Pet Duck Attack: Oregon Woman Sued For $275,000

    April 23, 2014
    Val Powell
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Cynthia Ruddell from Washougal, Washington, is suing her mother’s neighbor for $275,000 in damages brought on by a pet duck attack.

On May 2012, Ruddell was in Oregon visiting her mother when she was attacked by a duck, which she claims happened without any provocation. While running away from the duck, Ruddell fell to the ground, spraining her shoulder and elbow, and breaking her wrist. Gregory Price, Ruddell’s attorney, said that the pet duck “flapped its wings at her and knocked her back and she fell down on an outstretched hand and fractured her wrist in two spots.”

In the complaint, Ruddell is accusing the duck’s owner Lolita Rose, of neglecting to control her pet duck. The lawsuit also states that Rose was aware that the duck had “abnormally dangerous propensities in attacking people.”

The duck’s behavior towards Ruddell wasn’t the first. According to Rose’s neighbors, they have also seen the duck attack other people in the neighborhood and even kids who are waiting by the bus stop. The lawsuit is also accusing Rose of failing to warn neighbors and other people of the duck’s violent behavior.

Ruddell, who is a retired nurse, is seeking $25,000 for medical expenses and $250,000 for the pain and suffering from the injuries she acquired during the incident.

Price believes that Rose has had her pet duck killed since the incident that happened with Ruddell.

Price mentioned that he is expecting the cost of the damages to be paid by Rose’s insurance policy. However, they still chose to file a lawsuit against Rose as a safeguard, since there will still be medical bills to cover from Ruddell’s second surgery to her wrist. Furthermore, the incident has brought Ruddell attention that she does not want.

Rose has yet to release a statement about the case.

When Animals Attack

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  • meanoldwoman

    really, hope you lose

  • diane

    This is ridiculous! Maybe ask for doctor bill’s and time if any from work. But not a dime more this it was is killing America.

  • Kenneth Smith

    duck, here comes a lawyer!!!!!!!!

  • Susan Hornsby

    I would not take that case for all the tea in China.

  • Elaine M

    only should be paid for the medical bills – did the duck have a gun or something?

  • Joan Seidlitz

    The duck looks to by a male Peking. The males have the curly tail feather. We had one years ago, Also geese. The males can be ‘randy’ and territorial. Too bad for him that the owner didn’t keep him contained in his yard. As to Ruddell’s lawsuit, at best minimal medical settlement. Otherwise…SOL!

  • Dan A

    Let’s play Litigation Lotto!
    There was a time when you wouldn’t want anyone to know that a duck put you in the hospital.

  • wagnerb878

    Back in the medieval times, before everyone owned a dog, geese were used as guard animals, being very territorial and equipped with actual teeth and claws. As for those saying that Mrs. Rose should have warned people of her duck’s dangerous tendencies, she would be sued anyway. There was a case a few years back of a burglar being attacked by a protective dog on the owner’s property, with one of those “Beware of Dog” signs; the burglar won, since the owner was keeping a dangerous animal on the premises. Does this mean we can’t post those signs saying “Protected by Brinks Security” in case the guy gets caught?

  • Chester Payne

    Why was she running from the duck at all? They don’t have teeth. They don’t have a sharp beak. It might hurt a little bit by being pecked by it, but nothing more serious that bruising, at the worst, as far as actual injuries are concerned. Heck, just kick the dang thing. It probably didn’t weight any more than 10lbs.

    • Mike

      Most ducks weigh four pounds or less and really can’t inflict any damage beyond a pinch. I’ve had ducks for years and they are pretty harmless. This woman got hurt due to her own clumsiness and because she panicked. I hope they laugh her out of court.

      • Susie

        I have had a duck “attack” me…it was like being gummed by a baby

  • Altadena

    Disgusting woman. Hope the judge dismisses this.

  • Doug4Moe

    1 Quack got another Quack!

  • Jenn

    Wow, that means I could have sued the petting zoo 10 years ago when I got bit on the back side by a goat who didn’t get his cracker fast enough. I was surrounded and had a goat on each shoulder and one jumping on the front of me, then got bit…I could have made millions. Meanwhile my husband just kept taking pictures. It was actually kind of funny. Too bad I didn’t think to sue. LOL. Just kidding. This lady is crazy. It was all actually quite funny…painful, but funny. Animals will do those things, it’s not the ducks fault she was a clutz.

  • Guard Duck

    When I first read this, I thought it was a sick joke! ( ‘)>

  • Brett Naugher

    I was attacked by a duck in a park area, I still have scars and the bird just beat the hell out of me as I was being “nice” to it. I found that all birds are very viscous animals and people should not mess with them at all.

  • kristyk2

    I own a duck identical to the one in the picture. If that duck “attacked” a person the only damage it could do would be to scuff up your shoes with his beak. Did that duck pull a knife or gun on her? Give me a break!

  • nemma hao

    Cynthia Ruddell = biggest loser