Pelosi Chief of Staff Announced to be Nadeam Elshami

    January 17, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi today named Nadeam Elshami as her new chief of staff. Her former chief of staff, John Lawrence, has stepped down after eight years in the position.

“On behalf of my colleagues, I want to thank John Lawrence for his 38 years of service to the House of Representatives,” said Pelosi. “Few staff members have ever had the impact that John has had on so many laws that have been enacted in his years in my office as speaker and as democratic leader, and with Chairman George Miller. I wish John and Deborah well and will always value their friendship.”

Elshami currently serves as communications director for Pelosi. In the past he has served as a deputy communications director for Senator Dick Durbin and deputy chief of staff and communications for congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. He was also once the deputy press secretary for Senator Barbara Boxer, after beginning his career in congress in the Senate mailroom.

“For the past six years, Nadeam has been a key communications strategist, spokesperson and senior advisor,” said Leader Pelosi. “I know my colleagues in the House Democratic Caucus will benefit from his leadership as he transitions to Chief of Staff.”

Drew Hammill, currently deputy communications director and press secretary for Pelosi, will be taking over Elshami’s role as communications director. In addition, Pelosi announced that Diane Dewhirst, a senior advisor to the Democratic leader, has been promoted to the role of deputy chief of staff.

  • B Bessler

    Why does a public servant need a “Chief of Staff” I say give all those money grubbing politicians Aids instead, then tell them all none will get any help until the US owes no more debt.

  • Lee York

    Another of the former speakers money taking Aide”. They have destroyed this once great country

    • Dave

      Maybe Nancy should do a little work on her own. She is looking old, an needs a little exercise. Her smiles aren’t doing much for her any longer.

    • George

      I’ m thinking the same thing’ .It usually comes out that they’re
      Islamic ‘ ; or related to one’ , whom has a questionable past ‘.

  • J. Frost

    Why does it seem all of the people stepping into political power have islamic sounding names?

    • Anwar

      I thought the constitution of United States did not discriminate on the basis of religion,colour or ethnic background as conceived by its founding fathers.It is a land of oppurtunity and a land of immigrants.(The native Americans were long time ago pushed to walk on the Trail of the tears).So why should one feel surprised if a person with a different looking name be promoted to a position?Is the concept of unity based on diversity no more valid?

  • Fredonia

    This woman is disgusting. She requires a private jet, on call 24/7 to fly all over the world at the tax payers expense!!!!!

  • Roy

    I think it is long past time to dump this wackjob

  • http://yahoo charles

    Dang she would look pretty ,hands behind her back a noose around her throat and her feet dangling free, with a sign saying hung for treason


      I completely concur with your opinion Charles. But I believe that there are a lot more people that should be hanged for treason as well.
      From the Top down.

      • http://yahoo Rita

        I totally agree! Start at the top!

  • Ron Hansen

    Who Cares?

  • Dave

    Who cares what that wrinkled old crone has announced. She doesn’t need a “Chief of Staff”. She needs a friggin epitaph.

  • TooBig

    To bad Pelosi didn’t step down and just think how much we would save on her Bar bill. Go to the old folks home Pelosi

  • http://yahoo arthur

    I will not be redundant; but I am just as adamant about Peolosi destroyinng our great country. I AGREE 100% with all the above comments.

  • http://yahoo arthur

    My comment has not changed except to refer to the “above comments” as the “previous comments”.

  • Rudy

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    • http://n/a David agroski

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  • john

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  • jerry

    It bothers me when people like this Nancy P gets re-elected California people went to sleep about 15 yrs ago never woke up now these Com-mes have taken over. Nancy needs a chief of staff like I need another ass-hole these people are building there own empire to do the work we hired these people to do.This goes for Nevada also re-electing Harry R what a joke and embaressment.