Paulina Gretzky Gets Down and Dirty with Instagram

By: WebProNews Staff - May 3, 2012

Although she’s primarily known throughout the world as hockey star Wayne Gretzky’s daughter, a lot of people online know her as the attractive 22 year-old who can’t seem to stop posting racy photos of herself via Twitter. Although Wayne had previously asked his daughter to stop sharing these items with everyone with a computer and a working set of eyeballs, it would seem his pleading was all for nothing. Paulina Gretzky is back in full swing, providing bags of intelligent brain candy for the world to share.

Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit with that last part, but she’s back in full swing nonetheless. Truthfully, she never really went away. Despite the fact that her Twitter account has been relatively family friendly for a while now, she has been posting some questionable content to Instagram, including a particularly memorable shot of her behind in a pair of lacy black underwear. I guess Wayne doesn’t understand just how many options there are out there for young ladies who want to share their assets with the public.

Recently, Paulina has uploaded pics of herself engaging in an assortment of racy shenanigans to the popular mobile app. I’m sure Wayne is about to have a massive heart attack, as most dads would upon seeing their daughters romping around with random guys while wearing next to absolutely nothing.

Considering she’s rapidly approaching the age of 23, I doubt her father will be able to wrangle her wily ways for very much longer. If you’re curious to know what sort of wisdoms Paulina is sharing with her legion of followers, have a look at some of the posts embedded below. They will open your mind, in an severe head trauma kind of way.




Sneaky mission with my 3 yr. old cousin into my parents candy bar,epic fail..chocolate all over our faces.(image) 8 days ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

You can tell a lot by the way a woman walks. Like if she walks away, she’s probably not into you.(image) 15 days ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Only 8 more days until we get to see baby Oscar in Chimpanzee @KouroshBabaeian(image) 19 days ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I think I’m more excited about my 9 year old sisters ice cream birthday cake than she is(image) 34 days ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I really need to start using password for my phone.(image) 26 days ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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  • hoopstaj

    do some research that guy isn’t random, they went to same high school.

  • Sam

    It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor , you can still be an immature slut. This girl is destined for a life in porn.

  • sad dad

    way to go your parents are surely must be so thankful for all they have given you.

  • sad dad

    way to go your parents are surely must be so thankful for all they have given you.

  • CanadianBabe

    Nose job please? As in GET one. I can see why her dad is ashamed. She looks like an idiot. Who cares what she does behind closed doors. No one’s business. but when she posts these pics she looks like a brainless whore.

  • Donnie

    i do not see what all the bitching is about she had a boob job she is not hat hot and her dad was not really that good at hockey over rated he is not bobby orr who is the great player from the six time stanley cup champs ps only prove she is a rich hoe dont you know thank you for your support

    • Chris Richardson

      “her dad was not really that good at hockey over rated”

      While she might be playing herself out, that particular portion about her father is off. Way, WAY off.

    • Burtdoggy

      The Great One overrated? Are you kidding? If a player ever comes along, plays 28 seasons and scores 100 points a year – he would still be 57 points behind Gretzky (2857 points). Nobody has scored even 130 points in a season since 1996. Fourteen seasons averaging 200 points? Still won’t catch him. He will always be the Greatest Ever. From 1981-82 thru 1985-86 (5 seasons) Wayne scored 1036 points. Orr (a defenseman with incredible offensive skills) scored 915 points in his CAREER. Donnie – Spend more time studying hockey history, and less time letting your buddies practice their stickwork in your crease.

      • Ed

        Well said, he IS the GREAT ONE!!!

    • Swami

      You can call her a played out, attention whore. But in no way does having a skanky daughter diminish the fact that Wayne was the greatest of all time. There was nothing overrated about him.

  • Brian Glubok

    I’d still bang the brainless blonde bimbo. She can suck on my “hockey stick” anytime.

  • Adam

    “her dad was not really that good at hockey over rated”

    Yeah, this is quite possibly one of the dumbest things I have ever read.. it invalidates anything else you said here, and anything else you have ever said anywhere.

  • Ted

    Man, I’d love to give her a one-timer

  • Chet

    Let’s set the record straight about her father. Best player ever.

    Now, as far as Miss Gretzky is concerned, well let me just use the phrase “three pumps maximum” followed by an all night phuck fest.

  • bryon

    While her parents can (and likely should) try to convince Paulina not to post racy photos, they will likely just come across as hypocrites. Paulina’s mom, Janet, after all, posed in Playboy in the 80’s.

    And yes, Wayne was the most dominant player to ever have played in the NHL. To suggest he’s overrated is ridiculous – just look at the record books.

  • johnathan taylor

    She is turning 23 and someone says you can’t control her??? I think if Wayne would cut her off of the funds and make her see her errors…..I think he would see what type person she really is….Once she realizes she is no longer in the will to inherit millions…..I think she might get woke up….if not, some charities would benefit

  • Renee

    Spoiled rich girl needs her funds cut off. All the money in the world obviosly can’t by you “class”.

    • Brian Glubok

      And “all the money in the world,” can’t teach you proper spelling. It’s “obviously” and “buy,” retard Renee. And periods are put within quotation marks: “class.”

      • XQB13

        Hey bro it’s the internet not English class, stop being an ass. Do u just u just go online to be a grammar nazi?! Get a life asshole.

        • Brian Glubok

          Obviously, you can’t cope with more than one little letter at a time. Your stupid username, sounds like a medication for morons: XQB13.

  • Brian

    I think daddy needs to cut off the money! The guys really look like the type of introspective, deep individuals I would like my daughter hanging with!

  • Mark

    It’s not okay for Paulina to pose for racy photos, yet it was okay for Paulina’s Mama to pose for Playboy back in the eighties. Can you spell, Hypocrisy or double standard?