Penny Marshall: Scammed Out of 5 Grand By Lamar Odom?

By: Amanda Crum - June 6, 2012

Actress and director Penny Marshall has been an avid Lakers fan for years; it’s not uncommon to see her on the sidelines at the games, cheering on her favorite team. So it’s no surprise that she and Lamar Odom should rub elbows in the same circles; there’s a photo of the two of them celebrating her birthday with some friends circulating around the interwebs.

Oddly enough, however, TMZ is reporting that Marshall met someone at a game last month who claimed to be Odom’s assistant and gave her what he said was the basketball player’s phone number. After a few texts back and forth, Marshall allegedly received a communication from “Lamar Odom” asking for a $5,000 loan for his assistant. (Note: five grand is a big number for most of us, but for the man who is married to a Kardashian and plays professional ball, it’s probably not that big a deal. Why he would need to borrow money from Marshall for his assistant is beyond me. If this story is true, it’s odd that Marshall didn’t smell something fishy right then). Marshall, being the kind soul she is known to be, lent the cash without a second thought. Soon after, she stopped receiving communications from “Lamar Odom”, and that’s when she reportedly understood that she’d been had.

TMZ says Marshall has filed a police report with the LAPD, who have opened a grand theft investigation. No word yet from Marshall’s people–or Odom’s–on whether the story is true.

I need $5,000. Anyone have Penny Marshall’s phone number?
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  • nancy

    Hey Penny…I need 5 G also….cant believe penny or her ppl wouldnt ck this out first b4 forking over $$$..wonder why this person picked Odom..and the fact he isnt even on the team and she still gave the

    • kelley

      Would anyone lend someone five grand ? On a text message I believe there’s more to the story than whats being told . No wonder these wealthy athletes go broke they cannot handle their money $5000.00 .

      • TS Boz

        I wouldn’t hand over 5K on a text message to anybody either…I would pocket change.
        And with their celebrity? That’s exactly what 5K is to Ms Marshall and Mr Odom…pocket change.

      • Jessica

        There’s absolutely more to this story than what the article says. Unfortunately, today’s “journalists” go for the sensationalism versus the full story. Too bad – I’d like to hear the real version!



    • http://YAHOO Ed Goering

      Hate to see a generation go by the wayside ! 70,s was about sharing ! 80,s we got yuppied out ! 90,s was about terrorfying your competition outta their resources Gangs ! 2000 and after 9/11 we united but got grossly scared about being broke. Now were being so caloused we take kindness as weakness !

  • Keekee

    How dumb must she be? Wouldn’t you at least talk to him on the phone before you hand a stranger money, what a dope.

    • Linn

      Yeah, dumb and gullible. Come on, are you telling me this woman wouldn’t call Lamar first to make sure it was on the level? Then again, $5,000 is pocket change for people like Penny Marshall. I still feel bad that she got scammed, but it’s partly her fault for not checking into things further. I’m a very trusting person but even I wouldn’t have done this without verifying it with Lamar.

  • RT

    The headline of this story suggests that Lamar Odom was actually the one who scammed her. The link address to the story (“penny-marshall-scammed-out-of-5-grand-by-lamar-odom-2012-06″) actually states outright that he scammed her. How deceitful.

    • Cigar Mann

      Why is she dumb? She thought she was doing a favor for a friend. Call us naive, but some people live in a world of trust, as it should be. Everyone’s world is not filled with scandalous misfits. What is sad is that so many people think she is dumb. That is whats sad. It shows what we have been reduced to; a world of fearful, non-loving prejudice zombies.

      • vjkpeace

        I agree with you completely!

      • Polo

        Are you serious? Why is she dumb? Text message asking for 5 G’s from O’dashian? and she handed it over? She’s an idiot!

  • claae03

    Why in the Texas fried toad steak would a NBA athlete rich man whom is married to one of the Kardaskalators need 5 grand? Was she “helpin a brotha out?”

  • Cigar Mann

    First off – posting that Lamar scammed Penny is distasteful, but typical of wannabe media stars.

    Second – I find it appalling that so many believe this is Penny’s fault. Calling her dumb and stupid goes to show the world that most people live in. Penny is neither dumb or stupid. What she was, is trusting, as she should be. Just because your world is full on non-trusting friends and family members doesn’t mean ours is. But hey, that is why Penny is financially where she is, and ah, your bank account reads?????? Who is really the stupid one here?

  • http://yahoo Patricia

    I think Penny should have thought it through before lending her money to anyone, even her wealthy associated friends. Yes, you were scammed because your a nice person. Next time ask questions.

  • yo yo

    headline should put Lamar Odom in “quotes”…not fair to him

    • Rob

      That’s why there’s a question mark and if you read the story his name is in quotations .

  • Marty

    I think it’s a crap story. Lamar could loan his own assistant $5000 without needing to ask someone for it. It’s probably someone not related to Lamar in any way.

  • TS Boz

    Damn…I would be suing SOMEONE over this headline if I were Larry Odom. It’s out and out libel in my book. That’s how the rumors get started, folks. People don’t have the time or inclination to read the article and just pass on the headline.

  • c

    anybody think it was his dad!!!! his always asking for a hand out…

  • Joanna

    Sounds like something Jamie, Lamar’s leach friend, would do. Lamar is a great guy and Khloe is there for him for anything. I think it’s horrible they are trashing Lamar’s name like this.

  • http://WedProNews JC

    Could it be that moocher friend of Lamar?

  • Randi Perch

    now really how dump does this sound you are saying Penny fell for him needing $5,000 when his wife is loaded he also has money and why would a friend do it over a text message. If he really needed the money I think they would have meet and discussed it face to face. what a much crap

  • Karrey Hanko

    its a scam

  • http://YAHOO Ed Goering

    5000 dollars is like a ten dollar bill to you or me ! But goes to show some get their cookies off doing others in ! KINDNESS IS WEAKNESS !

  • Bern

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  • Jacqueline Jones

    What was that…like….$10.00 to us average normal everyday people?

  • Jacqueline Jones

    What was that…like….$10.00 to us average normal everyday people?

  • Jacqueline Jones

    What was that…like….$10.00 to us average normal everyday people?

  • Jacqueline Jones

    What was that…like….$10.00 to us average normal everyday people?

  • Jacqueline Jones

    What was that…like….$10.00 to us average normal everyday people?