Phil Robertson: Killed Duck Dynasty’s Golden Goose?

    August 2, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Duck Dynasty was on top of the heap. Of all the reality shows about millionaire duck hunting families, it was the king. It was the Number One reality TV show in cable history.

Then Phil Robertson did an interview in GQ Magazine. The piece is old news now, but just take a moment and remember where you were when you first heard that the long-bearded patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan had done an interview in GQ.

In said interview, Robertson said some things that alienated, offended, and disgusted many people.

“It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

Perhaps Phil thought he could be just as comfortable speaking his mind with a GQ writer as he was in front of the cameras for his own show, forgetting that there was no editing team, forgetting that GQ readers are, by and large, not his tribe. It is highly unlikely that those offended were die hard members of his fan base. But the hammer came down nonetheless.

After a highly-publicized bit of blowback, Robertson was suspended from his own show. Then his fans rallied the troops, and he was asked back after only nine days suspension. It looked like the gravy train was back on track for Robertson and family. After that outpouring of fan support, things were likely better than ever. Or so most thought.

The numbers tell a different tale. Last year, the folks at Nielsen said that Duck Dynasty had about 12 million viewers. Now, seven months after the GQ kerfluffle, they have only about one-third of that audience. Even the season premiere was way down.

Where did everyone go? One theory is that it is no longer popular in mixed company to say you watch Duck Dynasty. Sure, the guys sporting ZZ Top beards and wearing camo to walk around the mall aren’t going anywhere. But folks who may have been watching the show at its peak, but don’t want their friends to think they are homophobes, they’re long gone.

Of course, there is still the merchandise licensing. All those Duck Dynasty t-shirts, ball caps, beef jerky, and other such paraphernalia that netted the Dynasty team $400 million last year are still there. There is the possibility that they may lose some if they get the losing end of a lawsuit over one of their catchphrases. But there’s still a lot of money coming.

A&E says they already have the next season of Duck Dynasty in the can. And they are considering spinoffs, which is where many reality shows come from.

Maybe Phil killed the goose/duck that laid the golden eggs, but they piled up a lot of eggs before he did.

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  • carlos mcquakenbush

    Duck will live on for quite awhile. TV I don’t know but the merch will live on ad nauseam. There is poop load of white trash in America. Just wait for the comments

    • Fano More

      Wow, that is really racist and ignorant.

      • Ralph Malph

        No, just honest- tactless, but honest. If you don’t agree, just visit rural America sometime.

        • tehas

          Ralp Malph, where are you from ? Have you EVER been to Louisiana ? I live in South East Louisiana,”Cajun, “Bayou Country”. I am a professional and see many people in the healthcare field that I serve. Your comment is dishonest and tactless. The Robertson family are a “show-business gig”. Besides, the Robertsons in North Louisiana, a predominately hard core Baptist area. They are not the reflection of Louisiana’s rural citizens, I assure you, sir.

      • Disqus11111

        Racist? How is what he said racist? You think more than a few people who aren’t white watch this show? I’m sure it’s a huge hit among black people in Detroit, Chicago, LA, NYC, Seattle, Phoenix and Miami and in Washington, DC, I bet it is the biggest hit the black community has ever seen.

    • Willy

      White trash? I’m an LGBT loving metrosexual white male who is partial to cross-dressers and German Shepherds, but I like watching Duck Dynasty. Does that make me weird?

      • Disqus11111

        Sure you are.

      • Fano More

        More power to you Willy

      • Mark

        Nope. You’re still a sinner like the rest of us.

  • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

    There is no price too great to lead a lost person to Christ. Phil was willing to share the true Word of God and not the watered-down diluted version that tickles people’s ears. They might have lost market share on the TV land at a cost of millions…but they gained much more in eternity for their stand. I just wish God would use me to that caliber.

    • Ron Diehl

      It would be nice if you had a good hold on the history of ALL religions. You do know that ALL religions are worshiping the same man made GOD, right? Phil is just a simple minded bigot. Most religions were developed from the Greek Gods.

      • Fano More

        Humans have always had faith in something greater themselves. By knowing that little history fact isn’t having faith just another part of our genetic make-up ?

        • Ron Diehl

          Yes! We don’t drive a car at night without head lights. Truth and facts make our travel through life have more meaning and purpose. Some head lights have farther distance than other ones.

      • Dick Whitman

        Wow Ron I can only assume that you flunked your comparative religions course in college.

        • rex

          I doubt seriously if ron went to college

          • Ron Diehl

            You sound like you listen to Foxnews. This is the way that they talk to other people on their programs. You forgot to call me a name first. You don’t even listen to foxnews very well.

          • Independent Thinker

            I doubt seriously you went to college if you don’t know first names are capitalized and sentences end in punctuation.

          • Ron Diehl

            If that makes you feel better about your faith in God so be it. You know that your God is watching you and that isn’t very Chrictian of you to judge my spelling and punctuation.

