortunately, no online multiplayer for Pikmin 3. But the co-op local multiplayer is really fun.”

Umm, what? Either the engineers at Nintendo are extremely stupid, which we know they aren’t, or Nintendo is lazy and doesn’t want to spend the money on the necessary infrastructure to build a robust online presence. I for one find it extremely disappointing that we are in the year 2012 now and we still have one of the big 3 making first party games without multiplayer that obviously need it. i think that we were all hoping to get a console from Nintendo that we could have our gamer tag on. Maybe next time….

  • Jacob

    Honestly I’m more of a mind that the fad of online content has become way too big recently. There has been too much emphasis on getting games “social” and “online” recently. Sure, there’s the argument that “online” is the future of gaming, but I’m not buying it yet. I think online content may be a part of the future of games, but it’s not the be-all end-all future of all games. Some games are better played solo and I don’t think that is ever going to change. Just like it wouldn’t make any sense to have books with “online content” and whatnot, some games simply aren’t designed for it, and I think Pikmin and it’s sequels are a good example of such games. Therefore, I’m actually rather glad to hear Pikmin 3 won’t have online content.

    I completely agree with Nintendo’s decision to not worry about online multiplayer, because like it or not, it will always present challenges that local multiplayer doesn’t.

  • http://www.gigapunch.com Scott Charboneau

    I’m not surprised Nintendo is doing this. They’ve been putting online multiplayer on the shelf for years now. I just wish they would give something better than the “dropped framerate” excuse. There are numberous multiplayer games with just as much action on the screen as Pikmin, and they have hardly any problems. Call of Duty comes to mind.

    I love the Nintendo, but sometimes I feel they just make excuses for their own ignorance.

  • http://www.gigapunch.com Scott Charboneau

    Wish I could edit my comment: I noticed some spelling errors. Oh well.

  • Sam

    The era of online multiplayer is great and all, but we have almost completely lost local multiplayer. What happened to getting a group of guys together and using all four controllers to have a night of gaming and pizza? Online multiplayer in pikmin would work and would be fun, but I would find it unnecessary. Give me co-operative capabilities between four people in the actual story mode and I will be satisfied. Definitely could use some more pikmin types WITH ONIONS too. If they really only want three onions on the ground at a time, let us choose at the beginning of each day which we want to bring out.