Peru Volcano Awakens After 40 Years

    April 2, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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It’s been four decades since a volcano in Peru has awakened, but on Tuesday, it came back to life and began spewing ash and dust into the sky. The volcano is located in southwestern Peru and has led to more than 50 people being evacuated from the nearby village of Querapi.

The volcano which is named Ubinas, last caused evacuations on April 23, 2006, when it began to rumble and emit ash and smoke into the air. Since 2006, the volcano has remained dormant and has not caused any problems for nearby residents. Before the activity in 2006, the volcano had not been active in over 40 years.

Scientists have warned the residents that the lava has been building up a lot over the last few weeks and there could be more evacuations in the future. The ash and dust that are released from the volcano can cause many people to experience breathing problems and can be dangerous.

While some residents have chosen to evacuate, those who have not chosen or been ordered to do so have been given gas masks to help protect them from the ash and smoke.

Ubinas town mayor Pascual Coaquira said,

“We are readying a shelter for refugees from the blasts.” He also added that the whole Moquegua region was on alert. “The volcano has been emitting a lot of ash all day and the people in the town (of Ubinas) are having some problems breathing. They have been given masks,” he continued.

Geologists say that the type of lava found in Ubinas moves slowly and will harden before it can cause any damage. The smoke and ash are the main dangers of the activity. Geologists are not sure how long the volcano will remain active.

There will be shelters available for those evacuating the area and in need of a place to stay until it is safe to return to their homes. It is not known if Ubinas will erupt or not, but residents are being warned that it could happen.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • OZMA

    tornados, volcanos, and earthquakes OH MY !!!
    could it be Mother Earth is in a MOOD ??

    • david95

      Naw, she’s just burping.

    • copperhead

      Better call Obummer and that former VP(what’s his name), its all account of Global warming; need some sanctions here! Can’t blame Bush, so who can they blame????

      • John Barleycorn

        You for being an idiot and making this political. Conservative troll.

      • disqus_zbAr5r2rNL

        I blame BUSH! Period.

  • bill

    maybe the earthquake in Chile awaking it

    • Lee McAdams

      Maybe it’s God awakening.

  • Splawsky

    So I’m confused… the headline and the first paragraph state that it’s been “four decades since a volcano in Peru has awakened”… but then, in the second paragraph of the same article, it goes on to state “last caused evacuations on April 23, 2006, when it began to rumble and emit ash and smoke into the air”.

    I had thought that a decade was equivalent to ten years and that saying it’s been more than four decades would imply a period greater than 40 years. Did they mean to say that “prior to the volcano last awakening nearly eight years ago, it had been more than 40 years since there had been any activity”? I guess that’s a bit of a clumsy headline though. Nobody would click on that one.

    Way to go webpronews.com. Maybe, in addition to posting “Writers Needed!” on your about-us page, you should also post “Editors Needed!”.

    I like my headlines and the supporting stories to actually make sense. I’m funny like that! I’m just saying…

    • Lee McAdams

      They are confused, but the Bible and scripture are not. It’s the start of that time described in Revelation. Just the beginning mind you, but of course every beginning has an end. Let’s just call it the beginning of the end of the age. I don’t think God is very happy the way his creation is behaving.

      • good boy

        Read the book “Boiling Point 2017” on this matter

    • Juliet Dillon

      I think that the incident in 2006 does not count as an eruption, and that is why they say 40 years. That was like the volcano coughing.

  • dianeshea

    This is probably caused by the cluster of large earthquakes off the coast in that region.