        • Ron Diehl

          We didn’t waste anytime with religious dogma. The course look at man’s want and need to explain his soul and why he feels the need to place it in a heavenly world in the after life. We look at all religions and how they make up stories of how to get your soul into the heavens above. For me, it brought everything into prespective. Is there a GOD? I don’t know and either do you! The difference between me and you is that I don’t make chit up just to control others and make myself feel better over other religions.

      • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

        Sorry. You are incorrect by using the word ALL in your sentence. Since you are so boldly making such an idiotic statement, you will now have to prove that Jesus Christ is not God. You will have to prove the Bible is not from God. You will have to prove that only man over 3,000 years ago created the Bible on their own.

        If you cannot do that, then I will deem you as an opinion dripping with pseudo-intelligence.

        By the way, I can prove that God exists and that the Bible comes from God.

        Good luck.

        • Ron Diehl

          I hate to pop your bubble but the bible was written by a group of men. It was written in Greek. There is no record of Jesus ever to have written or spoken Greek because he was a Jew. Jesus spoke and written Hebrew. So much for the idea that Jesus was teaching the word of God.

          • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

            Hebrew? Really? Only Hebrew?

            Riddle me this:

            What happened in 332 BC that changed the landscape of language?

            What language was the most prominent during that time?

            What language was that of the government?

            Without a translator, how did Jesus communicate with a Centurion and Pontius Pilate?

            Do you believe in Socrates? Why? What is your proof that Socrates existed?

          • Ron Diehl

            You call yourself “Straight Shooter” and you come back with Riddles and Fairy Dust. Your thoughts and life is run by a faith based systems not supported with historial facts. I’m fine with that. I don’t care. It means nothing to me. Get over it.

          • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

            Actually, I’m making you think about some things. I’m forcing you to research the answer. So, forgive me for not allowing you to spew false information left and right and get away with it. You have some things to prove, but, instead I keep receiving red herrings.

            IF you took the time to research my riddles, you would realize why the New Testament was written in Greek. You would realize that Jesus was able to speak Greek. But, it doesn’t support your rant so you throw distractions and punt the ball.

            Go back to the original post you made and back up the claim that ALL religions are false, God doesn’t exist, and the Bible was merely written by men.

            I am not here after 30 years of serving the Lord riding solely on “faith” as the atheist love to claim. The bible can be proven to come from God through various sciences, historical documentation, hostile historical writers, and even prophecies.

            You made a claim—now get to the facts that support that position other than your lower sphincter–or be on your way.

          • Ron Diehl

            This what you say “The bible can be proven to come from God through various sciences, historical documentation, hostile historical writers, and even prophecies.” and you never prove anything. WHERE’S THE BEEF? Don’t just talk about it PROVE IT!

          • Ron Diehl

            You have wasted 30 years of your life and this is the best that you can do? You stated,

            “Put up or shut up. You are a false witness and a liar. Feel free to prove me wrong.”
            You do realize that you are just a small minded religious zealot that has nothing going on in your life so you feel that you have to make yourself more important than you are by using religion to beat up people. That’s pathetic and I feel sorry for you. Feel free to get a life!

          • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

            LOL. Are you going to continue to waste my time? You started the conversation. You made statements that are false. I’m still waiting on you to back up your claim.

            You are a typical atheist that dodges and weaves the statements they make because it is false information.

            Once you back up your claim, I will be more than happy to prove the Word of God comes from God.

            Here is your ORIGINAL statement that needs valid evidence besides your opinion. We will not go any further until I get this information from you.

            “I hate to pop your bubble but the bible was written by a group of men. It was written in Greek. There is no record of Jesus ever to have written or spoken Greek because he was a Jew. Jesus spoke and written Hebrew. So much for the idea that Jesus was teaching the word of God.”

            I didn’t ask for your comment on my post…you independently tried to smear my independent post. You are being held accountable for your statement. If you don’t like that….stop lying to people.

          • Ron Diehl

            I have already make you look silly. It would be like beating a dead horse to continue on with this conversation. You spent 30 years so far studying the Bible, you deserve to spend the rest of your life doing so. You have a lot to show for your effords. LOL

          • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

            Feel free to copy and paste your quote proving that. For some odd reason, I cannot find that proof you are speaking of.


          • carlos mcquakenbush

            You can prove the word of god came from god? Then you are the only one in the whole world who can. I thought it was faith all this time and you KNOW for sure…Wow

          • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

            Why would you say that I am the only one? Surely, you are smarter than that assumption, correct? Are you telling me that you have NEVER Googled proof that the Bible comes from God? Never? Not once? Are you too afraid to find out that God does exist?

            After all, in over 30 years, I have never found an atheist that truly believes that God doesn’t exist. In just a few conversations the truth comes out. God didn’t answer a prayer, someone got sick and died, spouse left them, they lost their job, etc. and they are so upset they lash out at Christians and mock them while disguising their inner disappointment that God didn’t fit into their ideology of expectations.

            Curious, why do you hate God? What happened?

