Paula Deen Blooper Reel: She Is A Dirty Girl

    September 25, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Love her or hate her, television chef Paula Deen makes an impression on everyone who comes into contact with her; her wide blue eyes sparkling, she usually fits some sort of humor into every episode of her show and isn’t afraid to push the envelope, slipping naughty little observations into her cooking commentary.

Looks like we’ve got some new material from the restauranteur, whose blooper reel was just released via The New York Post, and in it she curses like a sailor, talks about stinky coochies, and gets raunchy with an eclair. The best part is, her own team put together these clips to be used to introduce Paula at public speaking appearances. You wish your job was so much fun.

  • Sandra Blackford

    I love Paula and have read her books so I knew she could get a little off color. I am all for people to just be themselves, but this is not the way I like to see Paula. Guess I am showing my age, but I think she is funny without the “cussing.”

  • LSB

    I used to like her until I learned that she openly uses the “N” word. She can go to Hell now.

    • deanna henley


      • per

        you sound like a American perfect snob
        (go paula)

      • baker lady

        Hey, Deanna, if you’ve never watched her shows, what makes you think she’s a fraud , that she is a toilet mouth or her husband grumpy? Get off your sanctimonious high horse and get a freaking life!

        • grammy of many

          baker lady I sooooooo agree with you!
          Oh My Lord …. Paula is a REAL person for goodness sake. Remember those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! All these do gooder’s in this world and politically correct people need to lighten up and get a life! I have heard much worse from women at church…. Seriously! I LOVE Paula ….. You Go Paula!!!!

    • millie

      LSB just because you say it doesn’t mean anyone will believe it. If she does say it and it is caught on tape and it’s released then I’ll believe and dismiss her until then I’ll give her the benefit of doubt and just think you’re gossiping without knowledge.

    • ginger

      Have you ever heard her say it????

  • http://yahoo.com Rob

    Educated people don’t need to curse.

    • drny

      WHAT? Everyone curses on occassion. It has nothing to do with education.

    • Maji

      No one “NEEDS” to curse but cursing has nothing to do with education

    • ginger

      Nobody “needs” to curse, but we all do. And if you say you don’t then you are lying.

  • TeeDisgusted

    I used to be a big fan, too…but when she started doing that show with the audience and started all the fresh talk, that’s when she lost me. The shows done from her “old” house were much better, imo. I can’t really stand to hear her voice now, because I am never sure what will slither out of it.

  • Anne

    She’s 100% fraud.

    • deanna henley


      • sunshine

        How on earth is she fraudulent?

    • Maji

      Oh Please!!! How is she a fraud?

  • http://uhhh? Ben

    I have so much more respect for her now, way to not be afraid to be a real person. Paula I hope you keep getting to be you for a long time!

  • http://yahoo.com Frannie

    Paula is a real persson and she never thought these comments would be made public! Good Grief most of us have made a nasty comment! Get over it! Why do people want to drag someone down! Get a life!

  • http://microsoft7 jude anne

    u go, Paula

  • Sherrie

    Just love Paula, you go girl!

  • Ruth

    Glad to know Paula is human like the rest of us. We all curse and say things we don’t mean at times, but it doesn’t mean we are bad people. Have more problem with the young people of today who think that the F-bomb and other words are part of their everyday speaking.

  • heidi

    I think that she is entitled to her being her. We are all human. We say things and sometimes admit that we shouldn’t have but she is also under pressure from all she has to do. When does she get to let her hair down and be herself? I’m not saying what she did is right by any means just can’t live in this bubble that we never say things like that ever. They are just watched more closely and we all gasp when we think oh my they said a bad word. We all have done it a and will continue in some form because we are human. We don’t live in bubbles where everything is free from bad words and such. We are human for crying out loud. I wouldn’t want to be in the spot light that’s for darn sure !

  • millie

    People got mad at Oprah when they found out she’s human and swears. Who really cares if anyone swears?

  • Maji

    I love Paula!! You go Gal!!!

  • Jules

    Oh please!!! This just shows she a human being and those who say she’s a fraud really don’t have to watch her or buy her products…keep on living with your heads in the sand and pretend in your perfect little world that everything in it is just as perfect! I think she’s a breath of fresh air…dirty talk and all!

  • JoeThePimpernel

    Looks like a fun lady to me.

  • doug

    Go get’em Paula! Why people expect everyone to pure as the driven snow is beyond me. Not to get real religious but didn’t Jesus say something like ‘He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone’.

  • Juanita Gates

    Paula Dean rocks……potty mouth is good for the soul. Especially while dealing with all of you do gooders.

  • http://yahoo madeline parker

    i love you paula i am a potty mouth in my kitchen also when my husband starts sticking his nose in the cooking. i am sure all the other cooks cuss to. stay who you re.

  • Marlene

    A southern lady needs not talk like that…her vocabulary has more appropriate words to express her thoughts and feelings. Disappointed, Paula.

  • steve martin

    Why is it so difficult to just let people be who they are? Why is there such an urge to make everyone follow your example (some bad stuff in there somewhere I suspect)? Give it up and grow up for God’s sake!

