Peyton Manning Is Also A Brand Of Colorado Marijuana

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Peyton Manning is quickly becoming one of the kings of Colorado. Not only does the most prolific NFL advertiser lead the state's beloved Denver Broncos on the field, he's also brand name for one of the state's most popular plant, the now-decriminalized marijuana. Speaking of which, pretty soon, marijuana vendors will soon be legally advertising in Colorado. It's hard not wonder if the Peyton Manning strain will make an appearance. As far as the strain itself, word spread via Twitter, via Kissing Suzy Kolber, and the tweet in question contained an image of the package in question.

From here, the designer who came up with the logo deserves accolades, although, he/she should consider using a less recognizable font than Magneto:

Considering the likeness issues that could arise if Manning decided he didn't like being associated with weed, along with newfound legality of the marijuana business in Colorado, it's hard not to wonder if this particular strain won't be around too long. The fact that marijuana consumption is now a taxable, suitable-for-advertising industry in Colorado, one would think the vendors would be subject to legal punishment for trademark infringement, and/or, using a likeness without permission.

In the tweet stream, some responses wondered if the Broncos would have any issue with the packaging. This, however, doesn't appear to involve the Broncos because the design makes sure not to include the team logo on Manning's recreation; which brings us back to the quarterback. It's doubtful someone with a wholesome image like Peyton Manning would approve, even if the vendor offered compensation.

[Lead image via Peter Burns' Twitter]