          • carlos mcquakenbush

            No not once NEVER and I am not afraid, I just believe in science and observable things, and not stuff I look up in the bible. I admit I don’t know for sure. I don’t know how you could possibly be sure of something that you have heard and don’t really KNOW…However if belief in god makes you happy or gives you peace, more power to you. Just remember a REAL wise man once said “uncertainty is an uncomfortable position, however certainty is an absurd one.”

          • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

            Well, atleast you are honest enough to cop to agnostic levels by admitting you are not sure.

            The atheistic community speaks just like you have. They always state that serving God is solely based on faith without evidence. Atheist also like to point towards Christians accusing them of using circular logic to prove God’s existence. You know, “it’s in the Bible so it must be true.”

            That’s baloney to every degree. You don’t have to use circular logic to prove God wrote the Word. You can use various sources such as biology, cosmology, history, geology, hostile secular historians, mathematicians, etc. right from the very universities that you are banking on know the truth.

            One thing you should look up is to discover how little science knows about the entire workings of the universe. My research concludes that the highest percent that I’ve seen talked about is around 4-5%. That is a very small percentile in comparison as to how the universe formed and functions today.

            The other thing to take into account is your statement, “I just believe in science and observable things.” Well, that now rules out every aspect of natural selection that is touted by Evolutionary scientists. After all, none of it but perhaps less than 1% has been observed. The rest, is simply drawn from conclusions based on a geologist’s, biologist’s, cosmologist’s, etc. presupposition and very personal opinion on their findings.

            Good example of that is Mt. St. Helen’s eruption. A geologists took the newly formed rocks from the eruption and sent them to 4 prominent labs across the world that support a 4-billion year old earth. All four of them were way off their mark on dating the rocks and didn’t realize the rocks were newly formed.

            Anyway, there is a reason that I don’t have to worry about your quote from a wise man. I’ve seen too many things by God that no man can take credit for.

            Let me summarize it this way, and be honest. If you took secular information and proved that the Bible was written well beyond the years of the intelligence available during that time frame; that you verified that the Bible has never been updated or changed since the original recorded scriptures; that each language that it was translated into never lost its scriptural integrity, and you personally had witnessed documented and verified miracles……..

            Would you belief that your faith in God was merely “faith” or full of “evidence” that supported and increased your “faith” that God lives and sent His son to die on the cross for your salvation?

            Let me now finish with a quote from a wiser man:

            “A fool says in their heart that there is no God.”

            Good night. I have a business to run early in the morning. I won’t respond until tomorrow.

          • Independent Thinker

            Not picking on you Ron but the bible was written in three languages Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. I expect since you wrote only one the fringe religious zealots are going to jump all over you.

          • Ron Diehl

            The Old Testament was all Greek and the New Test was as you state. They didn’t have Kinkos back then so you had alot of people transcribe copy to copy. You have people changing words with differenent meannings from copy to copy and that religious zealot calls the Bible the word of GOD. No it the word of men. The Bible is not a complete book. There were some books that were never put in the Bible. They were just left out. Churches for profit never teach you that do they? They want full control of your faith and money. You can’t get to heaven without giving your money to them. Great racket!

          • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

            The Dead Sea Scrolls completely refutes your statements.

          • Fano More

            don’t feed the internet trolls of hate…

          • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

            Ron Diehl doesn’t even qualify for a troll. He’s illogical and spews illogical statements. Then, he gets mad when postured to provide proof. I keep circling him around the bush waiting for him to provide evidence found in his pseudo-intelligent brain.

    • Guest

      At what point did the words vagina and anus become par of the true word of God?

      • Rain E Day

        when icabod did enod and he-rod watched.

      • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

        This is a silly argument. I can also ask where are the use of guns to murder in the Bible. It is very clear that sexual immorality such as, and not limited to, homosexuality, fornication before marriage, adultery, etc. will not inherit the Kingdom of God for those that haven’t repented and turned from their ways.

        • Independent Thinker

          If your statement is true then explain the role of concubines in the bible and polygamy.

          • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

            Are you wanting an explanation of their “roles” as concubines and multiple wives….or are you trying to ask did God approve these?

    • Dick Whitman

      In what version of the Bible is vagina and anus found in the “true Word of God”?

      • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

        This is a silly argument. I can also ask where are the use of guns to murder in the Bible. I can also ask where it specifically mentions date rape or illicit drugs like heroine is mentioned.

        It is very clear that sexual immorality such as, and not limited to, homosexuality, fornication before marriage, adultery, etc. will not inherit the Kingdom of God for those that haven’t repented and turned from their ways.

    • Sideways Shooter

      I remember the one part of the bible that says love thy brother for they are all my children, also the part that says he (God) will be the only one to judge and lastly he who is without sin cast the first stone… but I dont’ recall the one that says do my judging for me and cast aside anyone who doesn’t follow my word. So, why does it matter if a man lays with another man, God’s word told you NOT to interfere with his business, funny how you speak of the “true word” and yet, ignore the simple word of the Lord that says “Don’t worry, I got this”

      • Ron Diehl

        It sure would be funny if Jesus was gay. Think about it. Jesus was 32 years old and still not married. For a man in this time period, this would very unusual. Most men at that age would have been married and had children. He also hung out with 12 other single males. Sounds gay to me.

      • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

        Sideways…. You clearly haven’t cracked the pages of the Bible prior to this post you made. It’s a typical atheistic approach and I’ve dealt with it for over 3 decades.

        First, how is telling the people the truth not loving them? Isn’t knowledge of something that will cause great harm showing love?

        I find it completely amazing the hypocrisy that lies behind these hate comments. As a parent, I’m praised for teaching my small kids from running out in the street and getting hit by a car, or teaching them not to touch a hot stove and get burned. But, teach someone about the Word of God that specifically states that certain lifestyles are etched in stone to be detrimental, and everyone goes nuts!

        It is very clear that you don’t know the Bible that well at all. If you did, you would have answered your own questions. Since this topic is threaded through the New Testament, I’ll supply you with a link to explore more about what God does instruct Christians to do with judgment.


        • Ron Diehl

          I study religion not christian religious dogma. You bait people and they surprize attack with your religious details from your interpretions of the bible. Good for you, because I don’t care how you want to brain wash yourself.

          • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter

            Wow! All you can do is make false claims and dodge and weave when someone calls you out? Then, you claim I’m baiting people? What a joke!

            What’s wrong with you? You drip with pseudo-intelligence and cannot hold an honest conversation.

            Put up or shut up. You are a false witness and a liar. Feel free to prove me wrong.

          • Ron Diehl

            Matthew 6 “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.
            You aren’t very good at studying your own bible. You chase people around on these message boards and tell people that their ideas are silly. Who the H are you? You don’t even practice your own religion.

          • http://wholesale-pm.com Straight Shooter


            What are you even talking about? I keep asking you to back up your statement that God and the Bible are fictitious.

            All you seem to do is switch directions with red herrings trying to avoid the fact that you cannot stand behind your mouth.

            How does that have anything to do with the presumption that I am on a pedestal? You keep making false statements–I keep challenging you to prove what you say. There is a difference that you are refusing to look at. After all, I posted something–you decided to reply–I’m responding to your false accusations.

            At this point, you are simply deemed a liar because you can’t / won’t provide the evidence. So, unless you are ready to go back to square-one and prove your initial statement–quit wasting my time. I’m only looking for honest conversations.

          • Ron Diehl

            Liar? You stated that you could prove to me that GOD exists. You have given me nothing yet. You have study the Bible for 30 years as you state, and this is all you have? You turn the arguement around and want me to disprove it? Your God is watching you.

  • Fano More

    “Phil Robertson: Killed Duck Dynasty’s Golden Goose?”

    BULLSHIT !!! Lack of Freedom of Expression and Religious Prosecution via the media

    • Ralph Malph

      No, Phil Robertson’s alienating a large part of his audience killed the golden goose.

    • Disqus11111

      Who is persecuting anyone because of their religion and who is keeping Robertson from expressing himself? No one. The TV show is a business and the business of Duck Dynasty TV depends on having enough customers. You might think that there are enough people who think just like Phil does to support their little corner of the TV world. Guess what? They’re aren’t. At least not enough to earn the various partners a good enough to return if they start losing customers. DD’s success was based on appealing to a very diverse demographic. Phil’s mouth has dramatically narrowed that demographic. That’s called freedom – You know, that thing that lets you turn the channel if you don’t want to watch. And if enough people no longer want to watch then you go pffft and vanish. So when you say stuff that makes enough people go pffft you lose. Freedom of expression and religious persecution? Get a brain.

      BTW, your daughter is secretly sleeping with black men.

    • Dan Shill

      You are clearly very uneducated and unintelligent.

      • Fano More

        Right back at you Dip Shill

        • Dan Shill

          And once again, you demonstrate your abject stupidity.

          • Fano More

            Please Dan, enlighten me with your intellect. I need a good laugh.

          • Dan Shill

            Then look at your face in the mirror.

  • Johnny

    I don’t think the liberal folks at Nielsen are willing to give the top spot back to Duck Dynasty again . they will just bury the numbers to justify their liberal beliefs because of Phil’s religious views. He is entitled to his views and says he doesn’t judge anyone because that decision comes from a higher power. My family still watches and enjoys the show and will continue to watch duck dynasty.

    • Disqus11111

      So Johnny, tell what you know about the “liberal folks”at Nielsen? How exactly are they “liberals” and how does that alter the verifiable numbers? And what vested interest does Nielsen have in putting out false numbers? How does that help their business? How does burying the imaginary numbers you claim are the truth justify those “liberal beliefs” you know the “liberal folks at Nielsen” have?

      Do you have any idea how incredibly stupid you and the 33 people who up voted your comment must be? You connect dots that don’t exist and make up stuff as you go along. You can keep watching the show. Personally, I still enjoy it and given what you said, I highly doubt you and I think very much alike on anything besides the fact there is day and there is night every 24 hours. It’s business, pure business and nothing but business and the numbers are dropping.