  • edith maletsky

    hey paula a Southern gal here, born in Americus raised in
    Cordele and Warner Robins and transplanted to Philly
    we are all very proud of you, but truly would like you to be
    a little more ladylike at such times
    your little bible totin’ grandmother wouldn’t like it either.
    it reflects badly on Southerners and believe me when I tell
    you i have spent the last 40 years trying to overcome
    ugly stereotypes of Southern women that have been perpetrated
    by the media…..
    showing southern women to be ignorant and slutty, etc,
    for heavens sakes do not reinforce the misconception
    that these Yankees already have, life is already tough enough
    for us transplants.

  • steve martin

    Jesus! Leave her alone and let her be. Who are you to criticize someone for any reason at all?

  • Mal

    I don’t know if anyone has noticed or not, but these appear to be OLD shows. Look at her hair! OLD shows. And who the crap cares if she cusses like a sailor! It’s ok for Gordon Ramsey to do so. And to the idiot who said Southern ladies don’t talk this way…BUAHAHA! She hasn’t been around too many Southern ladies. “Act like a lady in public and a ***** in the bedroom.” BAZING!

  • lcombs

    I don’t call it a fraud, just a lack of respect for herself as well as others. Whatever happened to the “be the best example you can be”. For sure, it’s not perfection, but we’ve always been told to strive for it. To me, cursing is degrading to her as well as her audience. I really wanted to go to her new place, but if that’s part of the new transition, nahhhhh, think I’ll pass on that.

    • http://yahoo carol

      i agree with you, Icombs 100%!!!

  • margarett peters

    love you Paula im from the south mississippi ane thats how we talk were a lady everywere but in the kitchen and bed u go girl

  • http://firefox Caroline

    So it’s ok if a lady from the North, East, or Western part of the USA to speak like a brazen slut, but if a lady is from the southern part, we can’t…everyone slips up and gets a bit naughty once in a while…Just think how many times it happens in the bedroom for crying out loud!!!

  • Carly B.

    Oh good Lord! Give Paula a break and go pick on somebody else. She’s never claimed to be a saint. Why is someone bringing all this crap to light now? Paula is a 100 times more the lady than most of what we see in public and always will be, cursing or not. Get over it and leave her alone!

  • Rose

    who ae we to judge, just enjoy life, thats so easy!!

  • vicki gross

    I think the biggest testament to her cooking – and why I could care less about her stuff – is the fact that she’s FAT, and younger than I am. That alone tells me that her food is unhealthy!!!!

    • ginger

      If you could care less about “her stuff” then why did you bother to read the article? Was it just so you could post a defaming comment so you could feel better about yourself???? Hope it worked.

  • http://Yahoo judy Bryant

    people talk about every one but never the less she has a great show and is healthy. great job.

  • Randal Phillips

    When I first saw her show, my initial impression was that the accent was fake and she was tipsy. Now I don’t think the accent is fake.

  • Christine

    Just let her be.. There is MUCH bigger problems in this world then,
    Paula Deen. Go Paula..been to Lady and Sons x3..Been to her show x2..
    She has given us as all a giggle..

  • jujubecool

    I love Paula Deen, I don’t care if she has a potty mouth. As for critics like Anthony Bourdain….he’s a complete jerk and an ex drug addict so who is he to talk about anyone else??

    • http://yahoo carol

      I dont care for paula deen as she isnt what she pretends to be. she acts like she is innocent. i feel she has a dirty mind and it shouldnt be put in her show!! she pretends to be so perfect. dont care for her!!!!!!!!

      • carletta

        i can’t stand a cussing woman[or anyone who use’s bad lanuage] it’s disrespectful to man and most of all to god…………….

      • B

        @Carol- She is who she prtrays. I have met her several times and she is very genuine. Your comments about her acting perfect shows you know nothing about her. She came from nothing, raised two boys on her own and built her fortune using her own cooking skills and wit! And she never sugar-coats her background so I don’t know why you say she pretends and acts so perfect. Sounds to melike you are just jealous of her success. I love Paula Deen!

    • http://YAHOO TOM


  • http://cmemes.com Peter

    I didn’t know Paula could curse like that, but I respect it enough to make some memes about her new blooper reel release.

  • http://yahoo Ransom Cipher

    Paula Deen is not only funny,if had tried any of her receips you would know she is an outstanding cook.She has my vote for # 1 on TV.

  • Ralph

    One word – nasty!

  • joel

    U can take white trash Paula Deen out of Georgia, but u cant take trash out of Paul Deen!

    • B

      Paula is great! I have seen her talk at live shows and she is hilarious! Yes she does a lot of off-color humor but it is what makes it funny, coming from a white-haired Grandma! It isn’t as bad as most stand up comics so I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Don’t change paula! Be yourself and laugh all the way to the bank! :-)

  • ginny

    you go paula deen!! love her.all you haters dont act like you never had a potty mouth or mind. if ya dont like her change the station some of us love her to peaces.

  • Barry Cohen

    How refreshing. A real Georgia peach.