Paula Patton’s Reaction To Twerking Miley

    August 27, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Paula Patton was the subject of a lot of conversations yesterday after the twerk seen ’round the world–which involved Patton’s husband, Robin Thicke–had the web buzzing.

Sunday night’s MTV VMAs were all anyone could talk about yesterday, but not because of any actual awards; the online conversation was dominated by memes, comments, and shared video of former Disney star Miley Cyrus wagging her tongue, shedding her clothes, and twerking all up on Robin Thicke during their performance of his hit “Blurred Lines”. Now, people want to know how Thicke’s wife feels about the performance.

But according to TMZ, Patton saw the rehearsals and was fully apprised of the situation beforehand, so nothing about it shocked her. Plus, she’s almost certainly seen the “Blurred Lines” video, which features several models in various states of undress dancing on/near Thicke, so Miley’s show was just another day in the life of a pop star.

Despite the fact that Cyrus was all anyone could talk about on Monday, there were other big performances at the show. ‘N Sync reunited onstage (which wasn’t much of a surprise), Katy Perry blew her fans away with a Brooklyn Bridge performance of her new single “Roar”, and Lady Gaga inspired the Smith family’s now-famous photo.

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  • GG

    Robin wants to be black so bad. Paula needs to leave his butt for a real white man LOL!

  • Please

    As long as the check clears, Paula doesn’t care. That is all women want anyway. The money. It is all about the money. Who are we kidding?

    • Reality

      Yeah, ain’t that the truth. Women just hide it by saying they want a man who is stable, secure, and driven. Translation = I want a man who can give me things and make my life easy. Women don’t do anything just for love. There is always a motive.

      • Ripley

        Really? Because my girlfriend is with me and I sure as hell ain’t rich. Maybe your reality is, you’ve been searching for women in the wrong places. Just because you’re jaded doesn’t mean you have to be a misogynist.

        • Hmm

          Give her time and you sound like you are whipped. Misogynist? Who uses words like this other than a feminist who is crazy.

          • Carl Watson

            I’m in the same position as Ripley. You must just meet gold diggers.

      • El Jay

        Paula has her own money.

      • Jae

        Look who is talking. Just like a lot of guys want to smash and chase the wrong chick who gives you the wrong signs, but oh it doesn’t matter as long as she looks good with huge boobs, right? Now look whose complaining. You are just as guilty as the women you chase.

    • Jae

      And all you want is a women with good looks and big boobs. Then you complain about how apparently all women go for is a mans money, when those are the women that YOU go for.

  • Ripley

    Why is someone as beautiful and intelligent as Paula with a Justin Timberlake rip-off like Robin Thicke? He’s a 36 year old married man singing about boning babes in a club. C’mon.

    • Hmm

      Really? Do you really not know? What dream world do you live in?

      • Carl Watson

        Okay, Hmn, tell us why she is with him? She is a star herself so it’s not for the money, so what is the reason?

  • true critic

    Paula is great! She supports her man 100 percent which is why they will probably be together forever. I am sure he does not tell her not to kiss guys in her movies.

  • http://webpronewslife L Lewis

    The media is always making more out of something then it really is. Who cares about Miley Cyrus twerking it all over Robin Thicke she has been doing that to everyone. It’s not like he going to go f**k her it is all just a show for the fans and nothing more, Paula knows that and that is the reason why she is not trippin off of it. The way that I see it is that if she is not worried about it than no one else should be.

  • http://yahoo ree

    honestly miley has bcum alil hoe an robin thicke goes for the goods, like his wife, so if he has to cheat he wud go for sum1 who def has ah daam gud body an who is a woman not ah lil girl…

  • PattyPorter1254

    Paula has screw ball views of race, can’t believe she is one of those who deny half of her heritage- she has a white mother and black father. She insults the hell out of biracial people in the process because apparently if you acknowledge being biracial you are stating you are better than other fully African America people? Liked her a lot before hearing this, no longer a fan!

    • Carl Watson

      What are you babbling about?