      • Johnny

        Well I can tell what side of the political line you fall on. If you don’t agree with my statement then just mark the thumbs down. But no you have to go on the attack and call me stupid. All of you democrat party, Republican party, Tea Party, communist party, and independents are all alike you have to go on the attack.

    • Robert Walsh

      Johnny, being ignorant is no way to go though life.

      • Johnny

        Name calling is usually a liberal democrat response. Just mark the thumbs down symbol and move on.

    • Dan Shill

      Moron. Nielsen is neither Liberal nor Conservative. They simply track who is watching what, with no commentary on why.

      • Johnny

        Here is another liberal democrat going to the name calling game. You know there is a disagree that looks like a thumbs down symbol. Just mark it and move on and quit showing your true colors.

        • Dan Shill

          And again you show your stupidity. I’m neither Liberal NOR a Democrat. I just hate stupid people like you.

        • Johnny

          Oh, excuse me Maybe I should have called you a communist. Shit for brains!!

  • Doesn’t matter

    I stopped watching the actual hunting shows when they went reality TV. Its fake all of it is fake. I understand they have made a killing off their calls I get it but really lets be honest media was trying to change a man that wasn’t going to conform to the wants of a network to make a killing off of false presentations. I think the show is boring and lame. Its really the redneck version of keeping up with the Kardashians I mean porn stars.

    • J.J.

      I used to love the show and so did my family but we rarely watch it any more. That had nothing to do with what Phil Robertson said; we just felt like it started to get old. I have mixed feelings about what Phil Robertson said though. As I Christian I do believe that homosexuality is a sin but I also believe that God, while hating sin, still loves the sinner (and that is a great thing since WE ALL ARE SINNERS!) . I think that what Phil Robertson said came across as hateful and I don’t believe that Christians should go around preaching hate. On the other hand, the liberal media does bother me by “encouraging” freedom of expression but only as long as it agrees with what they have to say.

      • WWJD

        I absolutely can not believe how many people dislike someone for speaking about what they believe in. Is this not America ? What happened to freedom of speech? So it’s okay for you to get on the computer and bash someone for their beliefs, but not okay for that same person to take a stand for Christianity and how they interpret the word of God. I wonder what happened to God first,family second,and then everything else? Phil you might not have worded it right but that is what the Bible says, Long live the king of the Jews

        • Disqus11111

          No one is standing in the way of Phil saying what he wants. Tell me where the constitution says a business is required to give Phil Robertson a platform for his personal views? Phil can say anything he wants in his own house, while standing on public property or on private property if he has been invited to do so and no one is trying to stop that. Guess what else? No one has to listen if they don’t want to and from the numbers, it seems more people seem to be deciding they don;t want to listen to someone with his views. At least enough people that questions about the ongoing commercial viability of the show are being raised.

        • Johnny

          Thank you for stepping up and telling it like it is. Yes a lot of people judge Phil for quoting and interpreting the Bible. They so quickly forget that a higher power has dibs on judging!!

      • Marlyn Amole

        The Duck’s show fading away has nothing to do with what Phil said. A&E is killing it by running the same show’s again & again. The Duck’s show started at least 4 yrs ago but they take the same 4 or 5 show’s & run them to death.

      • Johnny

        God does love the sinner. And you are correct that we all are sinners. But Phil Robertson comes across like a preacher. That’s because he is a part time preacher with his church. But I didn’t hear any hate, he just quoted the Bible and gave his interpretation of what the Bible says. Phil was quickly judged by a lot of people and a higher power has dibs on that.

    • Johnny

      I presume you have meet and spent time with them right? You really know who they are and what they stand for right? You are acting like a Liberal by attacking. I suggest you don’t judge someone! Their is a higher power that has dibs on that.

  • Shannon Collier

    Phil teaches that good old fashion religion of bait & switch, lie & point fingers, and molest young girls to groom them for your years of needing to be taken care of and having babies out of wedlock but calling those who do too nasty names, drinking & drugging but calling others who do nasty names and using the Bible and gods as a way to fill his pockets with gold, all the time, pointing his fingers at others. Same old, same old.

    • Johnny

      I don’t think it is right for you to judge Phil. First off you don’t know Phil. Second a higher power has dibs on judging. Phil quoted the Bible, gave his interpretation like most Preachers do. If you knew Phil you would know that Phil is a part time preacher. He never judge anyone in his Bible quoting and interpretation.

  • frankie

    or – could be that this man isn’t willing to pretend that homosexuality is ok just so he could be number one in the eyes of homo people and get big gobs of money. Yeah, I can see where you would have a hard time understanding that.

    Maybe joel osteen will soon be wearing camo for his shows?

  • fed up

    the writer of this article is a retarded liberal freak! It has nothing to do with Robertsons stand. I love him all the more now! But all shows have their run. Like others said, it is the same old thing and its getting old. Nothing to do with what was said or stood up for. Just had its run. Sick of these writers showing THEIR opinion when writing an article. JUST REPORT and leave your damn self out of it! I can’t stand hearing the lefts twisted view of reality. Let alone have to read a bullshit article of that THEY speculate is the reason of falling ratings. In the end they will go to hell. DOesn’t matter if you believe in it or not. You will when you get there

    • A Man

      Media whores call it “news”
      When in reality, what they spew is “opinion”, disguised as news

    • Disqus11111

      Nice name calling Jethro. What do you do for an encore?

