Phillip Phillips Is Back In Fine Form After Surgery

    June 30, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Phillip Phillips, the winner of this year’s “American Idol”, gave fans quite a scare when word got out during the competition that he had a serious medical condition, and even more so when he announced he was postponing much-needed surgery in order to finish his time on the show.

But Phillips has gone through the procedure–which affected his kidneys–and come out on the other side as good as new, offering up his vocal and guitar talents in a little performance with his brother-in-law, Ben.

The singer says it’s hard for him to accept that he won the talent competition because he’s been cut off from the world since the finale.

“It’s still weird for me [that I won],” he said. “It hasn’t all kicked in, because I have been recovering and I’m still in my little bubble. I never took anything in until the finale, and that’s where it all hit me, like, wow.”

He also says that while he feels much better than he did, he will still have to closely monitor his health during the upcoming tour. And as far as the controversy regarding his win over “Idol” favorite Jessica Sanchez, Phillips says he can’t let it get to him.

Life’s too short to be mad because someone won something, or didn’t win something! It’s just kind of silly to me,” he said.

  • Dawn Bare

    Im not sure anyone really knows how hard it was for Phillip Phillips to do what he did (perform) with his health condition. My 3 kids suffer from cystinuria (www.cystinuria.org) and constantly produce and pass kidney stones with and without surgical intervention. My 14 yr old daughter just recently was able to do what he did at her piano recital to perform all for the love of her music. Check out “Allison Bare Fantasie impromptu” on You Tube. Chronic Kidney stone formers are AMAZING. I know. I watch it everyday.

  • Dawn Bare

    Oh gosh, just watched the video! Love this version better. He is such a musical artist! Glad he is well now !

  • anita fuqua

    Phillip Phillips talent reaches all ages. I am 78 yrs old and ready to stand in line for his first album!!

    • Gail

      Hi – I am 56, almost 57, and I totally agree. I will definitely be buying Phillip’s CD when it comes out and will go see him in person. He is really a breath of fresh air!!!

  • kasha

    He will have to write his own songs. We don’t have good song writers anymore :(

  • http://none russell

    All this yak about Jessica and Phillip–hey, listen–the best of the best
    went out as #3. NO ONE was better than Joshua and I just could not
    imagine that he was not the winner!! I am a 79 year old raised in the
    deep South and I have listened to black folks sing all my life. To me,
    there are none better- although I prefer songs other than rock!
    Now, I am not knocking either Philip nor Jessica–both are truly good
    singers.. I do favor Philip, tho, because of his originality. Bless you,
    Philip Phillips-get well soon and let that voice fill the air!!