      • Johnny

        Here you go again. Attacking as all liberal democrats do!

  • goggles

    If they pulled $400 million out of a story about nothing I don’t think that they would be worried about the demise. Though no more ego boosts if not a TeeVee “star”

  • Kathy McKay

    The show cannot be cancelled fast enough. It is nothing but a made up story and nothing to do with reality. I could give a rat’s behind what Phil said because like so many he misquoted that verse. He better start preaching how God forgave him for being a pedaphile (Miss Kay) was 14 when they were having sexual realations. He best clean up his own mess of a life before he starts preaching. By the way where did he study? Self taught and easy to misuse scriptures..

    • whodat59

      He didn’t misquote crap. And since he’s still married to that minor, is he really a pervert? Go mush your brain on your liberal crap.

    • Johnny

      There is not enough difference in their age for Phil to be classified as a pedophile. A lot of Woman married before the age of 15 in their time line. You do realize Phil does hold a college degree, and has two sons that have theology degrees. I believe he can preach since he does it regular at the church as a part time preacher. No one is sinless. But when Phil found God and asked for forgiveness he was cleansed of those prier sins. So I think he did clean up what you called his mess. But no one is sinless and that included you and me also.

  • Larry G

    The show like all shows is winding down. It has nothing to do with Phil’s comments. My daughter loves the show and I know there is never anything said inappropriate for kids so I let her watch it.

    • Johnny

      Thank you. With all the shows that are inappropriate, including cartoons! It is good to have a show that has good values!

  • DonnalGaylor

    I think the comments are his views and mine and in America we have the right to free speech. I am not ashamed to be a Christian heterosexual female married to one man. It does not bother me if you do not share my views that is your right as an American. My duty as a Christian is far different, it is to tell people of God’s Love and how he wants you to live with him after death. God gives us free will. Your choice! Enough said!

    • Disqus11111

      Pass me a barf bag. You don’t respect anyone’s free will if they don’t subscribe to your view. Keep up with your little god and life after death fantasy if it makes you happy.

      • Michelinman

        You are an ignorant POS. Geez you homos try to force your liberal beliefs down everyones throats and anyone who doesn’t agree with your opinions are labeled biggot or whatever you want. At the end of the day you are going to burn in hell just like the Bible says. You ignorant faggots declared war on Christianity as a whole. If you hate it here so much then leave. Here’s one I don’t think queer couples should be allowed to adopt. You guys are idiots.

        • Disqus11111

          I’m gonna force something else right down your throat and I bet you will love every inch of it. Then I am going to tip you over and fill the other side. And when it is all done, you will beg me to find other men to give you more. Now, buddy boy, besides my little piece of sarcasm I just “laid” on you, you want to explain exactly what tells you I am a homosexual or apart of some war on your preferred religion. You are free to believe what you want, but your words sure do portray you as a hypocrite of epic proportions.

          You are quite the christian and so very moral calling people names like faggot and queer, threatening them, being intolerant and hurling accusations of immorality because someone does’t agree with you. Why don’t copy what you wrote on to a piece of paper and take it to church with you. Go up to the pulpit and ask the Reverend if you can read something to everyone. Then come back here and tell me how Christian everyone there thought your beliefs and words were.

          • kalimari

            Listen idiot we have been tolerant of your types for a long time and are sick and tired of liberals ruining the country. No you are an obvious atheist.

          • Disqus11111

            Idiot? I am an idiot? Have you read what you wrote up and down these pages? You may being diametrically (too big of a word for you?) opposed to my views, but if anyone has demonstrated idiocy it’s you. When what you say is debunked and refuted with logic you go right to the name calling and liberal stuff because it’s all you have. You aren’t capable of intelligent debate.

            You are funny and entertaining. I’ll say that much for you.

          • kaliamari

            You are an obnoxious wimp. IF you had any self respect you’d take your own life. Yes you are an obvious homosexual that is disrespectful of Christians and their opposition to your condemned lifestyle.

          • Disqus11111

            Bend over, I’m going to give you what you know you’ve always wanted.

            One more question and then I am done because you have gotten so boring – Are you a professional m0 r0n or just a really huge buttwipe? I can’t quite tell which one and would like it if you would help me with that.

          • Dan Shill

            DAMN, you are stupid!

          • Guest1

            Very amusing Disqus. Your ability to put people in their place is quite admirable. Apparently, however, you do not have much of a life beyond your computer and the ability to get otherwise annonymous people fired up over something that actually is of little significance.

          • Johnny

            Thank you!!

          • Johnny

            Here you go again. Attacking like a true Liberal. Can I ask you a question? I will anyway. Or you a atheist? Just wondering!

      • Johnny

        Here you go again attacking like a true liberal you are.


    i cant believe people still watch made up reality tv. tv in general is just a bunch of garbage for people to watch because they have boring lives and sit on their azz all day .

  • john

    Nobody not even stupid republicans want to hear some loser religious idiot talk about nonsense!!!

  • Janice J. Jones

    Do not ask a man his opinion if you really don’t want it!

  • Truth fan

    Do not believe the media in this. While the ratings are down, DD are still
    winning their time slot, and that is what counts. The freedom and God hating media is trying to twist the numbers, as they always do, to make it fit their slant. Notice we are not hearing anything from A&E about this show in danger of being cancelled, only these so called disjournalist a new term meaning ‘if these news isn’t with my belief I will ignore it or make it that way.’

  • goober Mcgilicuty

    That interview had nothing to do with the fall. Frankly, as a once huge DD fan, the show became quite repetitive!!! I still watch the show from time to time but I believe you’ll find most religious conservatives are too busy supporting their families and lazy deadbeats in this country, to watch a lot of TV!!

  • A Man

    It’s not Phil’s views that are sinking the show. It’s the stooped script writers.
    Most of us that still have morals & common sense agree with Phil. He is not wrong.
    We don’t care about the fags & pc wimps.

    • Disqus11111

      Puhleeze, you are so slow you don’t even realize what’s been shoved up your rear end. Soon the Robertsons can go back to their lives and just live off the money and good for them. They scored big. The circus/freak show is ending. They were a novelty. They’re just a different flavor and much smarter version of Honey Boo Boo. They have just done a better job of controlling the money machine and making sure they got their share. It’s entertainment like a car crash with dead bodies is for a redneck. They aren’t rednecks and anyone with a brain knows that.

  • rex

    phil Robertson for president he believes on morals and stands on Gods word him and uncle si are my two favorites one of the only shows on television any more that you will truly learn some true morals in todays world if you watch close yahoo for duck dynasty

    • Disqus11111

      I do believe you are one of the few people on earth that Uncle Si is smarter than. That is freaking scary!

  • Disqus11111

    I heard the real reason Phil hates gay people is when he was a wife beating, alcoholic pedophile and had been thrown out of his house he did some things with other men and he has never come to terms with the resulting shame and revulsion. He keeps trying to portray himself as being cured through Jesus, but the constant discussion of gays in his speeches indicates pretty clearly Phil fights his true desires on a regular basis.

    • Rain E Day

      Man, you just made him my hero. So he felt a lil lonely at one point, he’s a redneck and needed some lovin’!

  • Mike

    DD has lost some viewers….not because of Phil’s comments…not because people don’t want others to know they watch it because of gay friends etc…. First years were un-scripted and funny/entertaining….last 2 years have been scripted and the spontaneity has disappeared. All shows…have a life span….MASH, Seinfeld, Cheers, Frazier….and on and on. Maybe DD has ran its TV course. HAS NOTHING to do with Phil’s comments.

  • Rain E Day

    You think homos watch the show? They fuk the duk, not hunt it! The ratings are down cuz the show got stale and doesn’t seem to be as funny, seems more scripted now. And the blak folk ratings, I highly doubt they watched the show either!

  • Just sayin

    The author seems to think that people who listen to ZZ Top and wear camo are racist bigots.

    • Disqus11111

      Interesting analysis considering the author didn’t mention race anywhere in the article.

      Do you wear camo and listen to ZZ Top and just happen to be a racist bigot?

  • Southerngirl

    Thank God!!!!! for men Like Phil!!!!!!!! I love him and his family values and will always supports him!!!

    • Disqus11111

      So wife beating, alcoholism and having sex with a 14-year old girl is your kind of family values and are activities you endorse? Makes sense after seeing the rest of what you wrote on this page.

  • bpr549

    They are making money hand over fist. I think you do not know what you are talking about. The minority liberals who believe in “freedom of speech as long as it agrees with us” did not get there way because the majority showed their support and quickly overturned the damage the liberals tried to cause. As far as suspension there never was a suspension. get your facts straight.

    • Disqus11111

      You went off track after the first sentence. As long as they make enough money for the people who decide of they are on TV or not, they will stay on TV. The rest is not relevant. When an employee makes trouble for his boss with his mouth, he better be responsible for a lot of profits if he wants to keep his job. If his profits fall or his words create negative relationships with enough customers there goes his job! It’s that simple. This freedom of speech and religious freedom stuff you Phil lovers keep pushing is ridiculous. If you actually understood what that means in constitutional terms you would’t mention it because you would know with certainty that no one is blocking that for anyone.

      • bpr549

        It is relevant. Liberals want to express there ideas and if others do not agree with those ideas want to tell them to keep it to themselves.
        talk about not being relevant. Here is the point Right prevailed over liberal bullies who think any opinion that is different from theirs should not be spoken.

  • Disqus11111

    Grow up people. TV is a business. If you can make the required return for a business, you stay on the air. If not you go. If Phil makes enough people go then he loses the platform. Simple Economics 101. Capitalism. No one is taking away your or Phil’s right to free speech or to have whatever religious views you want. The reasons for people going or staying aren’t relevant to that fact. DD does not have some imaginary constitutional right to be on TV. This is not about about a war on religion or a homosexual takeover of the world. Lots of things lots of people say about all kinds of stuff offend other people and as a result people decide not listen/read/pay attention anymore. It doesn’t mean you can’t continue to agree with them. You are always free to do that. Force a business to keep selling something if they decide they don’t want to? That’s called Socialism or Communism and I’m sure all you fine Christian, freedom loving, small government, Obama hating, Phil Robertson loving good folks don’t want to be associated with anything like that, do you?

  • Maddy Rose

    no phil did not kill it a&e did with all there changing of the show they made it look to staged now for the gays and liberals and now its so boring i fall asleep

  • Duck Dynasty supporter!

    Duck Dynasty Rules!!!! Stack that up against trashy reality shows like honey boo boo and all the too many housewives of What??? Everything Phil says is True The bible does not support gay sex in any way shape or form! Screw all the haters!!! Just turn the channel!

  • ttowntenor

    I’ve only watched DD once in my entire life. After Phil’s attack of homophobic oral diarrhea, I will not watch again. In the next few months, the show will be like “Honey Boo Boo”. It’ll maintain a small, cult-type following and then, over the next two or three years, gradually fade from the American consciousness.

  • whodat59

    PC crowd in America has mush for brains. I was quite proud of the comments Phil made. We’re afraid of the truth in America.

  • whodat59

    Hollywood is just ticked because it’s one of the few shows that doesn’t meet its gayness quota.

    • randall wallace

      He has a right to voice his opinion , and he did so get over it!

      • whodat59

        Dude, I agree with his opinion. You don’t get sarcasm do you? Hollywood’s gayness quota? That should have clued you in. A Hollywood fan I’m not.

  • Tamara Quintero

    Tamara Quintero: Phil Robertson is right on track with his beliefs & seems to be the only U.S. unafraid citizen to speak the truth. Many people in this country are scared to speak their mind or even talk anything about the Bible. People like Phil Robertson and myself are the ones people want to avoid but when truth is really wanted who do the people come to. Phil is to the point & that’s what I like its about time someone put the garbage of this country on front street cause people are losing any kind of morals or respect (that “maybe”) they were raised with. KEEP ON PREACHING PHIL.

  • ChiChi

    I really don’t feel Phil’s opinions and view points killed the show. I am a fan and I got burned out on the over marketing! You couldn’t walk into a store without having DD shoved down your throat as well as A&E turning into the DD station!

  • whodat59

    The righteous will get persecuted for speaking for God. Phil’s shoulders are big enough to handle the ignorant.

  • jeff

    Only left-winged freaks believe their own propaganda that Phil caused the downfall of their show. If they say it long enough, other freaks will join. However, the rest of us know better.

  • can handle the truth

    Phil Robertson didn’t kill A&E’s golden goose. A&E lost their supporters of the show when they suspended the show back in December. I am not Pro nor Anti gay but if you honestly can’t handle someone’s personal opinion then don’t ask for it and then get offended by it.

  • juju1

    I still like “Duck”. My job has not permitted me to watch as I did earlier. I say we all have our opinions and his didn’t offend me what so ever.

  • Aaron White

    Yes racist. Being a white heterosexual christian is now considered racist. Are you people high?

  • tobesograteful

    Why should Mr. Robertson CARE if the ‘golden goose’ comes to an end? For one thing they are overexposed and way before that they were wealthy from their own business. I can imagine that there will be no tears shed by the Robertson family when the show ends.

  • Cirric Fylenco

    The media WISHES it was that

  • ahkwathurtteen

    Needs more SADIE! The younger Robertsons are not as predictable and they are far more exciting to watch!

  • tehas

    I have viewed the “sitcom”/”reality show”, out of curosity being the Roberson’s are from Louisiana. It is not the type of show that I watch; neither are ‘The Kardashians’, ‘The House Wives of Atlanta, Orange County, ,New Jersey, nor the one about the “Mafia” women. None of these are “my-cup-of-tea”. However ‘Duck Dynasty’ is family entertainment for people who like these “sitcom/reality” shows. However, by no means, do the Robertson’s reflect the majority of the people of the state of Louisiana. All these types of shows run their course and die out in time. The Robertsons are non-comformist and there are “non-conformist’ living throughout the U S and world.

  • FL_BigFoot

    With almost 3.5 million viewers (last week), I don’t see DD going anywhere anytime soon. I am only an occasional viewer, but apparently many people enjoy it on a regular basis.

  • Fano More

    Dan Shill is a hate filled troll who can only hurl insults and ignorance into any discussion. You need some help because you are living a miserable existence. I looked at your history on Discus and you add bitterness and you should be banned.

    I know you are a lonely gay man and I hope you find someone who can turn your hollow heart around.

    To be clear, I have no hatred for you and no interest in knowing you.